once there was TREE, proud and boastful he towered other trees its trunk big and strong

, its branches unbendable at the peak of its tallest branch there was a LEAF a leaf that is silent and shy and who's content to be there while the other leaves come and go, this little LEAF choose to stay the TREE welcomed everyone birds perched on its branches and sing their glorious songs and build their nest s animals came to seek shelter but just like the other leaves, they also come and go TREE unbowed is still boastful "i am the tallest and the strongest" he would always say LEAF on the other hand stayed and waited for TREE's attention sometimes TREE would talk and share his dreams but most of the time, TREE is just busy showing off his magnificence and he ignores LEAF most of the time.... one day a playful WIND came breezing through he likes to test TREE's strength TREE was resolute, branches still unbreakable WIND blew away all the leaves and was delighted but not for long he noticed the little LEAF at the top of the tallest branch WIND came and talked to LEAF "why don't you go and be free? LEAF stayed silent, hoping that TREE would ask her to stay WIND was persistent; visiting LEAF everyday he blew hard and he blew gently and sometimes talk to LEAF LEAF just smiled and talked with WIND too its only WIND who talked to her and TREE for all his pride and arrogance remained rooted to his promise "i won't bend, i won't bend..." he kept on repeating until one day, LEAF was tired of holding on to tree when TREE didn't hold her back "if only TREE would bend a little" LEAF thought LEAF let go and said her goodbyes to TREE and off she went to horizons unknown and became free TREE said nothing when LEAF left TREE didn't even move an inch if only he bend his branches a little to shelter LEAF from WIND but no...he was proud.. too proud after LEAF left TREE he became sad and lonely days, weeks and months passed TREE remained silent gone were his boastfulness and arrogance and he realized no other leaf could take LEAF's place and no leaf could replace LEAF slowly the proud TREE withered, its strong branches becoming brittle if only he shiled LEAF from WIND...and for once bend maybe LEAF stayed why did LEAF left? is it because of WIND's tenacity or is it because TREE didn't hold her back?

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