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Resume (6)

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Published by: miss_jyoti_kapoor on Jul 03, 2010
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B/2 Opera Society No.1, Paldi, Nava Vikasgruh Road, Ahmedabad - 380007 Mobile : (0) 9327434342 Home: (079) 26603763 Email: shailja_shah27@yahoo.co.in

OBJECTIVE: Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment
with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities that offers security and professional growth.

Operating Systems MS Dos, Windows XP, Windows 2000, CentOS, Linux. GUIs Visual Basic. Languages C, C++, VC++, Borland C++, Delphi, C#, .NETand Linux. Passed the Oracle Certified exam of Oracle 9i SQL. Other: Asterisk Technology. Version Control: Visual Source Safe, SVN. Experience in Software Development of Call Center Projects Applications, Working on VC++ & Dialogic Technology, and Asterisk Open source PBX. Expertise on Systems Analysis, Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Implementation, Testing. Knowledge of Asterisk Open source PBX. Worked in Asterisk with version 1.2, 1.4 for Outbound Dialer and Inbound Dialer Applications. Worked on Shell scripting in PHP and installation and integration of Asterisk Server. Knowledge of Different Technologies like GSM, CDMA, E1, T1, SS7, ISDN, VOIP, TCP/IP protocol. Experience and working expertise in Socket Programming, MFC based applications, System programming, Multithreading and Win32 APIs.


Representative Projects:
[1] Final semester Industrial Training. Company Name: RELIANCE INFOCOMM. Description: I have done my final semester full-time training at Reliance Infocomm. The Project is on REVOLUTION IN TELECOMMUNICATION. I have gained a vast knowledge of different technologies, which are used in broadband area of telecommunication like TDM, DWDM, PDH, SDH, V5 protocol, SS7, Broadband ISDN, E1 and T1 carrier systems.

[2] Project Name: FAX Application. Description: Supports ITU-T Group 3 (T.30) fax standard. Can send ASCII text files,
single and multi page TIFF files to specified Fax Number. Receives fax in TIFF format. This process can be scheduled to be executed on predefined time for bulk sending and receiving. Role: Development, Implementation and testing. Tools: VC++.

[3] Project Name: Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).
Client : BSNL. Tools/ Technologies : Microsoft VC++ 6.0. Team Size : 1 member Hardware used : Dialogic D/41JCT- Analog card. Description: Developed variety of IVR systems that play voice prompts, sense DTMF digits, record voice, authenticate user, and provide information services, Fax on Demand, call transfer to free agent (ACD), out bound Dialers. Role: Development, Testing and implementation. [4] Project Name: Voicemail System. Client : Siemens. Tools/Technologies: Microsoft VC++6.0. Team Size : 2 members Description: If any incoming call is not answered by any extension then call is forwarded to the voicemail system. Developed different features like call extension transfer, Busy/No answer case, Night Mode Enable feature, Getmail, Operator Transferring. Role: Development, Testing and Implementation.

[5] Project Name: Own IT Asset Management/Monitoring System.
Tools/Technologies: Visual C++ 6.0. Team Size: 2 members Organization: TectonaSoft Solution Pvt. Ltd. Description: This application is developed to ease the task of network administrators/maintainers. It is client-server based application. Using this software one can view hardware and software configuration of PCs at the single node. We can also view all running processes, communication ports in use, all services, hard-drive partition details, shared resources, and low level BIOS details of all the nodes in the network. It also has process monitoring, network traffic statistics, printer data management, Enabling/Disabling of devices etc. facilities.

Role: Development, Testing and Implementation.

Application: Asterisk PBX Implementation Successcraft Solutions Private Limited (Azure) 1 Member

Organization: Team Size:

Tools & Technology: Linux, Zaptel (TE401) Cards, C#.
•Configuration And Installation of Linux •Installation and Configuration of Digium Zaptel Cards •Creating Different Dial Plans and added Extensions •Two Asterisk Communication •Creating SIP and IAX channels and extensions •Creating Zap channel •Configuration of different soft phones.

Role: Development, Implementation and Testing.

Predictive Outbound/Inbound Dialer (Asterisk Based)

Organization: Successcraft Solutions Private Limited (Azure) Team Size: 1 Member Tools & Technology: Linux, C#, Zaptel (TE401) Cards.
•Configuration And Installation of Linux •Installation and Configuration of Digium Zaptel Cards •Creating Different Dial Plans and added Extensions •Developing socket programming to communicate with asterisk •Using Asterisk manager commands and API •Answer Machine detection •Implementation and testing

Role: Development, Implementation and Testing.

Search King Techno labs Private Limited, Ahmedabad Senior Software Developer. 19-02-2009 – Present Managing the remote connect VNC application features like automatic shutdown remotely, video recording, screen capture, switch to server mode…etc. Working in system based programming in C++ and VC++(MFC). Making asterisk based Inbound and Outbound Dialer in Linux. Made an application of Video to flash converter in VC++ in MFC base architecture. Successcraft Solutions Private Limited (Azure), Ahmedabad Software Engineer. 22May2008-10-02-2009

Major Responsibilities Include:
•Development of Asterisk based Dialer applications. •Development of Predictive Outbound and Inbound Dialer on Asterisk Open

source PBX.

•Worked with C# .Net and Asterisk technology (PBX) in Linux.

Tectona Soft Solutions Private Limited, Ahmedabad 3June 2007 – 19May2008 Software Engineer. Developed System based programming and Win32 Applications in VC++ in OwnIT Client Product.

Gaytes Information System (I) Pvt. Limited, Ahmedabad
Software Developer. 20June2005- 5June2006 Developed IVRS, Voicemail and Dialer Products on Dialogic card D/41JCT Analog card on VC++ Windows Platform. Worked in Asterisk Technology. The application main handles call transfer, outbound calls, voice recording and monitoring. Major Responsibilities Include: Development, implementation and testing of different CRM products like IVRS, Voicemail and Unified Messaging System. Research & development and feasibility test on new technologies and new cards. Given support to clients.

Sai Info system (I) Pvt. Limited., Ahmedabad Junior Programmer.
Dec 2004 – 15June2005 Developed Interactive Voice Response System Projects on Dialogic D/41JCT Analog card on VC++ Windows Platform. This is an intelligent feature rich GUI intranet application with ACD built using Intel’s Dialogic cards on the server. Application handled monitoring, voice recording and outbound dialing.

1) Proven ability to thrive under pressure situations and deadline conditions. 2) Ability to take initiative and work independently or as part of a team.

Name DOB Sex Marital status Nationality Permanent Address Shailja shah 27/10/1982 Female Single Indian B.No.2, Opera society No.1, paldi, Ahmedabad-380007

Contact Number Languages known

079-26603763, 9327434342 English, Gujarati, Hindi

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