*** (07:17:11):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room. alainanoelle says to (07:18:10): Hi All!

True Blood in Dallas says (07:18:20): welcome all !! alainanoelle says to (07:18:23): Dallas, what did you think of this episode? txladyjane says to (07:18:24): howdy All riverdragon169 says to (07:18:27): hello txladyjane says to (07:18:30): hello Dallas alainanoelle says to (07:18:33): Hi txladyjane txladyjane says to (07:18:33): hello Alan Lisnoe says to (07:18:35): Hey there! txladyjane says to (07:18:39): hello River txladyjane says to (07:18:43): hello Lisnoe txladyjane says to (07:18:48): hello Pams

Pamspumps says to (07:19:08): hi everyone alainanoelle says to (07:19:38): Hi Pams BTJessica says to (07:20:04): Holla! Jess in da hizzy!! :) :D True Blood in Dallas says (07:20:14): Hey TX , Pams and alaina Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:20:51): Hi everyone! alainanoelle says to (07:20:53): I'm not happy with this episode. alainanoelle says to (07:20:59): Hi Kylie BTJessica says to (07:21:05): and why not? what are you not happy with? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:21:12): I thought it was okay. It wasn't as good as last weeks, imo KimmieTex says to (07:21:18): I loved this episode! riverdragon169 says to (07:21:20): sorry to hear that alaina alainanoelle says to (07:21:25): I'm not sure but it wasn't that good to me. riverdragon169 says to (07:21:34):

it seems like each episode is getting better and better IMO Pamspumps says to (07:21:35): Loved it- but I wanted more! alainanoelle says to (07:21:38): I guess I felt it missed something KimmieTex says to (07:21:49): You didn't like the Lorena twistey-headed sex at the end? Lisnoe says to (07:21:55): The Lorena sex thing was creepy lafemmetopaz says to (07:21:56): My peeps BTJessica says to (07:21:58): yaaa like Lorena being burried :P True Blood in Dallas says (07:21:58): Hey Kimmie alainanoelle says to (07:21:59): That was bizarre lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:02): great episdoe tonight True Blood in Dallas says (07:22:02): Hey Lafemme Pamspumps says to (07:22:04): gives a new meaning to twisted lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:08): some serious twists

lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:09): LOL alainanoelle says to (07:22:10): True Pam alainanoelle says to (07:22:15): Twisted sex! riverdragon169 says to (07:22:18): shes a twister sister! lol alainanoelle says to (07:22:27): I was glad to see Alcide though! BTJessica says to (07:22:27): no a twisted sister :P lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:34): I have to say I think AB introduced a new Lorean Lisnoe says to (07:22:34): I don't like Lorena but I hated see Bill act all crazy like that...whacky alainanoelle says to (07:22:37): And she loved it BTJessica says to (07:22:44): and speakin of Pam....Pam jus keeps getting hotter and HOTTER riverdragon169 says to (07:22:46): yes happy happy happy to see Alcide! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:22:49): Well, Bill officially cheated on Sookie. lafemmetopaz says to (07:22:51):

Lorena, she does not bother me that much in TB. She is calling Bill out on his issues alainanoelle says to (07:22:51): I hate Lorena and she just makes Bill crazy Pamspumps says to (07:23:01): pam is smoking! lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:11): alaina.. but she calls him right alainanoelle says to (07:23:11): The scene with Caroline was just plain sad. arianwyn says to (07:23:15): hello everyone lafemmetopaz says to (07:23:26): He's sentimental and he should not have went back Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:23:26): It showed a softer side to Lorena alainanoelle says to (07:23:29): Bill really has lots of issues that won't be resolved Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:23:30): which was interesting. BTJessica says to (07:23:46): Im not fond of Lorena either, that woman is TOO evil for my liking arianwyn says to (07:24:03): I don't mind Lorena I just hated the whole neck twisting thing alainanoelle says to (07:24:07): Lorena still rules Bill

alainanoelle says to (07:24:20): He's a lost vamp alainanoelle says to (07:24:27): She needs to go! Pamspumps says to (07:24:35): who is now pledge to the king BTJessica says to (07:24:41): YES! Lorena does need to go!! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:24:50): I hope Sookie stakes her lafemmetopaz says to (07:24:53): we need some bad vamps on the show arianwyn says to (07:24:56): now Bill is going to try and get Eric into trouble alainanoelle says to (07:24:59): Sook will lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:02): they all can't love humanity lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:03): lol BTJessica says to (07:25:05): I was REALLY hoping Lorena being smoked was gonna be the end of her Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:25:11): You think that Bill is going to try to kill Eric? lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:14):

Bill wants to KILL Eric alainanoelle says to (07:25:16): Nah Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:25:25): or use it as an excuse to roam? Lisnoe says to (07:25:33): Bill needs Eric to protect Sookie... lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:42): huh? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:25:43): I feel like he respects that Eric protects Sookie. Pamspumps says to (07:25:45): Bill doesn't want Eric to have Sookie TES2008 says to (07:25:53): Hi TB fans. alainanoelle says to (07:25:54): Bill is in trouble for many reasons arianwyn says to (07:25:57): HI TES lafemmetopaz says to (07:25:58): how does he know it alainanoelle says to (07:25:59): Hi TES Lisnoe says to (07:26:01): Who knows what Lorena or the King could try to do to her...

TES2008 says to (07:26:09): So is that Lorena one TWISTED biatch or what? Pamspumps says to (07:26:16): yes arianwyn says to (07:26:22): i think book bill respects eric but i don't think that show bill does lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:24): TES, I liked Lorena tonight TES2008 says to (07:26:26): Didn't see that ending coming. alainanoelle says to (07:26:31): I know Bill pledged to the King to save Sookie but I think he's made things worse lafemmetopaz says to (07:26:39): I love that she calls Bill on his weakness alainanoelle says to (07:26:42): TES, that was just too wierd TES2008 says to (07:26:46): I was surprised she showed an ounce of compassion and didn't make Bill watch her kill Caroline arianwyn says to (07:26:48): I agree alaina lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:07): TES, show's Lorena isn't all bad alainanoelle says to (07:27:07): And did she kill Caroline? TES2008 says to (07:27:08):

I was expecting her to rip Caroline's throat out. arianwyn says to (07:27:09): I think she knew that she would completely lose bill if she killed Caroline lafemmetopaz says to (07:27:19): Her scolding of Bill on that was right on alainanoelle says to (07:27:25): Right..she wanted to but she didn't arianwyn says to (07:27:36): i agree lafemme alainanoelle says to (07:27:45): And yes, she's right about Bill letting go of his human life TES2008 says to (07:27:46): I wonder how many times Bill has had that dream over the years...one hell of a nightmare True Blood in Dallas says (07:28:06): hello tes thanks for calling in tonight alainanoelle says to (07:28:11): Lorena really made the wrong person a vamp! TES2008 says to (07:28:13): So we have to wait 2 weeks for the next epi and Bill is talking about Eric to Eddington True Blood in Dallas says (07:28:13): and representing for the sheriff lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:15): Russell gave him the same advice lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:23): how old is Russell

TES2008 says to (07:28:30): Also, it looks like Magister is using his silver tip of the cane on Pam's chest in that quick clip. alainanoelle says to (07:28:31): 2000 years old arianwyn says to (07:28:32): one thing i don't like about TB is all the times that the vamps wake up during the day lafemmetopaz says to (07:28:36): at least 600 years old maybe alainanoelle says to (07:28:48): He's one of the oldest ones alainanoelle says to (07:28:57): Talbot is 700 years TES2008 says to (07:29:12): So was that a Corvette Eric gifted Lafs with? Pamspumps says to (07:29:20): yes it was sweet lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:21): yepppers alainanoelle says to (07:29:23): Yes alainanoelle says to (07:29:27): Great car arianwyn says to (07:29:34): it was sharp lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:51):

Lafayette got a reward alainanoelle says to (07:29:51): Franklin is freakin scary! lafemmetopaz says to (07:29:56): I like Franklin lafemmetopaz says to (07:30:07): already.. not that was some serious ex arianwyn says to (07:30:11): what was with his and tara's sex scene? that was just freaky TES2008 says to (07:30:11): Eddington & Talbot must be old because Talbot was freaking out about the Celtic tapestry given by Lord of Glydndaredabaa whatever in 1387 lafemmetopaz says to (07:30:15): sex.. what the hell does he have in his pants True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:25): sound ???? rclaurel says to (07:30:29): Russell is 2800 on TB sookiebontemps says to (07:30:32): HELLO EVERYONE! True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:32): sound ?? Pamspumps says to (07:30:33): no sound Cavalavalier says to (07:30:34): Do you think Franlin was sent by Queen Sophie Ann?

True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:39): sound ??? lafemmetopaz says to (07:30:42): Is that Franklin's gift....sex so good the eyes roll back in the head sookiebontemps says to (07:30:44): SOUND EmoDramaDork says to (07:30:44): Hello, everyone! ChoChoMojo says to (07:30:45): I have sound sookiebontemps says to (07:30:45): CHECK sookiebontemps says to (07:30:47): WE're good True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:47): jeeezz True Blood in Dallas says (07:30:49): thanks TES2008 says to (07:30:51): I don't know what Mott has in his pants, but whatever it was sent Tara into another world rclaurel says to (07:30:53): Russel sent franklin alainanoelle says to (07:31:02): Got sound lafemmetopaz says to (07:31:04):

TES....that's what I'm saying Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:31:05): Franklin is a hotty. alainanoelle says to (07:31:11): Hi Sook! lafemmetopaz says to (07:31:16): it was like she was having a seizure ChoChoMojo says to (07:31:16): Alcide is a hot one! alainanoelle says to (07:31:23): Franklin is very smooth Lisnoe says to (07:31:31): Had to refresh but I got sound know too! TES2008 says to (07:31:35): Enjoyed Alcide's debut EmoDramaDork says to (07:31:36): Hi, Dallas. Hey, Sook! alainanoelle says to (07:31:38): Yeah ChoCho..Alcide is very hot sookiebontemps says to True Blood in Dallas (private) (07:31:39): Andy Mackenzie's last four digits are 5096 TES2008 says to (07:31:41): Hi Dallas! Pamspumps says to (07:31:43): sound finally

arianwyn says to (07:31:45): i liked alcide also sookiebontemps says to (07:31:49): Hello everyone! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:31:52): I'm not a huge fan of Alcide arianwyn says to (07:31:54): hi sookie Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:32:03): but, hey we all have our own brand of tea, i guess. TES2008 says to (07:32:08): Eric and Alcide are my 2 fav supes from the Sookieverse arianwyn says to (07:32:09): i'm not a fan of him in the books but i liked him in this episode lafemmetopaz says to (07:32:13): I"m not a alcide fan either lafemmetopaz says to (07:32:22): Alcide is a GIRL SheiroQ says to (07:32:26): Hi Sook! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:32:29): He's okay and everything, I am just not super attracted to him. lafemmetopaz says to (07:32:37): the actor is very handsome Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:32:39):

comparitively. dbomb252 says to (07:32:40): this is awesome :) first time user here arianwyn says to (07:32:51): hi dbomb, welcome alainanoelle says to (07:32:57): Joe is very cute. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:33:16): Hi, all! alainanoelle says to (07:33:28): Looks like Debbie Pelt is coming next episode TES2008 says to (07:33:35): Does anybody else hears tons of crackling? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:33:36): He is attractive, but if I listed the hunks of TB and the order I'd prefer them. Alcide would not be the top of the list GingerYoungblood says to (07:33:38): Pfffft! Alcie popped up on screen and I was like DAYUUUUM with emphasis on the YUM!!! taelcat says to (07:33:38): Hello -- new here. GingerYoungblood says to (07:33:44): Alcide* lafemmetopaz says to (07:33:45): Any fans of Battlestar Galatica? True Blood in Dallas says to sookiebontemps (private) (07:33:49): k

Lisnoe says to (07:33:50): Yep...cracking and popping a bit ChoChoMojo says to (07:33:51): I do Tes riverdragon169 says to (07:34:00): yes on the crackling alainanoelle says to (07:34:03): Hi all new chatters! lafemmetopaz says to (07:34:12): Katie Sarkoff turned down the role of Debbie Pelt lafemmetopaz says to (07:34:23): Starbuck from battlestar TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:34:31): I already miss BillohBill, LOL alainanoelle says to (07:34:40): Where is BOB? TES2008 says to (07:34:40): BillohBill is on vacation ChoChoMojo says to (07:34:44): I thought that too Sheri!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:34:45): I know alainanoelle says to (07:34:45): Darn! TES2008 says to (07:34:48):

Coming down here to Florida BTJessica says to (07:34:50): k when does the radio show start? TES2008 says to (07:34:58): Hit refresh BTJessica Marleneemm says to (07:35:00): Dallas: I' in the que~look for "0459" Marleneemm TES2008 says to (07:35:00): It started TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:35:03): *waves* hey, questa! alainanoelle says to (07:35:04): She needs to have a talk with Bill ChoChoMojo says to (07:35:05): I was going to say Sheri bring the funny tonight EmoDramaDork says to (07:35:07): Sadface at no BoB Liras says to (07:35:17): HIII!!! lafemmetopaz says to (07:35:17): I think Franklin really likes Tara though arianwyn says to (07:35:20): is debbie going to be a wolf in the show? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:35:22): I don't.

