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A··· .. A > out Chocolate

An, II' original American, ,I. 'he cacao bean was O'U' of the treasures Columbus bra ght back from the New 'V!lOdd. B'ut neither he nor his patrons, ,FeTdinand and Isabella of Spain. understood its potential pleasures. I t took Cortez, whil c-onque-ring Mexico for Spain, to realize that' there must be something very special a bout thi ,ch,acoatI if Emperor Montezuma and his Aztec court' sipped. j-~ from golden goblets,

Golden goblets notwrthstandmg, the rich chocolate llq uld was not to -Spanish tastes u niH] someone added a bit of. SllJ,g-ar and a drop or SIO of van il l,a, , heated the mixture and tOPPEd it wi th a cinnamon stick. With that, chocolate became the I,t- ion drink of the day in Spain _ EventuaUy, chocol at~ feve-r spread. to Ita Yr then to France and Holland and finally '10 England L There its popularity was so' ,gt,eat that there we're actuamy Choco ate Houses ... where meeting ... greeting and sipping were fhe order of the day.

Chocolste .. however, was still considered exotic. It was also quite expensive, .as the cacao beans were g,HU grownr picked and prooe' . sed much as they had been in Cortez's h~e'" During the Industrial He~(duh.on'r: methods were developed to make chocol ate' finer and smoother, But perhaps the biggest step oward chocolate ,as VYTe know it today 'was '~aken :im, Switzerland in the 181)06, when. Dame] Peter added mHk to basic chocolate, He elso developed Ule formula for ma'kin.g' the first solid chocolate, Choc )I.ate finally sailed back across the Atlantic, and it 'was Milton 5. Hershev who


made it a true All-A merican,

Chocolate an d Hershey have 'been virtually synony-' mous s lnce ,t ne turn of the century, when Mil ton Hersbey b ullt his chocolate factory amid. the rich d.airy lands of. Pennsylvania's Lebanon VaHey_ IF s an association 'ltha:~J:s even stronger today, and one that we're ve.ry proud -0'"

Over the years, thousands u pon thousands of choco:~ilJl"e recipes have been de\;relo.ped and. tested in the. Hershey Kitchens, The following -page-s. (-ea.h;ue more , han 150 of the recipes t' :'tat we deem to be the very best. Many of tn:e'r.t1, will doubtless remind Y'i;}U, of you.r favorite childhood chocolate treats: othe-rs will introduce you ~TI imaginative new wa,ys to en] oy chocolate

and cocoa in all their delicious forms, Vi'le bop you. will en~,oy ampling the wide vat' ety of red pes offered mr eve ry' [as re and for everv occ aslo n .

, "'

Chocolate Is Chocolate .. '" .0- lSI I,t?

'Purists 'would lEntil the use of the word "chocolate" to just twc forms: solid U oswee1,ened. chocolate 01: jts liquld form, chocolate liquor, They're tight!' of course. But the rest of th,e world is happily w _. ing 0 accept a much broader definition. Here's a ]jtd~ background on chocolate In its various pheses and forms:

Caeae (QU::IJaJ)1 Bea .s· are the starting point. They are the ITuit of the cacao tree, which groW5 in a 'very limIted climate zone-only 20 degrees north and south of the Equator=-and mainly in 'West Alden and 'Latin America .,

Cacao Nibs are' the Umif21[1:~/" of the beans. The beans are cleaned and then, roasted at carefullv controlled t.e'mper,atuf€s ,~, bring on t their full fI,avoli~ and aroma. When the outer shells are removed, the 'nibs are readv


'bo go on to greater things. (fILey contain mor-e than 50% coma butter; and thaLs rich treasure indeed.)

Cbj];~olafe Liquor is w hal makes all real chocolate products possible. The nibs are ground by (:I, process ,that generates enough heat to liquefy the cocoa but-ter~ thus creating the liquor, (The' term "":1 lquor' is used in ]JG true sense, that of liquid essence-it has nothing to do with ak:ohol.)

COOOaJ, B uUeif is the vegetable :(a:l that's extracted Wh@R the chocolate liquor. is .. pressed" under. high pres-, sure. This butter has a distinctive melting quality -that gives chocolate prod ucts their unique ,text un .

CO.-COlA P0Wd~r' made by the American pl'ooesSl (such as HERSHEYIS Cocca) is the marvelous by-product that remains after most of the cocoa 'butter has been extracted from the liqu-or. I has no additives and no preservatives, so if"s 1.00% pure., And because most' oJ the cocoa btr ter has been removed, it has the 1000v,e;,;t fa't cont nt of any chocolate prod. net. Sto dl . n a Hght"'ly dosed container, C oc 09, will retain Its ires] n@S5 and q ua]ity almost indefinitely=end without refrigeration,


Dutch-P:mc@ss, C,o~o~. hwdJe.r is made from. chocolate liquor tha.t has been treated with an alkali ag,ent This makes a darker powder; ''Ji,-vith a flavor that difooI's, from that of American-process co-coa.

litkr Chnoolate.. commonly referred to c3:S unsweetened, b~ing or cooking chocolate, Is chocnlate-sn na= ,turel. It Js pure' chocolate liquor. cooled and molded .. 'UsuaUy In b]o(;ks"

Se!llQi ... 'Sweet Chocolate is .8. combine :on O\f chocola e liquor with added. cocoa butter and sugar. to qualify for this. term, the product must contain aIt Least 3.5% choco]abt!· liquor. Available in bars; this form is morn po,piUl],arly avafl.able in chips ..

Sw@et (Dark) Cb.ooolart:e combines the same ingredients as semi-sweet, but '~}H~ balance is different. This. form. muse contain at least 1.5%, chocolate liquor, but l)t has a higher sugar level.

Milk Chil>Clo;1ate' also uses the same Ingredients but with the addinon of milk or cream. At .. east ,]0% chocola.te liquor is required In .rITIl1·!k chocolate products,

White' CitocDlat@, also called confectioners' chocolate, is known in the chaco aP;;!' industry i(.IJS compound. chocolate, It isn't really chocolate at all, Most or all of the cocoa buU'e'~ has been removed .a·!Od. replaced by another v~g;etable fat, and it contains no chocolate Hq~ uor, Also called confectioners" c. ating, H' is available in a :r.ans;e of colors, from dark to white and even pa.s~ tels.

Chocoblt'e .. ·FI,avoIlM is th€ term applied to food products t1k'l'~ deri ve their flavor from cocoa and! or: chocolate liquor but do not contain a sufffcient qt:lanti.ty of these mgredlenes to' meet the governmenes definition of "true" chocolate, Chocolate-flavored syrups, w hich combine chocolate liquor or COCOiii su.g:aI, \'Vater... salt and sometanes other flavorings, are ar.rtong. the produets in 'this category,

Ariti~ic!ial. Cho~olarte 'is a product of. the chemical industry, not chocolate-makers. Such products contain no ingredients de ived from the cacao be.an-a.nd.~ at the extreme, contain no Sug3I Of milk,

Storing Chocolate

Chocolate products will st.ay fresh forwell over a year lf stored in a cool, dry place (65 <1- ~ 7000 F) . It's a good idea to keep an eye. on the temperature and humidity,

: emperetures above 'l8¢F will cause chocolate to melt. The cocoa butter then rises 'to "th€' surface and forms a

grayish discoloretion called .. cocoa butter b[OOIILF.· Condensation on milk or sem:i-sW€l€lt chocolate may ca. IS@' the sugar to dissolve and rise to. the surface as. If sugar bloom," •.. either "bloom" affects the quality or t1av(:J'f of chocelate and; once melted, the chocolate will regain its. original (-'0 or. Th us, It's a. good idea to keep chocolate ,'!.'VeU wrapped, of course) in as coo - a place as possible during. prolonged periods .of heat and high humidity;


Melting Chocolate

U simg a.Doa.ble Boaer:: This is the prerett'ed .method fo'l melting all types of chocolate, avoiding 'both scorching and the formation of site'am dlrople'ts. Sim.ply place 'the chocolaee in. the mp of a doubl,e boiler oyer hot .. not belling, Vi{,ater ..

'Using Dired 'He'a!" S~cau.s.e chocolate scorches &.0 ,@'asily~ this method is not stloogly recommended. There are three "musts": very low heat·; a heavy S.1.11.1,cepan; constant stirring.

Usimg .a Mm.crowave Ov~n: See pa.ge 806 for detailed directions.

I1D' Small Amounts: ]f melting les than 2. ounces, place in a small heatp'roof cup and place in .1. shellow pan with a small amount of warm water; stb" until smooth. (Or use a microwave oven.)

Tips &0. the lExpelfhl,

,., Wash. and! dry the melting utensil 'thoroughly after each use. Any residue will affect the tas't·e of choco]a.te.

'. .A Vi."et utensil Or the condensatton of st'eam droplets can cause chocolate to get stiff and. grainy. D\Qn'~ panic .. As an. emergency measure, simply stir In ]. teaspoon solid vegets ble shortening (not butter) for every 2. ounces of chocolate.

iI· ~5ti.r the .Inell"ing chccolate penodlcally with a wire whisk to hel P blending and discourage scorching,

.. Break chocol ate into l-inch pieces to, speed the melting prooes5"

Using: Cocoa Jnstead of Chocolate

Cocoa is so convenient to lise that many co o.'](s use it as a substitute for choco ate in their favoeite reepes, Here's an easy formula:

fof' un~ek'lle~. b~;ldn.8 c.ho.co.·-,illfle~' 3 "eve] tablespooos cocoa pius 1 tablespoon shortening (liquid or.

so] rd) equals 1. block (1 ounce], -

faJ" S'!' i-s,weet tfhIDoolate: 6 '~ablespoQ:t'LS cocoa plus i tablespoons s.uga·r plus -I/ed cup shortening equals one 6-ou.nce package (1 cup) semi-sweet chocolate chtps or 6 bocks: (1 ounce each) semi-sweet chocolate .

. F,o·~ sweet: ba.king: chuco ak'i: :3 tablespoons cocoa. plus 4"lf:z tablespoons sugar plus 22/3 table p~ ens shortening equals 1 bar (4 ounces) ..

A Note About .B'u::'tier'a,. Marva:iin'e

• ., ••• ~ • r • - !'!"Ol'- . I ..

Reguhir butter Or margaTl"me in sticks s·hou[d. be used. in Hershey recipes, Di.et. soft, n light," and vegetable oil spread 'products 8.t1: d.itie~;ant]y in rooking and baking than re gular butter or stick margarine and may cause llnsaHsfactory results,


'0': ·w· ... ·-·'····-·s··~·" 0': '1

. ,"..." : '

" " .;. -'. .

. - . . .

. , . '.. .,: . .' . - • . .~. . . . L. .•.. •


..... .. . .... ~.. ".

• • . • '. 1

. .'

. I .'

. . .

. . .' i .' -

61 e,g, Yt[dlc:S:r I! room 't·emperall!ir.e

314 cup su.g;at

1 'teas..pOQ(O vaJmUa ,6 egg wh.mte.8" ,at roo temp@raluR

lJa: ~tllp HE.aSHEY"S 'CO,CUIil 3, tabte,spoons flour

1. ,quart ee a;;talllD. (any flIavollL}" soilie~Aed

Hot Fudge SiliiUiee or oon~~f:w(Jnel';s;i' s~ga.:r


3./~ Cil.P' s,u.gar

]~ . - lliE"R'S'HEv.iQ r,

12, cup n.m .. , .. \ -]i, oi:!I' """"OCOIII

t12 ,cup plus, 2 tab.l,e1$poons I(,~umce' can) @V3PORted, ,milk

1.13 CIl,\p' light oorm ,syrup'

~h cup butter or ma~wine' I t,t:a;s.lPoon vanilla

'Grease 15,1/2:X UP/2 x -inch jeUy roll pan; ]iru~ TwUh wax pa ~er and. lightly grease pa,p@f. Set aside. Beat ~gg yolks m n smal I mlxer bowl on high speed: gradual]}' add 1/4 cup of the sugar and lb~ vanilla, beating ·!l.ml:il thick and lemon-colored. Beat- egg whites in :large mtxer bowl; gradually add 1/4 cu.P of the sllg~r.. beaUng' until stur but not dry. Ca,relu]1y lold ,egg yolk mixture into, beaten egg 'W hites. Combine 'remaining 1/4 CUp' Souga_f. the cocoa and flour; fold a bout 2 tablespoons at ,a time into. egg mixture just until blended,

Spread batter. evenly in prepared pan,. Bake a:t 375'.) for 15 to 18 minutes or Jl!.ISt un 1m, cake s-prings back WJ:H~:n touched lightly in oonh;r.lrtfvert' onto sUghtly' dampened ,tol>Vel; carefully :pee] off 'wax pa.per .. Immediately roll cake and lmillle] togethe.r starting from, 'narrow ~nd; place on, Willi! rack to' root completely;

Carefully unroll cake; r.em,{;)JVe, towel. Qukkly spread with softened. ire cream. Reroll; wrnp and, freeze CO mpletely, At serving time, drizzle Witl-li Hot Fudg@' Sauce or s:pll.inkl,e wifh confectioners' s,u,gar..;. slke and servewith additional s~n:U:@l [f desired,

8 10 10 sero,ings

Combine sugar and cocoa in. saucepan; blend in evaporated milk and] corn syrup, 'Cook over medium hest, stirring constantly, U[lj~ il mixture boils; bot and stir 1 minute, Remove from heat; stir in Dutter and vanilla, SeJ"lj,1@ warm,

2/a rup' bUiltH or arg_.ilI1!@';. seftened

l';!'~ I~I,(WPS. s'ugatr.

:3 [l!'gss,

~2 teaspnon v,ani Iii

:2; ,cups unsifk[d ,an-Furpose


2/3 c p HERS iEY",g Cooo~ 111ll'''1l, teaspeans 'baki.n,g soda 1J14, 'b!iIls,po-on b3JIdn,g powde:r 11 :Jl/:J!, cups, 'milk,

2, -tabh!splOOM erem.e de' cac,a,o Criml@' de C'ac'ao Fillling Chocoh11e IGaNi.if:h.e Glaze

CREME DE 'CACAO RI.llNG 1 cup 'he~ 'Oil' 'whlpping cream 2, ,hth.espoo.os t:'fem.e de cacao

1. tabl@'sptUJD H'EiKSHEY'j!S



f8 OWlets,), broken :nto



11.'~ 'i!.,,':.

'"\14. cup ,lll.l,eavy OJ:' 'W.liUppmg eream

1 tablespoo.n 'buttn or



Tlh tea:stpooM c"I'em.e die- ca[clIJo

[6 SHOl-vsmpPERS

Cream butter, sugar;!" eggs and vanilla in large mixer bowl until ],igh t and fluffy" Combine f];OU-l'j cocoa, baking so da and baking powder: add alterna,ft,ely wifh milk to creamed mixture, blending just until combined.

Pt)'U1 :into two greased and floured 9=indl la~r pans. Bake at 351)0 for 30 "to 35 minutes Of' until cake tester comes out clean, Cool 10 minutes; remove from pans. Sprinkle each ].ayer ""TUn 1 tableSpOOfi creme d,e cacao; 0001 completely;

M,ea,nwhile", prepare Creme de Cacao Pilling, Spld each cake. ]ayer horizontally inm :2 layers, r']ace' one layer on serving plate;' spread. with one-third of the' :fillirtg. R;epeat laye-ring wilh remainlng cake and :fi1ling, ending 'with cake ] aye r, Cover ti,ghUy; chin at least a. hours. Prepare Chocolate Ganache Glaze: spoon on ~op of chilled cake. allowing gleze to drizzle down side. Chill. 'Garnish as de= sired,

Beat cream, creme de cacao and cocoa unttl stifi" Cover: chiLL

Combine chocolate bar. pisces, cream and butter in medlum saucepan. Cook OVET low heat" stirring constantly, until mixture Is melled and. smooth" Stir in, creme de cacao. Cool to lukewarm (glaze will be ,lightly thickened) .


Chocolate Baked Alas: a

11.~ gan~n ndnt ch,o~olarte ,c'h~p ice ct'ea:m", !Softened\!!:

l1J~ cups uns" 'bed all-~tp;(is-e' nou!'

11 Imp suS

1./'4 CDlP HE RSHEY: . S Cocoa 1 teaspnen ba 1 iug soda 1.':1. teaspaen salt

]l [r~p walei.r.

:iif4 [cup plus .2: 'taib-:tespo ODS vt'8:@ltable. el

II 'tablespoon ViUgdlf

1 teaspoon. vanilla M;ushmaUow Meri;;.1_gue

., - RSH Y"S Syrup (optional)


6 egG wh~te;s" at' .ro-o(m ~e'mp elJ:':a.tu[!(!'

1,Js teaspoon saU

"1.3J4 eups ("~oun~e[ jild

- -


Line ,:P12-qua1t bowl with alumlrunn ini,; spread ice cream evenly in bowl Cover; freeze until hard"

Combine' flour, i5~gar", cocoa", 'baking' soda iIlJld salt in large mixer bowl Add wat~·r, 0" .' vinegar and vanilla; beat 3, minutes on medium speed until thoroughly blended" Pou - lil't! ;.' ased and floured 9'-inc:h layer pan. Bake at 35{}1) for ,SO to 35 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean, Cool 10 minutes; I'@[t1QV1- from pm. Cool eornpletely Cu.t 12~il"lch square of al uminnm foIL,;' place on top 011: cookie sheet, Center cake layer on f'OU;. t,op with unmolded ice cream, rounded side np. Cover, freeze until cake is Hrm .•

\r\lh~ ready to erve dessert .. pr'€:}larn Marshmallow Meringue, Remove dessert from freezer, Sp -ead meringue €'venly abcu _ 1 inch thick over entire surface,; co,vering any hole-s and sealing down '~O foil .. Bake in preheated 450" oven for 3 to S minutes or until lightly browned, Remove from ov,e:n; slice -into ""iIedges. Sel1.re imn1i.edial~ly l"f.lt'lil syrup- Cover and refreeze any 'le'ihJve:rs.; serva within several day'5~

.10 to 12 servings ~you may suibsftut'e }i'our favorite flavor of ice cream for th@· nUn't chocolate chip ice cream"

Beat egg "V bites with sa]f in. large mixer bowl until sof'~ peaks form. Craduall y add marshmallow creme ... b _ating' until stiff. peaks form.

G~e~~ bottom ,of two 9-inch square or layer pans. ine 'with 'wax pape'r'; grease paper. Set aside, 'Beat egg' yolks 3 minutes on medium speed in large mixer bowl. Gradually add 1/1. cup sugar: continue beadng 2. minutee, Combine flow:;. cocoa, ~I (UP sug!ll'~ the 'inlJkin,g soda and. salt;' add rutemat:;e.]y li\!'ith water and 1 teaspoon vanilla on low speed. just until batter is smooth. Beat egg whites in. small 'nrili;j~ howl until ma.my; add 2 taibllespoons suga'j;" and be-a: 'UlIT~n stiff peaks [onn. Careful]y fold 'beaten egg whites into chocolate mixture.

Spl'ead batter evenly lin pmpar,ed piEIlns. B,w(@ aJr 3"i'§P- tor 14 ro' 16 minutes or until cake springs back when touched Ughtly. Cool 10 nUn'ute.s; remove cakes ,from pans. Pee'} ,off' wax pap""u,; eool com .. :p]ete]y.

Beat cream, oonfea:ianers" sugar and t teas,poon 'vm.ila in lal"ge mixer bowl unt.il1 sitfL Place one' eske laYler' upside do\\ln .on serving pJate';. frost 'with about 1 cup of the wTh1ipp ad cream, Wi.th pash:y' tube or spoon .. 'make a border of wh.ipp.edl cream 1J'l inch high and 1 indl wide around ,edge of layer. Pill center 'with peach slices, reserving 2 peach sliees :for top ofcake. CaJ'efUlly place second ],aye'I, top side up .. on fil:~.iH.g. 'GenU, spread all but 1 cup whipped cream on top of cake. With pastry tube 101" spoon" make a border of whipped cream ID'OWld edge of top layer of cake. Anange' remainjill,g' peach slices in center, Chill aoo,ut 1 hour before' sendng"

10 to 12 .servings

~'Us:e fTie-sh peaches or u;.ounc~ package frozen or 2.9-ounc.e can peach slices,

4 '~gg' yoIDks :Jl/2 I(;U,P 1S1.1g,arr

lJ;z, lOOP lUll~!dft:e.d. an-purpose finu;,

1i' H E'iD'liI2,'l.liI::'Y'c C

ra cup ',~ ,~n_~:' ~,_(iOOaJ

114 CU,PI sug,ar'

112 le~s,poOln, 'bakinJ); ada 11..1 teaspoon s 't

'1J, cup wate--l"

1. 'te3J9poon va.oill;a, tie'S! w'hi~8

2: t _b~espo-ons 9. 1M'

2: cups heavy or whippilig cream

3J, cu,P ,comDieciUone:n" sus- 1 teaspeon vaniUal,

" cups ,~Uc@d :pe3lcbe-:s1 weD dlJrained. 'iii'

- ,

4 egg whites, ,at :r.O'-(Nllill. t~ .•. pel':ature

'1.r2 'CUP' s,u,glll"

·4 le!!;g yo"]b, at mO,(m ilr~mp1lil'atu~~

'. /3 cup sU.gu

1 teaspoon vamruiUa

i1J'2 'rwp u.nsilfted all-purpose ,o.;o,U[ llJ{:J, cup HERSHEY'" S C'o'coo

1:2. teaspoon baJlldnl powdeT.

'4 teaspoon baiking; seda

1)'8 teaspoen salt

13 cup w,ate:~ Ch~n'J'-CO;(O(filllt FUUn.g Gonf:e-etiJOn,l!']"s'" s..ugu

CHERRY~COCO'NUT FILLING 1 c:u:p heavy or. w:1lrrl pip hilS. ,cream 31 t3;ble~po{)ns ,co.m£edion.ers,"'· s,u,gU'

Few (k1OPS red food iCO~OI' '(o:p lonal)

:DJ'~. t1I!p ~ho:pped. nta1',a:s~hm.o clleme's, weU d.tam.ed. 112. c .p flla:kl!'d cmu:onult

Line 15th. 'X lOIh~ x 'l-Inch i elly 10]] pan. with aluminum ~Qil; gener-

'1 c. ... ··1 S .~ B 1 e . "1. ' 'I!.. 1,

OU8~'y grease roi ... et astae. . earl' egg ""'l1]re.s m 1ill'g.e nuxer v.OW~

until foamy; gradually add. 112 cup sugair and. beat until stiff peaks form. Selt aside.

Beart' egg yolks in sro.aJ] mi~er bowl 3, min utes on 'high speed" 'G:rad'uaUy add 113 cup sugar and the vanilla; ('ontinu€ beating 2 additional minutes, Comblne flour; 00 co a .... baking P;()wd:er,.. baking soda. and. s~lt; add. alterrta/tely with water to egg yolk mlxture, beatmg on low speed j ust Uf'I!tH. barter ]:5 smooth. rGTaduaJ1y fold chocolate mixture in -0 bealten ~gg whites until mixture is well blended,

Spread bauer evenly in prepared pan, Bake at 375.:1 .fur 12 to 15, minutes or until ceke springs back when touched lightly. Invert {)rJlOO tovvel sprinkled with confectioners' 5U.g~:rr; carefully peel (]~f :roi. Immediately ron cake and towel together st.a"rtiog from narrow end; place on. wire tack to coo], completely .

. repare Cheuy-Coconut FU1:i!ng. Carefully unroll cake; Iie:rJ:1OVe towel, Spread. cake with ffiUng; reroll and chill, SpI'in' de ",dth con(@CIiOn@I'1f su,gar just before serving,

B'ia',at 'cream until sJig'ht]y thkkened. Add. con62ction-ers.' sugar and food oo]or; beat until s,]jff. mld in cherries and coconut.


Peanut 'Butter Shells

wi.th Chocolate-Almond Cream ~~~~~~

1 !(;UPS n,2-o'gnce :lP'a,(~"e.) REESE.i' S ~a:fW.t Butter Chips,

2; ·tab·- ~a.pooM s'hOl"tenmg· Choeoiate--Almond Cr'~,ill' , .f.:il'lffiIlJ,G

·Melt. peanut butter chips and shortening in top o.f double, 'boiler aV11!f hot, not boiling ... 'warter; stir uncil smooth. Remove from heat; root !¥llighHy. Place 15 paper baking cu.ps (23/4 lnchesin diameter) in muffin pans. Usin,g a narrow, soft-bristled pastry brush ... thickly and ,eve"ly COaJt the inside p]ea~d. surface ~irld 00 . tom of each (UP with peanut butter mixeure, (Reserve .a.ny remaining pea:n.1l11 butter mixture for toueh-up.) Chin 10 minutes; coat .iitny thin SpOI~. {If peanut bu. ter mixture thickens, stir over hot water until mJxh,il1.e' becomes fluid again.] Cover; chill at least - heur or until firm ..

Remove only a. few peanut butter sh lis from refriger.ator at a time; carefully peel :F41.per from each cU:-. ' (Unfilled cups \.;.riLl keep .fur weeks in an ~tirtig'h_ container in the refrigerator.) Fill each cup 'with Chocolete-Almond Cream Filling: chill several. hours or OV€Tnight.

"Do not use butter! rnargarme or oil,

1l HE.R.Slmlt':~ :MUk Cho colate J,IT wjjdl Al.goos

(.8 ouncesl

111~ ebpi :ml iatur,e or 15 large.· miUShmall.'Ows

1.13 Imp milk

ICO.P heavy or whi.ppmg 'CNaim

~- - - - . - - '" -

, . '-. '.', '.- n

-41: ,eu.p S ormniL -8 ~

11 ·cu.}'! .,,,C: ,ed. ligh! brown s'ImLgar. 11. ,eGl!lD"

, ~l

2;114· cups· ulI..sift-ed al ... pw:pose


1/4. feliS,pOOD. 'bak1OU soda :rJJ'", ·t.eMpOO(DI. ,cbmiIJmon 1/" tea,s.poon. 'salt:

1J12, cup ~5, • .s-0'~nce ,~~iIt). .H._ ·RSH.EY·'S Syrup'

1 quart ie-eo eream ('any flavor) (l1c;;ciiiilate Caramel Sa:uce (redp 'f,oUows)

Fresh &uits

Cut chocolate bar in pieces, chopping almonds into small pieces. IP]a.ce· in 'IDP of double boiler and melt with marshmallows end milk over hot, 'not boiling, waten SUr until. chocolate and marshmaMi(Wil$ are melted and mixture is smooth. Remove trom heart; cool, Whip cream ·un.til stUf and fold into chocolate mixture. Cover: chin until ready to use,

TIp: You may p rep are' the shells 'weeks in advance of use. but for best results make the filling no earlier than a day ahead of serving time ..

Cream shortening and brown sugar in ]argre mlx--er bo,",p1~ add egg and, blend well, Combine flourJ lba)dng soda, cinnamon and salt; add. alterna.te]y with .syrup to creamed mixture, blend;'ng well. rat dough evenly onto greased 12-' nch pizza pan, fonnin!g a thicker J-inch-wide ,edlg·e againse rim of pan. Bake at 375<} £0l"10 to 1Jl2 minutes Or until top sp.dn.gs, back. when touched Ughtly~ COOl], compl etel y.

Cut crust into 10 to 12 wedlg.esjO but do not remove from ·pm .. Place small scoops of ice cream around edge" Wr~p. 'li8h:l~y~~ .~~ unti firm ..

10 to 2 servin.gs

CHOCO'LATE CA]{AMEL SAUCB '11'2 CUp' (,S.5-ounce leln,

H~ItSH1EyTS, 8'ym"

2,o! unw:ra,p,ed llgh! Icamn::tels S t_ ,b es,po.o.mu, mill ;.

2 tables,poons 'bu~Ite'r' 0'1' marsarine

(CtJnt.m,ued: fr.f!m ,_mEl Ii) Combine syrup, unwrapped caramels and :m1lk in top of double boiler over hot, not boiling ... wa,ter; stir 'until caramels aile melted and mixture is, smooth. Blend in buU,er. ~ep' sauce V-.t8.l1U until serving time'.

, L.~_~;L., fi.I\.'iIRH , ,l~~. ~.~~-~

1/1" cup S 1 8M lie, ,p w,ab:;r,

1 te,aspoon van) UIJ

6 bi:bl,espoons :fhlely mop',ped, nu~

2, tablesinOOM oonfecUon,en"



1 teiil!spOlOn milk Cihocoli!!te Sa,nee

CHOCO -ATE SAUCE 61 tab:~!I!'S,p00H wat.er

6, ,t_ b~elpo.ODs, Sll,Gat"

~/4_ e I P b 'Her 0.J' DliU'!~me 111/3' cupo.s. : iEJ RSHIEY':S ~' •• INI CHIPS S@m'·-S,w·ffi' Choc'Olab~

Core pears from bottom. lealving stems intact, Peel P€'aIS. Slice piece off bottom eo make. a flat base, Combine sugar and water in medium saucepan. add pears. Co"ver; simmer over low heat 1.0 W 20 minures (de'p€ind:in_g IOn. ripeness) 0.:[ ,just untfl pears are soft. Remove from he,~t; add. 'vanilla. Coolpears ;;'0, syrup; chill. Combine nuts, confectioners' s,u,gar- and milk in small, bow]. T Q serve, draln pears; spoon, nut mixture into, cavities" Place pears 0.]1 dessert plates, Prepare Chocola.'t@ SrlJillC,eJ pour or spoon sauce onto

:11... S '. h ..

eacn pear. erve Wlt· remammg sauce,

Combine w,a:tm'~ sugar and butter in small salllc@iP\m; bring to full boll" Ren OVI from heat; stir in. M1N CHIPS Choeo .a,ties. SUr untU chocolate has completely me]b:~d; beat o.r whisk 'until smooth.

CooL _


'5/4. (!U.p ,HlERS:HEY' S Cocoa 213 I~~.:p bmiling wafer

3/4, ('~p bu.tter D[ margarine s

sQrfie.ne,d . 2 (;1lW,PS sqar

1. teaspoon v:a j iUa. ,2 e;g;gs

2 ~ps unslf.ted cake flour 'O'r 11.8/4 ruprs llnsifteld ,an~

,a tiPUse' flour

1 iioi 'tE!IBSpOBImS baklng soda "I/.4 ~'as.lpOOJl s U

Si/4 CU:, buUC'mUl- o:r sow: ndllk'w Glossy 'Ch,oco],ate SOIOF Cmam Frnsiting. (re~ipe' :f.oUo.i\VS ..

Cre~my 'B'I!lIl.UucRam FmsUmg (I'!e<d.pe. Mlh)ws)1

"To sour milk: Use 2 teaspoons vinegar plus milk "10 equal 3{4 cup;

' •. ote: If you. dodt have heart-shaped pans, bake cake as directed in 'tWO greased and (krlLl.red :PEU:iS~ !:Ii 9-'inch squaH! and a 9-ill.ch t"Oi,;rnd. Slice round layer in half; .arrange belves beside sqUaf'@ layer to form. heart shape.

Stir together cocoa and boiling water in small bowl undl smooth; set aside, Cream butter, sugtili!" and vanilla hi large mixer bowl until Hght and. fluffy,; beat in eggs and cocoa mixture, Combine flour, baking soda and salt; add alternately' 'with buttermilk to creamed mixture .

Line bottoms of "two heart-shaped pans with wax ,pape'I. Pour batter into prepared p~11ls" Bake at 350::' for 30 to 3.5 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean, Cool 10 minu tes; remove from pans. Coo] completely, Frost with. Glossy Chocolate SOUl' Cream Frostin,g and decorate as desired with Creamy Burtetcream Fro:~r~[ng.

8 to ]'0 servings

,. - "

•.. --_------~ -----_. ---~--- . ----_"" ---- :... -- --

GL[OS,sy CHOCOLATE SOU.R CR·EA1Al. FROSTING (-Qmthr.ued fmm F8.'e 14)

12 [ca,ps HE' ; SHEY'S Se:mi-Swee :MeU chocolate mips in hlp O'f double boiler over hO~1 not boiling.

Chocol,aj ~ Ch~:ps ·wate.l',.. stirrin.g ,constan.Uy 'until oompletely n1e-l:ted. Remove from.

3f~. [.1!I.Wp sOw CRliIIm heat: beat in. sour cream, confectioners' sugar and. vanilla .

