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No. 24

-.t^^pBi* TjgrJ H A^T -




How to Send Money
There are several methods of
Our catalogues, Bymoney. 1st By Post Office Order. 2nd
Express Money Order. 3rd By Regist
order sheets and re
ered Letter. 4th BankBy Draft. 5th By
turn envelopes are Postal Note. 6th
who ask it. denominations
free to all Postage Stamps (as large If the goods you order
as possible). weigh less than 2 Ibs
Use our order sheet Do not be afraid of sending too mnch they should be s=nt by pust to you. To sei.d
always when filling money with your order. If there is your goods by mail we must prepay the post
out an order, answer any over age, and it is thettfore
it will be
promptly returned to you. necessary for you to
ing each question on the list clearly. We re enclose enough money with
your order to
ceive Boores of letters, with money and ordeis, cover the required amount of The
from persons who forget to give their names postage on all articles is lo for each ounce. If
and addresses. This always causes much de a parcel weighs 2 Ibs. it would cost you 32c for
lay and unpleasantness, which we would postage and 5c for insurance or registration.
gladly avoid. Study this catalogue from We the amount required for
postage on
cover to cover, skipping not a single item. In our own opinion, of many articles in the catalogue, but should
The catalogue speaks clearly, pictures accur course, our word is as have any doubt what the postage would be on
ately, and is thoroughly reliable and trust feood as a Bank Note, but your gojds, then send plenty of money and
worthy. The quality of goods we sell is ranch such a statement will scarcely satisfv a stran we will return the balance to you. If you
above the average. We avoid cheap articles, ger. We refer you therefore to the tens of do not send enough money we may have to
and we nrge you, as you will see, to buy the thousands of persons who may be found in all omit some article or write for more money.
best andhighest pricd articles you can afford. parts of Canada who have been, and who are,
When your order is cwnolete, enclose the customers of ours. If vou have an oppor
fuuda-and mail it to ua. It will receive our tunity to call personally upon us, pleaee
immediate attention. report dir, ct to the manager of our Letter
Order Department, who will always be glad to
welcome you. and who will be pleased to show
you our ability to fill orders for all goods in
this catalogue promptly. One
thing you can
always depend upon, we will never sacrifice
If yonr order weigha
quality to price. Our object is to conduct a
over 2 Ibs. and under
satisfactory business in a satisfactory manner, 30
and we are doi.ig it. The descriptions of the Ibs., then Express is the best way to send it.
is prompt and safe. The charges
goods we sell, as given in this book, will be Express
found reliable and accurate, and any vary according to the distance the goods are
goods we
Our terms are positively cash
may have the pleasure of selling you wil open carried. 1
On your order you should always
with the order. We will NOT to your expectations. say what is your nearest express office. Ii
up there is no agent at that office the chargt s
send goods C.O.D. The cash
must accompany yonr order if
you wish to deal with us. On the other hand,
INSURANCE would have to be sent to us to prepay.
there is an express agent then the transporta

If you T7ill send us the Bum of five centa

our prices are lower than those of any other tion charges may be paid to the agent when
reliable Mail Order House in Canada. (5c), our Insurance Department will insure
the s&fe arrival of your goods (the
you get the goods.
Our Spring catalogue prices taka effect on goods from
the Crockery Department alone
February 1st, and our Fall catalogue prices We recommend jexcepted),
on September let of each year. every one to take advantage
of this insurance, and enclose 5o with each HIPMENT5
order for this purpose. This applies to every
order, whether it is to go by Freight, or Ex"-
Most of our orders being
press, or Mail. In the case of club orders, it
large ones, are sent by freight.
To our cus applies to each man s order. We are not re It is slower than express, but
tomers living at sponsible in any way whatever for articles if the order weighs 100 Ibs. or
a distance we re lost or broken in transit unless you take ad more, then it ia
by far the cheapest method of
commend the vantage of our Insurance Department and transportation. On the back cover page we
enclose with each ordtr 5c to insure.
sending of Club give the freight rates per 100 Ibs. from Hamil
Orders. Two or more persona ordering to ton to many different stations in Canada.
gether can make up a shipment of 100 pounds From these rates you can form torn*
or more, which will greatly reduce the trans
good idea of what the charges on a ship
portation charges. When ordering in this ment to you would cost. All shipments
way ( uee onr order forms, and kindly put the from us secure the very lowest rates.
order for each person on a Our territory for
The lowest charge the railway companies will
separate sheet,
with name and address on each. doing business ia the make on
Always say C r eat Dominion of Canada, from ocean to ocean, any freight shipment is the first-class
to which person the gooda are to be rate on 100 Ibs., and even then in no instance
shipped. and, from all
We parcel and t*g each separately, enclose in places in Canada, orders less than 45c. You should always, therefore,
ona or more cases, and ship to uue address. arrive for our goods.
when you are making a freight shipment, gee
Our Letter Order Department grows and
lhat your order amounts to 100 Ibs. or 12S
grows and grows, until our warehouse has be Ibs. or
come a great national distributing store. If over, then yon will secure the best
there is in the rates. If you cannot make
you have n ver tent us an order we ask you to this wi
ight with your own order, then ask
try our system of Shopping by Letter. some friends to join you. All tools, hardware,
Hamilton is only the centre of
great harness and all other

net work of electric railways, but she is the poods which can be
in boxes secure the 2nd-clss rates,
centre of the great manufacturing district of packed
also iron beds, iron pipes and iron barrow
Wa offer the following induce east, west, There are towns and cities to the
north and south of us, all within a
wheels are Snd-class. Such articles as organs,
ments to bring out large orders circle of barrel churns, sewing machines, nnpainted
fifty milps diameter, which together carts and
Orders of Form a district which produces nine-tenths of buggies go as first-class freight.
5 to $50 we allow 2% discount. all the articles made in Canada. The most important thing to remember in
5O to $IOO "

4 , We mention thia to show that Hamil makingKO up a freight order is to see that it
$IO and upwards 6% ton, beii g right at the source of supply of
weighs Ibs. or 125 Ibs. or over. If
you wish
Do not take off the discount in sending such a number
further information upon any article, write to
great of different articles ia a
your order, leave it for us to return to grand centre from
you with the invoice. Business.
which to do a Letter Order STANLEY MIMA &CO.,
Hamilton, Ontario,
To Messrs. STANLEY MILLS & CO,, Hamilton, Ont.
Please fill the following order as promptly as possible, and oblige.

(Write yonr name and address very plain.)

Honey enclosed.

91m. Cash, $ .

Postal Notes, 1
- -
Stamps, j
Post Office,.
Post Office Order, $..

Bank Draft, $

Freight Station ,__ Express

Money Order

Express Offlce,__ Total


Upon what Railroad is yonr nearest station ? How far is

This order Is made ap from
Catalogue No.
it from your home ? Miles. Has the Bailway Co. an Agent there ?



sell is complete with weights and has hardened steel bearings, and is stamped and
Every scale we
inspected in the usual way. The cost of the stamping is included in the price we quote. The
our customers. We only catalogue here the most saleable scales, but on applica
larirer scales will be shipped direct from the factory to
tion we will quote you for Grocer s Tea, Butcher s, Druggist s, Letter,
Confectioner s, Dairy, Warehouse, Fish, Flour, Hopper, Hay or
Cattle Scales, and for Standard C4rain Testing Machines.

Weigh Beams Stamped and inspect

ed, and complete with weights.
Capacity. Capacity.
J 100 Ibs. .$3.50
Ib. to | lb. to 400 Ibs. .$5.00
i lb. to 150 Ibs. 3.75 . 1 lb. to 500 Ibs. 5.50 .

i lb. to 200 Ibs. 4.00 . i lb. to 600 Ibs. . 6.00

i lb. to 800 Ibs. 4.50 .
Wood Platform Scales, with wheels
Iron Platform Scales with wheels. Cap y 500 Ibs., $13.00 Cap y 1500 Ibs. $22.00
Cap y 500 Ibs., $11.00 Cap y 1000 Ibs, $14.00 "

600 "

14.00 "
2000 "

700 "

12.50 1200 15.50 "


700 "

15.00 "

2500 "


1000 "

16.00 I

3000 "


1200 "


Iron Weights Solid

i, 1, 2, 4 oz. each, 15 Brass Weights
41b. andllb.,ea., 25 1 oz, I oz, 1 oz, ea. 20c Side Beam Even
Balance Scales
2 lb., weight, ea. 35 C 2 oz, weight each, 25c
30c Capacity, i oz. to 4 Ibs, tin scoop $2.75
31b., weight, ea. 40c 4 oz, weight each,
Joz. to 10
3.75 " "

4 lb., weight, ea. 45c ^ lb., weight ea., 45o

51b., weight, ea. 50o 1 lb., weight ea 65c Shipping weight 4 lb. scale, 18 Ibs., 10 lb.

2 lb., weightea. $1.25 scale. 28

Our prices for iron and
brass weights include 3 lb., weight ea. 1.75
the stamping. 4 lb., weight ea. 2.50

Miller s Scales For weighing gold Wood Platform Scales, with

dust, also used for letters. Weights and pans wheels and drop lever
brass, will weigh smallest quantity of dust. Cap y 1200 Ibs., $20.00 Cap y 2000 Ibs., $28.00
Each scale packed in a neat tight tin case 1500
24.00 "

2500 34.50 " "

for pocket; size of case, 8 x 3| x 1-J inches; Capacity 3000 Ibs.. $40.00.
price $1.25, postage 25c.

24O Lb. Union Scale, $5

Farm House Handy Scale, with scoop and
platform (about 10 x 13 inches). Capacity,
I oz. to 240 Ibs shipping weight, 50 Ibs. ;

boxed ; price, only $5, all complete.

Biittermaker s Special Scale
Even balance, with 1 lb. weight $2.50
" "

1 lb. and 2 lb. wts. 2.75


Platform Stock Scale

Capacity 3000 Ibs., on wheels, with drop
lever, extended platform and rails. Room
for one horse on the platform. Shipping
weight, about 700 Ibs.; price, all complete,
except the platform ruus, $1(1.50.
All scales are shipped a^ first class freight,
and tin- following are estimated shipping
weights of plat cirm scales I :

Wood Platform Scales, without 500 Hi. wale, 100 Ibs 1500 lb. scale, 220 Ibs
wheels (il)0 II,. scale. 110 Ibs 2000 lb. scale. 300 Ibs
Cap y 500 Ibs., $12.00 Cap y 1500 Ibs. $21.00 TOO II,. 120 Ibs 2500 lb. scale, -UK) Ibs
Iron Platform Scales, without 600 " "

13.00 "
2000 "

25.00 1000 130 Ibs 3000 lb. scale, 500 Iba

lb. scale,
wheels "


14 00 "

2500 "

31.00 1200 11). scale. ItiO llm

1000 " "

3000 "

3U.OO All platform scales have adjusting ball

y 500 Ibs, $10.00

Capa Cap y 1000 Ibs, $13.00


700 11.50
" "

1200 14.50 "

1200 "

I l.oo attachment.


No. 1 Saddle Mexican

Saddle, made on a 13 inch Mor
gan rawhide saddletree, half
No. 5 Saddle Men s Cap.
covered leather seat, 1 inch stir-
tain Jack Saddle, made on a
rnp straps, with leather fenders Somerset tree, 16 inch cut back
attached, cotton web girth to tree with patent safety bars,
bnckle on both sides, plain 3 Saddle Mexican No. 4 Saddle Boy s Cap
wood stirrups. Price, only $2.50. made on a 13 inch Mor tain Jinks Saddle, made on a quilted leather seat, large leather
Saddle, full-sizedman s saddle,
Ne. 2 Saddles-Mexican gan rawhide saddletree, covered Somerset tree, quilted leather
leather stirrup straps with iron
made on a 13 inch Mor leather seatwith underskirt, seat with leather flaps and good
Saddle, stirrups, cotton web girth of
gan rawhide saddletree, covered girth works on a ring at each pad, iron Stirrups, cotton web
good length, a large, deep pad
leather seat, 1 inch stirrup side, 1 inch stirrup straps with girth, 1 inch stirrup leathers, a ded saddle. For Ontario farm
straps, with fancy leather fen fancy leather fenders attached, good, low priced saddle for boys ers there is no better saddle
ders attached, girth straps work plain wood stirrups, price $3.75. knock-about use. Price $4.50.
than this "

Capt Jack." It is
on ring at each side of saddle, a low priced, serviceable article.
plain wood stirrnps. Price $3.
Price, only $6.50. Weight 8 Ibs.

No. 7 Saddle "Cow

boys Favorite." Men s Mexi

can Saddle, full covered leather
No. 6 Saddle Men s Mex seat, made on a 14 inch rawhide
ican Saddle, j leather covered covered Morgan saddletree,
seat, made on a 14 inch rawhide fancy stamped leather fenders
covered Morgan saddletree, of large size, extra large size
fancy leather fenders of good solid leather skirts underlined
size, larg^ size solid fancy w-ith wool, double-rigged with
leather skirts, underlined with two good cotton weh cinches,
good material, double rigged
with two cotton web girths, THE PRIDE OF THE NOR WEST. plain wood stirrups with 1J inch
stirrup straps. A handsome,
plain wood stirrups. This sad No. 15 Our New
Pride of the Nor west Saddlo is one of the

well made saddle, at a very

dle requires no blanket. Price, strongest, best and most desirable stock saddles made in this coun- reasonable price. Price, as il
as described and illustrated Iry. The stock is the best Oregon oiled skirting, and this is wi!h-
lustrated, only $12.50 if want
out question the best saddle leather tanned. The sewing, Stamp

above, only $7.50. If wanted ed with fancy leather covered

with leather covered stirrups, ing and carving are all done by hand by men who are artists as stirrups, add $1.00. Wt. 14 Ibs.
add $1 extra. Weight 10 Ibs. well as the most expert saddle makers. \Ve guarantee these sad
dles to be made on tin: best and strongest trees, to lie made of the THEY SAY WE CAN T
very best saddle leather, by skilled workmen. Tree, 16 in., steel fork," genuine Montana, rawhide
The regular harness makers
covered skirts, 30 in. long, wool liced, extending well back of cant le, all hand stamped loop in
; ; say we can t sell a first-class open
front; tine hand sewed roll cantle; stirrup straps, 3 in. wide to fasten with whangs, 10 inch fenders top working farm horse collar for
attached border, hand stamped stirrups, 2 in., heavy wood, 3 in. roller bars; double cinch rigged
; ; ;
$1.50. We say we can. Those
covered rings, 2 in. latigoes ; two best connected hard hair cinches, with wool lined leather chafes, who have bought them from us
connecting strap and martingale brace from ring to ring. Weight, about 26 Ibs. Price, $25 as above. say \ve are doing it. If you
Price $20 with haTidsome leather covered stirrups. want some collars, test us.


Ranch Sad
No. 13 dle, made on a 16 in.
made on a 16 inch Califor raw hide covered

Montana" steel
nia "Steel Fork" Tree, choice
led leather skirting, horn
fork tree, skirting Wo. 12 Saddle "The

of best selected Cow Girls Favorite, a compan

full covered solid leather seat,

sice] strainer; skirt 25 inches stock, 2S inches ion to the Cowboys Favorite
long; fleece lined, (our No. 7 Saddle), made on a
long, semi-lined with pure wool side tree, best leather
fleece on the pelt ! i Qcn select
8 inch best stock Morgan
skirting, padded bars, leather

ed stirrup straps, best California fenders California ;

wood stirrups, 8 inch fenders nf wood stirrups, 2 inch stirrup straps, full covered horn and seat, slipper stirrup, leaping horn,
double cotton with beaded roll cantle, double hair cinch rigged. Price as des fancy stamped skirts, two best
good stock, A thorough cotton web cinches. Price $14;
cinch rigged. All hand made. cribed, $20; price, with leather covered stirrups, $21.
ly good general purpose ranch saddle
and well made throughout. price, with good hair cinches,
Weight about 21 Ibs. Price $17. 17 Ibs.
Weight, about 23 Ibs. _^_____ $15. Weight
Child s Side Saddle-
Suitable for a girl from 6 to 12
years of age. Nicely made on
small tree, single cotton girth,
plush covered seat, good skirt
ing, iron stirrup ; weight, about
8 Ibs. Price $5.50.

No. 1 Saddle Blanket, very

large, stuffed and cross quilted
and shaped, urice only 75c.
Riding Bridles, with X C plated
Port bits, best russet leather
No. 1 1J in. head, J reins, bit
rivetted in, $1.10.
No. 2 If in. head, 1 reins, bit
rivetted in, $1.25.
No. 3 1J in. head, | reins, bit No. 11 Saddle Ladier
buckled allleather side saddle, made on
in, $1.35.
No. 4 1 reins bit an 18 inch Somerset side tree,
If in. head,
buckled in, $1.50. with leaping horn or head,
No. 2 Saddle Blanket, light Riding Martingales, best russet quilted leather seat, large fancy
felt, $1.25. leather, with neck strap, 85c. stamped skirt, two cotton web
No. 3- Saddle Blanket, medium Pony Bridles, russet, each $1.00 girths, good full padded saddle,
felt, $1.50.
leather slipper stirrup a splen ;

NO. 1O Saddle Ladies No. 4 Saddle Blanket, heavy did good side saddle. $11.60.
Hi His.
all leather sidesaddle with quilt felt, $1.75. Weigh!
ed scut. 2 cotton web girths, Hobbles, best
large fancy stamped skirt, good leather, swi
full pad with leather slipper vel chain,
M irrup ;
price $9.50. pair 65c.
Swivel Hob
Web Cinches with riugs, 25, 35c
Rider s Cuffs Hair inch, each 40c. I
ble Chains,
6 inches. n ed Men s Iron Stirrups, pair 25c. Hair 5 inch, each 45c.

japan ,

Men s Wood Stirrups, pair 20c. Hair each 50e,


(i inch,
Per each lOc.
Men s heavy Wood Stirrups, 40c. Connected Cinches, two U inch
Plain, leather, 75c
Leather Covers for pr. $1 heavy belting. Avith wool lined


.90 chafes, tongues and conn,
Plain, lined,
strap, per pair. $2.25.
Fancy, Connected Cinches, two ti inch
Haw Hide Kiding Whips, 25c. Picket pins, malleable, 15 inch, ( alit ia hair cinches. 20 strand.
Itidci s Waterproof Capes, each l"n .

2 liar, with leather ehafcs.

large. $1.50. ianc swivel
Picket pin or lariet
link gues, connecting strap. |i
Rider s Waterproof Pants, Tethering Chai steel
$1.25. small, medium
or large. with s\\ i !
Com n Web Saddle Qu
Women s Slipper Stirrup, a

Hider 20 ft. chain 60c -10 ft.

ll. ;ivybcst
s Waterproof Jackets, ;

30 l- - O Women s mil Stirrup, each

I 20c. Kider s Spurs, pair. C
STYLE A, f 7 Style B, $8.50
Bridle, over Bridle, over
check. Strap Sac!-
die, X C white pla
, check. Strap Sad
ted. Breast Col dle, X C plated.
Breast Collar,
lar, single ply, with folded and stitched.
H inch single ply
Traces, 1| in. stit
traces sewed on to ched and buckled to
collar. Li i lies, f
in. black. Breecll
collar. Breech
ing, folded stitched.
ing, single ply. A Lines, fin., black.
light harness. Style A. $7 per set. Style R, $8.50 per set.j A good cheap harness

STYLE C SINGLE HAR Breast Collar, broad, single

NESS, $10. ply and shaped to fit breast and of
selected stock. Traces, 1 h, i<

This set makes a good buggy best single ply stock, buckled to
harness at a very popular price. It collar, with box loops. Back-
is a nickle mounted set of hand baud, half-pad pattern, with
some appearance and -will give fancy nickle mounted line rings
good wear. and check hook. Very good
Bridle, check or side
over bellybands. Breeching,
check desired, round winker
as single ply, best stock, $ inch straps.
stays, box loops, patent leather Altogether a good buggy harness,
blinds, etc. Lilies, | inch black, having our special recommendation
with 1 inch russet hand parts. for a harness at $10 per set.


Bridle, very handsome, either side or ovei check as ordered,
ronnd blind stays, round side chock, box loops, patent leather
Winders. Lines, 1 inch Mack, with 1 inch russet hand parts. A good, stout buggy harness. Bridle, our best, with side or
Breast Collar, best selected stock, shaped to breast, box overcheck as ordered. Straight Collar and Breeching,
loops, nicklo trace buckles. Traces,
li inch, best stock, single both folded and stitched and of best stock. Traces, 1J
ply. Griffith Bellybaiid. Single ply Breeching. Back- double and stitched and buckled to collar. Backhand, half-
band, best patent leather full pad pattern, padded with best pad pattern with best nickle mountings. Lines, 1 inch, black,
genuine leather, anil with very handsome fancy nickle lino rings and 1 in. russet handparts. A strong Breast Collar harness.
and cheek hook. A splendid, handsome harness. Only $12.50. Price $13.50.


Onr most popular set. Bridle, onr very best, side or
as ordered. Lines, 1 inch black, with russet handparts, best
selected stock. Breast Collar, choice stock, folded, layered, This is precisely the same design as our Style F Single Harness,
stiu-lu il and shaped to breast with best trace buckles and box loops except that the mountings are of warranted very best Genuine
on all parts. This makes the, best breast collar on earth. Traces Hard Rubber. Price per set, $20.00.
Hindi, double and stitched and of best selected stock. BreCCh- Onr Styles F and G Single Harnesses are positively the best
iiig, like collar, folded, layered and stitched, with box loops. values in single Harness being offered in Canada to-day. They are
Backhand, our very best, full padded with genuine leatherand
Jewels, both of them.
handsomely mounted. Phis harness is an excellent one to order.
Nickle mounted or Davis imitation black rubber mounted, same When ordering harness of any kind, if possible, give ua an idea
price, viz., only $15.00 per set. of the weight of the horse they will be used on.


Plain ovor check Bridle. mounted Back- This harness isdesigned for light waggon delivery harness and
band. Plain leather open top buggy Collar, with black iron is also splendidly suited for hay rake use on the farm. It is a
names with hame tugs. "Traces, 1-ir inch, double and stitched strong, plain set and is a heavy harness. Bridle is plain and
to buckle to hame tugs. Plain folded Breeching. .Lines, strong, round side check only, X
C straight or jointed bit, strong
| inch. Price per set $13.75. browband. Medium weight open-top working Collar. Low
STYLE I SINGLE HARNESS, $15.5O top wood hames. Traces, 1 inch, doubled and stitched, with
cockeyes. inch, black. Very broad half pad
Lines. 1 C X
Over check or side check nickle mounted Bridle with box mounted stout, heavy shaft tugs and Belly-
leops, round stays, patent leather blinds, etc. Fancy nickle hands. Breeching, folded and stitched, double hip strap ;
mounted half-pad Backhand. Open top patent leather buggy
price $16.75.
Collar. Black iron hames, nickle trimmed, with box loops.
Traces, 1| inch, stitched, to buckle on to hame tugs. Folded
Breeching and 1 inch Lines. Price per set $15. 50.
Best Bridle, over check or side check, with nickle side chains.
Backhand, best nickle, fancy mounted, patent leather, with
Boston loop and genuine leather full padded. Best open top
patent leather buggy Collar, with nickle mounted ii on
with box loops. Traces, li inch, doubled and etitohed.
Breeching, folded, waved and stitched. Lines, 1 inch,
black and russet. Price $18.50. A
thoroughly first-class collar
and hames buggy harness.
Style K is exactly same pattern as Style J, except that the
mountings are entirely of brass.
This again is same in pattern as style J, except that the mount Brass mounted throughout. Bridle, heavy, patent leather
ings throughout are of genuine hard black rubber. Price, 8et $25. express blinds, with nose band, side check only. Full padded 4 j
inch sliding backhand, brass mounted, full collar cloth lined
Open top collar. Low wood hames with brass mountings.
Shaft tugs, 1J inch. Traces, H
inch, stitched. Folded
breeching, with double hip strap. Breeching straps, inch. H
Folded hcll.ybaiids. Lines. 1| inch, black. A strong brass
mounted express harness ; price per set $25.


Brass or nickle mounted, as ordered. Extra heavy Bridle,
round blinders, chain bit, nose band, side check only. Collar,
heavy patent leather. Heavy Gladstone hanies of nickle or brass
finish. Martingale strap. Heavy Belly hand*. Traces, 1J CART HARNESS, $1.OO
inch, heavy and stitched. Handsome box loop hame tugs with Bridle, H inch head, no check inch, black.
rein. Lines, -J
heavy buckles. Regular heavy Gladstone sliding Backhand, Collar, regular open top farm liook hames.
collar. Heavy
4^ inch, swell or straight, pedestal hook and heavy line rings. Leather top backhand, lined with collar check cloth. Breech
Heavy shaft tugs. Breeching, heavy folded pattern with ing is 3i inches wide with 1 J inch stitched layer and with li inch
double hip strap. Lilies. 1 inch, with russet leather hand-
hip straps. With back chain, complete, $16.00.
parts. Price per set, complete, only $25. This harness is well
suited for Gladstone, Surrey or Coupe harness. It is stylish,
strong and high class. DON T YOU FORGET IT
Special Notice The splendid heavy farm work-horse open top
Whenever you order single harness with collar and hameg, or
any style of team harness, or collars alone, firct thing you do collars that wo sell for $1.50 are sold in many
write downthe size of collar wanted. Horse Collars are measured,
in inches, right through the centre of the collar, from top to bot pLu i s at twice our i

tom, on the inside.


Style No. 1, $1O.5O Two 1 inch black rivetted halter
PL.OW HARNESS. heads .with 4 bit snaps and 2 X C plated team bits attached. One
set of parted best Russian hemp rope lines. Two pairs, high or
Style No. 1, ^19.OO Two 1J inch black rivetted halter low top, iron bound hames with 1 inch x 3 ply best leather hame
heads, with bit snaps and straight or jointed X C plated team bits. tugs attached. Hame tugs have billets attached and stout hooks
One set of parted best R. H. rope lines Two pairs medium at the ends. Two belly bauds and four | inch hame
hook hames with four J in. hame straps. Two pairs 7i foot med Two pairs 5^ foot medium steel trace chains. One pair best web
ium steel trace chains. Four 2 foot leather trace tubes or pipes. backhands with line rings. Price per set, as above described,
One pair best web backhand*with line rings. Four billet $10.56 ;
if collars are wanted, add $3 ; if chain breast straps are
straps and two bellybands. Price per set, as above $9.00 if :
wanted, add 35c.; if 1 1 inch best leather
martingales are wanted,
collars are wanted, give sizes and add $3. add $1.
PLOW HARNESS. Style No. 2, 14.5O Two 1J inch best heavy stitched
halter heads with 4 bit snaps and 2 X
C plated team bits attached.
Style No. 3, $13.OO Two 1J inch heavy stitched black One set of | x 20 foot team lines. Two pairs, high or low top,
halter heads, with 4 bit snaps and X C bits. One set J inch x 20 iron bound hames with 1| inch x 3 ply leather hame
tugs with
feet best team lines. Two pairs heavy hook hames with 4 one hooks at rear ends. Billet straps and bellybands and 1 inch
inch hame straps. Two pairs 7$ foot heaviest steel trace chains. hame straps. Two pairs best heavy steel 5$ foot trace chains. One
Four 3 foot leather trace tubes or pipes. One pair leather back- pair best leather back bands with line rings, hook, etc., and
bands, with line rings, hook and felt padded. Four billet felt lined. Price per set, as above, $14.50 ; if collars are
straps and 2 belly band*. Price per set, as above, $13.00; if add $3.00 if H
inch martingales and breast straps are
collars are wanted, add $3.
wanted, add
$2.00 ; if cruppers and backstraps are wanted, add $1.20.
NOTE. The above pictures are not quite accurate about the bridles, but the illustrations serve to show you the general style of
the harnesses. They are handy furm harnesses, every one of them.


Style No. 1, f!9.9O One Style No. 2, $23.5O One
pair open team bridles with pair blind or open bridles with
checks. One set x 20 leather checks. One set inch leather
lines. Two pairs varnished hames lines. Two pairs varnished hames
with 1-i x 3 ply hame tugs, with rear and 1^ x 3 ply hame tugs with double
hooks, four -J inch hame straps, bil grip trace buckles. One set traces,
lets attached, and heavy belly- best leather, 2 inches wide, with 1^
bands. Two pairs 5^ foot steel inch layer. Two leather back-
trace chains. Two chain breast bauds, with line turrets and hooks,
straps. Two 1| inch leather martin felt lined, with backstraps and
gales. Two cruppers and backstraps. cruppers and trace bearers. Heavy
Two leather backhands with bellybailds, 1J inch leather
line rings, etc. Two farm open top martingales and breast straps. Beet
heavy collars. Price per set, heavy open top farm collars.
as above, $19.90; wanted without
if Price per set, $23.50; if collars are
collars, deduct $3. For general ap not wanted, deduct $3. This makes
pearance of this harness see the up a good farm team harness for light
per right hand p ctnre on this page. Our Style No. 2 Light Farm Harness, $23.5O. use.


