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Working at Height RA

Working at Height RA

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Working at Height Risk Assessment

Describe the work activity:

Describe the existing environment:

Hazards Identified Structure not of adequate strength Materials could fall/be displaced Fragile materials involved Roof lights are in the work area Building occupied Surface materials slippery Weather conditions Fall from open edge(s)

Y N Persons at Risk Operatives Persons below Persons nearby Occupiers of adjacent property


Work at Height Assessments Managing the risks of working at height will be under a hierarchy of controls these being:1 To not work at height 2 If you have to, work from the existing structure 3 If you cannot, work equipment to be provided to prevent a fall 4 Use equipment that gives collective protection 5 Use equipment that minimise the consequences of a fall 6 Use methods which minimise the effects of a fall 7 Prevent by training, supervision and provision of information. Note As part of this assessment, prior to working at height we need to query if the same results can be achieved by the avoidance of working at height, if not the following hierarchy must be considered:The Work Activity Where It Is The Duration of the Work Prevention of Falls Migrate the Effects of Falling Assessment and Selected Equipment

The Work Activity Y Will it involve the need for additional work platforms Will it be over or near other persons Will it be over or near circulation routes Will windy condition effect the activity Will wet conditions effect the activity Will mechanical plant be used Will it involve manual handling by one person Will it involve manual handling by multiple persons Will the work involve strip out/demolition Will the work involve soft strip activities Will the work involve repair work Will the work involve handling and fixing something Will the work involve movement of items Will the work involve stripping off and replacement of coverings Will it require mechanical means of hoisting/lowering materials Is it a simple task Is it a complex task with high degree of familiarity Is it a complex task with high degree of unfamiliar Is it less than a complex task with a high degree of familiarity Where is the proposed work at height The approximate height is: Up to 3 metre 3m to 6m 6m to 10m 10m and above From a safe/suitable area with adequate methods to prevent falls From a safe/suitable area having structural integrity From a safe/suitable area but near by to openings/edges Is there suitable safe access On the façade of a building On a flat roof area On a sloping roof area Over a staircase Over/nearby a glazed roof/roof lights Is it over/alongside fragile materials Above recently excavated/back filled soil etc Above a reasonably flat area/surface Above obstructions/undulating surfaces Alongside excavations Working near water Can persons fall from the proposed area/or access to it Will separate access be required If yes, describe what equipment might be suitable:Y N P N Possible (P)




Note If none of the above reasonably describe the work position please do so Comments:-

Duration of the work activity Y Will it involve more than one person Will it take up to half an hour Will it involve over half a day Will it involve 5 days Will it involve 10 days Will it be repetitive periods of many times Use of the existing structure before requirements for work platforms Y Is the structure safe to use Will the structure remain safe to use as the work proceeds Are the openings/edges from which a person could fall Will openings be formed/generated by the work as it proceeds Will work be over or alongside fragile materials Will overhead obstructions be a problem Will the work surface remain fairly flat and suitable and safe Prevention of falls – consider using the collective systems Y Standing scaffolds Bridcage scaffold Handrail guardrails and toe boards Crash deck Mobile elevated work platform – Scissor type - Hydraulic boom type Mobile tower scaffold Podium steps Easidec system Fences and signs Trestles and boards Temporary staircase Cradles Fixed boarding over openings Having lights or coloured lines at fall positions Prevention of falls – for the individual/short time working Y Fall prevention/work restraint system Step ladder Ladder Stilts Rope access system Bosons chair To migrate the effects of falling – consider the following: Y Safety nets Crash deck Air bags Handholds Fall arrest system Additional training N P N P N P N P N P

Note Prior to selecting any work equipment we have/will consider the following: The work environment. What will support the equipment. Are there space restraints. Are other people nearby. The duration of the activity. Prevention of falling materials. Emergency procedures. Installation and dismantling of the equipment. Trained persons for erection and dismantling. Potential loadings. If appropriate for the work activity Equipment The following list of equipment has been selected for this project/work activity based on the foregoing information:-

Planning of the activity A method statement attached will be acceptable.



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