Groups of 4, competing among the members of the group. A std reads, the others try to guess.

Participants take turns being std A.

People say I’m too proud of myself and my abilities.
Answer: I’m conceited or boastful.

I speak my mind without worrying if other people are offended.
Answer: I’m outspoken.

I’m unwilling to spend money.
Answer: I’m stingy, mean/cheap or tight-fisted.

I’m willing to consider ideas and new opinions.
Answer: I’m open-minded.

I’m not interested in new ideas or different cultures.
Answer: I’m narrow-minded.

I’m practical and act on good judgment.
Answer: I’m sensible, reasonable or level-headed.

I’m only satisfied when things are the way I want them to be.
Answer: I’m fussy.

I have to admit I’m easily I’m confident in my abilities. annoyed and I complain a lot.
Answer: I’m self-assured or selfconfident. Answer: I’m grumpy or surly.

People say I’m insincere, that I say bad things about people I seem to like.
Answer: I'm two-faced.

People feel they can trust me.
Answer: I’m trustworthy (perhaps reliable too).

I’m able to make changes and to deal with changing situations.
Answer: I’m flexible.

I’m kind and always think about how I can help other people feel better.
Answer: I'm thoughtful (maybe sympathetic as well)

Once my mind is set, I am determined to act as I have decided and won’t listen to different opinions.

I tend to forget things or not to pay attention. I’m always somewhere else.
Answer: I'm absent-minded.

Answer: I'm stubborn.

I’m easily offended or upset.
Answer: I’m touchy or oversensitive.

I have a very intelligent sense of humour.
Answer: I'm witty.

I often have accidents because I can’t behave in a careful, controlled way.
Answer: I'm clumsy or a klutz.

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