This famous Gall Cure has cured more animal flesh than any other known remedy. It will
cure collar or saddle galls upon horses, under the harness while the horse is working ; chafes,
bruises, cuts, mud scalds, scratches, grease heel, rope burn, or any minor wound
or sore upon
horses or cattle. It gives immediate relief and quick cure for cracked, sore teats in cowe.
Price, per 2 oz. box 20c. Postage, 4c by mail. Every stable ought to have it.

Canada s Every
Best Farmer s
General Favorite

Purpose General
Farm Purpose
Harness, Harness,
$29.00 S29.00


We flub this splendid team harness "TheCanadian Farmer s bamls. reversible, doubled and stitched. Backhands, best
Pride." Every piece of leather used is specially selected stock. leather padded, with housing and stout X C mountings, with back
The style of the harness cannot be much improved. It is only strap, crupper and hip strap. Breast straps and martingales, 1^
made in X C mountings. Bridles, open or with blinds, as or inch. Price, as described, only 829.00. We claim for this harness
dered, round winker stays, rosettes, box looped sides, straight your best attention. It is a good harness in every detail, and only
or jointed bits. Lines, best selected, 1 inch x 20 feet long. Col by manufacturing and selling Jarge quantities is it possible to offer
lars, best open top farm collars, cloth or leather faced ; give the such a good harness at this price. You can t buy a better harness
sizes required. Hames, X C Mounted, iron hound, painted for the same money, iior the same harness for money.
names, low top or high top, as ordered, broad staples, with 1 inch If this harness is wanted without collars then deduct $3 without;

name straps. Haiue tugs, 1J inch x 3 ply best selected stock bridles, deduct $3; without lines, deduct $2.50. If sweat collars
with double grip trace buckles. Traces, best selected leather, are wanted, then add 50c. per stt. This is a grand good harness
2 inches x 2 ply, Northwest pattern, with cockeyes. Belly- and the quality of stock in every part will give good satisfaction.


Bridles, best strong team bridles, open or blind as ordered,
round check rein and winker stays, good plaited brow band, NORTH ONTARIO LUMBERING HARNESS,
nickled rosettes on each side of each bridle, heavy X C plated $31.50
straight or jointed bits. Linos, 1 inch wide x 20 feet, best Extra heavy open bridles, X C mounted. Lines, H inch z
stock. Hames, high knob top heavy painted bolt hames, 1 in. 20 feet, best leather. Heavy concord bolthames with 1 inch
name straps, new improved metallic hame tugs. Traces are 2 in. hame straps. Tugs, If inch x 3 ply, with heel chains.
x2 ply, very bust stock. Martingales and breast straps Mart ill*

li incli, best selected leather. Collars, best open top heavy gales and breast slraps, best se encd, if inches wide.
farm collars, leather or cloth faced, as ordered ; always give size Breedlillg Heats, 3 inch, stitched and layered, with breccb-
illg Straps. 1 inch wide and double hip straps. Heavy open
of collars. Breecllillg, best full stitched, 2| inches wide and top collars. Price per set. $34.50. I this harness is wauttd
layered, double hip straps and f inch straps to side rings, thence with I J inch side breechiug straps for twin ni ckyokes, add $1.06
to hames. A good general purpose farm breeching harness, X C, to the price.
mounted and made of very best stock. Price per set if


In the lumbering districts of North Ontario, Quebec, and of

Weight, about 90 Ibs. If wanted without collars, deduct if ,; if .

without linos, deduct $2.50 if without bridles, $3 if sweat collars British Colombia we have had great success with th is pattern of
; ;

are wauled, add 50c per set. heavy h:u ncs . It is designed fur heavy work, and every part is
Note. This Farm Breeching Harness may be ordered extra of the best material.
heavy, with If x 3 ply traces and li.imc tugs, 1 J inch breast straps Note We will be glad to manufacture to order any other style
and martingales, 1 inch breeching straps, 3 inch breeching seats of heavy harness, and will quote prices on application. Be par
and li inch lines for $4 extra price. ticular to giro full instructions in such cases.


Bridles, medium weight, over checks, patent leather blinds, Bridles, light weight, over checks, patent leather blinds,
box loops, rounded stays, X C half cheek bits. Lilies, black, round stays, box loops, nickeled half-cheek bits. Jiiies. black,
inch, with 1 inch handparts. Collars, plain leather open top | inch, with 1 inch russet handparts. Collars, patent leather,
buggy collars. 1 1 a inos. best X
C white plated, J inch haine open top. Hamcs. black iron haines with nickle turrets and
straps, llaim- tugs, 1 inch, with box loops. Traces, 1J drafts, f inch hame straps. Hauietugs, patent leather with
inch, doubled and stitched, with or without cockeyes, as ordered. box loops. Traces, 1| inch, 2 ply, stitched, without cockeyes.
Backhands, best C X white plated, heavy, straight or swell Backhands, nickle mounted, fancy housing, straight skirt,
pattern, folded bellybamls. Martingales, 3J inch. Pole belly bands folded. Martingales 1 inch, pole straps, 1$ inch.
straps, ii inch. Price $25 per set. Give size of collars. Price $26 per set. Give size of collars.

"QUEER S OWN" stitched. Backhands, best coach

CARRIAGE HARNESS, pads, full with best nickle
chain housings, swell skirts and round
$39.50 ed trace bearers. Folded belly-
Bridles, best patent leather bands. Martingales, 1 in., heavy,
blinds, box loops, over checks, with with patent leather drop. Polestraps,
patent leather nose bands, round stays, 1J inch, best selected stock. Price for
fancy rosettes, nickled chain fronts, this splendid carriage harness is only
half cheek nickle bits. Xiines, 1 in., $29.50. Note The same harness with
black, with 1 russet hand parts. best brass mountings throughout would
Collars, best bent back patent be $2 extra. This Queen s Own har

leather, open or closed tops. Hamcs, ness is an elegantly handsome carriage

full nickle. HaillC tugs, patent harness and will not fail to give every
leather with box loops, best nickle buyer the best of satisfaction. It pays
buckles. Traces, 1 inch, 2 ply, always to buv the best.

Wecarry in stock a wonderfully complete
stock of nearly all parts of all kinds of har
ness. Only by manufacturing these parts in
quantities can they be offered at the prices
we do here. The old-fashioned harness
maker is simply "not in with the new

one. We are ready to* sell you a complete

set, or we can sell you any part of a harness ;

or, if you wish, we will supply yon with

Team Checks similar to those on our team
leather, buckles and tools, and you can make bridles, full length, rounded, with buckles.
your own harness or pieces. Price, 50c each.
Closed Team Bridles for farm horses, 1J
inch head pieces, best nickeled rosettes, long
round side check, plaited leather browbands,
straight or jointed bits, best leather blinders
with round blinder stays. First-class arti
cle. Price, only $1.75 each ; $3.50 per pair.

Plow Harness Bridles These are

Bridle Crowns for farm harness, each 25c. made with onr 1J inch black leather heavy
stitched halters (without the shanks) and to
Open Team Bridles for farm horses, 1 inch these headstalls are attached best X C plated
head pieces, nickeled rosettes on each side, straight or jointed team bridle bits by means
long round side checks, best plaited leather of double bit snaps. This makes a good plow
browbands, straight or jointed X C plated team bridle. It has no winkers and no cheoK.
bits. A first-class, well made Farm Harness Browbands, No. 1, for farm bridles, all Price, 90c. each $1.80 per pair. ;

Team Bridle in every respect. Price, $1.50 leather, J inch fronts of russet leather and
each $3.00 per pair.
creased, very durable. Price, lOc each; $1
Bridle Cheeks, flat, swell pattern, same as per dozen. Postage on each, 3c.
on above bridles, for open team bridles, pr. 65c No. 2 Light Farm Harness Browbands, 7o.
Blind Team Bridle Cheeks, per pair $1. each, 75c. per dozen.
Bridle Fronts, for single harness, besf
We offer good discounts, from already low prices, for largn orders. Read the cover nickel mounted, good articles, many patterns.
pages of this catalogue for farther information regarding this important subject. Price, each 20c. Postage on each, 4 cents.

No. 1 IJin. wide,
usual length, ring
stitched in, best
leather, each. 50
No. 2 1 j in. ditto,
60c. each.
No. 32 inch dittc
Bridle Rosettes, No. 1 For Team Bridles, 70c. each.

Single Harness Bridles- plain nickeled, per pair, lOc postage pair, 5c.
No. Nickel mounted, over-draw check, No. 2 Single Harness Rosettes, plain nick
dozen pairs, $1.25.
plain side loops, patent leather blinders, eled, pair 12c ;

No. 3 Single Harness, fancy glass, with No. 1 1 Jin. wide,

nickeled rosettes, snaffle bit. Priceeach $1.75.
head or flower pattern, per pair, 15o. best leather, each
No. 2 Best nickel mounted, overdraw 50c.
check with nose piece, best fancy patent No. 2 If in. wide,
leather winkers, with best box loops, round best leather, each
winker stay s, nickeled rosettes and browband, 60c.
and nickeled snaffle bit. $2.25 each. No. 32 inch, 70c.

Farm Harness Lines

Team Lines, g inch, 20 feet, best leather,
per set, $2.50.
Team Lines, 1 inch, 20 feet, best leather,
per set, $2.75. Patent Handy Breast Straps for farm ha
Team Lines, 1J inch, 20 feet, best leather, ness, 1^ inch, doubled and stitched, wit
per set, $3.00. heavy snaps and slide iron, each 60c.
Spread Straps for team lines, each lOc.
No. 3. Nickel mounted, flat side check, Third Horse Lines Chain Breast Straps, patent
patent leather blinders, plain loops, snaffle Two straps 8 feet long, 1 inch wide, and steel liriko, with snaps and
bit, nickeled rosettes and brow-band, $1.75. with buckles at each end to attach them to breast A good,
strap slide.
No. 4. Best Nickel Mounted, round side team
harness, in order to drive three horses. strong breast strap; price 20c
check, fancy patent leather winkers, best box Price, per pair, for Third Horse Lines, 85c. each 35c per pair. ;

loops, fancy nickel or glass rosettes, nickeled

round winker nickeled
Lines Rope
browband, stays, No. 1 Best Russian Hemp Plow lines,
snaffle bit, $2.25 each.
made tapering, with heavy hand loops,
Open Bridles are same price as Blind 19 feet. Price, per pair, 25c.
Bridles. Black Mounted same price as length
No. 2 Special Pattern Russian Hemp
Plow lines, made like regular leather linos
(to cross in the center) and snaps spliced in,
length about 19 feet, looped hand parts.
Price, per pair, 65c.
Riding Bridle Martingales, best russet
Bridle Crown for
Double Driving Lines neck strap, price 85c.
leather, with
buggy harness, 30c. Black leather, russet hand parts, 1 inch
wide, per set, $2.85.

Open Bridle Cheek Pieces, pair 75c. .

Single Harness Lines Single Harness Martingales, black leathet

Single Harness Lines, f inch, per pair, $1.10. with, white or black rings, 60c.
Single Harness Lines, | inch, per pair, $1.15.
Single Harness Lines, 1 inch, perpair,$1.25.
Single Harness Lines, 1J inch, pair $1.50.

Closed Buggy Bridle Cheek Pieces, pr. $1.

Rein Hand Loops, russet leather, pair 50c.

SINGLE Double Carriage Martingales, nickel
HARNESS mounted, 1-J inch, each 45c.
CHECKS Double Carriage Martingales, nickle
No. 1 Overdraw mounted, 1-J inch, with collar strap, as shown
in the picture, each 70c.
plain, 40 cents.
No. 2 Overdraw
nickel mounted,
with nose piece, 50c.

Rein Buttons, for single or double har

No. 3
Plat Side nesses, can be attached to any
lines, and
Check, plain, 40c. gives a splendid grip for the driver. Price, Double Carriage Pole Straps, 3j inch.
per set, 15c.; postage, ;V e\tr:i. nickle mounted, each 45c.
If .YOU fliould receive two of these rjt;i
No. 4 round
Kicking Straps Strong straps to past
Beat side check, nickel ]>leae give
one to some one of your from shaft to shaft over the rnniii to pro
mounted, 60 cents. friends who ha* not been so fortunate. vent kicking. Price, 65c each.
Chain Hame Straps
For heaviest team har
ness, can be attached to
any pair of hames, very
durable and quick fas
tening ; price, 35c each.

Single Harness Breeching, complete with

Breast Collars, with neck strapa breeching seat, holdback straps, hip strap,
back strap and crupper. With single ply
1 Single ply, straight, box loops, $1.15. Single Harness Backhands breeching seat, $2.25; with doubled and
2 Single ply, breast shaped, loops, $1.35. The prices range as follows $1.50, $1.75,
stitched breeching seat, $2.50.
3 Straight, doubled, stitched and lay We
$2.00, $2.25, $2.50, $3.00 each. offer you
ered, box loops, price complete, $1.25. good value at any of these prices. Those at
4 Doable, stitched and wave layered, $2 and $2.25 are extra for the price. All
with box loops, complete, $1.50.
except the $1.50 one are best nickel mounted.
5 Breast shaped, double, stitched, layered Price is without shaft holders, as in picture.
and box loops, splendid article, $1.75. Black mounted are same prices.
All breast collars are mounted with nickel
unless ordered with black mountings.
Single Harness
Backhand Pads,
Double Harness made of .plain Single Harness Breeching seat, single ply,
felt with straps, with hip strap buckles as pictured, $1.10.
Breast Collars each 15c. Single Harness Breeching seat, doubled
and stitched, $1.25.
Complete as pictured, Single Harness Cruppers with buckles, 30c
nickle or black mount Same, with pat Single Harness Backstrapand Crupper at
ed, price, per set for 2 ent leather venti tached, 60c.
horses, $6.00. lated top, each Single Harness Hip Straps, each 20c.
Plain leather, open top, each
Patent leather, open top,
Backhand Housings for single Harness, 35, each $2.25.
50 and 60c each, nickle or dark mounted. Patent leather, bent back
Straight Breast Collar, with tugs attach top, $2.50.
ed, nickle or black mounted, complete with
neckstra p, traces doubled at rear ends. Hames with
Price, with 2 inch collar and 1 inch traces, Hame
$3.25 ; price, with 2 inch collar and li in. Tugs
traces, $3.50, complete. No. 1 Best Black
Iron Hames, with box
looped hame tugs at
Shaft Tugs, cheapest per pair, 40c.; med black trace
ium, 50c.; best, 70c.; all are nickel mounted, buckles, and complete
and have billet straps as shown in left cut. with hame straps, ex
Shaft tugs, very heavy and large for ex
$1.00. actly as pictured, T>rioe

press harness, with billet straps, pair $1.65.

Buggy Shaft Tugs, without the straps,
shown in right hand picture, and as used No. 2 Best Black Iron Hames, hame tugs
with our Griffith bellybands ; prices 35c, 45c, with best box loops and nickel trace buckles,
Shaped Breast Collar and traces attached,
with 1-J inch traces, $3.50 with 1J inch and 65c per pair.
line ringsand hame and trace staples best
traces, $4.00 complete. nickeled, complete with straps, price $2.00.
No. 3 Davis Black Rubber Finish Iron
Hames with straps, hame tugs and box
Harness Bellybands, single plj loops, per pair, $2.75, complete.
Single All of the above may be used on single
leather, 25c. each doubled
and stitched as
harness or on light double harnesses.
pictured, 35c. each.

Straight Breast Collar felt pads, plain, 35o. Griffith Belly

Straight Breast Collar felt pads, with pat bands See illustra
ent leather tops, 50c.
tion. To wrap about
Shaped Breast Collar pads, with patent shafts, single ply leath
leather tops. 75c. as
er. pictured
Buggy Hames and Traces attached, com
with straps, 60o.
hame straps
plete with
No. 1 Black Iron Hames, with 1J single
ply traces, $3.75 complete.
No. 2 Black Iron Hames, with 1J two ply
.single Harness Hame Straps, \ inch wide 80 traces, $4.00 complete.
Single Harness No. 3 Nickel Ring Hames, with 1J single
f inch, each 9o
" "

Single Harness | inch, each 9o ply traces, $4.00 complete.

" "

Farm Harness "

"3 inch, each lOc Single Harness Holdback Straps, f in. 25o No. 4 Niekel Ring Hames, with 1 two
Farm Harness " "

1 inch, each 12 30c ply traces, $4.25 complete.


g{ ii_Best all black iron hames for single


harness or for double light harness. Price

per pair, 60c.
No. 12 Black iron hames, with best nickel
line rings arid trace staples, pair, 75c.
full length,
No. 13 Light harness hames,
nickel, pair, $1.00. Farm Harness Crupper, with buckles, 25c. to quite recently a good horse collar for
No. 14 Light harness hames, full length. Farm Crupper with back strap, 60c. *1.50 was considered an
impossibility. We
brass, pair, $1.15. Farm Harness Crupper, back strap and are, however, prepared to supply any
No. 15 Light harness hames, Davia hard ip strap with loops; each, 80c; set, $1.60. of good, heavy working collars, with

rubber finish, pair, $1.25. open tops, for that extremely low price.
We have all the following sizes, viz. 17, 18,

19, 20, 21 and 22 incnee.

When ordering;
please don t forget the size. Horse collars
ire measured in inches, straight through the
centre, from top to bottom,
on the inside.
Light Harness Hame Tugs, with
box loops,
These leather collars are splendidly shaped,
black or nickel mounted buckles, with trace to follow
85c. These Team Harness Breeching seats, with bu ek being full just at the right place
staples and rivets, per pair, the shoulder bone. They are stuffed witl
will take in 1 or H
n oh traces. es for double hip straps ; width of breeching,
long straw, and made by men who
2 inch, well sewed and layered ; price (with
$3.50 nothing but horse collars, and who should
out the breeching straps), each, 81.75 ;
know their business thoroughly. You may
set for 2 horses.
order either leather or cloth face. The best
Open-top Working Horse Collars, $1.50
Single Harness Traces Sweeney and Half Sweeney collars, made
inch, doubled and stitched, each $1.00
specially to order for $1.75 each.
14 single ply, stitched 18 inches.. 1.10 Ventilated
11 doubled and stitched, each 1.15
Zinc Collar Pads
It smgle ply, stitched 18 inches.. 1.2C
doubled and stitched, each 1.25 Used on the top of
2 ply, with cockeyes, each 1.35 the neck, under the
Team Harness Breeching seats, with buc- collar, and prevents
iles forone hip strap, 2J inch, sewed and galling at that part.
These are not the cheap
ayered; price (without the breeching straps; thin zinc articles com
each, $1.60; pair, $3.20. For price ot
jreeching straps see below. monly sold. They are heavy thick goods,
and will wear for years. Price 35c. each.
Farm Breeching Complete
No. 1 $4.00 per set, or $2.00 each. This is
ordinary farm harness breeching, and may
be Success
ased with any Farm harness. Price in
eludes the hip straps and breeching straps Sweat
Team Harness Backhands Piice $4.00 per set.
No. 1 X C mounted, check hook with Pads,
backstrap loop, line rings, best gennim
leather padded, with housings, and complet
with side straps (which are not picture(
25 Cents
above), price 2 each S4 pair. ; Our Success Sweat Pads are all made of
No. 2 Plain leather bands, with heavy the best of cotton drill, brown on the out
felt pads, X C or black turret rings am side and white on the inside.
check hook with loop. A good serviceabl There is nothing like a Sweat Collai
backband, well suited for farm harnesses Every farm horse should have one
price, $1.50 each S3 pair.
; There are 4 spring clasps on each. We hav.
No. 3 Same as No. 2, but made with dro No. 2 Crotch Breeching, complete a sizes 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23. Alwayv
tnrrets and drop check hooks, for working i pictured, with double hip straps, top give size when ordering.
These splendid
the woods or under fruit trees; same price ing straps to hames and side breechin pads will absorb the sweat and keep
as No. 2. straps, each 1 inch ;
width of breeching, L>

condition. They are stuffed

shoulder in good
inch, stitchtd and layered price per set ;
with Reindeer Hair, brought from Norway.
complete, $5.50 per half set, $2.7.",.
Price only 25c each for any size.
No. 3 Same as No. 2, but with 2.V inc
breeching seats and 1 iuoh straps ; set, $6.0( FELT
No. 4 Lumbering Crotch Breeching, 2
inch seats, 1 inch top breeching straps to th SWEAT
Backband pads, thick felt, for workin hames, and 1J inch side straps to run up t
team harnesses, with straps, each 20c. twin neckyokes ; per eomplete set, *?. PADS...
Team Breeching Straps Best
50 CTS.
stock, usual length, j} inch wide, 30c. each ;
1 inch wide, 35c. each. These are made of very
best yellow Felt, have 4
Trace Carriers, short straps, from breech or
Farm Harness Beliynands ing rings to carry traces. Price, 12c. each.
spring clasps, pinked
Doubled and stitched with buckles on eac scolloped edges as pic
tured. Price for any size
and stout, each 50c. We goods that give satisfaction.
only50c. each. We carry
end, heavy only
Billet straps, with squares, to connec Our never misrepresents
"Silent Traveller"
these in same sizes as the Success Pads, viz.:
backband and bellybands on plow harness anything. He tells the truth, the whole
21, 22 and 23 inches.
each, 12c ; per set of 4, 48c. truth, and nothing but the truth. 17, 18, 19, 20,


Heel Chains, li- inch, per set of 4, 70c.
" " "

14 4, 80c.
" "
2 " "

4, 90c.
No. 10 High top, X C plated, painted hames, FARM HARNESS HAMES,
with knobs and clip. Price per pair, $1.00 WITH HAME TUGS
No. 1 High top, with hooks, light iron Farm Hames, with hame tugs at
bound, per pair, 65c. tached, with hame
straps and with belly-
No. 2 High top, with hooks, heavy iron bands, billets and trace buckles, price per set
bound, per pair, 75c. (for two horses), $5.50. These sets are ex
actly the same as used on our Farm
Harness. They may be ordered with low
No. 100 X C or high top painted hames.
High top, plated, painted
hames, with knobs and broad staple;
pair, $1.10.

No. 3 High top, with clip, light bound, per

pair, 65c.
No. 4 High top, with clip, heavy bound,
per pair, 75c.

Farm Harness Hamc Tugs

No. 1 3 ply stitched, 1| x 18 inches, with
trace staples to rivet, and with douhle
trace buckle bale at rear end ; each 60c

complete buckle, lOc extra.

No. 30 High top, with staple, light bound,
per pair, 65c.
No. 2 Same, in If inch x 3 ply, 7oc each ; Plow Harness Backhands
complete buckle, 12c. extra. No. 1 Plain good webbing, with straps
No. 40 High top, with staple, heavy bound, No. 32 inch x 3 ply, ditto, 90c. each ; and buckles at the sides to buckle to trace
per pair, 75c. complete buckle, 15c. extra. buckles ; each, 40c ; pair, 75c.
Billet straps, 1 inch, with double grip No. 2 Plain 2J in. leather strap, with loop
buckle attached, as shown in above pic for lines and with trace holders at the sides
ture ; price per pair, right and left, 50c. to buckle; each, $1 pair, $2. ;

No. 3 Broad leather backhands, with line

rings and check hook and heavy felt lining;
$1.50 each, $3 pair.

No. 5 Low top, with hooks, light bound,

per pair, 65c.
No. 6 Low top, with hooks, heavy bound, Metallic Hame Tugs
per pair, 75o. No. 4 New improved metallic tame
tug, Steel Trace Chains
,with short leather end to hames, 1| inch,
can be attached to any farm Note. The picture shows a link of this re
price each, 75c. markably strong, machine made, steel chain.
No. 5 Same, 1J No welding is used in its construction, it
inch, each, 90c.
No ; 6 Same, 2 inch, each, $1.00. consequently has no weak parts. There is a
Note. When ordering hame tugs strong hook at one end and long link at
V state they are to be attached
always the other end of each trace. These steel
to your traces are
No. 7 Low top, with clip (see picture above), hames, whether for clip, broad staple or bolt superior to every other chain trace.
hames and we will send them accordingly. Trace Chains, med. wt., 7i ft. long, pair. 65c
light bound, per pair, 65c.
Low top, with clip, heavy bound, pei heavy 70c
No. 8
med. 5* 55c
pair 75c

Tug med. 3* 45o
heavy 3* 50c
Team Harness Traces
1J inch x 2 ply, best leather, each, $1.35
U inch x 3 ply, <

u 14 inch x 3 ply "

No. 70 Low Top Hameg, with broad staple, - inch x 3 ply, "

9.25 Leather Tubes for covering trace chains

2 inch x 2 ply, with 11 x3 ply ends, ea 1.75
light bound, per pair 65c. Leather Tubes, 2 feet long, each 20c.
No. 80 Low Top Hames, with broad staple, "

" " "

heavy bound, per pair 7fic. "
3 " " "

. 30c.
" " " "

3i 35c.
" " "
"4 . 40c.

Team Traces, with heel chains, for

bolt or staple or clip hames, with straps to
buckle bellybands to.
li inch x3 ply, with the chains, each, $2 00
flo. 9 High Top, mediom weight, bolt
If inch x 3
2.25 " " "
Single Harness Tie Straps
Step] ",s,
for ordinary farm work, 2 inchx3 "

" " "
Light, 15c. each ; medium, 18c. each ; heavy,
pric c pair. 20c. each.
No. 90 top, extra heavy farm or lum- On
the cover pages about onr li ra<l Team Harness Tie Lines I inch,
be i with bolt staples. Price per discounts for large orders, and take advan 20c. ; 1 inch, 23c. ; 1J inch, 25o. ; 1J inch,
pair, $1.00. tage of them. 30c. each.

Halter Shanks 1 inch, 23c. ; Stallion Halters SLEIGH BELLS

inch, 25c. 1J inch, 30c. each. No. 5 Very Extra Heavy Best Black

Leather Halters, for stallions, buckle on th

lOe Open Bells A small
Open Sleigh Bell, with strap and
nose, 1 J inch black leather shank. Price $1 50. .

buckle. Postage 5c extra.

No. 6 Stallion Halter with 10 ft. leading 1 2c Bells This is a,
rein instead of shank, each, $1.80
line of small Open
leather Neck Halters Sleigh Bells, and
Stout neck halters, somewhat similar
Rope Tie Straps
Light, 12c; med used for horses which to the illustra
tion on the right.
ium, 18c very heavy, are in the habit of pul
ling "back" on their Postage 8c extra.
halti-rs. These are 2Oc Open 4

heavy articles which Bell A large

buckle about the neck Open Team Bell,
and have heavy with a good clear
shanks. Width of ring. Snap is on each bell (see cut), b., !H8ans
neck strap, Ij inches, of which it may be secured safely to any part
of the harness, or removed in a moment.
heavy buckle, width
of shank, 1J inch, Price, with snap, 20c. Postage lOc extra.
Price, 85c. each.

Nos. 1 and 2. No. 3.

Web Halters
No. 1 Sucking colt s size, good web, No. 1 Shaft Straps 25c per pair a pail
leather throat latch, rope jaw and rope means 2 straps with 2 bells on each strap
shank, each 18c.; 6 for 90c. ROPE SNAP HALTERS (4 bells in all). The straps are flat steel
No. 2 Horse size, good web, leather throat Complete with snap and ring, good length .
and the bells well rivetted to them. Price
latch, rope jaw and rope shank, each 20c.; No. 1 Pure white Sisal Rope, medium,
6 for $1.00. each 7c.
per pair (2 straps) 25c. Postage 16c extra.
; dozen, 80c.
No. 3 Horse size, best wide web, leather No. 2 Pure white Sisal Rope, heavy, each
throat latch, leather jaw strap with buckle, lOc. ; dozen, $1.00.
tope shank, 25c. each, 6 for $1.50. No. 3 Russian Hemp Rope, medium, each
9c. ; dozen, 90c.
No. 4 Russian Hemp Rope, heavy, each
12c. ; dozen, $1.25. No. 2 Shaft Strap 45c per pair 3 bells on
No. 5 Hand made, extra heavy, best each steel strap. Price per pair of strap*
hard laid pure sisal rope, each 25c. 45c. Postage 22c extra.
We cannot quote a price in this hook for
harness leather by the pound as the price
fluctuates from time to time. A good plan if
you want a side of harness leather is to put
on your order, 1 side of harness leather, $6, No. 3 Shaft Chimes, four bells (all different,
then if, owing to the weight of the side, or steel straps.
sizes), well rivetted to heavy
Leather Halters. the current price per pound, the cost does A sweet penetrating chime of clear tone.
No. Blaek leather, 1 inch wide, "Econ
1 not amount to $6, we will return the balance Pnee75c per straporf 1.45 per pair of straps.
omy" pattern, rope shank, each
50c. of the money to you. We will send you only
Postage -lOc extra.
No. 2 Black leather, 1J inch wide, the very best leather.
Economy pattern, rope shank, each 60c.
" "

No. 3 Black leather, 1J inch, "Econ

The most convenient way to order harness
omy pattern, with leather shank, 75c.

leather to be found in our Harness Leather

have these straps cut to all
widths, from J to 2 inches. Each strap is BELLS
No. 1 This is
the halter we blacked and creased ready for use. Every
size is a useful one, and with a stock of
want to sell on. No. 1 Back Strap, 12
these Ready Straps any farmer can make his

It is a first-class bells on rnsset strap,

own hame straps, martingales, breast straps,
Farm Halter in etc. Prices of these harness straps are :
to hang over the back.
oveiy way, very Price on y 38c a string.
stout in inch, per foot.. 3c inch, per foot. 7c .

