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Research Design: Definition
y A research design is a framework or blueprint for

conducting the marketing research project y Components include: y Define the exploratory, descriptive, and/or causal phases of the research y Define the information needed

Research Design: Components contd.
y Specify the measurement and scaling procedures y Construct and pretest a questionnaire or an

appropriate form for data collection y Specify the sampling process and sample size y Develop a plan of data analysis

Research Design



Cross-sectional Single crosssectional


Longitudinal Multiple cross-sectional

Difference: Exploratory & Conclusive
y Objective: To provide insights

y Objective: Test hypotheses

and understanding
y Characteristics: Information

needed loosely defined; research process is flexible; unstructured; small sample and nonrepresentative; analysis of primary data is qualitative

and relationships y Characteristics: Information needed is clearly defined; research process is formal and structured; sample is large and representative; data analysis is quantitative

Difference: Exploratory & Conclusive
y Findings/Results: Tentative y Outcome: Generally followed by further exploratory or conclusive research y Methods: Expert surveys; Pilot surveys; Secondary data (analyzed qualitatively); Qualitative research

y Findings/Results: Conclusive y Outcome: Findings used as input into decision making y Methods: Secondary data (analyzed quantitatively); Surveys; Panels; Observational and other data; Experiments


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