EROTIC ENCOUNTERS (3 Short stories) By Bonnie Louise Williams

The Full Treatment Going Down....? Twice the Fun

Copyright ©2005-2008 Bonnie Louise Williams. All Rights Reserved

The Full Treatment
by Bonnie Louise Williams There's nothing like the sight of the male physique to spice up a woman's imagination. But there's something especially appealing about a man's back—all masculine and wide with corded muscled wrapped around strong capable shoulders—which I've found oddly arousing yet disarming. Belly-down, a man was at a woman's mercy. Owning a spa does have its perk—and its sacrifices too. My guy walked out on me several months ago to "find himself" which I knew was a crock. He'd complained about my long hours and his need for someone to be there for him. I'd later learned from a mutual friend that he'd been screwing some married woman from Europe. Since then I'd been feeling sexually deprived and my imagination was having a field day. Even the cute guy at the trendy coffee house was showing up in my sexual fantasies. Agh! I was strung so tight I thought if my thong so much as shifted slightly north I could actually climax.

It was off-season at the spa and I hadn't had a single client all afternoon. I was just about to close my doors for the evening... Then he walked in. He stepped through the big chrome and frosted-glass double doors of the spa, and I thought my heart would stop. The man had the kind of body women dream about. His face held brilliantly intelligent eyes and uncommonly full lips. I was mesmerized by his self-commanding shoulders and strong chest that led down to a narrow waist lean hips, and long muscular thighs. I felt my stomach tighten with anticipation at the thought of sinking my hands into his thick dark wavy hair. He was simply dressed, wearing khaki trousers, black athletic shoes and a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up revealing a powerful set of forearms sprinkled with light brown hair. All tightly packed to male perfection...he was stunning. Thankfully I'd given my esthetician the day off. This one was all mine. "Good evening," I said, grateful I'd worn the red flowing halter dress. "What brought you through the doors of Ambrosia Spa today?" He sighed and ran his fingers roughly through his hair. "I've been working non-stop on a project that's sucked up all my creative juices," he said. "When I zoned out during my morning meeting, my assistant thought I needed a break. She recommended your place. So here I am, at your mercy." Oh, yeah, you are putty in my hands, I thought. "Well, we have a combo treatment for-men-only that provides a deep-woods cleanser to clean pores and exfoliate dry skin and includes a scalp massage," I said as I reached up my hand to stroke his roughened face—for professional reasons, of course. "That sounds good." "Or you can go for the deluxe combo. That includes a neck and shoulders massage. Since you're tense, that might be the one to go for. But if it's not enough, I can offer a traditional European facial with aromatherapy or the classic Swedish deep muscle massage. Increases blood flow by stimulating circulatory and lymphatic system and alleviate muscle soreness and promote circulation." I smiled inwardly and thought, I'd love to stimulate his blood flow. He laughed, "That's too complicated. You know more than I do what works best. You choose for me."

"Okay then, let's start off with a facial. While that sits, I'll work the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Since that's where most of us show signs of stress we'll start with that." I felt dizzy with power at the anticipation of getting my hands on him. "That sounds great. I'll go for that." While I locked the spa's front door and turned over the closed sign, I instructed him to replace his clothing with a spa robe. He did. Not more than five minutes into a deep neck massage, I'd had him convinced a full body deepmuscle massage was what he needed. Because I was feeling especially wicked, I escorted him to the short stability table that stood no more than a foot from the floor. It allowed me to be on the table along with him for better access to—everything. I knew there was a treasure chest of sexy muscles under that robe. As he disrobed, I handed him a privacy towel and asked him to lie face down with his head in the face rest. Oh, yes, he had a magnificent back, just as I'd imagined he would. I suddenly felt aroused at the sight of him. Selecting an aromatic scented oil of sandalwood, I removed the leather slides from my feet and went to work. I took in his tempting male form, the rich outlines of his back and shoulders, so beautifully proportioned and devilishly handsome it made me want to weep. With a few swift strokes of my hands across his massive shoulders the muscles under my palms rippled in response and it make my pulse quicken. As I reached the edge of the towel, my fingers crept under and firmly massaged and kneaded at the most delectable male ass I'd ever seen. He didn't seem to mind when the towel fell away to the floor. "Do any of your patrons ever get aroused during a session?" he asked. His voice held such an underlying sensuality that it made my bones melt and my skin tingle. "It's been known to happen. A therapeutic massage is inherently pleasurable and relaxing. So it's not uncommon for someone to feel aroused," I said. "Are you aroused?" I asked as I grazed my fingers along his inner thighs, allowing the tips to brush against the tip of his penis and testicles from underneath. "Maybe," he groaned. "Do you ever get aroused when you're touching a client?" "Maybe." "Do I arouse you?" he asked.

