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March, 2010 VOL 4 NO.

I wish I were honest enough
to admit all my shortcom-
THOU SHALT LOVE THE LORD Brilliant enough to accept
THY GOD WITH ALL THINE flattery without it making me arro-
HEART - SOUL - MIND - Tall enough to tower above
STRENGTH - Strong enough to treasure
LUKE 10:27 Brave enough to welcome
The Lord Jesus Christ made it very clear that all the law hangs on the first Compassionate enough to
and second commandments, which are: understand human frailties;
And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, Wise enough to recognize my
and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neigh-
bour as thyself. Luke 10:27
Humble enough to appreci-
Until we have given ALL our heart, soul, mind, and strength to the con-
ate greatness;
trol of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will never be able to have an effective love for
Staunch enough to stand by
our neighbor. Until we have loved God with these areas, we do not love ourselves
my friends;
as we should, therefore we will not love our neighbor as we should.
Human enough to be thought-
The Scripture tells us we are to choose life or death! To have a heart
ful of my neighbor;
turned completely over to God is to have perfection (everlasting life). To have
Righteous enough to be de-
your soul turned completely over to God is to have a converted life and a self
voted to the love of God.
controlled life. To have your mind turned completely over to God is to have
----Gordon H. Taggart
a peaceful and balanced life. To have your strength turned completely over to
God is to have a powerful life. If these areas of our lives are turned over to God, MEMORIAL GIFT IN HONOR
and God has complete control, then we have abundant life as the Scriptures have OF:
promised. The person who has kept the first commandment is a submitted child Billie Russell - 1924 to 2010
of God. Given by Juanice Davis
The abundant life is drained, as we hold back these areas of our lives. If you would like to give a gift in honor
HEART! of one of your loved ones, please send it
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe to:
in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 1801 Old Hickory Trail
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth DeSoto, Texas 75115
confession is made unto salvation.
For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. NAMES LEFT OFF LAST
For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same MONTH WHO READ THROUGH
Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. THE BIBLE LAST YEAR:
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Billie Russell
Rom 10:9-13 Linda Sue Kissel
The heart is where we believe. We confess what we believe with our Steve Brewster
(Continued on page 2) Stephanie Brewster
(Continued from page 1) that way. You do become what you
For as he thinketh in his heart,
so is he: Prov 23:7
HEART - SOUL - MIND - STRENGTH - Many of the Scriptures put the
NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF heart and the mind together. What you
mouths. Until we believe with the heart, what we say we believe will not think goes to your heart!
affect us. We live what we believe! If you are claiming to believe and yet And that ye study to be quiet,
you are not preforming that belief, I would suggest you check to see if your and to do your own business, and to work
belief has ever made it to your heart. With the HEART man believeth unto with your own hands, as we commanded
righteousness! That ye may walk honestly to-
Our heart is also where our affections are rooted. Has anyone ward them that are without, and that ye
ever told you they loved you, but they showed no affection toward you? may have lack of nothing.
The Lord demands our whole heart be turned toward Him. He wants our 1 Thess 4:11-12
affections. Our relationship to the Lord should be very intimate. He should Study is an important work
be the closest person to us. If you give the Lord your affections, you will of the mind. With a good, sound mind,
never be alone. Though everyone else may leave you, you will never feel we have an opportunity to grow rapidly
as a Christian. I have never understood
alone. Our God does not want to be like the idol on the shelf. He wants to
how anyone could be introduced to the
walk and talk and fellowship with His children. Lord, believe on the gospel, and not de-
Many households live at a distance from one another, day by day. sire to know all they can about God.
You cannot affect those in your household unless your affections are turned If I knew that I was sitting on a
toward them, and you cannot have a closeness with God unless your affec- mountain full of gold, I would be dig-
tions are turned to Him. ging as fast and as hard as I could to get
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, good- to it. When we come to Christ, we are
ness, faith, sitting on a gold mine. While we have
Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. the ability to learn, we should be dig-
And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and
ging with all our might!
lusts. Gal 5:22-24
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love
Proverbs tells us to SEEK wis-
the world, the love of the Father is not in him. dom. The Bible says to keep our hearts
For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh , and the lust of the eyes, and with all diligence. The way to keep our
the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. hearts is by being careful of the things
And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will that enter our minds. We serve the Lord
of God abideth for ever. 1 John 2:15-17 with our mind.