Marleneemm says to (07:35:22): How did everyone love tonight's show? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:35:27): I think that last scene brought more funny than I ever could BTJessica says to (07:35:31): :O u mean its already on? Liras says to (07:35:33): i loved it sookiebontemps says to (07:35:35): YES! Andy Mackenzie, who played Eric's wolfy chewtoy is going to be joining us briefly tonight! GingerYoungblood says to (07:35:36): Hi Marlene :) Pamspumps says to (07:35:36): give it a 10 out of 10 alainanoelle says to (07:35:37): Dallas..I'm in the que too. 3375 Liras says to (07:35:41): not enough Eric though TES2008 says to True Blood in Dallas (private) (07:35:42): Hi D. The last 4 digits of my phone are 7618. arianwyn says to (07:35:50): can i be eric's chewtoy? taelcat says to (07:35:52): I loved it very much. I'm a big Bill fan. And lots of Bill screen time works for me. Marleneemm says to (07:35:52):

ginger: hey lady! EmoDramaDork says to (07:35:53): He's actually going to call in?!?!?! GingerYoungblood says to (07:35:53): *tacklehugs Liras* lafemmetopaz says to (07:35:55): Yea chatroom ChoChoMojo says to (07:35:55): Soookie end scene thoughts?? Liras says to (07:35:57): ahaha Liras says to (07:36:01): hi Ginger EmoDramaDork says to (07:36:04): Hi, Dallas!!!!!! TES2008 says to (07:36:06): Hi D! lafemmetopaz says to (07:36:06): hehe sure did Dallas dbomb252 says to (07:36:07): :) Court KC says to (07:36:07): The bill stuff made me sad.... TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:36:08): hi, Dallas!

GingerYoungblood says to (07:36:09): Dallas!! I've been refreshing like MAD txladyjane says to (07:36:09): 70 users ChoChoMojo says to (07:36:11): I always love when I can a shotout! Thanks Dallas! *smooch* Marleneemm says to (07:36:15): Loved the show~felt bad for Bill! SheiroQ says to (07:36:15): Hi D! Pamspumps says to (07:36:15): kisses KimmieTex says to (07:36:15): Hi, Dallas! ChoChoMojo says to (07:36:16): get a* Court KC says to (07:36:19): Hi Dallas! Marleneemm says to (07:36:34): Hey Dallas! arianwyn says to (07:36:39): woohoo prizes TES2008 says to (07:36:40): Still hear crackling and popping sounds. sookiebontemps says to (07:36:43):

Holy moly. . .slammed with #TalkBlood tweets tonight! Lisnoe says to (07:36:47): I agree felt bad for Bill too...sad sookiebontemps says to (07:36:47): LOL Court KC says to (07:36:51): I hear crackling too... Marleneemm says to (07:36:54): Who felt bad for bill when his son died GingerYoungblood says to (07:36:58): Did anyone else love Lorena's Linda Blair Impression?!? *dies laughing* alainanoelle says to (07:36:59): Bill is a wreak dbomb252 says to (07:37:00): *raises hand* i did EmoDramaDork says to (07:37:04): We have a lot to say, Sook Court KC says to (07:37:09): so sad about Bill's son Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:11): I thought the end scene was TOO campy. taelcat says to (07:37:16): OMG, Ginger -- my mouth dropped watching that. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:17): Over the top.

alainanoelle says to (07:37:17): That last scene was just too wierd Lisnoe says to (07:37:18): Lorena and the Exorcist...too funny dbomb252 says to (07:37:21): lol arianwyn says to (07:37:24): i agree kylie alainanoelle says to (07:37:26): She was lovin it too TES2008 says to (07:37:26): Felt terrible for Caroline and Bill having his reunitement with her go so terribly wrong Court KC says to (07:37:26): grossed out by the lorena/bill sex EmoDramaDork says to (07:37:30): That was epic...and disturbing... jadedSummer says to (07:37:32): . . . I was scared for life cus of the end SheiroQ says to (07:37:33): Noone can say Bill is a whimp anymore. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:37): I think that is why I feel so meh about this episode. Lisnoe says to (07:37:42): Thought maybe he was going to rip her head off... ChoChoMojo says to (07:37:44):

Right Stina! dbomb252 says to (07:37:44): geez i jus gotta say i cant help but think everytime i see lorena..ugh i can't stand her GingerYoungblood says to (07:37:51): I was hoping Lisnoe Cavalavalier says to (07:37:52): Loved the last scene, Bill is finally acting like a vampire instead of a love sick sissy. Court KC says to (07:37:53): wished he riped her head off! Marleneemm says to (07:37:57): Ginger: thoguth that was funny~some people thought that bill should have killed her then?? any one agree Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:37:59): The end just made me not really enjoy it. TES2008 says to (07:38:01): I was hoping Bill would rip Lorena's head clean off but I really want to see Sookie stake her EmoDramaDork says to (07:38:04): Anyone upset about waiting two weeks till the next episode? Cavalavalier says to (07:38:07): Court KC-I feel the same GingerYoungblood says to (07:38:07): I agree Marlene :) dbomb252 says to (07:38:09): ME! ChoChoMojo says to (07:38:09): I agree Tes

TES2008 says to (07:38:09): Yes Emo TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:38:09): Lorena's neck reminded me of the slinky dog from Toy Story Court KC says to (07:38:15): and we have to wait 2 weeks now :-( Marleneemm says to (07:38:18): Who almost died when Sookie shot Eric KimmieTex says to (07:38:19): I agree, TES Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:38:19): I think that would *** his position up in Mississippi. GingerYoungblood says to (07:38:22): Two weeks til the next ep *headdesk* Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:38:23): screw* Pamspumps says to (07:38:25): i don't like waiting EricNorthman says to (07:38:31): She didn't shoot me - I jumped in front of the bullet EmoDramaDork says to (07:38:34): I did, Marleneemm! KimmieTex says to (07:38:36): Hi, Sookie! alainanoelle says to (07:38:38):

If Bill killed Lorena then he's back to the magistrar GingerYoungblood says to (07:38:42): HA@ Eric Court KC says to (07:38:43): hate waiting :| Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:38:44): Two weeks! WHY?! SO AWFUL. VampireDream says to (07:38:44): what did you think of Lorans head? alainanoelle says to (07:38:51): Sook will take care of Lorena TES2008 says to (07:38:55): Because of holiday weekend (4th of July), Kylie Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:39:02): oh right. Lisnoe says to (07:39:07): Does the magistrar rule Mississipi too? Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:39:10): stupid holidays :@ Marleneemm says to (07:39:10): I can;t wait till July 11th~ Sookie and eric in BED!!! Yipee Cavalavalier says to (07:39:13): Can't wait for the sookie lorena scene TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:39:15): Worst. Effects. Ever. slinky neck

TES2008 says to (07:39:16): They never show new epis during holiday weekends. : ( arianwyn says to (07:39:17): yes lisnoe alainanoelle says to (07:39:18): Kylie, they did that last year too GingerYoungblood says to (07:39:24): Oh hell no! I''d love to be stuck to Alcide--like a damn barnacle!!! taelcat says to (07:39:31): Am I the only person who does not want to see Sookie/Eric together?? Liras says to (07:39:36): hahah Pamspumps says to (07:39:38): HBO has to push that edge lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:40): taelcat... I'm on the fence EmoDramaDork says to (07:39:43): I'm half and half on that Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:39:45): I love them together. Liras says to (07:39:47): yes i agree with you , Ginger TES2008 says to (07:39:47): I find Joe M./Alcide very handsome. He's up in my top 3 for TB now TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:39:48):

I'm with you tael lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:52): TB sookie is not good enough for Eric lafemmetopaz says to (07:39:53): IMO alainanoelle says to (07:39:59): I like Joe too TES Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:40:00): Franklin is in my top three. arianwyn says to (07:40:00): i love eric/sookie Court KC says to (07:40:09): Franklin oozes sex... alainanoelle says to (07:40:12): No, Franklin doesn't do it for me jadedSummer says to (07:40:12): I like Franklin Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:40:14): I wish I got why. I think it's because I loved him as forney. alainanoelle says to (07:40:18): Too scary GingerYoungblood says to (07:40:19): Agreed Court TES2008 says to (07:40:22): Franklin/James Frain isn't my cup of tea, but his voice is enticing

lafemmetopaz says to (07:40:22): James Frain is kicking but as Franklin KimmieTex says to (07:40:25): Alan Ball always leaves you hanging...Lorena's getting all the attention before she leaves soon...on fire last week, twisted this week...staked next? Liras says to (07:40:25): when we are skate free and clear...we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episdoe alainanoelle says to (07:40:26): Eric was crazy too TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:40:26): I LOVED FORNEY HULL Marleneemm says to (07:40:27): Sorry ladies~ I want Sookie with Eric and away from bill! He's a lier. alainanoelle says to (07:40:33): When he killed the were VampireDream says to (07:40:33): what about Lorena's head? Court KC says to (07:40:45): loved Forney too... FaerieBik says to (07:40:49): OK, when did vampires become faster than a speeding bullet??? TES2008 says to (07:40:50): Awww Forney Marleneemm says to (07:40:51): Could have seen it "Snapped off" EricNorthman says to (07:40:51):

Yes - Bill is showing his true cards EmoDramaDork says to (07:40:55): That was an exorsit moment.... TES2008 says to (07:40:59): He doesn't look anything like Forney any more GingerYoungblood says to (07:41:01): Lorena's new nickname will be The Gumby Vampire Liras says to (07:41:04): hahha TES2008 says to (07:41:04): He's aged quite a bit taelcat says to (07:41:04): Eric just chains people close to Sookie in his basement for 3 weeks. Court KC says to (07:41:06): bill doesn't deserve sookie VampireDream says to (07:41:17): bill is kinda messed upo Lisnoe says to (07:41:19): I will be glad when Lorena is history....her character is interesting but I'm sick of her evilness lafemmetopaz says to (07:41:19): I like ERic's bad side Liras says to (07:41:20): Bill looked kind of interesting in that white suit TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:41:22): mmmm. Moyer's ass

VampireDream says to (07:41:27): but he has some forced love for lorena Pamspumps says to (07:41:29): Bill was spot on tonight robi says to (07:41:30): Howdie! Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:41:30): Eric doesn't pretend to be anything, but what he is. EmoDramaDork says to (07:41:32): I'd rather be locked in Eric's basement... taelcat says to (07:41:32): Bill gives money to the old lady who saved him when he fed off her and told her that her son Stanley dropped it by. lafemmetopaz says to (07:41:33): he's sherriff. he's gotta lay the law down alainanoelle says to (07:41:33): I'm done with Lorena too Marleneemm says to (07:41:34): Eric~I know you want Sookie~you've wanted her since Season 1/Epsiode 4!! TES2008 says to (07:41:36): Bill was dashingly handsome in that suit tonight robi says to (07:41:43): and yes...fave scene was the Bill/Caroline scene. *sob* VampireDream says to (07:41:44): I LOVE eric and Layafette Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:41:44):

Bill acts like this gentleman and is harbouring lies. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:41:44): I know, right jadedSummer says to (07:41:52): lol lafemmetopaz says to (07:41:57): Bill has conflicts with himself VampireDream says to (07:42:02): you can owe me the dollar :) GingerYoungblood says to (07:42:02): Moyer was compltely BADASS tonight -- he & Joe get the OhMyGodric award!! taelcat says to (07:42:06): Bill may be lying, but he does lover Sookie. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:42:06): He screwed LORENA TES2008 says to (07:42:06): Agree Lafemme EmoDramaDork says to (07:42:08): No lie....I'm kinda over Bill....Eric FTW EricNorthman says to (07:42:15): Lafayette had better appreciate that car robi says to (07:42:19): I thought it was a dream thing too@ TES2008 says to (07:42:19): Although, I'm 100% Team Eric, I've never hated Bill

Court KC says to (07:42:21): totally over bill. EmoDramaDork says to (07:42:22): I liked the car lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:30): Me either TES, I just felt sorry for him jadedSummer says to (07:42:33): I liked the car Lafayette got alainanoelle says to (07:42:35): He loves Sookie but... VampireDream says to (07:42:35): the car was awesome Court KC says to (07:42:39): 100 percent team Eric. GingerYoungblood says to (07:42:39): HA! And Sookie was trying to tell us last week that he wasn't so impulsive lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:41): and still do. They need vamp therapists Pamspumps says to (07:42:43): Bill is a dreamer Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:42:47): That wasn't part of the deal with the Mississippi vampires.... you have to sleep with Lorena in order to be sheriff. arianwyn says to (07:42:47): i don't care that Bill loves sookie, he doesn't deserve her lafemmetopaz says to (07:42:48):