"You have a beautiful body," I said. My voice broke unexpectedly, revealing too much. He must have heard the distress in my voice. "I won't mind," he said, "if you allow yourself to become excited by my body." His voice was filled with so much eager encouragement yet held such a sensual promise, I felt the slick wetness pool between my legs, and thought I'd die on the spot. He turned his head and looked at me. "How long has it been?" he asked. "Too long," I whispered. "Then please, go ahead and use me as you will." I allowed myself one single tear of self-pity to fall, then before I lost my nerve, I lifted the skirt of my dress and tugged off my red laced thong and climb onto the table, straddling him, placing my parted folds at the small of his back. The oil had pooled there, warmed by the heat of his nude body. His body between my thighs felt glorious. I dug my fingers into the hard flesh of his shoulders as I rocked my hips around the luxurious slope between his back and the curve of his perfectly masculine butt. My throat let out an uncontrollable cry as my clitoris slid up and down his oil-slicked skin. The feeling was so overly erotic, with the feel of his shoulders beneath my fingers and the muscled planes of his back. Though I set the rhythm, his commanding presence and restless energy with the heat emanating from his body completely captivated me. I was so wet and ultra-sensitive between my legs that I began to jerk and shutter involuntarily as I increased the tempo in smooth fluid movements. It was as if I was trying to tame a wild animal within myself. "That's really nice," he said. "You feel so hot, honey." He had to arch his hips and butt up, and knew his erection was growing larger. "That's it. Pleasure yourself. Yeah, that's good." "Oh, God, I never...this is...oh, yes!" I screamed. "Oh, yes, yes." "That's it baby, come for me. Come for me." He reached behind him and pinched my clit just as I began to shudder with the most intense orgasm of my life. Boneless, I threw my head back with one last shuttering breath and I was unprepared when he rose up and flipped himself onto his back. While still in the afterglow of an orgasm, he slid his cock between my swollen vaginal lips and arched up until he was inside me to the hilt, gliding, buried himself deep within of me. "You feel so good, baby. So tight and sweet," he said as he grasped my hips, plunging me down hard, sheathing his cock completely, thrusting inside me until he was in so deep I knew I could come again and again. "Faster, oh there just like that," I squealed as the second climax began.

I could tell he was close as he breathed and moaned in ragged gasps. His shaft buried deeper and deeper still until I felt something burst inside me. The slamming thrusts of his climax bucked upward, nearly unsaddling me, until finally he released a harsh groan of male satisfaction and fell back hard onto the table. Moments later, he sat up and looked directly into my pleasure glazed eyes with a devastating grin on his face. "What do I owe the lady for the best most relaxing massage I've ever experienced?" His voice was thick and unsteady, yet there was a trace of laughter in his tone. I smile brightly, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him long and deep, then said, "This one's on the house."

Going Down....?
by Bonnie Louise Williams A little love-play could do wonders to clear the mind, and I was pulling an all-nighter in my empty hotel room. Too bad I didn't have a man to share it with, but hey—a girl can dream... As guest speaker, I was woefully unprepared for a lecture the next day. I hadn't even prepared a speech. After a refreshing shower, ready to settle in, I realized some very strong coffee was in order. I looked at the clock. Midnight. I could call room service, but I really needed to stretch my legs before I sat at my laptop all night. The bar always had coffee, didn't it? I didn't want to wrinkle my suit, and a terrycloth robe seemed a little too earthy for a midnight stroll into the lobby. So, I threw on my tan trench coat and cinched the belt as I stepped into the closest pair of shoes—three inch red pumps. Well, no big deal—I was only going to the lobby. Who'd notice? I left my hotel room and walked the short distance to the elevator when it chimed. The brass doors slid open and the night security guard was inside. His badge read M. James, but his body said trouble—of the best kind. He nodded a greeting as I stood on the opposite side. His penetrating blue eyes made my pulse quicken, and I smiled to myself wondering if the M stood for mmm mmm good. The man was pure testosterone.