The affections and the lust for things in this life will pass away. There So then with the mind I myself
will come a time when we will not hunger for the things of this world. God wants serve the law of God; but with the flesh
us to turn our affections toward those heavenly things before we get to heaven. the law of sin. Rom 7:25
He wants us to enjoy the eternal affections, which will last forever. Sin looks One of the benefits of lov-
good and tastes good, but ends in death. God does not want us to make our deci- ing the Lord with our mind, is perfect
sions based on how it feels or looks. He wants us to walk by faith and do it His peace.
way at all times, regardless of how it feels! Thou wilt keep him in perfect
peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: be-
The reins of the heart are where God tries us! Obedience is revealed
cause he trusteth in thee. Isa 26:3
through God’s pulling on the reins of our hearts. We had a horse that had a mind
Another advantage of loving
of his own. You could never trust him to obey. The horse we have now, has a very
the Lord with our mind is the trans-
gentle spirit and a willingness to obey. What a difference it is to work with an
forming power it brings to our life.
obedient horse. God is Lord of our lives and has the right to tell us when and how
And be not conformed to this
to turn left or right, forward or backward, start or stop. What do you do when He world: but be ye transformed by the re-
pulls on your reins? The condition of the heart reveals obedience or rebellion. newing of your mind, that ye may prove
Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. what is that good, and acceptable, and
Ps 26:2 perfect, will of God.
MIND! Rom 12:2
What advantage do we receive from turning our minds over to the Lord? Paul tells us, if we have been
The mind is a very private possession and many times we try to hold onto it so we benefited by Christ, we should be like
can think what we want to and say what we are supposed to say. It doesn’t work minded with Christ.

Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be like converting of the soul.
minded, having the same love, being of The law of the LORD is perfect,
one accord, of one mind. converting the soul: Ps 19:7
Let nothing be done through Peter denied Christ. He never
strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of thought he would do such a thing, even
mind let each esteem other better than
though the Lord told him he would do
Look not every man on his own
this. This is what Jesus said to Peter.
And the Lord said, Simon, Si-
things, but every man also on the things
mon, behold, Satan hath desired to have
of others.
you, that he may sift you as wheat:
Let this mind be in you, which
But I have prayed for thee, that
was also in Christ Jesus:
thy faith fail not: and when thou art con-
Who, being in the form of God, A construction crew was build-
verted, strengthen thy brethren.
thought it not robbery to be equal with ing a new road through a rural area,
Luke 22:31-32
God: knocking down trees as it progressed.
But made himself of no reputa- We must change our appetites
and desires in order to do the will of A superintendent noticed
tion, and took upon him the form of a
God. Peter quit responding in the flesh that one tree had a nest of birds who
servant, and was made in the likeness of
men: and started responding in the Spirit. couldn’t yet fly and he marked the tree
And being found in fashion as a Do you find yourself out of control? so that it would not be cut down.
man, he humbled himself, and became Maybe there has not been a converting Several weeks later the super-
obedient unto death, even the death of of your appetites and desires! intendent came back to the tree. He
the cross. STRENGTH! got into a bucket truck and was lifted
Phil 2:2-8 up so that he could peer into the nest.
I was surprised when I studied
To have the mind of Christ, we this part through the Scriptures. The The fledglings were gone. They had
must be lowly in heart, seeing others as Lord speaks more about His strength obviously learned to fly. The superin-
better (higher) than ourselves, not only than He does about ours. What kind tendent ordered the tree cut down.
taking care of our needs, but the needs of strength do we have; great strength, As the tree crashed to the
of others also. Our attitude must be that weak strength, small strength, little ground, the nest fell clear and some of
we understand we are equal to those we strength? It doesn’t matter what our the material that the birds had gathered
serve, but we are not there to build a strength is, because as a Christian it is to make the nest was scattered about.
reputation. We are there to serve and do Christ working His strength through Part of it was a scrap torn from a Sun-
the will of God. We will take upon us our lives, and we all have His complete day school pamphlet. On the scrap of
whatever form of a servant God asks us power! What did Paul say about this? paper were these words: He careth for
to be, and being found in that position, And he said unto me, My grace you.
we will serve unto death, if that is what is sufficient for thee: for my strength is Are not two sparrows sold for a
God requires. made perfect in weakness. Most gladly farthing? and one of them shall not fall
SOUL! therefore will I rather glory in my infir- on the ground without your Father.