No. 2 -Back Strap, 12

every " "

.. 8c
" "

| ..3Jc best nickeled bel s on

part well made, I "

.. 4c

9c "

and best of all, a "

.. 5c
good heavy russet strap
cheap hal er. The 1
.. 6c

..12c "
Pi ice 50c. string.
picture shows it Note. This is a great way to Duy leather,
No. 3 Back Strap, 12 best heavy nickeled
accurately .
bells on felt lined leather strap. Price 75c
as you have n
that the lialtei we,
per siring.
sell for $1 has a No. J llo.iy strings, 21 bells on heavy ruaaK
snapon the throat leather strap to go around the body and
latch. It is made buckle, best heavy nickeled bells well
only of the best harnessleatlier, It inch inthe rivetted. Price prr string only $1.
halter and 1 inch in the shank. Well st liehed wire safety pins, 2| inches long, No. 5 Body strings,
-10 bells on beavy russet

in every part, and known as a 5 ring halter.

Heavy leather strap, buckles round the bod
used for horse blankets, shawls, overcoats
Buckle on head piece and nose piece, with heavy nickeled bells. String, only
and a variety of such work. Each, 5c ; 6 for
nap on the throat latch. Doubled throat 25c; postage on would lie V. e-;lra. No. 6 Body strings, 50 bells on heavy russet

latch, 1^ inch head piece, 1J inch full stitched leather strap, buckles round body, best
cheek pieces, shank full length, IJinch wide. Our solid leather stit ha t-T for $1,
heavy nickeled bells. Per string, only $2.
Our price for this splendid halter is only $1. and which is fully on this page, is di> .

Our harness department has become famous one of the best ^ Silent Traveller Goods that give satisfaction. Read about <

has to offer. our $1.50 Famous (Icftnan Horse Blankets.

through this $1.00 halter of ours.
As will be seeu by the illustrations we
Carry nearly all styles of bridle bits in stock.

No. 106 Double Wire Scissor Bit, with

No. 100 Stiff bit, for farm horses, X C plated,
snaffle, X C plated,
each 20c. Postage 8c.
No. 116 Riding Bit, smooth month-piece
80. each 6 bits for 45c.
Postage on each jointed, with double snaffle, each 15o
bit lOc extra when wanted by mail. Postage 8c each.

No. 107 Stiff, Rubber Covered Bit. XC

No. 100J Same as No. 100, bnt with the
mouth-piece covered with leather, stitched
on. A good bit for cold weather, 18c.
plated, each, 20c. Postage 9 cents each.
each ; 6 for 90c. Postage lOc. each.

No. 117 Riding Bit, twisted single month-

piece, jointed, double snaffle, X C plated,
No. 108 Stiff, Rubber Covered each 15c ; postage 8c each.
Bit, bright
plated, with snaffle, each 25c. Post. 9c.
No. 101 Jointed bit, for farm horses, X C
plated, lOc each ;
6 for 50c. Postage, lOc

No. 1014 Jointed 4 Ring Team Bit X No- 110 Flexible Chain Rubber Covered
C No. 118
15c.each postage ]0c extra
Bit nickel plated, with snaffle, each 50c. Riding Bit, twisted double mouth

Postage 10 cents each. piece, jointed, double snaffle, X

C plated,
each 20c ; postage 8c each.

No. Ill Lolling Bit, used on horses that

No. 102 Straight bridle bit, nickeled, with hang out their tongues, 50c. Post. lOc.
snaffle, each 18c. Postage 9c each
No. 1184 Large Ring Riding Bit, XC
plated, jointed, each 20c postage 8c.

No. 119 Hanoverian

No. 112 Rockwell Severe Bit, X C
Bridle Bit, X C pla
plated, ted for double
each 18c; postage lOc each.
No. 103 Jointed bridle bit, reins, each 25o ;
nickeled, with postage 15c.
snaffle, each 20c. Postage 9c. each. J.I.C.BIT

No. 104 Single wire bit, XC plated, each

lOc. Postage 6c. each.

No. 113 J. T. c. Severe Bit, X C plated,

each 45c postage 13c each.
No. 1190 Hanoverian Bridle Bit stiff
month, XC plated, price 25cea.: post loc
No 104J Double wire XC No. 1191 Hanoverian Bridle
bit, plated, each Bit port
Postage 7c. each. mouth, XC plated, price 25c ea.; post lac
No. 114 Overdraw Check No. 1192 Pelham Rule Jointed Ridinn- Bit
Bit, nickel, each
5c postage 3c each. for double rein, with curb
chain, 90c"each!
va@g6iseee^ j)

No 105 Single Wire Bit, with snaffle

r XC
No. 116 Port Rid
ing Bit, X C pla
ted, each,
postage 12c each.
15c ;

No. 120 Heavy Stallion Bit, straight heavy

solid mouth-piece, large X
C plated
plated, eacfi 15c. Postage 7c each. rings,
each 25c. Postage 15c each.

As with Bridle Bits, so with Harness Snaps.
We carry in stock all snaps of importance
now on the market. The standard size of
snap used on harness lines is 1 inch, while Coleman s Popular Patent Bit Snaps, bronze
the best size of snap to use on breast straps Improved Bolt Harness Snaps, white plated- plated, 5c. each ; dozen, 50c.
is If inch. Snaps are so cheap and so heavy 1 inch eye, each 3c 12 snaps for 30c. ;
that it does not pay any one to have them 4c; 6 22c. U " " "

sent by post. if 5j; 6 28c. " " "

Heavy Roller Breast Strap Snaps, bright

plated, roller eye
Special Steel Harness Snaps, nickel plated Round Eye Bolt Snaps, white plated- li inch eye, each, 18c ; pair, 35c.
1 ii.., for lines, etc., doz. 20c; 3 doz. foroOc. " " "

-J inch eye, each 4c 6 for 20c. If 20c;

1| in. 3c each ; full dozen for 33c.

f 5c 6 for 25c.
" "

If in. 4c each full dozen for 40c.


Breast Strap Buckle Snaps, bright plated

1-J inch, eye, each, 15c ; "pair, 25c.

Special Round Eye Steel Rope Snaps

round eye, each, 2c 6 for lOc. Round Eye Swivel Bolt Snaps
i inch :

" " "
Sc 6 for 15c. f inch eye, each 5c ; 6 for 25c.
6c; 6for30c.
" "

7c 6 for 35c. "

lOc; 6for50c.
" "

STHandy Box of Snaps, 5Oc
This box contains 4 German Line Snaps, 4
Special Swivel Steel Harness Snaps New Triumph 1 inch Snaps, 8 New Steel 1
1 inch eye, each 5c ; 6 for 25c. inch Snaps, 4 Triumph Bit Snaps, 2 Triumph
U 60 ; 6 for 30o.
" "

If inch Breast Strap Snaps, 2 German If inch

" "

7c; 6for35c. Breast Strap Snaps and 1 Round "Eye Rope

Round, Open Eye Bolt Snaps, for chain, etc- Snap 25 snaps for 50c. Every farmer should
i iuch eye, each 8c 6 for 40c. have a box.

IVo. 1OO,
Round Eye Swivel Steel Kope Snaps
inch eye, each 4o 6 for 20c.
$1.25 Super
qnality wool car

5c ; 6 for 25c. "

riage rug, plain

6c; 6for30c.
" "
daik blue color,
Patent "

Harness Snaps, X. C "

plate. with binding;

1 inch eye, each 4c 6 for 20c. ; weight, 3 Ibs4
" "

5c ;
6 for25c. size, 54 .x 60 in
H " "

6c ;
6 for 30c.
ches; price, only
" "
7c ;
6 for 35c. $1.25.
German Harness Snaps, black japanned Extra quality wool
37, $I.5O
1 inch eye, per dozen 18c 3 dozen for 50c. ;
carriage rug, with dark body and fancy bor
1J each 3c ; per dozen 30c.

der patterns, full binding ; weight, 3 Ibs.;

H " "


40c. size, 50 x 60 inches ; price, $1.50 each.

50c. Extra quality -wool
" " "

If 5c; Bfp. 2O, $1.75

Garman Swivel Snaps, flat eye for harness carriage rug, dark ground with full fancy
1 inch eye, each 5c ;
G for 25c. Hubbard Harness Snaps, bright plated check pattern, full binding; weight, 3 Ibs.;
1 inch, each 5c 6 for 28c.
size, 50 x 60 inches price, $1.75 each.

8c; 6 45c.
" " "

If lo. 26, Heavy, $8.25 Extra super

Bridle Bit Snaps quality wool carriage or lap rug, check pat
tern, full binding; weight, 4 Ibs.; size, 50 x
60 inches; price, $2.25 each.

Triumph Harness Snaps, white plated

inch, per dozen 25c 3 dozen for 70c. ;

1J inch, each 4c ; per dozen 40c.

H 5c;


1} 5c "

50c. ;

Small Triamph Snaps, nickeled, for shoulder

or satchel straps Improved Triumph Double Bit Snaps
| inch eye, 2 for 5o ; per dozen 25c. 2 snaps for 5c ; per dozen, 25c.
Triumph Round Eye Snaps, white plated
if inch eye, each 3c 6 for 15c. ;

4c 6 for 20c. "

The larger the order you send us, the PLl SII LAP ROBES
better the discount we allow you. Study our At $3.50 and 5 each. We have two excel
discounts as given on the cover page of this lent lines of plush carriage lap robes, for
catalogue, and show your neighbor it will Improved Steel Double Bit Snaps, nickel the finest carriages. Both are most splendii
pay him to join you in sending an order. plated and unbreakable, 2 for 5c doz. 25c. ;
value. Fancy designs and good quality.
2 rows of braid strengthen the back. Weight
of each blanket over 8 Ibs., nearly 17 Jbs. -o
the pair. This steel blue gray color, with
the deep red check, makes one of the best
colorings for blankets. Give tha catalogue
number. 500/7 D. Price, $2.75 each, $5 per
pair. For bus horses, or cab horses, or car
THE blanket.
riage horses, this is
These are not shaped or strapped, and may
be used as either bed blankets or horse
blankets. Some persons know these Grey
Wool Blankets by the name of Army Blank
ets. They are. usually sold in pairs, and are
therefore priced here in that way, at so much
JUTE HORSE BLANKETS per pair. If only one blanket is wanted it
Ho. O, 38e A light jute blanket, shaped, will be of course, just one half the price of a
and finished with buckle and strap, feet IB The weight given is per pair also.
length, light material, not any warmth with
OUR "FAMOUS" pair.
We stock these grey blankets in only one
in itself, but makes a shape that could be GERMAN HORSE BLANKET quality of wool, and teat is the extra super
lined with other goods. Price each only 38o. No 2OO D, $1.5O This is the host 6 Ibs., size of each, 56 x 72 in., pair, $2.5A
No. 1, 5Oc. This is an unlined jute value in farm horse blankets on the Canada 7 60x80
" "

" "

market. They are made specially for our 8 " " "

62x82 " "

blanket, somewhat heavier and better than 3.5n

own trade, and blankets, exactly the same 9 " " "

64 x 84 " "

No. O, usual size, shaped at the neck, and
in all respects, cannot be purchased else 10 " " "

70 x 90 " "

the cloth doubled where the strap and buckle
is fastened on. At the sides of the blanket where. The shape is the nsual one, but to
are colored stripes. The weight is 2 Ibs. its size, weight, warmth and price we direct
The price of No. 1 is 50c. each ;
6 for $2.80. your particular attention. Upwards of 7
Ibs. each in weight ; color, fawn brown with
No. 2, 75c. This is a much heavier un
lined blanket than our No. 1 blanket. Its colored stripes ; length, 78 inches width, ;

wt. about 4 Ibs., very nice colors with large 72 inches ; substantial buckle and strap at
wide stripes at sides. Shaped at the neck, front with reinforced grips, wide binding all
supplied with good leather strap and buckle around, material uniform throughout of
in front, these articles being rivetted as well very heavy Kersey cloth, sublined in all
as sewed. It is a tightly woven blanket of parts. No one ordering this blanket, in
good weight, regular length and of good tending to use it on farm horses, will be dis
width, and altogether, for an unlined blanket appointed. Doling past seasons we have ALL WOOL BLANKETS
is a good one. 75c. each 6 for $4.20.;
had exceptionally large sales of this blanket, No. 41 B, $2 5O Warranted all wool
For price of geod all wool blanket linings and with the present improved manufacture horse blankets, for doctor s use or for fine
see third column of this page. we know our customers will be better pi eased driving horses. Shaped, and with strap
No. 3, $1. At this price, viz., $1.00, we than ever. You make no mistake ordering and buckle, fancy colored bright check pat
offer a good lined horse blanket, that is, it is this blanket for general purpose use. Price tern. Too good a blanket for any but the
known as a of this No. 200 D German Horse Blank best use. Price. $2.50 each.
blanket, but strictly speak

a half-lined blanket.
it is The lining is et is only $1.50 or 4 blankets for $5.50. For ALL WOOL BLANKETING
of heavy cheap cloth. The cover or blanket cold localities this blanket is well adapted. Horse blanket material, 72 inches wide,
proper is of heavy jnte, it is shaped at the fancy check pattern, all wool. Price, $1 a
neck and strapped similar to the No. 2 yard, and we cut it to any length from the
blanket. Its weight, is near 5J Ibs. It has roll as ordered.

fancy colored stripes running along the side

from end to end. Each $1.00 ; 6 for $5.50. Blanket Lining, all wool, very heavy,
steel gray color; size, about 54 inches
square makes splendid lining
for horse
blinkets, with very warm effect. Each. $1.

CARRIAGE Horse Blanket*

No. 5OO 1>, $2 This is a shaped
blanket, made of very handsome Kersey
cloth. Color of ground work bluish steel
gray with dark red check, very attractive
and yet not in any way loud. Buckled at
KERSEY BLANKETS front, with reinforcements and bound all STALLION BLANKETS
Kersey material is a mixture of wool and around. Size, 78 x 72 inches, and uniform No. 7, f 2.OO Heavy Jute Lined Stal
felt, and has a warm toucn which is not Blanket for stable use, size 80 inches
ly sub-lined. Price, $2 each, or $3.80 pair. lion
present in the Jute blankets. No. 82.75
5OO/7 I>
Special, long, shaped at neok, weight about 10 Ibs.,
No. 22 D, $1 This is a light weight Square pattern, carriage horse blanket, size price $2.00 each.
Kersey blanket of usual size, dark colors 84 x 84 inches, made of exactly same material TEAMSTER S BLANKET
only, shaped and strapped at the neck and as our No. EOO D blanket and of same color. Teamster s Horse Blankets, very strong
bound. A good blanker for the price, suit- The picture above shows a clever illustration Jute blankets, full lined with heavy cloth
4ble for light driving- harness. Each $1. of how this blanket looks in use. There is and quilted in rows every three inches. Col
No. 75 D, $1.25 is a This also a stout russet leather strap and buckle in ored stripes and full bound, shaped at front,
shaped Kersey blanket, made of heavier ma front, and a good plan is to also purchase with buckle and strap. Weight, upwards of
terial than our No. 22 D blanket. Length, one or more of our 5c. blanket pins for use 8 Ibs. each. Price $2 each. This blanket is
neatly 6 feet, shaped, strapped and bound, in very severe weather and by the use of a good one where strength and durability-
and (lurk blue in color. A good medium which the cold winds can be excluded en for rough work are required. Makes a good
blaukei for buggy horses. Price, $1.25 each. tirely. This blanket is bound all around and blanket for lumbering districts.

Blanket Girths, with Buckles

I Plain web jute girth, usual length, not
padded. Each, 15c ; 6 for 80c.
No. 4 Calored Cotton Net, full length body
and neck (body and neok nets may be nn- Waterproof HORSE COVERS
snapped and used separately if BO wished), These articles are made of good oiled duck
price 81 each postage 20o extra.
; and are thoroughly waterproof and wind-
with centre pad. No. 6 Fancy Colored Net (body and neck as proof. They are black in color. Each of
2_Cheapest jute girth, in No. 4), very pretty, $1.25 each; post, 20o. them has a buckle and strap in front, and
Each, 20c ; 6 for $1.
No. 6 Very Fanoy Colored Nets (body and loops through which the traces pass and
3 Colored cotton web girth, medium width,
neck separable), variegated colors, price which keeps the rear part of the cover snug
padded. Each 25c 6 for $1.1 5. ;
81.60, 1.75 and 2.00 each, according to pat on the horse. Provision is made for the line
4 Colored cotton web girth, good width
tern and mesh; postage 25o extra. rings on the backhands to protrude, and also
and padded. Each 35c; 6 for $1.75. No. 7 Heavy Russet Leather Body Nets for high top hames.
5 Fancy colored girth, extra wide, padded, for farm horses, each 75c
well made. Each 60c ; 6 for $3. Size No. Waterproof Loin Cover, $1.35.
No. 8 Corded Covers or Fly Sheets, varie Size No. 1 Length from rear to collar on an
gated colors, for working horses, 75c each. average horse, price each, $1.75.
Size No. 2 Length from rear to front of
collar. Each $2.00.
Size No. 3-Length from rear to throat, cover
ing the neck, collar aud back each. $2.50.

No. 1 "

usual length, each
15c ;
7 for $1.00.
No. 2" Corker," 6 feet long, rubber filled

cover, well ferruled, each

25c ; 5 for $1.00.
No. 3 Buggy Whip, 6 feet, rubber filled
cover, rubber tipped, loaded butt,
Summer tap Dnsters We have and good. Price, 40c each.
a large stock of Lap Dusters. variety The
is so great that it is difficult to describe
them except in a general way. The prices
range as follows: 45, 50, 60, 75c, $1, $1.25, No. 4 Half Length Raw Hide Whip, 6
$1.50, $1.75 and $2 each. Each one is good
value. Select any one you wish, and you
feet,heavy, each GOc.
No. 5 Full Length Raw Hide, waterproof No. 1 Waterproof Lap Rug, with pocket
will receive good value for your money, and very durable, a Keen Cntter." _ . 75c for buggy dash (see illustration), made of

No. 6 Full Length Whalebone Whips, $1.50 best English black oiled canvas, lined. $1
No. 7 Soft Long-Top, Buggy Whips ...2c each. Always give the width of your
No. 8 Long Binder Whips 50c
buggy dash when ordering No. 1.
60c No.
No. 9 English Cart Whips 10 Same as No. 1, but unlined, 90c.
No. 10 Gladstone Carriage Whip $1.00
No. 13 Dog Whips, best leather 60c

No. 14 Farmers Wood Stock and Lash 20c .

Pl.ain Linen Lap Dusters, best English

manufacture, washable; price $1 each.
The postage on any lap duster is about 15c. No. 15 Teamsters twisted hick ry, black
Whip Lashes.
2 for fie.
leather covered, whip stock and lash, GOc
unimim Whip Crackers,

No. 16 Teamsters weighted, russet leather


Common Plaited Whip Lashes, 1 ft. long, 5c 65o No. 11 Waterproof Lap Rug,
made of best
covered, whip and lash
7c English black oiled canvas, thoroughly
" " "

u 4 10c waterproof and strong, size 46 x 54 inches.
" "

44 12c
" "
A good article and at a low price, viz.,$l.
" "

5 15c
" "
No. 12 Waterproof, linen lined, lap rug,
size 46 x 54 inches a very strong, durable ;

Riding Quirts, fancy plait, white and yel rug; price $1.25 each.
low calfskin, shot loaded, 85c. No. 2 Rubber Lap Hug, extra heavy, a fine
article, should be in every buggy
waggon, has eyelet holes at the sides, and
Drovers Whips, oiled may be used as a cover for a democrat or a
kip, revolving handle, market waggon load and tied down. An
California style, length all-round useful article, made in two sizes.
10 feet, price $1.75 each. No. 2 size, 4x6 feet, price, $1.50 each; No.
NETS 2J size, 6x8 feet, price, $3.00 each.
large one makes a good waterproof sleep-
No. 1 Dark Colored Cotton Flank Nets, tas
ins; sheet for prospectors.
sels at sides, price 60o each postage 12c.
No. 2 Dark Colored Cotton Deep Flank Nets,
Reversible These Rubber Rugs
feature Reversible Rubber Lap Rugs are beautifully
very pretty and durable, special is
lined with fancy colors in plaid patterns.
eide depth, price 75o each postage 15o.
This makes them reversible for dry or wet

No. 8 Fanoy Colored Cotton Deep Flank K:i\v ll ilo. Killing Whins, plain, each,
Raw Hide Riding Whips, covered, v. u.Mhrr. y nro wind and waterproof.
J 1

Nets, 1 inch mesh, price $1 ; postage lie.

The one side is rubber cloth of good thick
ness, and is absolutely waterproof. The siz
No. 4 Made of Rocky Bear skins, black
is 46 x 54 inches. Price, only $1.50 each. Tm natural pelts (undyed), size, 50x60 inches
Reversible Rug is probably the best kin
of a waterproof rug to purchase if
you pro
well lined and trimmed, a good wearin TIE WEIGHTS
robe and nice color, price, $9.00.
pose to use it exclusively for buggy "use. I No. 5 Same as No. 4, size, 56 x 66 inches
is a good one, and should
All iron, solid, weighing 15
give you good nse well trimmed and lined, price, 810.00 each
Drivers 11 vs.
each; price without chain,
Waterproof JJapes Fur Robe Lining. 65c each price, with patent
Made of very best black waterproof duci
All wool, check pattern, 72 inches wide

link 7 foot steel chain and

canvas, large roomy size, patent snap but cut to any length as ordered, price $1 per yd
tons in froni. a grand, good article snap, 90c.
Covers the shoulders and arms and ches Fur Robe Trimming.
Pinked edge, 2 colors, white on purple, cu
thoroughly. Length from neck down 3 to any length, per
inches all around. Price $1.50 each. yard, 124c.
Drover s
Men s Storm Caps, 25 and
4oc each.
Halter Chains Made of patent steel
Men s Short Waterproof links, no welding medium weight, 6 feet ;

Coats, $1.25. long, 30c.each ; heavy weight, 6 feet. 35c.

Hitching Chains For posts or man-
s Long WaterprooJ AMERICAN BUFFALO ROBES jers, 4J feet long,
4 j feet long, heavy weight, 30c. each.
medium weight, 25c. each,
Coats, $2.50. These tobes are not animal skins. They
ire made of very heavy woven fabric, which
MOD S Waterproof Pauls, Ji appearance is very similar to the old Bnf-
$1.25. alo skin of the prairies (now
extinct.) The Post
color is a rich, deep brown. In the U. S. Chains, for tieing
robes have been in use for many
horses, 2J feet long, inclndiug
years, a heavy staple for securing
and, owifig to their durability and handsome chain to post ; price 13u.
appearance, they have come to stay. They
five the greatest satisfaction. Between the
ining and the robe is a heavy rubber sheet,
which makes the article windproof and
Hitching Rings For
waterproof. They are as strong as any posts or mangers; heavy Iron
eather, handsome, soft and pliable, warmer rings, with stout screws at
;han a skin robe, and are easily dried after
tached, each, lOc ; dozen, $1.
wet. Made in dark brown color, suit

ably trimmed and lined with best blanket

Heavy staple and ring, pritfe 6c.
or the pair, or 60c. per dozen.
These covers are made of heavy black
waterproof duck, and are invaluable to all
ining, and the inside rubber lining already
nentioned. Made in 3 sizes
Juggy Top Enamel Dressing, per can
teamsters, farmers, city delivery men or American Buffalo Robes, 52 x 54 ins., $7.00. 25c
others who carry grain or goods which are Note. One can of this dressing is easily
American Buffalo Robes, 62 x 54 ins., $8.00.
liable to damage from wet weather. nfficient to coverany buggy top, and which
They Vtaerican Buffalo Robes, 72 x 54 ins., $9.00.
are made in two sizes. Each size has large twill preserve as well as freshen the appear
eyelet holes in the sides, by means of which ance. It is applied with brush or padded
they may be laced or tied down to prevent loth or sponge.
wind lifting when in use. They are abso
lutely waterproof and windproof, very dur
able and not expensive ; when not in use HARNESS
should be hung up and not folded. Many
farmers use them as Binder Covers in the
field, for which they are admirably adapted.
Frank Miller s Harness
No. 1 Size. 6x8 feet, for light waggons, Dressing is an oil, and at
each, $2.75.
the same time a jet black
No. 2 Size, 6x12 ft., for farm
waggons, $3.75. TETHERING CHAINS finish (not a varnish). It
oils the leather, and there
Liverymen s Ap- Light, strong, patent link steel chains,
is nothing detrimental to
rons Male of best black ith picket ring and snap and swivel,
the life time of the leath-
waterproof duck, with bib ft. Tethering
chain, each, 60c ; per doz.$6.00
and eyelet r, like so many cheap harness oils. It is put
" " "

fastenings, good
80c; 9.00 "

length, reaching below the



11.00 "
p in neat square cans with screw top as pic-
" " "
ured. Each tin holds a pint. Price 25c.
knees, total length 41 in
1.20; 13.00
ches, width 35 inches, price
75c. each. Used to good Miner s Har
advantage when washing ness Soap, each,
buggies or any other similar Iron Picket Pins, 15 inches long, weight,
work. 15c.; 2for25c.
Jibs, complete with swivel, each, 15c,

No. 1
Natural Grey Chinese Goat
Lariat Swivels, light
weight, easy working,
Angora or
Robe, size 50 x 60 inches, well lined and strong steel swivels, Waterproof Black Paste, for shoes or har
trimmed, price, $5.75. eyes large enough to ness, small tins lOc, large tins 25c each.
No. 2 Natural Ofrey Angora Goat
50 x 60 inches, made of best selected
take any rope up to
inch diameter, each 5c ;
skins, Refined Neatsfoot Oil, 1 pint tins, each. 25c.
wearing qualities the best, well trimmed per dozen, 50 cents. " " "

1 45c. " "

and quart
lined, price, 87.00. When making out an order to us, you "


4 75c.

No. 3 Best selected Natural Grey Goat Robe, lould start right at tlie beginning of this Best Tanners Oil, pint tins, each, 25c.
54 x 66 inches, picked
size, skins, well ook. It will pay you to read every word " " " " "

1 quart 40o.
trimmed and lined, price, $8.00. ur Silent Traveller

has to sav. "

" " "


J gallon"
Made of best solid
rubber balls of dif
ferent sizes, strung
on good leather
Silver Cleaner. strap. Price, 25o.
No Pntz Pomade, for cleaning the nic
kel mountings of harness, price, 5c per black
box. No. i Cr.rry Comb, steel, handle,
box 6 boxes for 25c. Postage, 3 a per closed back, each 7c
No 2 Shinon, a black colored liquid tor light, 5 bars teeth, j

cleaning the nickel mountings.

A real good 4 for 25c.

article, small tins, 13c.;

medium tins, 20c.
Harness Cleaning Brushes, each, 5 cents.

Ankle Boots, leather lined, each 20c.

Ankle Boots, zinc lined, each 25c.
Ankle Boots, cloth lined, 2 straps, ea. 35c
Curry Comb, 6 bars, black han
Ready-Cut Carriage Washer*. No. 2 steel,

be well dle, open back, each lOc ; 3 for 25c.

Every rig, of every kind, should
washered. It makes a carriage ride easier,
and greatly adds to the life time of the .

wheels and axles. These washers are put up

in boxes containing 50 of several different
sizes, suitable for light buggies, heavy bug
gies, road carts, light and heavy democrat solid rubber, to fasten
Waggon Bumpers,
waggons. There are many sizes in each box. to the springs of waggons to prevent the
Fifty washers in each box, per box, 25 cents. Price 35c each.
Endless Washers, to be cut off as wanted. springs striking when loaded. han
No. 3 Curry Comb, 6 bars, steel, black
Put up in boxes of 100 rings. Price per box,
dle, closed back, each lOc ; 3 for 25c.
25c.; postage on a. box, 8c.

For buggies and light waggons there is Shaft
Anti-Rattlers, rubber, pair 5c.
nothing better than good castor oil for the Shaft Anti-Rattlers, wire, pair 5c. No. 4 Curry Comb, solid heavy steel, black
axles. For heavy farm waggons, a good extension
Shaft Anti-Rattlers, flat steel, pair lOc. e namelled handle, Tivetted in,
wearing grease cannot be improved on. For a grand, good curry
outdoor and indoor machinery Postage on a pair, 3c. extra. strikes, closed*back,
agricultural each 2 for 25c.
we can strongly recommend our American comb, price 15c. ;

Amber Oil, as it has excellent wearing

qualities, and is not thin
in hot weather.
Best refined Castor Oil, 1 pint tins, each, 20c

1 quart 38o " "

4 gal.
65c " "


" "

"$1.25 Horse Tail Fasteners, 20c each ; postage 3o.

