Revision questions on Judiciary Who enforces ‘rule of law’ in a country like India?

How can you define Judicial System? What the functions of Judiciary in India? What are the different branches of government? What is the full form of PIL? Which institution was the precursor of the Supreme Court? Name the States whose People's Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) had filed a PIL against the state government for shortage of food. Which organization filed the PIL in the Supreme Court against government for the food shortage in year 2001? In which case and under which article the Right to Health was included in the Right to Life? What do you understand by the appellate system of the courts? How many judges are there in the apex & high courts of the Indian Judiciary? Mention two cases in which justice is secured by PIL as given in your book. Give two examples of criminal cases and two examples of civil cases. What are the functions of the District Courts? What are the functions of the high courts? What do you understand by ‘criminal law’? In India why getting justice was was too difficult for common men before 1980s? How has the Supreme Court made justice more accessible for common man? Are the decisions made by Supreme Court binding on other courts? What do you understand by Public Interest Litigation (PIL)? What do you understand by an independent judiciary?

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