What is this soul that we have mities, that the power of Christ may rest But the very hairs of your head
been given? It is the appetite and the upon me. 2 Cor 12:9 are all numbered.
People know our weakness- Fear ye not therefore, ye are of
desires of life. God breathed into Adam
more value than many sparrows.
and he became a living soul. He was es and when they see God do mighty
Matt 10:29-31
born with appetite and desires (hun- works through our lives they KNOW it
gers). God wants us to give Him our is God and not us. But while we begin I’m a Baptist Preacher.
appetites and desires. our service in weakness, we can be- Someone asked me if I was one of
Delight thyself also in the LORD; come strong through the things we are those narrow Baptists who think only
and he shall give thee the desires of thine willing to let God do through us. Baptist are going to heaven. Said I -
heart. Ps 37:4 I can do all things through “I’m narrower than that, I don’t be-
God doesn’t ask us to give up Christ which strengtheneth me.
lieve half of them are going.”
our appetites or our desires. He asks us Phil 4:13
to give them to Him and let Him ful- A submitted HEART brings
A preacher would like to get in
fill them. Why do we so often disobey perfection to life. A submitted MIND high cotton, or get in a weaving way, walk
God? We want it our way, in our time. brings balance to life. A submitted about Zion, wade in clover, eat high off
We are unwilling to wait. God says, “If SOUL brings self control to life. A the hog, but he’s got deacons that won’t
you love me, you will keep my com- submitted STRENGTH brings the deak, trustees that can’t be trusted, ush-
mandments.” power of God to life. How much have ers that won’t ush, and stewards that are
Loving God’s law will bring a we submitted? ----EDITOR always in a stew.

A by
E Gloria Brewster
in a small hospital and I was able to help
ADOPTION! deliver him. He was a mixed baby and
he was beautiful. The adopting family
I would like to talk to you about adoption! I had a wonderful family, but could not take him for two weeks (law)
secretly I thought for many years that I was adopted. It had nothing to do with the so I got my friend Shirley Dodson to
love I received from my parents. Daddy wanted a little boy to carry on his name keep him. When the adopting fam-
and mother and daddy talked often about adopting a little boy. Knowing their ily came to get him, Shirley cried and
willingness to take a child into their love, I thought that they probably adopted cried. She didn’t want to give him up.
me. Why? Because I felt the ugliness of the hidden sins of my heart and because I did not know the adopting family and
my family lived a clean life, I thought they were not sinners. Therefore, me being thought I would never see him again.
the sinner I knew I was, I felt different than them. In my early teens I looked in a Three months later, I gave
mirror one day and realized I looked just like my mother and sister!!! After I was birth to our third son, Joseph. When he
saved, I understood that they were sinners also and I rested the subject. was four years old, a young mother to
Little did I know that the Lord would use me in the life of three little called me at midnight and asked me to
children, and that I would be given the responsibility of placing two of them into come take her three month old daugh-
homes. ter. I could either adopt her myself or
I never was the kind of mother that just had to have a little baby around find a Christian family to adopt her.
to feel motherly. The baby stage was not my favorite stage. I liked it when they I questioned the mother greatly to be
get old enough to converse with me. But I did love children, especially mine! I sure this was what she wanted to do.
didn’t like to babysit. I didn’t mind having children over to love and play with, I always attempted to talk the mother
but I didn’t want to be used as a babysitter. Now for my grandchildren, that’s into keeping the baby. The Scripture
different. When Jerry and I were first married I wanted four children, two years says the woman shall be saved in child-
apart. Because of bone issues, it was very difficult to give birth and the doctors bearing if she continue in faith, charity
recommended that I not have more than one child. Well, I couldn’t do that. I and holiness with sobriety. I tell them
settled for two little boys and God gave me the ability to deliver both. I thought that if they will commit themselves to
that was it! live holy, God will use that child to
When my boys, Tom and Steve were 9 and 7 years of age, God called us save them from the things that got them
to take a foster daughter. By the time it was over we had four foster daughters, into trouble. Nobody is made better by
Rosa, Toni, Gwen and Kim. They were all teenagers. Everyone said, “They are giving away what they are responsible
too old to change.” That was not true. Our foster daughters have pleased us for. She was into drugs and knew that
greatly and have good relationships with God. her life was not good for the child and
By the time our foster girls had left the house and our boys were gradu- knew she was not ready to leave that
ating from high school, the Lord dealt with Jerry and me about having another life.