. 2 I~U,PS [co~lectioo~rsr :sug:ar

1. teaspoon 'Viani lii1l


:2 cup' oon:fed:ofimi' s.ugarr 1.J;J cup' burUiR Dr :margarme.. o'wlled

21/:2. t_a.b.~;esfOIlJj!l:l9 milk '1f~. teasporm wnill.a

.&w dnJ~ps red fOIDd color

Combine eontectioners' sugar, butter, milk, vanilla and food color in small bowl unii smooth and ae'~J:n:Y.,

ICh'" - ocola te Cream C"~.'re' p" es- "-, . '; ',';" ,- - '-' ,,' ,-,' ,,- -,' ,-,,' -, ,,'- ,-, , ,'-,,.' ';' ';',' -, ,,;, , ,'- ,-

:", ,[, ,"'" ,la" \.....J.'C _" , " ',' ", ,',' ~rq.~JiQ.irq,.~~IQ'I4Ql~~

Choeo.liI.t@ Cr.eam, ApI' " 00 , S.ul[ce

1/2, Cu,p .mUk

:z [e'ggs

1fJl::2, teaspO;Qn vara:iUa

iJl2 cup plus. 2 'tablespoons unaumd ,dJ....:,urpo;se. .fl.our ] t;1b.~eSl,pi)i)(Q .SIl1_gat

l/e teaspoon s 1

.2; ta'blesp-oo\tlJS ·ut.ler 01' 1iUilgari @ji m,e-IDJiedl.

Ve[gelable oin


'iJ'iJ. cup :HERSHn~ S COlcoa 11.4 lta_s'poo(n :siIIlt

11.JlJ cu,s 1(14~i)Unce ,ca:n:]1 5weel'eue.d

, d' - ..;I' . ·I~I~~ COIl'l - ,e-Men WI[ ft, _,

lJ-I, cup bot water

2. 'r' b ,esoozms· btwUer or : ,iHSmne

lJ~ 'h!ls,po:on v:a,ml- a,

1 ~~,p heavy [Oor wldpping cream


1.~1 cups (: 7-v.unc' ' can). ~pdcot ,I Ives

1~~ cup sug.

4 teou.pl)ons cernstarch ii/II mp ·warte.r

l':z. RUPOIJiIllJ. memon juice

1l tablesp DOn mange-:Oavo'lU!ld nquell~

Prepare Chocolate Cream, and Ap:ricot Sauce. Combine milk, eggs and vanilla. in small mixer bow]; beat slightly. Combine flour, su;ga,r, and salt in small bowl: add to egg mixture, !beating uotil smooth. Blend in but ter, Heart crepe '!parI! or small omelet pan over rnedlu " heat:; brush lightly 'with oil. POUI" about .2 ta,b]espoon batter into pam for. each crepe; quickly tilt and spread balttef ,evenly over bottom", Cook about 1. minute or. umtiill. underside is golden brown, Loosen edges; turn and cook until. lightlY' browned, Remove from pan, Place 3· tablespoons Choce ate' Cream on each [crepe;. fold. Top \-vifh .Apr.ic,~)t Sa'uoe.. Refr:ig'e:[:'ate leftovers,

Combine cocoa and sa]t in top of double boile.ir; gradually stir In sweetened condensed milk. Place over boifing water and cook, stirring constantly, uoti 'mixture is Vitl,ry thick .. Gradually s·Hr in hot water, Continue cooking !5 minutes, stirring f:reque:[1Hy~ until mixture thickens again, Remove hom heat; sdr in butter and vanilla, Con] to room temperature. W 'ip cream: fold into chocolate mixture. Chilli. thoroughly;

WDQ not use evaporated milk,

Drain and she apricots (reserve th cup syrup), Combine sugar and. cornstarch in 2~q].u_,a.d s~u~pan;, tp:adua.Uy stir in reserved syJi!J.p and the vr.:ratlri:' Cook over ]ow heet, stirring constently until mixture thickens and just begins to bail Add apricots ,and lemon juice: heat until. fruit Is warm .. Remove born heat; s'Ur u liqueur. Serve 'WiUID u (Sauce can be reheated OV€1:' low heat.)


1 cu.pS UIIlSUted. aU~p~o· e f]OIU·

1.1/.:1 CU.PS, sug,ar

3 ,1 'ieas,poons, baking. ,p'OWdl.E!l' 1 'teaspoon 'sllt

. 'iii..' _ . ..."

, 4: cup LJiUt.leT' 0'1' marr.gilt:nM',


iI, cup :s:blOrteil:ing Jl Clip :milk

3 !eg;gs

I teaspoon vanlll:

ChoooJwli! Cream FUUnS:

Cho(Io,lalte Glaze

rHOrt·O·LAT~ 'C· 'D'DAM FILL' ING· ,

",_,. .. '. ,_ :. : .. , D ."':\,!C-'-~ . ..:.,. . r ..'

2:h, rul' 'sltig;tcl'

2 'fab[leslP()OM I~XU'g_8,t81ch lJlj., 'teas,pac)n sal.1

1 b Cq.ps mil 'k

,2 'e'S! yomkS,. sUsbtly beaten

1, 'block [(1 oum.ce,) ,R. RSHEVPlS

UnoSweetten.ed Baldg

(lu; .. rola!te~, br.olkea i ·10 p:ie~s

:1 ~i!las'pIi!)Of1i$ va~ina


':1{~ ,cup .sugar

'l'aib'mes:p.oo,n. corns :arll.\dl~, Dash &a_t

1/3 '(;WlP w,aitel"

1: bloc·, (1 oU:RCe)1 HERS,HEY"'S Uns:weelened Bakiog C~nrnlat@

1 b'bl'1!'8poon butte[ 01' diiar8~rimn~

·~/,1. teas,poo,:n, vanilla


Combine an :Ln,gredients 'iE'Xceplt Chocolate Cream Filling and Chocolate 'Ghilje in large .mi);'!.e.f bowl. Blend 30 .5eco]1d~ on. low speed; be2iit.3 mitlut,es on high SP~~(t Pour into two greased and flouted 9-inm layer panQ.. Bake' at 3SQa' for 30 to 35 minutes, Cool 10 minutes; remove from p.illlus. Cool completely.

Meanwhile, ptepaI'te ChoooRate Cream, fill]ing'. Place one' caJ'l<e·)aye.r on serving phl.te; spl"eadl wlrh filling. Top with second cake layr@,I; chi]]. PrepareChocolate ,Glaze. Spoon hot glaz,e on top of 'C8Ikie', ai·, lowing glaze, to drizzle down side" ChiU before' serving. Rehi,ger,,,:tel' mn.y .remain:i:n,g dessert,

, I

Comb~'ne sU.gar.. cornsearch and salt In medium saucepan; gradually add m:i]k and egg yolks, Add baking ehocotate. Cook over medium heat .. stirring ,constantly,. until mixture boils; boil and stir 1 minute or. until chocolate flecks di sap p::.ar: l&HmoV'e from heat; stir in varrilla. PQ'UI into OOW]; press plastic \\rra,p directly onto surface .. , Cool; chi!.

Combine $ugar:.. cornstarch, salt and water in small] :n00ng bowl: set aside, Melt baking cb ocolate 'with butter in small saucepan over low heat Add sugar-water mixture and bring to ,ill boil. stirring constantly, Remove from. heat: stiir in vanilla.

1 C~.p SIlalI:aJtr


91~ .. ·1 ..... ~'Ii!!fii"i!'iril ,"'i"i"ii'f'i e;,m.ii'Ii;!n 44 KI!l!I!;I rl!.!!·I!.!'~~ .... _~!!I~IIQ., __ ..". -

J/~, C~.p ~hnrtenblJI

j~.. "'um '~~II!lII'Iil .. """~-£ .... .,. . 'f~l" r iI:JIU,Y'_-g1 ~wJ[~~~;

1 pa.tlkJ1lg.e (_ ,ounces)' pie (;f'U;St


:2. cups, :keavy or w:bip,ping: eream

HERSHEY; S MINI. CHIPS 5em.i.~w;eet' Chj(J{")oiate i('optiolUiJ)

Cembine sUJ~ eocna, cinnsmon, shorterung and coffee in small saucepen, C:oo:lk Olver very ].0"' heart" stirling co:nstamlfiYI' until smooth and creamy. Cool tn morn mtIl,pe:rZIJtU11.'@'. Place :pi'~ crust 'mix in medium I1I:llfuxh1g 'bow:[,; s'~[r in :B{4. cup of the' cocoa mixture,

ble :' d _.;,., .g.' tho ;M;iil'fir·1l..'Ir:-'. Sh ''''ne· · .... to .:; oth 'bra]]' r-hi~l 1 hour.

, enJ.m '" .vI: .... """t:I)i.uY. .;;;;! 1I.II.t'" JJlAV ;"·vv~_ - - - J""

Divide dough into 4· pieces" Line 'two cookie sheets with ahimlnum ooi[~ mark two 8-i1n.ch circles on each. Place balls of dough on ,foil; press with. ,fin.~r5 in-to mM'k,~d cirdee. 'Bake .at 375~ fJ~)t 10 00 ]2, minuees or. until almost set, coolon rookie sheets,

,Add remalning cccoa mixture to cream in s\maU mixer. l;JOlA,1]; beat. until stiff. Plane~ Ollie p~s.try found, on serving' pla'tile;, spread 'with one-fourth O'f the· whipped cream 'mhu.tt'e. Repeat 1ayeri:ru_g wHh remaining three rounds and whipped cream. mixture, ending with whipped cream. Chill :se;v.e;I''aJi hours, Camrsh 'with MINI rn1P.S Chocolates.


Pasky CrUlsil:

3 :P'al,c:b:ge-s. (8 rOunres, each) Cfe~'l'HI-1j-,~ri:Io"":"" Q:'"'U'~lIled

_. • o..LI.lJ gJLt:: ... ~,; ""f!.!I\I'1,1!P _.

'31/4, cu.:p' :sugar

1 pacbge Uri) ounces) ~elJl, s.n~edl, skawberries, wjth. s.ymp"" lLhaw--e_'

2J'3 eup u,Tll'isUted aU-pwrpO<ae Roor 3 legis

1 leasp0(J\D it:rawh~fl'y e~d:_n,~t ~', or 5 drops I\~d. food 00101'

1. (:1lp' H"ERSHFY.'r.S MlNI,

CHrt:PS S~m:i-Sweet eha ·olaie'

Sweetened 'wluppe.d cream ( o.p,ti(JlD_aD

'Presb, s _rawbe!fdes, (rOpt'" oM.l),


,'h <L':U,p butter ot' m,atq;31rin@; ~s.oft:en,@;dl

lh cup sugar

t egg

l.1.J~ cu.p.s u'uifted ,all-purpOS'e fJ.our

C~· -


" " . - i

- ,

I - ' -

, ,



. ".... "


, '

" I - , "

. - .' .~."

Prepare Pastry Crust; set aside. Beat cream chee ;e and sugar in large mixer 'bow], 'unti] smooth, Puree strawbe~i.es, with syru.p in food processor or blender; add to cream cheese mixture, 1Blelnd, in flour", - egg8J' :s.trawllerry ext~ad and food color, Stir in MOO CmPS Chocolates,

Pour into prepared ernst Bake at ~ for 10 minutes; vrithou:l opening oven door" decrease temperature ,to 250~ and CQ,nUnue to bake for 50 to ,60 minutes or until se . Coo~; loosen, cake' from side O'f paR, Cover; chill several hours o-r ovemight. Serve' topped 'wlll sweetened 'whipped cream and strawbeerles,

Crean butter and sugar In small mixer bow]; blend ln egg. Add flour; mix well, Sprre,ad dough on bcttom and ]1j2 inches up side' olf g, .. inch sprlngform pain, Bake a.t 450P for S. minutes; 0001


lbp: N(j-~,B'(jk'e CktlColaw ,Clre.esecilk;! (Sl! page 20) BO\tto~,,~ Snw.wbe:rry Chacohd·t. Chip. ChU5fCW

No" -Bake Ch "'0' cola "t'e'," C h eesecak e ", ......... """'""-~,~;~_..._~.~,..-..~- ........ -~rQ,;~~

.... ~ .. 1 .... ~ ._ .l.·.:.'- . e .... ~.,_-:.··. " .. _. , . ., ..... l·_~ ....... <._. ~!~·'!~·~· .. ~~~·lI~I~"'~·.~·r., __ ..... -

Cniltli1iib""Nut Cl'lIlmS,t,

1, ID/;l, caps 'HERSHEY'" S Semw,-S'weet

Ch ......... '!I-1IL..-. 'CII!.'~fMl:. !I"I!-L'IIdI'.I!aK ,-~jnr;";'

1. :packap' I(S IfnlDc:es)i :lPlus 1 package ~3 olU[m.c~s,) CNml1 meese,., softened,

iJSi cup s,u;§ar

'IJ4 eu P' b~U.ei" 0([' :m~·!1Jr.,~n,e;, s;Q8e<,m.ed

11J~ 1~,aSi,lPo~iliS vanin!)

1 mp be.avy m~ 'w,hipping ,~re'am PeaCh, 'Thpping,

'G:~~ted, chOcOmale' '(Clp~iolla'U

Prepare Crumb-Nut Crnst;., set: aside. M,~lt chocolate chips in 'lop , of double boiler ever hot .. not boiling. 'water,.. stt[aing until smooth,. Combine cream, cheese and ~u,g,al' in large :m±xe:r. bowl; add butt,e1'.t. 'be~ting until smooth, Blend in vanilla. 'Sea't in melted, chocolate aU

at (m,ce, Whip aea;m UI'I;ti] stiff'; fold into cbocolate 'mixture.

'Spoon into prepared crust; chi]l while preparing Peach'loppin_g'. Spoon topping ontn choeolste layer and chit '~horougJi'[-y" Garnish with gr,!ll'red, chocolate.

I -

Devfl's Food Cake

10 to 12 servings

']I using almonds, toast in shallow baking pan at 150~ for 8 '00' 10 minutes, stirring: frequently: cool. Chop nuts 'very finely in. food. proressol" or blender (you should hav'€ ] cup), Comblu€' nuts "With w~~r crumbs and ccnfectioners' sugar in medium how]; drizzle with melted 'buller" :PmS8 onto 'bottom and ~r~l2: inches up side or '9- inch springform pan,

~ .,


5, O'~n,ces ,11-11tO(liIIds or pecens 9-leJi, (UP 'nnU~a waier (jljj:mlbs (abo:u!t 25 walel'5~

lJ4, (UP ,cO-Q:fecti'ODetS,~' :S.I/,Wg~!f :iI-oj, cu:p. 'butter Oil' margarine, 'meltea


111 tsaspeen uD:lflIaV(jr.~d: :R'e"~aUne

- t abW,e s;p 0 01]1, ,(mEd w,ater

2: tab~espoci~S' lbon~ng water

".m ,cup hearvy' 01(' wb~.p!p(rung cream 2: 'tab C:s:p0 OlftS, s'u;gal"

111 teaspnen v;a~im:r,]j

JII~ I(;U,P s;,,,~,~;eten,ed peaches, dr.1ined .§Ind dicoed

aoJd, cup 'bu:Ue:f' O[ :mxgarin,e]l; so:~ned

l1Jz ~ups sugar

1'1/2, M'a:SJIP~1iuJ(ImS vaniUa 2. eggs

'j{ j;l.d cnps, uimisUted aU .. pwrpos.e' flour

'1/;2: cu;p' ElrE:RSHEYJ'S. C.OCOIlJ

'1 ~eti:,onm1i, ba~kilDg: 90dLa, j.J.~1 te;aS]pOO,Wll 5aJlr.

'IJ1 cup -:buU@mlllk 0:[ sour. milik'''' 1./,1; cup' 'boU~n,g wa!'lie<c

Note: You may substitute, 1,314 caps graham cr-acker crumbs fur. the nuts and vanilla wafer crumbs,

Sprinkle g;elartine onto cold water In small glass dish, a]]olll,f to stand a few' minutes to soften. Addl. 'boiling water and, stir until gelatine is dissolved, \Vbip cream and st;i1gar until stilf; beat in gelaH]ll~ mixture and vanilla, FOld. in. diced, peaches.

-- --



Cream butter, s.ugar and vanilla in brg,e mixer bowl uudl1ight and fhJ:ffY7 Add e,ggs~ beat 'welL Combine. flour; COCDa,i' baking soda and. salt; add 8llt-ernCltely with buttermilk to creamed mixture. Add boiling wat'et'; bea~ urttil smooth.

Pour into wax paper-lined 13 X 9~inch :pan,. Bake' .a'~ 3150P ,fur 35 '00 40 minutes or. until. cake tester COUles out clean. Cool 10 minuses, re:lDOVe cake from :pan u CoQ'[ completely; ffost as. desired ~8ee' pages 88-93).

"To sour milk: U S€ 111.2. teaspoons vinegar plus mU'1<, 10 equal 'IJ2 cup,

Cream butter, sugar and vanilla in large rnixer bow] un:li[ liight and fl.l.tffy. Add eggs; beat W€!U. Combine flour; 1 teaspoon. baking

ode and. the salt, add ali:er.nare1r with buttermilk to creamed mixture, COID_b"ne syrup and "J/" teaspoon baking soda. Me,a~U1}@ 1 cnps batter into small bowl; 'blend. in syrup mOOUTi!·.

Add coconut to I'€·mainim.g baJu@r;: pour intogre~sed and floured 12-cup Sundt pa:n or lQ.-mlch. tube pan. Pour chocolate, batter over vanl1.a b.aner in pan.;' do nO/ mix .. Balke a'~ 3500. about :to mirtutes or until cake tester comes out clean, Coo] IS minutes, remove from pan .. Cool completely, glaze or frost' as. desin;d (see pages 88-93)

1.2' to 16 servi rlgs.

1 cU,P but~r or ma_xgarl.ne.r

soft:'en,eid 2 e .pl lu:gaJI

.2 'le.u[poGil:iS vuiUa ,3 eggs

23/4. caps 'willsif . d .a.U-,'urp0.se OUl'

. t,e.aspoon bd1ng' soda. l!~ 'te,aspoon salt

1 cu'.IP 'buUerQ11Ik 011" so~t 'Dar"' k* 1 cup HERSHiEyi.S Syrup;

114 teas.plOon bakins soda,

]l IruP' flaked I~O c·onut· (lopt:WOnaJ)1

'To sour milk: Use - tablespoon vinegar plus ,m.ilk to equal 1 cup.

CAKES Ii! caas SECA](ES .21,

Chocolate-S :;I'-r-a':'w',· rberry C hiffo m Squ a: re s ........ ..-...-...~.~.-..~.~,~-.-.-..-_._

. -, " .. '.'J !.. 1. :_ _.:_ _ . • • . _ •.•• .: .~: "~'I~~~'~~~-~-;'~~~'~l~·II~~·Lr

Combine cake i1oUlr,. 1 ell P sugar" the COO:)Il ... baking soda, and salt in ~a:rg@' mixer bowl. Add buttermilk, oil c, nd egg yo ks: beat unril smooth, Beat ~gg: whites in small mixer 'bow 1 until foamy;, gradually add 1./2 cup su;gal; tea,ting until ver.y stiff' peaks, form. GlmHy fold 'egg whites [[lJ~O chocolate batrer, Pour into greased and ,Hotu:led 13 x 9-in.oeh pan. Bake at 350" for 30 to 35 minutes or until cake springs back when touched lighHy in center, Cool in pan on. wire rack, [ust before serving, prepare Be,n)l Cream, frost lop of cake. Cut into squ,[m~s, and garnish "lith strawberry halves. Refrig~ et a.r~, .leftovers.

1/2 (U,PS! unsifted cake flo: .r

cup sugar

"112 (UP' HiERSHEY"S COCOil :3./;1, lIle.as:p0 o:m. ibakinR soda 1./2, ite'as,poorH sa[t'

1 cup ll:ntUet:QiJl k [or ~our mUk'll! il12 i::O,P vc>ge\lilble ,j)(Jll

2 egg yo.lks,

2 egg w:hi~s

'1.1 CU,p Siug:ar

Berry Cre~m

f!l\es.h s~riiHVbem~a

10 to 12 servings

"To sour mil k: US~ 1 tablespoon vinegar plus milk to equal 1 cup.


1 [rap sweetened d~oed


1. cup tu!',avy Of whipping ,Cf.'-eam 1 leaspM)on wn~Ua,

J: '0'1 3, drops, 'Rd :fond ,em, Jor (o:l'tiona:

Mash or puree strawberries in blender or' food processor: (you should have 1-12 cup), 'Whip cream 'until s'~iir,f; ge~nf]y fold in puree. vanilla, and food color;


3/. c:u:p HERSHEY'I'S Cg~oa

"'f 1.. .:!11"· :1.. ...

... -I; Np ViG}bJng WaK'l'

'/dJ [fUp 'butter OJ' ma.r:g:aI'.m.ne, . softened

'114 Wpi s.nQtrie.fliing 2 'C~.p9 sugax

1 teaspoon. vanilla 'WJ8 'teas.poon. s.alt

:2 e.grs

11f~ lteasJulli)ftS, baking soda.

1. c P but(erm.ilk lot S4l'Uir mUk* 13foj, at,s! ttu;.ilfted aU-"Drp~~' t'kiur

Stir togel'her COCiOO and boUbl:g' wat@I' u.!1Jf'U smooth, set aside. Cream butter, shortening, slJ:.gat.! vanilla. and aa1't in Iarge mixer bow~ unl1[ li,ght and. fluffy .. Add eggs; beat well. Stir baking soda int.o buttermilk: add alternately with flour lu creamed mixture . Blend :in OOC0'a. mixture.

Pour in.to two greased and wax. paper-lined 9-mro layer pitillS or 8- inch square pans. Rake at 36CP .fur 30 'to 35 mtnures for 9 .. ind, p~UlS Of' ,40 ito 45 minutes ,[Ol" B,.,inch p.ans". or unti] cake rester comes out clean. ,Cool 10 :minutes; remove from pans, Cool ooD:llple:rely ;ros'~ as desjj'ied (see pages 88.-93).

w- 0 sour milk: Use 1 tablespoon vinegar plus milk to ,equa~ 1 cup. VARIATIO.N'

F'· cnic ,Meda.llion ,Cake:. Prepare :batter as directed ~bcvve; pour into. greased and floured 13)( ~imch pdiI'L Bake' at 350D for 40 to 45 minutes Of untll cake tester comes out cleen. Cool completely: frost as desired.

iGrah.am SheUs

2 ,p-ae'J!.cage-.s (8 oun~s ,e.a.lcb) aeam. ,diI,eese, su.ftened. 1 cup sour Cl''e·am,

I1Jf, cu..IPSl sug;a_r

l~ ,eup 'ERSHEY'S Cocoa :2 tablespooMl Sour

3 eg-gs

1 kaspo:orUi vaf:iil ,.GIl. .sOUlI' Cream. . oppb;,g Cherry' p'ie fiJlio,g


t iJz CU,pti gr.aham ,crackel' cru nib s, 1/3, Cu.p S .gafr

'Jl!4 eupl bu tei" 01' m~mt'i.ef nte,tted\

SOUR CIlEAM TOPPING· 1 cup ,SOUl' cream

.2 'tablespoons. Slug. t. ~as,p(Jon v.a..m!I!iUiI

Prepare Graham Shells.; set. aside. Combine cream cheese and sour cream m.la:rg-e mixer bowl. Combine sugar, cocoa and flour; ll1d.d to cream cheese .mixture, blending wen. .Add ,eggsj. one a'~ ,a time lbeati.ng lWU af~er each add.it[on. Blendin vanilla,

fj]l~ each. prepared (UP' almost full 'with cheese .n:ddtl;uB (mfud:uM' rises only sl:ighUy dUling baking) .. Bake at 35~ for 15 to 20 minutes. Turn oU oven; let cheese cups remain in oven 4,5 :i:tll~nu:t@s withoue opening dOQr~ Prepare Sour Cream Topping; spread heaping teaspoonful on each cup.. Cool completely: chill -fhoI"-' (lug:hly; Carnish with doUop of. cherry pie fliling jusl before


2 dozen lksseris

Line 24 rnuffin cups (2112 inches in diameter) W"dl paper bakin.g cups. Combine graham cracker crumbs .. sugar and melted ibu.llet':. Press about 1 tablespeon onto bottom of each cu:.p.

Combine sour cream .. SlI&a:r and vanina; sUr: until Slt,gar £5 dissolved.

IJ2 mp HlRRSB.Fr·jS C'~C~3J ih 'CU.p boilillg wal~ .

.21 ,CdI' pod,emng

1 ~14 ,cu.ps :sagar

11. 't@aJsp0'Oi'i. vanillaJ . . 2. ,etltO,S.


21/." CUpS 'ansi :ed Ilin .. purpo5.e f1.oor

11/.'.! ·leaspoo:ms. 'lbakiDg: soda. 'iJ:z; teas:poom, salt

'PJ3 cU:lPs buUemdlk o.r sour milk fr

Stir toge~hef cocoa and. bolllng 'wate':r '~ii:l. sma]], 'bow'] U]l'~il smecth: set aside, Cream shortening, suga.t and vanilla in large' mixerbowl until light and fluffy. Add eggs; beat. well, Combine' :Hout; lba1!dng soda and salt; add altemarely with buttermilk ·to creamed mixture. Blend in cncna mixture,

fuu!" into three greased and. floured 8~]nch Q1r two 9~lnch layer .pans" Bake at 35tf f.or'.25 to 30 minutes ~o,r 8-in:~h pa.ns or 35 ·to 40 minutes for 9-inch pmsi or until cake tester comes out cleen, Cool ]0 minutes: remove from. pan.s. Cool mmp]@t€.ly; host as desired (see 'pages 88,..,99.),.

Pe~ngt Su' t,er Chocoiiale Cru:s~ 1 pauika,ge' <(S ouoces) ,CRam tcllUi!~H:, s~lfkn€d

.2 ta'blespoons '_emo( J. Juh~e

11lJ~, cu.ps RE. SEi!'S I\!anut 'IButb~'[ Chips

11['3 (~pS. O.4-mu:m.ce can) sweetemed condensed milk*

1 ,egp he~,'Y ,o,r wh:~,plP,jng aea.m Sl].!~e,d fr~.s:b. fndl

8 to 10 Sem'lg6 *To sour milk: Use 4 teaspoons vinegar plus milk tnequal 1 '~h cups,

Prepare Peanut Butter. Chocolate Crust, set aside, Beat cream cheese wit'h lemon juice in larg,e mixer bow] until light and flufly~ Combine peanut butter chips ,arnd sweetened condensed milk in medium saucepa .• Cook o.v:e'r low heat, ,stir,.· TIS constarttly, u:nti] chips are melted and mixture is smooth. Add WB.rm ,nUx±ure to

h "

cream c ,ees:e mixture,

Whip cream until st~ff; fold into peanut butter mixture, Pour orne prepared crust; chill several hours or ov,emig'ht~ Garrush with sliced. fruit before serving.

*D'O not use evaporated milk,


11.J.4 c.ups, vanilla wder eru J bs

t(a'lnutt ,3<8 wmrti)

1./4 (up HERSHEY'S COL~o.a 1/4 CJlmlP Clonifie-\ct:i!oJIll@I'iS'1I' sl!lIg:a.r l./og] c r F butter or' ma~arine·,.


1'~ e P ,REESE'S 'IPea:n.ut BUUer 'Chi,.~., choppe1d"

24 CAKES &C. rC'HI13]iSIBCAl(:ES

Combin€ wafer crumbs, COCOaJ.. confectioners' sugar a.nrl. meleed buUer" Stir in chopped neanut butter- chips, Press 0.110 bottom 01' 9=inch springterm pam.

"Do 'not chop peanut butter chips in blender;

Ch~co.IQte.t4D'lvn Special,CQ'ki! with' CJ10:ctJ·1a.te FudU Frosting (.itt P(fg-e 92)

'M-- ·ar· ".' "b',le' Ch": ·I·e·· . ec . s' ecak 10 . .-...-.- ......,n~._ """,,","._n~'_ -~, .--~. -- •. ~ -.-' .-.,~-.......__.- .. _.--... . .-..,,--.,._-

" . I ... " - .. ', '," .-.,,', .:._ .. " ~. _ ',111;; ~~-'I~LI~·"~-'~""""-N~~.-r;y.-~-~~'~~.'~~~·.~~~·~\I~~~.·~·~-"":

GF.'aih_am Cru.st (:pa,g:e 31); S packages (8 cunces le3ich.) flIea:m ,cheese - :so&ned

. . ,f- - . '---

~/4, cup SUS"

'i/~ cup' SC))UJ ae-a:m, 2,lelSls,p-001'Ils vanilla l tab~espO'ons flo~r 3 e,gg8'

if.;: ,cup HE,RSKEY'S Cocoa,

1/ CU,P' suga

1 ,ta:b.les:po.o. I. , ve,8et~h.le oU lJ2, t:eH,IP~o;, 'V;rU1:Uila

P~ - -:0'1"<:1; 'G'I"':!!I'h -m' C-- ;0:0 .... e·;t!o;t asid Ci"'I - blne ..... 'It"ii:II~- C:n..60 e 3{ C·"i'i"l ~!L- ... pw.o;: - .:a.,"_ a . '. mdoIL,~ .;;.~ , Oa.L-_ e" '. - ...... Im -,' - 'UO:;;Q!m .. !IiI .... ~s../ 4' IU.y

su:ga~, the sour cream and 2 [teaspoons vani[~ in ]algl~ :mixer bowl; 1...r.iI""j, ...... TiI medium speed t';'iIMi,.~ilI ,~ ..... oth A' ....mld ,t:Ii ..... uT'_ t tab """'p"""' .... n l.!!I·t-· <:11 ,~ .. h.iIrIIL, U~!!J .. .. .r . ~ • ~l •.• ~~ . , ~w .til ~~_~-IJU!lU _ '11:' . y_ Ilu, ~ ull;..il E=~ I' ~]"[ ,a _ §oil

time, blending' well, Add eggs;. beal well. Com'ibme eocoa and 114 cup ,SiIl.lgi¥l!f in ;s,mal bowl, Add oit 11'2 teaspoon vanilla and '1'1/')., cups of the' cream cheese mhdu:re; mix unUi well Ildefided ..

Spoon plain and chocolate mixtures alrterna,tety i.!I!"i.to prepared ,crust I' ending w~th dollops of chocolate on to.p; gently s,wfu.rl wl,th kwe or. spatula. Jor marbled effect. Bake at 450/!! for 1.0 minutes: without ope-ni:ng oven door" decrease re:mper-ature ito .250~ and continue to bake fur 30 minutes, 'Iurn off oven; [et cheesecake re-

.. 30' ',. lit . d n.... f-

main In ()Vi€'n. ... mlllJJ'tes w,rt i out operung - 001'. lijimJ)-ve· :i,A'Q,m

oven: loosen cake from side of pan, CooI cQmp~etely; dtill thoroughly:

10 to 12 servings


- I

1/". CiUP 'butteI" [Of mllrgarrine1 .Melted

1.!4 (UP H'E.RS ~ iEY~ S Cooo~. lJoi atiP' applres31u>ee

l.1Jti, ~UpS, umsilfted ~U-'purpoSiei .800.r

1 ,cup suS-

~ .. tetlspoun ha.k1ng soda. 1.J.2 te'U,POOIll cinnamon 1/4 ~as,poOr.f.ll it.Uhh~,g

-14r teas,pUGn. sail.t

1 r@8.S'~ beaten

"~h. Icap mo.pped fiRts

Comibin€!i melted. butter and CGCO\~l; blend in applesauce, Combine flour, s.uga(~ baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt in large bowl. Blend in cocoa mixture and egg until dry lngl'Ed[ents are moistened, SlI:ir In nuts,

Spread in ,gr,eas.ed. 9'-mcn square pan" Bake aJt 35(F for 30 to 35 minutes Or until cake tester comes out clean. Coo] in pan"

8' to 10 servings

Chocn ate Peanut Butter Marble Cake

7ij,41 cup .HIEKS':HEY"iI'S COCDIll

:2 'fa,blespo(!J[ts e~)nfecU.o·nrn·"· lugH

,2 taihle!'iil,poo;ns, ibutltel!' 01' mllr3ar-ime, solie,Bed ~ ta'i'il,espttons lim watw

'1 '::1I1.P RiEESEfS Pe,Dut Butter' Chi.ps

1 tables,poo . shoifie'mnt;

1 ,atka. (18,"lJ:t OUDGeS) W 'iOO· cake mix [(' -l,uidiq, .. In-them.h type~

1/:.1 ClI,P pa~· .. ed light. b:~n SUgH

1. "]/4 cwps wat:e-J: 3 lesgs.

Combine cocoa, confectieners' sugar" butter and 2. teblespoons hot 'waler -. iI1 sm,aU bowl ll.mHl smooth; set: aside. Melt peanut but .. ter chips. and. shortening in top of double' boiler GIVer hot .. not boiling, water; set aside Combine dry cake' mix! brown suga J TU/~, cu.ps water, the egg~ and melted. peanut buUer mixrure in large mixer bowl; 'beat on IDw .S,peOO until Moistened. Heart.2: minutes on medkim sF ~d!. until smncth, .Add r1i2 cups bat ter to reserved 1(0= cua mixture: blend. well.Tour remaining bauer. into greased and floured 13 x r9--inrch PiiIl,;' spoon dollops of chocolate batter on top, Swirl with ,knif.e or spatula. f01 maIb]ed effect .. BM.e iII . 3.50!) for ,40 to 45 'minutesi or ui\ltil cake tester comes out. dean. Coo1; frost lag. desfred (see :pa,ges 88-'93),.