Clock Spring Curry Comb, black
Common Patent Yellow Axle Grease, 1 Ib. No. 5
rivetted handle, price 15c. each 2 for 25c.
boxes, each 5c ; 6 boxes for 25c. ;

Fraser s Fish Oil Axle Grease-

Thi.s is the very best grease for heavy
1 Ib. boxes-, each, I3e ;
2 for ........ 25c
. $1.25 \>

FRANK Toe Weights for horses, nickel plated, put

up 1 set in a box. A set consists of 1 pair of No
6 Curry and Mane Comb, black enam
each 2 3 oz. and 4 oz. Price elled rivetted handle, all steel, price 15c.
weights, oz.,
16c. each 2 for 25c.
AXL.E Oil. per set, 75c postage, per set,

For the finest car

Rider s Spurs-
riages and coaches, su Nickelplated, with
perior to castor oil,
will not chain, improved pattern.
lasts longer and
Price, pair, 60c., 75c

run from the boxes if

$1 ; postage, lOc.
properly used ; not ef-
fected by climatic
changes. Put up in neat pint
25c each 5 for $1.
tina. Price,
NOSE FEED BAGS No. 7_Handy Grip Curry Comb,
wood handle, open back, pri.e
loc. eacn ;
Made of best, heavy, white cotton

Best American Amber Machine Oil, price 2 for 25c. ______ -

duck, wood bottom, 10 inches
in r
includes the tin can in each instance lent
you need a good watch our~
American Amber Oil, 1 gallon tins, each 50c. diameter, depth, 15 inches, good can a genuine.

ii 90o. "
harness leather strap and buckle, Traveller

sell you
2 "

See index for page.

at a riglit price.
$2.00 each, 60c.

No. 3 Horse Brush
black katoel wit
leather strap handle
short length, eac.

Horse Stable Brooms, brown cocoa

with or without
handles, thoroughly well
No. 8 Selfcleaning Curry Comb, black ban made and durable. Well suited for barn or
die, steel, closed back, price 20c. each ; J stable floors, made in six sizes.
for 50c. Size No. 1 60c30c Size No. 4
No. 9 Metal No. 4 Horse Brush, rice root, small size, loc 2 70c40c 5 " "

lie Horse No. 5 SameasNo.4, but large size, 20c each 3 6./....80050c
Brushes, or Horse Stable Shovel, sheet steel, long han
toothless cnr dle, 35c.
leather hand
les,oval pat
3 for 50c.
No. 6 Our "Dandy" Katool Horse Brush
made heavy and thick and with rounde<
surface, best black katool, varnished top
thoroughly well made, a good article in Double Grip Trace Buckles, blacK or white
every respect, better than you would ex plated, with improved screw bale.
pect to be produced for a quarter of i 1J inch, each 8c; If inch, each 12c.
dollar. Price only 25c each ; 3 for 70c. "

lOc; 2

No. 10 Horse or Cattle Card, wire teeth, 8c 14 I5c.

each 2 for 15c. Screw Loops or bales for double grip

buckles, any size, 5c.

Tongues for double grip buckles, any size,
3c. each.

No. 7 Our Dandy Katool Horse Brush,

with leather side grips, 30c. each.

o. 11 Cattle Comb, flat black

handle, each lOc ; 3 for 25 c.
Halter Trimmings Improved
Economypattern, X C plated.

fo. 8 Horse Brush, oval pattern, solid wood ?or 1 inch halters, 5 pieces in set
; per set
back, leather handle, mixed fibre stock, lOc 6 sets for 50c.

price 35c. each 3 for $ 1 ;

1J inch halters, 5 pieces in set

; per set
15c ; 6 sets for 75c.

o. 9 Horse Brush, oval pa tern, leather

No. 12 Cattle Comb, curved pattern, 3 rows back, mixed fibre stock, leather grip, 35c. Halter Squares, black japanned
each 3 for *1. Size No. 1 Inside measure 1 x 1J inches,
teeth, each 15c.; 2 for 25c. ;

(\ 10 Horse Brush, oval, leather back, ozen, 15c,

mixed quality bristles, leather handle, Size No. 2 Inside measure 1J x 1^ inches,
price 50c. each. lozen, 20c.
larness Rings, black or C plated X
J inch, dozen, 5c 1J inch, dozen, 12c. ;
" " " "

i 6c; 14 15o.
1 "

8c; If 18c.
" " "

H 10c; 2

" "

inch Rings, extra heavy, 4J inch, each..5o

No. 13 Mane Comb, metallic, 7c. 11 Horse Brush, oval, heavy stitched Mixed Harness Rings For the convenience
No. 14 Mane Comb, very large, hard black <To.

leather back, leather handle, bristle stock, f fanners who wish a variety of sizes of har-
rubber, smooth finish, a good article, 15c. ess rings handy, we sell a box of mixed rings
price 75c.
o. 12 Horse Brush, oval pattern, heavy f assorted sizes, 25 rings in the box, price
stitched leather back, leather handle, war er box, 25c.
ranted pure bristles, price $1 each.
Mixed Harness Ruckles
onvenience of farmers and others who would
For the
1 Horse Brush, green corn, common
ike to keep by them a small assortment of HARNESS
brush, So. each.
landy sizes of harness buckles, we have boxes BUCKLES
f buckles, containing 25 assorted sizes (all
price per box, 25c.
->ues), ^ inch, dozen 6c 1^ inch, dozen 13c.
I inch, dozen 7c 1J inch, dozen 15c.
go part of the goods wo soil are man- J inch, dozen 8c 1J inch, dozen 18c.
No. 2 Horse Brush, vollow rice root, a go ured here in Hamilton, Ontario. Buy- dozen 22o.
| inch, dozen lOc If inch,
cneap stiff mini hrush, Iflc each. I
from us means buying from the fountain head 1 inch, dozen 12c 2 inch, dozen 25c.
Loop Buckles Celluloid Keepers-
Used for reins and hal
ters. | inch, 15c.; 1 inch, Red, white or blue, 5c.
18c.; 1J inch, 20c. per each; 6 for 25c., postage,
dozen. each le.
Sickle Harness Line Rings 5c. each 6 for 25c. ;

Buckles Breast Strap Rings, each 5c.; 6 for 25c.

f inch, dozen, IBc
" "

25 !. "

lin.,fortraces, each 6c.

11 6c. " "

" "

lj "c.

Terraloid Spread Rings, a hard composi-

Breeching Dees, Black Japanned with iron centres, in colors o*r in white.
Farm Harness Turrets, black or white on,
1^ inch, dozen 18c.
lated, each 6c. White Spread Rings
If inch, dozen 20c. each le
[o.1 Farm Harness Check Hook, each 6c.
inch, each 3r.; 6 for 15c.; postage,
Buckle Covers, nic- 3c.; 6 15c.;

kled or Brassed
Xo. 2 Farm Harness 4c ;
6 20c ;

Check Hook, with 5c.; 6 22c.;

f in., ca. 4c, doz 40c back strap loop, X 2c
43c " " oc 6 25c.;

4c, ;

1 "

45c C or black, each 6c.; 6 30c., 3o

6c.; 6 33c.;
Blue, Red and Black spread Rings
inch only, each 5c.; 6 for 25c.; postage, 2o

Check Loops, pair .. 8c.

Virianned Over
Japanned Hame Strap Loops, each 5c.
Wood Enamelled Spread Rings, red, -white,
Drop Pad Hook, XC plate, lOc. each. jlue, orange and natural wood, all colors
Breast Strap Slides. Drop Turret, XC plate, lOc. each. anae price, 5c. each ;
6 for 25c.
Black japanned,
If inches, heavy
grey iron, per pair,
10c.; per dozen
/airs, $1.00.

Stable Whip Rack, each 15c

Black Japanned If uich steel, per pair lOc Single Harness Turret Rings, nickle, 15c
Trace Carriers, X C



plated, to ee w on as an
pictured, each 6c. Japanned
Cock Eyes
Trace Carriers,
rivet on, each 6c.
With Screw Bolts
For IJ inch trails, each ."

G for 25c.
w or 1|
" "

oc; 6 for 25c.

5c; Gfor 25c.
" "

For 2

5o ; 6 for 28c.
Store \\Hiip Rack, round, 16 inches di
each 75 cents.
ameter, win hold 64 whips,
Military Bit Burnisher, each 45c; post
lOc. Staples, for farm harness, bes
iron, each 3c.; per dozen, 30c. each 6c ; 6 for 30e. Money Saved is Money Earned.
Clip Cockeyes, 14 in., in cvi

8c; 6
45c. "
It is money i
farmers pocket when lie be
comes a ensromi r of Stan
ley Mills & Co. Onr prices
are right and our goods are
bar satisfactory. AVe know
Side Check Chains, nickel, for single
Gc. pair.
there are oilier letter order
nees, pair, 60c.J postage, houses, lioth in anada and <

Hame Staples, for farm harness, best mal

in the I nited States, whose
[cable, iron, each 3c ;
dozen 30c. their catalogues,
llamo Staples for prices, ill
il oarriag mas here and then appear
arc same prices.
lower than ours, lint, and
Utility Trace Siaples wit here is the point, do their
with screw bol 1

for fan Chain Spread Straps, nickeled steel,
goods openJ up to yonv
3c. Ours always
harness traces, black ja ring, luc ; postage, pcctat ions .

panned, 1J inch, each 8c will, and we are carc fnl to see they do.
If inch, each 9c.; 2 inch Scud us a trial order. Make il as I,

each lOo. If convenient to do so, ask your

yon can. We
a club order.
neighbors to join you in
We make a socially of everything fann allow 4% or from our regular c
Ring Spreaders, 2 white, 1 red, 1 blue rini

Read this ratal. -arefnlly, les

era use. ;ne
with nickel keepers and with snap, each loene prices, according as the order is,
over every page nwl d Q8 trial ordcJ

lOc. each. $60 or $100.

?\ o order is too large; and none too small. 40e; pair, 75c.; postage,

. .

Farm Waggon Neckyokes, very best tim
ber, all ironed off ready for use, length 42 in
ches, price $1.
Extra Heavy Neckyokes, best
material, 48
inches long, for heavy
work, price $1.35 each.

Farm Waggon Sets, as above, all finished in natural wood, striped and varnished ready
for use, best material, and consisting of double tree with the 2 end clevises, 2 whiffletrees
and neckyoke. Price per set, $3.25.

Neckyoke Irons, best forged steel, for farm

neckyokes. Price per complete set 50c.
Neckyoke Center Irons, complete with the.

Farm Waggon plates, each 30c.

Whiffletrees,- ironed off, unpaiuted, of very best second growth white
ash, 30 inches long. Price, 50c each.

Neckyoke End Irons, If inch inside large

endjof ferrule, lOe each.
Whiffletree End
Irons, made of best forged
steel. The sues given
in inches indicate the
diameter of the large end of the ferrule. The
Patent Triple Trees medium is the standard size in use. Farm Waggon Neckyoke Woods, best sec 1

This article be used as a triple tree or

may End Iron, 14 inch, each 8c.; 6 for 45c. ond growth ash, 42 inches long, each 40c.
&i a doubletree. The cbarige may be made in
lOc.; 6 for 50c.
" " "
a moment, and without the use of any tool. " " "

Waggon Neckyoke Woods, extra heavy,

12e.; 48 inches long, each 60c.

The whifHetrees may also be used separately
if so required. Made of good material.
Price for the complete article is only $3.35.

Farm Waggon Doubletrees, very choice

second growth timber, bored for clevises, Pole Ends, best forged steel, com
50c each (without the clevises).
plete with holdback, pole cap and wear
No. Whiffletree woods, for farm waggons,
for farm waggons, each 30c.
best white ash, 30 inches, oval
chucked at the ends for ferrules, and bored
with 3 holes to fit our 3 bolted centre irons.
Price for wood, 20c each.
No. 2 Whiffletree woods, oval
shape, 30 in
ches, unchucked and not bored, best ash
each 20o.
No. 3 Whiffletree woods, extra heavy, round Agricultural Wrench, heavy, 13c. each.
shaped, 30 inches, not bored or chucked
. 20c each.

Center devise, for general farm work, best

malleable iron, with improved key as pic Common Buggy Wrench, 1 in. nuts, each 8c.
tured, extreme length 7 inches, inside mea Common Waggon Wrench, 1J inch, lOc.
sure at open end 2^ inches, from center of
key to inner end 5-J- inches, a splendid good
article, each 20c.; 3 for 54c.
Whiffletree Center Iron, for farm \vhi ffle-
uialle.-iMe iron. I! bolt holes,
length 7
inches, large eye, one of the best centre Patent Buggy Wrench, each lOc.
Whiffletree irmis made. Price with 3 bolts
(5-16th x 3J inches). ,/,,. 1, ij t

Steel Axle Clips, price complete with nuts,

and lengths given are from end to end.
To. 0, 5J inch, Axle Clips, each, 4c ; doz., 40c
End Clevise, for general farm work, mal No. 1, 5i 4c; 40c
leable iron, improved key, extreme length 5 No. 2, 6i 5c ;
inches, open end 2| indies, from key to inner No. 3, 6J oc ;
Whitl!. -tree Center iron, style No. to end 4J inches, standard Canadian devise, No. 7 5c ; 60c
2, 4,
close around the 50c
wood, 15c each. each fi for 8()c.
No. 5, 71 5c;

Small Plow devise, No.

10, malleable iron, 8c each ;

6 for 40c.

Felloe Plates, for buggies, each Ic doz., ;

light waggons, each,

" "

Swivel Plow Clevise, No.

Shaft Couplings, complete malleable iron, screw
with bolt and draw eye for 45c.
40o bolt, each 18o ; 3 No. 1 Whip Socket for leather dash, luc.
2 Whip Socket fur wood dash, lOc.
1 inch, per pair
45c No
14 heavy, per pair . . .

No! 3 Whip Socket for road cart, lOc.

" "

...50c Swivel Combina

tion Clevise, No. 12, No. 4 Whip Socket, round pattern, plain,
malleable, iron, open for leather buggy dash, 15c.
Axle Ties, 1, 1, No. 5 Whip Socket, leather dash, uickle
end, 1\ inches wide,

1J inch bet ween

the mounted, 25c.
length inside 4 inch
centers ii the holes,
es, each 30c.
each 3c doz., 30c. ;

Swivel Clevise Hook, f

No. 13. with drop gate,
or 15c.
malleable iron, price Toe Rests, buggy waggon bottoms,
Democrat Whii tVirce Woods, round, 20c. 25c. each. Buggy Hub
sword pat Bands, size 2J,
Buggy Whillletrce Woods, fiat ~^q^^r
tern, 20o. The Kruse Kross Klevis for plows, will fit 2| or 2i inch.
I malleable iron,
Whiffletree Spring Clips any plow, 25 each. i

price per set of


25c 4, 25c.
J inch, per pair
n "
30c Democrat Hub Bands. 3 inch, per set "Oc.


Democrat Seat Fasteners, per pair, with

screws, 15c. No. 1 Democrat Neckvokes, trimmed, nn-
painted, best 2nd growth wood, h-ather
center with steel band, !H c. each.

No. 1 Whiffletree Hook (see, left picture).

each do/en, 30c.
:!< :
NQ. 2 Democrat Neckyokes, iron swivel
No. 2 Whiffletree Hook, to use
with leather
center, 90c.
rach Ic; dozen, 40c.
No -(8ee right hand picture), Whiffletree for buggies,
Hooks (right and left), pair 15c; dozen King Bolts, i inch or 9/16,
each :

pairs. $1,50. for 4oc.

King Bolts, f or f inch, waggons, Democrat Neckyoke Woods, each 2oc.

Buggy Crr
Democrat Doubletree Woods, best stuff,
cles, | inch,
each :!.">c.

Light Wag
gon Circles, f
Neckyoke Centers, steel baud, heavy
inch, $1. stitched leathers, screw I aMeners, price 50c
e diameti of your neckyoke.
<Ji\ i

Democrat Circles, i in., $1.35

Neckyoke Strap Loops. Kir pair.

Body Loops, finished, forged

steel, $1.25 per set of I.

Whiftletrri- Vlates, ].air 15 ;

doz. pairs, $l.nO.
Whitllrtrre I .i-.ices. inside measure Sj inches,
mor isrd
complete with bolt, each li c do/en Buggy Shafts, unpaintcd,

crossbar, pair includiag crossliar.


Holdback Iron Buggy Shafts, nnpainted, not morti-.- d,

Body Loop Bolts, raised head, 4 in set, 20c
each 3c; dozen, without bar, pair lir.r.

Waggon Box
Staples, Ii, If
2 incbes. each
lie dozen, 3()c.
No. 1 Buggy or Light Waggon Step, 20o.

No. 2 Buggy
or Waggon

Waggon Box Rods, usual length, 20r each. Step, each Buggy Shafts, iinpaiiited,^
j QO
lOo. leathers), with 1 inch
Fav iu Waggou Lock Shoes, for jvheels with
Whiffletree, pair $2.50.
tires 2} inch or under, weight 20 Ibs., $1.35.
Light Waggon Wheels Light wag
gon wheels, 1 inch tread, 1J inch spoke,
length of hub 7 inches, height front wheels
3 feet 6 inches, height of hind wheels 3 feet
Tee Headed Shaft Bolts, 4c ;
6 for 20c.
10 inches. Sarven pattern, hub bands on.
Nickeled Shaft Tips, pair 15c. Tires 5/16 x 1
Shaft Leathers, guide straps and whiffle- Spokes, for wood hub wheels, XX quality.
inch round edge steel.
Prices per set of 4 as follows :

i-aps, patent leather finish, per

set liSc.
No tires on With tires on
No. 3 Grade, per set $6.50 $12.00
No. 2 "

7.50 "

No. 1 "

8.50 "

Light waggon wheels without tires per set
D/mocrat Shafts, 2J- ineh, XX, half fin weigh 75 Ibs.; with tires 145 Ibs.
ished, single Ijent, without crossbar, pair 85c. DEMOCRAT WHEELS
Express Shafts, 2J inch, XX, double bent, Democrat or heavy waggon wheels, 1J inch
without crossbar, pair $1.25. tread, If inch spoke, length of hub 7^ inches,
Road Cart Shafts, single bend, pair $1.25. height of front wheels 3 ft. 6 inches, height
Road Cart Shafts, double bend, pair $1.50. of hind wheels 3 ft. 10 inches. Sarven pat
tern, hub bands on. Tires f x 1J inch round
edge steel. Prices per set of 4 as follows :

No tireson With tires on

No. 3 Grade, per set $7.50 $14.00
No. 2 " "

8.50 15.00
Buggy Poles, XXX, 2J inch, single bent, Waggon Top Bows, If inches No. 1
" "

9.50 16.00
tmnhed and mortised, ready to be put to XX Democrat wheels without
wide, quality, 4 in a set, tires 90 Ibs. : with
gether, circle bar included, $1.00. per set $1.60. When ordering tires 170 Ibs.
Democrat Poles, XXX,
3 inch, single bent, bows always give us the width If you arebuying a set of wheels from us,
finished and ready to put together, circle of the and also a set of axles, then for 90c. extra,
bar included, SI. 25.
waggon box.
we can set the boxings in the wheels.

For price of heavy duck canvas for cover

ing waggons, see index for pago.
Waggon P,ox Staples for
bows, 1-A, If or 2 inch, 3c
each ; dozen, 30c.
Light Pole Caps, each 15e. Buggv Axles Best steel, 15/16ths of
Democrat Pole Caps, each 20c. an inch, to weld once in the centre, length
33 inches, fantail pattern, complete with

boxings, length of arm 6^ inches, weight per
set 38 Ibs. Per set of 4, only $3.00; price
per pair, $1.60.
Buggy Axles Same as above except in
This warehouse is Can size, which is 1
ineh, weight per set 43
ada s headquarters for price $3.25 per set; price per pair, $1.75.Ibs.,
Carriage Pole Circle Braces, finished, 20c.
wheels. You can buy Light Waggon Axles Best steel.
wheels from us with tires 1^ inch, to weld in centre,
length 34 inches,
on or without tires. Yon fantail pattern, complete with
can buy a set or only half length of arm 7 inches, weight per set 50 Ibs.
a set or a dozen sets. We Price eet,
per $3.75; price per pair, $1.90.
carry on hand all sizes, Democrat Waggon Axles Best
both tired and untired as steel, 1J inch, to weld in
centre, length 35
given below, and can make inches, fantail pattern, complete with box
Poles Best wood, all ironed
prompt shipment. All
ings, length of arm 7J inches, weight per
off, complete with pole tip,
doubletree and tired wheels are tired with set 67 Ibs. Price per set, $4.50 ; price per
whiffletrees, ready to paint. Price as de the very best round edge tire steel and well pair, $2.25.
scribed, $6.90; price with neckyoke, $7.80. bolted and welded. All of our wheels, with Axles are shipped as 3rd class low freight.
out exception, are of the well known Sarven If you are
buying a set of axles from us, we
pattern, and all have hub bands on. All can weld them and set them to standard
made of best graded Ohio hickory, unpainted. track gauge for $1.35 per set extra.
Wheels with tires on are shipped as 2nd
class freight wheels without tires on are Steel Tires in the Bar.

1st class freight. 7-8 x 3/16 in., price per set for 4 wheels, $1.80
-8 x j inch,
1 x 3/16

Buggy Wheels Buggy wheels, 1 inch 1 x I "

inch spoke, tread, H length of hub 7 inches, 1 1-8 x 5 Hi in. 2.50
Buggy Wheel Rims, XX, 1J inch square,
height front wheel 3 ft. 6 inches, height of 1J x 3-8 inch 3.50
per set for ! wheels, SI. _ hind wheels 3 ft. 10 inches. All wheels with
Axle Boxes

Democrat Wheel Rims, XX, If inch hub bands on. All Sarven pattern. Tires J
square, per set si. inch thick, of best round edge tire steel.
Wehave in the past received frequent or
ders and inquiries for boxes to fit old axles.
Light Farm Waggon Rims, XX, 2x2 inch, Buckboard wheels same price as for buggy
set $2.35. wheels. Road cart wheels just half the price \Ve can furnish boxes to fit axles sold by us,
Heavy Kami Waggon Rims, 21x2 inch, per of a set of buggy wheels. Prices for buggy or to fit axles on vehicles sold by us aside ;

set, $3.00. wheels per set of 4 as follows :

from these we are not able to furnish boxes
No tiros on With tires on for old axles. Statistics show that over
al I li ;i in Watches We only handle No. 3 Grade, per set $5.50 $10.00 three hundred different patterns of axles
Waltham" watches. Whe world-wide repu No. 2 6.50 11.00 have been used in past years, many of which
" " "

tation ot the Waltham Watch Co. led us in No. 1 7.50 12.00 " "

are now obsolete and impossible to dupli

the first place to handle only their watches. Extra 8.50 13.00 It is useless to send us orders, as we
" "

Our experience in selling them has been very Buggy wheels without. Hres weigh about cannot help ,you, however much we may
satisfactory. 50 Ibs. per set ; with tires on, 10U Ibs. pur set. desire to do so.
Black Kubber Ci lies

ide, per yard, 50c.

Curtain Roll-np Straps, pair 30c.

Buggy Top Dressing, specially
will not
prepared for this purpose,
Waggon Seat Springs- crack, tine linish, jet black
Best Elliptic, 2 leaf x 1J in. x 24 in., paii90c. amel; apply with a soft brush;
Best Elliptic, 2 leaf x 1J inch x 24 inch, per price per can (enough for
pair $1.00. top), 25c.

Carriage Tacks, black heads, paper,

Carriage Tacks, silvered heads, paper, Buggy Trimmings, including spring
best green or
nshion, fall and back oushion,
Carriage Cushion Buttons, per dozen,
Buggy and Waggon Springs- Buggy Oil Clotil, for the bottoms of naroon rubber cloth; size of cushion, 30x
Best Elliptic, 3 leaf x liin. x36 in.,each$1.50 7 inches, back and fall to match; price per

x36 " "

1.75 buggies, neat pattern, good quality, | yard

" "

An ordinary buggy

wide, price 30c. per yard. et, complete, $1.75.

Same in best 1, genuine leather,
takes 1J yards. >"o.

Carriage Top Covering for tops or curtains, When ordering cushions it is well to send
black with brown back, 50 inches wide, 5Uc. us a paper pattern of the seat back, other
per yard. wise we will send the standard pattern.
3 Leaf Cart Springs, li x 40 inches, each $1.00. Waggon Seat
1.25. " "

3 Ijx40
" "

Top, No. 1, with

" " "
4 Ijx40 seat irons, covered
" "

with best rubber

cloth driver can

adjust this top to

any angle with
one hand. Good
protection for
storm or sun. Buggy Dashes, iron frame, patent leather
covering, hard leather finish, complete with
Price $6.50.
width of seat fron feet and bolts. 11x24 inches, price $1.60 ;
to outside 11 x 25 inches, $1.80 ; 11 x 26 inches, $2.
Silver Dash Rails, 24, 25 or 26 in., each 60c.
at the top.

Waggon Sea
Top, No. 2, best
rubber cloth cov
BUGGY TOPS ered, adjustable to
No. 52O, 9 O.OO
This is an unlined auy angle, price
rubber top, with steel bows, sectional rail, .50.
Piano Body
rubber side and back curtains, adjustable Piano Buggy Body, of very best material,
knob plates, etc. A neatly finished low- and of very workmanship and finish,

priced top.- Price only $9.00. oval edge ironed and all complete ready to
laint, regular size is 24x51*
bottom measure,
Wo. 62O, f ll.OO This is an excellent
full-lined steel bow buggy top, covered with seat 29^ inches takes a 25 inch dash and a

good rubber cloth. The roof is padded and 39 inch top, price, with lazy back, $4.25.
lined with cloth. Side and back curtains of We will make, piano bodies of any size to
on application.
good rubber, wrought sectional rail, which with lazy back order, and will quote prices
can be adjusted to tit any buggy seat. Patent Bug<*y Sent, untriiiimed,
rails as pictured, ready to paint
knob, nuts, etc. Price only $11.00. and hand
This is a top hard to beat for value, and is a 30 inches long, price $2.
good one to order. Democrat Seats, 30 inches, each $2.2o.
No. O4O, &12.OO No. 640 is our best
quality, full-lined, steel-bow buggy top.
Made with solid back rail, and full-lined,
with improved patent levers, improved bow-
sockets, hand-stitched front vallance, patent Corning Buggy Bodies, with solid lazy
roll-up straps, silver nuts and rivets, lock back, size of bottom 21x17 inches, size of top
washers, roller back curtain, etc. Price, Buggy Seats, 30 inches, plain, each $1.6J of body 25x521 inches. 2111 inch seat, takes a
only $12 each. Di
Democrat Seats.
iinicral Seats, inchesM
l. " "

38 inch top, price unpaiuted, $-1.75. Weight

for shipment 50 Ibs

-Carriage Curtain Knobs, dozen, 10o.

Curtain Knob Eyelets, ilu/en, lOc.
Buggy Seat Cushions, 30x17 inches, plain
best mate: nil. uu-
black drill, $1.20. Spindle Buggy Body,
painted, regular size bottom, 26x52*
Cushions, 30x17
Buggy Seat. inches, green
inch takes a
top measure of bodv
or maroon drill, [|
2!>1 ;

Democrat Seat 36x15 21) inch dash and Hit inch top. Price, with
Curtain Straps, each 5c. Cushions, inches,
Curtain Strap Buckles, each 5c. plain black, $1.50.
la/.v back, $5.75. Shipping weight 50 Ibs.

Two Seated Body

Jump Scat Ron Waggon Gears without Body
Waggon Body, a 4
Spring Waggon Gears, 3 elliptic spring
passenger body standard gears, best material and best
Regular size 26x5

on bottom, 37x57 workmanship, complete with shaft couplings, mings, spring cushion, spring back wood or ;

on top of body takes a 27 inch dash, a 39 boxings, etc., and best steel axles. leather dash, floor cloth, silver dash rail, etc.