child. We were in shock! I do thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity of I picked up the baby a little
making the decision instead of me just waking up one day and finding out I was after midnight with just a blanket and
going to be a mother at 37 years of age. Jerry and I felt this was a step of faith a diaper. Jerry was leaving town the
that the Lord would have us take. Our third son Joseph was born one year later. next morning. We decided we would
About four months before Joseph was to be born, Bro. Roloff called me keep her that week and pray about what
and asked if I could take a young expectant girl into our home. We had one son God would have us do. I had always
in college and another who was graduating that year. By this time we also had wanted a little girl. As we prayed, the
grandchildren. But, as usual, I told Bro. Roloff I would take her. You just didn’t Lord brought a couple to our minds
turn Bro. Roloff down. that had tried unsuccessfully for five
The baby was to be born in the state it was to be adopted in and it looked years to adopt a child. On Friday night
like she would be having the baby anytime. Well, she didn’t have him right away of that week we decided we would call
and we had time to get to know each other and deal with things in her life. I fell in and ask them if they wanted the child.
4 love with her and she and the baby became part of my life. The baby was born
(Continued on page 6)
Hagar fled because she felt out
of control. She felt that if she did not
take care of herself, no one else would.
If we are honest, most of us think the
L F same way. Now I hope you’ll allow
O N W O me a little leeway here. This next bit is
P TI VI speculation on my part. Let me explain.

D O LE Hagar was forced into this relationship

A with Abraham, and became expectant.
Remember Sarah’s plan? She wanted
Hagar to have a baby and then give that
baby to her with no questions asked!
She must have felt like no one was on
I remember when I first found out I was adopted. I think I was four or five her side and like she had no control over
years of age, when one of the kids from Sunday school asked me why I was black what happened to her and her baby. She
and the rest of my family white. I remember thinking, “This kid doesn’t know may have felt that there was nothing she
what he’s talking about, because I am clearly white.” It made sense to me that could do about the situation she was in.
since my mom and dad were white and my brother and two sisters were all white, It was like the end of her story had al-
therefore, I had to be white. However, after this I started to notice that I looked ready been written, which in turn prob-
different from the rest of my family. One day I asked my dad why I was brown ably led to her feeling abandoned.
and he was white. He said it was because that I was adopted. I thought, “Of However, if there is one thing
course, that’s it. I’m adopted.” I had no clue what that meant. Sometime later, I I’ve learned in the Christian life, it is
don’t remember how much later, someone told me what it meant to be adopted. that just because you are out of con-
To be honest, I’m not really sure how I felt about adoption at first. I mean, trol, does not mean that you have been
I wasn’t necessarily ecstatic about it, but I wasn’t in despair either. Now that I abandoned. Hagar thought that no one
look back, I think it was one of those things that bothered me more than I let on else cared about her, but she was wrong.
about. For instance, I didn’t bring it up, but if someone else did (and trust me, it God came to her and made her a promise
was brought up a lot), I would try and change the subject as fast as possible, or that He would make Ishmael a mighty
I would make a joke about it. One of the things that people always said that an- nation. Hagar trusted God and went
noyed me, was that I should feel special because my adopted parents picked me back to Sarah. However, a few chap-
out. This usually made me want to punch them in the head. I never did! ters later Isaac was born and Sarah saw
This is not to say that I was just fine with me being adopted. It bothered Ishmael making fun of Isaac. Sarah got
me more than I let on. I remember wondering what my birth parents were like. I angry and told Abraham to kick Hagar
wondered if I looked like either of them. I would always hear someone say to my and Ishmael out. Again, we find Hagar
adopted brother and sisters that they looked just like my mom or dad. I wondered abandoned. All she had to her name
if I had any of my parent’s personality traits. For instance, I’m a little bit on the was a bottle of water and bread. The
sarcastic side (I say a little sarcastic. Others might say very sarcastic.). I would Bible says, “And the water was spent in
wonder if my parents were the same way. Let’s just say I have always had a hard the bottle, and she cast the child under
time when it comes to forgiving other people. My motto has always been, “Fool one of the shrubs and she went, and sat
me once, shame on you, Fool me twice and I’ll stinkin’ kill you.” That’s harsh I her down over against him a good way
know, and I’m working on it. The biggest problem I have faced is feeling aban- off, as it were a bowshot: for she said,
doned. I felt that I was left to deal with life on my own. Because of that, it felt Let me not see the death of the child.