-L'"' 1 ..... · S·· I·' It· C··' C~ k

Licke ,Y- .. p' It . ··,ocoa .. r, ase

ll7]r~. C'ups 'U.nsifted alll .... pui:poae

,ao 0.11' '

1. I!l::Up' s'U_giIr

J4 CU,P HlBR.S.HEYJ S Co. C,(ta 1 ~,s;po~n baking soda

tJ':l. :. aJ15P00I1 san 1 c~p wate<r

1.}.iI: c~.p p, us 2 tables pu ODS w'g,eb.ble oil

1, tabIe.spoua. vine,gar 1 'teas·@on v.am. Ia

Combine flour; sugar, (OOO~t baking soda and salt in large bowl. Addwal"e'~ oil, vinegar and vanilla; stir 'wIth spcon or wire w hisk j ust unti] bat ter is smooth and ingredients i'llre 'wen blended.

Pour into greased and. floured 9-lnch layer pan 01" 8,.inch square pan. iBa.k.e at" 35-D" fur 35 b) 40 minutes or. until cake tester comes out clean, Cool in pam_;. roost as desired (see pages 8.8=9:3},

0; to :8 icrvirl'gs


13.14 CUpS s.u,gar

11./2: C1lP~, uns..ifite.d cake flour

2J H' sns HE'ii.'JS C'

~ s CUp.ma ., .' ',I, ',', ·",;CO~

:2. '~~s,pc'o:ns ·ba,k,in.g :PGwdef" 1 ·fe.isp0(i·n :s!d:t

JJJ'2 teaspoon bakrung sod,~. "~1 ,(~P ve.geta·ble oil

,. egg' yOt ks;

3/"Jl [co.p ~old wale't'

. ::! teasp aens va j iUaJ.

"{ egG wh:iJte'~ [at: 'mom itnm.pe:ratuille'

·l.J'2 t,easlPtul)Jl. a.ea; of tartar IJ wp s[u,s,ar

Mousse' iUing

Choeolate CJleam, F:rosting

Combine 1714. cups sugar~. th.e cake flour, xlooa,. 'baking powder, salt and baking soda in large mixing bowl. Make a .... well" in mlixlure and add in. order: oil .. egg yolks, water and vanilla. Searl until smooth, Beat ,e,g;g ""r hites and cream. of tartar in large mixer bowl until foamy; Gr.a.du ally' aJdd iJ.!4 tCU,p sugar and bea!t unnl stiff peeks form. Gradually pour chocolate batter over beaeen egg whiles ... gent y folding just until blended. Pour into tmgreased 10=inch tube p.an~ Bake a . 325(} for 1 hom and 2.0 minutes or unti] cake springs back. when touched Ug'ht]y, Meanwhile, pr'epare Mousse Fillh,g and Chocolate Cream Frnsting .

Invert cake over heat-proof funnel or boU']e nntil oom,:p]etely coat Loosen cake from. pan; invert onro serving plate. S]ice' ~4,~jnChthic k layer: front 'top of cake; set aside. Bemg careful to leave 1- inch-thick walls and base ... cut a fl€at cavity in cake. With fork r remove section of cake between the cuts. Spoon r.- ousse Pilllng Into cavity. Rieplace top of cake; press gently. Frost' cake with Chocolate Cream. :FrnsHn:g. Chill several hours, Refriger.ate' left-


- env>e:~ope' u.m:f~a.wJ'ed ~lati:l1,e'

.2 taibles.poDns [~~I:~d water 1 b cup' w~ter

lJs cup' .JmRS:HEY"'S Co. cna ~~, c.u.:p SU:g~1

11 L L" ~

.' 2 cups· ,IU!t2',iii."'Y ot: WJI!l1,:p·pJng


Z tsaspaens ~al[llillaJ

SpI' nkle gelatine onto 2. tablespoons water in small glass dish; set aside to soften "Bring 1./3 cup water to boil in small sa1l:lc~pan;: stir in. cocoa over' low heat until smooth and thickened, Add softened

]. ., .... il di 1 d'l1'J! £......, '~, • "

g~' anne, sttrnng uru .. ,. 1850 .v€, •. ~."e'move' rrom .1L1}€!at;,. snr In s.u.g.ar.

COt)]' to room temperature. 'Whip cream. with 'vanilla until stiff

peaks "o'rm' C"-ad', ".~ l]V add ,...l1.·,· ........ olate . ...., "".,.110111",""", W" .. t .... rt., beadng .... 'iI'iii

EiO, ~ .il'!. . - '" ,I!. ' . IUjdJ J .;a _' U !p..~l~ . ~ ULUL..!-1i.Il~U~'Ii:i . r~ ILtl ,U".LI,lL _I V~I

low speed lust until 'wen blended, Chill 30 minu tea.


lJ4 rop ~nt:«tiont'!'rs' sugar 16 taiblei5po![)n~ .HERSHEYi- S CO:C,(J1il

1 ji.-:. cUIPi5, heavy or whipping C"e'aIn

~44 leaspO-Do 'vaJnUWa,

Combine confectioners' sugar and cocoa in small mixer bow]. Add cream and vanilla, 'beat undl stiff, Cover; chill.

T:Op: MO:U8~.g..Fi:aeiJ. C(U:',Otl· Cl-l.~Jfo:ft, Cab Bdi'hJiffl: Marble C/jJfftm.: ,cake (see pti;gt 30)

1./3 Cl~p HERSlfEYI'S Co(!oa 2 tab.lespoons sugar

'] J~ [cup wa~r

2, ~,a,bl[egp'oo.,n.s, vcg,e.,able on 2 ,(~PS nn_B.ifb!d [;;J l-pwrPQs.e ,f]o~:r

1lj:l, cups sugar'

3 'l'e.iIlspo.ons baki.n,g powde.if 1 teas.p'Oon salt

1/.'l, (UP' vegeta.b1!e' oil 7 egg: yolks.. art: ,mom tempe:r~tgre

3J4 cup' cold 'water

2 ~a.spoO:DS 'vanlUIl

" [~g:g 'whites;, art: mam l~Mperato,l,1e

'1/,2 ~'as.i ,. oeL cr<eam of tartar Cocoa G 2ilze

Combine cocoa, 2 tablespoons SUga(. 1/4. cup 'water and 2. tab c= s:poons oil in small bowl 11 ntil smooth; set aside, Combine flout ]lJ ' cups sugar, the baking: powder and ~a]t. In tEi[~ mixer bow]; add 'J.f2 cup oil, the egg. yolks, 3J4 cup cold wah? r. and the vanilla. Beat on ~,~)VI! speed 'U ntil combined, Beat 5 minutes on high speed. lIVith clean beaters, be'll~ egg whites and cream of tartar in another large mixer bowl until stiff peaks form.

POUf batter in Uti n stream over entire surface of egg whites: fold in rg.hti~ using rubber spatula. Remove one-third of the batter to another bowl; g~nny fold in chocolate mixture. Pour lulJU the VaJnilla batter into ul1greased 10~inch, tube pa n; spread 11 alf the choco]ate batter over. vanilla" Rep·'~l'~ Iayers, gently s;wirl with spatula or- knife Ior 'marbled effect, Bake at 325':1 for 65 to 70 111]nU tes or untU cake springs back when touched ]jghUy~ Invert cake over heatproof funnel or boul@ unH] completely cool. -008e:n cake from ,pan; invert onto serving plate. Spread ,top with Cocoa Glaze'.

12 to 16 5ervi~1.6.rs

C- " Cheese --'k' " ._ ocoa ""', eesecal ", e

Melt butter in small saucepan over row heat. Stir in, cocoa and wa'~1U., COQk" stinlng [constarl,Hy" until mixture thickens: do not boil. Remove f.rom heat. Stir fn vanilla. Gr.aduaUy add confectioners' sugar· beat with wire whisk 1.1l1Jtil smooth,



2 ta'blle~iPoil,iDS' buUer or ma:~mue

1/." cup fIE' ,~' ",HlEY'I'S Coco,a 3, la.bh~$'[Jo.DS. W2l!'Ile1"

IJ~ 'h!!,asp;Oon vani Iii

l'1J1i cups, oon~cf:.ilOti)er8" suaar

Gr,ma.m Crus,!

,2 pi1e'kages (8 'ounces ,e,jl'ch)

= '

Cl'<e,am cheese, ,softene.d

~J4 cup sugar

11.'1. cup HERS,HEY"'S Cocoa ,- 'teaspoon varun~

2 eggs

1 ru:p sour. ,a-e'ru:D

. 2: tab espoou sU;gu 1 teaseeen vamUaJ

Prepare Graha.m Cmst: set aside, iBe',a,t cream cheese" 3f, ,cup .suga~ the cocoa end 1. teas mon vanflla in. large mixer 'bow ~ untM lig 1'~ and fluffy'. Add eggs,; blend 'W~U. Pour ioto prepared CT.Ul~t. Bake at 3'75~ for 20 minutes, Remove cheesecake from oven; cool for 15 minutes.

Combine sour crsam ... .2 tablespoons sug~r and lleas:poon vanj]!i:JJ; stir until smooth, Spread evenly over baked :fj]]mg. 'Bake £:lit 4250 for ]0 minutes" Coo]; chill several hours Of ov.el',njght .

10 to. 12 servings


1'112 C1lJp-S graham. eraeker ,m.t.lts "li'3 cu:p ,sup

]/3 cup 'bu:Uer er mamguriru:!', me-Ued


Combine gr!lhan'1 cracker crumbs ... sugcu and melted butter. - ress mixture OI1iW bottom and halfway up side of 9--inch s:pringfoifm pan.

Choce ate Ri·.'·- . ,.', tt IC'-' h·· , '" ..... " ..

..... "-, ... a Ie :'. ,co, a ,- ," eeseca'e ~~~~~

G~II~ha_, enlst

3 iC;UpS ri,ooUa .or' :~OW~fiif oo~ -3Jg:t

cheese 1 cup'su.lu t eggs

1 ~llP .. ;eavy 0' w" ·ppittgc ea . iJ!, cup' HERSHEY""S, CIi!JC~~

:Jl/4. cu:p Dsif1ted. iliU."purpofile' fl(lJiU.r. ':e, 'fe~spoorn ,SiiJH:

JiJ;2 -teaspai)fi, wnWU,a, Glu@d F'mt'

Sweebl!:oed. wtLpp-ed ,ce'am (optio ,II)


10 to 12 servings

Prepare Graham Crust; set aside. :P.1a!C€ :n(ona cheese" sugar and ,eggs: m food processor o.r. blender container; process until smo!O!ih. Add. cream, cocoa, Hour. sa]t and vanilla; process un U smooth.

POU!1' into prepared O:Uis;t_ Bake at 35(1' about hOI and 15 minutes or until set, Turn off oven; 0Fen door andlet cbeeeecake remain in oven .. houe Cool completely; chill thoroughly. just 'before serving, arrange. Glazed Fruit on top of cheesecake. Win~ Piiilstr.y,tlllbe, make a 'border of s1!j,\r.eelemi~d whipped, aeam around edge ..

] IClrJlP §Jahilm. eraeker erumbs 2: tab~esfOOl~s sugu

'IIi cutp butter or margarine, melted

Combine O'T""h ""m' "" -- l~ .... :r "..,· ... umbs ,e'" Ora ' ...... d· melted 'I!...~ ...... ""'r '(0...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

u ," .' .' .' Or",QI. a... , ... Fa ItU;;:' ~_., "~I d·U~!::JI"":r aJ~ ~. " r>5" .!O\.... V HI. ~,"" •. C',(lIi:iN:l>O

. t. d~ 'IJ • 1... ide of i"\. 'II- • f

nuxture onto bottom an' 12 ll1L'L] I. Uf" sic e or '7-1llCIL i spong 'Olm

:pan... Bake a 350~ for S to 10 minutes: cool.


1j;z ('UP' sliced. nrtN::·t4U'i:mu!.S"" 1J.2: ~!!UP' b .uebeft,iiei~

l.J4 CUP' apri,eot pTe serves

*You :tnay subiti.tute peaches, pitted sweet eh . ies, slTI'lf\i\rbe-rries 011' canned plneapple chunks for the nectarines and bluebe'l'ries ..

Orange Cocoa Cake

'Jj2. cup HER5.IHEYI'S C'oeoa 1./ _l'ii' - b 'U~- - _rei~

:2 '.:_wp ,0 .. U.S ""'~'!!Ji:[

1/4 cU,p' but. er iO't ~illlI.,in", 80flened

1.J,,, CUiP' s,hordelljj,ns

2, cUP" sugar

:Jt./8 teaspoon Sallt'

t li~t)M vanilla; 2,eIP'

1j12 tieu,piOoM b3JJdng seda

"1 "'u'rit LU '11<_,::1111., 1i"Wi' r - .. i'ii'II~.

II;. Jr IP.,', !lI.~u","uu., ",,, 'sou, :gulA-

1:314 ICU.PS ansifte'.d ,111U· ... p'urpose 8oU]'

3, bb.le,sp'Ool'l8 buttermilk ot"

sour mUk~

1j,B !te·up 0 on. ibakinlloda,

314, 'ooaS,pO;QIIIl F,ated .Q.Aft8~ ,peel 1.!1i b~l,bP{)On (ili,range' c:xtra'd

Omnge Buttel'cr-eam Fr-osti"D8'

Grease three ,8- 'Or 9'~.t_nch layer pans and line W[th. wax paper: set aside,. Stir 'together. cocoa, i:lJnd. boiling water in s[nalI bow'] until: s,moo,th; set aSide. Cream butte~, shortening'I' sl1ga!!i.", salt: and var nillaJ in '~~' mixer bowW undl light and fluffy., ,Add eggs; beat well, Stir' 11h_ re,aspoons baking soda .rnto, 1 cup butte-rnill,]k; add. alter-

nately. with flour' to a:eillJ.med mixture, _

MeasW'le 1.2/3, cups ibatrer ,httG, small bowl, Stir in 3 ta],]espooN buUerm~Lk, .. tis te~spoon bak.mg soda, the orafl\ge peer and ora'n.ge lextract; pour into. one prepared pan. Blend eoooe mixture into re ..

". iIl..... dj' td 'I • , d

m,~[rung uatrer; 1.-' lVlt ne evenLY amO!l:'!!,g remamsng two ,pr1e'pilIre .•

'pans", Ba.k;'e iilIt: !SOl) WI[.25 ro' 3U minutes or until. "a];;e tester comes out clean" Cool 10 :minu.tes.;. remove from. pans, Cool completely, Place o:o;@' ('hoeo~~t'e layer on serving plate; spread 'with some of ,the IOra:nge BiuUe:rcreaJm Frosting. Top with or,ange ~ii!ye:r and

d . h f' . T' .'l!.. •.• 1.. 1] d IT

spr.e'a 'Vlt. '.r08t.tng, 0.1' 'WltllL rnmatn~ng G:n<QOO'are . ,sye-r €ln· ; -,ost·

ent~ .cab.

*T-o, .sour mUk:' Use. 1 t'alblespoon v.tnegM:" plus milk 'to equal 1 cup; use 1/2 teaspeon vinegar plus mBk to' ~qual 3 tabl,e.spoons.


2/3 cup' 'lbuU1et', O'f m-su.iiru.::j sof.lreru!d.

'- ro,PS oomecti.¢.iilliil!'CS'" s'U,gu

2 teas,po<oift~ gr.at'ed, Bra.nlt pe,ei. 1'112 tt;il.6i.POOM. v:amUa.

<4 kJ 6 tab.WcspoOl:l_81 milt

1 HERSHE\''''S M'ilk Chooo,late u. {8 oU~ceS)iP' broike;D low ,pi@ces

'114: ,cup 'but.te1" or maq;;ar.iinli! l.~a ClfIlps bofli.ng: 'water'

21./8 N,PS, 1Ui\Sifled a11-purpMe ,floor'

:1 w.ps p rke light hrowft


2, 'telisPOO'llS 'bak~D;g soda. 1. tea.s,lPoo,n saft


eli ... C;U,- '1:!l1'1llll'il'r -:'1"m-

.-,... • J~ ,.. 1Il!!W'W!.' ~ ~_.

1 b!l1lspo.0n vanl~iIl

,10 to 12 servings

Cream bu~t~ 1 cup canfectioners' sugar; the or~n.ge pee] and V,aI.~

~!II~!...." 'I ~- • 'b 1 li·..ld . '" ,_it:. • 11

nJ.i!l~ :in kiIge :m~er.Orw ... i'W remammg C(liUledi.onerS !Sllgar a.J:~

li-~ 'l't.-"'"ly w,;;~th ,_.~:1i~'~: b;;:O>;l,tmg"" ". iI-.,.. ;bP." loading' 'COI!:1'~·~ r2;~ncy:' .

!O'...,.. ~.1Ii1ilL . o;,.~ , .1&;. .UllllJtl\.l' ,"""!rIO . , W QI . Ii:O ,~_U!l .' ~bOl'l·1C •

. ". .

I Comb-in,e, d\ornIDarte bar pteces, "butter and 'bon.mg· w,at.er in ,mediurn '!boWl; stir. until (hocQ~~te' is melmd. Co:mb].r..eflon~ brown, s.ug.~ baldng .. soda and salt in 'arg,e mbeer 'bow]; gt,aduaUyadd, ch-ooolate mb:wIeI beating unl:i1l lhoroug;h[.y blended .. Blend. in le,gsj.' saur crearm. and vanima; v(ilat 1 minute on medliWl1, ,speed ...

Pour ,into ,gre~ed and t10uredl 13 X 9-inch pan, Bake art :J5~ fur 35 kt 4{J minute's 'OlE' :untU cak.e, tester {:OID@S out clean, Cool cern-

, ill' .. £ ,.. ...I ...... ".' d C' - . ,_ ,jj:H~~'93''j,

pl!lett~t y, lIl·fo,s" as U/li;SU'ie "see pa~es OCi""_.J.


Cenkr mp: Cnzme~FiU2d Cupcake:;. Left M tight:, Chaco/ateU)ll1ft Cup(:;(tXts wittt Ch.o.co.la:t_ .... Cvcom# ,F'rosl:ilig (see P.ff;g£ 88). (U.i'd Choco'Latt But:kn;--rea.n1. ,Frosting (St'le' t:mSe. ,;9.3).

'314), cup ,S ;orfen·· 118 p.f '~~ps. 8tlllgar

l eggs

1 t.e,aspoon vanilla

1 ~l~, cups uDs'ilfted all-p r ,r-p use flom

"1/,'1.. Cli,1' ,H'IENSHEY" S Cocoa 1 ·t'eaJs,po an b~kwng soda

12 teaspoon san

I I~UP miiilk

VaniUa Creme


:u., c p unsifted ,iiIl-pu'rporSie flour ~/2 ,emil' milk

il (:iI!dl,P blli..dte~ ar.m_alJlg;arine, s.ofite,fllJed.

1/4 (Ujp sho1:1te,ru.ng

,2 te,asIPOo.lDi, vanilla I/,4, te'as,poo salt

<4 Ct1,PS OOIirre1(:Lio.l[U~r8' su;g:ar

Cream shortening and sugar in large mixer bowl. Add ,eggs and vanilla: blend well, Combine f]01l:H:"; cocoa, baking soda and salt; add alternately with milk to creamed mixture. Fill paper-lined muffin cups. (21.12 Inches in diemeter) two-thirds full with batter. Sa ke at J75~ for 20 to 25 minutes or until. cake tester comes out dean. Cool eomple ely,

Prepare '\la,ni:U a, Creme: spoon into pastry "bag with o.p'~[l star tip, lnsert 'tip into center of 'top {)f cu pcake: ge, :ltly sq uee: e u,ntil 'cup~ ca ce begins to peak. Cover top with swirl of filling. (Or cut ill 1 tl2~ inch cone from top of cupcake, fill; replace cone _ SWl-I'1 filling over top.]

Combine flQu.r and milk in, small sa~epalil,; cook over low b1leat, sf ring constantly with wir whisk, until mixture thickens and just begins In boll. Remm.re from heat: chill, Cream butter and shortening in La ge mixer bowl: blend in, vanilla, salt and the chilled flour. mixture, Gt~dua]Iy add confectioners' sugar I~ beat to s:preading consistency,

liJ'2 ~Ita!.p ""U·tref ~r. mar&ili'iD~;

oofttned 1 cu., su;s:ar

. te3JSpOtJll vanlUa 4 eggs

1 1j4 cups WiIIsJfted alW.~ptaJr';[ls@· .flour

j.j4 teaspoon b.iling sodla 11./.2. ro:l'$ ,(i6 .. oonce .can)1 HERSHEY"'S S'YI'Up

Cream butter, sugar' and vanilla in large mixer bow l 'until right and fluffy.. Add eggs; beat well, Combine flour and baking soda; add (,hhernately with syrup to creamed mixture .. FiU paper-lined. muffin cups (21f2 inches in diameter) half furl with batter, Bake at 3750 JOT 15 to 20 minutes or untm cake rester. comes out clean. Cool: frost as desired (see pages 8B-93).

aft !cu.p butter om: :iltUgmo.e;r m[eU.edl

Pi! cups s,'ug.M'

l1f:'l. ·I:eas,poons. 'vanillia :3 ~:gg yo.b

1J! cu.p' plus t tab~es.pooq 'HE ,SHEY'S C'OCOiIJ

"JJf;:z [cup unsifted ,dl"p·urpose .flhl" :3 t . hles.ponD,s. vege.ta.·l])le IOU

31 biblesp-o us 'WaJtet

at4, CH.p .fi~eIy ('hmpped peeans 3 Il!'SI 'vl'hi,tes,if at raem Ie:m.pemt,lJll\~

tis k-u,O(},ml. c;~;~am. ,of ~.lar 1J,S ·teas,pO'O'Jl1i. ;salt

Royal G·~az·e '(page 89) "ecao halves (OptioRal)

Line bottom of '9-:in!ch sprlngform pa:riJ with aluminum foil;' butter :foil and. side of pan. Set astde, Combine ·'3.14 cup melted butter, the sU!,gax and vanilla in large mixer 'bow~; 'beat wen. Add egg yolks~ one at a time.. beating well afrer each. addition. Blend in cocoa, flour. oil and water, beat wem. Sttr in dllopped. pecans, Beat egg whites. cream. <0' tartar and salt in small mixer bowl u.ntH stiff peaks form. Carefully fold into ehocolate mix! ure, Fbur into 'pre-pared pan. .. Ba'ke a~ 350P ttl]" 45 minutes o.r until top begins to crack slightly" (Cake will not" lest done in center.) CoO] 1 .hoi!i[~ Cover: chin unH.L firm. Remc;ve side <of pan.

Prepare :Rcrya Glaze. PoUI" over cake, .aUt'-win,g glaze to run do'WT'IJ side, Wjth narrow uleta] spatula ', ~ spread. glaze evenly on lop and .side ... Allow to harden, G··a:a:nish with pecan helves.

10 to 12 servi,;rgs

11J2 ClI,pa; u[lJet'fted aU-pQrp~i)~J~' :Oour.

Ji;Jl cup s.u,gar

1/~ OJp packed ngh~ brown sngaJi' 1,1/4 teaspoons baking; soda

,~ 'teasp-oon cinnamon

:a,~ teaspaen saU

3 eggs

5.J./~ ICgp 'V''tge,taible. lo:H ]];b teaspuens vaojjUa,

:2 ,(UPS Sl',ated. ca,rmts,

2, cups, (12-olilnc."e IU\ck~ge)


_ E·",· ,l, ,-1,1 "_. "" ",' ~ ,",',

Combine flOll.u:. sugar, brown, s'Ug.a1.J' baking soda, einnamon and salt in large mixer bowl Beat eggs .. nil and, vanilla in small mixer bowl: add, to dry ingredients, Blend ,~]1. Stir in carrots, MINI CH]PS Chocolates. and wslnuts. Pour into greased! and. floured 13 x 9-inch pan. Bske at 3500 for 35 to 40 minutes Or 'U ntil cake tester comes out clean, Cool completely. frost \' ith Cream Cheese Prosting,


5emii=Sweet O1oeola.'t,e 11:l. CU]P ch1op,ped 'W'ahlitlts Cream Che'e'se FmsUrng

CREAM CHEES'E f'RO,s,rfNIG 1 :paekag,@ (3 OUD(;@S).' cream Cheese!" 9oRenedJ,

lJ4 cap b ,tier o-r ,.3lI'gH'in~; SiOfte. ed

2; ,cup~ (\i),ofedi,onllM:s.' ~u,ga:r. 1. b:~3Jsp,oon v:a:millliiIJ

:Ice-Itself Chocolate

1. ClIiIp :Ra:bdl, a:h'::on'll'~ 1J./~ cap lc.,opped pecans

lI/l IC~,P p~(:k,ed Ught'l:u,'IOrw1lI. SUSM 3. ta,bmesf0o 8, buUer or

, ougmncli' melled

3 'ta b~,~s:~oo, 'S eV3por,iilt~dl, milk 2, 'f,ablesiPoons light oorn syruP' :]/:2, cup 'butlrel' or margadne, so:ft.enle;d

'1 C:U:p. plus :2 lablespo'Oii'i t~g~,r 1 eop:


]/.2, 'te'UPOCJ.Iil van~Ua,

l1j4 cups p~U8 2 tab1e:g,po(uIS, unsifted, iI1.u.~,ur,lPose floTeH 1Js, cu:p HES$HEY"S, Cocoa

1 ~~sp~o:n, Iba:klng lSi ed a,

'IJ2 te',H'PO(]JD salt

11 eu p' bul'enn'~lk 0.1 SOUJ milk''''

Beat cream cheese and butter in small '(nixe]' bowl unltil smooth and V!.~~11 blended. ' reduall y add confectioners' suga,r; stir in vanilla, Beat untll smooth,

Line two 8-in,ch layer pans wiitll foil: but ter foil, Combine cceonut. pecaJ."LsJ brown sugarl' 3 tablespoons melted butter, Hila evaporated milk and C,Om ~i'rup In small bow']. Divide, mixture and spread evenly over bottom, of each pan.

Cream, 112 cup butter and the 8ugH in large mixer bowl u:ntil Bgh~ and fluffy. Add egg and vanilla; blend well, Combine flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt; add! alternately 'with buttermilk to creamed mixture, Carefully spread half the' batter inro each prepared pa.n; do not mix with cocon ut topping. Bake' at 35[)" for 30 to 35 minu tes Of until cake springs back when touched lightly, Invert immediately onto wire rack; gently remove foil and discard. Cover layers. loosely with foil to keep topping soft. Cool completely: place 'Clone layer on ~DP of other, Keep well covered.

illi'To sour milk: Use 1 tablespoon vinegar plus milk to equal 1 cup.

- ",

_ leS

&R····· tri

.. ·~,'asrtes

9-illm .. piGlst1'J ",n lor cmmb CfiU8t

2'if:l: b~ocb (2l./:l IO'Uft(@S) HEBSImY"S _ nsweek ' .ed Baking Cho.cQlate" 'DNke'l1 mm pieces,

2 eups .milk .l, (~PS sug,ar

3 t· b:~.espoODs. flour

3. la·blespoo·ns cClmstiU'd1J.

'lJ~ ieaspoO'D. saU ,1 e.gg ~lb

1 c,up . I ilk

2, 'tab.~oons butt'e-Jr Qt. ,EDaIr.gmne

1. j'~ t:ti18JPiOOD!S wa:rul ~a

3 ~gg whiksi.' ,at room

teDl,erature ,

101 teaspoo:m Cdam. of larbu 6 tablespoons :5I;~g.

, 'ake pastry shell; set aside. MeU baking chocolate pieces w'itn .2 cups milk in medium saucepan over medium heart, 8tirrin,g constanfly, Cook and stir j:"u;,~' until nUx,tm,e boils; remove from, heat Combine 1 ~/3, cups. sugar; the flour; cornstarch and. salt in small! bowl, "B]@nd ,egg yolks lv[th 1 ,cup ,mnk; ,add to dry ingredients. Blend in.to. chocolate mixture in saucepan. Cook UV'@f medium heat, sHrrblg (OllS'tantLYI until rru:xture boils; boil and sUr 1 mill ute, Remove rrom hea!t;: blend in. butter. £1na vanilla. Pow into cooled shell,

Beast 'egg whites and cream of '~aLrtarr in, small mixer bow] unti] fOiJ .. mty. Cra.duany. add Ii tablespcons sugar;. beat until s,tiff peaks io,nn. Spread me:T±ngue onto hoi' pie fi_][]ng, caI,efully .se~[ing meringue to edge 01 ernst. Bake in preheated 35{F oven for 8 to 10 mllU'ms or until lightly browned. -Coo] to room ;te,mperature; chili several hours 01" overnight.


Cho~o' are Rum. Cream. :Pit.; Substitute 3 'ito 4 tablespoons Ught rum for the va:ni][a.

Brandy Alexander Pie

Chocolate .Pet.a1 Crus! 3.0 mar.ge marSi'rumaUolWS

JI ...... _';1 t,2. ...11 P .~","!lll ..

1 cup HERSHEY'S .sem:~-Sw~et

Chocolat!!' Chips 1 ~,as,poon vanUI31

1 to 2. tillblespo ons 'brandy

1 to :2 ·table"sp.oo,M)S creme de' cacao

2 cup~ heavy o:r WI- . "ppinS cream,


:i1'2 >C I P bu,tt-er OJ: ma,rprim.el sof.1ened,

1. cup s;uga

1 e.,gg:

'te,as,iP.;(Jon vam)ll_illa

_ 1/4, [UPS, uWfilsiifte, aU~pgrp(is'-


1/'1. cup. ,fIERSH"EY"S Cocoa :lf4 'teas,p (Jon hakin,g 90da 1/· ~aspDon salt

f:rJP': Hrm·uly . lttatul;~r Pif!.

B.(Jftom~ Breu::k Bo,t.tom .Pie ('S-ce pag.e 40)'

Prepate Chocolate Petal Crust; set fIlside. COIl1bine marshmallows and milk in medium saucepan: cook over low heat, stirring cons'~antl)~ until marshmallows are melted. and. mixture is SD:10:(lth. Pour half ;the marshmallow mixtur-e into small bow]; set aside, Add chocolate, chips to the re,m~ining marshmallow mixture; return to 10"7 heat and stir until chips are me lted, Remove from heat and stir in vamlla: cool to room temperature. Stir brandy and creme' de cacao Into reserved marshmallow mixture Tn. sma]] bowl: cnj]] 1lloti1llll.ixtilue mounds slightly when dropped: from a spoon.

Whip cream until stiff, Fold .2 cups of th€ 'whipped cream into cooled chocolate mixture, spoon .intit) cooled crust .. Blend remain _, ing whipped. cream into chj]]ed brandy mixture; spread over chocelate n Ixture. ChiJ1 aibout 2 hours Oil' unlU firm. G'amish as desired,

Cream bu tter, sug~r~ egg and w_nilla - n .Lar~ mixer bowl, Combine flo~ COCQ,fI,. baking soda, and sali~;tU into creamed mixture Sh,ape son dough inro two rolls, 1112 inches in diameter each, Wra.'p in plastic wrap: chill s€veta] hours. Cut one rom into 1/8- Inch slices, arrange sUc@s, edges touching, on bottom, up side' and onto rim. of greased. 9--in.ch pi.e pall. (SmaU spaces in. CT1UlSt wUl not ,afEeet pie.) Bake ~:t 3750 £0 8 to 10 minutes, Cool.

Enough dO,Ug'l .for 2. crusts

Nlo.k·: 'Relna1ning f'OU of dough may be frozen for later use. oOr" b-ake as chocolate refrigerator. cookies, Cut ron into Jfs-]rlch

s ices. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bak;'e at 315a for 8. 00 10 mirrures or until aImost' set _ Cool s]ightl y. Renlove from cookie shee-t; coo] ,complete~y on 'wire rack. Makes about l1h dozen cookies,

p,rns &: rA.5fltIES 39

9--WI1C-, pastry ~U or. ttiml1ib


!Jl/2, CRP 5'liJigar

iE/3 Imp HiERSH'EY"S C'CJn:'oa 'i} CUP' bdUer ,O'l' ma:rg2I[j]n!e~


1. eD,velc~e unfiDOl'ed gelaHfii,e 1/4, cu.,P ,co:md water

:2 cU,I's, 'milk

4 less yanes

IJ~ iCUp s..'uga:r

'1/4 cup oor:ns,t.dl.