He's needs a shrink LadyAmethyst says to (07:42:55): Loved the fact Eric was appreciating Lafayette, although I'm sure there are strings attached. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:42:56): No, that was a decision he made. ChoChoMojo says to (07:42:59): I STILL heart Bill alainanoelle says to (07:43:00): I agree arian VampireDream says to (07:43:05): do you think this season will be anything like the book? EmoDramaDork says to (07:43:07): Bill needs to get his priorities straight... taelcat says to (07:43:07): Eric is using Lafayette. SheiroQ says to (07:43:10): Me too, Questa!! FaerieBik says to (07:43:11): I like Sam's dreams better. All about the hard water!!! TES2008 says to (07:43:14): Not much, VampireDream. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:43:17): I think so vampiredream. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:43:22): I think as much as it can.

alainanoelle says to (07:43:22): I hate Sam's family arianwyn says to (07:43:23): you have to be comfortable with who you are before you can truly love someone else the way they deserve VampireDream says to (07:43:26): ...but Eric is amazing taelcat txladyjane says to (07:43:30): there was a lot of dreams this time taelcat says to (07:43:31): Faeire, I want to see more of Sam's dreams! EmoDramaDork says to (07:43:32): I thought we's get a Lafeyette dream tonight! alainanoelle says to (07:43:32): I think they're big trouble for Sam GingerYoungblood says to (07:43:32): HA! Eric going up to LaFayette -- Hello Sweetheart!! *dies laughing* TES2008 says to (07:43:33): I'm already over the Sam's real family story line... Court KC says to (07:43:35): ummmm - totally grossed out by Sam's dad's UNDERWEAR! Liras says to (07:43:39): ahahha ChoChoMojo says to (07:43:39): I think Sam's family will want his money.. VampireDream says to (07:43:40):

LOL arianwyn says to (07:43:40): me too TES TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:43:42): HOW HOT WAS PAM TONIGHT??? LadyAmethyst says to (07:43:42): Me too Tess. LadyAmethyst says to (07:43:47): Sam Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:43:49): I really think the Mickens make Tommy dog fight for money. I think it explains the scars. Liras says to (07:43:50): i agree ChoCho VampireDream says to (07:43:50): she was pretty hott TES2008 says to (07:43:54): The Mickens family doesn't believe in spending a few more cents for some Bleach VampireDream says to (07:43:55): was that the dancer? arianwyn says to (07:43:57): very hot but what was the point of Pam in tonight's episode? Pamspumps says to (07:43:58): Sam's family is so trashy LadyAmethyst says to (07:43:59): Sam's family can crawl back under a rock

alainanoelle says to (07:44:02): Sam's mom is the one to worry about, not so much Tommy greeneyegirl says to (07:44:02): Howdy ladies! EricNorthman says to (07:44:04): Pam has some explaining to do - she told me she was doing paperwork TES2008 says to (07:44:07): Hi GEG! Court KC says to (07:44:08): Want more Pam! riverdragon169 says to (07:44:12): Sam's dad needs to find some shampoo and a comb alainanoelle says to (07:44:14): Hi GEG! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:44:17): *waves* hey, GEG arianwyn says to (07:44:22): HI GEG alainanoelle says to (07:44:22): His dad is gross GingerYoungblood says to (07:44:24): Hey GeG TES2008 says to (07:44:28): Oh Pam was doing some work tonight, Tall Blonde Hotness... TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:44:29):

Sam's dad needs PANTS Court KC says to (07:44:30): Riverd. - he needs more than that!! txladyjane says to (07:44:31): howdy GEG taelcat says to (07:44:31): I love Pam. EmoDramaDork says to (07:44:39): Hi, GeG! Liras says to (07:44:44): she was doing paper work, Eric....Yvetta was ust ontop of it FaerieBik says to (07:44:44): My favorite scene was watching Tara's rapid flutter lashes!!! LOL TES2008 says to (07:44:46): I'm surprised Pam stopped working on Yvetta for a phone call... VampireDream says to (07:44:49): how does eric feel on Pam making a move on one of his "play things" ? jadedSummer says to (07:44:50): lol truebie I agree lafemmetopaz says to (07:44:54): Sookie really irritates me at time Pamspumps says to (07:44:59): Pam has her priorities TES2008 says to (07:45:00): That was some vampgasm, Fairie

Lisnoe says to (07:45:04): Nice to know how easy it was for Jessica to tell all... riverdragon169 says to (07:45:07): loved loved loved Pam tonight! lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:08): Why is she using a gun with a viking vampire lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:10): in the house lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:11): WTH Lisnoe says to (07:45:14): Nice allegiance to your maker TES2008 says to (07:45:21): So Arlene is having Rene's baby. lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:28): TES.. YESSSSSS GingerYoungblood says to (07:45:29): I think she is TES Liras says to (07:45:31): ahhaha alainanoelle says to (07:45:32): Eric took that bullet on purpose VampireDream says to (07:45:33): what is that going to do to Terrys mind? arianwyn says to (07:45:36):

i also don't like it that the bar is just a were bar EmoDramaDork says to (07:45:37): That makes me kinda sad the Terry thinks it's his... Liras says to (07:45:38): yea Cavalavalier says to (07:45:38): Do you think she is going to tell Terry the truth? robi says to (07:45:40): agreed, book scene was better, but the preview and the "end result" is at least to point GingerYoungblood says to (07:45:47): Terry will accept it--he's Terry lafemmetopaz says to (07:45:47): probably Liras says to (07:45:47): i hope she tells him TES2008 says to (07:45:52): Don Swayze looks like Patrick Swayze (RIP) so much around the eyes Pamspumps says to (07:45:53): Terry is so sweet alainanoelle says to (07:45:56): Ahh..Arlene is having Rene's baby Liras says to (07:45:59): he'll be so crushed ChoChoMojo says to (07:46:00): He does Tes

VampireDream says to (07:46:03): I think he is gonna find out or beat someone up for telling him differnt arianwyn says to (07:46:05): yes he does FaerieBik says to (07:46:05): I must be hanging out in the wrong bars. GingerYoungblood says to (07:46:08): YES DALLAS! I was like DAYUM!!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:46:11): SEXY SEXY SEXY Pamspumps says to (07:46:21): nom nom on Alcide ChoChoMojo says to (07:46:22): SEXY! :-) EmoDramaDork says to (07:46:23): Smexy.... GingerYoungblood says to (07:46:24): Alcide is so swoonworthy Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:46:28): ALCIDE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VampireDream says to (07:46:28): yummy arianwyn says to (07:46:29): hob taelcat says to (07:46:31):

Who does Don Swayze play? greeneyegirl says to (07:46:36): YUMMY ! TES2008 says to (07:46:36): *Howls for Alcide's debut* Liras says to (07:46:37): ahahha Pamspumps says to (07:46:42): ZIMA! alainanoelle says to (07:46:43): He's one of the bad were's EmoDramaDork says to (07:46:44): I KNOW, SOOKIE!!!! alainanoelle says to (07:46:49): Can't remember his name greeneyegirl says to (07:46:50): Id like to howl with him GingerYoungblood says to (07:46:51): HA! Cooter & Zima makes sense TES2008 says to (07:46:53): Taelcat: Swayze was that were that took Sookie in that back room riverdragon169 says to (07:46:55): i drank Zima when i was 19! LOL arianwyn says to (07:46:56): don swayze was the were that attacked sookie

Court KC says to (07:46:57): yes.... ZIMA! Haven't heard of that in awhile! arianwyn says to (07:47:00): at the bar txladyjane says to (07:47:01): alcide may be hot but I don't think he is playing a strong guy robi says to (07:47:02): do they even mke zima taelcat says to (07:47:07): Oh. Thanks TES. I need to rewatch. Kylie-Ayn Kennedy says to (07:47:07): I am ducking out early ladies. I don't feel so great. I will see you in two weeks! robi says to (07:47:10): YOU BEAT ME TO IT Sook! arianwyn says to (07:47:17): night kylie robi says to (07:47:17): It's Mike Hard Lemonade GingerYoungblood says to (07:47:17): Watch Zima make a comeback with the tween crows now ChoChoMojo says to (07:47:20): Zima is gross even with the jolly rancher trick YUCk VampireDream says to (07:47:20): is there no TB next week? GingerYoungblood says to (07:47:22):

crowd* TES2008 says to (07:47:26): Don Swayze is that were that spit the blood in that other were's mouth GingerYoungblood says to (07:47:27): Eww Debbie GingerYoungblood says to (07:47:31): White Trash Lisnoe says to (07:47:34): Was waiting to see if Bill or Eric would react when the were started attacking Sookie. alainanoelle says to (07:47:37): Bad Debbie dbomb252 says to (07:47:39): i really cant wait to see how they portray debbie either Cavalavalier says to (07:47:44): I think we will see and Eric Sookie Dream Secquence in the next episode Court KC says to (07:47:44): Debbie & Lorena -YUCK! Marleneemm says to (07:47:45): Bill's been harbouring lies since Season 1/episode1 robi says to (07:47:45): oooooooooo Debbie! taelcat says to (07:47:52): I recognized him as being in the car, but I didn't realize that was Don Swayze. dbomb252 says to (07:47:59): but i already know i cant wait to hate debbie jus like lorena lol

FaerieBik says to (07:48:01): hahahahahah Pool Party! Marleneemm says to (07:48:02): Loved mark's column last week! Pamspumps says to (07:48:05): Don was tweeking his nips in the car TES2008 says to (07:48:06): So Franklin Mott answered my question about vamps entering other vamps houses Liras says to (07:48:10): yea Court KC says to (07:48:11): I feel like I've been used by Bill - since s1,e1! GingerYoungblood says to (07:48:17): I wanted to hug Mark last week for his blog!! VampireDream says to (07:48:24): I am kinda falling in love with Farklin in a sick way' EricNorthman says to (07:48:27): We are only restricted from entering houses of the living Marleneemm says to (07:48:29): CourtKC: Same here Liras says to (07:48:33): hi MARK EmoDramaDork says to (07:48:40): Hi, Mark!!!! taelcat says to (07:48:46):

Franklin is pretty hot -- in a creepy sort of way. Pamspumps says to (07:48:49): hello Mark txladyjane says to (07:48:53): howdy howdy Mark alainanoelle says to (07:48:54): Franklin and Tara sex was crazy TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:48:54): I didn't get my prep DVD either Cavalavalier says to (07:48:57): Hi Mark redmoonvamp says to (07:48:58): hi everyone! first time in here! VampireDream says to (07:48:59): I think its his voice that sells it TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:49:01): must've gotten lost in the mail Court KC says to (07:49:02): hey Mark! GingerYoungblood says to (07:49:03): Pffft! Franklin is FLAT OUT HOT -- despite the creepiness taelcat says to (07:49:13): VampireDream, yeah. I'm a sucker for those accents. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:49:17): LMAO TARA'S EYELASHES

Liras says to (07:49:21): ahah Court KC says to (07:49:23): I'm a 1st timer too! ChoChoMojo says to (07:49:33): Lashes will have a Twitter account no doubt! arianwyn says to (07:49:33): her eyelashes cracked me up redmoonvamp says to (07:49:34): hi Court! VampireDream says to (07:49:36): that was pretty amazing TrubieDoobydoo txladyjane says to (07:49:36): Franklin is Forney LOL arianwyn says to (07:49:45): me too Liras says to (07:49:45): i knew about it but i thougt he turned her head ina 360 manner taelcat says to (07:49:46): It's great to have a place to talk about the show. All my friends who watch it, haven't seen it yet. robi says to (07:49:46): i can't stop laughing at the sex scene TES2008 says to (07:49:51): Yes, Death Becomes Here!! LMAO!! GingerYoungblood says to (07:49:51):

AHAHAHAHAHA! Death Becomes Her robi says to (07:49:55): that was effed up spectacular arianwyn says to (07:49:55): that is exactly what it reminded me of Pamspumps says to (07:49:56): Lets all play vamp twister!! Liras says to (07:49:59): ahahh jadedSummer says to (07:50:01): Its the creepyness that makes Franklin hotter VampireDream says to (07:50:07): the sex scene was kinda weird... Brandon Schellhammer says to (07:50:08): I was hoping he was going to kill Lorena. Unfortunatly he did not SheiroQ says to (07:50:10): YES! Death becomes her! I love that too! txladyjane says to (07:50:11): wow just got an alstate commercial and got disconnected Court KC says to (07:50:17): yes Jaded Summer! ChoChoMojo says to (07:50:23): *cries* LOST bleueyes73 says to (07:50:25): lol, death becomes her, totally forgot that

FaerieBik says to (07:50:26): I'm sorry, I need to see way more PAM!! VampireDream says to (07:50:31): why did Lorena catch fire last week? GingerYoungblood says to (07:50:31): LOL Spoiler lockdown! Court KC says to (07:50:31): LOST! Boo hoo! redmoonvamp says to (07:50:34): the sex scene was weird! FaerieBik says to (07:50:38): PAM, PAM, PAM!! EmoDramaDork says to (07:50:39): Pam is AMAZING!!! redmoonvamp says to (07:50:49): i love Pam too! dbomb252 says to (07:50:51): lol the theoretical chain saw TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:50:52): think of Estonia Brandon Schellhammer says to (07:50:53): Bill set her on fire GingerYoungblood says to (07:50:55): Pam was seriously sexy -- Sookie needs to take some fashion tips robi says to (07:50:56):

I thought the Franklin/Tara sex scene was wierder than the "twisted" one arianwyn says to (07:50:57): i love pam but the scenes just seem forced like this scene is just here because we want pam on the screen greeneyegirl says to (07:51:00): hello Truby dooby doo GingerYoungblood says to (07:51:01): Her lace shirt was so MEH Liras says to (07:51:04): so if Taea hadn't told Franklin to bit her he would've have greeneyegirl says to (07:51:04): Tes! bleueyes73 says to (07:51:05): Pam is awesome Court KC says to (07:51:07): I want Pam to dress me.... Marleneemm says to (07:51:09): Was shocked when bill switched loyalties from QSA TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:51:11): Hey, GEG! Liras says to (07:51:13): *tara taelcat says to (07:51:16): robi -- I'm with you. Marleneemm says to (07:51:17): to RE.