like everything was out of my control. I felt that no matter what I did, my destiny And she sat over against him and lift up
was predetermined. her voice, and wept.” (Gen 21:15-16)
The best way that I can think of to illustrate the way I felt, is to relate it to This was where she felt the
a story in the Bible, that we all know. Remember the story of Hagar and Ishmael? most abandoned, and in a sense she was
After Sarah used Hagar to give Abraham a son, Hagar started to feel bitter toward right. Abraham did abandon her, but,
Sarah. The Bible says, “Her mistress was despised in her eyes.” (Gen.16:4) She God did not. She went from trusting
did not like the situation she was in, and she did not mind letting people know Abraham, to taking care of herself, to
about it. The Bible says that Sarah “dealt hardly” with Hagar, which in turn drove trusting God to take care of her. In my
Hagar away. Now think about Hagar’s situation. She didn’t choose this path. She humble opinion, she was trading up!
was forced down this path. How did she react? Well, it was similar to the way Abandonment is a universal
most of us would have reacted. She ran away. While she was running, she met feeling. We all feel like we are left here
the Angel of the Lord. The Angel told her not to worry and to go back and submit to deal with things on our own, and
herself to Sarah.
(Continued on page 7)
(Continued from page 4) the first kin in Israel. We see Daniel,
ADOPTION who was taken captive and served five
They were already in bed when we called. They where both listening on the kings and influenced them to believe
phone. We did not know that, just that morning, the woman had cried all the way in God. We see Esther, whose parents
to work, telling the Lord, that if he didn’t want her to be a mother she would ac- died and she was raised by an uncle,
cept that and love Him anyway. She died that morning to having a child. I told and ended up the queen in the land
her, had she done that at the first of the week, she would already have had the she was taken captive. God used her
baby. They wanted to come over right away, but we told them to wait until morn- mightily to deliver the Jews. Then in
ing, because the baby was asleep. They were there at 6:00 am. the New Testament we have Jesus, who
When Joe was still 4 years old, God called Jerry to Mineral Heights Bap- was raised by a stepfather and yet never
tist Church as Music Director and later as Associate Pastor. The first Sunday we sinned and became our savior. I’m sure
were there, the pastor introduced some visitors with the same name as the adopt- I have missed some, but you see that
ing family of the mixed baby. I thought, “I wonder if that could be Levi’s fam- when God asked us to walk an unusual
ily?” I turned and looked and there he sat. Our son Joe and Levi grew up together walk, many times He uses us in unusual
in that church. Levi was like a son to us. His adopting family allowed us to love ways.
Levi anytime we wanted to. Levi went on all our vacations with us and spent
much time at our home. Without trying to rob his adopted family, we claim him THE HOLY SPIRIT!
as our son also. I thank them for allowing us to love him like that. The article on The Holy Ghost is so called,
page 5 is Levi’s story. not because He is holier than the other
One Sunday morning at church, Levi’s adopted mother came up to me persons of the Godhead, but because
and said that a young woman was going to be calling me. She was due within one of his special functions is to sancti-
weeks and she wanted to adopt her baby. I didn’t expect her to call a stranger, but fy, that is, to cultivate holiness in man.