I'm average in height for a woman—though a little taller in my look-at-me red pumps—but I still had to tilt my head up to look at him. A bit self-conscious, I crossed my arms remembering I was wearing only three things—and two of them were on my feet. M. James had a thumb hooked in his front pocket, the other tapped lightly against his hip as the elevator descended. I couldn't help but notice how well his pants melded to his long legs and the way his navy jacket strained against the width of his shoulders. I felt the urge to lick my lips. He turned and smiled when he caught me staring. I shyly returned his smile—when the elevator car stopped. And that's when it happened... The floor lurched beneath my feet. I'd have fallen face-first right out of my spiked heels had it not been for his lightening-fast arm that wrapped firmly around my waist. The lights flickered twice. Then went out. "Oh, no," I sobbed, feeling trapped and vulnerable. Could he tell I had a life-long fear of the dark? "Easy now, I've gotcha," he said. He voice steady and silky-smooth. Despite the darkened space we shared, a sliver of light shown from the patio ten floors down, casting shadows and light through the glass wall of the car. Enough light for him to see that my jacket had come loose as he held me against his hard body, exposing one breast. A glimmer of heat flashed across his face when his eyes met mine, and my shacking hands felt clammy as I gripped his arm still holding me. My breath quickened when his hand slid up from my waist and grazed my naked breast. The exposed nipple became a hardened point, reaching out, responding to his touch. His eyes reached my lips and I knew he was going to kiss me. It had been months and months since I'd been with a man, and I welcomed the feel of his lips as they fell hard to mine with a hunger only quenched by heat and passion. A moan escaped from my own throat and I could swear I heard him chuckle, but I was too dazed by lust and heat to know for sure. Soon, my jacket fell from my shoulders and fluttered to the floor, leaving me blissfully naked. I'd never felt so wanton in my life. He offered me an approving smile, as he lifted me off the ground, gently settling my hips against the railing. Then he smothered my mouth with such demanding mastery I was unable to return the kiss for fear of loosing my breath. I was pinned against his hard chest and thought I might climax as his tongue made sweeping, swirling motions inside my mouth.

"Hold on tight, I'm goin' down," he whispered, as I gripped at his shirt for balance. I should have been frightened, but the pulse pounded in my ears and between my thighs like a bongo beat, and I felt nothing but aroused anticipation—slick and wet with excitement. M. James knelt between my bent knees, placing his warm mouth again my belly. His lips were surprisingly soft against the tender flesh as he nibbled his way down to my navel, to the hair at my bikini line, and then... Oh yes— I moaned softly as his tongue dipped between, and inside... I held my eyes shut as a breath caught in my throat. He replaced his tongue with one long finger, embedding it deeply, slowly into the liquid heat of my body. A second finger soon followed. Then everything was forgotten—my fear of the dark, the coffee, my speech—all I knew was this very moment and the feel of this delicious man's mouth and probing fingers caressing me. As my eyes fluttered open, I saw him look up at me, watching every response. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked with a sensual huskiness that sent a shockwave from my clit all the way down to my toes. And the way he looked at me— "Ahh..." All I could manage was a whimpering sigh. The man had a true talent for pushing a girl's button. His large hands grasped my knees, pushing my thighs wide. I threw my head back and felt the cleft of tender flesh part, exposing my clitoris, swollen and wet. His tongue whisked and licked against it—gently suckling and tugging, flicking and teasing while he fingers stroked and probed until I thought my head might shoot through the ceiling. I squirmed to get closer to his talented mouth, but my hips were trapped between the railing and his big body. Breathless, I arched toward his exploring fingers as he buried a third, slowly gliding upward, grazing at my G-spot, causing a deep shuddering gasps from my throat as he increased the tempo and his mouth continued a fine, subtle circling movement... "Oh, yes! Right there, right there..." My toes curled when I felt a climax building, causing one shoe to fall with a clunk to the floor. He hummed against me and my inner muscles contracted in response. My breath quickened and my heart thudded in my chest as he stroked again and again switching from licking to biting to suckling until I thought I'd die from the pleasure, gasping and panting with the rhythmic motion of his hand and tongue. With one hand braced against the glass, my other grabbed a handful of his hair, and held his head fast to my body as I came...The intensity of the orgasm was so overwhelming, I screamed, not caring if anyone heard. When the spasms subsided, I opened my eyes just as the power hummed back to life. The elevator immediately responded, and too soon, buzzed when we reached the lobby level. I felt

