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Internet Safety Rules - Protecting Your Child Online

Internet Safety Rules - Protecting Your Child Online

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Published by Jon
Providing some valuable Internet safety rules for protecting our most valuable and treasured assets, our children.
Providing some valuable Internet safety rules for protecting our most valuable and treasured assets, our children.

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Published by: Jon on Jul 04, 2010
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Internet Safety Rules
Protecting Children Online
As a parent I am sure you are aware of the rapid pace in which technology is increasing on a daily basis . The days of communicating by home based phone lines are being replaced with powerful personal computers, notebooks and iPads set up with fast broadband internet connections. Sleek and compact cellphones enabled with the ability to send text messages, take and send photos and videos and newer electronic devices for communication are being developed as I type. This can make the task of protecting your child online even more difficult to monitor and I will share with you some Internet safety rules and tips to hopefully make your efforts a little easier. Internet Safety Tips for Kids It is important to teach your child that everything they do online leaves a trail and is documented. Information can be copied, shared, reproduced and possibly collected by those that wish to inflict harm on your child. Emails, chat rooms, forums and social networking sites are some of the ways to distribute information and close attention must be paid to the information being offered. Your child should be warned about using their real name online, giving out personal information in the form of home address, favorite locations to hang out, photos or videos with their image. Once this information makes its way online you have little control over where it will end up and who will see it. Teaching your child not to talk to strangers in the real world also applies online. Predators can pose as friends or set up accounts online with fake photos and information in attempts to trick your child into giving out personal information. By communicating this to your child you can raise their awareness to these potential threats. By using Internet safety software to filter and monitor your child’s online activities you can have added protection for times you may be at work or away from your child while they are online.

By following these basic Internet safety rules and tips, maintaining good and keeping open communication channels with your child, you and your child’s online experience should be a safer and more pleasant experience. More helpful information can be found at http://www.internetsafetyrules.org/

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