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Published by: Samuel W. Lessin on Jul 01, 2010
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on investing in NYC: - I think that there is a lot of coverage for small web/mobile businesses - on t he Y-combinator scale (lots

of these are coming up) - I think that there is less coverage for building disruptive scalable large com panies (not many of these are coming up) - People who could be trying to build big are building smaller -- or some are no t building at all... things that are interesting in the city: venmo makerbot (drop.io) (foursquare thematically but not in org. as being constructed)

why no big things...: - the tech component is super scalable and super cheap at this point to get star ted with... gets much more complicated rapidly over time. - human capital component is easy for young co-founders (little opportunity cost /etc) ... not so much beyond that. - thematically potentially really big things have legal, social, etc. needs -- h ard to do small experiments with them. - 100 developers & 10,000 instance opportunity. - big things require...: what an org would look like: - no brand beyond track record. no website, no email addresses. brand in NYC a ttracts exactly the wrong people. - shared non-scalable resources for bouncing around ideas/doing test builds -- l egal, accounting, HR, data-mining, user acquisition?, hard value. posits: 1. capitalism is a leveraged format to serve people. 2. we live in a period of enormous change. 3. the implications of communications technology are only just starting to cree p beyond the mundane. approach: 1. Ultimate market (if it exists already) must be greater than $25B a year in t he US --> if new market the potential market must plausibly be greater than $25B a yea r. 2. Must be clear first step with initial run of less than one month... because you can mock up anything in a month. 3. Impact must be very large on the way people exist/do business. 4. People need to be in the game for the right reasons. 5. Unapologetic futurists & unapologetic capitalists. (kortina, shaffer, hargraves, anthony c, msg)

things that need massive overhaul and are information problems: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. education food (some) finance transportation (some) ?law?

things that need massive overhaul and are not information problems: 1. energy 2. food 3. transportation what I want is a 'lab' -------------------learning from the last week: reading: surely you must be kidding reading: anathem soy: bad for you turf: really hurts to fall on kinnernet USA: interesting

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