Revision questions for Tribal Societies

Which tribal group did Birsa belong to? Who were the 'Jhum cultivators'? Mention any two important methods that the tribal groups made use of to sustain their lives. What is the meaning of the word 'Fallow'? Distinguish the social condition of the tribes from that of the Brahmans. How did Birsa reform the tribal society? What were the usual chores of tribes during the month of Baisakh? What was Birsa's vision of a golden age? Describe the shifting or jhum cultivation of the tribes? How did the colonial rule affect life of the tribal chiefs? Describe the impact of the c olonial forest laws on tribal lives? What was the trade proble m faced by the silk growers (Santhals) during the nineteenth century? How did the life achievements and activities of Birsa Munda leave an impact on tribal communities after his death? Describe the life achievements of Birsa Munda? Explain the activities of the tribal groups in the nineteenth century? How did they come to see traders as dikus and enemies?

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