Ellen He looked at me and smiled. I didn t know what to do. I mean what was I supposed to do?

Grin from ear to ear and say something? I was speechless. As I stared at the little black box that held my fate, and his ego I looked at everyone around me. They smiled expectantly. Casually perched in that box, glistening and bold was a ring. But I didn t see a ring all I saw was a prison cell. It was a golden cuff. Tying me down to a cold steely hearted man. All of his anger and insults mel d together to form a perfect unity. What was I supposed to say? The scars on my arm that have faded don t tell the story of the scars that still bleed in my heart. He beat me. Every strike reminding me what kind of woman I was not. I made love to him so that one day, I hoped he would leave me alone. Sex was the Band-Aid not the answer. And every time he drank I tried to hide from him. But he could see my fear through all the makeup and fake smiles. So now I had power over him. I tried to look him straight in the eye. You can do this Ellen I said to myself. You can get rid of this man right here and now. You. Can. Do. This. I started to cry. He thought that was me accepting his proposal and he started to smile and tear up. I panicked! Did he not see that I was crying because I feared him and what he would do to me? Ellen, you have to say something. I told myself. So I swallowed my fear and boosted my pride. Yes. A woman makes many sacrifices in her life and I made mine. I am a house wife. I cook and clean for him and am pregnant with his child. What would they say? A unwed mother?! Preposterous! So I sighed quietly and hid my hatred for him with another fake smile and ordered desert. Carving away at the apple pie only wishing it was the man that put this child inside of me. A woman can hold her scorn for several years. Its one of our best traits. Hell hath no fury

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