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Priming Healthcare for Twitter

Priming Healthcare for Twitter

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Published by: philbaumann on Jul 06, 2010
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Priming Healthcare for Twitter

An Introduction to Leading on Twitter

Phil Baumann, RN
CEO, CareVocate LLC @PhilBaumann info@CareVocate.com

Twitter: Tiny Is The New Huge

Popular Microblogging

Aggregation Microblogging

Enterprise Microblogging



Image source: Seth Godin

"Share and discover what's happening right now, anywhere in the world." "The Pulse of the Planet"

Twitter is to brains... ...what Google is to servers.

Twitter's Growth - Google Trends

Next Slide May Cause Blindness

Twitter Anatomy 101

The Barebones of Twitter
Follow Unfollow Block

Tweet 140

Reply @


Asymmetrical Relationships

Enter Tweet
(Hint: answer a different question than the one Twitter asks)

@= Reply Direct Message (Private)

Reverse Chronologic al Order

@ = Reply

Direct Messages (Private)

Advanced Features & Uses
‡ Twitter¶s API (3rd Party Applications) ‡ Hashtags # ‡ Tiny Hyperlinks ‡ Metrics
Tools & their original uses diverge over time.

Twitter's API
(Application Programming/Platform Interface)

‡ Twitter¶s interface is limited ‡ API enables alternative user experiences

Twitter¶s API
Controlled Access Request/Call


Database ‡Tweets ‡Follow counts

TweetDeck (Desk-top & Mobile)

Seesmic (Desktop & Web)

HootSuite (Web)

TweetRiver - Premium

The Micro-link Economy
Q: How can long hyperlinks fit into 140 characters? A: URL Shorteners


Link Metrics
Integrated into 3rd Party Applications

User-level link data Aggregate link data

Real-time Data

People Over Numbers

The Re-Tweet Is Sweet

People You¶re Following

ReTweet (RT)


Not Necessarily Following Each Other

People Following You

RT @Username Copy & Paste
RT @Username This tweet intentionally left useless. NOT @ RT This tweet intentionally left useless.

Search: Real-time

Twitter: We Have a Problem

Contextualizing Twitter

The Pushbutton Web

Pushbutton Sharing

Distributed Messaging
Real-time feeds pulled from Twitter to RSS to FriendFeed to Blog


A hashtag demarcates a tweet into a #topic and provides searchable meta-data.

#Healthcare Chats
#HCSM Healthcare Social Media Sundays 9pm EDT @HealthSocMed #HCMKTG Healthcare Marketing Fridays 1pm EDT @HCMKTG

Twitter in Healthcare

On Twitter, Ask«

«And You Shall Receive

Hospitals Are Adopting

Source: http://ebennett.org/data/

Blogs Are Hard! Tweets Are Easy! Yes, but«

Get Listed: http://ebennett.org/data/

A Brief Strategic Time-out

Live-tweeting Surgery

Twitter & Crisis

CDC & Social Media

³CDC encourages the strategic use of Twitter to effectively and inexpensively reach individuals and partners with timely health and safety information.´

CDC¶s Twitter Metrics

Mayo Clinic on Twitter

Offer Practical Value

Help Find Clinical Trials

Link: Using TrialX with Twitter

Breaking: Pharma & Social Media

Suggested Uses
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Disaster Alerting & Response Drug Safety Alerts Diabetes Management Medical Crowd-sourcing Disease Tracking & Resource Connection

Suggested Uses
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Post-discharge Patient Support Recruitment of Health Care Staff Clinical Trial Awareness Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Health Care Marketing

‡ It¶s possible to communicate w/o violating HIPAA ‡ Hospitals are tweeting daily w/o complaints ‡ Big Pharma is tweeting (most difficult industry)

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Staff Appropriately Supervise Audit Set Policy Shift Conversation to Another Medium

‡ Twitter¶s Architectural Problems ‡ Security Risks ‡ Twitter¶s Management ‡ Twitter¶s Future ‡ Uncertain Business Model

General Tips
Do ‡ Listen, Monitor, Search ‡ Follow appropriately ‡ Engage followers ‡ Respond to replies ‡ Offer value ‡ Retweet interesting content ‡ Thank Followers Don¶t ‡ Spam ‡ Auto-follow ‡ Auto DM (exceptions) ‡ Focus on follower #¶s ‡ Ignore followers ‡ Self-boast ‡ Get brandjacked

On Twitter Lead More Than You Follow


About Phil Baumann
Phil Baumann is CEO of CareVocate LLC, helping clients out with their online presence. Although he is a registered nurse with a background in critical care and drug safety, he actually started his career in enterprise accounting and treasury operations and has been interested in computer technology for over thirty years. He therefore brings a unique and valuable perspective to online collaboration technologies and communities. He blogs at PhilBaumann.com.

@PhilBaumann info@CareVocate.com 484-362-0451

‡ Statements expressed are solely those of Phil Baumann on behalf of CareVocate LLC. ‡ Products referenced herein are not sponsored nor endorsed with guarantees nor otherwise warranted. ‡ Participants are encouraged to establish, practice and enforce safe, secure and responsible online policies and procedures.

This work is licensed under CC 3.0 ± AttributionNoncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. Please attribute to Phil Baumann with a link to PhilBaumann.com Please refer to Creative Commons for more details (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/)

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