1l t,eas ,lOOn, vanillil 1 taibles.poonS! ro.m .;I egg w'.';'ms

'lIz cup s.ugj'ii_l' Grated, cho~o;larte

Bake pas~ry sh~l1; set aside. [Combine III cup suga:~, the cocoa and butter in ,m,edium 'bow~; S€t ,as,~d,e',. S:p'rin!k'~e ~~atin'e onto cold w,ater :in small bowl; set ,a,s~de to soften. "aD! bowl in p~n of simmerlng' water to dissolve selatrnln,e. Co.mbhle. :miIk,., egg )l'orks ... 1/l cup sugaJ' and the co'I,nstarch in 'medium saucepan, Cook over medium heat, stm,ing constantlyJ. un;t~ mixt:u.re bolls; beil and stir 1 minute, Remove :fl'OID" heat; measure 11/2, cups of the custard and blend into cccoa-sugar mixtute, Add vanilla and pour into cooled shell; chiEm unti[ set.

Combine dissolved g,e.la:lm,e wHh remaining custard; add rum and set aside, 'Heat egg whHe.s in smal nl!:~T bow] unti[ foamy; ,gyad1ll.aUy and 1J':J, wp sugar and beat untM stilf peaks f.orm. fold ~gg whites into geletine-custard mixture, Chill1S tninutes or until :PM'fiaJly set'. Spoon over chocolate custard in crust. Chlluntil-set_ G,,a:mish with gl'a.~ chocolate' before se:nr~ng,.

.2 eggs

]; ClIp s,ug,ar

lj~ cu,P lbut.~ [O'i' maq~a;rinej!


111/2 e P unsifted all-purpose :0'01111 ~':i, [c~p HE.RSHiEY'S [C(iCO~

1/<i teasp,oon salt

1 teasp(Jon v.a:,Ula

"].J~ cup chopped nuts (opHof'blatl,j l,oe- crea.m

Ho.! ' udge Sile,~e'

HOT'· ru· ~·D' G' 'E' SA' U""E

•.•.• I, ~ ' ...... :. ':l" ·.I .. ~

'5Jr~, C[lP SUgH

li/ HE-RS~ H' i[;''V'S r"~

2: ,cup ,,:._ ,,',,' a;.'~ , " '\...0 00. a

II:;;: 'CIlIl,P plus, 1 tab,mespoO:RsI (5~(H1Me can) iil!Wpol'atEd mii 1./'3. cup' Ught C.om syrup

l/~ cup bruUer 'Or mM:la'ri:oe '1 "asPOO;Q, 'varoUa

Pour int.o lightly' grea5ed 8~iinch p-t'~ pan. 'B'ake at 350;:, frOt 25 ,to 00

• OJ ] tA • ill" . " ...11 ) C] ,

minuses or unti ' a_most s,n \r-1e w , not t,est 'li,;IJ,nn, t, . '0.·0; eut into

w'edges, Serve 'w>edg:es topped w:~th scoop of ire cream and drizzled with 'Q~ FudloSe. Sauce.

Co:moir.e supr ~nd COC03J in smaU saucepan, blend in, evapo:rllt~d mik aJ.nd, com syrup, Cook gwr mlooiJtmi1J heat1 stir:ri.ng const3nUYI umtU :mJXtUf!~ bOJ1l5; boil ,SlM s[ir 1. miD'ut,e. Remove from .heat:; s.trr in bu,tter and vanma., S~, 'warm.

Co. C,O\!, CruQ),b Cr_t

3;1 - H~1i'iIi t':!REvl S ~

'i leU,p ,_ .Ilo..L'\O " l; .' b!!Y:rup

1./2 CUlP' SIWie'i~te.D@d loond,e;u-d.

n<i."1 m,.'iIr ,.y~lJIIii.

egg yt!!Jlk, be~ten

1. teaspoon v.anilUa.

t atpl hf!,a:vy lot wbJp,p.tftg ~t-e'ia_'it'.z.

Iltgg 'white

1 tab~@SpoM slil~gaI'

~ ,

Str,awbe'rry 'I'o.P.Pi]ng

Prepare Coeoa Crumb Crust; see aside, Combine syrup .. sweetened condensed milk and legg yoil< in. small he-avy saucepan, Cook ·over m~d)htm heat, sthTmg o:mstantry,. l1lntiJ mixture boils, Remove from heat; stir in v.arbj]blJ" Coed; chill -tho.rO'Ul,ghly. 'Whip cream unfil s.t:iH;. fold into chocolate mixture, B~at ,egg 'white in small n"l!D:!~r bow until. fuamy; add. su_g:ar and. beat until sUff peaks form .. Fold. into chocolate cream mixture. Pour into prepared crust.

C ,IL. ,1.:1 .Jr.'

over: l.11.eeze.' unm .. JIt.rm,

P'repatr.e Strawberr.y Topping; spoon onto frozen chocolate .filling·, Cover; freeze un'til g'erving 'lime. 'Garnish as desired,

""DO' not use ev:ilporalted! :milk ..

ilr1l:Do not use non-dairy whipped. topping.

COC'OA CRUM. CRUST '11.J'2 CU;P9 va.~n iJ. wafer (1' m'bs, bib out· 45 ~et'5)

1/3, cu.p HlERSHEY"S Coco-a lfJ'tJ ,cup !Oo'omclionmi s,ugu Iii '~ablf!spoofiS butfer Or .m.arrgadnle, ~mlidt@d.

Combine cfumbs.. cocoa and confectioners' SU~M in medium bowl; grad uall y' add melt-ed bu,tter .. stirring to completely coart crumb :mixtul\e. Press mixture :firm]y onto Cotl'Dm. and up side of 9-inm, pie pan; freeze.


I pa kale. (10 ouoee'S) fro-un

;sUa!d Sb:'raWiJ'@T1I'w .e~\!, thawed 1 !Cup heavy or w,bJipp,jng cream 2, tabl~8pl)OM sugar

:2 'fab.~~i.p~o.lii~i light. cO.r,1I] ,81mp'

Dr.ain strawberries; mash 01" pm,ee strawberries in blander ru food processor to equal 1/.~ to ~/~ 'Cup. Whi.p cream and. sugar uutil stiff; fold in ,~trnwbe:rry puree and corn syrup.

Tap': CJlOc'oiti te:-FiUed' CretUfl Puffs Middle: C:lj,~_H=olat,~A.i'H·o.wut.' Thris Bot,ro,,;~ .. ~ Nllp'G/.eons ($t.!f fJ4g-e 44)

Chocolate-,Filled Cream ,Puffs

1 cu.p 'W"alOOl'

]"2 'Cu,p butler .01' margarin,e j j;t, t,e,i\S,poon Iii~n

1 cUIP ~ni5if1l:,ed aJU-,pilupose flO'Rr 4"eggs'

Cholco alt2' C'~e'am Filling C~n.fiedio,li1U2l'.s t sug~

c , OCO'lATE CR_EAM fI,tU'NG l1iol, C'ttp:S S'UgH

']/3 cu.p, . ;~SHEY'S Cocoa lJ':l, ClI!m.p ,(!om.starch

1l' te.~spo;[Jn gmt

3 (:up's milk

3 e,g yolks:f s,ligh~:y 1b~IEI®e.m, 2 lab~H.p'Oo.ns b\!l.!l,tte:, or


1,1/2 t'eas,IPDons v.:aru la

Ch· ·-:···-0···· alt'·· "-A" m' .. ·· .-, d

~, OCI ~,'c__1 ' •. e~, o,n '.

Choco~ale Tart Shells, 31 Clip StIlgH

1/,4, en -' HERSHEytS COCDaJ :2 E:a.bb:'Si,POOIlS OOI'Dst31r~h ,2 taJib,~es,pg.-(Jins, no~u

"i J" ~ea:spo.OD, salt 2 (UPS, - - '1k:

2 eg:, yolks, sligh :1" 'beaJten 2: tab !@SpOi)~S' 'ibulUer 0(1"


"ll4 teapoo(Q it moed e:xl:rnd SHe:edl iilb1li(ll(Rds

CHOCO'LATE TART SHELLS 11(:;: cupa vaniUa wa~e'Ji" crumbs (abmllli~ 45, wateta~

'l/a cup ,~oinfe.djoners' s,u,gar 1/-1, cu,p 'HEnS , EY'S Cocoa 16, tab. espn ODS 'butte'l or 1'I1'g.3i'ine;. melted

He,~t wa.t,e:~# butter and. saJt to, rolling bon in medium SIJ ucepan , Add. flocur. all a.t once; stir. vigorously over lO1<V' heat a,bout 1 minute or until mbdure leaves. side of pc nand forms a. ball. Remove from heat; add eggSI one a,t a t.in:teJ beillting well ratt'er each addition until SD100th and velvety.

Drop by scant tj , cupfuls. onto. ungreased cookie sheet Bake at 40lY ,for. 35 to 40 minute -' or until puH-ed and golden brown. \'Vhile pun is. warm, horizontelly slice off small portion ,of' top; reserve 'tops, Remove ,any soft filaments of dough; cool puffs. Prepare Chocolate Cream F.l1Ung; f.iU puffs. :R.ep]ace. tops;' dust 'with confec'lionel'S,''' sugar. Chill

Combine sugar, cocoa! cornstarch. and salt in. medium saucepan, stir .in milk, Cook. OV@I medium heat, sHrring constant'])', unitil mixture 'boils; bon and stir 1. minute Ramove from heaL Gradually stir' small amount ot chocolate mixtnre into egg yolks; blend Wi~U" Return egg 'mixture 10 c.h.ocolate mixture in pan; stir and heat just until boiling. Remove from ihea'tt; blend in, butter and vEftnib-:L Pour into bowl: pr'lB-Ss plastic wrnp directly onto surface, Coot

'III"A' '0'11" A·T'j,O,-·' '.

'V.i 1~1l "."

Minia-tulle Cream. P'iUf&: Drop dough by level teaspoonfuls onto ungrsased OOOldiB sheet, B~' at 400" for about 15 'mlJ1.Ufes. Fill as cUrect'led above.

p.r.ep~:"'e Chocolete Tad Shells; set aside. Combine su,gaI:, cocoa, cornstarch, flour and sa]'t in medium saucepan. blend in, milk and egg yolks" Cook QrW'I medium heat, stirring c,onstan1tlY1 until ,"'1;;:-' ture boils; boll and. stir 1 minute .. Remove from heat; blend in butter and almond extrac ,.

PoUT info cooled. shells: press plastic 'wy,ap directly onto surface. Chill. Gar.nls,h tops with slked almonds.

Combine crumbs, confectioners' :!1iu,gar,. cocoa and mer,ted butter in medium bowl; stir until completely blended", D'ividle mixture among six 4-ounoe tart' PiUlTIS,;' press mixture finl1]Y onto bottoms and up sides of PiiJTIs. Bake at 3500 f,O'I S minutes. Cool.

PIlES Ii: PASr,[IfUES 4.3

:! sme.em, 1(171/-4'-O"i.!I!n'Ce I'hl,dk3JG,e)

,&i1an, puff pitsUy Cheeelaee Cre-am, F:uliin(g 'VaniUa ,Fws,tiog Choeolata Glue

CHOCOLATE CREAM, Fl 'LIN'G l.J:z. cup' s'llga:r

3 t3b~ei5,po<ons., cornstarch 1 j,j2 ICUPS mUk

3 legg y-olks, .sJ:iglit,ly beaten 3/4 ICUP HERSHFl'''S . MINI CHIPS· S,e'mi-Sweet Ch"o-OOr:[ate

If2 teaspaen vamiUa.

VA . ,ILLA, fROSTI .. ,G

1 ,~, ,cu:ps, conh!dio@rs" Sllt~r

1. ,tabll@:I5IPODIl light ClOr,mfj, syrup' '1/4,Iie'as,ponm. wnilla.

1 b1 2 t ib,me.s,pOORS bot w,ater


Thaw folded pas.tlt"f" sheets, as directed; g,€':ntly unfold, :Ron €!\tlch on floured surface to 15 X ]2Anch rectangle. Place on ungreased cookle sheets; prick each sheet thoroughly with fork. 'Bake, at 350~ f~)r ur to 22 minutes or until puifed and lighUy browned. Cool oompletely 0l1. cookie sheets, P:r,epIi1U'€' Chocolate Cream Filing'.

Cut one rectangle lengthwise into tJnr,ee equal pieces. Place one piece on serving plate; spread M,th one-fourth tOlf' the Chocolate Cream Pilling" Top widj second piece of pastry: spread. with onefourth of the fiJblg'_ Place remaining piece' On top, s-et a.sidle.,Re.., peat procedure 'with remaining p<iu~try and. ·filing"

Prepare 'Van.iUa Frostin,g.;: spread half the frosting' on 'each rectangle. Prepare' Chocolate Glaze; d.r:izzle hall the glaze ]]1 decorative design eve fc sd:ng on each reel'angl@" Cov'er; 'chill at least 1 hour or 'until :fi]ling is firm. Cut each rectangle into six pieces.

12 ~nlln;gs

Gr,ana.m Cra,Cb:r Crust (recipe ,fOI ow,s)

1 'p\l~kaB~ (8 orun~es.,)1 cn!aut cihee'se" :s~n@d

"iJ;z; cup 'HERSHEY'S ···'0C03]

1 cup conle cUoner.s' s.usar '1.1h: tl!3:spoQns v:ani lal

,2; ICUP'S; h@arvy' ,o't' whi,ppin,m; (:fe~m,

Combme sugar.. cornstarch and milk ill <medium, !!!la.ucepan,. Cook

~: 11.._ ., 'L'I til mi , " beei

over rnecuum heat ... snrrmg coif."Lsta:niLl)j unn Il'IlJI),';turn 1 ust ceglns tc

'bon. Remove from, heat. Gradually stir small amOilU"lJt of 'mixture' into ,egg yolks,;: :b]end. ""TeD. Return egg mixture to mixlun~!' in. pan. Cook over medium heat, sti:rring constantly, ] minute. Remov,e, from heat; add M]NI CHIPS Choeolaees and vaniUa, stirring lU1Hi chips are melted and mlxture is, smooth. Press plastic \-w,ap direedy onto surface, Coo]; chill thoroughly;

Combine confectioners' sugar; corn sfrup~ vanilla and hot water in small. mixer. bow'l; b~at to, spreadin,g ccns].st~ncy.

Melt butter in small saucepan. :Remove from 'heat; stir in cocoa u tl smooth. Cool slightly.

Prepare Graham Cracker. ernst; set' aside. Beat cream, cheese and cocoa in la_j'g"e mixer bowl until fluffy and well blended. Gradually add. confectioners' 8uga..r; blend well Stir. in w:ruJla. Wh~p' cream until stiff; fold. imo cheese mixture.

Pour into cooled crust: cl ill until firm. Garnish as desired.

8 a.emngs

G'-,RAD, :',' "AM'I'" C" RA: "CK,'Ir:'D C-'K"'US'_'

.. , ,,~~- :.' ..... ·£Ir~· ... : .... ,

(Cor.lfin.rlea [rom pgge 44.} Combine gr.aha.Hll cracker crumbs ... butter and stl.ga·r, in. small bowu . . Press mixture firmly onto bot tom and up side of 9-]nch pie pan .. 'Balke a.t 3500 for 10 minutes; coo].

11. 1j2" cups, .aJhil . cif.aJck~r. crumbs, ~/l. cup 'Ibul: ieJ," or ma;r.g.iltlfln.e:, :melted

:3 tabJesp '0(., s.ugar

F, I, :U" d ge Pe if'N, an .P,':1·',IIi:Ii_-_,

,. '" II;;;; '~~~~rQi~~

l/~ ru:p sug,ar


'tj cap unsifted ,ruJl-l'ul'po<s.e. .flour J1{4l teaspoon s..aJ~

1.1/4 !CUP'S UJh~ eO'ln s':J.Tup 3 eGt8

;3 ·fabl.esp;OIIi)Ds b ,t.te.f (1m

·.a·rsar,inejl' :01Jel,ted 111'2 tea!9po-ons vaniUa.

1.12 cop Id~o,ped pecaM

9-m,ch unbaked .pas,try is en l'e'<Ca~~,' 'aIve'~

S o!'\i3~H:'i<:i,Q~ ~~~- l~~'-~ij i:l1

Combine sugar, cocoa, fl.our, salt .. corn syrup, ~ggs, melted butter and vanilla In. large mixer bowl; beat 30 seconds on medium speed (do not werbent). Sitr in, chopped. pecans.

Pour into 'unbaked pastry shell. Bake at 3.5f.r for 5:5 to 60 minutes, immediately arrange p~('an, halves on top, Cool, {For fullest ,Aav'Ol'J CQV,er end h~'~ stand one d,ay beiOifre serving .. .)


F'UdBe 'Waln,u'" Pie'~ Substitute dark CO'In sy]:'u p fOf light oorn syrup, 1. tablespoon .imib.Hon maple flavor for vanilla and cho,iPped 'INalnU'[S and 'wa~nut hal I'"es [Or chopped pecans and pe= can halves, Prepare and. bake' as directed. ebove,

'9_"~nia::'. tp\3.Stry;!itten or cn..1mb CE.US~

]1 ]'4 ·cu.ps su.g~:r

:1]13. cu..P' H.ERSHiYl' S GO·~013. ]]1:3, cap ,col'Iltdal'c'h

~;4 'teas'poon salt

3 'CU.ps lmliJ.i:,

3 'ta.b.~J2$IP(1jo;lm~ b~U~F (D' ,ma:rgadn1e

I m'2, teas -; _1i'II;1i"i -- ~ '\11- ': '''l~-

. --.;Ip' .... vn'" _ 11!1I1 ~a

,2; medmu •. bananas, :ii iced Sweekned. whl pped aeaM .Addi_~io:tut~ bU_2ll1a slices, (0 pti(l(mlIJ a 1)

'~ak,e pastry shell, set aside. Combine s1ll;ga~, cocoa, cornstarch and sat!t in. medium sa.ucepan; gradaally add milk .. stirring 'UlI!l't:@. smooth. Cook over:' 'medium, 'heal. stirring ootil,sta:nUYt until mi~,ture boils, boil and stir ;3 minutes, :lR!.e:!TIove from he~:~; blend in but~@:r and. 'vanilla. .. Pour into bowl: pr.e·ss plastic 'wTap directly onto surface, Cool to room temperature.

Cover bottom of Gaoled shell with small amount: of fiUing. Ar:rail.1g~ banana. slices over filling; cover 'with remaining filling. Chii ,3 to 4: hours or until flrm, Garnish 'lA,r]th sweetened whipped

cream and banana slices.

C- .. OO.leS

&B C

. . .


. ,'. .' < -'.' .••... .' .. ' ~. // . I .

_ .·.ar · .. 00

B t B· ·

e s· . <'ro" .' "W' '. n···le··s·, ......... _ .......... ,..-... .. _ . ..-... --.-.-..,.-.~ .. -. -"""",,".~."-'" -....-.~,.-..,-~-.- ""_.~~" ......... ..-~.,""""

_'. .._ " .',_:. ~'I~-"~~.~......:iilJI"~'~i!!~lI~·~~'~·II~"~·~~·~'I~-'~~~'~"~·~'~'~~~~! .,:. ~

]/2 CUp' b~ue'.r or .m_sar ':nti melted.

!Cup 8U.g~:,

1 I'. "aspoaD vanilla 2: eggs·

1/::. en.p' 1ml!,dft'ed. all-ptwrp O~H! fmom 1/3. cup HIERS-HEY'$.. CQt~oa

Tli4. teaspnon baking po;wd.'eli"

.Ij.oj, ka~:poon salt.

l'l Ie p c I lOpped. nruts l~optffi!l)na1) C[e'am,· Brow'ni,e "ru)S 'Ong

eft' -_AMY BROWNIE ,F.ROSTING 3ables:pHlons ·bu.tler or

.• 3Jfgaf.ine', softened

.3 tablespo.uns H EBS.H IEY'"S Go oa

1. tahles,poo.n. Ugb·t com ~yru.P or


t~ teaJ!!I]?O on ·'Vamlilla.

1 cu.P; oo:rUecUone'r:s,i' sugar 1 to .2 Itidrdespoons ~nUk

Blend butter, sugar and vanilla in hllrge bowl. Add eggs; using a wooden spoon! best \vell. Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder. and salt; gr.adua]]y blend in:~o' egg' mixture 0 Stir in nuts.

Spread in greased 9-inch square pan. Bake at 350° for 2[) to 25 minutes or Uliltil brownie begins to. :pu.l] away rrcufl, ~dges. of: pan, Cool; frost with CreiIrt.my Brownie Frosting. CYj't into squares ..

About 6 ImJlvnrf',5

Cream butter, COCO-iiI corn syrllp and vanil a in. small ,mllX{':I bowl. Add eonfe tion:er$' sugar and milk: bear to spreading consis OE':l"l.!2Y., About· 1 cup frosti~tg


,~ ---------- ~--~-

Scrump tio,us ,e iocolate Laye .. ~· ... er Bars ,~.~:.,.~~~~~~QIi

, I .

2 cups 02-01 nee packillg,~)

HERSHEY'S Semi...sweet:

C-L- ItCh" ,. ~jWO) ae ..1, is,

, '

11 parkas,e ~8, OMceS.)1 cream


1./2 cop plus .2 tabes, 'oons (S"ofQll'l!ce (a'p,) evapoDt:ed, .Hk

1 cup chopped 'Wi1Jlouts,

IJ4 mp' sesame seeds (lJptionaiD 'Ji.f~ teaspGon almond mraltt

3 ~,ps 'unsifted aU-pU'['pose fl,our

11 :J.J% cu;ps s.u,gu

1. t'easpoon b\aking plOWcler

1./2 'teiJ po>Dn saIL!

1 u, ,.

_ cup vutbu OJ[ ~l'l.;iu·U1J.e

2. eggs.

1h; ite,a;sP4lJOO, a~()ind extra,d


Combine chocolate chips, cream cheese and eveporated milk in

madlum saucepan. Cook Ql!j}"er low' heat, stirring constantly, until chips are melted. and mixture is. smooth. Remove from heat; s'trr in walnuts, sesame seeds a;od ib teaspoon almond, @xltntlct. ~lend we]]; set: aside"

Combine l\e:ma~g ~ngredienu in, [Sirge' mixer. bowl; bland 'W~:u '00, 'low sped unt]J1 mixture resembles coarse crumbs" Press half ,the mixture in greased 13 x 9'-iru:h p~n; spread wit'i~ chocolate. mixtare. Sprinkle rest of crumbs over filling. (U m:bd:ure so:ft'ens and forms iii stiff'dough .. pinch off small pieces ItO use as, ,tuppill1g.) Bake a.1I 3750 for 36 to 40 minutes or' until golden brown. Cool; cut into bars.

1.J.2; cup' [b,uU~1" 'Oti' margarine, SlORe'oed,

t, cup peanut butter

'aIlP 5ilJliU:

1 ~iUI,p f3ickedl Ught ibt'>ow,ml sugar 3, @,gg_s

1 lC\upoon, vanilla

.2 lCilpiS unsifted, aJI.-porpose'

2, teaspuons bak"l1;g powdH 114, 'le'as.:poo:n :salt

1./'1; cup' (5 S"O;Uln'ce ea ) HlERSHEYr.S Syr-o.p


Blend butter and peanut butter in. 1a:rge mixer bowl. Add sugar and brown sugar; heart well. Add eggs .. one at a time .. b@ating well after each ,addition. Blend in, vanilla, Combine flour, balking powder and, salt: add, to peanut butter mixture.

Spread half the bafter in glie'3,s;ed 13 x 9-inch pan, Spoon 8)!'l'U,P over top. C~refuiny spread with remalaing batter. Swir-] wifh spatula Of knife for marbled eff.ect. 'Bake at 350 (I ,ror 35 to. 40 minutes or u.nUI1ighdy browned .. ,Coo']; cu,t :inlD SC[Ua1i;;S.-

A·!-_"t.,I:, 3· d,'....,.- z._~.~T~.- 11U~~, r ~ _V4-~.r.lj [lJ·nJ,Wrfil-lIllir~

CLockwise fro"; ;rop Ie!!": Scrumptious Choco~a.te Layer BJ1'rs ..

Pe~'j~;ut Butte.w PRide]! BnJiWWl-ie.i ta11d Best BIFOwl#es (UIl' ~ 47)

1 cu.p M,ln1eni~ ll'r :Jlif~ leu.p butter 0' m_argM.ine" softened

1 CiIl]? :Slltg'iIlJ

IJ'.1,; (.u.:p paiked light brown~ sugar 1 b!'upOO( 'Vi1mI a

:2 €ggs

2 atps.. uims~ifted 3JU·Pl1rp~s~' {Itom:

1 'teaspoon bdtiiRg, soda.

cep RE( SE"'S IPeanUlt. B'ui'ier Chips,

1 c .. p 'HERSlIEY"S Semi-8weet C; .i!ijco~.,ate Chips,

Cream .shortening or butter, suga.tr; brown sugar. and vanilla in Ja:rg,e 'mixer bowl unnl light and fluffy .. Add €ggs; beat well. Combine flam and bakin,g soda; add to creamed mixture. SHI"' in p~a~ nut butter. chips and cho 00'] a te chips,

Oltop by fbeas.poomul s onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake alt 350 q for 10 'ID 12 minutes or. unlil. light y b 'Owned, Coo]. slight]y. Remove from, cookie sheet; cool completely on wire raek,

About 5' doz'tij cookies

H-- olid a····· 'C' 'h·', .. " ..... }' ·,·t·, Cooki .. ···, ,0 I Y <_oeD .a 'ie' .... .. ·_les, ~rQJ.q.

1.J::l eup 'butter or. il'Ui~gat'i:Dj,e'l' soften.,e;d]

'3.i4 mp' sugar

1 egg;

1. ~:spoo:n, 'V3in~.U.a

tlJ2 nipS u'ms]ft~d IlU-9Ui}l0se· flour

li3. if:UP HEllSHEY'S. COC~3J 1/2 'leaspo"n ba .log: p"m¥d,@T 1':1. teaspeen baIldns: sod.a

'~l4J teaspoen s..a1lt D~rorato't'''s Fi'to' .ting:

'D"·E"C' O·D~,~1iJ.'''S.'-· F·ReO· :,S"TINI····G··

··.&~'V'A: ..... I ".

11.2. CU,ps.. (0n' «lionel'S/' su.gar 1 tabl.,e.s.plloD!.S shO'Jrtenil1,g

2. labl'i!SplOons ntilk

1./':t k:'a:s.p!lJ.o(n. v.lnmUa.

R d U' rn

. e c jI' pe;e:ID, or ye ow'. 7."



Cream butter, sugar,. egg and. vanilla in large mixer bow] 'Until Hgltl and :fluffy. Combine, remaining ingredients e;li(ept Decorator's

E . .,.r . .• idd to "''i'.I!'i.''''M· ""d ,.' .. ,If ''''''' blendi ... !P· W·· ..... 11]

,1II.·'ro!h.:nng; a.M '. !,""" !L. ... ..:;.iC!I., I rc, '. ]l1Dl; '" U .. ~ . "I.It;;U L ~d ·'lUI.

R'oD a sm~[[ p ~ rtiOITL of dough .at a time om, lightly BOll, d surface' to 1/4-in.ch thickness .. (U toe sof t, chill dough. until firm. enough. to ron .. ) C t with 2ih~inch cutter; place on ungreased 000[0, sheet. Bake at 32_sa :fur 5 tn i minutes, 0'[ until onlya s[lght indentaU!I)n remains. when '~ouch,ed. ]igh.tly .. Cool I mmute, 'Remove from cookie sheet; cool complete]y on 'wire tack. Prepare Decorator's FrOcsting and decorate with holiday dI.es,igns or m€!\ssillges.

A.OOu:f 3 doze.n cookie:s'

Cornoine an Ingredients ~':pt food. color in small :mi'Xet bOl>\I]; beat until smooth and] of spreading consistency, Tin .• with drops. of fnod color; blending well

'if~ ~Ulp b~ttH @'J.' m.al'JJ1rbme,. sofite1led,

1. package (3 O\unc'ei!l,)' '~tiItl chl!e-se.r loiteHtl!ld

8:14, '(IIII' :sU!,SaI'

1- ii!i;j!irV' 'vmil'lil~ , I~ee' ,J. '.~,~.

2: taaspuens ,~nl0llld exf:md l 'leas,p;()ons lor.ailjle juw£e'

lti4 ~ps ullila:jfb~d all~urpoe;e flour

.2 te'M:p~O!ms bOOtmlg: :fUi)wdltCl' ll'i te\aspoo(~, 511lU:

5 cu:ps, i(l~Oilln,~~ P~&agl~) ,flil_lk_ed. oooonuJt

C:::'A! 'ElI"E'"S. ',HE:"';;; iO' Vile::! 1t!''D'1I:!' ~ J[.ILml~ __ . u ,I ,ijI I'!i...J.OIOB.:J

Oe-.3.'m, bufter;, cream cheese and sugall" in large mixer howl until ]]ght and :fluffy. Add e,gg 'yoIlkl' almond ,extr.act a:nd orange ] lUl]ce; 'beat well, Combine flour, baking powder and salt; gr.aduaUy add 'lD creamed, mixture, S'~[r [[1. 3 cups .of the coconut; Cover. Hgh:Hy~ ,chJj] 1 hour or until Iirm enough '[',0' handle,

SEt~;Pi!' dough inec f-inch baJrs; roll in remainlng' ;COC,!l)OuL Place 0]1 ungreased cookia sheet, Bake at 35~ Q for ]0 to 11 minutes or until li.g;htly browned, Ftemuve ,ITOITIJ ov.e,n; immed~ia:t,e:ly - .p'l',ess unwrapped IaSS on lop' of e~ch cDold@. 'Coull minute, '~~[\efu_]fy M= move- from cookie sheet;' 0001 completely ill" wire rack,

,A,ho!.(.[ 4.]12:. t~1'aeeiN, cooJci'~

Chocolate·!; ,t9-,",ounce 'p~C:kag-e')~ uDWBp,ed

1 iCU:P 'lJrnsifkld alJl-pu;q?ose flour 1J~ (:11:1" butter 01' margarine

'lJ~ mp' packed lighr~ b:rown su.ga:m: 1.J2 at P chopped nu.le,

F!~' ,~ l!Ll~'

Red caDdied Cheny :balves,


1 pacbge (8 [(Junlces) er am

cbe'I;!'S!', lSof.i:ened 1/2. cue sugar

lots; CUIP' HER_5H:EYJS Cocca IJ4 mp' milk

1 egg

'1'2 te !lSip!Q(!Jfl v~nHlii1

1/2:. " P rn.o ,ped red 'candied ,c'h~,trie.s

Combine flourl 'but tell and brown su:galT. in Jarg.a mixer bowl. Blend on 'low speed to. form fine crumbs, about 2 '~O 3 minutes, 5th- in nuts. Reserve '3/.4 ,cup crumb mixture fot 'loppit"llg:' pa-lt remaining crumbs into ungreaaed 9=mch squafe: :p'i;i,n. Bake at 3(500 for 10 minutes or undl lightly browned, l~repare Filling; spread over wann crust'. Sprinkle wit'h reserved crumb mixtul'Ie' and garlflish with cherrv L,~·ll'll]\"'U" ~~1_.,. - [I., !':!li: ..... o Ear 25' min 'ut - . -t.i:'m 'J'~'c.'I!.,t]y

0;;.; ,U.dJl,v~\a. J!ju~ a" ~ E'l,' , ' ',e81 or un H ~..e',u:-:__.

browned, Coo,I; CiIJJ,t :into sq uares, Store in refri,gera,tQr.

Aoout 3,. d'ou'1l squ4'ft'.8.

Cocoa-Pecan Kiss, Cookies

1 cup' b'fltte:.r Oil" marrgarine, ~Q!ftened

ZJ'~ CU:.pi s'l1;§IIf

1 'teas.pO;Qrg va.Dina

1.21'3 mps unstfted ,all-pid.lIpoft flQ:W'

jJj/dl 'niP HERSHEY'.S <COOOit

1 rup' f.ine.~y· ,chopped. peca.ns 54)· HERSHE:Y'S lOSSES Choro,lam, !(9-0w:oe.' p'acb.g,e);I' W1r'WiraplPed Corui!;djl.~uletS.' sDp_1"

Cream buUef;. .sugar and vanilla in hnge mixer bowl untilligh:t and fluffy. Combine flour and cocoa; blend into creamed :mixtUft. Add

beaton l d iI" ] '-b]' ~ d r"'\...:.... d ,t.. 1 h

pec·ans; ~,a'l' on ,ow spee _~ unr . \'V€ . .' enu,e~. ., \...J.Wl ." .OUg,lIL ~ our

or 'Ul!1,tjji m.m len 0 ugh to' handle,

Sha.pe scant tablespoon of. dough around each unwrapped KISS:,. covering completely;. shape into balls, Place' on ung -eased cookie sheet. Bake at 375~ for '10 to 12. uunU!~e8 or untIl abnost set .. Cool sUghtly: Remove from cookie s.fteet; coo] completely DO wire lack. Rom in confectioners' sugar.