52 inch buggy top to cover front seat th No 1 Axle 1$ inch, capacity 1000 Ibs., $20. Price, including shafts and all ready to paint,

o. 2
$22.50 only S40.CO. Shipping weight about 320 Ibs.
; "

small scat folds under the 1 11

largo scat, an

the large scat moves forward^ Add for ordinary best grade wheels J2 00
Price, a Duplex Spring Waggon Gears, best ma Add for choice se lected wheels
pictured, all ironed and terial in all parts. 4 00
ready to paint, $1] Improved reach coup Add for
If lazy back to large scat is genuine leather trimmings 4 00
wanted, ad( ling, best steel axles, complete with shaft
25 cents. Weight for shipment, 75 Ibs. couplings, boxings, etc,
No. 1 Axle 1 inch, capacity 800 Ibs.. $18.00
No. 2- "

" "

No. 3 "

l| 1500
" " "

Surrey Body Farm Waggon Skeins

Surrey I .ody, regular size. 2(3 wide x 72 in
over all takes a 27 inch dash, impainted, ot SJxll inches, per set $3. 75

best material, price $13 as pictured. 3Axl2 inches, per set 4.00
3|xl2 inches, per set 4.25 Uupainted Family Carriage
4x12 inches, per set 4.50 Small seat may ba moved forward to the dash
so that the children face the driver, or the
large seat may be moved np to the usual posi
tion and the small seat packed away beneath
the large seat. A handy family carriage.
Drop axles, l-l/16th inch best steel best ellip

tic end springs; wheels good medium grade

with In %
inch round edge steel tires beat ;

rubber cloth trimmings, spring cushion, spring

back, floor cloth, storm apron, hood, silver
dash rail, etc. Price without top and with
Phaeton Buggy Body, 28x46 sill measure, Waggon Bolster Plates shafts, all ready to paint, only $54.00.
53 inches length over all, 381 inches width No.
131x10} inches. 12 J pair 65c.
Add for ordinary best grade wheels $2 00
over all takes a 30 inch dash and a 40 inch No. 24x13
; 16 inches, pair 85c.
Add for choice selected wheels 4 00
top, price as pictured, 11. Add for genuine leather trimming! 5 00
All uupainted bodies are properly crated Add for full lined improved steel bow top, 1 1 00
for shipment and arc first-class freight.
do not weigh heavy for shipment.

Bolster Springs, to convert common wag

gons into spring waggons.
Waggon Body 1,000 Ibs. capacity, per set 1*3.25
Spring Bodies, size 33 inches x 7
Waggon 1,500

" "

feet (no other sizes), with 2 seats, both 2.000 "

4.25 " "

with lazy backs, which are not shown in the "

5.00 " " IJnpainted Waggon Low down, 3

picture, both seats removeable; width of elliptic springs,easy riding pleasure or busi
ness waggon. The body is of best material, 2
seats, 3(3 inches; weight for shipment, about
150 His.; price, impainted, $S.
CARRIAGES feet 9 inches wide, 7 feet long, 8 inches deep,
Every carriage we tell is guaranteed dropped between the springs, with drop end
rst class. The carnages we Bell will be satis- board, and with wood or leather dash. Axles
actory to every one who buys. have W are 1-1/8 inch best steel, double collar and
voided all cheap trashy goods, and although dropped; wheels good medium grade, with
ur pricea on carriages may be a little higher 1J inch tread ; tires are thick and of best
lan some of the carriages sold out of Chicago round edge steel trimmings on both seats are

nd other similar centers in the United of best imitation leather. Two elliptic hind
tates, yet our goods belong to a different springs, each 1^ inch x 4 leaf, with 1^ x 5
lass altogether and we offer no apology for leaf front spring. Shafts are XXX grade x 2
Standard Buggy Gfear le difference in price. The freight on painted inch 1 inch shaft or pole couplings both
; ;

Elliptic End Spring Hnggy Gear, with arriages ia double first class rate, while on nn- seats have removeable seat fasteners. Pttce
spring bars and shaft couplings, to track 4 ,
ainted carriages it ia partly lit and partly with shafts and all ready to paint, only 960.00.
K Best hickory woods and tirst-class work ad rte. Shipping wt., about 600 Ibs. Capacity 1,000 Ibi.
manship; size of axles, 15/16ths, very best ITnpainted Spindle Waggon Side Add for ordinary best grade wheels 92 00
steel, complete with boxings, double, drop jrings or end springs, solid raised panels on Add for choice selected wheels 4 00
reach, drop axles, front spring 3 leaf, back ody; axles 15/16thi inch. very best steel; Add for genuine leather trimmings 7 00
spring 4 leaf price, 812.75; shipping weight
; heels good medium grade with 1 x J inch Add for pole and neckyoke 8 00
95 Ibs.; gears arc second class freight. ouud edge steel tires ;
imitation leather trim Pole and neckyoke instead of ihaftl .... 6 00
Our painted carriages are constructed only
of the very best quality of material which
we can purchase. Every part is guarar teed
first class, workmanship second to none and
finish equal to any.

Finished Piano Body Top Buggy ; wheels,

with inch best
our choicest selected best quality. 7-8 inch
Best drop axles, 15/16ths steel, good medium grade Sarven
wheels, Ix-J or 1 inch tread, with best round edge steel
round edge steel tires on, best elliptic end springs (or if yon prefer it yon may order a side tires on ; drop steel axle 151|l6ths, with dust
spring near at same price); best rubber cloth trimmings, spring cushion, back and fall, proof collars ; trimmings of very best No. 1
bottom oil cloth, silver rail, patent leather curved dash, complete with shafts, patent, warranted genuine leather, spring back and
leather 1 rimmed with silver tips, everything finished and smoothed ready for painting. spring cushion; elliptic end spring gear, or
Shipping weight about 320 Ibs. Price, as pictured and described, only $39. side spring gear, as ordered; best rubber
Add for ordinary best grade wheels, $2. Add for very choice selected wheels, $4. cloth full lined top with roller back curtain ;

Add for genuine leather trimmings, $4. Steel bow full lined top to tit, 10. best patent leather dash, with silver rail;
silver hub bands silver
seat handles ;

shafts, patent leather trimmed, with silver

tips; painting, first class black body, with
either dark green or carmine gear, with fine
line stripe. Price, complete with floor car
pet, storm apron, body boot, etc.. all ready
to hitch to, S72. Each is properly papered
and crated, and weighs about 375 Ibs. for

Finished Corning Top Buggy, same price

and similar description, as our painted niauo
body buggies above.


To this buggy or roadwaggon we invite your special attention. We prefer to sell our
rigs nnpainted. then you know exactly what quality we are giving yon. This New De

piano body road waggon is positively (quality considered) the best value in Can
ada or elsewhere. Our customers in the past for these are delighted and neighbors orders
crowd in upon us constantly. Our factory is taxed to its utmost to supply the demand.
Description Best piano body, with swell sides and concave risers; best steel drop s Farmer Handy Ught Wag
axles, Itiths good medium grade wheels with 1 x J inch round edge steel tires on ; best gon Wheels very best quality, Sarven

elliptic end springs (or side spring gear if you prefer it) ; trimmings, including spring patent, 1 inch tires; axles 1-1/16 inch, best
cushion, back and fall are of very best rubber cloth; shafts are patent leather trimmed, steel gear is a three spring elliptic standard

with silver tips; patent leather dasli with silver rail, toe rest, oilcloth bottom, whip pattern; body 6 ft. 10 inches hj JfJ inches
socket, etc.; everj pan smoothed and finished, ready for painting. Price, without a top, wide with cm! gate; two seats with solid
only $39. Shipping weight, without top, 320 Ibs.; with top, 860 Ibs. backs; best leather cushions; body painted
Add for ordinary liest grade wheels, $2. Add for very choice selected wheels, ?1. black, gear carmine, "Weight about Ibs.; -I."i0

Add for genuine leather trimmings. $4. Add for full lined improved steel bow top, $10. capacity. SOO 11. s.; price! with shafts, $72.
WHAT HE THINKS. Mr. Male, dm JlcKenzic, of Kivcr Dennis, P. ()., Cape Breton, sent us an order for
He had never seen one, but having entire confidence in us and in oui
of our unpainted corning body road waggons, with tops.
goods hi ..cut his money with his order in lie usual way. We will let him tell his own unsolicited story.

bear Sirs. T ought to have acknowledged receipt of buggies sent me before now.
- I may they are better than I expected.

Every one wonders how you can make them so cheap. I am sure you will get sonic more orders from here before long. My neighbor.
who bought with me, is delighted with his. Wishing yon every success and thanking you for sending us such good buggies, I remain.
Directions for Painting Buggy
If an old buggy, then see that all gren-e
and oil is removed, tighten all nuts, re-
washer, tit all new clips, bolts, etc., using
sandpaper wherever needed, then give one
good coat of our Ready Mixed Carriage
Paint. By careful application a quart tin
$16.00 will paint any buggy or light waggon. If
you want two colors, such as dark wine gear
and black body, then buy the paint in pint
CARTS tins. If it is a new buggy, then sandpaper

Description Wheels are four feet thoroughly a_nd give it a prime coat of good
high, of special good quality. Width of ordinary white lead paint, then sandpaper
Phaeton Buggy Very best Sarven felloes, one inch size of spoke, 1 1/16 inch
again, then one coat of Drop Black, and fol
Sarven Patent Wheel, with malleable iron low with a final coat of our Ready Mixed
wheels, 1 inch steel tires drop axles, 15/16ths

best steel; elliptic springs; trimmed -with extension bub bands. Tires, J inch Carriage paint.
thick, by To paint one of our buggies you would
very best genuine leather cusliious and fall ;
1 inch wide, made from best Round
best robber cloth top; body painted black Tire Steel. Axles are one inch solid require the following :

with dark green or carmine gear complete
with 6J inch arms. Best flat leaf
1 quart Lead Colored Paint 35c
with shafts, mud fenders, child s seat and best quality shafts, crossbar, 10 sheets Sandpaper lOo
whiffletree, seat
risers and foot rest. The seat is wide 1 Paint Brush 25c
lamps. Price $110. Weight about 450 Ibs. enough
for two persons to ride lib. Drop Black 20o
comfortably side by 1 quart Carriage Paint
and 75o
side, is complete with best rubber cloth
cushion and railing. The wood work is fin Total.... $1.65
ished throughout hi natural wood, and nicely
varnished with best carriage varnish, and
striped. Shipping weight, 130 Ibs. price, ;

only $16. This makes a very easy riding road

cart, at the same time a strong, cheap cart.
For mountain roads we make an extra
strung, heavy road cart, of same design as
above, but with 1J inch wheels, and 1 inch
steel axles. Price, finished in natural wood
and varnished, 820. This cart will stand
Family Surrey An excellently de the heavy requirements, and will give good
signed family carriage for farmer s use. wear on all new, unimproved mountainous
Wheels very best choice selected with best loads.
steel tires; 1-1 16 inch best steel axles with
dust proof collars; best elliptic springs;
On all long distance shipments we prefer
trimmings of very best genuine leather ex ;
to ship our road carts in an nnpainted con
tension rubber cloth top body painted black
dition, which saves freight charges, the

with carmine gear. Price, complete with

freight on an unpaintcd cart is one-half
shafts, but without mud fenders and without what it is on the finished cart. The price
lamps, only $100, ready to hitch to. of the cart in this condition is just the same, New Chicago Horse Clipper
and we include the material and brush for The Improved Chicago Horse Clipping Ma
finishing upon arrival. chine acknowledged by all to be the best
machine manufactured for this work. Its
construction is perfect, and the result is
case, simplicity, rapidity and perfection of
work. There are upwards of 20.000 of them
in uso in the United States. There are no
belts and no slips in the works can occur. It
lias a positive and direct flexible power be
tween the machine and the clipper and lias
hardened steel roller bearings. An exper
ienced clipper can clip a horse in 14 minutes.
An inexperienced clipper can do the work
CARRIAGE PAINT just as well but not so fast.
Farmer s Handy Cutter. Best With the aid our
of Mixed
Ready Carriage
selectefl stock. Gear dark green, body green, Paint, any farmer can paint his own buggy
all nicely painted, varnished and striped. or waggon. These mixed carriage? paints
Trimming is of best green cloth, full length dry hard and with a rich gloss so that no
carpet, nicely curved dash with neat rail. varnishing is necessary. The varnish is
Shafts of best stuff. Price 826. Wt. 160 Ibs. mixed with the paint. One coat of this paint
is all that is required to make your old buggy
look ne^. We have it in the following
colors Yellow, dark wine, venuillion, green,

light wine and black. Dark wine, light wine

and black are the colors mostly used.
Prices for this Ready Mixed Carriage
Paint are as follows : Half pints, 25c each ;
pints, 45c each quarts, 75c each. All colors

are the same price.

Carriage Yarn
tali Best No. 1 Car
riage Varnish, J pints, 25c each pints, 40c ;

each quarts, Too each.

; Price of Improved Chicago Horse Clipper,
Best Drop Black in Japan, per Ib. tin, 20c. with one box of chain lubricant and an oiler,
PORTLiAND CUTTER-Best wood, Carriage Painting Brushes, 15. 20 and 25c. is #11 with 3 inch knives or $12 with 4 inch
bent knee, wing dash, roll on back, patent Camel Hair Stripers, each 5c. knives. Shipping weight, 45 Ibs.
shifting hars, steel shoes, painted bright, Tube Paints, any ordinary color, each lOc. \Vo arc headquarters in Canada for plates
body black. Price complete, 27. Carriage Top Dressing, per tin, each 25u. and handles for these machines, and carry

them in stock constantly. When ordering Combination Clippers

new plates always send a drawing of your Chicago Combination Sheep Clipper and
old plate as a pattern, as several kinds have Horse Clipper combined includes clipping
been made. machine and flexible shaft, one 3 inch horse
Fetlock Shears, bent pattern, with small
clipping handle with knives attached, one
hair teeth. Price, 65c. Postage lOc.
sheep clipping handle with its knives

tached, two extra pairs of sheep clipper

knives or plates, one can chain lubricant
and an oiler, price complete, $20. If 4 inch
horse clipping handle and knives are wanted
Chicago two-nut, 3 in. top plate, each SI. 50 instead of 3 inch handle, price is $1 extra. Farriers hoof paring knife, 25c post., lOe.
Chicago one-nut 1.50
" " "

3 inch hottom S3. 25 Sharpening Plates

Chicago two-nut, plate,
Chicago one-nut, 3-inch bottom plate,, $2.25 We sharpen Chicago Horse Clipper or
Chicago two-nut, 4 in. top plate, each 1.75 Sheep Clipper Plates or Knives for 40c each
4 inch bottom 2.50 knife or 75c per pair. When sending knives
Chicago two-nut, plate Hoof rasps, for trimming horses hoofs, 35c.
The postage on each plate is 5c extra. to sharpen always attach your name and ad-
dressso we know where they come from.
The return postage will be 5c additional for
each plate. Send the money with the plates.
.lursesiioei Stone, wt. : t ,

TSTo,10 Jciorse tooth rasp, double ender,

with round center shank (unlike the illus-
itiorj), total length about IB ii:cli;c?
HORSE CLIPPERS price 65c ; postage, 15c.
No. 1 Horse Clippers, polished plates,
New Chicago one-nut handle, with 3 inch polished wood handles. A good clipper for
knives attached, all complete as pictured, the money, but not always reliable. Price,
$6.50 postage 25c extra.
; $1.00 ; postage 25c extra if wanted by mail.
New Chicago two-nut handle, with 4 inch No. 2 -"The Gem" Horse Clipper, a good No. 11 Handled horse tooth rasp, plain
knives attached, complete $7.50 ; postage reliable article, can recommend it as satis polished steel, with red handle, plate in
30c extra. factory in every way, highly polished wood terchangeable and reversible (one side a
Chicago chain lubricant, per box 75c. handles, polished plates. Price, $1.25 ; file, other side a rasp), total length 19
postage, 25c. inches; price.*!; postage. 20c.
Chicago No. 3 "The Henry Bolter" Horse Clip No. 12 Same pattern as No. 11. but nicklo
Sheep per, a first-class clipper, with ebony handles, plated, $1.20.
Clipper. highly polished plates, well tempered and
This excellent fitted with second set screw which keeps the
machine is made plates very secure. Price, $1.75 postage 25c.

like the new Chi No. 4 "The Newmarket" Horse Clipper,

horse clip a well known first-class clipper, polished red Xo. 13 Handled horse tooth center
cago rasp,
wood handles, polished plates. Price, $2.00;
per, except in the screw jointed, all plain polished, inter
h a n d 1 e d an postage, 25c. changeable and reversible plate, length 18
knives. Horse Clipper Plates We cannot inches; price 81. 25; postage, 20 cents.
No farm
er who owns
50 or supply extra plates for our No. 1 Clippers. No. 14 Same pattern as No. 13, but nickle
more sheep can For our Nos. 2, 3 or 4 clippers we have extra

plated, 1.45.
afford to be with top or bottom teeth plates. All being same
out one of these price, viz., 60c each for either top or bottom
machines. Tho plate ; postpaid for 5c extra.
saving in time
and labor cannot
be (iverestilna led. No. 15 Handled horse tooth rasp, center
The machine will pay for itself every 3 days jointed, bevel plate set as pictured, all
it is used. The price, as we sell them, in plain polished, total length 19 inches ;
cludes a complete machine and one pair of price *1. 50; postage, 25o.
extra kni\es, a box of chain lubricant and
No. Same pattern as No. 15, but nicklo

an oiler. Price $15; shipping weight His. l."i

plated. 1.75.
No. 1 Japanned Horse Singer, with regula
Horse tooth rasp plates,
ting tap, reservoir in the handle, and a
comb close to the wick. See illustration. reversible (tile or rasp), -J x
Large size, $1.25. Postage 20c extra. 3J inches price 30c each ; ;

No. 2 Same as No. 1, but a little smaller postage, 5c extra.

size. Price $1.00. Postage 18c extra. KEYSTONE
No. 3 Japanned Horse Singer, without tap.
A well made, strong article well finished ; ;

has wick and comb. Price, 75c. Postage

Chicago Sheep Clipper handle, complete 15c extra.
with knives as pictured, price $11); p
r ic
. e\tra. Width of each knife is 2J inches.

Any person having one of tin- Chicago Fig. 1 Keystone Dehorner complete.
Horse Clippers can purchase one of these The custom of dehorning cattle has grown
sheep clipping handles and use it with the so rapidly that it becomes every farmer to
horse clipping machine, thus giving them a Veterinary Syringe, 1J- \ IS inches, nicklc give the subject his best attention.
plated ti inch injector, with safety ball farmers who take the horns off their
combination machine. cattle

Sheep Clipper Top Plate, $1; postage, 5c. point, diameter of spray rose li inches; are pleased with results, and
declare strong
P dipper V.ottom Plate, $1 po price *1.25 postxge, 25c extra. ;
ly in favor of the work. See next page.
The chief feature of the "


is tha Cattleman s Knife A 3 blade

Calf Weaners,
the knives meet the horn at four differen stout pocket knife, with stag horn handle all

points at the same time, thus making a clean nk-kle silver tipped, with name plate, qualitj iron, pointed,
nncrnshed, quick cut of the horn, a cut whicl the very best, price $1 postage, 5c. easily adjusted

no other clipper can produce. to calf s nose,

each 2oc ; post
age, each 5c.

Tyler s Calf Wenner, war

ranted to wean any calf if
put on as directed on label.
For small calves, 25c for ;

large calves, 30c postage,


7c. each.

Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Etc.
The relative position of the knives and the Animal Trocars, eacb $1.OO
horn is well illustrated in Fig. 2. Fig. 3 Bickmore s Gall
shows the Keystone Head in a closed position. These articles are for sticking cattle in the Cure, 20c.
These clippers are very simple and most pow paunch when they become bloated, thus let Infallible Oil,
erful in their construction and operation. ting off the wind and saving the life of the 25c.
animal. It is a sharp steel sticking instru Condi
They are made of the very best malleable ment well made of best material. One of
Thorley s
tion 5
iron, while the two knives are of the finest Food,
steel of the special temper required for the
these trocars should be found on every farm Ibs., 25c.
or ranch. Length, 7J inches price, $1, post famed Horse and Cuttle Food,
work. The total weight of a pair of Keystone ;
Kennedy s
age 12c. Another use which a farmer can 100 Ibs., $6; 25 Ibs., $1.60.
Clippers, as shown in Fig. I, with the two
wooden handles, is 17 Ibs. The blades and put these Trocars to is cutting the gristle in Wude s Condition Powders, 20c.
a bull s nose when inserting a bull ring. Heave Powders, 25c.
other parts are all interchangeable and can
. be replaced at any time. They do the work Milk Tubes, Worm Powders, 25c.
in a most humane, manner, as the horn is re 3Oc These silver Purging Balls, 20c.
moved instantly. No twisting motion. Full tubes are used to Diuretic Balls, 20c.
directions accom-pany each clipper. are We insert in a cow s Fleming s Lump Jaw Cure for cattle, $2.
teat at such times when, for various reasons, Eureka Caustic Balsam, 75c.
headquarters in Canada for these clippers,
and can ship promptly, as we always carry a the teat is inflamed and the milk passage is Eureka Colic Mixture (spasmodic) 50c.
large stock of clippers and extra knives. clogged. The tube is hollow, and is plated. Eureka Colic Mixture (flatulent) 50c.
Such a tube will always bring instant relief. Eureka Chill and Fever Mixture, 75c.
Keystone Deuorner, complete, Price, 20c each Post Eureka Lotion for wounds, bruises, etc., 50c.
as shown in Fig. 1 $10 00 ; per dozen, $1.80.
age each 2c ; postage per dozen, lOc. Eureka Vegetable Tonic, 75c.
Keystone Dehorner, with one pair of
extra knives and a strong cattle Leicester Sheep Tick Destroyer, 25c.
leader with rope 12 00 Cooper s Sheep Dip (for 25 sheep) 65c.
Extra Knives, each 1 00 Cattle Horn Knobs, solid brass, Cooper s Sheep Dip (for 100 sheep), $2.40.
Dehorning Salve, per box 25 with inside screw fastener, price Persiatic Sheep Dip (makes 10 gallons), 50c.
We do not replace any parts free of charge. 15c per pair; postage, per pair, Persiatic Dog Wash, 25c.
When ordering a Keystone Knife always 6c. Persiatio Carpet Powder, for moths, etc., 20c.
state if it is the fixed knife or the moving Persiatic Poultry Powder, for lice, etc., 25e.
knife that you want. Postage on each Briggs Black Oil, for bruises, 20c.
knife is 12c extra if wanted
by mail. Blistering Ointment, 25c.
Dick s Universal Blister, 50c.
Dick s Blood Purifier, 50c.
Spavin Cure, 65c.
Refined Pine Tar (pints) for stock uses, lOc.
Bull Staff Snaps, with chain. One of the Refined Coal Tar, per quart tin, 20e.
best ways of handling a bull. With this Refined Raw Linseed Oil, -J gallon, 60c.
snap attached to an ordinary bull ring in Hoof Ointment. 20c.
the bull s nose, and you can manage any Spirits Turpentine, per bottle, 20c.
Dehorning Saws, each $1.00 bull, keeping his head and his horns weil Sweet Spirits Nitre, 25c.
away from you. Price for snap and chain Horse Bandages, medicated cotton, small,
45c ; postpaid for loc extra. lOc ; medium, 13c large size, 15c each.

ThePeople s Horse, Cattle.

Slieep and Swine Doctor An ex
cellent book, containing 334 pages, and
Calf rreiiting ofthe diseases of the four animals,
A simple and practical instrument for de iving illustrations and very valuable infor
horning calves which are from 10 days to 4
mation. Any farmer can be his own veter-
months old. It can be operated by anyone. nary surgeon, and what is more, should be.
Price $4.50 each. These books will post you thoroughly. They
Directions with each. Bull Kings, 2J inch, polished copper, with .re cloth covered. Mailed postpaid for 65c.
key, each 18c Postage on each 5c.
good brass spring,
attle Leaders, large size, Persiatic Sheep Dip.
with rope eye as pictured, each lOc ; post I have used Persiatic Sheep Dip for three
age, each 8c. extra. -ears, on from 300 to 400 sheep, both in
priug and fall, and think there is none
iqual to it. We have been paid more for
Mir wool than any other breeders have, !><>-

iiuse of the strong libre and freedom from

,uy yelkiness. We have been breeding
ligh class sheep for 65 years, and have used
Bleeding Fleams Joseph Kodgeis & uanv dips. ROBERT MILLER,
Sons make, very best quality, 3 lances in ^andy Lender, extra stout and with mporter and Breeder of Shorthorns and
each handle. Price 65c postage 5 cents. rope attached. Shrop.shires, Stouffville., Ont.
Price, 35c each.
Genuine Cooper
suitable for 25 slice])
size, suitable for
Sheep Dip.
Sheep Dip, small size,
;price Goceach large
100 sheep, $2.40 each.

Leicester Sheep Tick Destroyer, per box, 25c.

Made of very heavi
best quality tin.
Large patent gate or
STEEL tap. Basket holds 2
combs. Improved very
easy working gear.
COW Price $7 each. Weight
when crated for ship
ment, 40 Ibs.
CHAINS A first-class article
in every part.
Open Closed Three Oyster Shells
Ring Ring Piece For feeding hens in the
In our Patent Steel Cow Chains we have winter time to make
the best articles ever made for the purpose. them In 15 lb.
They are strong, light and cheap. We
have packages, 25c package.
Pig Forceps, long pincers or forceps as
three patterns as shown above. All are made Nest eggs, per dozen,
pictured, used to remove dead pigs and
of the patent steel link, and of course each 20c.
sist sows. Every hog raiser should own a
has a swivel. There are no welded joints,
pair. Length 18 "inches. Price 60c per pair.
Farmers Egg
and consequently no weak places. All have Crates Far bet
the steel toggle fastening, which is the best
Postage 15c extra. ter than a basket,
and safest. Order by the Catalogue number. eggs cannot break,
Steel Cow Chains- automatically
No. 10 Open Ring,f orcalves.each 15c counted. Each crate
11 Closed 15c holds 12 dozen rsigs,
12 Three Piece, "
loc has a good handle,
a good
13 Open Ring for cows, 20c Farmers Special Castrating Knife, and when not in
quality, special shape blade for
that pur .an be knocked
14 Closed Ring, "
15 Three Piece, "
20c pose. Ebony handle. A good quality down Hat in a small
25c knife. Price only 35c ; postage 5c. Each 2.V.
16 Open Ring for bulls, space.
17 Closed 25c
Persiatlc Poultry Powder.
" "

18 Three Piece, "

25c This instantly destroys lice or other ver
min, in and around the poultry house, thus
Stanchion Irons at once removing the cause of much sickness
ind death among the chickens. Price 25c.
These are stout irons to be
bolted to tilt side of the cow Persialic lien House Spray.
In liquid form, 16 oz. bottle, spraying for
row chains Hog Ringers, with set screw, each lOc.
. thiit the
and down as the in box 5c. len houses, horse stables, or wherever ver
ni;iy slide up Hog Rings, 100 box, per bottle. Can
min are found price 2.V per
cow stands or lies down. Price Postage on Hog Ringer is lOc postage on MS

with any hand sprayer like our


with two applied

eh, bolts. a box of Rings, 8c.
50c Cyclone tree or potatoe sprayer.

Cow Bells, made of best

wrought Su bell metal. TRAPS
perior in shape, tone and
finish, and prices right.
Very strong dou-
Ithas been discovered that ^ ble-spring traps,
wild animals will not dis {with short, heavy
chain. Weight,
turb stock that are pro
vided with bells, and that
cattle cannot be stamped
Hog Tongs, will hold a hog by the snout
firmly while ringing him, 35c. Postage 25o.
^ about 17 Ibs.
$10.00 each.

ed that wear them. Hog Scrapers, strong

wood handle well
bolted on to round
Small Cow each 25c.
Bell, 5J inches high,
iron disc or scraper.
Medium Cow each 30c.
Bell, 6 inches high,
Will scrape a scalded
Large Cow Bell, 6J inches high, each 35c.
Extra Large Cow Bell, 7J inches high, 45c. hog in any part with
out cutting the skin.
Cow Bell Straps, to go round the neck, 30c.
Price loc each postage 8c extra.
No. Gopher Trap, one-spring, no chain, 13c
" "
with chain, " "

1 Muskrat no chain, "

1 "
with chain, 23c
Sheep Shears, bent blades, half polished, 50c "

li Mink no chain, " "

full "

65c "
" "

with chain, 30o

on a pair Sheep Shears is 15c extra.
Sheep Bells,
Same pattern and
material us cow Cold Blast Bee Smokers, 65c ; postage 25e.
hells, best \\rou-hl
hell metal.
Sheep Bells, small No. 2 FoxTrap, double-spring, nochain, 35c
size, each *( ; dozen, 2 "
with chain, 40c "

90c. 3 Otter Trap, no chain, 50o

" "

with chain, 60c

Sheep Hells, large size, lOc each; $1.10 60c
Finest Qnalitv Uncapping Knife for Bee 4 Beaver Trap, "
no chain,
per dozen. i

with chain, 70c

keepers, double edge, 1.25 ; postage 13o

Shot-]) Hell Straps, 15c cacn.


Dog Chains, made 01 patent steel weldless

links, strong and light. Prices as follows :

Medium weight, 4J feet, each .25c

n 6 " "

U, " "

.35c Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Xo. 4.

