Sales department Relations

‡ Interdepartmental relations and coordination
± Formal coordination ± Informal coordination

Formal coordination
‡ To Build Coordination into the organization through grouping allied activities under a high ranking executive ‡ To Achieve coordination through the general administrative officers the president, executive vice - president or general manager ‡ To use policy, planning, and coordinating committees made up of representative of concerned departments

Informal coordination
‡ All executives acting as Centre , assumed the responsibility for providing a continuous flow of information regarding their areas to everyone in the company who they felt might need or could use the information ‡ The top sales and advertising executives served jointly as communication centre's for all activities that create demand, including personal selling, advertising, merchandising sales promotion and Packaging

Coordinating of personnel selling with other marketing activities
‡ Sales and Advertising
± To achieve optimum promotional mix ± To help in selecting theme and media ± To help in preparing schedules ± To help in securing dealers support cooperating advertising programs


‡ Sales and Marketing information
± To analysis the sales problem

± To analysis in determine sales potentials ± To setting quotas ± To measuring the effectiveness of the sales effort ± To assist in sales test

‡ Sales and service
± To help in technical advise ± To assist in product requiring installation and repair services ± To help in powerful sales argument

‡ Sales and physical distribution
± For helping in proper packing, accurate freight rate quotations, and promptness in delivery all physical distribution these activities are important in securing sales volume ± Minimize out of stock occurrences ± Reduce customers inventory requirements ± Solidify relations with customers ± Allow greater concentration on demand creation

Coordination of personal selling with other departments
‡ Sales and production
± Production minded vs Sales minded
‡ Production minded (efficiency and effectiveness) ‡ Sales minded (having something for everybody)

‡ Sales and Research & Development
± New product Departments ± New product Managers ± New product project management team ± Product development committee

‡ New product Departments ± Charged with responsibility for developing new products through coordination of R&D, production and sales and marketing personnel ‡ New product Managers ± One person units responsible for developing new products through coordinating R&D, production and sales and Mkt personnel

‡ New product Project Management team
± Composed of person home based in other department brought together to work on a new product

‡ Product development committee
± Permanent existence and dealing with continuing problems of innovation relating to a given product group

Contd .
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Sales and finance Sales and personnel Sales and accounting Sales and purchasing Sales and public relation Sales and legal

Sales Department External relations
‡ Final buyer relations
± Courteous, friendly and competent in their jobs

‡ Industry relations
± To interpret the industry and its problem to outside public ± To encourage members companies to act in public interest

‡ Govt relations
± Effective sales executives Consumer protection Act




‡ Education Relations ‡ Press Relation

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