strangely awkward and uncoordinated as he helped me with my jacket. I quickly cinched the belt and frantically looked for my wayward shoe. "I believe this is your floor, miss," he said with an irresistible grin, handing me my shoe. I smile, kissed him long and deep before I finally back up, looked into his bright blue eyes and simply said, "Thank you." All he said as the brass doors closed behind me was, "my pleasure." ~

Twice the Fun
by Bonnie Louise Williams

Sometimes I think it would take two men to satisfy me. I'm not a sex maniac or a fan of kinky sex—I've just always had trouble... After three break-ups, I'd given up on men and sex. The trouble was, I really missed sex. The weight of a man's body on top of me, the smell of his skin, the warm breath against my neck—it was never enough. I'd nearly hit the high note—then he'd cum, and I'd fall right back down into an unsatisfied abyss. My last guy got so fed up, he gave up trying to satisfy me. Now, I've resolved to be content with my satisfying career and a new condo that I adore. As I watched the movers make their way down the raft and up the drive, my eyes were drawn to the one large, shirtless, sexy back, and the other—corded muscles as they carry my new sofa, as red and smooth as Marchino cherries with fringed pillows and large curves arms big enough to hold two people. Just right for making love in the middle of the day if only I had someone to share it with. "Good afternoon, gentleman." I offered them my most seductive tone. "Ma'am," one said in a deep sexy voice that made my knees weak and my nipples hard. He had dark sexy eyes that sparkled with mischief and his partner had the most sensual mouth I'd ever seen. "Please, just set it against the side wall by the French window in the living room."

"You got it," one winked. Mmm, yes. Very sexy eyes—dark chocolate- brown eyes. Warm and melty. I felt belly flutter and panties become wet with desire. Both men wore faded, threadbare jeans. The kind that formed tightly around squeezabely perfect male buns. My mouth began to water as I imagined sucking on one ripe cheek. The other grunted as he set my sofa in place. The sound reminded me of a satisfied moan of a male orgasm— Damn, I was horny. It was a sad state of affairs if just the sound of a stranger's groan got me hot. The taller of the two put his hands on his slim hips while assessing the placement, while his pal wiped the perspiration from his chiseled face, lifting his T-shirt from his chest to his face revealing a stomach so tantalizing —I wanted to take a bite...I wanted him. He caught me staring. Those lips curled up in a smile that could seduce even the most chaise woman. I had to act fast. "You guys must be brothers," I said. "Cousins, actually," the tall one said as his eyes lazily raked down my body. It felt as though his hands were all over me instead of his gaze. "Have a seat," I offered. "I'll get you hard-working boys something cold to drink." I leaned in as they sat down, offering them both a generous glimpse of unrestrained breasts from the top of my halter top. Sexy Eyes crook a brow at me and I reached out and drew my finger from his chin to the rivet of his jeans. I left the room for the drinks. "It's so hot in here," I said as I made my way back to the sofa. I rolled a cold drink against my neck. "And I don't have a fan. Could one of you blow on the back of my neck?" I sat between the two tempting cousins, touched the ridged muscles of their large bodies. The cousin with the sensual mouth tugged at the tendrils of hair that fell across my shoulders, and wrapped it around his large hand as he blew his warm breath across my nape. I sighed as if I'd been given a drink of refreshing water in the Sahara. Sexy Eyes wrapped his large hands around my waist, massaging my back in little circles with his thumbs, and I let my head fall back in bliss. "Feel better?" one asked—his voice a husky whisper that sent tingling sensations down my body and between my legs. "Oh, yes..."