Farm bells are made of Crystal Bell metal.
The illustrations represents the styles of the
hangings. They may lie mounted on a post Prices of Church Bells.
or outbuilding near the house.
Dog Whip, with whistle end, plaited rus No. 1 Complete weight, with
set leather, price 60c each. about 40 Ibs. Price $1.75 each.
No. 2 Complete weight, with
about 50 Ibs. Price $2.25 each.
No. 3 Complete weight, with
about 75 His. Price *3 each.
No. 4 Complete weight, with
about lOp Ibs. Price $4 each.
Dog Whistle, each lOc.
Echo Dog Whistle (right picture), 15c. The price includes a tolling hammer, and
the bells are F. O. B., Hamilton, Ontario,
Bells are first class freight.
Best well laid and
hard twisted, oat to
any length and sold
only at so much per
Plain Rlaek Leather Dog Collars, buckle, foot. The pure sisal
1 inch wide, 20c 1J inch,"25c 1| inch, 30e.
; ; ropes (uied for tieing
Plain Russet Leather, with name plate, horses and cattle) we
tie ring and buckle for large dogs; always stock up to and in
give neck measure ; width 1^ inch, 25c ; 1-J
inch wide, 35c.
SCHOOL BELLS cluding f inch, while
the pure manilla
Our Steel Alloy School Bells arc the very
ropes we stock from f inch to 1J inch in
best bells manufactured for this purpose,
clusive, these being used for horse forks and
the sound being clear, penetrating and similar outdoor work.
sweet toned. Although these bells are in inch Russian Hemp Trip Rope, per ft., lo
tended for schools tliey are frequently pur
Pure Sisal Rope, per foot Jo
chased for church use, as well. Price as fol
7/16 lo
lows, without tolling hammers :

Dog Collar, chain pattern, leather andfelt 4 .1*0

for lock, any neck measure, 50c. . 2o
lined, "

Pure Manilla Rope, . 3o

. 4o
. 60

Kickled Steel Collars, for small and med
ium dogs, for padlock fastening, f inch If Tolling Hammer is wanted, add ?4. STEEL WIRE ROPE.
wide, 25e 1 inch wide, 35c.
CHURCH BELLS Wire Rope, J inch diameter, per loot. . .I
Dog Collar Padlocks, with key, lOc. If your church 5/16 3o
)g Chains, for leading small dogs, 25c.

has no bell, it needs 4o

Persiatic l>og
Wash. one. There is a 5o
For killing fleas, lice and other vermin on wrong way and a
dogs. It is anliseptie, healing, cleansing J 7o
right way of hang
and refreshing; full directions with each; ing every bell so as The Wire Rope ismade of the beat twisted
price, per bottle, 25c. to get the proper wires. The f
f and J inch
galvanized steel ,

Dog Combs, hard, black rubber, 15c. results. Every are made of 6 strands with 7 wires in each.
be] Try should have The inch and smaller of 5 and 4 strands.
a level ceiling just Galvanized wire rope should never be used for
above the bell, so running ropes or belts. It is used for cable
that the sound is outfit tracks, and stay ropes for derricks or
thrown out pro smoke stacks, stays or standing ropes of any
perly. An open belfry is better than one kind, or for ships rigging. A i inch wire
partly enclosed. The larger the bell the rope, made as above, has
the same breaking
more dignified is the tone. We have had strength as a one inch pure manilla rope.
A (3 Razor for $1. very great success in selling church bells, Wire Rope Thimbles or Eyes, heart
A by letter, from you
cfle dollar hill
and e\cry bell wo have sold is giving the shaped, for turning the ends of wire rops,
to us, promptly bring to your,
will greatest satisfaction. The material is the mad* for J, 5/16, |, J $ and J inch wire ropes.

nearest post ofliee one of England best specially tempered steel alloy or Price for any size, each 12o.
finest razors. This is the best razor! amalgam, and this metal will stand severe Wire Rope lamps The end of the
made in the world and was made toj climatic influences much better than any wire rope is turned around the thimble, then
sell for $3.Our price is only *1, post- ] other bell metal. Always state the name of secured with the clamp. These clamps are
paid to any Canadian post office. the church or Sunday school, when any bell made for J, 5/16, g, J, f and f inch wire ropei.
is purchased for this purpose. Price for any size, 25o each.
from the stop block is almost
release the car Leaf
runs smooth and easy, is splendid
human. It
It weighs about 30 Ibs. Double Harpoon
ly made and strong.
and ia made of special malleable iron. Fork
Onr price for this carrier, including one This is one of the beet
stop block and the trip pulley, as
shown hay forks in existence.
above, is 85.00. These carriers are made to Locks and trips easily,
run on 4 inch wood tracks. The track can be holds the load secure. Pa
4x4 good pine, or some use 3x4 pine with tent lever lock, length ol
1x4 hardwood on top of it, so that the car
tynes from cross bar to
rier rides on the hardwood. Extra stop points about 30 inches ;

blocks 40c. weight about 21 Iba. price ;

This carrier and pulley is used without any $2.75 each.

change whatever for cither our harpoon
Best heavy, strong Tackle Blocks, for wagon slings, which is a great advantage.
>r Short Slings Hay
fanner s or builder s use. These glings are made of doubled ropes 18
feet long, with large iron rings at each end.
The price is 75c each, 83.00 for the 4 slings.
These short outfits require one of our sling


Our Improved Carrier for Cable or Rod
Track is a good one. The trouble with so
iron, with
These are made of best malleable
many cable track cars is that when the track iron chain, only $1.00. This
attachment of the wrought price
sags a little the locking

been article does it work perfectly. It hangs di

car doe not work. This has thoroughly
the pulley hook of the car, same as
overcome in our Improved Cable Car. The rectly on
continues the Harpoon Forks do. The slings are re-
great demand for stacking
outfits |

leased from it with least tug at the trip.


to increase (see next page about stacking

car we have is just the The short sling outfit therefore includes 4
outfits), and the
block sling ropes at 75c each and one sling trip
thing. The stop is always in position
The car will work lock at $1.00, total $4.00.
and cannot go wrong.
on J. | or i inch cable or rod track. Price
class of for Car, Stop Block and Pulley, 85.00.
We make of this
a specialty
machinery. The practical
man in charge HARPOON HAY FORKS
Co in n on Double i
this department of our business keeps right
np to date in these matters. Every improve Harpoon Fork
ment that comes to hand is quickly placed in No. 1 Double Harpoon
for Fork, weight about 19
our stock and to-day we are headquarters Hay
thousands ol Ibs., made of special steel,
Improved Horse Forks, and
farmers are sending to us, from all parts
price SI. 25 each.
This Har
Canada, for these wonderful labor-saving poon Fork is a well-known,
ticles We sell these forks in sets or outhts, old reliable article. It goes
or we sell any parts separately. We handle in well, holds the load clean
only the be*t goods.
We carry fork outfits and trips easy. Length of
in stock at all times of the year and
would about
tynes from crossbar,
recommend farmers to put them up before 25 inches.
the busy haying season comes on. Grappling
Harpoon Fork
This is a combination
harpoon and grapple fork.
The picture above shows one of our
Jentre Trip Slings, while the next
It lias a hinged head and
crossbar, which tion shows how it is used. The sling is long
rack, and is ad
allows the fork to spread enough for the longest hay lock
out at the points as it ou justable in Isngth.
The central trip or
ever in
ters the hay. This motion is the best device for this purpose
ci-M ii when the load vented. The man at the trip rope
the situation no matter where
the carrier
is lifted, and the points an
then draivn together, thus permitting
th. mav be at the time with its load. The ropes
to 37 in in this sling are inch manilla, and

handling of short hay. It opens of the sticks 4 feet. Pnc<

Price spreader
dies, closes to 23 inches at the points. length
of each sling is 82.50.
>2.50 e.-icli.

American Com
Double Harpoon
Fork pression
This Lock Lever Fork i.

made of spring steel, sets will Sling

This swivel is a
one lover and locks eithe
open or closed. Cross bar nea Attachment;
Latest improved carrier.
or kink. I Length of tyne
car, and the rope cannot twist

from cross bar to points abou This article is used to draw the sling loai
a reversible car, and can be run to either side 22 Ibs. so that it will carry from the load
The ac 30 inches weight up tight
of the stop block with equal ease.

each to its place in the mow without upsetting

tion of the trip pulley as it rises to meet and price $2.75
Wood Track Fork Outfit, No. 1 1 -
For 60 foot track
Improved Car, stop block and pulley . .
8 5 00
Double Harpoon Fork i 25
12 Jointed Track Bolts 1 44
Hay Fork Pulley No. 11 Made of
3 Swivel Pulleys
(one a knot paseer).
3 Wrought Iron Screw
. . 75
best gray iron, japanned iron swivel frame Pulley Hook*.. 30
and 5 inch iron wheel, price 25c each. 60 feet Russian Hemp 60
Trip Rope
120 feet of j inch Pure Manilla 3 60
Rope . ,

The Compression If inch rope is preferred then add

Sling attachment works ad 1. 20 to above.
mirably on the slack rope between the wag 912 94
gon sling and the carrier pulley. When thi
horse is started the first to
happen is the
Wood Track Forlc Outfit, No. 13
tightening up of the sling load. Price of Improved Car, stop block and pnlley . . . 8 5 00
Best Double Harpoon Fork 2 75
Compression Sling Attachment is 2.35. Hay Fork Pulley No. 12 Made en- 12 Joint, d Track Bolts l 44
entirely of best malleable iron, swivel, knot 3 Swivel
Pulleys (one a knot passer) 75
passing, wheel about 5 inches. 50c each. 3 Wrought Iron Screw
Pulley Hooks 30
60 feet Russian Hemp Trip Rope 60
120 feet of J inch Pure Manilla 4 80
Rope .

15 64

Wood Track Fork Outfit, No. 13

Malleable Swivel Rope Hitch, each 25c Improved Car, stop block and pulley. . .8 5 00
Best Harpoon Fork . . . . 2 75
12 Malleable Rafter Brackets and Nail0 1 20
12 Hooked Track Bolts 96
3 Swivel Pulleys (one a knot . 75
passer). .

3 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooks 30

usual to use three or four of the Centre
It is 60 feet Russian Hemp Trip Rope 60
Trip Slings on each load. Therefore a wag-
Trip Locks, for c litre trip eliiiga. A per 120 feet inch Pure Manilla 4 80
fect trip made
of best malleable iron, and un Rope
gou sling outfit of this kind, besides the breakable. Price 65o each.
1 Rope Hitch 25
usual carrier and track, requires three
slings Extra Heavy Binge for Slings, each 10c 816 61
and one compression sling attachment, when
only out waggon is used at a time.
than one waggon is used then three
If more
Snatch Block
Wood Track Fork Outfit, No. 14
slings are
made Improved Car, stop block and pulley. 8 5 00 .

required for each waggon in use, but the Pulley, of

Best Double Harpoon Fork
beet malleable iron. 275
same compression attachment is used for all. 12 Malleable Rafter Brackets and Naili 1 20
To hitch horse to 12 Hooked Track Bolts
draw, makes work 3 Best Malleable Knot
easier. Price $1.00 Passing Pulleys. 1 50
4 Wrought Iron Screw Pulley Hooks. 40 . .
each. 1 Snatch Block
Pulley 100

Common Bolts, 5/16 x 4J inches for tracks, 60 feet Russian Hemp 60

Trip Rope
Jointed Track Bolts-They simply
dozen 25c. 20 f eet g inch Pure Manilla Rope
4 80
screw the rafter and then bolt through
This is o- t be-t Fork Outfit.
the wood track upon which the car is to run. $18 21
They are easy to hang, nd made of best Wood Track Sling Outfit, No. 15
wrought iron. Price 12c each. Improved Car, stop block and pnlley, $5 00
Malleable 4 Sling Ropes, at 75c . 3 00 .".

Rafter Brack 1 Sling Trip Lock and Chain 1 00

ets with 3 12 Jointed Track Bolts 144
v oil ing 3 Swivel Pulleys (one a knot 75
1 i-
passer) ..
holes in which 3 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooks 30
to hang the 50 feet of Russian Hemp Trip Rope ... 50
hooked track 110 feet of | inch Manilla Rope ... ... 4 40
bolls. Price lOc each with the nails. $16 39

Wood Track Sling Outfit, No. 16

Improved Car, stop block and pulley. .8 5 00
Track Bolts, 12 in. loug, each c
HAY FORK OUTFITS 3 Standard Centre Trip SI ings 7 50

For the convenience of our customers who 1 Compression Sling Attachment. 2 35

may not be familiar with Horse Forks, and 12 Malleable Rafter Brackets and Nails 1 20
know not exactly what to order, we have ar 12 Hooked Traok Bolts 96
ranged this line of goods in outfits, a careful 3 Swivel Pulleys (one a knot passer). 75
reading of which will assist a prospective 3 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooka i T .

Double Xuttcd Track Bolts, 12 inches, lOc purchaser. We recommend wood track out 60 feet Russian
Hemp Trip Rope, 60 . . ,

fits for barns. 120 feet inoh Pure Manilla Rope 4 80

We do not include the track in these esti 823 46
mates as it is simply good clear 4x4 dressed
stuff and can be secured iu any locality. Wood
Track Sling Outfit, No. 17
Pulley Hooks, made of best heavy wrought Wood
Track Fork Outfit, No. 1O Improved Car, stop block and pulley.. .8 6 00
iron, threads well cut, price 30c each. For 40 foot track. 4 Standard Centre Trip Slings 10 00
1 Compression Sling Attachment
Improved Car, stop block and pulley. .8 5 . 2 35
Double Harpoon Fork 1 12 Malleable Rafter Brackets 1 20
10 Jointed Track Bolts. 12 Hooked Track Bolts 96 .*

3 Swivel Pulleys (one a knot passer). 3 Malleable Knot Passing Pulleys

. . 1 50
3 Wrought Iron Screw Pulley Hooks. 4 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooks
. 40
50 feet Russian Hemp Trip Rope .... 1 Snatch Block Pulley 1 00
Hay Fork Pulley Xo. 1O Knot pass 110 feet of J inch Pure Manilla Rope 60 feet Russian Hemp Trip Rope 60
ing, swivel, iron frame 6 inch hard maple If $ inch rope is preferred then add 120 feet of J inch Pure Manilla Rope.. 4 80 .

wheel, price 25c each. f 1.10 to above. $12 30 Our bfst Slicg Ontfit. $27 81

Fork and Sling Outfit, X<. 18
V any
farmers prefer forks for loose hay and Tank All of our Rubber Belting is manufactured
This t-.o. 18 is t limps. &1O. by the very bf;.-,t Canadian manufacturers,
grain, and slings for sheaves.
a combination outfit, everj thing of the best. This is un viz. The Canadian Rubber Co. which is a
the sufficient guarantee in itself that the quality
Improved Car, stop block and pulley.. $ 5 00 .
Best Doable Har^ocn Fork 2 75 hrst Thresher s is first-class.
4 Standard Centre Trip Slinga 10 00 Tank Pump that Rubber Carrier Belting, cut to
1 Compression Sling Attachment 235 is made. IT is so any length as ordered.
12 Malleable Rafter Brackets and Nails 1 20 constructed as to 14 inch 2-ply, per foot. 5o
n 9
12 Hooked Track Bolts 96 be low down on 2 7c
3 Malleable Knot Passing Pr.lleys 1 AO 3
the tank. j

4 Wrought Iron Sirew Pulley Hooks .. 40 The cylinder is in

1 Snatch Block Pulley liO a h,iri/ po
60 feat Russian Hemp Trip Rope
sition, thus gaiu-

120 feet of J inch Pure Manilla Rope . . 4 sO

and simplicity.
The cylinder is ."

boivd on a lathe and pol-

Carrier Chain, double link medium, foot,

i.-h-.-d and is doiihl Capacity two heavy, t(

Best Extra Star

l.iiiTfls per minute. The valve seats are of

brass, and practically indestructible.
without inr. -Nj His.;
Y\Yi;:lit puni.
..! .
inches wide, X 2-ply, ynce per foot. 5c
weight of 15 fetV of hose is 15 " "

2-ply, 7c
3-ply, 8*c
3-ply, lOc
These Cable Outfits are for field work, fot " "

prairie -work or for stacking near the barn 4-ply, 26c
prior to threshiug. 4-Tdy, 32c
Set posts firmly iii the ground in a slanting 38c
position and make a loops around it with the 4-ply,
the cable, using the clamps we furnish to se-
cnre the ends. The shoulder clamps are bolt
Larger and heavier sizes on application.
ed to the cable to keep the uprights from
Very Best
working inward. When setting up a stack Hard Rubber
ing outfit, give special attention
to +K>

ity of the stay posts.

Suction Hose
Low Down Tank Pump $10 00 2 inch Hard Rubber
Stacking Outfit No. 4~,
15 foot length of 2 in. Suction Hose .. 6 90 Suction Hose, best heavy
Cable Track Car, withpnlleyandblock,$5 00 20 " " " " "

-- 9 20 wire lined, 15 ft. lengths

Double Harpoon Fork 1 25
10 Discharge Hose and

$6.90 20 ft. $9.20. Kach


1 in.
150 feet of i in. Galvanized Wire Rope, 7 50 Nozzle 2 50

2 Upright Post Bolts at 5c 10 length complete with

sucker end.
2 Wire Cable Clamps to secure ends. .. 50
2 Shoulder Clamps for uprights 20 Sheet Rubber Packing Thick
2 Swivel Pulleys (.one a knot passer).. 50 ness 1-16, J, 3-16. Price per lb., 25c. Al
2 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooks 20 ways give size of the piece required.
120 feet of f Manilla Rope 3 60 18c
Hemp Packing, per lb
50 feet of Russian Hemp Trip Rope 50
If you prefer | inch Rope then add
Ic per foot to above estimate. $19 35
Stacking Outfit Xo. 6
Cable Track Car, with pulley and block. $5 00
4 Standard Wagon Slings at $2.50 10 00
Leather Belting
1 Compression Sling Attachment 2 35
Cut to any length
150 fett of i in. Galvanized Wire Rope, 7 50
10 li~ inch, per foot. inch, per foot, 20c
2 Upright Post Bolts
23c " "
Garlock Spiral Packing, put up in boxes
2 Wire Cable Clamps to secure ends. . . 50 containing 1- feet each. Price 1 per lb,
40 I5C
2 Wire Cable Shoulder Clamps box contains 11 ft., weight about s His.
2 Swivel Pulleys (one a knot passer).. 50 i
;, i
Leather Belt Dressing, 1 Hi. package, fide
2 Wrought Iron Pulley Hooks 20 ;


80 keeps belt in good shape and prevents slip


120 feet of J inch Manilla Rope 4 i


50 ping, no resin used
in its manufacture.
50 fee*, of Russian Hemp Trip Rope "


r,j His.
$31 85 (H Ins.

xl Ibs.
A REMINDER DRIVE BELTS i.arlock Brown Si.,-eting Packing irublier
crack nor
and asbestos mixed), will n>.t

All articles purchased from us carry with

them a certain guarantee or responsibility on
Our Melts are made harden, 36 inches wide, 1 S2 inch thick, per
of the scry best Ex "

foot, $1.00; 1 Hi inch thiek, per foot, $1.75;

our part that the goods arc as represented by
inCanada, tlie laws of Canada
tra Star Rubber." i inch thick, per foot, $3.
us. Being 12c
Asbestos Rope Packing, per lb
can reach us if we decei\ e you. On the other
100ft., 6 In. 4-ply Extra Star Belt (endless) $25 Asbestos Wick Packing, per ball
hand, Canadians who purchase goods in the fi
28 " " "

\sbestos Hi. 40 x 40 inch

110ft., 6in.

United States arc entirely at the mercy of the
30 sheets, sold only in uil sic

120ft. ,6 in. I

U. S. dealers. It they deceive yon in the

38 Thick
" " " "

150 ft., 6 in. 1/16

quality, the laws of Canada cannot reach 47
150ft., 7 in.

them. It: is well to remember that tact, not 50c

We shall be, pleased to quote price for any Per sheet 35o IH>

to speak (if the hiv.ll duty between tin


countries. other length of endless belt upon enquiry. Continued on next )

Separator Sieves KITCHEN PUMPS
Upon receipt sanij le
<>i we can quote yon Pitcher S" >ut

for any size of perforated or wire cloth

x.iiu- Kitchen Pumr st
Best Quality Lace Leather, per Ib 70c for sejterator sieves.
pattern of pu^.p fo:
Best Quality Cut Laces, per Ib 75c Bushel Indicators house cistern use,
Thresher Bitsnel Indicators, counts num will draw watei
ber of bushels automatically as they Cv,me from any cistern.
from the separator, Can used in connec l>c
The handle will turn
tion, with any make of separator. around to any Mil"
Price, in
of the pump head to
cluding three bushel buckets, $13.
suit your conven
ience. In setting
one of these pumps
it does not follow
Adjustable Lace Cutters, each 60c
Band Cutters Knife that the pump must
be directly over the
Belt Hooks, 4 sizes, per 100 20c cistern. The cistern

Threshing Machine Teeth, 7c may be outside ana the pump in the house.
each We can supply teeth for almost any All iron pumps are second class freight.
machine. Send us by sample post one of each
Threshers Goggles, colored or white glass of the old teeth you require, and give us the
or all wire name of the machine for which it is wanted.
pair, 5c postage, 2c
Copper Plated Rivets, assorted, J Ib 15c
We can promptly fill orders for teeth of all
Clout Nails, assorted, per Ib the most common machines in use. Give
Belt Punchers 13c your order plainly, with full information
Cold Chisels, large and samples. Price only 7c for any quantity.
All of our Machine Teeth have nuts, and are
Center Punches, large 25c
made of the very best material.
Alligator Wrenches, small, 25c medium, 50c;


Threshers Very Large Monkey Wrenches, $1 This is used on agricultural
machinery of all kinds. Each Pressed
link has number stamped on it.
and we carry in stock links of all
the following numbers, viz. :
Nos. 25, 32, 33, 34 and 35;
price per foot, 15c. Sinks
Babbet Metal, per Ib lOc Nos. 42, 44, 46, 47 and 48;
Metal Ladles, for babbet or lead 25c
Water Gauge Glasses f x 10 inch, each. price per foot, 20c. Plain Steel. Galvanized Steel.
. . 5c Nos. 49, 52, 55, Al, Arrow ; 16 x 24 ins., ea. $1.25 16 x 24 ins., ea. $1.50
I x 12 6c

price per foot, 25c. 18 x 30 1.50" "
18 x 30 1.75
" "

f x!4 .. 7c
" "

Boiler Tubes 18 x 36 1.75" "

18 x 36 2.00
" "

Boiler Tubing, for threshing machines or Lead Waste Pipe, for sinks, 1J inch, per
other engines foot, 20c.
Iron Brackets, for kitchen sinks, pair 75c.

Water Glass Cutters, each 30c postpaid, 40c ;

Rubber Water Glass Washers, each 2c

Threshers Handy Iron Pipe Vises..,. 2.50

We charge for the full lengtti of rnbe as We carry in stock the best quality of iron
above, hut we have a good machine for cut pipe, in lengths of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16,
ting tubes, and we can cut the tubes to your 18 feet. Iii
lilling orders for pipe we ship
exact required length. Our charge is 2c for longest suitable lengths. If you wish us
each cut. to cut to special length mid rethrearl the

Threshers The price of boiler tubing fluctuates from piece, the price- will be lOc for each re-
Heavy Oilers, long spont, time to time. We always till our orders at Ihreading. A coupling is included with
handled, made in 2 sizes, medium size 20o the lowest current market prices.
each ; large size 25c each. each length of pipe. Iron pipe is 4th class
Threshers Small Oilers, each -.. .... lOo Ingall s Boiler Tube Scraper and Wire low freight. "Price of iron pipe, per foot, is
Threshers Common Bushel Mi-us ures, st d, $1 Brush, positively the most effective boiler as follows :

Threshers Heavy Bushel buckets tube cleaning brush and the most durable
SI. 50 Six.e <ialvau- Weight,
Threshers Large Grain Scoop Shovels, SI. 10 one on the market. Leaves tubes as clean Inside. Plain. ized. per foot,
MACHItfJB OILS as when new. It is a combined expansion
American Amber scraper and wire brush. Price-. 5c foot 7c $ Ibs.
Oil, 1 gal. tins, each . . 50c

2 Inch tie

9c 11-5 Ibs.
5 "

H "

lie 1
in 25 gal. lots in Price lOc "

common oil barrels $1 2 60 2 SO S 10 3 40 3 75 4 35 5 00 12c "

7.50 | I | I

American Amber Oil, in barrels (about

48 gallons) 13.25
AVire Boiler-Cleaning Brush, any size np
to and including 1 inches diameter, each $2.
Pump MasU-
ers These are
Our American Amber Oil is probably the Boiler Compound, liquid form, 6|c per Ib. leather washers, all
best oil on the market to-day for threshers use. Boiler Compound, improved concentrated,
ready cut for pumps.
Best Cylinder Oil, in 1 gal. tins 90c powder form, in 5 Ib. boxes, price, bos, $2. They are sold in pairs,
Threshers Feeding Mitts, post that is,
a plunger waeher and a valve washer,
paid, 13c extra The postage; on any small article which and there are three sizes of each.
Horsehide hands, 1 finger, 16 inches... 85o may be sent to you by mail is Ic for each So. 1 For 3 inch cylinder per pair 15o . . .

kin hands, 1 16
, 75o ounce. If you do not know how much to No. 2

3i ...20o " " " "

Calf-faced hands, 16 ...60c send for postage, then send enough, and we No. 3 4 ...25c
" "

Calfskin hands, 14 ..75o will return the Ixilauce. Postage 5c pair Send paper pattern. <-xtra.

For some years back we have made, a Ench

of the three pump* described lie-
specialty of Iron Pumps, and with g
low are frost proof. At our special re
success. The three pumps we illustrate quest they are made so that the bottom
below are the results
ence in
are put
this line.
of much experi
No better iron pumps
When ordering a
STOCK PUMPS of the cylinder is X feet below the plat
form, and there is an escape vent just
above the cylinder. All that remains
pump and piping always mention the
depth of your well.
FOR WELLS AND CISTERNS is for you to see that the surface of the
well is properly protected u gainst cold.

Style B Force Our Xcw

Fanner s Popular Pump, S!O Improved
Style A Stock Pump? This is a pump for shal Style Force
low or deep wells or cis Pump,
terns in the same way as
This picture shows one our $7 pump is. The bot Style C Force Pump
of our $7.00 Stock Pumps. It tom of the cylinder is 8 is very similar to our Style
is one of the best, iron pumpa feet below the surface, B, but is supplied with a
ever manufactured for pump and the escape vent is jnst stop cock or shut off at the
above the cylinder, and If you work this
ing water for stock. It pumps spout.
fast and works splendidly this makes it (same as in pump with a windmill
(jnst as it is) in wells or cis our $7 pump) absolutely this stop cock will be most-
terns which are not more than frost proof. The size of valuable. At the rear
35 feet deep. When wells the cylinder is also 3^ x sHe of the head of this
are deeper than 35 feet the 10 inches, which makes a pump is a plug, which may
cylinder must be lowered fast pump, especially suit be removed and a pipe at
down to within 30 feet of the ed for watering stock. tached to the pump at this
bottom of the well. This is Second, it is a force-pump point. This pipe in.
done by lengthening the piece of the best kind, the air conducted to a lank or res
of iron pipe between the chamber being just above ervoir at a considerable
cylinder and the pump head, the spout in the centre of elevation, and the wind
and also the plunger rod. the pump. Along with mill is constantly IV
Our price is 87. 00 each, and each pump we send a hose the tank with, the water.
includes the head and short coupling for the spout, as This suppli< lit -

length of pipe and cylinder, shown in the picture. The tle system of waterworks
as pictured. The bottom of pump can be used or "i fora house or barn or both.
the cylinder is 8 feet from the cleaning buggies, -water Price of Style C Pnmp is
It has
platform. The size of the ing gardens, tilling .anl.s, $11 as pictured.
cylinder is 3 x 10 inches in or for fire purpc same si/e cylinder as our
side measure, and gives a good How of water, Third, it has an extension plunger rod, other pumps, and takes 1^
Just above the cylinder is ;i small escape the handle can be removed, and the pump inch pipe below the c\ Un
hole, in the iron pipe, which empties the operated by a windmill. All these points der. Both our Style \\ and Style C Pumps
head of all water after each using. Weight combined and you have a splendid non- have screw spouts to which rubber hose may
of pump and cylinder is 68 Ibs. The bottom freezing iron force-pump which would prove be attached. Price of J inch rubber hosi
el each cylinder is litted for 1J inch pipe. itself a great friend and labor saver to any use. from the spoilt is 12-Sc. per foot. Price of
Price of 1 j inch pipe is lOc per foot. This is farmer or stock raiser. Weight 75 Ibs., tit- brass nozzle, for use at the end of the rin
a low priced well made pump, one that will ted for 1J inch pipe below cylinder. Price hose, is 15c., and this nozzle will thn-
fill the requirements of most farms. $10. as pictured. Iron pipe, Hindi, lOc foot. spray or a stream.
excludes the sand) and thus reaches the iron Reducers J to | inch, lOc ; 1 inch to J inch.
pipe of the pump. Price of our Drive Well lie; li to 1 inch, each 15c; 1 toli inch, 20c, ),

Points, complete with threaded end for at PIPE VISES

taching pipe, only $1.25. Wherev
steam boiler 01
No. 1 Pump dug wells, with
Cylinders, for pipe vises should be
outside threadingas pictured above (inside found. The frame
measure 8.} x 10 inches). Price, *2.~iU malleable iron and
each; weight 16 Ibs. These are same hinged. Screw and i

we send out with each one of our stock milled and tem
pumps. They are each fitted for 1J inch pered steel jaws, holds
iron pipe.
Return Elbow. Elbow End Cap. from i to 2.V inch
Total weight 18 Ibs.

