Sitting relaxed in stillness Breathing with full awareness Slowly, gently, joyfully. The alert and attentive mind Dives slowly in a state of silence Deeper, wider, number. The awareness flows with the moment specific Without holding on to anything specific Just joyfully expanding. All of a sudden, the mind stops completely. The awareness detaches from the mind Totally mindful of itself. There is nothing but pure awareness beingness: Conscious of its own beingness: orgasmic. Ecstatic and orgasmic. moment This is the blissful moment of fullness A blessed moment of wholeness Untouched by the mind. Eventually, the thinking mind took over again Holding on to that blissful experience: Pining, hankering for that. Unfortunately, that bliss is beyond mind. Mind can only think about it Trying to recreate it. Koosraj KORA VENCIAH 4.7.2010

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