danger SCHOOL!

idac 16/17 document This document was prepared for parents, teachers and pupils by members of the IDAC team
Babette Harper Claudius Ceccon Miguel e Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira with the collaboration of Raymond Fonveille. Drawings (c) and lay- out by Claudius

Foreword to the English Edition
This issue of IDAC Documents deals with the School, this ever-present institution of the modern industrial society. Our analysis is based on examples taken from the Western European context in which we live. Nevetheless, the questions raised here have a broader reach, since they also concern the educational systems in other parts of the world, which have been influenced by this Westeren European model. IDAC is a non-profit collective. Its budget is based on its work - seminars and publications - and on the contributions of friends and organisations. IDAC 27 chemin de crets, 1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland.

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