No. 2 Cylinders, for bored wells, with

inside threading (inside measure 2J x 14 Pipe (
niters, :i wheeled, improved p:;

Size No. 1 Cuts to | inch, price -

inches). Price each. This cylinder 4r if . " .


Coupling. T .loiut. Keducer. "

2 1 to 2
" "

iof about the sunn- capacity as our No. 1. ::.<m.


Handles for our Style A Stock Pump, *

Iron Pipe Fitting* Pipe Wrenches. V. and B. pattern-
Handle Bearer Casting for Style A Pump,$l No. 14 Takes pipe i to 1{ b (1.55
No. 24 i to2A

Handle for Style B or C Pnmps, S1.25.

" "

Well Wheels, all iron, 10

inch diameter, for hang
ing over a well or cistern
28 inches
on which to raise or lower
the pail. Price 40c each.
These articles are 1} inch by long,
Well wheel screw hooks
Slid are used in very sandy soil. They are
The water lOe each.
driven right down into the sand.
fc tera through a very fine wire mesh (which

This mill especially made for grinding
oraham flour or corn meal for table use.
The grinding surfaces are of very hard ma
terial, specially made for the purpose, and

pound very true on emery wheels, and will

last for many The shaft is made of
Farmers Feed Cookers years.
steel, and will not bend or break.
Complete with
Heavy cold
rolled steel or boiler Diameter Fanning Mills, best mill on the market.
plate fur of wheel 20 inches. Total 30
nace, with smooth cast iron kettle- weight Ibs. Patent improved geariess pattern chain drive.
most Price, $5.00. Juct the article for a family The
convenient, durable, effective, economical grain can be seen as it passes through
grist mill. the mill. Six fans, improved screw
and cheapest feed rooter market in the agitator;
Farmers Feed Cooker, 30 made throughout of good material and work
gallons, $12.00 "

45 "

1500 manship ; well painted and varnished. Price

S16.75; price with baggingattachmentS21.00.
" " "

Weight, 1751bs.; weightwithbagger,2001bs.
Shipped as double first-class freight.
Fanning Mill Sieves
An immense wire factory in Hamilton
makes all the wire used in Canada for fan
ning mill sieves.
Fanning .Mill Sieve, Wire is all 2-1 inches
wide, and we cut to any length at following
30 gal- agricultural Power Grain Grinder prices. Mesh means so many holes to the
kettle, $ 6 30 The square inch.
45 simplest, cheapest and most durable

i;o " "


1009 chopper made for grinding or chopping corn, For. Mesh. Foot.
3 Pail Sap Kettles, with bale, $2.65 each. peas or other coarse grains. The capaeiu
of this chopper is from 8 to 16 bushels Wheat
" "

3 *>5
per 4 20c
Tank Heater Stove, for hour, depending upon the kind and quality Screening wheat 7 x 20c
water pipe to tank, connecting a hot of the grain and the amount of ii .i
weight 70 Ibs., price $8. power ap 9 x 20,;
plied. An extra pair of plates go with each Peas :: \ 20c
mill. Price $20. Oats from peas
Shipping weight, 200 Ibs. t
x 20c
Note. Grinders, Corn Shelters and Bone
Mills are 2nd class
Oats from wheat
Oats from barley
5x5 20c
freight. 2 x 10 20c
Cockle 8x8 20c
Barley 2.x 4} 20c
Clover 14 x 14 22o
Timothy 20 x 20 21c
Cast Iron Hay Rack, for horse stall, Chess 2 x 10 20o
weight, about 30 Ibs., can be put up in a few Flax 4 x 14 20c
minutes, price $1.50. Sand screen 30 x 30 80o
Cast Iron Feed Boxes, for horse Alsike
stall, 20 x!8 24c"
about 16 inches square, 27 Ibs. weight, fas 1H x 24
tened with screws, .1.00.
Timothy 26c
Timothy from al-
sike 26 x26
DRY Mustard from oat.s 16 x 16
Corn Muellers Mustard fr m barley

No. 1 Common Cast Iron Cora

BONE 10 x 10 20c

machines, price, only 1.50 each.

No. 2 Hatche s Patent "Black Hawk"
This mill will
Corn Shellers, chilled bearings, balance of
grind machine-all parts ot"best unbreakable mal dry
bones, shells, leable iron total weight, 14 Ibs.; will ad
all kinds of ;

just to all sizes of cobs, and separat s col s

grain, gravel, from the corn perfectly, price $2.75 each
stones, old crockery
ery etc
etc. "

It is also a

^ .

No. 3 Improved
)lendid machine f or stale bread,
cracker grinding Burrall s Corn
dust, ro o etc.
ts, barks, spices,
lb ; dla er0f **"* " ""*"
Shelter, the
Scfonly S5. OO best corn shel-
ler ever manu
GREEN factured. It is
BONE all iron and
very durable
MILLS it shells and

For green

fi ne
separates per Root Pulper and Slicer
easy, fectly clean ; it Wheel has six knives (all protected), cat)
and fast. Has will shell eit bet- be used cither as a pnlper or slicer by re
can be taken out, large or small versing the knives. Will pulp or slice tine
corn. We sell or coarse. The knives reverse without tak
sharpened and re- the genuine
placed ing out the bolts. A new and enlarged
50 Ibs
Weight, Bur rii 11 ma style of hopper which prevents choking;
Price $9
chine; weight, bearings all of the best hardened steel balls ;
l. iO 2nd
Ibs.; priee s8.75 ;
class freight. lit 200 Ibs. ! :: 9.50.

Steel Koal Scrapers

Road Scrapers, capacity "
3 cub. ft.,wt. 70 Ibs. $7
5 " "

80 "

" "

90 "

Lever Feed Cutter, No. 1.
The Cheapest and hest in Canada, nicely Garden Cultivator
painted and well made; weight 50 ll..: H>

This a sup; rior hand cultivator for garden

i:ieh throat cuts any length, knife easily
use. It lias two wheels, and a new device for
M capacity alien! J.riii II is. per hour;
a, i--led .

expanding and enclosing which permits the

price only $3. operator to do BO at occe. It is made of best
material, and well constructed. The expand
ing lever ia not shown in the picture above.
[t is comp with attachments for harrow
ing, furrowing and covering. Altogether it ii
a very handy machine for gardens, and will
quickly save its price, which is only 5.00 all
complete. Weight about 2i Ibs.

Wheeled ISoad Scraper*

Capacity 10 cubic feet of earth, track
feet 2 inehea weight -loulbs., .fio.OO.

Hand Feed Cutter So. 2

Oneof the hand-power teed cutters
Improved Seed Sower
niude, ^ knives, well linishcd and sul.istan- For uein the cultivation of onions, carrots,
tiullv constructed, and not liable to get out
beets, parsnips, strawberries and all other
of order. rice $12.50. Weight 160 Ibs.
1 ,>nl\
small drill crops. This machine will do the
Hand En work of six men with hoes. It is a perfect
small seed sower, sowing any kind of seed with
silage Cutter greatest regularity, without waste or clogging.
No. This feed wheel
. !
CultiTators Well made from It has a marker
cutter will lie to handles solid steel frame ; width of track
; for rows. It ii
found a handy
adjustable, depth of cat adjustable ; teeth also made with
machine fo i all reversible weight about 80 Ibs. Hilling
; weederandcul
those who Slave teeth and cutting tooth with each cultivator. tivator attach
no power, but Cultivators, with width lever and wheel ments. It pulli
anticipate hav lever, $6.50. the weeds and
ing power in the
the future 1<

toil, and will

apply to it. It run up close to
runs liyht by hand power, and does raph
the plants.
work, will cut from i to A ton of hay 01
straw peylionr. \Vidih of throat, inches !)
Price, seeder
from * to 1
Cnt.-> inches long. Coneavt I6.CO; price (or
knives il\ wheel is covered. Shipping seeder with t-

weight iTililli.-.. 2nd class freight, price $20.

tachm enti,
1 ower pulley $1 extra. *7.50.

Power Eiisil- Steel Frame Harrow

Hge Cutler A combined field cultiva or and garden har
No. 4 This is OIK row and pulverizer. It can be widened or nar
of the bi s
rowed instantly with a lever for the purpo=e
Krame is made of best steel. Each harrow is

cutters on tin complete with wheel as pictured, and each has

14 teeth, which may be set to any slant. Total
market. It is ;

2 knife cutter weight about 80 Ibs., price complete, 86.75.

with a capacity
of II) tons of
green corn pel
hour. They are Improved Turnip Sower
powerful nud durable. ing pulleyl>ri\ is This is a thoroughly substantial mnchiue,
14 x li inch face. Will cut $, i and inch. 1 and a reliable one for sowing turnips, carrou,
With Wide feed box, witll let-doWll maugolda and beets. These macbii
hide. The fly wheel and f;ear are all cov- England s Greatest Razor the very best satisfaction wherever used.
ered in when working. Shipping Kegular price $H, our special price only Cheap, strong and durable. Price 811.50.
50U -Ibs.. lind clav- 1
ivigln, pvio- $1, postpaid to any nlVive in Canada. 2nd class freight.
sizes, viz., 12 and 14 inches. Each is sup
plied with one extra steel share. Shipping
weight, about 125 Ibs. Price 12 inch plow,
with steel share on plow, rolling coulter and
with wheel, $16 14 inch, same rigging, $17.

All Steel Harrows

All steel frame and all steel teeth Teeth One Horse Plow
held solid. A satisfactory well built harrow. St eel Beam Plow for one horse -work, w iilth
3 sections, 60 teeth, weight 190 Ib3.,$l!.00 of share, 8 inches. Price, with cast share
4 "



15.00 "

and steel coulter, only $9.00; price, wit list eel

5 "

100 "

310 18.00 "

share anil steel coulter, 810.00; weight about

Width of each pection abont 4 feet. 85 Ihs.

S-Horse Sulky Plow

The lightest 2-horse sulky plow carriage
on the market. Perfect in operation, simple
in construction, easily handled, light of
draft; weight, 375 Ibs.; capacity of fur
General Purpose Plow row, 9 to 12 inches wide and 3 to 8 in
A ches deep.
general favorite wheiever used. Where
one plow is expected to do all the work on the Rigged with coulter and wheel, 836.
farm then this is the plow for the pnrpose. wheel and skimmer, $38. "

Improved Disc Harrow Weight ISO Ibs., 2nd class freight. Price with

rolling coulter, steel share, $40.

Positively the best Disc Harrow manufac coulter as pictured above, only $12.50. Broadcast Seeders.
tured in Canada. Special steel beam, best Thcso will sow all
hardened ball bearings spring seat. Adjust
of the common grains
able in every way. Shipping weight about
as well as buckwheat,
400 Ibs., 2nd class freight. Price all com
hnngarian, bone dust,
plete ready for nse, only 822.50.
plaster, barley, red
top, turnip,
gnano, hemp,
corn, rice, rye, etc.
Directions for use are
Improved Jointer Plow on each seeder. The
Made of very best material and of very best Cyclone is the best
workmanship, A prize plow in every sense broadcast seeder now made, and is guaran
of the word An old reliable make of sterling teed to do perfect work. Price 1.50 each.
quality, with new improvements. Weight 140
Ib3., 2nd class freight. Width of share 10^
inches. Capacity 9 to 14 in; hes wide, and 3
to 8 inches deep. Price complete with wheel,
Spring Tooth Harrow reversible skimmer and steel coulter as pic-

Improved Wood Frame Spring Tooth tured above, only $13.00.


Harrow, the very best of made with

its kind,
either 16 or 18 spring steel teeth. The best
barrow for new, rough or stony land. Has a Corn Planters, "King of the Field," the
centre chain connected to draw devise so as best hand planter made. Each 75c.
to bear down the outside teeth. Shipping
weight about 170 ibs., 1st class freight. The
16 tooth covers 6 feet, price $12.00; 18 tooth
harrow covers 6J feet, price 114 00 each.
Steel Frame Spring Tooth Harrows are
same nrirw AS Wood Frame Harrows.

Manitoba Stubble Plow

This plow is made with wood or steel beam,
and sold with wheel and rolling coulter.
Weight abont 100 Ibs., 2nd class freight.
Price with wood beam, $13.00; steel, $14 00.
Made 1
2, 13 or 1 4 inch share, prices all same.

This is the best in the market. Can be

Improved Field Scarifier used by hand or power. The pressing tubs
Or Heavy Drag Harrow, weight 185 Ibs., are strong and do not clog. Powerful screw,
covers 9 leet. This implement works up a easily operated, made in 3 sizes.

perfect seed bed on fall plowing, and is

Prairie Breaking Plows No. 1 Large cider mill and press, $18.50.
specially suited to heavy clay land. Price, This plow is one of the most popular break No. 2 Medium " " "

with iiniiroved shouldered teeth, $12. 0. ."

ing plows iu tlie west. It is made in two No. . ! -Small " " "

Farmers Every-Day Tools

Handled Carrot Hoes, 40c.

Dee Pattern Spade Handles, best, 2.">c.

Long Handled Steel Stable or Snow

Shovel.-:, 35c.
Handled Thistle Spuds or Weedcrs. 30e.

Loug Blade Heavy Ditching or Tiling

Spades, $1.25.

Common English Shovels, 50c.

Long Handled Sod Cutting Hoes, 75c.
Long Handled Ditch Dee Handled Sod Cutting Hoes, 80c.
ing Shovel, $1.

Best Ordinary Steel Shovels, 75c.

Extra Heavy Steel Shovels, $1.
Handlt d Weeding Hoes, 40c.
Spading Fork, Dee handle, 4 prong, 90c.
Spading Fork, dee handle, strap ferrule, $1.

lixtru Large Steel Sand Shovels, 1.

Handled Dutch Weeding Hoes, 5(Jc.

Potatoe Spading Fork, Dee handle, 60c.


(fit I otatoe
Loug Handled, Square Mouth Steel
long 4
Shovels, 7.")c.

prongs, flat, 50c.

Combination Hoe and Rake Weeder, 45c.
Long Hoe Handles, very best quality, lOc.
Hoe Handle Ferrules, 5c.

Long Handled, Round Mouth Steel

Shovels, 75c.

Malleahle Garden Kakes, handled, narrow, 20c

medium, 25c D handle, "
4 prong, Manure Forks, plain
30c ferrule, 65c.
" " " "

Long Handled, Narrow Furrow Steel Gardtn Rakes, handled, medium. 65c D handle, 4pro7ig, strap ferrule, 75c.
Shovels, 75c. " "

wide, 75c D handle, 5 prong, plain ferrule, si.

Garden Rake Handles, best quality, lOe handle, 1
5 prong strap ferrule" $1.10.


\ fvfe ""TiiMllif
Rivetted Ganb-n Hoes,
handled, best steel blades
Grain Scoop Shovels, small, 8,V. and good ferruled han

medium, si. dles, 30c. D handle, 6 prong, Manure Forks, plain

large, si. 10. ferrule, SI. 10.
D handle, 6 prong, Manure Forks, strap
ferrule. S1.20.

vegetable Scoop Shovels, si.i ."i

Solid Shank Steel Hoes, handled, 40c.

Solid Socket Steel Hoes (all one piece) 45c.
American Put. 4 Pr. Manure Forks, plain, 75c
" "

4 " "

strap, 800
Dee Shovel ?ramlle-, ricst qnalitv 25c.
Long "

Very Heavy 2-Hole Mortar Mixing Hoes,

Regular Solid Steel Spade, 7.V. handled. (i()r. handle, 4 prong Manure Forks, plain, ti^e


4 stra]
plain, 100

strap, 1.10


6 plain, 1.10
Extra Heaw Solid Sirel Spade, $1. Handled Turnip Hoes, 40c. 6 strap. 1.20

Grass Scythes, Black Diamond brand, 75c,

Manure Drugs, long handle, 4 prong, 60c. Red Rover brand, 75c.
Farmers Pruning Saw . . 45o

5 "


Short Manure Fork Handle Woods, each lOc

Lonp " " " "
Wide Heel Grass Scythe, Daisy brand, 75c.

I5c Farmers Double Edge Pruning !Sa , 50o

Mowers Delight, $1.00,
" " "

IVe Tops for manure fork Wide Heel Grass Scythe, Excelsior, $1.20.
handles, best malleable
iron, lOc each,

Combination Primer Head and Saw, 1.00.

Scythe Snaiths, patent bolt end fastcn-

ing, medium, 50c ; best. (I M- each.
Plain Manure Folk Ferrules, 5c. Large Wood Harvest Rakes, handled, 12c
Plain Hay Fork
Ferrules; 5c. leather ^litis.
Strap Manure Fork Ferrules, lOo. For ordinary cliorring work,
Strap Hay Fork Ferrules, lOc. or for any other work where a
Caps f"r Ferrules. ;j r .
guod leather mitt is required,
such as harvesting, we sell a Pruning Shears for grape vines, berry bushes,
mosr s])le!idid line of Oil Tanned etc., best quality, patent flat coil spring,
Saranac Leather Mitts. small, 35c medium, 40c large size, 50o ; ;

each. Extra springs 5c each. Postage on

Oiled Sarauac Mitts, one fin
With Sliort Plain Ferrule- a pair of shears 8c.
ger, per pair, 25e.
Hay Forks, 2 prong, straight handle, 30c. Oiled Saranac Mitts, without
2 bent "

35c. fingers, pair 25c.

3 "

straight, 35c.
" "

Price of these splendid rnitKs,

3 bent "

4r>c. doz. lots !? 75 (>

With Long Strapped Ferrule

Hay Forks, 3 prong, straight handle. !<)<.

3 bent "


No. 1 Horse Poke, with wire prongs, 30c. Heavy Pruning She rs, with hand shield, 50c
No. 2 Improved Heavy Animal Poke, with Grape Bunch Cutti-r Shears, 2.V.
one poke stick and to fasten about the Grape Twine for tying grape vines, ball,
neck with a strap, a good article and al skein or rope form. Per Ib. lOc.
Hay Fork Handles, very oest quality, most sure with anv animal, OOc.
medium or long, straight pattern, 12c
.short, ;
bent pattern loc each.

(Farmers Heavy Pruning Knives, each 75o;

postage 8c.

No. 3 Two Prong Neck Poke, with wire

stick prongs, 35c.

Barley Forks, or Short Hay Forks, or PRUNING TOOLS

Chaff Forks, 4 prongs, with wire
long handles, .fl.15 earli.
Straw Forks, 13 inch tynes, 3 prong, long Hedge Shears, best English make, plain
bent handle, plain ferrule, 60c e.-u-h. blades 75c with twig cutter, 1.00.

Oral ii
Grain Cradles,
turkey wing,
moolcy or half
moiiley pat
Buckeye Pruning Cuppers With
wood handles about 20 inches. Price $1. No 1 Corn Knife, smooth edge, 25c.
terns, complete Extra Heavy Long Handled
with sc.Mhe,
Buckeye Tree No. 2 " "

corrugated edge, 40e.

Primer, with heavy blades, $1.50.
f ^.ii) each.
Grain Cradle
Fingers, ir>c

Grain Cradle No. 3 Corn Knife, curved blade, 30c.

Long Tree Pruners, 6 feet long, 75c.


8 "

" " "


10 "

$1 00.
" " "

Grass Scythes, eueapest, 60c. Extra Tree Pruner Blades, 25c. Corn Husking Pin, for mitten, 7c.
Corn Husking Pin,
for glove or bare
hand, lOc.
C o in m o n Iron
Husking Pins, each
Mattocks, each


Pick Mattocks, each . .90c

Cyclone Sprayer For spraying po

tato plants, tomatoes, fruit trees, rose
No. No.
boshes, cattle and Len houses, etc. Has a Pick or ?ian,M-k <-,
reservoir attached for holding liquid.
Throws the finest kind of a spray. A grand
n. 1 Common Post Hole Augers, usual
size,very strong, 8 inch, 90c ; 9 inch, .si
good article at a very low price, viz., oOc 10 inch, 1. 10 each.

each. Made of best heavy material. No. 2 Improved post Hole

Auger, solid
square stem, screw point, made only in 8
inch size, price 65c each.
No. 3 Eureka Post Hole Digger, works well
in any kind of laud,
Crow Bars, best steel, length 4$ to 5 feet ,

price si. 35. 75c each; medium, SI. 00; heavy,

$1.35 ; order lever point or sharp point.
No. 2 Tree Sprayers, for small fruit gar
dens; will spray any size fruit tree, throw
ing a tine, light continuous spray; all
brass double cylinder, about 20 inches
long, short hose with spray nozzle can ;

be screwed to bottom of pail or ti: Barb Cant Hooks, best Impruved

Stretchers, for wood bar, 25c ea.
(loos its work well and easy. Price S3. Buck Bi l pattern; total
No. 3-Strong ouhle I
length 5i feet, weight, 10i
acting Spray Pump Ibs., best maple handle. Price 81.25.
for ii.-e in large or
chards an.i fruit
tariieiis. Can
fastened on the side F80M POST.
or end of any bar
rel, brass lined cy
Barb-wire Stretcher, crank pattern 75c
linder, one long
hose, with good
spray nozzle, works
i-p endi l, and gives
the be-t of satisfac l<Og
Chains Length 14 feet large hook ;

tion. Price, without the barrel, sx. at one end, grab hook at other end, made
Blue Stone of best iron, well welded swivel in centre.

Blue Stone, or Blua Vitriol, used for spray Barb- wire Bundle Lifter, each 40o Log Chains. ~, It; iron, weigh ISlbs., .Sl.ii.~i

best quality, per Ib.

" "


23 Ibs., 2.00.
ing fruit trees, bushes, etc.,
any quantity c. (i Heavy Open Log Chain Hooks, 30c.
Warranted pure Paris Green, per Ib., 22c. Heavy Link Grab Hooks for log chains, 30c
Persiatie Tree Spray.
This in a very concentrated form, en

tirely soluble in water, leaving no ^residue

on standing. No labor is lost in mixing this
solution, and no harmful results will occur Iron Coil Chain, 3/16 inch, per foot, 6|c.
Iron Sledge Hammers, 6, 10, 15 or 18 Ibs
to the fruit trees. Full directions on each J inch, per foot, 8^c.
weight. Price per Ib. 5c.
package. One quart of Persiiitic Tree Spray 5 16 inch, per foot, 9c.
makes one hundred quarts of the mixture ., per foot, IOC.
for spraying the trees. Price, quart, 50c. 7 inch, per foot, 13^c.

| inch, per foot, 16c.

Handled Brush Hook, Sl.CO.
Patent Steel Chain
PatentSteel Chain, no welding, very
strong chain. Price as follows, cut to any

Fence Wire Pliers ami Cutters

8 inch, 35c; 9 inch, 40c 10 inch, 45c.
IB length
No. 4
per foot, 2c.

Light, breaking strain, 450 Ibs.,

No. 3,0 Medium breaking strain, 1,800

These are for cutting black or galvanized Grub Hoe H ead, heavy, 7.V. Ibs., per foot, le.
fence wire. Each pair of pliers has three
No. 7 Heavy, breaking strain, 3,200

places to cut the wire. Strong and of good Ibs., price per foot. t<;

material. Postage loc extra.

ceialty of sell-
Short, Heavy Brush Scythe to tit any or nuiue "A altham Watch
dinary scythe snaith, 85c. There are no bettei
watches made ill the i\ .

than Waltliam s. That is

Post Hole Spoons, round shaped shovels, with why we handle, them ex
very long handles for cleaning out post
holes,, each 75c Pick Axe Heads, each 75c

Law ii Rollers
A perfect pattern of
lawn roller, diameter 26
inches. Your lawn will
look better, your grass
will grow better and
and your mower will
work better after your
lawn is rolled. No. 1,
weight 350 Ihs., price
16 No. 2, weight 250

His., price $13.

Low Wheel Lawn Mower. 12 inch cut, $2.75 Lawn Benches or Settees, iron ends, slat
14 inch cut, 3.00 bottoms aud backs, $4 each.
WIRK POULTRY NETTING 16 inch cut, 3.2c
This is made of galvanized wire, with good
selvage wires. It all comes to us in rolls of
50 yards, but we will cut it to any length.
Per yd.
12 in. wide, full rolls 2^c; cut to 3c
Bio; 6c
H; 8c
He No. 10 Vase only, 20 inches high, diameter
The sizes of the holes in our Wire Poultry of top 16 inches, base 8 inches, weight 30
Improved High Wheel Lawn Mower. 12 Ibs, price $2.75 each.
Netting are two inches each way. The weight inch. S4.25.
of a roll (50 yards) of 36 inch No. 11 Vase only, (right hand picture),
netting is 39 Ihs. Improved High Wheel Lawn Mower, 11
Price of small staples for netting, 8c per Ib. height 24 inches, diameter at top 20
inch. $1.50.
inches, base 11 inches, weight 65 Ibs., price
Improved High Wheel Lawn Mower,
GARDEN TOOLS inch. S4.75.
16 S4.00 each.

Improved High Wheel Lawn Mower, 18

inch. if").

Adjustable Glass Catehers.for mowers. 75c.

Emery Stones, for sharpening lawn mow
Strawheirv Hind Knrks, lOc. ers, 15c. Emery Dust, per Hi.. 10e.
Rubber Garden Ilose,
We carry 3 ply Rubber
Garden Hose in 2 sixes. An
original length in 50 feet,
Flower lied \Veedei-s, lOc. but we will sell hose in any
of the following lengths, 10
feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 35 feet
and 50 feet. The price is
for the hose without coup-
Garden Trowrl.-. Id.-.
lings. When hose and coup
lings are sold together, we
will lit them for yon. The No. 12 Lawn Vase, with pcdc.stal and base,
measure given is inside ileft hand picture!, height 41 i)n !ies.
measure of hose, diameter of top 16 inches, base 14 indies,
Rubber Hose, 1 inch, cheapest quality. weight 86 Ibs., price $5.00.
per foot, Sc. No. 13 Lawn Vase, with pedestal and base
Rubber Hose, i inch, good medium qual (right hand picture 1
height 4 feet,
Flower Bed Tool-, per set of 3 pieces, ae- ,

and 45c. ity, per foot. lOc. diameter of top 20 inches, base 17 inchc--
ording to sixe, 15. 20. 25. 3"

Rubber Hose,
Child s Mower lied Rake. 15c. j inch, very best quality, weight 162 Ibs.. price sp.OO.
per foot, 12c.
Hoe. 15c.

Rubber Hose, f inch, good quality, per

Hoys or Ladies Small Spades, 15 and 25c. loot. 12^c.
Rubber Hose, f inch, best quality, 15c.

Brass Hose Couplings, -J or f , lOc.

Regular Garden liakes, handled, small 20e Repair Hose Joint, i or f, 5c.
Regular Garden Rakes, handled, nied 25e Handy Screw Hose Hand, | or J, 5c.
Regular Garden Rakes, handled, large, 30c II.
Hand, double wires, or f , 2 for oc.
i- :

Steel (;anli-n liakes. medium sixe, 65c.

Hose Band Wire Pinchers, 20c.
large sixe. 75e.
Wide Reversible Lawn Hakes, handled, 60e
Lawn Twig Browns. I5c.
Lawn Sprinkler-,, to attach to garden
Huiiiier Hose Washers, 6 for 5c.
Garden Ilose Heels, of best Height 4 feet 6 inches, diameter of basin
material, with Brass Hose Xoxxle. spray, stream or shut
iron wheels an.l hose holder, 1
very ornamental,
feet, weight 800 bs.,.

price 75,.. one, a splendid ncxxle. price I5c.

off. all in
price $10.00 each.
TiiovcabTe sides, stunt wood wheel, v.-rll tired,
braced legs as pictured, nice painted, and
well suited for a general purpose family
barrow weight. 45 His-.; price,, 3.25.

Heavy Farm Barrow, sides remove-able,

Iron Barrow Wheels. heavy all-iron wheel,- braced legs, painted
No. 1 Iron Barrow "Wheel, height 16 ineh- ted :
-weight, 70 lb.,.; price. $3.35.
width of 1J inolies, number
tire <
I We offer good value in Farmers Grain
spokes S, weight of wheel 10 His.; pi-ie.-. Sags. We carry four qualities, standard size.
with heavy holt for axle, 85c. This wheel Xo. 1 Grain Bags, per dozen $2.50
is intended for light harrows. 2 2.25
" " "

sjo. ..
Nn. 2 Iron Barrow Wheel, factory made Vo. 3 2.00
" " "

height, 19 inches; length of axle, 11 4 1.75


inches; width of tire, 2 inches;

diameter Vst Cotton Twine, ball I0 dozen 1.00 ;

of solid axle, f inch; number of spokes. -fandy Bag Holder, for holding open grain
8- weight 18 Ibs.; price s 1.10 each. bags, may be hung near a grainery on ha rn
SAMSON Steel Wheelbarrows
Solid Steel
floor and is very useful. Price each.