~;4. cup shoi[te~li'ilmg

1112 lCUPS ,packed. light. brown sugar

1 f@'gg

1/4 m.pf wakr

1 lb!'U,P0 O'D. vlinU.la

te ,p 'Unsifted who;h~ wne3Jl £mlOm

:t/2. l@as;POOD. 'bald, 8 saGa JJ!2 teas,po;Oll saU

2: cups qlllie]c.-cookifJig oa~

1 cup ,c.hopped dried ,apriiootJ9, OJr. mmns.

1 cup' HERSHEYI'S MINI CHIPS Senli-S-wee; ChO'·oo~ak

Cream shortening arnd brown sugar in large :m.:i\xer bow] 'Until light and. fluff.y., Add egg .. water and vanRta4 beil'lt weEr, Combine 'w'ho]e 'wheat .f1ottr;., baking' soda! and. salt; sm :h\to cream€.d mlxture. Stir 'in oats, dried! a:pr,kots and MINI CHIPS Choculates"

Drop by tea9.poonil.ils onto Ughtly greased cookie sheet.; flaUen .91[ghtly~ Bab at 3500 £01"10 toO 12 minutes or until ,go]d€ll brown. Remeve from cookie sheet; cool co.mpletely on wire rack.

Abo~,t ,5 d~en cookies

De·e· se's ·Ch·-·" r- I' , .~"': C···:- h~ ," . '. 'la' ·t···, 'C' ..... ··k;":· [' ., . .' ." '-' . '. '. . ....

J;'\J.~.··S ' :. ' .. ,ewy·. _ , oco, [,e .. QO'leS ~~~~~

fifo! cu.,ps butter. or .m3.tg:Mine1

softened. 2: Icap,s 8UI'_ 2 fi.gp

2 ·teasp0{iM WfilJUa

.. ' egpS UMilSd'i:e.d aU-PWlP08i@ f]Olimi1

3/4 m:1P 'H:KRSHEY~ S Cocoa 1 b!aspoon baking ,oda 1./2. ·teiliS.P0o\Dl ,saU

.2 'I::u.ps. o(l:a"·ounL2e. PIC'.) UESlii!S :Pean,ut Butter CDi~s


Cream butter and sugar in large mixer bowl until ].~ght and fluffy. Add. eggs and wiI:'lillaJ.; be~~lt wen, Combine iJ01ll:e cocoa; bald_ng soda aifiJd. salt; gmdlJa]~y blend ktto creamed mixture, Stir tn pea .... nut butter chlps.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet, Bake ali: 3-500 for 8 to 9 minutes, Do nal ave.~ke.. (Coones will be soft; Hl.ey· wUl puff during baking tllnd fl~tten" upo.n cooling.) Coo untll 8~~, abo.ut 1 minute. Rem~ from cookie sheet; 0001 oorMpletely on 'wire rack.


Hershey's Grea American

Chocolate Chip Cookies ,~1tD,' ~~~~~~~~~~1;,Q.i;

:t cup In.lt-b~:m;,, SlliJften~d 3.j'4 cup 6.ug~

3J" ru;p )ll1cke,d It.8nt blOWn 5ngamr 1 h!aspoon vanilla

2 e.u~,

1lJ.d, m,ps., ILU1siftcd a l-purpese flO'!Ldit'

1. teaspOOlJiliJ. bak m ng soda 1·j2 tea:s.poml salt·

2; mp'8. (~tt-:-£:e p\a~ka"8e) HrERSHHY"S S . J-.Sweef

'Chooolarm 'C&i:IP~'

'I ,Cg,p ehO'ppedl. nuts (optiona"

Cream. butter, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla in large :mixer bow']. unti] light and fluffy .. Add. eggs; beat well, Combine flour, 'lbilking;' soda ana sa]t; gradually add to aea:med mixture, B€a!t' well, Stir 1m moooJa.te chips and nuts.

Drop by ·leaspoonfu~s. ,!,1!:nm un_gre-asoo ceokie sheet .. lBake at 3i'5,'~ for 8 to ]j) min ute s or until ~i(ghtlY' bfi}Wned". Cool ~light)y; Ren'M)ve from cookie sheet; cool completely on wire rack.

Alrout 6 .~n cookies.

1j,2; cup ·s·hort.e.n~ng; 1 cup S'ug,!1(t

1 egg

'1 kaspoon vanil a.

lIl':! atpiS l1D:;aJjfl·ed. au.~,ur.lPos~


"1/3 Ollp HrE:RSH'EYJrS Coeoa '1/2 teaSp£)0Jll b..aJ:!dng 60 da 1:/':1. 't'eas.p~on salt

/4 cup milk Crie.Dl@ Fr . 'ing:


Milk 'Ch.e~olaJlie Chip Co@k~ei!l': Substitute 2: cups. (1.1 •. !5~ounce packag:e) HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Chips WI' the semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Cream sil.orte:ningf 9i1!lgfl!t;. ,egg and 'V~11j]~ai in L~' mixer 'bowl until light and fl.uJffy; Combine flour .. cocoa, baking soda and salt; add alternately 'with milk to creamed mixture until iin.gred:"ents are ccmbined .

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet, 'Oak/eo at 37.5 G for 1.1. to 12 minutes or just until soft-set (ri{)' Hot ,O'Ve~h).. Coo] 1 minute, ·R;em.o\re from cookie sheet, 0001 completely on wire rack, Prepare Creme FUling, Spread bottom of one ccokie with ahout 1 tablespoon fillin.g; cover 'with another cookie, Repeat \o\':ith remainlng' cookies and. .fiUing·,

2 ·tablesp~O'ns. '],fl!lit«r '0([" magjrlne,oftened

2. ,ta'bli!'sp00'U sbor.tetring lJ;J: cU.IP' DLU'ShmaJl,ow creme'

3j - ri. .... ,"", .. ,if!i..,.-..., 'li-ru~"lla ~.... ~'I;:~r~!IoI'.IlJj. ,..0' . !I:

~3 ru.IP' con&!dion.ers/ sapr

Abo~ t 15 filled ooak:ies

Cream 'butter and s'hOf.b.:firng in small mixer bowl: gradnruly bem in 'marshm11i]]ow creme. 'lU€!ud in vanilla and c0~tion(tl'if s.~gar; beat to spreading consistency;


. .'


, , .

, . ,


.' '. ",

. . ,

. . . ". ' .

. - ". _ .. "

SI b ~ Iate I ti C··'

'., rawle,rry~oco ,ate ,:aVrarlan "',,. ,ream, ~~,~~,,~

1 pac,a:g[~' [(10' oUln,ces) :&u~f!n 'sUced str,llwber,ries)!, thawed'*' 2enveiope ' unflaVOfeLdl. 8m!:.' l ,@ lh CiU!I,:p 5WllSaJI'

'1. cup lHERS,HE,Y~ S Semm, .. Swee.t' QI'oclOlate Ch.'·,ps

2,1.j." cups mil '.

1 b~as:p(!;.O(lIl varuU"a

1 cuP' 'ti.i!'a:vy I!JlI" ''Y'ihiP'Plng cream Strawbe'rty Q;eam

STRAViB ·:RY: ,ca:EAM:

'1 cu.:~ .~~avy or: whipp.ins: cream 1 ~'aspoon, vaniJUa

ll~ en'lI? stlrMYbe:tty puree i(reserved. nom recipe' aJ.bnv@' .2 Of 3 dreps red ~ood 0010:11

Drain, strawberries, reserve sytU.p'- Add water'ro syrup 'to, equid 31 eu p. Stir gelatine Into liq uid; set aside. Puree Of mash berries to e.qu.aJ.1J2 cup., Reserv:e for USe '11\ Strawberry Cream.

Combine sugat:r chocolate chips and 112 c.up of the' mik In medium saucepan .. Cook. over low heat, stirring CQ'l'l.stant1Yi until mixture is. smooth and Viery hot .. Add gelatine mixture'l s,thTing un'ti ge[atLn-e Is completely dissolved. Remove from b~,~;t; add remaining 13J~ cups, milk, and the' vanilla, PoW' into bowl; chill, s.t1Irdng occaston~Uy~, until mixture 'mounds when dropped from a. spoon;.

Whip cream, until stiff;. fold into chocclate mix.tur~. Pour Into oiled. 5- or. 6...cu.p 'mold; (.hiU. until firm. Unmold and garnish w]~h Saa·w'lbe.rt'.Y' Cream ..

8 to 10 ~roings *Y"bu may substitut . 1. cup sweetened sliced fr sh strawlber.:ries for ,th~ frozen.

\'Vhip cream and. vanilla in smaU 'mixer bo~v], ul"lr~i1 stUff. fold in strawberry puree and FOOd. CO]Of.

Top: 5"tni·Dme".v-C:hQi"o,l~ te ,B'i<Il$lR.riail ere'am B()(tto~".,: nfJubleCitf)'c'ola'te Mousse' (see page 58)

D~ .' .. bl'· I'Ch': ,. ,,1, te M"',:'-"" ", , ,.- .", ., .. , ' " .', ' .. '

'Dn, ',' ,e . _' .OC'O ,al,!·. " .ousse ~fQo!!QI~oq.~~~

2 'HERSHEY'iOS MUk ChlJ!co;'au Bats (8 OU:allCeS each)

2 b~0Cks (2 OU'!I\Cti) .HERSHEY"S, Unsw@e:ten,edi Baking Cbooo,lart@

5 tai lespoons \V,ater

,2; a'lhle.spoOn8 n.u11! or br.a,ndy 2. e,gg; yolks,

1/4, Cu,p 'buJl@i[ 0:[ maJDUiu..f!

, cu,p be.3iVJ 01" whipp,jing cream 18 : adyJingen, sp :U

,4 eggwhit@s

Chop,ped almonds (opHollaD

Break chocolate bars and baking chocolate in.to pieces, Melt with \Vate.I' and rum in -top .of doubIe boiler over hot, not bo'iling'of w~,der; stir tutti mixture ;is; smooth, Remove from heat,; blend in egg yolk, Add. buUe~ I-taIb'[espoon at a "lime, stirring until'IMend,e-di; 0001 ,siig'ht1y. VVhip. cream until s.tiff; carnfuUy' fold irnto chocolate

• C-ii,..':11 1 h ~'I· bezi

nnxture, '. ruu iour or untn mixture ·egJns to set,

:M'eanwhi1~1 ]]n€' bottom, and side of: g,.. 01" 9-inch springform pan wifh lady.fin_get8 ... rounded. sides agains:t pan.. Beat egg whites until , t:iH but not dry, Carefully fold into chocolate mixture. Pour mro

I d f" ~",_.A d h'''I'I.o 1k • l!-. iii ii!,., t:

a: ynnger-tmec pan. an. C L ;& nours or ov;er:r.ug~lt . .lIiust~ 100e(Qfe

serving; remove s.id€ of pan. Sp:rinkle ·with. choppec almonds,; garnish as desire-d.

1 Cl:llp 8u8,a_r

1J4; eup H'ER.s:HFtI'S Cooo~,

1.~", ","'I'in ... _iiOfi,i!ii!- .... -...L .. ~.::II 1Ii..w.r." l!!LIIJI!~,~~~~L

'lJ4, 'lea:spoo,n samt 3 cups milk

~ reSI ,o·Ib., 5UgJd.[y b !laten, 2: laibles.pnons. butter or


'11::1 -teaspoons 'vanuta

10 to 12 .serui'ngs _

Combine sug~, GOC'OO~ cornstarch and salt :in hearvy' saucepan, add :ml.k and egg yo,iks. Cook, ()Viet medium heat, st~uin;g eonstant]y:. until mixture boils; boil and s,tir 1 minute. He,move' from heat:; blend in butter and va.niila." Pour into bowl or individual des-' sert dishes; press. plastic wrap dXec1ly onto surface" Cool; 'chill until set..

'ltz cu.p' 'bIlll1U!fl' IO't, 'iUgarr.ilnef sohene,d

1/4, cu:ps, sugar

. , 'teas,po D'I'Il vagiUa ,4 egIS

'2./3 cup mUIk

1/2 teaspoon m!i,t~nt' (,mtft ,Va!ftu1~s

'113 WI' I1silted. ajJ)-p,u:rpose ,ft'01lJl.r ,113, ,cup :HERSHBY'''S 'C'OCiOIil

lll!/ Jl.,. .... ""fiftnric tJ_ l-~m'!Ilf p-_ .a .....:II DiP ,'2 L'EiIllll"-'rV-W&l-Q.! 1iOJIa!... 1.60 . uwu..,;:;~

1 cup heavy lor whipP'inS cr-eam. 2 btbl~s,pouns ,co:mltfed.iO(D~.ni' sugar

Gre~se and, suga.r eight s.. or 6-ounce' custard cups or ramek~os,; set aside, Cream buruert. S":gar and. v:i}nj]~il!Ii in la~ ~'r bowl until light and fluffy., Add eggsJl' one ,at aJ time, beating we]W ,afler each addition. Scald milk; IX.'"'IDOVlJ! frOID, heat and ,add wHee gral'lLu]es,,. stirring unti dissolved. Combine H~ cocoa and b~.k.in,g powder, add l!IIi-ternaJtely 'with tni1tk=ooffee ,mixU,1r:e '~(J' creamed :mixtur-e" Beat' 1. minute on medium, speed,

D.ruvide bat'ter ,eVlen]y a.m.ong prepared custard, cups. Place in two 8- inch square pains;' plao9 p~:ns in oven. Pow hot '\wtel' :into pans to depth of "/s inch" Bake a't 325,0 for 40 to 45· minutes for custard cups (50 :~[) 55 ,lminu.b~'.$ for ramekins), addi.ng more' water if neeessary,. IlntU cake 'tester Inserted ti.alfway beh.veen edge' and C€!nter comes out clean, lit' ',', ' ove pans .~rom oven and, alOl\.l' custard cuns to stand m water 5 minutes". Rsmcve custard cup.s from 'wai'er; ,(00.1 sU,ghdy" Se'lve :111 custard cups OI' ,mvert onto' de 'ert d.ishes. B~at cream w~th eonfecdoners' sugar until stiff,; specncrtto W'8I!I:"ID souffles,

2, 'e'D,veLo,es, '~~d, g,el:ati'l!l~' 1 :ttIJ2 ,eu,ps ,coJld :mU}:,

IIJf.1J ,cu,ps susar

314 i~P HE:RSHlEY~S Cocoa,

1. tah:~,e$pOO:InJ, :~.iJ,g'ffiiit (om :g,ymp 3 blible sp 0 ODS, 'butter or Maq.UUu!'

'13/4 !filliPS .Uk

'1112 teaspomns v;a~iUa,

1lO to ' 2; Jadyfimgers:, iSplit:

:1 rop' beavy Or. w,b.1ippiillg; ,~eam

Sprinkle ;g.eh.IIIiIH~ ontc 1 ~h cup~ milk in m,edjuLn sa.llrep~n; let

~1i-,.e.TN d 3, ,Ii-A .'I., 'm'" ]n'iii~'~ ,j:., r« co.....,i.""'~... ,C'. '0'''''''' 'L;.~TiI,;j!I. i!o~·ity..~,., and "''0- ""To"",· '<I,d,4' ,Lo!"'j;

~'~t!~ _~ 'v ~ L!!!~'~~e.!}V ,~W ~'Ii.! • .J~.l!!l!! . .!Jj.:I.J~~d!!i1ir. ~ 1!rI!O,~, !P.I~ ~ ~ .. ~-V!ii, ~'. ~ ~u

g:e'[atln.e :mixituf,e in. sa!l'll,cepan., Add earn syrup- Cook ever medium heat, stilrr,rng constantly~ until mixture boils. Re'mo¥e' from heat.; stir in butter untiA :me~lted. Blend in 1314 ,cups, milk and dIle vanilla: pou.r into large :mdixe~ bowl, Coo]; chi][ untj, almost set

Meanwhile ... line bottom, and. ~id€, of 11/2.,;quarrt mold wUh ].adyf]ri.g-e:rs., rounded sides (.IJ,gain.8t. mold, Vilhtp' cre~m until ,stiff, Beat chilled checolate 'lrwxtulle u:n:~il smooth. Add. whipped cream to chocolate .an. low :gp~ed j115i~ untj], blended, Pour into I8;dy,[i-nger.'"' ]iinOO: :mold; chill until, sat, UnDl01d befol\~ servlng ..

12 .., .... ~1i: - ac ,,_ ""P I!,.". il'J!6Q'

CihO'(lolaJf.e C'U!lilim Puddling (page is)

1. pil,(Qge (1.0 O,tUila8:~ fro_In sli,ced, slrawbe,l'fi,e;s,.., tharw;ed!" u '11 fii]i'- . .. - ' .... -:- ... ...:11-[ ... __ . ...:1

:_ _' ~ ''': __ P S1¥ee~l£~ is '~wy'

fr.esh s;traw'liler,de~,

1 cup 'kca:vy ~I' whi.p'ping '~f.i!ham'l!!'

11.4: ClU, ,commt'tiome:rs;iI" sugar:;lr.

Fresh sitraw'berries, (lopl1on.:riU

Preesre 'Ch' O ... ·"I;~ ..... kr. 'C" ........ ''"'m, PI .• rd .. ,.JI !';r;,0"" :"' "",] 0"'(""""'" ele ......... ,]v_ "D"""'~i"" st "':"io"~~' _

_ J!, ";:,iril;l>!, ~" . _ "'V~I!l!~ _ ,~,'I;;:iI;Io . ,I " I!,l!. _ U].IJ"iot ""'""' !<.O!", ""'!-."''u,IL,r _I!,.t;: J' . ,~, 1Ill~~ I, .... ,La,,,,'!!'

ber .. i £ii~" IFill" ,re' 'e in '1 blender ........ '''.',,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ....... equal -:r/·· 'lo··,::lJ ·up" B· ''''''''r'' ,"'r""'''',m'

.• ~,~" 0;:;:'030"" ,!L'U " .. .1 IIJ\ C.IlL.· JJ, IU',~ alLev"," llL!! I!i: .. !U;i!lL 2. .' ~" , " ., Ii::'ltIIll, "'- ,..:::,,~ "

aJ]l}dj, confectioners' sugar uUiitil s,tllff; fold in strawberry puree, .AI'~naIDely laye,r. chcoolaje pudding and strawberry cream in parrlait glasses, arm until S€'~. G~nlL'~sh w~th strawberries.

8 to 10 s'ervh'l~

1.h mp' ,H"EI.SH:E,1{~S Cocoa 1 w,p' 'buU:er M ,m.ar-gal',baLe .3 ,tabl.t!!'$'poOltS 'veg~tab:b!' oil, '1. ,c~,p S'1!Il83l!.'

4; ~;gs.!' ,sUgh.tiy heaten ,2; teaS'llo~ns vaDiJlllIJ

'lf~ eup UDs,ilHedl ilU"lPtirp~se' fltllllQ!r ,3;0 p~caJQ, iliudv@s

Ice ff'earw, M ,s~e~fied 'whi:p'pedJ, crea:m,

Combine cceoa, bu.u~ 3X1Jd 'Oil in !top ol douib[e boiler over Mti IlI.OI~

'I'... :::1",_, "] h' !~ b . '[-' d n ~

!l)OJllil1u"S w:rT~er; stir over. ,.ow' ", eat untJllL ", utt,er IS me 'ite '. ~ .i~mQve

from, heat; s,br in8~" Add €"ggs and va:niU~ ju.S1t unti] we,]j]_ cornblnsd. 'Stir :Hou.r into mJxt:w'€ Jrust until blended,

Pour baJI:er. into unge~sed 9-]nCh sq_llilJ'te p~.n. aJlild, arrange pecan halves evenly on fOp. Place ,pa,n, with b~jtteI' in 13 X 9Lmrn pan; place both in oven, :rr'tHlI" hot '\-val~'r to depth of- 1 inch into 13 X 9- Inch ran. Bake at' 350 oJ for 40 to 45 minutes Of' until, lkme inserted 1.(2, itlch from edge comes out clean and br(!iwme~~.e crust has farmed.; ,do n.ot .ovcr"Mkt.· Remove from waJ!e-1;' bath: tee cool on 'wire' rack until warm. Scoop onto serving: plates and. top w'Uh ~"ou.r favodte Dee cream. 'Or chit cut into squares, end serve 'with swe-e;t-~ ened whipped creaID ..

2. 'ib,locD ,(2 ou.m.ces) ,HE1lSHEYi'S U';ns,wee~'ned' Dakin,g Ch_(t~D1!i1Ife 1l.rjQ'i,'II..",' '. 'm

'_ '" , _, __ I' iU'," '1!o!I,l:\'eI!I, lID, , ,


11 mp light UC'amJJ ~{8 m,p'sugar'

2 e,g5 yolks:., sIi;gJ'lrtll.y 'bear.lIen, :2 'h.'ble.s:P'Oolis DUUeilI' o:r m.arg_ilne, :si)ft':e.:ll.ed

1 'teaspoon, wnilla, Sw;e;eilleined w,~jp',ed, ere 11 nri, Cmdled vi,ol@ts (OIptionaiQ

Com bine baking' ,c'hooo,],ate pieces and <cream. in medium saucepitril, , Cook over medium h.'eat, ,stirring OOJl8tanl'ly' 'with we 'whisk~ until chncnlata f[,&1Ii:s dissppesr and :mix,ti!1r:f is, hot. Add

dcoati 'n_.: d 'r .' ilml I lb." ""-

sugar an connnue oooJMn,g ~n· s.'tl!f.T.mg unti , mIX ~u~, l)egl]1:S to

boil :Remove from 'hea,t; gradually add. to beaten egg;' yolb .. s,t1tr-:r.I~: rConJst~ntly, SUr in butter and vani]ra. fuur ~ntQ six creme pots or demltasse cups; press, 'p,iasti.c 'wrap directDy onto surface. Chill .severa[ hours or until set, ,GaJI,n]sh with sweetened whipped

ell ..-11 • d '. 'I

cream an .caaenec V]J).lI@'~S"


2 ClipS '(l2-fJumee' packas:e)

'DEX' ~H~V.~·ji;!' 5 .~ lit'! ....J.. .n~ ~ 0' ,;:l. ~ .' s ,em__i-gw:e~I.

Chooolarte Chips

t b ~ck (1 !Ortln,ce) _':' E:RSHEY'S 1J'lllsweekned. RatiZ1i8 Cho.eolillf:e

6 taJlblespooM w;ata 6 eg yolks,. ·at mom. fem.pt"stute

2, 'fg 3. t\ables,polJrftS, Dn.ng;e .. · flDo\l'ed. 1Uq eu!'

11.~'2 !CUps, h.eavy or whiip.pinl afilm

6, e.gg w,bj ~ a:l room tempel'ahue

ilI/2 m,p ,sagH

SWeetenled whippi@d cre~m Ora_nge ,sUces:.. cut into, 'wedges (~,tiflDal)

Combine chooolate' chips, .. bakIng chocolate andl. water In mp af double boiler over h'Oi,. not boili~ wa,t,er; stir until smooth .. ~~ move from heat, Mth wi~ 'whi9k,~ beat egg' yolks, one ~U a. time, 'mID cheeolete mixture; cool to lukewarm, 'Stir In o()rm.ge·~,flavo:red liqu,e·"U.:lL, Whip cream until stiff; fold linto, chocolate mixture."

Beat. egg whites in large mixer bowl un.til .EoilmY, 'Gradually add su_g,ar; beat un! '[ stiff peaks form Fo]d in chocolere-cream mixture. Spoon into dessert dishe.s. Caver; chill several hours. or until

c1.1''iITii G- ''''''m~:s·'I!.. u..itl!... ibW' .,.""' ......... ned ·"' .. rh ~n.Pdd C'II'.O;!iiT'ii'il and ........ ::r.·n!l7fll

,[]I ~-~AI!II i '. "ll!- - _~, ilil '!If1t' ... 11, a' ~!t:;t.I§::. I~."_ '!WrY- l J!~r', -: '!Ir.." 1':_.lL~Q-~~!IJ ,!iLl - _ ~'~-f~;'~'~"


H· t Ch .. "1'~'1-" Sr ,·f"fl·:·

0_'-, oeD a,.-e ··.·ou· ... e ~~~~~~

3'/4, ,cup HERSHEY'S, Cocoa !ii/d C P s,1!IlgM

!lJ~ ,cup unsjfted aU-pur.pose flour

jJji4 teaspoQIII salt ~

l [~p~ iPi~k

6, legg yol~ we 1 beateD 1 tab eSpO(lDS, butler

1 teaspoan vamUa

8, 'c,ll;: whHes~, It ·",()Jm. tetttperalure

1/,.;1, ·le,aspoon. 'CHaI.nI lOf t.adar 1.J" m.p' sagaI'

, ~eeten~d whipFed [ere·am (npl ~ ,onaJ.)1

Light~y butter- 21J.z .. q.1Il141't souffle dish~ sprinkle with SU8a:r~ Measure length of heavy-duty aluminum ·foil. '00 fit around Bourne dish; fold in thirds lengthwise, Lig:ht~ly aiR one sldeol (oUU; tape securely to, outslde of dish (oiled side in], a~[QW.mg CD11:hu:,' to 'ex~'nd at least 2 inches above'dm .. Set aside.

Combine cocoa, 31.4 cup sugar, the floW' and. salt .i·n. medium saucepan; gmduaUy blend in milk. Cook over med[]!11un hea.t, stirring constanrly wi'~h wire whisk, until mixture boils; 're,move from. haar, G:raduaUv stir small amount of chocolete H'lLiLxture inlo beat n


'e,gg yolks; blend well, Rerum egg' mlxtare 'lp chocolate minute ~n.

p·an, .Add butter and vanilla .. ~ stirring' until combined, Set aside; cool '~O ~ukew·a'fU'i ...

Be,at egg 'wl1L](es W 1h. cream of tartar in l~' mixer bow'rn lmtil so:£t peaks form .. Add 1/4 cup sugar, .2 tablespoons at a time", beating unHI stiff peaks form. [Ge:nny.fo]d one-third of the ch,ooolalte mixture into beaten legg whites, Fold lin remaining chocolate mixture, half at a time, ] IIJst until [combined.

Gently ptJIllr mixture" without stirring', into prepared dis.h;.. smooth top with spatu1a,. Place dish in. hl[r.ger pan;: ptaoo in Oven. on "bottom rack. Pour hot ware'l: into p·an ito depth of inch (be sure bottom of loll collar does. not touch water beth) .. Bake art 350¢ .forr 1 hour and. 10 minutes or until cake tester inserted hi.IJlfw:ilY be~ tween edge and ceni.'e'l' oomes out clean. Carefully remove foill. Serve imn1Lediat~ly 'with sweet:,ened whipped cream.

S iv .10 ~rvinp

~14 cu.:p sag.

t cup unsifted ,ill-purpose .flour :2 tea:e,POi)(l1s bakimllg :p0Wd@f

1./" ·(eUPOO.IiI. SiiIJ.ilt:

1/.1 cup 'butte'I" D't mawg.arine

1. bm0Ck (1[ o.Uln,~e) HIE:lR.SHIEY":S Unswieetened Biilkbl,g ChJOoolate

lh; eupmflk

1 t· m

easp~!Il!Jirt, v~nl~ a

,'1j'2 rupi sugar

j·1'2 cup packed Ug·hJt· 'brown 9~g$l' '1/4 Imp 'E RSHEYf.S iCIOOO3J.

1 !am.p hm skoog. ,coffee Iee cream

Combine ~J4: cup sugar~ the flour", baklng powder and salt in medium. 'bowl. .,. elr butter' ~vith baking chaco ate in small, saucepan over ]O'w beat; add. to dry iagredienrs with milk. and. wru]]itJJ. 'geaJt until. smooth, Pou into 8- '01' 9,,-inch square pcm."

Combi.m€' l.h!J CILlP sugart" the brown suglllir and. cocoa in sma][ bl',w1; sprinkle evenly 0 er batter, Pow coffee over top; do not stir. Hake at 350iJ for 40 minutes o·t unti]. center is almost set. Serve warm with ice cream.

'3014. cap :SlbilGjU'

1/3. CiDi.p HE'RSH"EYJ'S Cocoa

3· ·tablespo:ons qJ,uii(k-oomkin,1J; tap:w(!Jic~

8 teaspoon sa1~ 2~,~ lCU.PS ·.Uk

11 ,eggl S:WiS;'Ihm!Uy ·beatel'l. 1 ·teaspoon vanilla

Combine 5U:g~;~ cocoa} tapioca and salt in 'mediU'm saucepan; blend in milk and egg. Let stand 5 min:u.te~. Cook over medium heat; stIrring constantly, until rnix.hl1',e boils. Remove HOm beat; stir in vanilla, Pour imo bowl or. indfvidual dessert dishes, '!press plastic wrap directly onto surface" Cool; chill lU''iitill. set'.

4 ·ft) 6 ~ngs

3 cup.s mwatul'e or 301 larSe' marsh .• aUows,

112 lcap' ilk

2 Itabl.,es[poons 8.JIee'n. ,(!rime de menrhe

1. cup' HERSHEY'S Se_i-{S'weet:

Choealate Chi.ps,

1./4 CUp' oonfe.ct.io:-:-ersjl' :sitlSar 11J~ cups heavy or ·w'hipping; O'Ie:am

Combine marshmallows and milk in. medium saucepan; cook over law' h~at:1 $,'tmitlg rr.onstant·IYI until marrnh:m.allows are melted and mixture is smooth. Measure 1 cup marshmallow mhWN' into SOlan bowl Blend in. creme de' menithe; set aside. Add. chocolate chips and confectioners' sugm: to marshmallow mixture remain~ng in saucepan, return t,o' IQw' heat and stir until chips are melted, E.elnOVie from ·beat;. cool 10 room '~l2:n1.pe:t-a:tu:re'.

·W.hip cream just unH[ soft peaks form: fold l1J2 cups into marshmellow-mint mixture .. Fold remaining whipped cream :into chocolate mixture .. Alternately spoon chocolate end minJt mixtures into parfait ghusses, Chill. thorou.ghly or freeze, Carmsh as desired.

6 sero,ings

M .pv'nl .• GS, MOUSSES &:SOUf, :LES

C.old M'ocha Souffle

2! eniV@.rulJpe,s unflaVOl,ed ,g'el~t1ne 'th tup' sugar

1.13 cup' HE:RSHEY'IS Cocoa 1 biblespnon, ins:tmt coffee ,gJanu'l'l!g

2 rij [CU.ps. ,milk,

3 fa :yo ks, beaJl:'en

1,/ t, ' , ' '" ,'-. , .• illi

2 easpeen VOl WJ! a.

1 CUP' h@\avy or wh~p',p"in8r tIle,am

3 'Ilk, •. IiI-. ...

, e.gg: WJllU~Si at mom.


114 'Cliliip s'ugar .

OJ.zu:wei, ¥lh.!i.ppe-d Crealm (o.,p~tonaJ~1

Chooolate curls (oyuoRal)

M:easure' length of aluminum foil tn fit around! l=q;:uart souffle dish; fold in thirds le·ngthwise. Lightly oil one side of oo]lar; tape securely to outside of dish (oiled. side in), allowing collar to extend

.3 inches above rim of dish. Set' aside. '

Combine gelatme, ".Lh cup SlUga-1', the cocoa and coffee gr&nu~es in medium saucepan: blend in milk and egg' yolks, Let stand 2 minutes. 5th: over low' heat 1ili1"il!ti1 gelatine Is completely dissolved]. and mixture coats ill metal spoon; do not boil. K(![1)DVe from 'he'a:~;. add vanilla .. Pour into large bowl and chit stirring oCG'ls.io:nt.liny~ until mixture mounds s]igh fly when dropped from a. spoon,

\iVhip crea m until sHU; fold bl.to chocolate mixture. B,eat ,egg ,,,",,,Elites in small mixee bowl undl soft peaks fonn; grnduaUy add 1j,4 cup :su,gal and beat until stiff peaks form. :Fold into checolate mixturs .. Pour- into. prepared dish; chill until set, at least 4: hours, Just before serving, -carefully remove £01], 'Garnish with Coaumel VVhi.pped Cream and chocolete curls"

CO'-'Z','U'ME'" ,LW-':',':'HIP", f"ED,;,' 'C: R:EAM .. ·· '

.'. ~ _' - .' ,. ',I' ,

lIJ2 ~up' heavy 0 w:~iplp.i~g cream 1 'ablespoon, ron @\cfi.onet';s' sug:ar

1 to :2 ~,eaJ5:poo,u; co.fiee-f],avu'r@d. : iqlleur

IS eat cream Vl.dfh. confectioners' sugar in small bowl unHi s.tiff. FOld in coHee-,i:1avur d liqueur;



.... .../ .



.' ..•... ' ..•............................

. . '" .' . . . ~. .'. ". . "

:3 ICIJPS ~ugar.

