18 June 2010 We would like to invite your organisation, to be part of an important planning process and shape the future vision for the Kinglake Ranges, Flowerdale and Toolangi communities. Your local knowledge and experience is essential if we are to work in partnership to understand and support sustainable growth and protect important local values. As you may be aware the process of preparing a planning and design framework for the Kinglake Ranges, Flowerdale and Toolangi communities commenced with community consultation forums in early June. Work is now underway to investigate issues identified in these forums as critical to the long term future of our local communities and the ranges as a whole. Over the next few weeks technical experts will be working with local representatives to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with a ‘sustainable’ future. AECOM has been appointed to lead a team of independent consultants to work with local communities, council and VBRRA in this process. As part of this research process you are invited to participate in a discussion of,” Sustainable Growth, Character & Identity” issues and opportunities. Your local knowledge and expertise will assist us to address important questions to inform the planning process. • • • • • • • • • “What are the important landscape and character values of our towns? “What kind of ‘growth’ or ‘change’ is compatible with those values?” “Are any key values under threat?” “What criteria should determine the scale of future growth? “ “How can we support appropriate infrastructure capacity?” “What do we know about future housing needs?” “What other land uses are going to be important in the future?” “What might improve the safety and fire readiness of our towns?” “What are the key elements of ‘well connected’ communities in your view?”

Monday 28 June 7.00 – 9.00pm At Lawson’s Restaurant, National Park Hotel, 28 Whittlesea – Kinglake Road, Kinglake [Melways 380 E10] Light finger food will be provided. We hope that you can attend and look forward to your input. If you would like any further information about the project, or the discussions please contact Carmel Boyce on 9653 1234. Please RSVP to kft@dpc.vic.gov.au by 25 June for catering purposes. Yours faithfully

Kerry O’Neill