the next day she called, and I began dealing with her and making sure she wanted We cannot have the Father and
to give her baby away. There were five ladies, who had overheard us talking that the Son without the Spirit. Neither can
Sunday morning, that begged me to give them the baby. How do you pick and we have the grace of Christ and the
choose where a child should go? I decided I could not do the choosing. I wrote love of God without the communion of
out all I knew about the five families and gave it to the mother. I told her to pray the Spirit. The Spirit is the abiding rep-
about it and choose a family. I went home and as I thought about it, I picked out resentative of the Godhead in the heart
the family I thought God wanted. It was the same family the mother chose. of the believer. He is the omnipresent
It is now 28 years since we took Levi’s mother into our home. All three of teacher, comforter and sanctifier. Hence
these children are grown. Sometimes I wondered if I did the right thing for them. this is the dispensation of the Spirit;
No life is perfect. Wherever a child is reared there are trials. How do you decided and all the life and power of the gospel
the life of another? I rest with the fact that the Lord led me all the way. God was are from Him. When He reveals Him-
everything these parents and children needed. self the truth is all aglow, the hearts of
The Bible speaks often about adoption, but it is a different adoption. Christians are warmed and consciences
These children had no say so about who their parents would be. They did not of sinners are awakened. When He is
choose their lives, but neither did we! Whether we are with our birth family or our grieved, or His light is quenched, for-
adopted family, we are where God puts us and we are to accept our lives as from malism and fear, unbelief and world-
the hand of God. liness prevail. If we would have the
The difference with the Bible adoption is that we choose to leave the first grace that is in Christ and the love of
Adam and become sons of the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ. None of us God shed abroad in our hearts, we must
have perfect parents in the flesh and we all have different battlegrounds within our secure the communion or fellowship of
families, but we ALL can be birthed into the family of God and be called SONS the Holy Spirit. ---Selected
of GOD. Our first family is where we are raised and tried. Our second family is
our reward and inheritance, and that’s free to all of us. A Baptist preacher was called
For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have
in to see a Methodist man who was
received the Spirit of adoption , whereby we cry, Abba, Father. Rom 8:15
deathly sick.
Many people in the Bible who were raised away from their parents, were
He asked the lady, - “Why
mightily used of God. We see Joseph, who was sold by his brothers and sent to
did you call me while you are all
Egypt and was used of God to feed his family in time of famine. We see Moses,
who was removed from his home and used of God to deliver his people from
Said she, - “My husband has
Egypt. We see Obed, who was raised by his grandmother and his son Jesse begot
a deadly disease and we love our Pas-
David, who was king and a man after God’s own heart. We see Samuel, who was
raised by the priest and was used of God to judge the people and set up

TID BITS MONTHLY REPORT (Continued from page 5)
Spring is on the way! There is a feeling of life in the air. Winter was ADOPTION
heavy this year with more deaths, but the celebration of resurrection is just around like everything and everyone is out to
the corner, and again we are reminded that there is a time to die and a time to be get us. That is because ever since the
born. Life is an exciting journey. fall of man, the world and everything in
We are receiving more and more input about the paper and we rejoice it is hostile to our existence. One writer
every time we hear that it has blessed someone’s life. We do not plan the paper calls the human race “cosmic orphans”
a long way ahead. The Lord brings things in as we need them. We try to mail because of our sense of abandonment.
our paper by the 1st of the month, but we do not always make that timing. Many This world is a scary place and many
times, someone has said that the day they received the paper was the very moment times we feel like we are alone. That
they needed the article. We believe the Lord directs the day we mail the paper as is why I’m so glad that as a follower of
well as the content of the paper. Jesus, God’s presence isn’t a feeling, it
This paper is a FREE paper. Many of you had no idea we were going to is a fact. The question we all must ask
send you this paper and it is not something you asked for. You are not in anyway ourselves is, “What am I going to place
responsible to support this paper with your money. We would love to send it my trust in? Where am I going to find
anywhere that people might read it. We believe that God will and has touched the security?” That is the question I had to
hearts of those who He wants to be a part of this work, and we believe that what ask myself, and the answer was God!