2/3 cup EIiE·IRSHEY·'S· COCO\il lis b~ia:sp~o:mru. salt

1 j}2; cups nrllk:

114. (.trp· bUUt!1 or m~gilU'imUi! 1. ·te·,asP(!!<O(ni. nn~Ua.


Butter 8- or 9-inch &qllL~re pa]]; s~t aside. COH1Jbine SUg.a:fJ cncoa and salt in heavy 4"qua:rt iSau cepan: stir in milk, Cook over medium heat, stirring cons'~andy~ until mixture comes to fun ro]]ing boil. Boil, 'without stlrring, to soft-hill :5:~ag.el' 234°:F. on a candy fhermorneter (or nntll syr.u PI when dropped into very cold warnJ' .. forms a soft ball that flattens when removed from warter) _ Bulb ,of candy thermometer should not l'E;S'~ on bottom of. sauceprul.

Remove from l'l,ea'i. Add butter and vanilla; ,aO' no1' siir, Cool at room temperature to 1.1,0 D F (lnikew~r:m). He.a.t until fudge thuc'ktns and loses some of its gloss .. Quickly spread in prepared pa<n; 0001. Cut Ineo ']1- to 1.1/2c:i:nch squeres.


M,at'sh:mJilJiUow'-N''U~ Cocoa IFiDldge: Increase cocoa to 3/4. f.:up.. Cook fudge as directed .. Adld 'lcup m,a.ts}-rmal~ow Cl'€'file 'W]th burtsr and vanilla; do ~10~ stir. COol ito 110 D F (lukewarm] _ Beat 10 minutes: stir in 1 en P' broken. '[buts, ,and pour into prepared P&l1. (.Fudg,e does :n0'~ Sle't until poured. into. pan),

N'uti:y 'Rich 'Co{1oa. l:rudge-: Beat: 'Cooked fudge as directed, lmmedi .. a f1elyj' stir in ][ cup broken almonds, pecans or walnuts and quickly spread in prepa-red :p,ai'n_


- ---

Double-Decker FI, Idge

1. cup REf> 'E~'S &,iUlfut ~utter Chips

]1 1~!I!al,P H:E:RSHEY.rS Sem~~Sweel' Cho.~.QI. a~ Chips

2,'1/.4 eups SWLSM

131:.;, CUpS ("-<DUIl1!OO j a:d marshma low' creme' 3/4, cup ,ey.,api!1kr.a'E:ed. mJlk

'4, ICUP 'buttcil' or margarine 1. t,easp,(Jon vanl till

Me,a5I1Jl,re peanut buller chips into one bowl and chocolate ~hfps into ano her; set aside, nuuer a-inch squar1e :pan,;, set. aside. Combine sugar" marshmallow creme, evaporated milk, and butter in, heavy 3-quart saucepan Coo:' over mediom heat, stirring con .. , stant]y~ until. mixture boils; continue cooking and stirring for !5 ,m,mutes"

Remove, from heat;: s.tir in vanilla, Immediately stir half the hot mixture into peanut butter chips until completely nle]iDed. Quickly pour into prepared pan,. Stir remaining hot' mixture into chocolate chips. until completely melfed, Quick]y spread over top' of peanut buuer layer; cool. Cut into 'l-inch squares,

,4 imps sagar

1ClJ~i rups (j'-o.ull!lO@ ji1.d mamhmilU~' creme 11.lj~ cups '(12-o.u ee ('an) evapo.rated :miWk

1 ta'bll@'S,p,lOOri blJb~t" 'Or'



Z e ,ps (12,""Drunce "aca,Gtd


S~ . ..t-Swee~ Chocolat.'e

1 HERS, ·Y"S MUk Choco1a.re Bar mfh Almond]s

[(8 (Jilt 'ces);. !: Dpped,

1 l:@upoGm, 'v~njUil,

514 cup ,chop, ,'@d & 11ver.~d ,iidmof ds

Ccrt,tl'r: ChQco.lfj~1~'-Alm,9Jld' Pudff£' Uppf:T' right~ OQ,uf.tk-D~kt",. F.ud(g2' Be~'rJl.v: ,N'urt,- Rich CO!i!!)S Fudge

Butter 9-mc ' , squa.re pan,; set aside. Combine suga:r,., m arshmall ow' creme, evaporated milk and b1!J:tter lin heavy -4-qua.r.l' seueepan. Cook over medium heat, sUITing ronstantly ... 'I],ntil mixmre comes ,to eli full f.'o1Eing boil; boil and stir 7 mirunes, Remove from heat; in1''mediately add ,WN! CHIPS Chocolates and chocolate bar pieces, stirring' 'until completely melted. Blend in vanilla: stit in almonds. Pour Inoo prepared pan; cool completely, Cut into 1- inch squares,

At."" s: d -J1.

. vvut..; OZ€1.1 cant.l:lf!'S

I ". . -. .- ' d· Ch>' __ . '. t- '.-', C·· ·'·· ., ··Ited· C':'" ' ' d , •. "s

omTema._e._. ,: OCD __ a. -e- ·.oa .. ~.. ". ·:an. rlle·,c.

D~d, you ever look !ttt a dJsp]ay of elegant g]ossy-and ex,pensive.ehocolate-coated candies and wish that you oouJd. make them ¥our~ se,]f? \iVhi@ that might seem a fantasy 'best left to the profe~ionaJ.<S1 yom need ElO' 1onge...r. be intin:tidated. The process. is not difficult, but it does take time and patience. And remember; practice makes per.fed-· <coaHng with chocolate becomes easier each time you do it. '~:f.Ore 5tUt:[[1g~ revll.e\i\r· 'the. important info~:n~artion t'ha't' foUows. about :maklng ehocelate-eoeted candies.

Making ·th.e. centers, Select the recipes foI' the centers you wl:!ih to, eoat and pfiepare them .a:l least a. day ahe·a,d. For' variety, try difi@mn't s'h.E'l.pes-b-aUs, cubes .. tet.ta:ng1[es .. tth~,ngle~1 ffif(ID. hearts,

Clto0si~,g' the right: day. Make th·e ooat.in,g only en a dry, de(iJJJ!' day" Don't even ,t.hink about dipping candies on a humid dayl .Humidity, steam or wet equipment causes chocolate to thicken, 'tighten and b~·= come grainy; IEv~n a fiew drops. of water can cause preble .. msl

In;gred:~ents~ S@:lect: the kind of chocolate you wish to use for the coating. In ,addi:lion., you need solid ve,ge1table shortening. Never .S'llbsti,ture buUe~ ma rgaril'1e or oil! These contain moisture, which wMl cause the chocolate to dg;h:t.en and become grniny.

A:ssemlding: the e1qui,pm.ent".. Belare you begin. the coating process, as ...

semble the equlpment you need: - -

• Tape and 'wax pape:r'

,. A special cand.y thermometer that registers as ].o.w as 80'1\) F is useful, but not necessary {mOISt oniinlJry' [candy thermomesers do not regis·let. below ]00" F)

• A rubber spatula

• .A glsss bowl or glass. measuring cup to hold. the chocolate and.


• A lan:,-ger. glass bowl or a pan 'to hold the warm water

rj A r'Ondl!U~: fork or itab]!e' fnrk to dip the centers into the coating

H yo.u. carefully and ptlitie-nt]y $oUow OU:' instructions, you11 be re-

warded with you.r own homemade "dream" candies. .

In ~dvmtee ... pll'e'pt\1l:re.rl"1i ,~rlmen~ of ,('..en~ ters. Rejr;gemtc until '!Mdy to c;oot ~I)ith chocvl~lf'.

CQ;m~i1te ,chumlate' and: ShvrieJiing in COrn- Choc:OlaJt~~rterdng :fl:u'..ttUre must ~ ple'l.·e~'!I [d'ry lrowl.. D'O~~(t let even. one' drop' o.f stirred Jnui scroped [daron' (onstaJ"rtly wHh

u:w,titr ;int.O mi:d~rc! :rubber ~iMl.u/~l.

~ I


Choco.lnte mirbl.f"C' should be cD~wlete~!I fluid and v'C.ryj' ~mOt)t.h before: iShtr~b~ to twl «-:rdm.

In'Vt..tt cf1der mifo pn~1fflred ~l:Je ,$heet. Using tip. ,of foik.~ deremle top' fJf candy lfJil'h small. ,amoold' of melted chocolate"

:2 ,HERS,HBYtB ,Milk ChocoIa:E'e Barii! (8. Oil1nC~S ,ead"mlt bltDken into pie(\e~

;i;J4 ,cup shWiewfigir


,2 'ClllllP~ (12,~oiUn!Oe pa:ckas~) HE ,'sHEY""'S Semjl'""Sweet' 'Ch.o~o;late Cidps.

2 tajb'Iespuons p'lu.~ ,2 tea~p,otJnG SD!Dl'ieJlin,;rIIi'


2, cup~, ,(11 .. 5"hI1Ce p,ac'kap') HER.::r :EY" S Milk 'Chocolate 'Chi_P-s,

:2 'llabilesfOo,us 9.h;orileming*

Before Itarting; review basic mformation on opposite page. Be sure that oente'fS (pages 70'-7]) are chilled. Cover cookie shee,t or t'ay with 'WeIlX p·a.per; falst,en 'With tape.

Place chocolate and. shortening in 4:-"cup glass m,~asuf:ing cup Of' l1f~quart g'lass bowl. ,PlaQe ,me~smi.ng (;UP or bowl tn, t;:;\r;ge'f gJass. bawl or ,p--an Q1f very '\-vattru,-n,o<t: hot-'water (rnOO-1U~°F) that reaches ha1fwmj up cup Of' bowl. Don"t :tet even one drop' of water mix with chocolatel

:Stir '!Il'dxfYJii aJ1tS:tant~y. wIth rubber. s:patu1a, until chocolate is comprete-Iy ,m,elted and :~tw~ is. smooth .. Don'! rushl ,rt \Vm. take about-10 minut.~ t<o melt the chocolate, 'If water 'begbls to cool .. POUX' out and add more warm wa~r_ (Ch.oc.olarte mixture should be between 84°F and agoF for coating.)

:Remove meaS1!JlIDg cup or bowl from water. Set. one dtlled center on tines of rondill!e' fork or :tab]e fork. Completely dlp center i:nto eoadng. Gentry tap lode on side, ,of ru.P to. remove e::oces.s; IEOiliting. Invert Cairt~y onto prepared cookie .she;et'L Decorate lop O'f coated center wUh small amount of melted cho ('0] ate, using' tip of fork. :iiepeat with. remaining centers. Store candies .. loosely covered, in a, cool, d:zy pIace,

Eno.ugh coati~8 far about 5 dozen center:; *00 not me butter, mairgar:ine, Of' oil.

,Note: If chocol.a.te becomes too thick wh.:ile· coating, return cup or howr eontairdng chocolate to larger glass bowl or pan with 1 io.£h of "'ay warm ta:p \'Vater (1000-l10"F). S,ttr mixture constantly- until of desired! consistency. BB" anefu,I not' to get auy watRr i~tQ mixture. VVh.e.n eo,aring reaches desired consistenCYI N!'mo.\i'€' from wa.t'er; oontlnne dipping centers.


Easy B_ uttercream Cen iters

',_. 'C' ,", .. ,.,'.,' .•. ' ." c' ,·~.I.I 'f8"i~~~~~~!

] :p,,~:ka~' 1(3 o~:~,C'eiS)1 ,cre~:m ,d),ee se, S o.flte'l1J ed,

:JJf2 C1IlIIl,P b~tter or _atg:ar,wD!!.r softened ..

A "",~iIln'" , .... Ol"'"'jf..,. i"~'."nl""-.!' I"'TIO',"""II'

~. '1r.,;;IIIo!Il'r i3I "'--r . .Illll_J..t: li:IJ!UI ~;,yJ,O ~ ~~A..I.

]l jJJI2 t:eIlSp~O'OI'l.:S va:giU~

lB:eat cream cheese ,1:U:lJd butter in [~~' mixer bo-wl 'until S1111.'ooth. Gradually blend in confectioners' suger and vanilla. (If n.ece.ssarry, chUI ~bo1it 1, hour Oi' 1L1:nHl mix,t1ll'r.e is ,firm, eno'!il;g'ft to handle.) Sh(IJpe into I-tnch bans; place on wax paper-covered tray 0'1" cOiJ,kie sheet, Cover loosely: chill 3, to .4. hours or overnlght. Centers should. feel dry to touch before coating. COrd centers as directed (pages 68-69).

"i,ll'"" 'mi''if .t.~:r'M!'O""N' c V.r-l.ftJl~ .I!. ,". I, .:II

Choool3ite 'O'm1tte:r,c.mam Centers i Blend '113 eup 'f]ER'SF]EYtS Cocoa 'with confectioners' lS:tiigar and vanilla into mixture, Add ,] to,:2 teaSPO'Oifl$ ,milk until mixture holds together,

F.la,V(jr.~d '[8uUercream C-enil!m:; Divide buttercream mixture into three parts. Add ,anyone- of the foUowing 't,o each part:

:112. teaspilon almo~dl e~l:tad '1/4, teaspoon oii:'an,;e extt',a,d

~]lfl. te~sp(i(Jn b.t.andJy ,elI:ltra.d: w~, te,aspoon rum @xf:r:ad

,~!. (;UlP :fm,liked COClOll'l!IIl)t jJ/~ tea8[piOon s.tlal\·:~euy ,~!lf~d

~1J/4: te~SpOOfi miut ~t:tllc~ ph!aJ~' [plus 3 d:rco:ps, :r-ed tood

3 drop,s gt',ee.n mod 00 1 orr. c(lIi:l.;or

]/~· cup bu·tter Dr matg~xine.; so'fbi~'l'Ied

11.l4 cups i!l20nfedwOiller.,s' sug,ar 1 tablespoon milk

1/7. ·b!·afij,poo.ni, ·V'!1.IJmra

ll'8' 'mas..pnOiA almend extract· .Abolld 48 miiU'asrldnJl' cherries with stems, d..I'3Jiflll.ed

Chocolate 'Centers

Cover. coo·kTe sheet or :rray with wax paper; set aside Thoroughly cream butter with confe f oners' :sugar and milk in small mixer bowl; blend in vanilla and almond extract. (If mixture :15 1'00 soft, add extra confectioners' 8:u84:11'.' Mold DUst' [enough mixture around. each cherry '~ completely cover cherry. Place on prepared cookie sheet, Cover loosely: chill .3 to 4 hours or overn~ght

Remove a third OIf the centers. from refrlgerator jU8'~ before dipping; keep remaining centers chdlled, Coat renters as directed (peges 68~69), Store coated. cordials, un COiVe red r at room. temperature .ror about 1 week or until centers liquefy;

Abm.d 4· dote'n: centers

1i{3 I. ~p bg:tt, O!Ji.a:rg:arible, s10Rened

1/.·11 !:u.P' lit 'avy @'1' whi:p·prng ere di m 11/:l 'feaJs,po~;r 115 'Van~Ua

:; [['O.ps I~i]'mfed;io'n@:nt sugi11:

1'2 [Cgp HiE RSREY:!i'S SemJ-Sw.el Choeoll1m: Chi,lPs"" ,me~.ted

Chocolate Truffles

Com b· ne butter, cream, vanilla and 1 cup of the confectioners' sug2lIr in small nlh@f bowl; lbeat until smooth, G'mduaU:y blend. ill remaining 2 cups confectioners' suga:r. and the melted ehocolate. ChiU a 'bout 1 hour or 'UiltH. mixture IS firm enough to handle.

Shape into 'l-inch bans; place OIlL WaJ(, paper-covered tray or cookie sheet. Cover loosely: chill 3 h) 4 hou '5- or overnight. Centers should feel dry to t,eruc:h, before coating. Coat centers as directed (p"ges 68~69),.

1·h cup' unsa Jted lbu'-t.e~ :so.fte~d 2,,1./.'1. cups confee'loners' sugar

jl'l. cup' HERSHEY'S. Coco'.

'14 cup ·h.@a~vy o.r whir'p· g '(,Ram, 1II.11f2 te3Jspo()ns 'Van~Ila

C.ente.n: Pecan or w:idnrut n' "1W:5, who,rue ~ndi5.r' candled ehe ,fie·s,. afterdinimiler n:tin!ts

COalin.gs: C'onfecnormlU!m' :s'Wg~, fllak[ed 'coc@nut .. ~happe.' nub

Cream buttei in large mixer bowl. Combine 2'lJ2 cups confectioners' sug:ali. and the, C(l'IJOO.; add. altemarely with cream and vanilla to butter. Blend we-It Chill until firm. Shape small amount of mixture arounc desi .edcenter, roll into. 'l-inch balls, Drop into de-

..oJ • ~,_;g il ll d C' 'lU'I'I il f."

strel,,4 coatmg ail. ill tu m unt we covere . . .Ii uu unit. ,; urn"

A bouf 3 dOZJJl'l tl~ffle.$


e oco[,ate R.u:m Imff ese Decrease vanilla to 1 "teaspoon and add 12 teaspoon rum extract.

3 tabl@spooM sho.d~~dl:lg ~-h. IfU.:P' ,HIRSHEY"';S CDooa

21f~ c ps. :SWlgat. ]'~, 'b2iit5,ipoon salt

1/'2 ~'iIP' HgI'd: [O'm syrup 1.J3J cup water

.,; 6iCjopr . '0- 't 110 ..

",", ~,oo' 'W 1 :eslI 21&, mom,


11 teaspnen v,iilmilUIa

3/4 ifUlp chop'ped, 'wiiIl.lnuls, (opUonaJ

'Melt shonening in top o.)f d.oob 'e 'buller over. hot, not boiling, wa,=' 'tel"; add cocoa and stir until smootb. Set aside over warm w,arer. Combine sug~, salt. com syrup and water in heavy l·q1l;]art saucepa .... i1!. Cook OV@I medium, heat stirring const,antlYI until s'U,gaI' d.is~ solves and mixUl:f,e, boils. Continue to boil without stirrmg, When syrup reaches 246°," on a candy ther.mometerJ start heating: ,egg whites ,~.n. Eargle' mixer bowl until stiff peaks form. (Bulb of candy

th ...... mometer ""h ...... '"·~ld n- .nl~ .... ""r;:!; ..... n bottom r .... f ;;,""u~""n )

I ~,.L. .' - :lL~l..:= , ~ , [~~ .. ._: :vL; .I.'lgol u· o.lL '~A', ,.' IV I ~g, .. _ ... ,rD! I ;I,

Continue rooking syru p mixture, without sbrrll"l&- to hard-ball stage, 260~F (or 'ILD1:t.m syrup •. when dropped. .into very cold water" forms a. fir:m ball thatt is hard enough to hold its shepe, ye'. p]astk). Immediately pour hot sy.mp in thin stream aver beaten egg' whites, beating constantly on high speed .. Add'vanilla; beat until candy statts to become firm, Quickly blend in reserved cocoa mixlure 'with wooden spoun" Stu lin nuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ,\.vax, paper-covered cookie sheee cool. Store in airtight rontaine.r:"

Abou 31h d'O;Wi candies

Butter Almond 'Crunch

-lh cups ,HEaSHEYTS MINI' IClJJPS, Semi-SWeef Chocolarre

18/4 iCUps cho,pe.d iI!.lmo.lf1ids Ilh cups, : lrUer or mrugarine'

11. ~4, (~'PS sug:ar '

3 tahjelSipi1o.f~S' Ught com lS~,p S t';1Jb~es,p-o-olns 'warter

Spread 1 CUp' of nH~ :M -'.' CHIPS Chocolates in 'buttered 13)( 9~ inch p~n,; set aside" Spread almonds in shallow pan; mast 81.t 350 [j f~)r about 7 minutes or until golden. brown, Set aside.

M'elt butt@-I in. heavy 3-qu~t saucepan;' blend m sugar" rom syrup and water. Cool over mediium heat, stirring !CoMtantly .. to hard .. crack stage", 300~'F on a candy thermometer (or untiill. S}1l'tt:Pi' 'when dropped into '!I'e:ry cold 'l'IlErtef;;. separates .inW threads that. are hard and. bril ]e)., Bulb 01 candy thermometer should not rest on botrom i()f. saucepan. Remove saucepan from healt:; stir In. 11/.'2. cups 'O'f ,the toasted almonds.

Immediately spread mixture evenly over MINI CHIPS Chocolates in prepared pan", being careful not to. disturb chips Sprinld@ wifh remaining '11 ~ cup' 'toasted almonds and! lf2 cup MINI CHIP'S Chocolates; score into l1i2-inch. squares. Cool completely: remove from

B k i . S " . hll .oJ' •

pan. :nu,' into pieces, ..: 'mre ill, b.g', ,try OOVElr<e'f,A Co.ntajiiLe~.,

,A.btn~J .2 pou'nds c-andy

Tap: O~acQ.lD.te Chip Nm~8at L~g (see page, 74). nat;t(JfJ!~ Buffel Almo:nd ,CrlfJ1~'h. Cenl~T' As-so,ri,mcllIt' ;"fudf:ld.~ COrt:O,fl; Dr.virr,t,'ty '(IJt:J ~m!f Co.w>«. TaflY ,{sU!' p'~p r4}

1. rnp' sugar

~h Clip .~~g' I ~ oorn sy:ru.·p 2, tables,po OnS water

]]'4. 'CI!I!P egg w:hifes, '(3JbOli'l: 1), at mBm t-emperatwm

1 ro.ps, sugar

l1j·~ cu.ps· light com syru.p

11",. c~p. buUI' Of nUi:tgarhlej.


Z 'teaspoons v.a:~in.aJ

,2 !cups Idm0I;lpe'. waln.tda

,4 Of !5 dJ:lops red, food ~ola~ (o[pnon~d)

1. alp' HERSHEY'" S, MlNJ' CHIPS .SenUl-Sweet aruoeornab~'

Creamy Cocoa Taffy

.. I '4 c~,ps s~g

a{4 .e.up lip'f COirD syrup

If~ CUP' HiERSHlEY"fS CO(O~ 'i}8 teaspoon salt

2 Itea:spoo:ns· white vinegar 1./4. cu.:p ,ev:apommd milk

1 ·tabIJe-.9.p~ollll 'bulter 01' arq;arrif.i~'

Line 15112)( 1.011'l »: l-inc-h jeUy roll pam. with. a] ummum foll, bu I ter foil. Set aside. Com bine '1 cu. p sugar.. '213 cup COm syrup and the water in small heavy' saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring const·c!ll.Hyl' 'until su,g:ar. dissolves, Continue cooking without stirring. When syrup reaches 230°f ona candy "l'hermom,e~e:~ stan beanng egg whites in large mixer bowl: beat undl sHit 'but JM)t dry; ('B·utb of candy thermometer should not (,est on bottom of saucepan.)

When. :sy.rup reaches suit-baU stage, .238 0 F (or until syrup.. 'when dropped. into very cold, water,. forms a soft bell that flattens when. removed . :JIOIln 'warter)l remove from heat, POur hot syrup in ·~h.in stream over beaten 'e,gg whites, ibeating constantly on high spe .. d Continue beaHng ,4 to 5 minutes or. until mixture becomes "'er:-r thick 'Cover and set aside,

Combi:[1e 2 cups sugar and 11/4, cups corn syrup In heavy 2-~.'UlllJrt saucepan, Cook O'v,er medmm heat .. sUnring constantly, until sl1ga:r dissolves. Cook", without stirring .. ,to soft-crack stage, 275t>lF (or until syrup.. w hen dropped into ",ery cold l'Vat~r... separates into threads 'that are hard but not brittle),

P()UT hot synlp all .at once over reserved egg white mixture in bowl; blend with wooden spoon _ Stir in melted butter nd vanilla: add rmts i:lJnd mix thoroughly, .Adld food 0010[, .. POUT' lnto pre~ pared . ran. Sprinkle evenly. with MWI CHIPS Chocolates, Let. cool overnight.

ToO form ]OgSi invert pan and remove fujJ., Cu,t lin half crosswise; 1-0']] from cut end, je]ly .. roll style, Cut Into l'41,..in.ch slices. Store] we]] covered, in cool, dry place.

Abou .. 7 dozeN. amities Nioh!':: U' desired, nougat can be cut Into l-inch squares rather than rolled.

Butter 9-ind.il square fan;:. Bet· aside _ Comb.in,e sll_g,ar., corn syrup, cocoa, salt and. vinegar in heavy 2-quart saucepan. Cook over me .. dium. hest, stirring; coitlstanUYt· until mixture boils; add evaporated milk and butter. Conftnue to COQk.t stir.)'ing occasionally to fitmball sta,g:e~ 248,oF ()[1 iilJ 'candy thermometer {or 'Until syrup, ·w·hien. dropped ioto V€.T}' cold water, forms a . irm ball that does not ft tten. when removed from water). Bulb of ca.nd.y thermometer should not .rest on bottom of saucepa "I..

Pour mixture into. prepared ptIJn. Let. stand until taffy is cool enough to handle. ·Butter hands; st. '€tch ·taffy! f-olding and pulling until light in 00']01 and. hard to pull, Place taffy on. 'ta;ble; pu]I . tiro

1/ ; h "d- -. (""" ".L....... 1:.., ~ 'f d . d) C . "

2-Dl£' 1=·W1. '12' stnps ",Wist t'W'"O strtps ILUlgei[lJ!:;."t,.. '!L. . _eSIDI2" • at into

l-inch pieces \vi:th buUered. sci tsors, \'Vrap " .. dividually in ph~s,tk ·\;VIap u


. ."... ..

,' ' ..'

. . '. ~ .

11· ea

. ~.. ..

& C··'· .

..... ,,'. ;'

. 0

. .

I -

. I .

.... '.. ..... .:

... ·5···········

. '.

,"' ",

" ", . ",

. .

. . .

" c··/····e· .. ··,.-. c········a········_·

........ '.' .. .. '. .., .

" . '_ .."... .' . ". ". ..... ... ~ .. ". .." .'

. ". ".. .' .','

~--~------~---~-... ' .. ', ,............<. "'r' -~-----~--- __ ~~_

...... - ~ .

Chooolate S~RUsel

-!/-2. cUIP lbut.t@T er margarine,

softened ]J, tap iSU~3J1f 3 eggs

1 eu P !!!iill)l,:U' (I1eam. 1 t@·,as.pOI),Q vanilla

:2 cups. uns\~fted. ~u.~·pn.upOi!iE flour

t 'h~3JS.pO-Ofi 'biikin_g powder 1. teaspuan b:aldn,g s~d!a

'1J ~ tea'~piC:U))n san:


~(i .CI[W.p :p~·bdl. liSh:t brown. s,u.gar jJ.{q, -cup uns.~:H.ed all-puepose ilour IlJ4 cup bmU~F Ol:r margari:me",


8/.>1, cup cbl)'F.P~d D'Uts

3/JJ: (rnl.p :HERSHEY.i''S MIN] CHIPS. Se_l-Sw@!i.'!~ Cbooo.farle

'Prepare Chocolate Streusel: set aside .. Crea:m butter and sugar in laJrge mixet' bawl until ] ighl" and fluffy. Add eggs.; blend well on low speed. StiT in sour cream and vanilla, Combine flour, baklng powder, baldng soda and. salt; add. to ba.tter. Blend well,

Sprinkle 1 cup of the Chocolate Streusel tnto gWil!sed and floured 1.2-cup Hundt pan - Spread one-third of the batter (tIl'bQut ] 1/30 cu ps) ill pan; sprinkle 'w]th half th,e :r,e.maining streusel (about 1. cup). Repea'~ layers, ending with batter OIl top. Bake at ~ fur 50 to -55 .lnjuutes or until cake tester comes out clean, Cool 10 rriinutes: inv~rl' onto serving pla.t,e _ COQ] o)mp1elcly.

Combine brown sugar; flour and btl tter in medium howl until crumbly, Slir in nuts and M[Nl CHIPS Chocolates.


Clodwl8!e' ,from top: Chocolate Chip Muffins, Chocolate 1erJJ Bre,ad and ChoC1rrda:t£ C/dp B,a,fJ,a:r~a ,lJr:ead


l1j,'l; cUfs, u:n_sjfled, I_l -purpose ,floot'

:lJl2 ,cap mg~

,2; teaspoons 'ba.ldn,g PDwde:r liz teas,pOOD sal

lJ~ ~p wIt

'1j.Q, mp' 'Y.eg:etable eu 1 eg8J, ' : e.ilkHil

l/:"t. L":U, ,H,ERSHEY"'S :MINlI CH,D'S Ser •. i-,Sweet Choc.oJ]a'b!

1/2 aIlp (b,_:p'ped nu .

1.J'.;j, cup chopped, mamsc:hlno ~her.rieBoi' weD d,r,amedl

2. l@uJuruFllts.r sr.-aled. loran:~e. pee

Co:mblru!' lour, 5ugal~" lba.lkEng powder and, salt in medium, bowl, ,Ad4 milk, oil, and egg; stir just unti] ble:nded .. Stir l,n ~.NW: CHIPS Cbocob:t@i5" nuts, cherries ~nd orange peel

Fill greased O'r paper-lined muffin cups (2112 inches in diam'~~~r') two-thirds full wi ~' batter, Bakeat 4AJ(P for 25 ,to 30 minntes or ii;l:ntil golden brown, Remo"{~ from pan; COlO], completely;

About" 12 m~:ffi:ns

1/4 mp "Uer. or ,mqiliidne,. so&'J:1ed.

~3 Clip' sugar

1 e.SI

, l/:oz, cups, 'unsifted ,iln-p,tu'poie


1/3 cup HER.SHEYIi'S CDeOiiJ II teaspoon ib,aking ,si)d~ t{ te\ilfSPIilJD;~ salt.

'I', ,,'L ,cjI,il" ........ .:IIlk, , .,' '-lIIk'*'

.... wp' lL!!UI~!We'J;'u;!J!j, o;r i50'1IWI m,b

ijJ4 cup' chopped wall.:nuts

)1 ' cup ~aJisi s I(Opti.onal)

Cream butter; sugar and. egg in ]a~er:n-thi@l" bowl undl light and fluffy. Combine {[DUll'", cocca, baki,ng soda and ,salt; add alternately \vUh buUetrnillk to creamed mb,ture. B~iWt on low speed just until

'1\..1 d d '. ," d rai .

L;I en @ ',; stir m nuts ar» raisins.

C: .. horn .. a te C.,", , .. h dp Ba n . an" u 'a:'. Bre a';' ,,"~

' ... IL_. ~ ' .. ' . ~~~,~~

Z cups. iWilsifte.dl all-ptuIpOse


'1 cu.p ;Slilg_

1 'teas,po.;Ofi bakililg powdeJr 1 'teaspoon salt

1,!'2 teasp~~n b1ak.iD8' sodia,

t alp' m..as11ed 1',ii,pe 'ballam,as ,(a'bom:d 3 SD!aU)1

li2 cup shortell" 'g

,2; eggs

t cu;, HERSHEY'S MINI CHJFS Se:mi-,S'weet 'ChoQ,joIab!

';tl~ c't~;p ~&!)p'p@d, 'waln,ub

Pour mto greased 8.1/'2 X 41fl x 21J2-lnch loaf pan, 'lake at 3500 tor 55 to 60 :rnmutes 0]" until cake tester comes out clean, Remove from pan; cool completely on wire rack.

1 1'001

GIie,~e bonom only of 9x5 x 3~inch loaf p~n; set aside Combine. ell ingredi,mts except rvnN1 CHW5 Chocolates and walnuts in

1,,"'P·~ ' ..................... L.'···''''··''I_ blend w"e]]- ..... n m edium seeed c .... "" in Ml" IliJLl.O--1 .!L:a..IU!.A.~ .. : I)\J.". i . ~.I.I!' .'. - . u:. ~ , !I;;; ~ '~R' a'i'Ig'~ .: ,. WI-U,t, .. ~ ".

'CHIlPS Chocolates and walnuts."

- _. -

Peur into prepared pan, Bake at 350° TOr. 60 to 70 minutes. or. until cake tester' comes IDU,t, clean, Cool 10 minutes; f,e-move from pan.. Cool completely on wire rack.

Cocoa Brunch Rings,

it':! CU:p mllk ,]/2 [[UP su.g;ar

1 t,e'tP' pnon :sail!:

1j,'l, (u:p butter OE Dltarg'aJ,I,",ne

:2 packages, adiw [dlr.y yeas.t 'l/2 ~I1P' warm 'water

2: !!g~ sUSbtly b.' 'ate i 3,1./.2. ki 3~'!1J 'cups ~siBed ,it, 1~:lPll~OIS~ flour

'3fil cup HERSHIEY'S CoOOaJ 'Ola:ng[f! fUliDlJ

Scald milk in, small saucepan; stir in SUgali" salt and butter" 8et [aside; (100.1 to ] 1J]Ke'W ann. Dissolve yeast In warm w,e,t'er nOS ~ to 115 a'F) in large mixer bowl, add mdk mixture' .. eggs and .2 c.ups, of the flour, Beat 2 minutes on medium speed until smooth, Com _, bine 1112 'cups. OIf the Hour and the' cocoa: sti; into yeast rnixeure,

'Iurn dh gh out onto we]r~floured. board; knead in more flour tiI,JItil. dough is smooth enough to handle. Knead abOOJt S minutes or "I),nUI smooth and elastic. P1~(e in greased 'bowl; 'turn 00 greass top. Cover: let rise in \N"arm place until 001lJ bled.!' about 1. to 11./'2. hours. Punch down dough; turn over. Cover: let rise 30 minutes longer.

