Types of Verbs.

Single-word verb Full Verb/One word verb Prepositional verbs Multi word- verbs Phrasal verb Phrasal-prepositional verb Look up Look forward to Look Look after

Phrasal Verbs.
Verb + Adverb Phrasal Verbs Get up Intransitive Phrasal Verb Break down Put off Transitive Phrasal Verbs Turn down refuse cease to function postpone Meaning rise from bed

Prepositional Verbs/ Verbs + Prepostion
Prepositional Believe in Look after Talk about Wait for Verbs Meaning Have faith in the existence of take care of discuss await Examples I believe in he is looking after Did you talk about John is waiting for

Direct your eyes in a certain direction take care of search for and find information in a reference book anticipate with pleasure

Examples I don´t like to get up early He was late because his car broke down He will have to put off They turned down

Direct Object

The meeting my offer

Direct Object God the dog me? Mary

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