I felt the tie of my halter top slide down my shoulders and arms, exposing my breasts to the warm air of the room. I'd never in my life felt so wicked. It was startling and delicious all wrapped into one. Sexy Eyes continued sinuous circles at my back, his tempting cousin with the luscious lips bent his head and grasped one erect, hyper-sensitive nipple between his teeth and nibbled lightly. His lips were even hotter than the summer heat outside. I closed my eyes as I purred in response to the manly attention I so craved. I soon felt my shoulders being pulled down as my head fell back against a hard muscular lap. Two heated palms massaged and circled my breasts, their tips. I began writhing my hips, feeling confined by too many layers. He must have felt my frustration. I felt more than heard the whoosh of the zipper of my shorts roll down. With my panties still on and my top now at my waist, I felt an unfamiliar hesitation mixed with the heady feeling of sexual anticipation. "Please..." I whispered, arching my back, waiting for the final barrier of my panties to be removed. "Please," I pleaded again. "Lift your hips, honey," Sexy Eyes said. His voice rippled up my legs and made my clit pulse. I did as he asked as his cousin rubbed my belly then pinched my nipples. I lifted my head, silently asking for him to kiss me. I needed those full kissable lips on me. Finally, those beautiful were placed to mine. Soft, sweet kisses that became harder and deeper while he continued to pinch the peaks of my breasts into an almost pleasure/pain. Sexy Eyes inched off the couch as he slid the slip of fabric from my hips and moved his big body between my knees, pushing them apart. He slid his roughened fingers up the inside of my thighs until he reached the short curls hiding my sex. My breathing rapidly became a pant as his thumbs lightly parted and closed and parted again the outer lips hiding the moist folds, teasing, taunting me into insanity. Soon, when I thought I might climax just from the erotic sensations pulsing from my breasts, magic fingers parted my vaginal lips wide. "So pretty," he said just as his hot, pointed tongue encircled my already engorged clit. I nearly skyrocketed through the ceiling. I screamed from the intensity, from the heat and the dizzying pleasure. "Oh, god. Yes...there...more..." I panted. "I need more." "I don't know. Do you deserve more, sweetheart?" He smirked at his partner. "Should we give her more, cousin?" "Oh, yeah," he said and I groaned in disappointment when his tongue left my clit while hands left my breasts. They stood and left me there naked and alone on my new sofa. Both kept their

gazes locked to mine as they removed sweat-soaked t-shirts. Impressive male chests matched with impressive bulges pressing against there snug jeans. My mouth went dry at the delicious sight of pure male flesh. Of their own volition, my hands reached out and grabbed at both ridged bulges, perfect outlines of perfect cocks beneath their jeans. I couldn't decide what I wanted more—to suck on them like fudge-sicles or have them deep inside me. Good thing there were two cocks instead of one. One threw is head and back and sucked in his breath as his hips pushed against my palm. The other offered me a one-sided smile as the tip of his erection peeked out from the top of his waistband. "If you like what you see, darlin', there's more," he said. I smiled and bit my lip, deciding. I crooked my finger for him to come hither. As he stepped forward, I flicked my tongue across the pink tip. Allowing the flicks to follow the zipper as I pulled it down as his erection sprang forward. Before I knew what was happening, the other had his jeans off and positioned himself between my legs. I let go of his partner's member just to relish the feel of a man against me. I tried to coax him to enter me, but he pulled back. Teasing me. Then rubbed the tip against my clit back and forth until I was dripped wet with desire. I repositioned my head to maintain my attention to the delectable cock at my lips. Soon I felt the heat and the pressure as his cock filling me. For the briefest moment I thought I could actually climax. He pumped into me slowly at first, allowing my body to accept his length, then soon became fast and wild. Hot and forbidden until I couldn't concentrate on both men. I couldn't think at all as he pressed his thumb to my clitoris massaging it as his cock his the pleasure spots inside me. I cried out as I felt my resolve falling over the edge. My hips bucked against his as the spasms of my unexpected orgasm contracted. Over and over it went on for what seemed like forever, but wasn't long enough. I wanted to cry for the sheer joy of the sensation, the release, the pleasure of falling on the other side of satisfaction so long denied me. As my heart settled and my breathing returned to normal, one held my head and lightly brushed the hair from my forehead, while the other pulled himself from my body and wrapped his arms around my waist as he placed his head on my chest. I felt sated and cherished. "Was there anything more you'd like today, sweetheart?" one asked. "Mmm, no, not today," I said blissfully. "But I plan on purchasing a dining table next week." ~

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