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Few, if any, organizations can match Computechʼs practical experience building and operating spectrum auction systems. In fact, our reputation for developing automated auction systems is unmatched among academicians and consultants alike, as only Computech-built and operated systems have returned $100+ billion in revenue to national regulators since 1994. AN IT FIRM WITH GLOBAL SPECTRUM AUCTION EXPERIENCE For more than 16 years, we have designed and delivered sophisticated auction systems that encourage competitive bidding while minimizing risk and human error. Our breadth of experience spans the entire auction lifecycle, including: POLICY CONSULTATION Our pre-auction consultation support helps clients structure policy and frameworks, including rule selection, band plans and license structure. AUCTION DESIGN EXPERTISE Computechʼs operational research and optimization modeling expertise ensures regulatory bodies select the appropriate auction format/design. CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT From system design through development, implementation and hosting, we offer telecommunication authorities a full auction lifecycle solution. LIVE AUCTION HOSTING + SUPPORT We work as an extension of a regulatorʼs spectrum group to conduct live auctions. This includes filings, customer mocks and live bidding event auctioneer support. ANALYSIS + REPORTING Computech post-auction analysis and reporting activities include the generation of winning bidder and payment reports along with final results.

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Key Performance Metrics

The number of online bidding auctions Computech has hosted + supported since 1994

The number of years Computech has supported the FCCʼs auction program

Total amount raised during the FCCʼs 700MHz auction as a result of 260 bids

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Since 1994, we have created three generations of Simultaneous Multiple Round (SMR) systems (ascending and descending), developed two Package Auction systems, a Combinatorial Clock with final proxy round auction system, a Sealed-Bid auction system, and a two-sided Spectrum Exchange system. In 2009, leveraging our 16+ years of auction system development experience, we built our own auction platform, known as CAP. The bidding platform employs a single Internet-based control module to manage the entire spectrum auction process.

Our platform uses a scalable, modular system design, allowing full flexibility in customizing the supported auction designs. CAP provides the foundation for future system expansion, ensuring Computechʼs ability to deliver a fully-featured system while maintaining a faster time-to-market. NOTABLE FEATURES: Bilingual Administration System Bilingual Bidding System Fully redundant & reliable infrastructure Comprehensive bidder communication module • Bidder statistics • Status summary reporting • Auction timer • Reporting section • • • •
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7735 Old Georgetown Road, 12th Floor Bethesda, Maryland 20814 U.S.A. | www.computechinc.com

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