Promotion Strategy

Promotion Strategy

Via Email & Portal Head line

Poster & Flyers




Via E-mail & Portal Head line Start operates in first week of January 2007. GBSB need to cooperate with UUM Computer Center and UUM Public Relation Department (PRO). Prepairation: 1.1 Soft copy for the advertisement 1.2 Soft copy for the UGC’07 information


Poster & Flyers Start operates in last week of December 2006. GBSB need to design the poster, need to high light the product and the grand prize for the lucky draw. Poster need to get the approval from HEP before stick. Poster need to stick at all faculty, college, and university department as soon as possible. Banners Banners need to order on first week of January 2007.GBSB need to print three banners for the promotion. Banners will be printed in color and need to insert some decoration and picture to make more attractive Agents Master agents need to select last week of December 2006. How ever agents need to list before second week on January 2007. Master agent has almost 7 to 10 day to fine the agent in all college. Second Plan, Helmie, Anirah, and Sagi will combine all the list of networking from all college in UUM. This list need complete before second week of January 2007. The list of agent also a able to use if Master agent fail to get the agent in certain college.



Discuss to fine who is the Master Agent

Select Master Agent Mr Otman (Formed YDP MPP UUM)

Helmie, Anirah, and Sagi will discuss to fine the list of agent List master and all agent from any college for the plan B

Find the agent and run the business

If fail to fine agents need the backup list from plan B

Master gets the backup list of agent from the plan B and run the business

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