VampireDream says to (07:51:20): he didnt really swtich jadedSummer says to (07:51:21):

i think it was nice what Sookie did for Tara and Eggs Liras says to (07:51:26): yea taelcat says to (07:51:32): I was laughing at the Tara/Franklin sex scene. EmoDramaDork says to (07:51:36): Franklin and Tara was just as awkward to watch at the "twisted head" sex scene Lisnoe says to (07:51:38): Lorena's coming off as almost pathetic GingerYoungblood says to (07:51:40): Bill truly showed that he is VAHMPIARE alainanoelle says to (07:51:40): Bill and Lorena have a sick relationship Court KC says to (07:51:41): yes jaded - thought the funeral was touching... Brandon Schellhammer says to (07:51:42): Bill just switched sides to protect Sookie dbomb252 says to (07:51:43): agreed emo TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:51:46): Andy McK

Marleneemm says to (07:51:47): Hi Andy TES2008 says to (07:51:51): So poor Terry thinks the baby is his. ChoChoMojo says to (07:51:52): Yeah! alainanoelle says to (07:51:54): Bill is a vamp who needs some serious help GingerYoungblood says to (07:51:54): Spit it out Dallas LOL Court KC says to (07:51:55): Bill & Lorena are gross!! Liras says to (07:51:55): agreed Emo EmoDramaDork says to (07:51:56): ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jadedSummer says to (07:52:01): it was Court.. so sweet Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:52:02): Hello Miss questa riverdragon169 says to (07:52:03): Welcome Andy!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:52:04): HEY, ANDY! TES2008 says to (07:52:05):

Cool. Liras says to (07:52:05): ANDY!!! Pamspumps says to (07:52:07): ANDY!! GingerYoungblood says to (07:52:08): Ahahahahah! Creepy biker!!! SheiroQ says to (07:52:09): Andy! ChoChoMojo says to (07:52:10): Hi Portia Cavalavalier says to (07:52:10): Hello Andy! alainanoelle says to (07:52:10): Hi Andy! Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:52:13): HelloBrother ! Lisnoe says to (07:52:14): I agree ith Brandon...Bill was protecting Sookie VampireDream says to (07:52:15): I know... think Arleen is gonna try and get rid of the baby? dbomb252 says to (07:52:15): haha creepy biker TES2008 says to (07:52:16): Andy played creepy biker were to a T...

Schelmy says to (07:52:19): Whoot! :) Hey ANDY! GingerYoungblood says to (07:52:21): *falls over laughing* redmoonvamp says to (07:52:21): now we've seen the true personna of Bill! he truely is a vamp! Pamspumps says to (07:52:27): Was Eric tasty?? EricNorthman says to (07:52:32): Greetings Andy EmoDramaDork says to (07:52:32): This is AWESOME!!! ANDY!! Lisnoe says to (07:52:33): I think Arlene will eventually tell the truth VampireDream says to (07:52:38): extremely so Pamspumps arianwyn says to (07:52:43): ahh eric Brandon Schellhammer says to (07:52:46): After all that Bill and Sookie went through so far, he would just up and leave her like a douche Marleneemm says to (07:52:48): Arlene won't get rid of the baby~even if it is RENE's! jadedSummer says to (07:52:51): I loved when Eric told Sookie he got her rug wet taelcat says to (07:52:51):

I got you're carpet wet.... taelcat says to (07:52:54): oops your EmoDramaDork says to (07:52:58): **dreamy sigh** Eric... ChoChoMojo says to (07:52:59): He has a nice voice. :-) arianwyn says to (07:53:01): that cracked me up EricNorthman says to (07:53:02): One does not waste time when killing a juiced up Were FaerieBik says to (07:53:03): Has Lafayette always worked on the road crew? Liras says to (07:53:07): yea arianwyn says to (07:53:09): he does have a nice voice EmoDramaDork says to (07:53:09): Yes arianwyn says to (07:53:13): lol dallas lafemmetopaz says to (07:53:16): wow TES2008 says to (07:53:18): I'm surprised Sookie looked like she was getting a lot of the blood off the rug with just a few spritzes of that bottle.

VampireDream says to (07:53:18): yes fariebik jadedSummer says to (07:53:20): yes Faerie Pamspumps says to (07:53:20): Naked stunts with Eric on top is my kind of stunt!! dbomb252 says to (07:53:21): i gotta say true blood has given me a new appreciation for man butt Court KC says to (07:53:22): yes - Faerie... he has. GingerYoungblood says to (07:53:25): Creepy Naked Biker --- what was it like having Alex nuzzling your throat?!? Fangirls all over the world were kinda shivering at that scene robi says to (07:53:26): the sparticus work out has been working it seems. :) lafemmetopaz says to (07:53:28): lost feed and had to do some other stuff redmoonvamp says to (07:53:34): well i felt that again Bill decided to keep away from Sookie in order to save her a lot of pain! Marleneemm says to (07:53:37): Faeirer: YES~ LaFayette's always worked on the road crew. lafemmetopaz says to (07:53:41): Who said Spartacus ChoChoMojo says to (07:53:44): Spartacus! Yes! EmoDramaDork says to (07:53:46):

Good question, Ginger lafemmetopaz says to (07:53:47): I love Spartacus jadedSummer says to (07:53:49): lol Ginger Liras says to (07:53:50): since the biker guy drank some of Eric's blood and Eric bit him....does that mean that Eric will dream about himself?? VampireDream says to (07:53:51): YAY SPARTACUS alainanoelle says to (07:53:54): robi..do you watch Spartacus? robi says to (07:53:55): You caught that earlier too ChoCho? Hee hee VampireDream says to (07:53:55): but TB is better alainanoelle says to (07:53:57): I love it Lisnoe says to (07:54:03): Ha Liras! txladyjane says to (07:54:03): 76 lafemmetopaz says to (07:54:04): I"m in love with Manu Bennett.. he played Crixus taelcat says to (07:54:04): I love Spartacus, too.

robi says to (07:54:05): boobs & sand? Brandon Schellhammer says to (07:54:07): Im sure Eric already dreams about hisself ChoChoMojo says to (07:54:08): Yep I did! I saw your tweet greeneyegirl says to (07:54:11): Hi alaianna alainanoelle says to (07:54:15): Oh yeah..but Andy is hot lafemmetopaz says to (07:54:16): incredible sexy aussie alainanoelle says to (07:54:18): Hi GEG! EmoDramaDork says to (07:54:24): Liras, awesome theory....and so Narcussistic. robi says to (07:54:25): you guys...earlier he tweeted he was off for a sparticus work out...not the show. :) Liras says to (07:54:28): ahhaha GingerYoungblood says to (07:54:33): True Irish!! FaerieBik says to (07:54:33): I really liked the product placement for Fruit-of-the-Loom. I'm switching back to briefs! lafemmetopaz says to (07:54:46):

TES...? Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:54:47): Hello Jason Bik! robi says to (07:54:51): Its a good look up, I recommend FaerieBik says to (07:54:54): Hey Portia Marleneemm says to (07:54:54): IMDb~one of the best research sites for TrueBlood fans TES2008 says to (07:54:55): Yes Lafemme? arianwyn says to (07:54:55): i am so sick of seeing Joe Lee's underwear alainanoelle says to (07:54:57): The actors on Spartacus had to go to boot camp to get ready for their roles TES2008 says to (07:54:57): What did I miss? TES2008 says to (07:55:03): I was talking on the phone lafemmetopaz says to (07:55:04): did you watch spartacus alainanoelle says to (07:55:05): Serious workingout TES2008 says to (07:55:10): Yes I watched Hotticus

Sookie S. says to (07:55:17): Hello All arianwyn says to (07:55:20): when does spartacus air? greeneyegirl says to (07:55:21): Hotticus alainanoelle says to (07:55:22): Me too TES Sookie S. says to (07:55:25): Hi Topaz redmoonvamp says to (07:55:27): Joe Lee's undies are not worth seeing! lafemmetopaz says to (07:55:29): I said, I'm in love with Manu Bennett EmoDramaDork says to (07:55:32): Hi, Sookie lafemmetopaz says to (07:55:33): he's like 41 FaerieBik says to (07:55:34): LOL taelcat says to (07:55:35): It's on Starz arianwyn. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:55:36): He sounds so kind and soft spoken. Pamspumps says to (07:55:37):

need a date?? alainanoelle says to (07:55:40): Manu is a hott Marleneemm says to (07:55:41): lafemmtpz: Yes I love Spartacus: Blood/Sand Sookie S. says to (07:55:42): hi taelcat says to (07:55:43): If you have netflix you can watch it on demand. TES2008 says to (07:55:44): Read that Andy is doing better and he'll be in season 2 but has lost much of his muscle tone due to the cancer treatments Court KC says to (07:55:44): Joe lee needs some better undies! VampireDream says to (07:55:44): ultmate twist Spartacus finds a time machien and ends up in Erics bed XP GingerYoungblood says to (07:55:45): Christ on a trike--do you know how many Andy Mac are on Twitter?!? LOL arianwyn says to (07:55:52): when do new episodes air Liras says to (07:55:53): qhahhhah Court KC says to (07:55:53): I want to go!!! Sookie S. says to (07:55:56): lol

LadyAmethyst says to (07:56:01): Joe Lee needs new underware and maybe pajama bottoms Liras says to (07:56:02): i was wondering that too Ginger TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:56:09): are you looking for the @ name, Ginger? redmoonvamp says to (07:56:12): Joe Lee simply needs some clean undies! :P TES2008 says to (07:56:15): LaFemme: Why did you want to know if I watched Spartacus? lafemmetopaz says to (07:56:21): Manu was in a vamp flick alainanoelle says to (07:56:24): They're shooting a prequel so that Andy can have more time to get better lafemmetopaz says to (07:56:27): I just wondered FaerieBik says to (07:56:29): *SLAP* alainanoelle says to (07:56:30): He is cancer free now lafemmetopaz says to (07:56:38): did you enjoy the full frontal lafemmetopaz says to (07:56:41): I sure did :) VampireDream says to (07:56:43):

Andy had cancer? jadedSummer says to (07:56:47): who is cancer free? TES2008 says to (07:56:49): Cool...I enjoyed Spartacus although some of blood scenes were cheesy GingerYoungblood says to (07:56:49): ROFL ChoChoMojo says to (07:56:50): Yeah I am glad he is cancer free now (Andy from Spartacus) alainanoelle says to (07:56:57): Yeah, non-Hodgkins lymphoma VampireDream says to (07:56:59): O oohkay sookiebontemps says to (07:57:01): Woah. . which chatroom am I in? Court KC says to (07:57:07): No one dies on Lost either.... ChoChoMojo says to (07:57:07): Sorry Sook Liras says to (07:57:09): Sookie's grandmom hasn't came back yet sookiebontemps says to (07:57:10): Don't you dare make me enter the LUDIS> GingerYoungblood says to (07:57:12): Spartacus nuts need to shhhh

TES2008 says to (07:57:13): Hooray for Andy's triumph over non-Hodg Lymphoma! alainanoelle says to (07:57:13): We love multi tasking Sook! GingerYoungblood says to (07:57:15): LOL Marleneemm says to (07:57:24): VampireDream: andy whitfield has non hodkins lymphomia FaerieBik says to (07:57:25): Godric is totally, utterly Sun-Bait. robi says to (07:57:35): Thanks Andy!!! The human chew toy! *giggle* alainanoelle says to (07:57:36): Sookie has a wig on next week! taelcat says to (07:57:37): I hope we get more Godric this season. arianwyn says to (07:57:38): i miss godric ChoChoMojo says to (07:57:38): Bye Andy! Thanks :-) VampireDream says to (07:57:38): Godric is in more of the season right? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:57:42): THANKS, ANDY! Cavalavalier says to (07:57:45):

Bye Andy lafemmetopaz says to (07:57:48): They can leave Godric EmoDramaDork says to (07:57:49): Thanks, Andy! Court KC says to (07:57:51): bye! TES2008 says to (07:57:53): Thanks Andy/Creepy Biker Were FaerieBik says to (07:57:54): BYE ANDY Liras says to (07:57:56): there is no episode next week ,Alaninanoelle ChoChoMojo says to (07:57:57): ME TOO SOOKIE! sookiebontemps says to (07:57:58): Thank you Andy! VampireDream says to (07:58:02): WHY!?!??! lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:03): I didn't like him and his "can't we all get along" attitude Pamspumps says to (07:58:04): nice butt Andy! lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:06): WHATEVAh