God does, will be sufficient for our needs. If God puts it in your heart to support My adopted parents could not give me
this work you will become a part of the family of Tid Bits of Wisdom. While peace and security, but if I had grown
each supporter does not know the other supporters, we know you as a family of up with my birth parents, they wouldn’t
friends. have be able to give me peace and se-
We have had articles about the Guay family in the past and we are glad to curity either. Even though it seemed
report that the Lord has done wonders in Bro. Richards health, but now Mrs. Kristi harsh for Abraham to send Hagar out
is having severe problems with the nerves in her body and it is very difficult for her into the wilderness, it was really for her
to walk or use her hands for any length of time. She does sign language and they good, because it gave her a chance to
have many deaf people. Unless the Lord intervenes, she will not be able to do the fully rely on God.
sign language. Please pray for her. The Guays have a web site where you can see To sum things up, was it God’s
pictures of their work. It is Bro. Bob Hawk, who we also will for Hagar to have Abraham’s son?
did an article about, has struggled with cancer for sometime now. We have just No. The Bible says that “All things
received a message that he had a heart attack yesterday. Would you please pray for work together for good to those who
him and his work? love God.” Not all things are good.
We are working now from our new office. We are still in the process of Not everything that goes on in our lives
seeing where everything goes, but we are working around it and we thank the Lord is good, but God has the ability to take
for this office. Soon we will be able to get to the books and share more with you all the bad things, and turn them into
about those of the past. If you have books of the past that you would like to share good things, if we trust Him. A man by
with the library, you can send then to 1801 Old Hickory Trail, DeSoto, Texas, the name of Merold Westphal said this
75115. about faith, “Faith isn’t us holding on
Thank you again for your support and love for this work. to God, it’s allowing God to hold on to
With that being said, was it
God’s will for my parents to give me
up for adoption? I don’t know. It is not
my place to judge. It is my job to trust.
----Levi Wolf
Why does a slight tax increase cost
you two hundred dollars
On one occasion the minister delivered a sermon of ten minutes du- and a substantial tax cut save you
ration. thirty cents?
He explained, “I regret to inform you that my dog, who is very fond
of paper, this morning ate that portion of my sermon that I have not deliv- Of all the things you wear,
ered.” After the service, a man from another church, shook hands with the
preacher and said, “Pastor, I should like to know if that dog has any pups. If your expression is the most
so, I want to get one to give to my minister.” important.
TID BIT’S of WISDOM from the Non-Profit Organ.
Publishers, Inc. Permit 697
1801 Old Hickory Trail DeSoto, Texas 75115


6 Humble yourselves therefore
Tid Bit’s of Wisdom
under the mighty hand of God,
My Father is rich in houses and lands, --Psalms 68:11--
that he may exalt you in due Founded December, 1966
He holdeth the wealth of the world in His hand!
time: WONDERFUL WORD Magazine is
Of rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold, the official voice of WONDERFUL
His coffers are full, He has riches untold. 7 Casting all your care upon him;
WORD PUBLISHERS, a non-profit,
religious organization, endeavoring
for he careth for you. to publish Gospel Literature in the
My Father’s own Son, the Savior of men, Spanish Language for world-wide
distribution, through Bible believing
Once wandered on earth as the poorest of them. 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because
Missionaries at no cost to them. It is
But now He is pleading our pardon on high, your adversary the devil, as a published as the Lord enables. It is
That we may be His when He comes by and by. roaring lion, walketh about, seek- dedicated to Missionary activity on the
ing whom he may devour: fields already white unto harvest, and
contending for the verbally inspired
I once was an outcast stranger on earth, Word, exalting the LIVING WORD.
9 Whom resist stedfast in the
A sinner by choice, and an alien by birth; SPANISH TRACTS
faith, knowing that the same af-
But I’ve been adopted, my name’s written down, flictions are accomplished in your
Mrs. Rose & Connie Cimino
110 West Lincoln
An heir to a mansion, a robe and a crown. brethren that are in the world. P.O. Box 2583
Harlingen, Texas 78551-2583
A tent or a cottage why should I care? 10 But the God of all grace, who
They’re building a palace for me over there; hath called us unto his eternal
glory by Christ Jesus, after that ‘TID BIT’S OF WISDOM’
Tho’ exiled from home, yet, still I may sing: Bro. Jerry & Gloria Brewster
All glory to God, I’m a child of the King. ye have suffered a while, make 1801 Old Hickory Trail
you perfect, stablish, strengthen, DeSoto, Texas 75115
settle you. E-mail
I’m a child of the King, A child of the King:
With Jesus my Savior I’m a child of the King.
11 To him be glory and dominion
for ever and ever. Amen.

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