Prepare Orange FilHng; set aside, Divide dOll1.gh ]n half, On ]jghtly floured board . .!' roll out each half to. a 13x9~'inch rectangle. Spread one-fourth '0,£ 'the Orange Filling an each rectang['e ,to within, 1./2 inch ,01 . edges; reserve remaining fill~:!t'bg for frosting'. Roll up dough from long side as for jeIl.y roll, pinch edge to seal. Cut rolls into linch slices. Place slices, sealed. edges down, in two greased. 4- to 6- fil_P 'r~ng molds, TiU slices slight]y, overlapping so flillUrIJ.g shows, Cover; let :rise in warm place until doubled, about 45- mlnutes . Bake at 350D for 20 to 2-5 minutes or untjJ fJill' ":g is lightly browned. Immed lately remove from molds and place on serving plates, Frost 'with remaining Orange FiUing or. if H. glaze j" preferred, stir in a few drops otl!Jng'ie juke until of desired consistency: spoon ov.,e;r.' "rings. Se:ril€ warm.



~ "'UIIil"" "'A-~ if'_, ...... " - g....,-'".,. D' ...... .;ii' e . !l-13' !Lw:n:II!~ii!.,.,lOin""IL;Ol!l i:l' ti:lIlIIlII.

16, "t:abl[~s,oo.inlS buUe:r ,0(1' maflilrinc:,.. Seo:Re'D.ed. ~/4 c r .p oran,se' Jmwire

,4, te~U1i.p'(lOD.8. g!rarled 01'i~u,ge peel

1 cup' iluiIIs,ifted ~L -'PIlUlhl)S@ flrn-ur '3/.4 cu.p sugar

1/2. cup H ' RSHEY"'5 Co COIi1 J/-J teasponn bakhlg powde: "lJ!'2 teaspucn bak]ng soda '1/4 teaspoon ~aU

1. cup' DU ,te'rmUk o:~ S~U1i milk.'1:' .. ego gs. ,

.,iii;. .,

. '-:'.

"J-i oj cup' buffoel" lOt nl~mn.e:,.


Combine confectioners' sugafJ butter, Ol1'an.g-:e .i uice and oli.ange pee], in SInaI[ mixer bow 1; b~~t, on. low speed until smooth,

Combine flour; sugal, (;OCOIitf.' baking- powder, baking soda and salt in, medium bowl. Add buttermdk and e<ggs; beat 'with wooden spoon just until bl ended. Gradually. add melted butteT" beating until smooth, Bake In, waffle ir-on according to manufacturer's directions, Serve warm with pancake syrup or, .fur dessert, with ice cream I" fruit-flavored syrups and sweetened 'whipped erearn.

10 W 12 fD.ur-i~'Ch: waffies

""'To sour milk: Use 1 fables'"poon vi le,gar plus milk to equal 1 cup,

TOp.: ('o.coa: .Brlmd1. .1.UnrlJ B,Q.tto'lt: Cho;;;o[afec-, iU.ed BI'1dd (gee page. 80)

CltocolD!: fUlmg llt~ kI 1~14. cg_p.s unsi ~'ted a]!"';!piUlrp-o~e f.motu: :2 t'a,bl@s:poons su;g;al' ]h 'tejjJsFoon saU

1. 'p3J('kage' j1(~iw dry yeast. jJJ(2 'CW,}? :milk

ll!, _, ,'"'v, p.. """"'1',-

4i II;.!IIII! ·_iOlI!~~,L,

~h ~up buUer (!;J[ mar,!~rm@

,,,,,,pop ,,.,If ............ m· ·lUImn~IUI..".'t·nl r e: 'IO;CiOli' ,.,.,111, .LVIV ,111/'10;, _ r "".L !lllL ,H .

MeUed 'butter (opHo(n~1.) 'Gofifre'cl:~(!Ii~i'S;r Sugarm: c:rnaze,


Prepare Cho COllate F:i]]ll!l;g; set' aside, Combine 1 CIllP of H1te flour, the sugat'j sal,t and, yeast in large mixer bow]; es·€,~ ,aside", Combme 11]]ikl, water and 1hz 'cup butter in small saucepan, cook over h}w beat u~ntilliquids, are wry warm (1.200 [0 1]0 a'F)-h1lltter does not: need to melt. Gradually add. to dry ingredients; llieat: 2. minutes 0]1 medium speed, ,Adld e'g_g and il/:;, cop of the flour, beat 2 minutes 0'[1 high speed Stir. in, ~nough additional flDur ~o make ;EIJ s.t1ff dough, Cover; 2l.UOW t.o rest 2~ minutes,

Turn dough out onto well-floured beard: roll into 18 X 10-inch, I'€lC->' tangle, Spread Chocolate Filling lengthwise down center third of dough" Cut f-inch-wide strips. d:iagonaJUy along both sides of filliog to. within 3/4 inch of filling. At ternately fold opposite strips of dough at an angle across filling, Carefully transfer to greased cookie sheet. Snape into ring. stretchiog slightly,; pinch ends together, Cover loosely with wax paper brushed 'with vege{able' oil; top with plastic wra p. Chill r~t least 2 hours 0'[' overnight.

Remove braid from relngerator [ust before !baking. U ncover dough; let stand at room temperature 10 minutes. Bake at 375 a for. 30 to 35 minutes Oil' unttl lightly browned" lRelUOV'e from cookie she;ect; cool completely on wire' rack. Brush with melted butter or drizzle with Confecrioners' Sugar G:~,az~-


~f~ ,[~P HE R5HiEyt S S@mi-'Sweet:

Cho-cobj~ Cbips ,2; tabWespO<iJlns Stt,g.iilt

l1fiJ ,c~,p re·va.por'lIt~d milk

11{2 IC~P :Unely clio:pped fi'~h~ 1 taaspnen v.aniU_a,

'11{4 t@iiIIspOiOn clnnamo(lmIi,

Combine chocolate chips, su,garr and evaporated milk in small saucepan. Cook over low heat ... stirring constantly until chips melt and mixture is smooth. Stir in n uta, vamU],a and cinnamon, Cool,

1. CIIlIP IIWo,rnieetio1ne:-n..i" :SlI!.IIIga!iC 1 ta,b~;eiSpDD[l ~JUJ~t@'r. (PiC ~~rI1~rifi'~, snftened iiJf2 leil1Spo:oll vaniUa,

'1 to 2, ~a'blespo-ons milk

2: caps butte!',.Uk b3Jkbl;g mfx 'ill ,(limp milk

2 'eggs

'] i _. H~'RQ'ElfII'!'y- ,",Ii:' '1Ii..oN!

'12 'Cu,p , .. ' J:;;, •. i:;JEIlll:i ,. ,~ 1¥J!Jl ....

COIfS S'e'mi~w@et: (:-h(J;coII~re

E eat confectiooers' :.;i:uga~r.l bu tt.er:1 vanilla and milk in small mixer bowl ljJl:U~, glaze is smooth and of desired consistency,

Combine buttermilk baking m ix I' milk and. egg;s in medium oo"d; beet with wooden spoon anti], smooth, Stir ]]1 MINI CH[PS Chocelates. for each pancake, pour .2 tablespoons batter onto hot, lightly greased griddle; rook until bubbles arppeaJr:. Turn; cook other side uiltillightly 'browned. ~mr thinner pancakes, add 1 tablespoon milk to bat ter; pancakes should be at. least llt4 inch thick.) Serve 'warm 'with butter or margarine: sprinkle with confecticners' sugar or top with syrUJp,

,···-c·· ¥~w·········· ····'··· .... ·a···-:::····v .... ····· .. ···e .. o

., '.-" v··,·/ ,.,: .-' ..

Snecia .. ties

Crunch l'olpp~n,g

l'~ 'c!Up ·HE:JISHEy ... S 00003] Jl.t ICiIlmP v;~get -lde oU

3J4 CUP' ap'pl,es3!lIee

1 e~ beaL~):n

·/.oj cull's.. ru,Ulisiflted 11"1 ~pl1rp(in~e


51f41 1i::~.P s'!!,!!Jgu

~1 teaspoon balking, soda LJ 4 teaspnen sal c

"lJ . bNlspoon dl1DaJ1D€Jn 1/2 CUP' ehnppield ~.uts.,


1 ublr(!'spooll. b~Ue or ~ ... Ine

2; ·ta.b.~es.Foo.n8 HlER.SHEYr.S rCOC03!

'J./4 ¢'UP' pack1!!d. :H§hm 'bwwn s.Ulgarr ii.J4 cup' chopped . 1 .U·tlS

.2 bl'bl@J5pOOns : . Our

:lJ4, telHSpl)O'D ,cmna:mo.n.

Prepare Crunch Top ping,: set. aside. Combine cocoa. and oil in small bowl; stir unt il smooth. Add applesauce and egg; blend well - Combine flo u~ s;u,gaI~ baking soda, salt and cinnamon in medium bow I; stir in applesauce mixture and nuts just until dry. ingredients are moistened.

Pl.ace 6 paper muffin cups (2,'1/:2 inches, in diameter) ]]1. microwave cupcake Or muffin maker or in 6-onn£e micro-prqof c ustard'cups, Fill each en p half full with batter; Sprinkle ab~u'~ 2 ~~aspoons. Crunch Topping on 'top or. each muffin" Microw ave at HIGH (100%) for 21/2 to 3V2. min.utes, turning l-J4 tarn at end or each :011:0- ute, or until cake tester comes out clean, (Tops may still a.ppe-ar moist -). Let stand serv,eral minutes. (Moist spots. will disappear upon standing .. .) Rep e arl' cooking procedure with remaining batter, Serve warm,

Micro·t'Ilave butter in small micro-t roof bowl ·~t GH (lOOi}'"Q) for 15 seconds. or until melted, add cocoa and blend u ntil smooth, Stir in brown sugar;. nuts, flour and cinnamon.


Top': Ch~'tolaitf!' Ch:~p ,Bcm~lI! Muff,ina

,i!l,crti'Om: Cocoa Apple~aoce Muffim (5e£ page. 81J

1.1h ruP\\i. bran flakes ce~al :l.J~ (;,11,P ,[boUing, water

1 cup lbuttermilk Qr SQur. milk" 1101, CitlP ''llre,8JE:!,table ;o:il,

1 I!,gg... s]Jlg;h1' ,y beahn

] Jj .. , cu,p~ '~n:r:d f:fed al1-p~_rp use .flOlUif

1h, c~p ~l!rWg_

1 'f.eas,polOn ba:kin~ soda ':]/~, teaspoen salt

,]'7. ,CQ_P :UE'RSH'IEYJ.'S M~NI:

C1IIPS Sem-rn.-Swled Cheeolate

'i1f4 eup fme, y ,('lboP:IU~d dried apricnts

'B'l,an, flakes cereal

Com bine 1 ~11/1 cups bran flakes cereal and, boiling wa:be:f in medium bowl; blend. well. Cool, Add. butten:tr:l.ilkJ oil and egg; blend welt. Combine ,flour., sugar~, baking soda and sa]t in medium bowl; stir in cereal mixture MIN] CHIPS Chocolates and apricots just until. dry it'Lg;redients are moistened _

lD1~ ....... e p"'"p'=r muffin ''"'!LIP'' (2' J inchesi n' d-i "'m' ..... "' ....... ,) ;'..... m" - ,,-..;, .• ' -

.Jl: .ld!!::,~ IllI : "U, ic, .u L ,~' I,lL ,.._ "" '~ ~' ~ 2 U LL .::I' 1', ", Jj~ ,,"':'':''''::L, ],u m .. ' ] .... ~)iji"N'ai'!,f.e'

cupcake or muffin maker or in 6-oll.lnoo mkro-proof custard CHIPS,. Fill each cup half fum with. batter, SprinkleZ teaspoons bran flekes cereal on top of each muffm, Mlcrowave at :HIC:H' ('100%) Ior 21t2, to 3IJ2 minutes. taming lf4l: turn at end. 'of each minute. er un)f.iJ cake tester comes out clean. (Tops :m,ay still appear moist.) Let stand s€'V€'lal minutes. (Moist spots will disappear upon, standing.) Repeat ccoking procedure with remaining baUer. Serve

WIo sour milk: Use 1 "tablespoon vinegar plus milk b) equal 1 cup.

3~3 iC~,PS (1[..Ipound, pacb,g!d (lo'lllfec~ioIl!er5" sugar, 'sifted '1'2 !~u,p , :, E R.SHrEY~:S Coe03J

'Ti12 ,(;UP bil!!llUer Oil" .mii:1lrgH,~n,e!... I!L:Hlt in~o, pl~e('es,

'1/4; ~up! mUk,

11~ ellp' chapped nuts '(O:pUOlliilU 1 table.sp{u)fi v3:miU3J

G t.. • t."., butter and ':;~k' dl

ommne contectlouers su,gaJ.:" COCO:tll.. .,' utter ana .lTIlill.·' m mec mm

micro-proof 'bowl Microwave at H[ GH (lOG%~ for 2. tn 3 minutes or until butter is melted, Stir until mj};;tillte Is smooth. Stir in, :t.'LiUJts and, 'vanilla; blend we.]!. Spread even]y in buttered 8-inch si,:plar.,e pan; 0001" Cut into 'l-inch squares.

'M····:: lil!'C'-¥IOW" ·~····,a:'·V· ·e,···· Ho t· C', .ocoa

'_ .£.! _. '.' . . .:_ .. _' ... ... ,'

5 bdb.lespoon:s Sllgu

3, tabl,e$l'0ons HE:RSH-YTS Cocoa!

ash sa11

3 tablespooM hot 'water. .2 cups mHk

j/4, te·~~,po.o'n wniUa.

Combine sugar; eocca, salt and hot· water in I-quart micro-proof measuring cup,. Mi.CI10l\vave at f I'GH (1000/0) for 1 to 1112 minutes

Ii-"A b ·.B ..... "'" Add ':1]11~_ ",' ..;I' dd'" -~, )'1 j .

or unm . o.u..u.iL.5:' :,., . 'ii:l).IJ"lf;;,; SiLU' ann ml(lOwave an ace rttonat 1.2 to

2: minutes ~"""~ '·'I'n,fl..i1 h ot Sti .... in v"'", ..... ]·]-I"',I· ble .... ..:11 ·W·.,.~I

. ,lI.,.. l£~l ..... ~ '!'u'II,~::.u .: ,I, r- _"I~1j '- ", '~lll ' , [:lJi I I ~h:::.1J 1[1;; .' _ ~ILlL.

5 ~ Itt-ad~erSi 'rbfok,e, . Ifblb) squares

:!fJ/'2 ,cup s;llWgarr

1 WI' li;glll oo~n symp

1 cu',P' HERSHEY'S. Se1ni~S'weet.

ChoC'o]ab~~ Chips 1. cup 'p@.mat 'butter

1 CiU:p dty masted. ,pe,a_nruts

4 . seromgs.

One isewiDg~; Place 2. hea,ping teaspoons sugar, 1 heap'i'I'n...g· teaspoon HERSHEY"S Cocoa and d ash salt in micro-proof C'1lJ.p. ,Add 2 teaspoons cold milk, ~tir until smooth. Fill (UP 'with milk; microwave· at HM'GJ-I (100%) for 1 'lQ llJz mlnutes or wlJ.til hot. St· to blend.

Line bottom. of 8-:inch square prlll, with graham cracker squares, cutting to fit as necessary, Comoinc 8tl.gar and com syrup in ,2- quart micro-proof bow]. Microwave ~t HJ GH (100%). BUrring ev-

~, . . ill ". boil b' "I -:J'. S···h ~

enr L. mmu tes, UI1l1 mixture tJ-II.J'. s; . 01 ;::JI mmutes, .tnr In. ;C , ocolate

~ .

chips ... pe-anu " butter and peanuts. Potu over crackers: spread care-

.fIlUy. Cover; refrigerate U' . til firm .. Cut "into i-inch squaT-les.

16 squares

Peanntty Chocolate Snack Squares ~~rq.~.

ers h-' ~."'. ,._. t Bar M- .. ·'~·I O· :US··.S··· .'e·.·,

... ~ _,.} ~~r..O"'I~.~r,;O;<~r,.ti

:HE!RSHEY',5 :MUk ChC'~late Ihu (8 0: nces), , oke. into ple~e)

'J./.4 cu~' w:afe'r

2 eB,gS, 'beaten

1 cu.p heavy or 'W'hipp:ilng ef;1~am

C ~.1.. ,. h I. 1..' dJ • di . f' Or:il,1JLII1ne' chocolate ear preees an' '\'Vat"€'1 111 mer rum nucro-p.ro(i,

bowl. Microwave at HIGH' {lOO%) fOI 11/2. to' :2 minu tes or until mixture is me1:~edl. c nd smooth when stirred. Stu' in egg;;. Micro'wave aJt I\1EDllJ!\1 (50%) fur 11,12 to 21./2 mmutes or ufiH~ 'mixture']s hot: do' 'lOt boil. C,O{)] slightly; Whip cream until stiff:; ,fold into cooled. chocolate mixture, Pour into 8-11.1('1\ squa:re pan. Cover; fr:eezj€ until firrm.. Cut ilT~o squares.

A 1,1 '" Ab . Mil' 11 0 .. ···

,t~ote About .. ' tcrowa·l',e .... ·vens

'Because microwave ovens vary I.n walt~,ge and PQW€!'f outp ut. oooidng tim~ given for microwave red. pe s may ne ~ d hJ be aJdjusted. It is best to re]y. on the desired J1~Si1.Jlt "tl until jniXture boils",l~ fOT exam.p]e)· as wen as the recommended .c-ooklng time to det rmme doneness, Results 'VI/e'f,e found to be most consistent if rood was

, -d ..J ,-, \.. ~~"~..

snrred or rotated several times u,u.rmg nucrowave ooo.itUnS e-ven if

cooked in a. turntable-type mjcro,wi!l've oven, An. r. ipes were 'tested in several rufJoeIe'nt br-andslmodels of microwave o;vens.


ChocolaJt,e Crumb Crus,t: 0;[ G'f,a]im'.m o.ad@1i:' C:msil l(paS@ 015,)

1 HERSHEY'S Milk Cho'co ,aJte' lal' (,8 ounces), 'broklen. mto piee!!s

~''l cup mil ,

1'''2 .cu.ps Miniature miD'S· 'MaiUnw5 1 cup he~vy Of whi],ppi:n:g. cl"e,iltn S-weele·ned], whlp·pedl (re·am,

Bake crumb crust, set aside. Combine chocolate barr pieces, 'milk and miniature marshmallows in medium micro-proof bowl. Microwave at Hl GH (100%)- for 11'2 to 2lJ'J; minutes or until chocolate is 5iofte:[)ed and 'mixtul\e is melted and smooth 'when. s:tin~d, Coo] completel y.

Whjp cream until stiff; fold into e_hocola,1\·e mixJtul',e. Speon tnm crust. Cover; chill sevecal hours or until firm. 'Gm.njjsll with sweet .. ened whipped cream. Serve with cherry pie nUing~ if desired.

8 servings


'11 . cup bu1t:r or marearine

2: ""'~I - --'0 ~'"

11/:2: (:11 ps gr:a.hilm [c;nc.~et crumbs,

6 tal· ,Ies.po nns H . RSHEYI.' S CO((]l3;

iIl/3, ,t;iIIm.p confeCI~(lilJe·rs.' sugar

g..inrn, pas,try shell

1. envelope un~ia:VO:f.'-ed g;elaHit,e' ]/2 ,~~,p ,jijo'}d milk

11'4 e 'P butter o:r matg~r,~n,e :JJh CllIIP SlIIIlgarf

,. 'fabl,e-spoOJllS' HERSH'EY"S Coeoa,

3 e,g:) y'OllkB,. sligbtly beaten :I/dJ CU:p. cr€me de eacae

~ - p.iIlr 'b. ~L.....

o;;l!' e i::,e, 'WUlL,,=S

l.h cup sugar

1{2 eu P H1IRSHEY" is Cocoa

PIs !!r.ups. (1.4-o~nce can)' ;sweet.ened, condensed, milk*

:3 t3ijb~es.po:ons _ilk

1 ta,b~,@!s!pao'l1 butter Q:f 'm~ai'ine

1. teaspoon v:ari.la

GJlI3~se micro-proof '9-inch pie: plate. r small micro-proof bow] .. lmcrowave butter 8l:t HIGH (1000/0) rot 1 minute or. until melted,

S ". ah I~~ ~ b d t.., "

_ tir In gr .. aam cracser crum . .lij' cocoa anc conrscnoners sugar un-

til well blended - Press on bottom and up side of prepC. red pie plate, Mtcrowave an ~ddiiti,onal1. to 1.1/2 minutes until bubbly, (0'0

not ove-rcook.') Crt :,] ,com.plietely before filling. -

Hake pastry shell; set aside. Sprinkle gelatine onto cold milk in small 'bowl; 'let stand .5 minutes ln soften, Microwave butter in micro-proof bow] at mGH, (10~%) fur 30 to 61] seconds or until rnehed; stir in 1/'.:.1 Co p sugar and the cocoa. Add gelatine lrlixtu['e; blend we]] - Stir. in. beaten egg yolks: blend well, Mlcrewave .at ME~ DIUIv1 (50%) for ,21/2 '~U 31./2 minutes, stirring frequent'ly, 01' 'Until mixture is hot; do not boil. Stir ]]1 creme de cacao; coo].

Beat egg , vhites in large mixer bot . vl until foa my; gradually add 1./;3 cup suga~, beatirL,g until s'~]ff peaks form. Fold Into chocolate mixture: pour into cooled shell, Cover, chill, unfil firm. Garrnsh as desired.

Combine cocoa, sweetened condensed milk and milk in medinm micro-proof bowl. Microwave ,a't .H[,GH (100%} 101" 1 minute; stir, Microwave an add]],tiiona[ 1 to l.1/:l minutes... stirring occasionally with wire whisk. Cor u:nHl mix,tur,e]s. smooth and. hot Stir in biUlUer and vanilla. Serve warm.

iJp~ Micl'ow.ave ,H~rs.~tty ,6'ar Pie.

B'oH;jg'm: ,u-ei.'n.£ de CU-ntJ Pie.

Microwave Classic Chocolate Sauce ~~~~~,

2; 'blo~l(s, 1(;2, OR!Jl1n,Of;S,) HIERSHEY"S 'U'l1l151\i'edentd 'Ihlrung [Chomlate

:2 ta,bIDes,poons blUmUeE orl.' :margatlLne

11!. [Clip SU,~ill'

:i1'~ b!~~,p'OO:WlW, SaJlt:

314 Cl1,P evap0if.a~d milk ~h tea.'spoo.m, vanUla.

Place baking chocolate and butter in small micro-proof 'bowl. Microwave at HIGH (100%) fot 1. minute or until chocolate is softened. and mixmre is melted and. smooth when stirred" Add Sll,gPit:'1 salt an:d.'" evaporated milk: blend well, ,Mi~Ol~VW~ an ~ddi,t]ond 2, til) 3 minutes". stirring wi:fh '>',lir[e \"Ilhisk after each minute, or until mixture is smooth and hot, Stir' in. vanilla. Serve warm,

tUWU t 1 "1h. cups S~Uct

2, CD,PS t121'"CiiiWfice pac:1ka,llPe'} 'HJlU1SHEY"'.5 Semn=Sweeit Ch(iU;;(Ulrn~~, Chffip~

"Ii,", (Uf '~l1Uer Df. margarine

Z la'ble~pil1)ons, sho(t'teni'ng

I~ CU:pill [(lO']]/2~O!un,(:,e bag)

mbrlature maI'sitmdlmws ~II;:. cup [('~op~ped nuts


Place chocolate chips .. butter and shortening :iJ.1J larg,e mlcro-prcef bowl. Microwave ,at MlEDIUM [(50%) for 5 to 7 minutes or until chip'S are softened. and. 'mixture' is melted and, smooth when stirred, Add marshmallows and n uts: bl~ndl, well. Spread evenly ]]1 buttered. 8~'i:n(:h square :p~l'n,_ Cover.; chiU until firm _ Cut into 2~ inch sCj]iIJaf.E~5.

Melting' Chocolate

. 'in a Microzoaoe Oven ..

It's neat, !Z:asy and. quicker than quick .. Note that in. the microwaee even, chocolate ~q uares and chi'ps w ill leep thell 8h ape eVl:n when the-yare ,softened.. SHr to de[e(fmine whe4:he:r c.ho'cola:le is :£1 uld and melted. 'For "best results, follow these procedures,

~ .

Unsweete:ned, Baking Ciho 00 1 ate "and Sem':i.=Swe£t :Bilkiing: Ch,ocO!la!l~:' Unwrap, 'bFeak blocks, in half IDrtO place desired ~ ~m(rUfnt. in. m icro-erool measurlne CI1 n 01' bowl. Microwave ~ at E-UGH' (1001%)

r D r ~

$0.1" half the minhnum time listed below;, :stir. Go:nlin'U.~' [ro' 'micro-

W.,.'Uo<:I 'ul[n;'t~' ..... L .......... "' .. I<1!.,~"e- ']",~ ",,}.f'hHriL!l.d' vt;· .. Ji;]]QW- ~i'iI oll- ........ .oJ1 several T'II'iij ..... Q:'II',-"' '.Jii bL. JIll UtL~V .. _:~~I, t!J~ iI7'Ii.J.' 'III;;LI1I_"~ _:' t II'- ~_iL'I ,/1i.. . . - ~I~l 1§."I!l(!.I,lI.IL.U ~~V·!;:~., G., .L)J. _u, .. ~

utes to finish :n1.eUing; stir a.gairl] , ,If' unmelted chooolate still


remalns, return to microwave WI' an ad.dihoDiiIIJ 30 seconds: stir,l'"

un,til. fluid ,,)


1. block, (1. ounce)

1 blocks (2 ounces) .3 block's (3 ounces) 4 bloc 1<.8 ,4 ~un,(eg)

.. 1 to Ph minutes

.... 11('2. to' 2' minutes 2 to 2,1j~ minutes 21/2. to :3 minutes

Ch:i:p:g, (.Semi-Sweet., MiU,; MIN] CHWS 'CbJOoolates o(l",,~eamjU:t

, • - _ ~ - _ ... ... ..... M 'I

'8twlter):: Place 1 cup (abou t6 OUI.lJCES) chips in 2,-cnp micro-proof

measuring cup or bow]. Microwave ,at1i[GH~(100%} for 1, bO ilJ2

•. il-il f- ~ ~ - 'All iI..... L d !Il ~ 'L· e ...

tt'il'n"lfu:tes, or untn so.. ten.eu.; tlrr.., Oi'lii,r 'l.!U' stan ',' Eo.r :5Iever.a_ mmures

to finish ,m,e]ting; stir until smooth,



Microwave butter In medium micro-proof bowl at" .H1G"H: (lOQ%)i for ~5 to 60 seconds 0,1' until melted, Add. 'COO)a,; blend well. BeaJt. in sU,gar, "bil]dng powder, salt, eggs and! vanilla. snr ,]11. :flour and nuts. 'Refd,gera:te at least 8 hours 01i. until f~t]n,

Shape dough intO' l-:indl bans; roll in, confectioners' st~ga:r. Cover micro-proof plate with wax paper" Place 8 bans 2 inches ,apaa:~t in clrcular shape em. 1j,;j,1iiX paper, Microwave ~t MEOUJA1 (50%) for 1.:q~ to' 2. 'minute's or undl surface-Is dry but cookies are soft when touched. Cool 0':11 w,a')( paper on counterlop, Repeat cooking pro .. cedure with remalning doegh. Before serving, S"pr.tnk'[e with additional (jontl'ectionenr su,gar.

Clodtl;D)i~£' jt.rmJ 'M,': EIlBy ,R6cky ,Ro\t"~ili" ,ft1st Ckoc.rJ)/atf.-Pu(m Eltd:g~ (uld ChQ.Cd,~llb! Cmc'kiu

10 tabl'e,s.,p;OO[lJ8 h~Hu er margM,~n,e

6, ta.bh~jS:l~lOODS, HiE:RSHHY'jrS, Co 00 ili,

,cu.p Sli.ItgM.

,2 teaSp,QOM baJldn_g pewder

]12 teasp Don 9.aU .z Ir'Ggs

1: tells,poo.n'VanUla

2; rups uftsUted, ~L -,'prur,pose f OIU]"

11.2: rup' ch.o:rp~d 'nuts Co:nmctiorlllle.r.s,J' ~;Ul~a:'i'

illf2 ICU,P bu.tter: i)'r m.ar;arine 3f .. 1 "iOn C"Hr.v",S P,","" -

q, ii!:Up. ~,Il'4..~' J~ I: . . '\.-UOOal

4 mpa oon:fedion'l!'nl ~.ugar. 1 l~e,as,IPi!D!O:D. v.3lfiiiUa

1 h: CUiP' eV!1,lP.lOra~d ,.Uk 1 cup' pelCa~, preces

:~eiCam, :balve5. I(OIp~lonan

Microwave but eer in 2-q UI11:[ micro-proof bowl ¢lit· HI C:H (100%) for

] "',-;, 11/ ... m . inures ......... until melted A·' dd "' ..... ,..."" ... " l:!"'i'F' ~,~,~ ... ",,~i ~m' ........... th Il:'t~'r ll.u ,. ...:;;, _II ~ ~!i.4. !!i.,;,.O V.I!. ~ L!lU. lL'C', til:: "'... .' u . rL~~y.;:J.~ Qli~2L!. 'ir!..L !I,LJLl ~ ,uvl I • W I.I~L

:]]1 confectioners' s1l1:gar and 'vanilla; blend we.]], (mh:tu:re will 'be dry and crumbly], Stilr ill evaporated. milk, MkrowBtV\e at AlGI'""

("'IIf'IIf'ICV) for l ...... ,i~,;-it.:.· stir M:' "': ',", '1'" , ',' ad ,dlJ!"t' ·I ..... '"..,,;~ 91 '1"fIi'I1'~ " "k.:, ' -_

,J.IU!!J. 10 r ,'L'. , JJu,u,'~'1,Jj _,,_~ a. if. ,'. lCOOWaVEt;tlill!l'lJ" I .'U~.IL.:ill~, ,IJ, ~ ~Inl)h.~ or un

til 'mixture' is hot. Stir mixtuee 'UfUil: smooth: add pecans. ,Pou'li'" mro alumlnum-foil-hned 8~ 0.'1" 9'- inch S.q_'IH'IJfe pan. 'Garmish 'with pecdJn halves, Cover; chiiH until firm, about :2 hours, Cut ]nt~) ]-inch squares, Starn], covered, in. refrigerator,


1.J.a, ell p' sJupr

]; ta"blespuoI1 C(J nstard1i 3J4 (tl[P' e.va.f0:nted mllk

1 HERSHEY'S" ilk Ch,o<oolate Bar (4 oUiDas), breken mnto p.mc:es;

11 'llliblesFoon bgUe:r 0.1" mar-gar.me

::m CUpl f1a~d (Jocon~d 1./2 ¢UPI chopped :m.uts·

Combine suga.r. and cornstarch in small saucepar:t;· blend in evaporated milk, Cook over medium. heart stirring constantly; until nID.ture boils: remove from heat, Add chocolate bar pieces and but te.:!;";. slit: until chocolate is melted and mixture' is smooth. SHr in. coconut and nuts. h1"tnlled:iate]y spread on ca' e.

1Jh_ CiUll.p buttem: Of. mMSM.iln~ 8orHen@d

3ZJ~ CiU:p~ (1"1'0 ndl. package) co.lillfedionen' s,u.gu 1/1 '::U.:p (5. S-UU'ImWe' can) .HERS. '.EY"'5 Symp

1. HERSHE.Y'S M.iilk C"ihnc:ob:t.e 8aw i(4 ounce ),. broken into! preces

2 IhJ 3 talllespool'l.s. .ilk


Cream butter and confectioners' $'D.:Ig-ar in. small mixer bowl; blend

, M 'It h b ,. ., f....:li· 'Ii.. '- ..::1

]]1 syrup', . er ,C ceo ate· ar ple'll:eS 1.11 . -op 0 uouc e eoue - over

bot ... not boiling ... 'water; add to s.yrup mixture. Add milk, beat to spreading consistencv,

... ~

Royal GI

_ --.-_~ aze

Combine ~'hooolaJe and C1~~m in small sa,ucepar~. Cook over Ye'ij" low :hea[, stirring constanHYl 1;;1 nUl d,1oooIaJre is melted and mixture is smooth: do flO! boil.. Remove from heat; cool, stinin,g occasionaUy. until. mix ture begins to thicken, about 10 to 15 minutes o.