GingerYoungblood says to (07:58:06): Godric is just... there are no words for Godric -- if I had to pick a vamp to change me, it so would be Godric alainanoelle says to (07:58:10): I know but that's OK Sookie S. says to (07:58:16): I'm lisenting & watch this room EmoDramaDork says to (07:58:17): Can we get Alex to call in next?????? Court KC says to (07:58:18): I agree Ginger!! redmoonvamp says to (07:58:19): no episodes! am gonna miss it a lot! lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:20): humans and vamps can't just get along arianwyn says to (07:58:22): call in alex alainanoelle says to (07:58:23): I'll be at the beach so I don't mind waiting lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:24): its called food VampireDream says to (07:58:24): I think I would want to have Eric as my maker lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:30): HUMANS DON'T GET ALONG WITH COWS TES2008 says to (07:58:32):

So what's up with Bud Dearborn giving up? alainanoelle says to (07:58:32): Will on Demand tonights show Liras says to (07:58:35): Alexander Skarsgard should call Liras says to (07:58:37): :)_ lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:38): ITS A understanding VampireDream says to (07:58:41): yummy TruebieDoobyDoo says to (07:58:48): Bud's movin to Vermont, LMAO Pamspumps says to (07:58:48): crosses fingers Alex will call robi says to (07:58:49): I liked the Bud scene. That was pretty good. GingerYoungblood says to (07:58:49): Pffft! Everyone wants Eric & Bill to be their makers... I'd choose Godric Sookie S. says to (07:58:50): Poor Bud just has had enough lafemmetopaz says to (07:58:55): Bud scene was fab alainanoelle says to (07:58:56): Poor Bud

Marleneemm says to (07:58:57): TES: Who knows about Bud retiring/quiting! taelcat says to (07:58:57): TES, I felt bad about that. I guess Willam Sandler? is that his name? Won't be on anymore. alainanoelle says to (07:59:00): He's had enough jadedSummer says to (07:59:01): ... EmoDramaDork says to (07:59:02): I choose the Queen VampireDream says to (07:59:02): Cross your viens :p FaerieBik says to (07:59:03): I'd choose Jessica GingerYoungblood says to (07:59:10): EWWWW QSA arianwyn says to (07:59:12): i'd choose pam Pamspumps says to (07:59:14): Bon Temps = crab grass FaerieBik says to (07:59:15): Or Pam VampireDream says to (07:59:17): to change you FaerueBik? Liras says to (07:59:18):

ahah FaerieBik says to (07:59:22): LOL robi says to (07:59:34): i don't tear up easy, but man O man...I wish BoB was here...that scene, I start edging towards Team Bill. :) redmoonvamp says to (07:59:36): I'd rather have pam as a sire! TES2008 says to (07:59:40): Eddington is going to be so much more trouble than he was in Club Dead/Book 3 LafayetteJr says to (07:59:40): What no way she is a monster robi says to (07:59:41): so heart renching FaerieBik says to (07:59:42): @Dream of course... I'd want my maker to be as hot as possible arianwyn says to (07:59:44): i agree i liked loreana in that scene Court KC says to (07:59:45): Off to bed kiddies... have to be at work at 6am... Portia Bellefleurtw says to (07:59:47): Jason bik *throw s u a pickle* alainanoelle says to (07:59:49): Do you think Lorena was really sincere? Pamspumps says to (07:59:51): Love Bon Temps but hate my crab grass

Marleneemm says to (07:59:54): VampireDream: Would have loved Fairuzia Balk as debbie Pelt alainanoelle says to (07:59:59): During that scene with Caroline SheiroQ says to (08:00:04): TB Lorena was NEVER a monster! Liras says to (08:00:04): i thnk the only thing that surprised me asid fomr the sex scene was that Bud quit VampireDream says to (08:00:06): How wants to be changed by Bubba? :P bleueyes73 says to (08:00:11): my volume went away, missed the whole interview w/Andy, not fair Lisnoe says to (08:00:12): I think Lorena always has something up her sleeve...so to speak. jadedSummer says to (08:00:17): I saw that theyy don't even film in Louisiana lafemmetopaz says to (08:00:17): sherioq.. I agree robi says to (08:00:18): I agree! Thanks M! dbomb252 says to (08:00:24): haha you think they're gonna show bubba? dbomb252 says to (08:00:27): i wish they would Marleneemm says to (08:00:27):

Lorena showed us a whole nother side to her. EmoDramaDork says to (08:00:31): They do, Jaded Pamspumps says to (08:00:31): no Bubba :( VampireDream says to (08:00:38): naw they said thet wont dbomb TES2008 says to (08:00:39): Nope, no Bubba dbomb252 says to (08:00:41): :( Liras says to (08:00:42): she shows her love in a different way arianwyn says to (08:00:43): i do miss bubba ChoChoMojo says to (08:00:43): I don't like Lorena.... dbomb252 says to (08:00:46): aww i would love bubba robi says to (08:00:48): i kept waiting for Lorena to do REALLY bad, and was suprised that she didnt. She actually did "help?" Bill VampireDream says to (08:01:03): they dont wanna find a look a like and think it will mess up the show redmoonvamp says to (08:01:03): still think we need bubba in the show!

Marleneemm says to (08:01:04): Lisnoe: Lorena always has something up her sleeves lafemmetopaz says to (08:01:06): Lorena told Bill and showed truth in the 30's hollywood scene robi says to (08:01:07): Lorena is a wonded hurt "evil" women Cavalavalier says to (08:01:12): I think Jessica is going to be bubba..or at the very least a few Bubba Scenes Liras says to (08:01:12): ALCIDE!!! ChoChoMojo says to (08:01:16): I agree Robi GingerYoungblood says to (08:01:17): YUM FaerieBik says to (08:01:21): Sookie should at least have a cat go missing as a tribute to Bubba. Pamspumps says to (08:01:22): but Jason keeps calling Hoyt Bubba so we kind of have a bubba TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:01:23): nom nom nom Alcide robi says to (08:01:23): I was kinda annoyed with Alcide *ducks* alainanoelle says to (08:01:29): Alicide is too hot EmoDramaDork says to (08:01:29):

ALCIDE! VampireDream says to (08:01:31): see I though Jessica was gonna be a kind of Tara Marleneemm says to (08:01:34): No~ Sookie's not going to be with Alcide redmoonvamp says to (08:01:35): alcide is so hot sookiebontemps says to (08:01:39): Dare I say it, but I love that gave Lorena a whole new life. Pamspumps says to (08:01:40): nom nom Alcide robi says to (08:01:41): Packmaster I think GingerYoungblood says to (08:01:41): ROFL LafayetteJr says to (08:01:44): I sure do like this new car eric gave mne LafayetteJr says to (08:01:50): for only a dollar taelcat says to (08:01:52): I thought Debbie is with Cooter. Lisnoe says to (08:01:53): Keep debating whether I want to read the books or not... Marleneemm says to (08:01:56): Alcide ex's is with Cooter

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:01:56): I thought she was engaged to an owl Pamspumps says to (08:01:57): leader of gang lafemmetopaz says to (08:01:58): Maybe I saw something others didn';t last season Sookie S. says to (08:02:00): There's only an Interest there VampireDream says to (08:02:03): your gonna owe him lafayette? :p dbomb252 says to (08:02:07): i cant help but giggle everytime someone says cooter Sookie S. says to (08:02:07): & Nice car Lafayette lafemmetopaz says to (08:02:08):

'We saw compassion from Lorena last season Cavalavalier says to (08:02:14): Lisnoe-It is way worth it to read the books lafemmetopaz says to (08:02:14): and humor TES2008 says to (08:02:23): I really was surprised Lorena didn't kill Caroline arianwyn says to (08:02:26): the books are great lisnoe

Liras says to (08:02:27): ahhaha Lafayette has to pay Eric a dollar for the car TES2008 says to (08:02:41): I was expecting her to rip her throat out, but instead we see her head get twisted during angry sex robi says to (08:02:42): again...I LOVE that they are not going Book to Book, but jeeze they do great of getting to where they need to be in a twisted way Marleneemm says to (08:02:43): Read the books! SheiroQ says to (08:02:44): Better pay that dollar or it'll come back and bite ya... LOL Sookie S. says to (08:02:44): yup thats what he said dbomb252 says to (08:02:47): the books are amazinggggg i jus finished reading dead in the family EmoDramaDork says to (08:02:50): I tried to read book one during season one and couldn't do it GingerYoungblood says to (08:02:52): Lorena is not a monster -- she's just mad as a hatter VampireDream says to (08:02:55): you know who else I love? Mississippi's boy ;) Liras says to (08:03:01): i finished book one during season 1 LafayetteJr says to (08:03:06): LoL I hope not Liras says to (08:03:07):

and i spolied it for myelf lafemmetopaz says to (08:03:11): Is Lorena mad or is she just a realist? redmoonvamp says to (08:03:14): lol! good one Sheiro! Lisnoe says to (08:03:14): I know the books are more of a parallel storyline to the show...and I like the show so I don't want to ruin it... GingerYoungblood says to (08:03:16): She's MAD Liras says to (08:03:21): so i wait until hte season is over before i read the book robi says to (08:03:24): hee hee, I am rereading the series (again). I am back to book 5 now (for the 6th time) jadedSummer says to (08:03:24): I couldn't get into the books, I tried like 3 times to read them Marleneemm says to (08:03:26): Sam's family~boy oh boy~what screw ups EmoDramaDork says to (08:03:27): Hi, Lafayette! lafemmetopaz says to (08:03:27): a realist that humans/vamps can't co exist in a relationship TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:03:32): Franklin Sookie S. says to (08:03:37): Fraklin

arianwyn says to (08:03:37): i've reread the books several times robi says to (08:03:38): Franklin! My new fave character! lafemmetopaz says to (08:03:38): Me too EmoDramaDork says to (08:03:40): Sam's family....**facepalm** TES2008 says to (08:03:40): I'm re-watching the epi and I just caught that Talbot screamed when Eddington used the tapestry to put Lorena's fire out. LOL! lafemmetopaz says to (08:03:41): I like Franklin Sookie S. says to (08:03:42): Mott redmoonvamp says to (08:03:42): lorena is just madly in love with bill jadedSummer says to (08:03:42): mmm.. Franklin is yummy taelcat says to (08:03:43): I read all the books. What I love about the show is that it takes what's in the books and expands more. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:03:45): Is it just me, or are they combining Franklin and Mickey?? alainanoelle says to (08:03:45): Franklin is creepy Marleneemm says to (08:03:45):

Franklin Mott's TROUBLE dbomb252 says to (08:03:46): grrr franklin alainanoelle says to (08:03:48): Bad GingerYoungblood says to (08:03:52): Franklin -- he's a wildcard -- he has his own agenda Liras says to (08:03:52): Sam's family is more bad than Franklin alainanoelle says to (08:03:53): Trouble VampireDream says to (08:03:54): I'm pretty much done book5 lafemmetopaz says to (08:03:59): Franklin likes tara FaerieBik says to (08:04:06): Mr Lash Vibrator Himself! taelcat says to (08:04:06): I think he's working for the Queen. Marleneemm says to (08:04:08): Liras: Very TRUE lafemmetopaz says to (08:04:12): he was interested in her before he knew she was Sookie's friend Lisnoe says to (08:04:12): But I am seriously considering reading the series...might give me some insight into the characters even though it's not exactly the same

GingerYoungblood says to (08:04:13): Likes Tara? Pffft! Mott is OBSESSED VampireDream says to (08:04:13): or is Franklin using Tara?. robi says to (08:04:13): I freaking love that character on the show. Soooooo good. So effed up cool alainanoelle says to (08:04:13): He's interested in Tara but only for what he needs from her dbomb252 says to (08:04:14): poor jessica so abandoned EmoDramaDork says to (08:04:15): I don't trust Franklin....and I don't want him near Tara Cavalavalier says to (08:04:16): I agree redmoonvamp says to (08:04:17): franklin's just using tara Liras says to (08:04:17): i think he is too Taelecat GingerYoungblood says to (08:04:18): AHAHAHAHA taelcat says to (08:04:19): I think he's using Tara. arianwyn says to (08:04:21): franklin's working for russell i think GingerYoungblood says to (08:04:23):

