The Gourd of Friendship

Where is the curiosity we·ve lost in discovery? Where is the discovery we·ve lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we·ve lost in communication? Where is the message we·ve lost in the medium? And where the community we·ve lost in all these? It is easy to go to the moon: There, there are no people. It is easier to count the stars: They will not complain.

But the road to your neighbour·s heartWho has surveyed it? The formula to your brother·s headWho has devised it? The gourd that doesn·t spill friendshipIn whose garden has it ever grown? You never know despair Until you·ve lost hope· You never know your aspiration Until you·ve seen other·s disillusionment. Peace resides in the hearts of men Not in conference tables and delegates· signatures True friendship never diesIt grows stronger the more it is tested.

By: Richard Ntiru
Taken from: Soyinka, Wole. Poems of a Black Africa, London, Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, 1975

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