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Chapter 6 - Some Things Are Never Forgotten

Chapter 6 - Some Things Are Never Forgotten


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Published by miz-93
chapter 6 in the fanfic Some Things Are Never Forgotten. Bella is on the hunt for Victoria, with revenge on her mind, suprise is an understaement when things take a turn for the worse.
chapter 6 in the fanfic Some Things Are Never Forgotten. Bella is on the hunt for Victoria, with revenge on her mind, suprise is an understaement when things take a turn for the worse.

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Published by: miz-93 on Jul 02, 2010
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Note: sorry for the late update, I’m trying to write

faster now since my exams are over. So hopefully you’ll be overwhelmed soon with more twilight fanfic from yours truly ^^.
Oh and check out my other twilight fanfics, ‘The End Result’ and the sequel, ‘Aftermath’ -both stories follow the bloodthirsty final battle between Volturi and Cullens at the end of Breaking Dawn, ‘The Girl’s Guide To Dealing With The Dark Side’ - written in a diary format, each chapter focuses on the important lessons that come when dealing with vampires, following the life of Bella Swan, and ‘A Glimpse Into The Genius Mind That Is Jacob Black’ written during the time Jacob was missing, what was he feeling? Why did he really leave? Why Canada?... After all, what’s an alpha wolf to do? Chapter 6 Navigating her way across Alaska, Bella managed the small feat of tracking down Tanya and her family, for some unexplainable reason she had followed a ‘prickling’ feeling that made its self known whenever she deviated away in the wrong direction. Maybe tracking is my undead talent, she mused. It took the entirety of two and half days to finally locate Tanya’s coven. Situated in a remote area near the border stood a small cottage; innocent and demure in appearance. Hardly, she scoffed silently. Although it had been raining briefly, Bella had stubbornly continued to follow her ‘feeling’ even when it seemed that she had taken a wrong turning. The sign said left and pointed right, what was she meant to do, she fumed. Fortunately it hadn’t been long before she resumed the trail, either this was her talent or someone was very eager for her to find them, Victoria. Cocking her head to the side, Bella observed the house in close detail. The rusty, iron gate hung lifelessly on its hinges as the windows bore greasy streaks. The house didn’t entice visitors. Watching carefully, Bella clambered up a sturdy tree that offered protection. From a near distance, she listened attentively. There was nothing overt that indicated a living presence within the house, no open windows, no noise, no cars, nothing. Yet her heightened senses could not ignore the overwhelming smell of vampire and to her dismay a very familiar vampire, Carlisle. Barely audible, she struggled to hear the hushed voices and movements. “Enough of the pleasantries Tanya” Carlisle’s voice polite yet threatening, the man was the master of disguise, she smiled. “Pleasantries?” Tanya asked coyly.

“What were you doing at my home?” Bella blinked a few times before registering the information, Tanya hadn’t entirely come to Forks to watch her death, she’d come for the Cullens. “When would this be? And as for your home, I wasn’t aware your residence in Forks was still intact.” “Within the past week you were near my house. Why?” The clatter of cutlery followed. “A home is where someone lives and clearly you no longer live in Forks, why would you be concerned about a place you no longer remain in?” Tanya replied, her evasion smooth. “Tanya. We have been allies before, we were friends once, I will only ask once more, why were you in Forks?” No answer immediately followed. Sighing finally, Tanya responded, “I had business in the town and as I don’t know the area that well and I am aware of the werewolves, I thought the most secure place to be would be near your house.” Although the words sounded true Bella could tell Tanya was definitely hiding something. “That may be but why were you on pack territory?” “What?” Tanya replied, her words overly emphasised. “The pack contacted me on the same day. It appears you weren’t on your own. Who else?” Victoria, Bella wanted to yell before biting back her words. Victoria wasn’t the only vampire in Forks that day, she was there to. As her mind began to race, conjuring situations increasingly, her legs faltered slightly. Had the pack told Carlisle about her? Shaking faintly, she bit her lip. If the Cullens knew about her why hadn’t they contacted her? Leaving Forks was their chance to get away from you, why would they risk that now, her conscience replied mockingly. Silencing her thoughts suddenly, she focused back on the conversation while trying to control her body. It seemed the argument had escalated somewhat. “You trust a wolf pack before me?” “They honour their word, you lie and deceive and invaded my property!” Applause disturbed the air. “This is what you think of your own kind” Tanya spat venomously “Victoria was there that day and I’d be glad to tell you why.”

“Tanya!” “James would’ve been proud, the way she dealt with that waste of flesh.” “You haven’t. You wouldn’t” he rejoined, his words directly violent. “Me? No, your human holds no interest for me.” Loud footsteps echoed before the subtle noise of bone breaking replaced it. “Where’s Bella?” “Six feet under. Dead, like she should be.” The remainder of the conversation became inaudible, mainly due to the heavy noises that escaped from the house. Fighting. “Sad really. They think you’re now dead. Who’s going to save you when they don’t even know you’re right outside?” The voice caused Bella to momentarily shake before she recalled why she had journeyed all the way to Alaska. Jumping from the tree, she landed gracefully behind her visitor. “Victoria. You should know by now, baiting rarely works” Bella announced before connecting her fist with Victoria’s fiery head. Her red hair whipped against her face as her head lolled briefly. Shaking the shock away, Victoria wore a warped grin. Crouching, Victoria snarled before lunging at Bella, swiping at her leg as they tumbled to the ground. The ground shook beneath them with the impact of their force. With Bella’s arm pinned underneath her, Victoria’s perverse smile continued to grow as she twisted Bella’s free arm. Gritting her teeth in an attempt to ignore the sharp pain that now shot through her, Bella used her legs to propel herself to stand, the force sending Victoria sprawling. Rolling her injured arm quickly, she gave it a shake as it repaired itself. Moving with stealthy purpose, she closed the space between her and the red head. Snarling, Bella pounced swiftly, striking at Victoria’s throat, the only clear thought in her head, kill. Tearing at the flailing vampire’s jugular, Bella hesitated momentarily as she registered her actions. Staring at her hands, she began to stumble away. Violence, hissed her mind. Glancing at the vampire that lay crippled on the bloodstained ground, she felt disgust rise in her, she was just like what she had intended to kill, just like Victoria. Yet amongst all the haze that was her conscience, remained a small part of her brain that demanded she continue, continue and avenge the cruelty Victoria had subjected her and possibly many others to. The only difference, they were dead and she wasn’t. Moving with the intention to finish what she had started, Bella only noticed the new vampire’s presence when it was too late...

Comment and rate please xD But remember, be nice, I’m just a teen with a grudge against Breaking dawn =P Comments = chapters ^^ Please, no flames.

Okay, so my main aim with this chapter was to build the character of Bella, flesh her out so to speak because as some may argue, the character of Bella in the actual saga was wallflower at best.


introducing a backbone for her, a rebellious side and even though she’s moved over to ‘the dark side’, I wanted her to grow as a complex character, hence her conscience and hesitation. I was also hoping that the above would make her more believable. Is it a lost cause? Or am I preaching to the choir? I think I should stop waffling now -blushes in embarrassment-.

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