Screws like a maniac TES2008 says to (08:04:26): Tael...perhaps Franklin is working for both Eddington and Sophie Anne robi says to (08:04:27): again, that sex scene was just odd.LMAO taelcat says to (08:04:32): TES, could be. arianwyn says to (08:04:32): very odd VampireDream says to (08:04:33): Tara is just screwed up lafemmetopaz says to (08:04:34): alaina EmoDramaDork says to (08:04:35): It really was alainanoelle says to (08:04:37): Tara is in trouble AGAIN! jadedSummer says to (08:04:37): He is using Tera GingerYoungblood says to (08:04:41): Russell hired Franklin, but Mott definitely has his own agenda robi says to (08:04:42): Gross and fanscinated are prefect words for him ChoChoMojo says to (08:04:43): He sure is

alainanoelle says to (08:04:44): Yes lafemme TES2008 says to (08:04:44): Tara's always in trouble lafemmetopaz says to (08:04:44): he wanted tara before he knew who she was Liras says to (08:04:48): i didn't like the face he made when it zoomed in on his face when he was having sex with Tara Marleneemm says to (08:04:48): Tara is such a "push over"~she was glamoured Liras says to (08:04:55): it freaked me out Cavalavalier says to (08:04:56): The Queen is the only other vampire besides, Eric and Pam that know he is missing Lisnoe says to (08:04:57): VampiereDream...screwed up...no pun intended right? GingerYoungblood says to (08:05:00): His face was funny--I was laughing lafemmetopaz says to (08:05:01): he was immediately drawn to her violence and anger Sookie S. says to (08:05:02): I think Fraklin is going to be there Mikey robi says to (08:05:05): Liras - agreed. redmoonvamp says to (08:05:05):

he perfectly knew who tara was! ChoChoMojo says to (08:05:07): LOL TES2008 says to (08:05:07): Franklin using that severed head and mouthed, "you have nice lips girlfriend". LMAO?! EmoDramaDork says to (08:05:09): Their whole sex scene creeped me out... TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:05:10): hahahaha VampireDream says to (08:05:10): my mom keeps saying Tara should die cuz she is boring and screwed up..... but I like her GingerYoungblood says to (08:05:13): Mott gave Jess head! alainanoelle says to (08:05:13): He was turned on by her when she beat up those guys Liras says to (08:05:16): ahahha robi says to (08:05:17): I LOVE THE DECAPITATED HEAD! AWESOME! dbomb252 says to (08:05:18): i love when he flashed fangs at jessica at the door though, that made me lol taelcat says to (08:05:21): Wasn't James Frain beheaded on the Tudors? jadedSummer says to (08:05:22): yes TES that was funny

Hellosidnie says to (08:05:25): Thnx Godric, i'm here.. lafemmetopaz says to (08:05:26): the whole thing.. he didn't bit cuz she wanted him to ChoChoMojo says to (08:05:27): Yes he was LafayetteJr says to (08:05:28): noooooo keep tara lafemmetopaz says to (08:05:28): very good riverdragon169 says to (08:05:29): Franklin.. "What's in the bag" EmoDramaDork says to (08:05:29): THAT SCENE WAS AWESOME! sookiebontemps says to (08:05:31): Yes he was @taelcat Marleneemm says to (08:05:31): Sookie can't be glamoured robi says to (08:05:32): I laughed my ass off at Jessica and Franklin TES2008 says to (08:05:33): Yes, Frain played Cromwell in Tudors Cavalavalier says to (08:05:36): I agree staceyls says to (08:05:37):

i like 'book' tara more than 'show' tara taelcat says to (08:05:39): I love Jessica! robi says to (08:05:39): I agree GingerYoungblood says to (08:05:42): PAM ROCKS MY SOCKS TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:05:43): Good point@ Hellosidnie says to (08:05:45): where is Andy Mackenzie? taelcat says to (08:05:45): She is a great addition to the show. FaerieBik says to (08:05:47): Or Pregnant arianwyn says to (08:05:48): i agree the women were not great this episode TES2008 says to (08:05:50): Frain was a great casting pic EmoDramaDork says to (08:05:50): Cuz Pam is freakin' awesome! Schelmy says to (08:05:53): I <3 Pam!!! :) redmoonvamp says to (08:06:01): franklin was just lookin for someone to get him in bon temps society!

VampireDream says to (08:06:04): I would let Farklin drop a decapiataed head on my floor any day :p Marleneemm says to (08:06:09): Arlene's having Rene's baby!!! dbomb252 says to (08:06:09): eww taelcat says to (08:06:12): Yeah, I think he looks like what I would imagine a vampire to look like. GingerYoungblood says to (08:06:16): HA! Rene's baby! Sookie S. says to (08:06:20): Arlene TES2008 says to (08:06:20): Ugh, it's almost my bedtime. I hate having to get up @5:15 AM. BLECH! alainanoelle says to (08:06:21): Arlene with Rene's baby TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:06:26): I THINK YVETTA WAS IN A POSITION OF POWER Sookie S. says to (08:06:27): got a Bun in The Oven staceyls says to (08:06:30): that's awful!! she should have told terry robi says to (08:06:32): THANK YOU! I AGREE...NEED ASS KICKING! EmoDramaDork says to (08:06:38):

That is so sad Arlene having Rene's baby lafemmetopaz says to (08:06:41): Sookie does stupid things to me dbomb252 says to (08:06:42): poor terry he was so excited GingerYoungblood says to (08:06:42): Two weeks -- have to wait too long!! lafemmetopaz says to (08:06:44): like the gun jadedSummer says to (08:06:44): I want to know whats up with Sam's family Sookie S. says to (08:06:52): How do you get the colors for the font redmoonvamp says to (08:06:53): but terry was so happy about the baby lafemmetopaz says to (08:06:53): why is she using a gun with a vampire in the house Liras says to (08:06:53): ahahha ChoChoMojo says to (08:06:54): I know I wish it was Terry's Baby VampireDream says to (08:06:59): ARLENE AHH TES2008 says to (08:06:59): Poor Terry

TES2008 says to (08:07:02): If he only knew staceyls says to (08:07:02): who cares about the 4th of july,,, hello dvr!!! hah Marleneemm says to (08:07:03): Ginger: Think about it~this show is only 4 weeks after the first show~So the baby's is Rene's! FaerieBik says to (08:07:04): I'm such a nurturer Lisnoe says to (08:07:07): Sam's family is shifty....don't trust them dbomb252 says to (08:07:12): she couldnt even get it out though robi says to (08:07:12): She didn't lie she just didn't correct him TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:07:14): I <3 Terry! Schelmy says to (08:07:14): Terry will love her anyway! Hellosidnie says to (08:07:15): shot, i miss him arianwyn says to (08:07:16): sookie is definitely not as intelligent on the show as she is in the books EmoDramaDork says to (08:07:16): I love Terry...he's so sweet! robi says to (08:07:18):

and yes, the acting was great! redmoonvamp says to (08:07:20): i think we all wish it was terry's kid jadedSummer says to (08:07:22): me either Lisnoe dbomb252 says to (08:07:23): but terry was so awesome in that scene TES2008 says to (08:07:24): Terry takes care of Felix who lives under his bed... Pamspumps says to (08:07:27): I love Terry robi says to (08:07:29): I love Carrie Preston VampireDream says to (08:07:32): Terry'll probably stay with her even after he finds out lafemmetopaz says to (08:07:33): its because they haven't let Sookie get her butt kicked riverdragon169 says to (08:07:33): i love TB Terry dbomb252 says to (08:07:38): i think he would love her even if he knew it was rene's baby jadedSummer says to (08:07:41): Terry's list last week was super sweet GingerYoungblood says to (08:07:45): Terry is striving so hard for some sort of normalacy and how much more normal and accepted can you be doing the baby thing

TES2008 says to (08:07:47): Yes dbomb redmoonvamp says to (08:07:50): terry's just a big teddy bear VampireDream says to (08:07:52): aww I loved that JadedSummer staceyls says to (08:07:53): indeed @ jaded TES2008 says to (08:07:53): Arlene should have told Terry the truth Marleneemm says to (08:07:56): Supercomplicated Relationship: Eric & Sookie!! alainanoelle says to (08:08:02): Terry never thought he'd be a father dbomb252 says to (08:08:03): she couldnt get it out though that sucked alainanoelle says to (08:08:05): Poor guy EmoDramaDork says to (08:08:06): I want Hoyt and Jessica to get back together...like...now! dbomb252 says to (08:08:14): agreed! VampireDream says to (08:08:23): I dont think Jessica and Hoyt'll end up together alainanoelle says to (08:08:26):

I hope Arlene doesn't keep up the lie dbomb252 says to (08:08:27): i love the whole hoyt jessica tryst robi says to (08:08:32): just my opinion, but greatest romances are not the easy answer ones shelliebeesaved says to (08:08:34): okay, tbh, the book is completely different from each season. FaerieBik says to (08:08:36): I want to see Sam hire Jessica as a waitress at Merlottes!!!!!! alainanoelle says to (08:08:37): Hoyt and Jessica are done EmoDramaDork says to (08:08:39): They are so adorible together alainanoelle says to (08:08:40): Too bad alainanoelle says to (08:08:45): I liked them together dbomb252 says to (08:08:46): jessica does get hired though right? TES2008 says to (08:08:47): I'm over Sam's family. Sorry redmoonvamp says to (08:08:51): i think hoyt and jess are gettin farther and farther appart! staceyls says to (08:08:51): @ emo i like that they kept 'jessica' new interesting plot line

GingerYoungblood says to (08:08:52): That is because people are impatient and want everything now now now -- noone wants to watch anything build up dbomb252 says to (08:08:53): i thought i saw a pic of her in a merlotte uniform Marleneemm says to (08:08:56): Hoyt & Jessica should get back together VampireDream says to (08:08:56): I love them together but they are totally a starcrossed lover story lafemmetopaz says to (08:09:00): I'm over Jessica/Hoyt alainanoelle says to (08:09:04): Sam's family is very bad news too TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:09:04): Every from Sam's past mooches food: Maryann, the Mickens TES2008 says to (08:09:07): Already his bro attempted to clean Sam out. jadedSummer says to (08:09:15): Jessica has to get to where she likes herself now before she can let herself get back with Hoyt alainanoelle says to (08:09:16): His brother or his mother? Pamspumps says to (08:09:18): Yucky trashy goodness robi says to (08:09:19): I liked the look Tara gave Sam..sort of like, SEE my family isn't the only effed one :) alainanoelle says to (08:09:20):

She can shift too VampireDream says to (08:09:22): I say Sams brother is working for Mississippi arianwyn says to (08:09:22): this is not going to be a good season for sam Liras says to (08:09:25): yea it could've been his mother LafayetteJr says to (08:09:26): jess and hoyt will give it time Schelmy says to (08:09:28): He didn't just snoop, he stole the cash...right? FaerieBik says to (08:09:30): DEBBIE!!!! Pamspumps says to (08:09:32): Poor Sam arianwyn says to (08:09:33): poor sam two bad seasons in a row lafemmetopaz says to (08:09:34): I just think Sam's family are con artists dbomb252 says to (08:09:36): grr i was def upset when i saw sam's fam walk in the bar EmoDramaDork says to (08:09:36): They're the True Blood version of Rob Zombie's Firefly Family VampireDream says to (08:09:42): I think he stole info Schelmy

Marleneemm says to (08:09:43): Sam's mom & brother are shifters~JoLee is HUMAN Schelmy says to (08:09:43): well, or the parents did... redmoonvamp says to (08:09:44): poor sam robi says to (08:09:44): ooooDallas, such a good part shelliebeesaved says to (08:09:46): I mean, the entire plotline is completely off for the first and second seasons. VampireDream says to (08:09:47): like papers TES2008 says to (08:09:49): When the eagle/bird of prey flew away, I didn't see any cash in the talons Sookie S. says to (08:09:52): I Agree with Topaz TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:09:52): I agree that Tommy is a dogfighter alainanoelle says to (08:09:54): Sam is going to be very hurt by them LafayetteJr says to (08:09:54): lol @ emo GingerYoungblood says to (08:09:57): Bull-- when Sam turned into a freakin Lion during the Were War!!! Sam was pretty damn powerful! sookiebontemps says to (08:09:59):

HAHA! Tes2008 robi says to (08:10:02): I think show characters...Sam is my fave. (not so much in the books) lafemmetopaz says to (08:10:05): Sookie S.. is that you? EmoDramaDork says to (08:10:05): Thanks, Lafayette VampireDream says to (08:10:09): Hey does Terry have a dog in the show? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:10:13): PA MICKENS NEEDS PANTS arianwyn says to (08:10:15): i think the mom is more dangerous robi says to (08:10:17): Sam Tremell (spelt?) is freaking awesome too TES2008 says to (08:10:23): And Bleach TruebieDoobyDoo alainanoelle says to (08:10:25): Agreed arianwyn TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:10:28): RIGHT! Schelmy says to (08:10:32): LOL!!!! Pants...yes, needs pants... LafayetteJr says to (08:10:34): they do have the firefly family resemblence

Liras says to (08:10:34): yea jadedSummer says to (08:10:36): lol @ TES dbomb252 says to (08:10:42): lol at his brownie whities Pamspumps says to (08:10:42): I love when my man sits around it dingy undies Marleneemm says to (08:10:43): VampireDream: No, terry doesn't have a dog~in the books he does,but not on the show robi says to (08:10:50): I think I was most destrubed with dirty underwear dad riverdragon169 says to (08:10:53): i dont remember TB Terry talk about his dogs FaerieBik says to (08:10:54): LMAO @Pamspumps arianwyn says to (08:10:55): that's just gross lafemmetopaz says to (08:10:56): LOL Mark.. sometimes that life lafemmetopaz says to (08:10:57): lol EmoDramaDork says to (08:11:02): They really do! And they have the trashy hick thing going on (But I love the Firefly fam) TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:11:03):

lol so wrong alainanoelle says to (08:11:05): Did you see how dad adjusted himself? alainanoelle says to (08:11:09): Eww! dbomb252 says to (08:11:09): ick VampireDream says to (08:11:13): in the books he has dogs riverdragon Liras says to (08:11:17): ahahha staceyls says to (08:11:17): river maybe that's why he has the armadillo???? Hellosidnie says to (08:11:20): Who was on Sam's house, Joe Lee or Tommy? arianwyn says to (08:11:23): i want a scrub my eyeballs Liras says to (08:11:23): speaking of Jason riverdragon169 says to (08:11:24): yes catahoulas i believe lafemmetopaz says to (08:11:25): Tommy TES2008 says to (08:11:28): Lafs is going to be super pimping in that new ride.

