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Transforming Our Relationships With Other Believers

Transforming Our Relationships With Other Believers

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Published by: jeremyhoover on Jul 01, 2010
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Transforming Our Relationships with Other Believers / Heb.

10:24-25 The Four Transformational Relationships Part 2
We transform our relationships with other believers (and with God) by encouraging, serving, and mentoring them. The problem: Sometimes, we perceive other believers as the “necessary evil” that get in the way of our loving God. ● “I’d believe in Jesus if it wasn’t for his followers.” But in the book of Hebrews we are exhorted to “keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters” (Hebrews 13:1). We do this when we encourage, serve, and mentor our brothers and sisters. Encourage ● Encouragement is a problem if we just don’t like each other. But this attitude is unacceptable. We need to learn how to encourage each other, which we do by spending more time with each other. ● In Hebrews 10:24-25, meeting together is advocated, but not slavishly. Meeting together is for a purpose: mutual encouragement to live strong lives of faith. ● Find a way to spend time with other believers away from church services. Don’t leave immediately after worship or bible study, but stay a little longer to visit with someone you don’t know that well. You may even find yourself encouraged. Serve Serving others takes time, time we don’t usually have. And after all, we do a lot for others without their reciprocating, so we’d rather be served than serve. ● But the bible continually challenges us to be transformed by keeping others in our minds ahead of ourselves. In Hebrews 10:24-25, we’re commanded to “consider” how to spur others on towards love and good deeds. The idea is to be creative in the ways we interact with others, serving them by helping them learn how to serve others. ● The next time you’re around another believer and you find yourself either looking down on them or ignoring them, stop and consider how you can motivate that person towards transformation--towards loving others.

Mentor ● It’s easier to say things than to do them and one of the hardest things to do in our lives is to sacrifice our time for someone else. But as followers of Jesus we are called to do that very thing. ● It’s very difficult to spur others on towards love and good deeds and encourage them with spending a good deal of time with them. We need to sacrifice some time to build mentoring relationships with other believers in which we grow © 2010 Jeremy Hoover / www.jeremyhoover.com / jeremy@jeremyhoover.com

together with them while learning together how to love God and others around us. ● Consider one or two other believers that you could invite to join you in a spiritual growth project, where you could mentor them towards Christlike transformation. You might even find yourself growing! Application: Encourage, serve, and mentor through small, bible reading and prayer groups. Life Transformation Groups can accomplish these things and help us transform our relationships with others. ● Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) are an excellent way of loving other believers. In these groups, you meet with one or two other believers (of the same gender) to read the bible, pray for each other and others who need salvation, and discuss your life through character and spiritual growth questions. ● Form a LTG. Find another believer and simply start reading the bible together and praying for each other. If I can help you find someone to begin one with, let me know. ● I’m looking to form one, so I need one or two men who would be interested in joining me. ● Start...and start now!

© 2010 Jeremy Hoover / www.jeremyhoover.com / jeremy@jeremyhoover.com

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