A~'Out 1 cup

*)bu ill"ay" substitute 1113 cups IfERSHEY"S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, for the baking chocolate .

. " [b,locks (4 (Jiun~es). HiERSIJEYr.S.

U~s,w'-@.\e.!l!!!fiI@d -Baking 'Choco.blb~i

1 ,cup ti,gh.t cream 1 cup :S'ggM

11/ ,cup ;~reamy pe.anut bUUe.r' 1112 teaspeons va UI3l

F.b~duc Dip,pl's

Combine chocolate and. (ream, in medium saucepan.. Cook over low heat, stir-ring constantly, UlnH] chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. Add. sug:a:r and peanut but leer; continue coo]dng Ulift]~ slightly fhickened, Remove from he-at; stir in vanil . .81..0 Pour Into fondue pol or chafing dish; serve warm with Fondue Dippers.

Abaut 2 cups ftm.due


In ad-vance, pr,e_pare a selection of the ollowing: marshmadowsr engel food, 8pong;e or pound cake pieces; strawberries: grap~iS; pineapple chunks: "mandarin orange segments; cherries; fresh fruit slices .. , (Drain. fruit: weU. Brush :fr.-esh frmt' with lemon juice to prevent fruit from turning brown.)


:lJ/'!J ,cup 'butter. or margaI'me

2/.3 [(;I1!mP [CJoaI'sely choppe,d peatn5 or .1l1m~lI!ds

P·h cups 5iug,iU[

1),. cup 'ERSH Y"8 Cocoa 1./ iii, te~lPoon s, It

1 rop' light cream '3/4, lCa_s,p@l}i, wnwUa

Meh butter ill medium saucepan DV@f low heat: saute chopped nuts in m,e]ted butter until lightly browned, Remove from heat: stir in sugar" cocoa and salt Add cream: blend well. Cook over [ow heat; stirri ng constantly, trntl] 'l]1lXtUI'€!' just begins to boil, R:emove from, heat: add vanilla. Serve warm,

1 cup £rozen, [I,mn-.dairy wh'pped bl'p,p':ing~ 'thilw~d

3 a.'lblespoons HER.SHEY"S S}'l'up

4j~ dliii)PS :pE!!PP@f, I ,Utt e~tr:.id

;,/." cUf' sugar

:Ji2. cU,p 'HER[H'!EY'I'S Coco.a

1/3· cup eva,pol'art.ed, milk

lJ3. I~U.P ng~t cora syrup

"lJs (;UP butter 0 m_arg~ine 11 [leaSpiOClul vanilla

Combine sugar and cocoa. in medium s.a.ucepan; blend in evaporated milk and com syntp. Cook over low heat, stirri:ng constantly, until. mixture boils; bon and stir' 1 min ute, Remove from

h .. b d "1'1 co

eat; stir. m . UU"€!f ann vanu a, .;;;!€'IVe warm.

4\ b]~cks. (·4 ouaeesl HER.SHEY'S 'Uns,we~teDed 'lbLking cn@C0ilde

'JI1 ..... ~.ii'ii L.u·t· -r 0'[ ma!~"!I;T!:l:,- ...

91 '1-IH'r Ui_.!!] ,~I .: -.!----=-O'~.umJlI=.

3. cw.ps. ,illOiO{ediorurrs' s.u,gar. 1, tt-alip DOlt van.illa

1iJe. te3:~po.oti. salt

1/3 eup milk

,Note:; This sauce can be :refrligera'~d for later use, Reheat ln sauce .. pan over very low heat, 9tirrin.g· constantly

Combine whipped topping, syrlJ],P and peppermint extract in small bowl, blend. well, A patticnlarly good. toppi:ng for angel foe d cake,

76,' rig"'I: !GiI!l\Col.~te ,'Nut Sfmc,e

'U3r1ter ,left: Ch.oC'.aitl:te-,Pi:!ppeffflint Topping BiltfJifJ'm: Hot Fudge SatJiCf!:

A,ffo~l.l I cup topping

Melt baking chocolate and butter in ,~ma]] saJuo~pan over v.e~ry Iow heal, stirring constantly. until chocolate, is melted and mixture is smooth, ,PbUI into small mixer bowl: add confectioners' sugar, vanilla and salt. Blend in mllk, beat' to spreading consistency, (If frosting is toe thick, add additional milk, 1 teaspoonful at a time, 1I.:~nHl :fr'Os.ting· is desired consistency.)

'DuUeX' ,ol' '.iD.'g,il1[ine:

H'IERS'HEY~ S COiCoa For lighf fID~f: :Fo:Ir. medium filla:vo:r Iio:rn- dark :fffiaV0t

Co:nfecUOl1enr' :l;,uga:il'


'iii, it- - "ill 'I' -


,2; t- :.lib,ldi;C;, -~II'i,;i"i, -:- Ii!O ___ O;:.:;IPllJll!Jln~

'1 ...... un

~, ",", J:'"

IJ';l; cup

llJ3- cups

1 ®O :3 'bt b~~~pOOiwaS'

3. 'tabl,t!,spoon.s ']13, (:up

'2.f!, cup

,2:'~3 ,cu.ps

li}3 ,Q.;lII.!Il.p

]h_ ~e~J3,:po(!llm 1li teaspo'On

'Melt butter in small saurept.lJn over medinm heat, Add 3-ri;l1,(irU nt ()f cocoa for :t1avQ:[" you, ~efet, Cook ove-r medium haat, stirring O)_rIJst,[1ndYi until mixture j ust begins to boil. ,Re:rU:lOV€' from heat, POur into ,sma]l 'mixer bowl: cool completely, Add. confecdoners' s:u,ga.r. alter,nartely wilh milk, beating to, spreadmg consistency, Blend in 'v-~n'ma .

. '

Classic Chocolate Sauce'

,2 b.1)i)e,l<:s (2 orunliOc's') HIER'SH:IEY1-'S., Unswedemed, Baking Ch,0c@~~~e

2. ~a'bl,e:spilllii]ims lHl~~e:r ,O't n~targ_lni~'

'1. cup s~g~ir

-lJ,oi: '~ag;poon sal~

31.ri, cu:p 1tV.1ii,po,;r,a,t,edl mill 1/'2 'reaJspOiOn vanilla

Melt bi1iking chocolate and butter in saucepan {rver. very '~,{)l-V heat, stirdng ooc:aS:i008Uy .. '!.u:tlii[ chocolete is :n1Jelted and mixture is smooth, Stir in, .5iLlga:[ and salt. Add evaporered milk and blend well, Cook, stirring constantly, un-til mixture j U:5;1 hegins to boil, Remove from heat; add. vanilla. Serve warm,

J b~j))ck8 (3 (l'U",~~,s) fliEIIt5H1EY'i'S Uns,we~teD.ed. '('akin" Cho.:olak

,3, 'f_abl,e-spOBml~' buUi"" 01' ,m2lrSB.ill@'

:3 ,(:~,ps ,oor~fec~iiOl1!e-rs" sugar iif4J teaspoen salt

~J:l I(;lllrp milk

]1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt baking chccolate and butter in, small saJucepan over. ve'ry ]01111

b -. t i!.i .... • ',',:, . "t, I' d"'l ""il "11.., -, ] -ii. ..... ',; _. ,]* ,...ill -.-,21", ", to, " r.

_' ea , ,81Il..Ll,nn;g cons lI!l1hlL; I unt , (,II.lOeD, £1,1;.'1::' is me l;!e,L[ ana mIX UN [:5

smooth, POLU into striJ!)Jl mixer 'bow t Add eonfeetioners' sugari ~1~, milk and vanilla, 'ibeaIt untIl 'wen blend .. ed. Chill In 'ID 15 minutes or until spreading consistency


.About :2 cups fro-sUng


Coemdio,ners;" sug;t HERSHEY'S 'OOCCal :F0 light flaver 'or medlum .flilvor FOT' dar: I. fia\f!o'l

:Outtet· or m~arineT !iLo.fteine.d

M"ll~ lLIii..

'1 cup : avy orr 'whi.:pp,mg a,am. 1 'f.@ 1 t!1lblesponns

'(;0. fecHonerso!' sugar ,~ teaspoon v:amill3i

2 ta.blleapoo.us. s·u,gill" 2 -ta.bl.e'5p~BI'U3. wak'r

jJJ/~ ICOp H1ERSHEY~S. ~:_I CHIPS Semi-iSlwet· ChorCIol3!te

3 packages (3, O~i:es each) (:ream 'C_i@eiSe:,. softf!11ied 'i/a. cup buner or m..a.r:g:mWiie."

so. nedi.

S ~u.,:s. oo~tiO.Iil.eil.'S,T smg!IJm!' :l !Cup H RS.HEY''s Cocoa

5 to 7" tablespoons ligJ-tl cream.

1. i!L:Up

2. tal'le.spoon·s '4. cu.p

1;.13 cO.p

3 "~b.ruesPQo(ns, 2 tables·po.t)'ns il2. 'iI:e'alS'o.o:n.

l'4l ,cu.p 1!2 ,~up 3/'1 cap

,6 ~aJblespoons

4\ ItO 5 'taJbIDespoons 1. teals.po on

In small 'bowl, combine confectioners' sugar with amonnt of OOO)~ fur flavor you prefer, Cream. butter and !.b.. cup cocoa mixture in small mixer bow]. AJ' d remaining COO~~ mixture, milk and. vani]laJ~: beat to sp1!~'ildl.jng consistency, fur a glossier texture, add 1 itable= SpOO·fl light corn syrup to the mixture.

Beat cream. ron eetioners' SUg'iU" and vanilla in small 'm,j~I bowl until stiff peaks form. u


Combine sugar and water in. small saucepan; cook. over medium he,!I'I:I' stirling' constantly, 'Until mixture boils and sugar is dissolved. R,emO\-F.€," from heat; im:m.ecliare]y add I\1IN.l CHIPS ChtlOCO'idlest stirring until melted, Continue stirring until glaze is desired consistency

Al10ut 'Ih: cup glaze

Blend cream. cheese and butter in large mixer bowl .. Combine con.fectionel"5" SUfI,a'£' and cocoa; ad d alternatelv w ith cream to 'cream.

o . ~

cheese mixttrre. Beat '~ spreading Cem sistency,

Ahol~t 3 cup« frru1i11g





.' - . ,," ~ ' .. " .

In····· .• ·. ex···.·.·.·.·.········ .. ·

_ _" _ • L.


. ,

Buuex' Alm.ond Crunch, 72 Chocolate-Almond :h_l.dge, 67 ChoC'o] a~E!!-AlmOfid Iarts .. ,4:) Choeolare N'!l]~ 'Sauc,e. 91

A.pricot Sauce, ]5


ChO(:olate Banana Cream Pi , 46 Chocolate Ch'ir Banana Bread, 77

Bar Coolk~es

Best Brownies. 47 Cbocotate-Cherry 5q,ualf'e-s. 52 Peanut Butter Paisl,ey 'Brownies. ,48

anuny Chocolate Snack Squares, ,83

S - umptious Chocolate Layer Bars, 48

lIiIlil,~a:r:ia;n Cre-ams

Cocoa B~v'!i .. j n l-,.,.....,,"'m·· 59.-

............. _ • '!;!<I _ __ "=JI!!o::"""-.1 ,

S+ra,wb~rry-ChQ!i,)ol!;lre B~arian

Cream, S6 Derry Cream .• 21 Best Brownies, 4.7

'Be'lle - _ ge: Microw.ave Hot CUCOIi!i 83, Black Bottom ~ie'. 00

Brand 'r Al(!'Xand~ Pie •. 3'9

I reads (see ,a.iso C-o-f.fee.;;akres) Chocolate Chip :Bavta:na 1lJre.'ad,. 7'7 a,@oolate Chtp Bran Mtdf1ns, • .82 Chocolate Chip Muffins, 'T7 ChCloo]abl! Chip' Pancakes, ,80 Cho' olate . ea Bread. 77 Chooolate V!h:tHes. is

Cocoa Applesauce :M'uHins, 81. l~[-o-w"nme !FlJd,~e Dessert, 60 ·Bu~ter Almond Crunch, 72

Cakes, (set fJlso TOries) ChoO:),·COCDllut Cake RollI 1.1 Chocolate Chirp Cl1lno~ Cake, 3<6 Chocolate-filled. Boston Cream Pie.


Chocolate Peal"! U'~ Butter Marble Cake, 27

ell :;:o]ake-St:l'awDen'y ChU(.Qn

Squares, 22.

Chocolate Swirl Cake ... 21 ChQOL),]ateto.wl'L Special Cake, 24 Cocoa. Medallion Cake .. 23 Cocos-Spice Snaddn' Cake, 27 Devil's Food Cake, 20

Fudg'ey Pecan Cake, 35

Georgia Peach Short, ,a'ke. 9 lle:il.venly Heart Cake. . ,4 Hershey Bar Caler .33,

Ice-Itself Ch(h!:ala'~ "Layer Cake. 36 "Lickety-Split Cocoa Cake, 27 Marble Chiffon Cake, J.O Meusse-Fjlled CO:CQ;,}. Chiffon Cake,


~ra~ge Coco~, Cake, 33 . P!,C!rI.1C Medallxon Cake, 2J


Butter Almond Crunch, n:

Chccolate-Almond FudgEi'. 67 Ch(!!oolii1!b.~' B-uUerCOOaIif.l Centers, 7iO aU~Qo]are Cefi;liei's. 71

Chooolat:e Ch'ip N'i,1'ugat LO.g1 74· Chocolate Crackles, 87

Olocohi't.e Rum Truffles, 71 Chocolate Truffles ... 11

Cocoa Div:i[n~ty. 72

C[,reamy Cocoa Taltys 74 Double-Decker Fudge ... ,67

Easlesl-Ever Co(O~ Fudg~J' ,82 Ea.sy· BU'lterero~'m C€'nters,. 7IlJ Easy' Q'te-ny CO'rdi~l Cenrers.J ',I Easy Rocky Road, 86

'Past Cho.oo.13!t~Pec.a.n Fudge, 87 Flavored Buttercream Centers .. '10 Homemade Chocolete-Coated

Candles, 68-71 Marshmal[m~'-Nut Cocoa F--ud,ge, 66 Nutty Rich Cocoa fudJs,e. 66

Ricb Cocoa Fudge, 66

t"Sifn[?ly Stir.red~.i' ChocQbll.~e

Coatlng, 69-

Ch es caJkfil,

Choool?!~E!' Ri,cot'b Cheesecake, 31 Cocoa Cheesecake .. 3D

Ma,rbl~ Cheesecake .. 26

No .. lBake Choco]a.ite CheEsecake .. 20 P~y Chocolate Chere5ecai.ke Cups,


Peanut nutter Cheesec:ake, 24 Strawberry Chocolate CJuip' CheeseciiJke" 18

Cheu1 s

Cherry-Coconut Fining; 1.] Ch . ot@-Ch,~rr.y Squares .. 52

-r , ~sy CheHjl Cordial Centers, 'i1.

Cho\:o·CoC)onut Cake RoH", 11 01tX!l)lar~e,·Alnumd Cream Fililin.g. 12 Cho\:l!.il~~AI]ltc.md Fud.gel 67 Chocole e-Almond 'Iarts, 43 Chocolate Baked Alaska • .8. Chocolate Banana. Creem Pie, 46- Chocolate- Berry Pru'faits/ 58 Chocolate :BuUe.rcream Cent'ers, 70 Ch,oco.l,ate Bu-tteKream . rusting" 93 Ch,ocolate Carame~ &iJuce, 13

- I


Chocolate C~nters" n. ChoooJate...chen-y Squares" S2 Chooo]a_te Chip Banana Bread, 77 Chocolate Chip B~,an Mttfflns", 82 Ct.ux~~~te Chip Careet Cather .36 Ch~{dar.e Cl1jp ,Muffins.!' " Choc,ola:te Chip ". ougat Log., ;74. Chocolate ell'p Pa'l'icakesl 80 Chocolal~ Chip Wno]e 'Whe~t

Cookies, 53 Chocols!te-Co.oonutr,osting, 8B Chocolate Caokl Sandwlehes, 54:

Cho . mate 'Cr.aekle'S,. ·S7 Chooolate' Cream, 15

Chooo]alte Cream, Cheese FroSll~.n,g. 93- Chocolate Cream, Crepes, 15 Chocolate Cream F:iUing, 16. '~t ·M Chocohlte Cream Fl'Ios;ting. 28 'Cho(}olate Cream Pudding, 58, Chocolate [Crumib Crust" S4 Choco]ate~Filled Boston Cream riel-


Choco~,arte~FillIed. H,mid,. SO 'ChQiC(da'~~,FillIed Cream Puffs, 43 Chocola·te ':illing, 8t1

Clmcoli~te. forms ofJ 3~ ChocoJa~~ Fudge- iF:rostin,g. 92 Chocobrtl! C anache Gla.ze,. 6 Chocobl!le Glaze, 16

Choc:ol.;!.'te Mousse ~ ]"Or.ange, 61 Choootaite Nut Saucel. 91 Chooo]ate, :re8Jn'llll~: Buue[' Marb11!

Cake, 2'1 Chm:~ol;at€"'Pe'pperm:int Topping. '9"1 [. hccolate ~~J Crust, 39 Choco]lliite RicQHa Ch,eesec.aike.... :~n Chooolal'e Rum Cream Ple, .l7 Cbocolarte Rum l'ru1£1.es, 7] Cb_ocol.atte Satin Glaze. 9J Chocolate Saruce,n

ella Qlate-.5itrawh~nv C~:ifID:n.

Squat[es,. 2.2 ~

ChoOO:~ate '8rreusel'i is Chooorab~ Streusel Cofleecaikie1


Chocola't:e Sund...,te Pizza, 12 Cho zolate Swirl Cake" 211 Chocolate ThpiocaJ. 64

Chooo1m Yart She'lls~ 43 Chpoo'la~e Ie'a Beead, 77 C~1iJ[lCOLarte TrurJJles. .. 71.

ChDcola,t13' Waffiesl, 7.B Chocoh~tetown ClIl'pcakess 35 Choco]~tl!t~-ln Spedal Cake., 24 '. 3BSi'( Chooo]at'e Cream Pie, 37 C]assi.c ChliOC'Ola-t-e Sauce, 92 COiLOO App]e.5a'~ce Muffins ... ,8-1 Cocoa Ba:vatriiiu'!! Cream, 59 CO:C-Oil Brunch :R.~.'Ilg5..., 78

Cocoa Chee,secak_~,. 30

Cocoa, Crumb Crust .. 41

Cocoa Div:in~t}~1 12

CO-COB! Glazes 30

Cocoa ,Med~njon Cake, 23, Coooa-Pec'o:iln Kiss. Cookies" 53, Cocoa.Spice Snacki.:nr Cake, 21


••. hoco-Coconut Cake RoU. 1] Choccoiate-Coconut .Frosting,. 88,


Chooo]at-e-Fmed Braid, SOt

Chooo]ale SU)M1sel CoUe-ecake,. 75 Coma B't'YJ!ich Rm~sl 78

Ct)Jd Mocha, Souff£e. 65 Confectionm Sugar Ghl:z,e gO Cooiides

Choeolare Chip\oVhole W,heact

Cookies, S3

Chocolate Cookie Sandlwic.hes1 54 Cocoa-Pecan ,KlSS Coo k ilf 5." .53, H·er.5hey·s Great America/n

Chocolate Chip Cookies 54 HoUday Choc'ota-~ Ceokles, 50 Macaroo - Kiss Cookies, 51

Mil, Chocolate Chip Cookies .. 54 Reese's Ch[i!'W)' ChocoJa.'te Cookies,


Reese"s, Cookies" 50 Cozumel 'Whipped Cream, 65 Crream Cheese Frosting .. 36 Cr·~amy BOO-WIDe Proselng, ·1¥7

Ore amy Bttuef'Cl:Ieo1nT1, 'Frost tng, 15 Crean~y ChoC()[]iili'e Frosting. 92 Cntalmy.cocoa 1'affyl- 74

Cr.-em . de· Cseao Fmi[1g. {j. Crem~ de Cacao Pie, 84

~e de Cacao Torte, 6 C[-€me-Pilled C1ll,pCake8~ 34 C[leme Fiillin,g, 54

Ci'1 pe5': Chocob!il:e Cr'ea:m Crepes, 15 'Crumb-Nut Crlll,st~ 20

C ench 'Top[p,ing.. 81.


Chooo]ate' Crumb C .ust, at Chocolate ~_a1 Crus], 39 Chocolate 1aJt~ Shells" 43 Cocoa Crumb Crust, 41- 'C:rumb-. ut· U:ust, 20 Graham C'ra(ker Criest, 4.5 Grah,am Crust, 30, 31 Past:Fj,~' Crust 8

eanut ~uttpT Chocolate Cruse, ,24 Cu,pcak.es.

Chocelatetown Cupcakes, 35 Creme-Filled Cupcake's, 34

Decorator's Frostingl 50

Deluxe Ice Cream Cocoa 'RoU .• 5 Bessed's" .DiiI~KeU!meO'lll!s

'Brownie Fudg,e Det;iSleiL't'l 60 Ch'oc'olate Cream Crepes, 15 Chocolate Sundae Pizza, 12 ,M.ocCha Fu.dg~ Puddiing Cake, 62 f"ean.ut Butter Sh~Hs with

Qlij)ool~te-A]mond Cream, 12

Pea't'S au Chocelar, 13 Devil's mod Cake, 20

DOl!J'b~e Chocolate Mousse, 58 Doeble-Decker fudge. ifJ

Easiest-Ever Co-coo Fudge, 82 Easy Buttercream Centers~ 70

Easy Cherry CO:!fidial Cen,~r.s. 7] Easy Chocolste MOllSS~' Pi'e~ 44 Easy :Hot Pudg,e Sauce, 84

.Easy· Rocky Roltds 86

:F.aSi~ Ch[ocoli1)·te~Pecan F'ud~; 81' Flavored Buuer--tr-eaDll 'C~fI!~@rs. 71{) Ft!08!l:lng~

B~Cream. 22

C1lJoool~~ Bunercreem Frosting,. 4}3, Chocolate-Coconut ,Frosting, 88 Chocolate Qre.am Cheese Fms.'ti:ing.


Chocoliil~e G"@~rm foosttngl ZB ChocoLale FQdg~' Frosting, '92. C:ream Cheese '[Frosting. 36 Creamy Brownie Frosting. ·47 Cna'a_my C'hocc~,ate Frost-' 'S, 92 Decorator's F:r.ostmg~ SO G]ossy' ChoooJate SOUll;r Cream

Fr-a.'!:ting.. 1.5 Hershey Ictng't 8S

Oran.ge n'U[t:t:~:r'(roam, '~ro5ti.ngl' 33 Quicl Chooo]~b~ Frosting, 91 ~njl]a. Crem.ej 34

Fudge' 'Brownie p]~., 37 Fudge Pecan Pte .. 4,5 'fludg~ Wa][1iut. Pice, 45 Fudgey Pecan Cake .. 3S

Georgia. Pe~h [Sh-cntcakieJ 9 CJca'Zied FruiJt. 31

Claze!,: sa Top,ings

C]ossy Chocolate Sou C!eam

Frosting, 15

Graham Cracker Cros-t. 45 Gr,aham Crust, 301 31 Gr,ah~m She lls I- 23

HI2a'v-enly ~ .earrt Ceke, 14 Hershey Bat[ Cijlcel- 33 Hershey Icing. 88

Hershey's Great Amef:'ilcan. Chocolate Chip Cookl' 5,.,54-

-iolid.av Chocol~!J~ Cookie5~ :iO ~iome~d.e Choco]at~"Iited Candies" 68.-'1

Hot Chocolate Souffle, 62 Ho~: '~udge Sauce, .5~ 40, 91

Ice Cr'@an\ Desse.rts:

Chocnl!lb~ Baked Alaska" 8 Deluxe k'e Cream Cocoa. Roll., 5 lee- UseU Chocolate L~ve:r. Ceke, 36, ,~ciDgs: see F.rost '1!tJ8s; 'F.o'pp:~ngs In.d[vid.ua.1 F!Jd8~ Souff1esj 58

'U.ck.ety·~spm COOOil Cake, '11' Macaroon. Ki5;S Cookt "'S~, 51

: : arble CheesEc,Elike 26

,_.·.arb·le Chiffon Cake, 30 ,M.a['csh.maHow Merirnp.:rej 8 IVla'rsh.maHow-Nut Cocoa Fudge, 66 M.el!ting Chocolate, 4, S6

Mexkan Cocoa Torte, 17

:Mi.cooWDe :R\ed,peli

C110oo]aAie, Chip' BDn MuJfms", 82 ,(:hooo]:aJt:e, Cradd@s" 87'

'ChDoola!'ni!' ~rob Crlul~t~ 84 COCDiil A p,p]~sauce. ,,:MuJffms, 81 'CMm@ d~' Ca1::_aD Pie, ,84 '&~ill!s,'~E\!\e:r Co~ Fudg'~'~ 8.2 'Ea~y Hoi :f.itd~ Saucer 84

Easy Rtlciky Road~, 86

Fast" C~ocolabe~~!Ca[li. 'Fudge;. S7' Melting C}toco]a~ :S6,

Ml(tr~ Classlc Chocelate Sau,Oe"


Mi(!l\~ve Hmhey BaT M:ou.~5.e .. 83 M1Cl:Owave 'Hersh€)' DdT Piel 84 MiCW\"i.f3fV'e Hot 'COOOl8!J 83

'Peaftutty C~iHlr:t1h!Jte Sn~c(k St]lmres..


~ Cllooolate Cirlp Cookies" 54 Mittiahlf.re CN~am Pu.f£.s" 4:3

Mocha. Fudg.e FuddiJlg Ca~ 6'2, Mousse&'filled, Cocca Orliffon Cake"



ChL,~iaJte ,MOUSSE a l'Orarng:e1 61. DoubEe Cnooo]ate' M:OuS5e~, 58

Ea~ ChC!colare :Mous:lie Pie, 44 Mkrowa.re Her:s.hey']BiiE M£lusse" S3

Mt. Gretna Cl:uJlt:olate ,f'and.ue, 89

N'apo[eo:ns.. 44l

No-8ake Clllooolab! Q~(!:Socale.. 20 N tatty Rkh CQoo,aJ Fl,ldt;,e:~ 66

Orange '~,uitt,e['cre8fm F[1.l5t:iJtlJ.g)' .33 Or-ange 'Ci;_)OJ;Ci ,e.e, 33

Orange ,~ilurng" 78

fa:nlcakes:: C~:riJoc_{~lat~ Chip Pancakes, 00


C'hoeol8lle-Beirn.'y Pa!rf~its~ 58

C'~, "Dl-il.. "_I,t.' D' 111.-_"-! ';;;_jI ';,;111(:. ,r.~nl;li..,S, ,flY cdniills.,. D'lt

hl'ity.,Oooo.]at€' Cheesec.al:e Cups, ,23 fastn.es

C1...- "~'. J.". A'i'_"".-...;;d- T .... .;;,I!..io, .iiI":]. l'lOC:CLLBlII!!=.~ ,l.Illll\J.,u '. ~.il:U,~~", ";!.Qo

Ou)roL:r~-l=med Cream Pluff's, 43 Mm[atti1e Cream Puffs.. 43

Nall'oteOD!5" 44 .

RI_st~it Crust. m :~~es

!Georgm :P.iea.ch 5,norka:ke,f.' 9 Peach Toppingl· 20


Chocolate :Pemut B'ttlttel:M2urb1e

C~~i :27

Mt G])d"JlJ~._auJdolme &ndue., 89 Peanut BuUe.1l' OheeSE!CaR. 24· Peanut. 'Butter' P3]_sJley BiOOwni~s" 4B Peanut B,uHer Sh~ns with

Choc()lat~~Alm.Qftd Cream, 12.

IR~H~S 'CbJe\'Vy' Chocolate 'Co.O:kies, ·53

JR;ees~s .cookies,., 50

Pea nut t:y, Chl.i~olate S:ruliiCk Squares"

IC"J: 0I.J.l

,IF\'ears ,aU Chqcolalr 13 ~C:.l!U,

Chocolate Nut S~nloei 91,

r'"~ - ... ",,_'I~,;]in '1>"1"'"" Cookies 5~ ~tUI!t!I, J.~-~Q.IilI! A __ ~ ~ --_ ~ ~

Fast. Cho~~l~Iie~~(;an ]=illidge'l 8'i

F- ~,~,A~ D.....~~... ri;!;,;> ~Ii:: -

'"~~; ,IL'-~"'I!!' .l-;Ii~j. ~

Fudgey Pecan Cake", 30 Picnk :M.edaUio:n Cake', 23 :Pie8,

Hlack llou:om :PiJe, ,00

15,mntty Alexander 'Pi~ .. 39 Choc~Lart.e Banarta C~a!m. Pie" 46- Cb.oco't~~e 'R~.nn cream Ple, Ji 'C1as~ic Ch{ltoo]~t@' Cream. Pie, 3'7 Cr,~me de C~.c~.o Pi!eJ 84

EaJ5Y Chocci~.arte Mousse Pie, 44 Fudg~' Brownie Pile ... 37

fudgl! f'e(:a.n. Pie" 45·

Fudge Walnut Pie, 45 'Microwave Hershey l3ar Ple~ M Stmwbeny Choc@late Pi€~ 41,

Pots de ~me au Ch()oCo~atj 60 Pudd~ns5!'

Ch!i]ool~t~ Cream Pmd.dJtn.g. 58 Qoool~,te 'Iapicce, 64

PtDts lid@' Cl't~me au Chooo]~.t" ,60

Qp:~ck Chocdah: Fro5'~.~ 91

Reese'iS Che<J..VJ( Chocolate Cookies, S3

1]'-""0:.:1" ,r~~ll.'"""i!! ~{11 ~.;:F"'-. '.;;:II ~£D::~lll r;;}.'!.}

RiCh, ,Cocoa ,F~<ig~·, 66 ~a1. Glaze, 89


Apricot: $a,1!](let 15

Ch~olate Car,8imel S~nce, ']3 Chocnlate Nul Smce, 91. Chocniate SaiUioe,. 13

Oassoc Chooo]aoo S4l11(;e';., 92.

Easy Hot Fud.ge' S~.uce~, 84

Hot :Fucl~~ Siru.ce:. Sir Mt 91. Microw,ai!i,1le C~aiSSOC OrtocoLwte s.ailme~


Mt. Grem.a. aloco]ab~ 'Foftd.~~.i' ,8-9 SCNotptiotl.s. Ch@ooJJQ~ L~lr. '0aJ.'S:r 4S rJSimpiy Stirredll CtnQCol8i~ Cmlili:ing. 69


.f'"'~ll;a 'M, ........ iL ..... '~(!i.,_,M J.. '~5 'I;,...V,!!IUI. ,.' ..;,R..]'~"",, ,LJ lLUIlLie'" '!:iF.

H@t Ch,oco]atie Souffle .. 62, l'D.dJhddual Fudge SomHe~. ~

'Sour Cream Toppmg, 2,3, St :Patrkk's ]Chly ~~,fa]t5~ 64

CJl.~' .......-u. '-I'-""",,;Ii ";!"wF'llll,g LJI,iCi~O iLLC1, "I


15euy Ctea.m,. 22 ChGoo]ate-Berry &d~its~ 58 Ch®oo]~te-'Str:a.wb~il',ry C[riffun

'S quaoo $" 22, 'St:~wbeny..!Chocoitlte Bavarjan Cream, 56

Stf.awbeny Cilooo]ate' Chip Cheesecake" 18

Strarwbe[',il',Y Chocolate' PieJ ,~:1 5~['aw'berry '["'opp:i:ngl 41 Substit.uting Cceoa f(i([" Chooolat.e:t ~ Sw-ee~eMd Whipp~ Crearn, 93


Chooolate Go:ina.che GI.aze'~ 6- Oooolate G~i5hZe .. 'J!.6t go, ,44 Ch.ocolatf..Pepper:mml LfQ]?pi:rl!S-t 9]. Chocolate Sarim Glaze. 93

Cocoa Clime, 3D

Co:r&.ectiDiners~ S1U!gar Gla7ie" .so Cnzumel Mirpped. Cream, 65 Glazed F:rui'~.i' 31.

Mar&him!1l.YI.ow' 'Mer.m,[S:ti.t""J' ,S,

:Pei,ich."r0rpiP-gr 20

lmya1 G]aze ... ;8·9

SOI!,1'.r Cream. 'foppi:11g1 23 Sh:-a,w'ben:y' ~orpling.r 41 5weet:efiOO ViJhipp~d Cream, '9'3-


~me d~· Cacao Tor~,. 6 M~can Cocm Totrt~, '17

\iainiUa. Creme,. M \i3!rtilla Frosting. 44