Liras says to (08:11:30): did he burn the test or soemthuign else? jadedSummer says to (08:11:30): Imma get the books from my sister so I cann try to read them Sookie S. says to (08:11:30): Tommy dbomb252 says to (08:11:31): <3 jason VampireDream says to (08:11:33): aww that was so sweet to stac redmoonvamp says to (08:11:35): it was tommy TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:11:35): I hear the music from Deliverance every time the Mickens clan come on robi says to (08:11:42): The dialog with Tara and Jason was a great scene too alainanoelle says to (08:11:46): Ok, Jason is killing me TES2008 says to (08:11:46): So do we know for sure if that was a Corvetter Eric gave Lafs? Pamspumps says to (08:11:48): dueling Banjo's!! Marleneemm says to (08:11:50): Trubie: Very funny~ EricNorthman says to (08:11:54):

It was a Corvette TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:11:55): EXACTLY! staceyls says to (08:11:59): @ jaded it's a good idea... different from the show but i really like them Cavalavalier says to (08:12:00): Trubie-LOL so True arianwyn says to (08:12:01): it was a corvette VampireDream says to (08:12:03): so when is Jason gonna tell Tara? Cuz we all know its coming EricNorthman says to (08:12:03): Burgundy hatchback EmoDramaDork says to (08:12:04): A NICE Corvette Schelmy says to (08:12:06): LOL!!! Hellosidnie says to (08:12:07): I already knew, when they was on Merlottes, the want $$$$ alainanoelle says to (08:12:08): Nice vet redmoonvamp says to (08:12:10): jason yet again failed at finding himself Marleneemm says to (08:12:12): What do you expect?????

TES2008 says to (08:12:13): What were those insignias on the head seats? riverdragon169 says to (08:12:13): i was excited when i saw Eric in the red corvette!!! lafemmetopaz says to (08:12:14): I love you Dallas Hellosidnie says to (08:12:22): (sorry 4 my english, i know u understandme) lafemmetopaz says to (08:12:23): I laughed at that too.. Chicken and Chitterlings Pamspumps says to (08:12:26): Eric was hot in the Vette alainanoelle says to (08:12:30): I don't know TES but I noticed them Marleneemm says to (08:12:31): Pam & Yvetta: Very funny arianwyn says to (08:12:34): eric is hot in anything EmoDramaDork says to (08:12:34): Agreed, Pam lafemmetopaz says to (08:12:34): that's a crazy combo too jadedSummer says to (08:12:37): @ staceyls I tried a few times but never got into it TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:12:38):

Eric was hot in Y-VETTE FaerieBik says to (08:12:40): It was supposed to be tacky ... Hellosidnie says to (08:12:40): LOl @Pampumps TES2008 says to (08:12:50): I was surprised Pam answered the phone while she was working on Miss Estonia Liras says to (08:12:51): ahhahh riverdragon169 says to (08:12:51): PAm.. YOU GO GIRL! Sookie S. says to (08:12:53): Yup Hellosidnie says to (08:12:54): no, Pam was hot in Yvetta GingerYoungblood says to (08:12:56): PAM WAS FREAKIN HOT staceyls says to (08:13:00): i can't put them down... but i really like reading... @ jaded alainanoelle says to (08:13:04): Yvetta was having fun Pamspumps says to (08:13:09): Pam pam pamTruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:13:10): YVETTA'S JOB HAS THE BEST BENEFITS...

redmoonvamp says to (08:13:12): yvetta had more fun with pam that with eric Marleneemm says to (08:13:14): Pam has been looking toward's Yvetta's honeyhole since the minieposide arianwyn says to (08:13:15): i love pam alainanoelle says to (08:13:16): That was funny EmoDramaDork says to (08:13:19): Pam is just amazing. alainanoelle says to (08:13:24): Pam's lines were great tonight Lisnoe says to (08:13:27): Pam looked awesome robi says to (08:13:30): Agreed, Pam is rockin my world too. Total flavor taelcat says to (08:13:34): Yeah, Pam is great. I love her screen time. Pamspumps says to (08:13:36): What about the bugs in Eric's office- Whoops alainanoelle says to (08:13:37): At least I could laugh Marleneemm says to (08:13:37): Who ever expected Eric to give Laffy that damn car VampireDream says to (08:13:38):

does Eric have reason to fell not up to par? :P EmoDramaDork says to (08:13:40): I'm glad they made her a regulaer Liras says to (08:13:40): O.O GingerYoungblood says to (08:13:42): Of course Marks like the girl/girl stuff LOL Sookie S. says to (08:13:42): Lmao TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:13:43): She's lesbilicious EmoDramaDork says to (08:13:43): **regular Sookie S. says to (08:13:46): Pam robi says to (08:13:50): Pam is a good bounce with Lafayette now being serious Schelmy says to (08:13:55): YES!!! Pam and Laffy are the only ones that don't stress me out :-D Sookie S. says to (08:14:04): Pam Rocked redmoonvamp says to (08:14:04): lol FaerieBik says to (08:14:08): Jason is all about the humor!

lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:10): did anyone hear the click of the teeth when Pam was going down on Yvetta Pamspumps says to (08:14:18): Makes me wonder what kind of bugs the Queen was talking about? Sookie S. says to (08:14:20): Yup lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:21): watch it again, you can heard the "vamp teeth click" VampireDream says to (08:14:22): would that hurt? redmoonvamp says to (08:14:25): pam's so fresh for a vamp! sookiebontemps says to (08:14:27): Gotta love Mark's Sucker Punch. You can read it at http://thecriticalcondition.com sookiebontemps says to (08:14:34): Or on The HuffingtonPost. Portia Bellefleurtw says to (08:14:37): hi ya Sookie! Hellosidnie says to (08:14:39): oh, shot, i miss Andy interview..stupid email sookiebontemps says to (08:14:43): Hello, Portia! robi says to (08:14:47): Sucker Punch is my weekly obsession lafemmetopaz says to (08:14:49):

it would explain the immediate screaming greeneyegirl says to (08:15:13): Robi! GingerYoungblood says to (08:15:14): Mark is cutting out pretty badly robi says to (08:15:19): I CAN'T WAIT! redmoonvamp says to (08:15:19): a pink loving, lesbo vamp! to me that is refreshin robi says to (08:15:28): GEG!!! jadedSummer says to (08:15:35): lol Sookie S. says to (08:15:36): lol Harley Dickerson says to (08:15:43): hahahahahahaha EmoDramaDork says to (08:15:44): Oh, Pam....and Franklin alainanoelle says to (08:15:46): That was funny robi says to (08:15:48): again...Franklin my new fave TES2008 says to (08:15:49): I'm already getting sad that we only have 9 epis left.

VampireDream says to (08:15:51): I loved Falkings voice with the dumby taelcat says to (08:15:51): Yes, that was funny. lafemmetopaz says to (08:15:57): TES....lol VampireDream says to (08:15:59): *Franklin Pamspumps says to (08:16:07): pick me pick me alainanoelle says to (08:16:10): Franklin does stir things up riverdragon169 says to (08:16:12): Vamps have more fun! lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:12): TES.. I gotta get you into watching Mad Men taelcat says to (08:16:14): Well, TES, at least next sunday, we can at least still say we only have 9 left, instead of 8. redmoonvamp says to (08:16:15): tb season is so short Harley Dickerson says to (08:16:20): the head scene was fantastic TES2008 says to (08:16:25): I tried it LaFemme. It just doesn't do anything for me. FaerieBik says to (08:16:28):

Um... vamps have more fun? Hellosidnie says to (08:16:29): Franklin is da best, i luv him on Tara, (Tara zombie eyes) i don't see that eyes in Sook. taelcat says to (08:16:30): AND we haev another season to look forward to. VampireDream says to (08:16:30): how many eps this season? TES2008 says to (08:16:34): My sis-in-laws love it and watch it too, but I did try. lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:43): I love Mad men TES2008 says to (08:16:51): I'm looking forward to Boardwalk Empire. lafemmetopaz says to (08:16:52): did you know Alex is a fan of that show Marleneemm says to (08:16:56): Never watched MadMen redmoonvamp says to (08:16:58): my favorite scene tonite was the end scene with bill and lorena TES2008 says to (08:17:00): Yes, I knew Alex is a fan of MM. Pamspumps says to (08:17:01): Tara's orgasm face/eyes was creepier then the twisted neck Lorena alainanoelle says to (08:17:01): Me too TES

robi says to (08:17:04): Talk about the Bud scene!!! That one was good but missed I think Hellosidnie says to (08:17:05): yes, FaerieBik, i was thinkin' that too, i luv the weres, but vamps are so much fun alainanoelle says to (08:17:09): I think it will be good Marleneemm says to (08:17:10): Congrats. Mark EmoDramaDork says to (08:17:10): Agreed, Pam VampireDream says to (08:17:16): DId you watch Alex's army show? taelcat says to (08:17:20): TES... I am too. I think I saw Omar Little -- from The Wire, don't know his real name will be on it. Cavalavalier says to (08:17:24): I think that Franklin Glamored her during it. Pamspumps says to (08:17:25): flutter flutter= eww txladyjane says to (08:17:29): WTG GingerYoungblood says to (08:17:31): He did too!! EmoDramaDork says to (08:17:32): Congrats!! arianwyn says to (08:17:33):

generation kill is awesome TES2008 says to (08:17:36): I think you're right Taelcat GingerYoungblood says to (08:17:37): Its in one of his blogs VampireDream says to (08:17:38): WOO GOOD FOR YOU greeneyegirl says to (08:17:41): hey Txlady! Hellosidnie says to (08:17:46): 15 min. to watch TB again sookiebontemps says to (08:17:47): Wjp alainanoelle says to (08:17:47): How cool Mark TES2008 says to (08:17:49): Gen Kill was excellent. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:17:49): She looked like she'd just come off RuPaul's Drag Race w/ those lashes sookiebontemps says to (08:17:50): Whoops. TES2008 says to (08:17:51): Stay frosty! alainanoelle says to (08:17:52): Good luck

robi says to (08:17:54): ~~~~good vibes~~~~~~ txladyjane says to (08:17:56): hey there GEG Ive been here but quite LOL Marleneemm says to (08:17:57): Vampire Dream: yes, watched GenertationKill~would loove it if they made a movie of it1 lafemmetopaz says to (08:18:02): I love Drag Race redmoonvamp says to (08:18:04): lorena was enjoying herself very much while bill was in hell greeneyegirl says to (08:18:08): my chat! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:18:08): ME TOO robi says to (08:18:10): thank Mark! Pamspumps says to (08:18:11): GK is a great military miniseries EmoDramaDork says to (08:18:15): Drag Race=Awesome! Cavalavalier says to (08:18:15): bye mark robi says to (08:18:16): look foward to Weds! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:18:17):

Thanks, Mark EmoDramaDork says to (08:18:20): Bye, Mark! FaerieBik says to (08:18:24): *waving* @Mark Schelmy says to (08:18:24): (}) Pamspumps says to (08:18:25): kisses greeneyegirl says to (08:18:25): my chat was not working txladyjane says to (08:18:31): ive had to listen to this on cell phone due to husband sleeping Schelmy says to (08:18:46): Mott reminds me of the bad weres... TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:18:51): I thought that too arianwyn says to (08:18:51): i agree FaerieBik says to (08:19:00): Mott reminds me of applesauce alainanoelle says to (08:19:01): That was interesting TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:19:01): did we lose sound, or just me

Hellosidnie says to (08:19:04): Lorena, so stupid, and bad!!! I hate her. She likes rough. Portia Bellefleurtw says to (08:19:04): Mott voice is very sexy robi says to (08:19:07): the "brain waves" scense sort of bug me...like bad cgi sookiebontemps says to (08:19:08): Truebie: It's you. . . sookiebontemps says to (08:19:10): Still have sound TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:19:11): DAMN lafemmetopaz says to (08:19:19): why the lorena hate taelcat says to (08:19:20): So... is the King of Miss the vampire in charge of the Nazi Weres? Harley Dickerson says to (08:19:22): It might be the the vamp blood in her system arianwyn says to (08:19:23): refresh trubie SheiroQ says to (08:19:27): refresh sheri Pamspumps says to (08:19:27): she was only getting bits and pieces but Alcide was thinking at her TES2008 says to (08:19:27):