BARROW tray, Bteel tubular handles, very strong,

WHEEL metal no wood used in construction at all,

No. 3 This is the besl Price, complete, with wheel, only $6.75 ;
barrow wheel manu weight, about 90 Ibs.
factured. It is hand
made in every detail,
and of specially
strong construction
height, 18 inches;
Elevator Buckets.
length of axle, 15 Made of heavy tin, with iron bands.
inches width of tire,
Across Price
2 inches diameter of
belt. Projection pints. each.
solid axle, inch : Handy Hand Cart, diameter of wheels, o(>

number of spokes, 12; weight onh llji inches; axle, -J inch; box, 40^23 inches; 3 inches 3 inches 4c
His.;price $1.25 each, or 5 for Mi. depth of box, 10 inches; weight, 90 Ibs.; 3 "

Si ;.
Iron Harrow AVhee s secure a third (lass nicely painted price $5. ;
4 :-:

low freight rate, same as wheelbarrows.
6 1

or Barrel
Handy Bag
Truck, metal handle, l.oani

bottom, iron wheels, price 7 5 2i 10

Same, with bag holder
attachment, if! f inch by 3 16 or i. peat loc. $1. 40.
1 inch by 3 Hi or i. per 100, 1,45.
inch by 3 16 or -
J, per KXi, 1.50.

Barrel Headers or
Railroad or Navy Barrow, full sized tray, Fruit Presses
well and strongly made, bolted through :

by apple packers for

out, made of selected hardwood, with iron
down the fruit be
wheel, weight about 45 Ibs. Knocks down ending the barrel
flat and secures lowest freight price only ;
The side chimps \\ or!,
SI. 75 each. Rough, but cheap and strong. i
torn of the barrel
.i-r s Ham Floor Truck, heavy iron Sixe of screw, H inch diam
v heels and legs, good_-;tiong article,; eter. Total weight of
weight, L l! Ibs.; price, $1.75 each. about 15 Ibs.
er, Price,
Warehouse or Store Truck, for heavy work, sl.35 each.
iron wheels. :U inch tread x S inches high.
Mont axle, wood cross bars mortised weight, Pullers,
i 1
Ibs.; prii for top and bottom rows
in the barrel, when ,

Oanleii \Vheclbario\vs, with removeabV ing, 25c.

nidcs, nicely painted, striped and varnished,
iron wheel, braced legs, made for light gar Farmer s Hand (Jrain Sieves, 1:.
den or lawn work shipping wuight. 451b>.;
wood frame, IS inches diameter, reii.
price $2. 25 each. wire gauze bottom, any mesh from i

to the inch. each. Price tiMc

lion Founder llea\y Kiddles, :; si

Wooden ir^ii. is inches diameter, am mesh \ouwish

2 Quart Measures (inspected) ...20c

" " "

...25c fioin ;: to Hi, each 75c.



...35c teavy Brn- hes, steel wire,



j Bushel

...50i with handles, 1 rows of 3J im-li vire, ea. 45c,

... $1 Mason s Kxtra Hea .ind:ir>l

Iron, wood hoi Tin 4 Qt. Measures "

.. .35i mesh |2 x i inc.ll in tile clear} made of No.

Peck "

...60c 1(1 gauge wire.

Half Bushels cadi size 7 feet X
Family Harrow, with incll

Heavy Garden re- "

or ;
send a pattern of the old knife on paper,
showing the bolt holes. We can supply cut
ting box knives to fit any machine.
No. 3 Cutting Box Knife, each 90c
No. 4 $1.00
" " " "

No. 5 1.10
" " " "

If we do not have knives in stock same as

your pattern we can have them made for
Wire Horse Muzzles, to prevent horses from you, in which case we reserve the right to
eating busies and green stuff when cultiva have them sent direct from the factory to you.
ting, each 15c.
Wire Hens Nests, clean, airy and durable,
can be screwed up to any convenient plan-. 25e
It is a perfect, grinding machine. Both sides
only 6c each of the machine sections are ground at the same
We carry in stock Lightning Hay Knife, best quality of steel time, and
sections for all the and best pattern of hay knife now made, perfectly uniform. This is the only

machine that will grind a broken or notched

most importantMow- weight 4 Ibs. Used on hay stacks or in
erg, Binders and hay mows ; cuts quick and easy, easily
Reapers. We can al sharpened; length of cutting edges, 20
so have manufact inches ; length over all, 34 inches. Price
ured any number of only 75c each.
any section you de
sire. When sections
have to be manufac
section properly. There are two wheels with
tured to order, we
each grinder. One, a bevelled edge, for grind
reserve the right to
have the sections sent direct from the fac ing sections, and one with a flat surface for
Section each other work. The wheels are made of corun
tory to you, rather than delay your order Hay Knife, $1.00
for other goods. Sections for Hay Knife, extra" large, always dum, a substance much harder than emery.
send pattern, each 15c. Total weight of each machine 18 Ibs. Price,
Our price for sections to fit any machine is
$5, with 2 wheels ivs described and pictured.
only 6e for each section, and any number at
that rate. The price incl jdes sufficient rivets Extra wheels 60c each. Saw gumming wheel
60c extra
any number of sections ordered. If you
want sections sent by mail, then add 3c for The surface of the on 6
each section. wheel is tlat. and iliiin th 1

Special Jfotice We accept will m machine may lie used for

order for sections for any machine unless a other purposes. such as
Straw Stack Knives, knife edge
pattern of the section (showing the size of grinding scissors, jack
section and position of rivet holes) accomp pattern, each 90c butcher
knives, hoes,
anies the order and always give, also, tha One of these
knives, etc.
name of the machine for which they are Grinders will cost you $5,
wanted. Our customers tell us our machine but you would not take 25 for it if you
sections are the best they have ever used. Harrow Teeth, length 6 inches, threaded could not
Pointed at lower get another.
They are all ready, keen-ground, for im and nutted at top end.
mediate use. Price only 6c each. end. Weight Ib. each. Price 5c each. Family
Section Rivets, best, assorted lengths in 1 Sulky Teeth. Rake Wheels Emery
Ib. box, per bex 12c. Made of very best tempered and tested The illustration shows
MACHINE CUTTER BARS steel. We carry in stock teeth for each of one screwed to the cor
ner of a table or work
We do not carry Cutter Bars for all machines the following rakes :

in stock. At present we only BtocK Cutter Maxwell Hake Teeth, eaeh 25e. bench. A great speed
bars for Brantford Mowers and Meadow Lark Tiger Rake Teeth, right hand, 2-V. can lie obtained, and for
Mowers. Tiger Rake Teeth, left ham!. 2.V grinding table knives,
Brautford Mower Cutter barj complete Sharp Rake Teeth, 35c. carving knives, jack
with seventeen 3x3 sections, head casting knives, etc., such an Em
marked 22 H. Price, $3.00. ery Wheel can make it
Meadow Lark Mower Cutter Bars, with self very valuable in any
seventeen 3 x 2 sections head casting marked house. Price, only 91
No. 292. Price, $3.00. Plow Handles \\upainted, each 40c pair 75c. eaeh, complete as bhown
in cut. Diameter of Em

Meadow Lark Guards, M. L. E., 25o, each.

Brantford Guards, No. 628, 25o. each. ery Wheel, 6 inches; thickness of whesl, f
M. L. Guard Plates, 4c. each, 40c. dozen.
. iuch total weight, 5 Ibs. ;

No. 628 Guard Plates, 4c. each, 40c. "

M. L. E. Guard Bolts, 4c. each, 40c. Foot The

No. 628 "

4c. each, 40c.


,, Grinder Power
We can make Guard. Plates to order for In any shop where an
any inaeliine, no less than ]2 made. edge tool is ground, this
machine will be welcome.
Plow Wheel, with clamp, The speed is exceptionally

Patent Reversible Skimmer, with clamp, fast. The wheel is of the

$1.10. very best Turkish emery,
Plow Colter, with flam]), ?1.25. will cut quick and last
Kruse Ivross Plow Klevis. Jits any plow, 25c long. Size of wheel 6
inches by f inch thick, and
3,600 revolutions per
Buy a "Waltham" Watch and minute is easily maintain
Cutting Box Knives We offer these you will have good time keeper.
a ed. The machine can be
knives in three different sizes. They are We make a specialty of genuine fastened up in any con
numbered 3, 4 and 5, and on your old knife Walfliaius. See index for pa.^e. venient place with very
yon will likely tind a corresponding number. little trouble. Price $5. 1 5.
However, to make sure, it is best to always Weight IX Ibs.
Chan" or
Best Splint,
Smooth Grit Cigar Shape Emery Stone, lOc. Side handles.
well made. 1
ity. each 20c ;
dozen, $2.10.
2 bushel ca
Coarse Grit Best Solid Emery Scythe pacity. each
Emery Wheels. Stone, wire center. 15c.; 6 f..r 75e. 40c; dozen, $4.50
Safety Disc
Best Hamilton manufacture I Emery Hart
Wheels. Always give size of mandrel hole, Sharpener
Turn disc harrow on
and say for wbat purpose tin- wheel is
Wo run make- them with llat or its Lack and attach
Wanted. Rest Green Willow
the crank as in the
bevelled edge or round edge as ordered. Feed Baskets, capac-
picture. A good ar 1 lui.shel. cadi
ticle, will last a life
time, and does its
work right :weight,
aliont 8 His.: price $ 2
each. Any farmer can
sharpen his discs him
self with one of these
sharpeners aud do the Ilayeoek Covers
work Those are used for
covering ha\ eocl
sudden storms. They
are made of good duck
Less than i inch same price as ini-h.
canvas, and ha\ e eye
5 inc-li same price
as | inch.
let hole corners.
i inch. " "

Haycock <

overs. size
Larger sixes quoted for on application. 5 x 5 feet, ea<

Havcoct Covers, size 6x6 feet, each 80e.

,ck Covers, size 7x7 feet, each s 1 .



Best Binder Canvas, 36 in. wide, per yd..36c

40 " " "

50 " " "

Grindstone Castings, light weight, set ">0<

58 "

" "
mod. " "

We "

60 " "


" "

7.V Onr canvas is the best heavy white duck,

Grindstones. and will be out to any length.
We stock a large quantity of tin-
carry in Binder
very grindstone- from the famous
host Slats
Cleveland quarries. These stones vary in 40 ill., each 2e
price as follows, 50, 60. 70, 80, tide, si H h, , 50 in., each lie Staclt or Grain Corers
The are 60 each -lo
.riling to si/.e. in., Made of extra quality, S ounce duck,
for fanners general purpose use. n We Metallic quick priced withonv poles, but wiih eyelets
advise our customers outside of the mvinee These
fm sides, with short ropes attached.

.1 f On purchase grindstones lYum MS.
I arii i to broken hinder covers may lie P irain in
10 heavy and too eheap to send bags or barrels, or any other simila.
slats, .V each,
profitably on a long
distance shipment. 10 x 16-feet, 84 00 II 60
oil handy
12 x IS feet, 5 40 10 1M ">0

article. feet,
14 x 20 feet, 7 00 ;,
18 00
24 x 40 feet, ,*24.00.

Machine Section Sharpener, mow, rs
. , . ,
Coppered Binder Hat Rivets. lb. 2.V.
friend, Ci ou \ails, Eor binde)
Ti Ulfed i ,
Hi. l.V
made of emery, use, as while the S |. lt straps. U x u: inches, cadi 12e.
arm is in the machine, each 20c.; (i for.fl.
ll( .. |vv ,. ;..], i;,,ii,.,

Red End Scythe Stones, 3c.; 6 for l.V. White Wall Tents
The prices include poles and pins,
and our
Rubber These are 8
I>rill Tubes ox. ami Id 07. duck canvas is the \ cry best.
made of the hest of pure rubber, and only by
buviug great quantities of these articles are
ilili- to qiiot<-
such prices as \vc do.
best. Rubber Drill Tubes,
Rough Grit Scythe Stones, .1 h 6 for 25c. -No. 1-Bell T.I.,
(Upper picture) 23 inches long, price 25c

No. 2 Plain Top best Knbber Drill Tubes,

23 inches long, inside at top 1J inches,
No. 3 Plain Top, best Rubber Drill Tubes,
English shape. Hound Stone, lOu. 23 inches, inside at top If inches, each 20c
Canvas Eyelets.
Brass Eyelets, with
as pictured for use ou
canvas, made in 3 sizes. Size
of hole i inch, per dozen 5c

5/16 iuch, dozen 8c ; f inch,

dozen 10c.

Cotton Flags, on sticks, either Canadian Sailors Sewing
flags or Union Jacks, both same pi-ires. each, Palms, 35o
Size 3x2 inches, each,
lOo Ic ;
Flax Spinning
Wheels, foot power tread,
postage 5c.
6 x 3* 2c all hand
; 20c made, of very choice wood, and of
9x6 3c 30c

Sailors Yellow Oiled

best seasoned stuff,
very light running,
14 x 8 5c ; 50c

Clothing: Caps, 45c 8 f tb v v l"*t.

22 x 13 10c I 81.00 jackets,
$1.25; and pants,
S1.25, all made iu iToi !,

d ameter of wl t 1 30
Total w? "


3 sizes, smolL medium whes; "

27 x 18 15c 1.50
and large sizes. price $5 50
30x22 Mariners Pocket Wheel Heads, for wool
25c; 2.50
Compasses 25c .

spinning wheels,
Cotton Flags, not Sticks on per right hand illustration
above, with
These may be sent by mail at a cost of anti-friction
bushings and well made, 65c.
from 2 to 8c each, according to size.
Union Jacks, 14x11 inches, 5c Wool Cards, for card
each, doz. 50c ing wool or cotton,
26x20 15c 1.50
length nine inches,

32x32 25c 2.50

R l Standards, 25x21 15c price, per pair, 40c.
Caiiail n Flags 32x21 20c Postage, per pair. 20c
2.00 extra.
British C.ofA/25x30 20c 2.00
Fgs. of Sootl d -26x18 15c 1.50 The Teslin Camp Stove, folding or collaps
21x30 20o 2.00 ible, 4 hole top, large roomy oven, good tiro WHAT OUR FRIENDS SAY
Irish Flags, 24x2t> 20c 2.00 jox with dampers, stands on legs. Total Ihcse who buy our goods sesrn more like
French Flags, 29x20 18o 1.75 weight, with 5 pipes, 56 Ibs.; price, with personal friends than customers in the usual ;

German Flags, 29x20 18o 1.75 testable stove pipes, $3. The picture show meaning of that word. We receive at our
American 29x20 "

18c 1.75 one knocked down flat for shipment. office many unsolicited letters of a
Postage on any of above flags, 5e extra. The Camper s "Handy Andy" Stove. nature. AVe wish we had room to pleasant
Cotton Bunting, red, white or blue, yard 5c This is a light sheet steel collapsable stove, of them, but that is not print all
possible. We thank
Best English Flags
vith 2 hole top, kuocks
Banting right down fh-.t fox our friends heartily for the many expres
carrying ; length, 24 inches width, 12 in sions of good will that we receive. ;

English ches weight, 15 Ibs.; price, $1.75 with

Length. Ensign.
Same stove, with 1 hole top, total length
Worth More Money
Dear Sirs, About four years ago I bonght
inches, 81.50.
3 feet $1 35 one of your Maple Leaf Washing Machines
6 "

2 00 and I never have to nse a wash board for

9 any article, no matter how dirty. It is an

3 50
_J2_ 6 00
honest machine, more than -worth the
Fine Silk Flags money. Yours truly, Mis. P. St.C. McGregor.
Union Jack, 15 x 11 inches, each 25c.
Our Catalogue is Too Modest

22 x 16 " "

50c. New
Westainsser, B. C.

37x24 "

$1. Dear S rs, The organ arrived in tivst

English Ensign, 15 x 11 inches, each 25c. class condition a fortnight ago. It is fully
Royal Standard, 34 x 24 inches, each 50c, as good, or better, than described in your
Canadian, 4x6 inches, each gc. catalogue, and has been much admired by
15x11 " "

25e. Money
allwho have seen
it. We also received the
improved combination box of
37 x 24 saddlery and whiffletrecs previously.
" "

1. lock and alarm bell, can be set to com

Irish Flags, 4x6 inches, any I am
each lOc. bination, and only opened by the person very well pleased with all of the goods,
American Flags, 17 x 12 inches, each 45c. in the
knowing the correct combination, a false near hope to send you another order
a lid
37 x 24 "
" "

trial rings the bell future. Yours truly, R. W. Lyness.

specie and bill compart
Silk flags mailed to
any address for 5c extra. ments. Well adapted to farmers and store Gives Entire Satisfaction.
keepers uses. Price complete, $2.00 each. Kennell P. O., Assa.
These drawers can be fastened in a moment Dear Sirs, I received my parlor organ in
to any table or counter.
Weight 10 Ibs. the best of condition, and ive have been
using it for some time aud we are well
Store keepers Straw Cuffs, pleased
with it. Yours truly, C. H. Barker.
best plaited green straw, well Expert Judged It An
made, and very useful to save Uphill P. O., Out.
Caulking Irons, each 40 wear of linen cnffs, price per pair Dear Sirs, The organ I bonght of you
Life Preservers lOc 6 pairs for 50c. I was not able
Life Preservers, 8 block cork belt pattern
; gives splendid satisfaction.
to judg^l or myself, so I waited until an ac
with shoulder straps and rope waist $1.25. tie, quaintance of mine tried it, and he pro
nounced it a first class organ and a good
toned instrument and a credit to your linn
OAK LOCKS n sending out .such an instrument. Yours
Edward Butterworth.
Made of best malleable iron,
TICKET PUNCHES One Order Loads to Others
inned, pattern same as the
icture. Price 35c per pair. Small punches for conductors, barbers or Ducks P. O., B. C.
others who have occasion to punch tickets. Dear Sirs, I have, received the goods and
Each punch has pocket to hold the clippings. 1 am much plea.sed with them, and I expect
Length 3^ inches, nicely plated, price 25c o M inl for more later on. Yours truly,
each ; postage 5c extra. Win. St. Laurent.



1 set figure*,
stencil ink and
Used for stamping
tool handles or ma
chinery. The pic
ture gives one a
fail idea of them.
Each letter is J
inch on the face and For horses, cattle, sheep, swine or other
face of which stock. Small brass tags with name or
in tencil Brushes, each lOc postage 3c extra. ;

the piece of on the

Sold in itials stamped on each. Size of tag 1J x f Jake Stencil Ink, lOc postage 5c. ;
is inches long. only
the letter is, 2J
inches. &
Price in lots of not less than 1 | inch 90c 1J inch size, $1.25.
alphabets of 26 letters,
and the figure ;

do not sell (all alike 2Jc each. For smaller quantities 3c 1 inch SI 1| inch size, 1.50.
making a total of 27 pieces.
We 1

1 in. size, SI. 10

2 inch size, 2.00.
are sold only u. each. consecutive numbers are wanted on
the letters separately they

these tags the price is |c each more. Post The postage on any of the above is about
Price per set only $1.50.
age, 25c per 100.
per cent, of the price.
Stencil Names Cut to Order
We these at 65c per set.
6* c n "
BUTTON EAR TAGS or grain bags, boxes, barrels, crates, etc.,
sell Af ?the
gists of the figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0, These are stamped with your name and ut in one piece of brass plate .
figure 6 being used for a 9 when required address and are numbered consecutively. 1 inch letters, price per letter 4o
Postage on a set lOc
extra. These steel They are round and are made of heavy brass, 3 !>
3C "

figures are on the ends

of 2i inch steel bars, lave back lugs to secure firmly to the ears. I 2c "

About size of a 25c piece, for swine

same as the letters described above. to. 1
more We
shall be pleased to quote special price
or sheep. Price 5c each, or in lots of on application for stencils cut to order for
than 50 at a time, 4c each postage }c each. for other uses.
apple barrels, flour barrels, or

No. 2 About size of a 50c piece, for horses

When writing enclose stamp for reply, and
or cattle, price 7^c each, or in lots of 50 state exactly what is wanted.
more,6Jc each postage |c each.

We will make stamps, horn brands,
stock brands, barrel brands, lumber brands
or any thing of this kind toorder. Prices on ap ALPHABETS
plication. with particulars of what you
numbers or For marking show
These figures
are used to number dwell cards, boxes, barrels,
or to
ing houses in cities,
bags, trunks, etc.
number bedrooms in hotels Prices as follows per
or for other similar work.
Each figure is separate and has
nails on the Alphabet set :

back with which to secure it to the door.

3 inches long and nickle plated.
LOCK STENCIL LETTERS 1 inch Letters 40c li inch Letters. .90o
They are STENCIL, 13

Price of each figure is lOc. Postage on each 50c
ii "

a 2 "

Sgure would be 2c extra. LETTERS ti
These are 1 inc These Strip Alphabets can be sent by

oval in shape.
1x2 inches
numbered cpnsecutively, and made oblong
riee, with round head*
brass screws, lOc each



postage, 4c extra.
slipped into or locked
when in use.
board boxes.
letters, cut in

brass letter,

with the next

The letter A,

by a
simple contrivance, is

They are put up in neat card

Each box contains each o
the 26 letters of the alphabet, one beginner
witk period one
to any address for 12c per

as shown is exact size Strip

of the letters. Each
IJ inch,
set for postage.

Stencil Figwres-1, 2 3, 4, 5
out in 1 piece brass strip, ft
size per set, 25c i inch size per set,
1 inch size per set, 40c
1J inch 50o
on any set, 8c extra. ;

Alphabet and


are made These tags of piece, one ender piece

blank and the (cannot be mailed
brass with a small key comma, one period, one on account of
Price per box,
letter & ; in all, 32 pieces.
ring attached to each.
5c extra. danger from
Diameter of tag, 11 in only 50o ; postage breakage in the
ches. Each tag will be
stamped with consecut ivo Separate Letter set $1.35
numbers (in large s:
Stencils Bound Stencil Plates, i in. letters,
suit your order. They are Made of heavy brass, "

l .66
used attaching to
clean cut and turned
hotel bedroom keys, and are usually number bottom end.
Price of each tag lOc.
up ;>t

1, 2, 3 and upwards. She Saved

Postage Ic each extrf, We will make these
tags in any quantity for you.
Pine Lake, P. O.. Alberta.
Dear Sirs, The sewing ma bine arrived
iu (i vs , elass condition and am much I it is better by far

than 1
please,! or
1 consider I
saved *1>0

from tin". Vours very re
ordering your
M li;1 Hryniblson.
TagPuncher and 100 Wires, 25c.; post. 1 Je.
These pages contain many articles which
it would pay farmers to always have handy Section Rivets
about, so that in case of necessity he could Screw Head Bolts, in boxes containing 15,
put his hands on them in a moment. In this Machine Section Kivets, J, 7-16, 4, g, f ,
assorted sizes and lengths. Per box 15c.
connection we name mixed wire naile, iron and 1 inch. Price per Ib. for any size, 12c.
shoe lasts, harness rivets, a box of mixed Put up also in boxes of assorted sizes (]
bolts, and the same of screws, split keys, price 12c per box.
ection rivets, ftnd a do>en other articles.

REPAIR Machirre Head Bolts, in boxes containing

and lengths.
15, assorted sizes Per box 25c.

Harness Rivets Best quality soft
Repair Links for mending chains, some
Coppei plated rivets, large heads, put up in
times called coldshuts, because
1 Ib. boxes, sizes g, 7/16. 4, 9/16, |, j, I and they are
with burrs
closed without heating; a very
handy arti Coach Screws, in boxes, containing 15 as
1 inch, to match. Per Ib. 2oc.
cle. Repairs to chains quickly and easily sorted sizes and lengths. Price, per box, 25c.
Farmers Handy Box Coppered made made in 4 sizes.
Rivets and Burrs, 4 Ib in neat card box. ;
Plow Share Bolts
Assorted sizes suitable for mending lines, Repair links, 3-16 inch iron, per doz. 12c .
Square head or round
traces and all kinds of leather straps. Price "
head, right hand or left

per box, only loo. Postage, per box, 9c. hand thread, 1J, \\. 1J
For farmers who wish to keep an assort inch, 2 for 5c or 25c per
ment of sizes handy, we have boxes with 25
repair links (some of each size). Box 25c.

Bevel!** Clinch Rivets Best Carriage Bolts per doz.
A In boxes containing 6 Trace Staples and
very handy harness rivet, no hole is

in. thick, and 14, 2, 24, 3 ins. long ____ 13c

rivets for same, 6 Hames Staples and washers
ivy to punch, the rivet drives right /16 14, 2,:
for same, all for regular farm hantfcss. Price
through :md is quickly clinched; best cop 5/16 4,
per box, 30c. Very handy to have. Too

pered, will mend anything in the way of 2, 24,

harness straps, belts, shoes, sheet iron, rub heavy to mail.
ber or felt. Put lip in very neat boxes, 100 24,3,
nssoiied lengths in each box. 1 iice per box, 44,5,
lOc ; per dozen boxes, iUlc postage, 5c box. ;
Extra Large Bevelled
Clinch Rivets, for very 10, 11,
heavy work, like mending 13, U,
traces, lOOiu box20c post ;
MixCfl Bolts For general convenience
age, per box, 8c extra. Steel Swivels for trying calves, dogs, cat
of our customers we have 25 bolts of assorted
Handy Harness tle,horses or other stock very strong and ;
sizes in card boxes for 25c per box 25 bolts
Hooks light; swivel works easily size, of eye $ inch. ;
for 25c, and such a box will oftimes save the
Put up in boxes of 50, as- Price, each 5c ; per dozen, 50c. jrice of itself by having it couveLicnt.
Sorted sizes, for mending
other similar work.
postage 5c extra.
joining belts and
Price, pev bos, lOc ;

Double Pointed Carpet Tacket, per pack

age, 5c. These are used for a great variety
of purposes and are very handy.
Common Wood Screws
Postage, | inch, light, medium or heavy, per gross 20c
2c per package extra.
" " " "

Zinc Points, for fastening In window glass. " " " "

\ Ib. packages, lOc; postage 9c extra
i ,, ,,


" "

Tubular Harness Kivets i 40c
This is a very popular harness rivet, and Mixed Screws for farmers uses, 6 dozen in
can be, used for a great variety of work. The the box. All good sizes, price per box 15c,
rivet is hollow, anil by the means of our Mixed Iron Washers We put np
Handy Riveter is promptly set and clinched in convenient boxes a handy assortment of
In a moment. The tubular rivets are in a
Iron Washers for carriage bolts. The sizes
ge oV
assorted lengths, price 5c per of the holes of these washers vary from J inch
package 50e per dozen
; postage 3c each. ;to f inch. Price per box only lOc. MIXED WIRE
Tubular Hivetters, as illustrated above, In package^, 25c worth, assorted sizes ol
weigh :;J- Ibs. eaeli. An automatic machine ,he best of steel wire nails, suitable for all
rivetting any length of tubular harness cinds of work about a farm house. The sizes
rivets. Price 50c each, with 1 box of rivets. n each package are from li inch np to 5
Mixed Tire Bolts These boxes con nches, the most of them being 2f inch and
tain 25 tire bolts of assorted sizes, and we I inches long. These nails are mixed in just
have no doubt they will prove themselves bout the right proportion for farmers uses,
to be equally as popular with our friends as ivcry freight order should include one of
Split Keys, for machinery, per dozen, as the regular carriage bolts have in boxes. ,hese handy packages of mixed wire nails.
sorted 5c ; postage 3c extra. Price of the 25 mixed tire bolts only 15c box. ?rioe, 25c per package.


Every home should be supplied with shoe Oiir \o. 2 91. 4O Improved
Steei Wire Brads or moulding nails, in 1
makers tools to a more or less extent. They Family Cobbler
Ib. papers 3 inch, 6c 2J inch, 7c 2 inch, ; ;
soon save the price of themselves, besiik-.s It contains 1 ir 3

8c ; 1J inch, 9e Ifc inch, lOo 1J inch, lie ; ; ;

the great convenience of having them handy. stand for lasts, 1 la.-4
15c g inch,
1 inch, 12c J inch, 15c; finch,
Take a set of iron lasts for instance, how for men s work, I last
15c i inch, 18c per Ib. nn- for children s work. 1
frequently these can be used to clinch
jomfortable tacks or nails in the sole of the pair men s half soles.
shoe, or to drive an extra tack here
or there 1 pair women s half

in a shoe to make it wear longer. The prin- soles, 1 pair bo\ >

half 1 .shoe
lipal tool of course is a set of lasts. soles,
Tinned Clont Nails, in 1 Ib. papers, 2 inch maker s hammer. 1
lOc; 1} inch, lOc 1J inch,
12c 1J inch, 12c ; ; ; shoemaker s knife. 1
1 inch, 15c ; J inch, 18c ; f inch 20c f inch, ;
peg awl handle. 1 peg
22c J inch, 25c.
awl. 1 sewing awl han
Blned Clout Nails, 1 Ib. papers, 2c per Ib. dle, 1sewing awl, 1 wrench for awl handle,
less than Tinned Clouts. 1 harness