The lovely TES...LMAO! robi says to (08:19:33): I miss BoB redmoonvamp says to (08:19:34): but my fav character this season's gonna be alcide taelcat says to (08:19:36): Is he who Eric and Godric were looking for? Liras says to (08:19:39): i miss Bob txladyjane says to (08:19:41): grrr call lost again ChoChoMojo says to (08:19:43): I miss BoB too GingerYoungblood says to (08:19:45): Hi TES! Harley Dickerson says to (08:19:46): Nice point Pamspumps Liras says to (08:19:46): TES! Marleneemm says to (08:19:48): Dallas: I'm also a lover of the Sheriff!!! Schelmy says to (08:19:49): Mott seems more like the were boss to me :) ArtiSin says to (08:19:49): i have waited a long time for Alcide

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:19:56): Yay. sound back Hellosidnie says to (08:20:02): so far my Fav. are Alcide and Franklin EmoDramaDork says to (08:20:05): Nazi Weres=Werewolf Women of the SS (Rob Zombie Mock Grindhouse trailer) TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:20:07): *sobs* BoB ArtiSin says to (08:20:11): Franklin is scary GingerYoungblood says to (08:20:18): BoB is on vacay arianwyn says to (08:20:20): i always love the sherriff Pamspumps says to (08:20:32): I shot the sheriff Harley Dickerson says to (08:20:37): I think Franklin might be working for the queen redmoonvamp says to (08:20:37): not liking frank so much! Hellosidnie says to (08:20:37): and Jason answers...LMAO ChoChoMojo says to (08:20:38): Eric is looking so good this season EmoDramaDork says to (08:20:44):

<3 Eric VampireDream says to (08:20:53): Alright time for this dream to think of vampire :p night night all Sookie S. says to (08:20:55): Gotta Love The Car greeneyegirl says to (08:20:57): ATTENTION EVERYONE I AM TALKING TO BILLOH BILL alainanoelle says to (08:20:59): Eric always looks good GingerYoungblood says to (08:20:59): TB Eric is more like SVM Eric ArtiSin says to (08:21:01): eric is really paying attntion to sookie Pamspumps says to (08:21:01): Alex is doing an amazing job Sookie S. says to (08:21:02): & Lafayettes Face Hellosidnie says to (08:21:05): OH @HarleyDickerson...not sure bout that Marleneemm says to (08:21:05): Was annoyed when Sookie shot him~ and he asked her to "Suck out the bullett~again" how dare him! the lady doth protest too much~she cares alot abuot Eric! Sookie S. says to (08:21:05): Yup ChoChoMojo says to (08:21:06): HI BOB via GEG!

alainanoelle says to (08:21:11): Especially in the Vett arianwyn says to (08:21:12): alex is great Cavalavalier says to (08:21:13): Agreed greeneyegirl says to (08:21:14): SHE SENDS HER REGARDS ANYON HAVE A MESSAGE FOR HER? SheiroQ says to (08:21:18): HI BOB alainanoelle says to (08:21:23): Miss ya BOB greeneyegirl says to (08:21:25): mISS QUESTA bob SAYS hi EmoDramaDork says to (08:21:26): TELL HER I SAID HI! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:21:26): *waves at GEG's phone* Hi, BoB redmoonvamp says to (08:21:27): and i'm just like wtf is jason doing! is he gonna get it at one time or another robi says to (08:21:28): BoB...needs to see her boy tonight, so sad Liras says to (08:21:29): tell her i miss her, she'll know what it means GingerYoungblood says to (08:21:29):

Tell BoB we miss her and hope she is having a good time alainanoelle says to (08:21:29): Come back soon sookiebontemps says to (08:21:31): Marleenem: I loved that they brought up the bullet suck again. . .and that the response was SORRY BUSTER. greeneyegirl says to (08:21:37): alaianna! Marleneemm says to (08:21:40): Dallas: I'm in the que look for "0459" MARLENEEMM Hellosidnie says to (08:21:44): LMAO lafemmetopaz says to (08:21:46): Well we know Sookie is attracted to Eric, she's had his blood greeneyegirl says to (08:21:48): Trubie , wavign phone back TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:21:54): yaya alainanoelle says to (08:21:54): GEG!! EricNorthman says to (08:22:02): *smirk* greeneyegirl says to (08:22:02): Ginger shes missing u too Sookie S. says to (08:22:03): True

EricNorthman says to (08:22:06): There is much more to come Liras says to (08:22:07): i think Sookie's attracted to Eric without the blood Harley Dickerson says to (08:22:07): Perhaps @Hellosidnie ArtiSin says to (08:22:12): yes true lafemme Pamspumps says to (08:22:16): he got her rug wet :( Liras says to (08:22:16): just the blood gave her an extra umph! EmoDramaDork says to (08:22:18): TEAM ERIC FOR THE WIN!!! greeneyegirl says to (08:22:19): Robi dont be vrue; EricNorthman says to (08:22:23): She was attracted to me the first night she saw me in Fangtasia GingerYoungblood says to (08:22:26): AWWWW... Tell BoB we have a SERIOUS catchup plannned when she gets back Harley Dickerson says to (08:22:28): @Liras who wouldn't be arianwyn says to (08:22:31): i think eric is great this season Pamspumps says to (08:22:31):

as we all are Eric lafemmetopaz says to (08:22:32): Amen Girl Hellosidnie says to (08:22:37): who's bob? lafemmetopaz says to (08:22:38): Amen Marleneemm says to (08:22:39): Eric will NEVER BE A PUTZ!! Eric's a strong willed charachter!! Sookie S. says to (08:22:43): true ChoChoMojo says to (08:22:43): I like that saying Sook GingerYoungblood says to (08:22:50): Shut it Sook! LOL Books & TV can coincide greeneyegirl says to (08:22:52): robi she has no HBO but she is dvring the white jacket and will watch it in her own private bill Idaho moment Schelmy says to (08:22:55): me too...and surprises... GingerYoungblood says to (08:23:01): Like the shower scene perhaps with amnesiac Eric Marleneemm says to (08:23:02): The Triangle is going HOT AND HEAVY!! Hellosidnie says to (08:23:08): i don't have audio in my PC

FaerieBik says to (08:23:09): I prefer having the series different from the books Pamspumps says to (08:23:15): more Eric makes me happy Cavalavalier says to (08:23:21): I am wishing for the shower scene Harley Dickerson says to (08:23:21): I love this side of Eric he's so passionate Liras says to (08:23:21): books are onthe shelf, tv's in the stand, and films are in the theaters robi says to (08:23:23): I KNOW! I am sending BoB big love, cause tonight, she is missed. I NEED HER HERE! It was ALL BILL tonight! :) EmoDramaDork says to (08:23:24): Pamp, agreed Marleneemm says to (08:23:26):

Bill's going down~ & Eric's going to pick up the pieces redmoonvamp says to (08:23:31): more alcide will make me happy! ;) taelcat says to (08:23:32): I still love Bill. ChoChoMojo says to (08:23:41): I know Robi she missed a good one lafemmetopaz says to (08:23:52): who is talking now?

robi says to (08:23:54): got to find BoB a link.... Hellosidnie says to (08:23:55): aww good @Marleneem alainanoelle says to (08:24:00): TES GingerYoungblood says to (08:24:01): I think Sookie should just be a Supe-ho! TES is talking lafemmetopaz says to (08:24:03): I thought so sookiebontemps says to (08:24:04): Lafemme: TES2008 greeneyegirl says to (08:24:05): robi and questa she is dying but will be fine once she thuds! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:24:11): Yeah. BoB would've loved the Bill tux Liras says to (08:24:12): didn't Earl also have the girf ChoChoMojo says to (08:24:15): LOL GeG sookiebontemps says to (08:24:17): Ginger: Are you talking Supe hos again? robi says to (08:24:20): :) LMAO GEG GingerYoungblood says to (08:24:28):

Tell BoB we saw Bill in his Tux! Nah nah nahnahnahhhhh Pamspumps says to (08:24:29): yes why earl?? Fairy lineage?? Liras says to (08:24:31): cause didn't Sookie's grandma say something about him having a girl like her ChoChoMojo says to (08:24:41): Night Tes :-) robi says to (08:24:42): thanks Tes! greeneyegirl says to (08:24:43): BOB says that besides her 14 hours of labor that was the hardest 60 mins of her life EVER with no true blood LOL Liras says to (08:24:44): *girf GingerYoungblood says to (08:24:45): Nihgt TES Sookie S. says to (08:24:45): You To Liras says to (08:24:47): *gift Schelmy says to (08:24:48): (}) Tes! Hellosidnie says to (08:24:49): I miss Jane Bodehouse.... i was so surprise when i saw Mike Spencer TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:24:52): Pretty sure it is part of them expediting the Fae thing

arianwyn says to (08:24:52): night TES GingerYoungblood says to (08:24:54): Marlene!! YAY!!! EmoDramaDork says to (08:24:56): Night, Tes! Liras says to (08:24:57): XD Liras says to (08:25:02): night TES TES2008 says to (08:25:04): Nighty night everybody! I have to go to ground. Liras says to (08:25:06): hi Marlene EmoDramaDork says to (08:25:09): HI, MARLENE!! FaerieBik says to (08:25:10): Can't wait for Claudine alainanoelle says to (08:25:11): Night TES lafemmetopaz says to (08:25:12): TES..lol TES2008 says to (08:25:13): SWEXY dreams to all my fellow Eric/Alex lovers. lafemmetopaz says to (08:25:14):

hehe Cavalavalier says to (08:25:14): Night Tess greeneyegirl says to (08:25:17): Tes BOB is going to call you, hses not going to Orlando Pamspumps says to (08:25:22): having Earl be fae instead of gran keeps grans rep intact arianwyn says to (08:25:24): I'm looking forward to Claudine FaerieBik says to (08:25:33): Going to miss Bud Harley Dickerson says to (08:25:35): "I quit" Pamspumps says to (08:25:38): CRABGRASS!!!! TES2008 says to (08:25:39): thanks GEG. I sent her a message in Facebook and was wondering. redmoonvamp says to (08:25:39): i'm off to bed everyone! nitey nite! don't let the vamps bite! lol sookiebontemps says to (08:25:42): Do we believe that he really quit? Harley Dickerson says to (08:25:44): WHAT? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:25:48): Did you see SteveNewlinJr's tweet abt Bud movin to Vermont w/ his brother Daryl

Harley Dickerson says to (08:25:49): yes TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:25:50): LMAO riverdragon169 says to (08:25:51): Yes.. claudine! Lisnoe says to (08:25:55): This Bud's for you Bud Harley Dickerson says to (08:25:58): CLAUDINE!!!!!!! robi says to (08:26:03): NO I don't believe he quit, but the scene was great! FaerieBik says to (08:26:04): LOL And his other brother Daryl Hellosidnie says to (08:26:11): not sure. maybe, SookieBonTemps but is this time for Jason to be a cop taelcat says to (08:26:12): Gotta go. Cat having seizure. This was fun. goodnight. ChoChoMojo says to (08:26:13): We have less than 5 minutes left .. Liras says to (08:26:23): ahaha EricNorthman says to (08:26:40): Marlene - there is no protest from me riverdragon169 says to (08:26:41):

first Claudine then hopefully Claude! :) Harley Dickerson says to (08:26:49): Screw Bill Liras says to (08:26:50): ahahhaa ChoChoMojo says to (08:26:52): :-( Liras says to (08:26:52): the better! Pamspumps says to (08:26:57): Ye he doess protest to much!! alainanoelle says to (08:26:58): Ohh, Claude! EmoDramaDork says to (08:26:59): I can't wait for Eric/Sookie action! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:27:00): I can't wait for Claude!!!! FaerieBik says to (08:27:04): I'd love to see Claude too! Hellosidnie says to (08:27:05): HA! @Harley sookiebontemps says to (08:27:09): EmoDrama: you're gonna get some. . . Harley Dickerson says to (08:27:10): Late?

EmoDramaDork says to (08:27:11): FANFICTION FOR THE WIN!!!! Sookie S. says to (08:27:15): I'M Reading THAT Pamspumps says to (08:27:16): hoping the sookie/eric scene is not a dream sookiebontemps says to (08:27:16): Not sure how it's going to end up. arianwyn says to (08:27:20): i thinkthat the scene with Lorena shows how out of control that Bill can get Sookie S. says to (08:27:22): 91 Chapter's in Hellosidnie says to (08:27:25): 2 WEEKS!!!!! 2 WEEKS!!!!!! Marleneemm says to (08:27:28): Dallas: thank YOU! Hellosidnie says to (08:27:33): NOOOOOOOOOO *screaming* ChoChoMojo says to (08:27:36): Am I the only one who like Sookie and Bill together? :-( Sookie S. says to (08:27:39): Re Runs Pamspumps says to (08:27:41): Fanfict keeps me satisfied while waiting for TB to come on EmoDramaDork says to (08:27:48):

Same, Pam TruebieDoobyDoo says to (08:27:51): I like Bill, Questa! FaerieBik says to (08:27:54): I like Sookie/Bill better than Sookie/Eric