r-~r'-c- .. ' _.: .. ,,,,-,.~.

·~rY·~T;C: ; 2r'/~~'-:~·::'

'-' ~. t ..... • ~ ~r '

:S~criIege a ·Sil~re. 4




In the Vni-lerftt.;'1 of Cam6ritlg, by the R.REVEREND FAT'HER.~IN~GO.D


,. Lance/Of dntlrc'R's·:

- .




:LateL. BISHOP ofWINCS1!STB~~ ·VVhen he proceeded D~a:or·in ·Dil';";ty ~

TraMlated forthe benefit of the Publike,

'Wilt a miln ,O"GO·D~ JU l' have ,,uta., .. B"'le ["', ",hmin hAve lie ro/J/;ed I'hee 1 In Tithes ",. Offerif!gs •

. Te lIT, CM'feJ ",ith •. clW{t ;J!ir ,e hll'fJe ro~,l mt,ft.1t11 l/iis ",hflle

NN~. .

. Brillgy, "II 'he Tirhes intI the Store-HIIifo,th4t ~"tre ,,!41 /Ie meAt in mine hou(t,.""dl'rwt ~ ,., htrIwnh, faIth 'he Lord of Hofts, if I ItJifl nDt 'len 1M 'he "inJo,ves" 1I~~ VI», Ana !,ure ,'II tJIIl II 'leflint, thlll ,hert /h4l1 '!'I' &1 ". 'IIIMgh"'I'ecti'Vtit. P. MAWIij 3- ·chap. 8. 9,10. v ••

~. . LoNDON,

Printed by .13. for Andit'" Hehb,at thc*13ell·~

-St. PAUL'S C H URC H-Y Al I). 1646~ .

-- .

. ": .' ." ~ ;

. r,'

~ ',".i ~I;J c,:~,~,~~· L '~:, _} \. .,'. c ,

: .. t.,~ . __ ', ~', :)~:~:Ll __ ;.

,~) ~-e): _:::!i:~ '(. .: ':, _f,;~ ,

" .,' ~ -.'

,. ,,40.

_), ,.'.J>

.Sacrilegea ~ Snare,

P it or. x x. x xr.

It is II {narc t(jthe Man ~ho J'!fJou,et~ that which is HO LY.

r;jf!S;;~'-=ll' is commonly recdved,~,l)I.I: 'vines,that The Proverhs, which we

. read fcatrered an, d, ,in parcels" ' fr, ,om the X"'. C/;Ap/J,re w,itOQllt Metbod,

not ,Wrirtenin:~f~onaatlftcnors as the form\i(N'me .. by. soh",,,, " But . ~bmc:atop~ time. fome :it au,ottl(~t, ~~~l. as the' matter,'~' occaGon affo~.,.

.. ....' ded,;'were lIttCredt>ythe;.«ing.,9b.

ferved hy,fi:anders bY.;itnd; afrcr\yard~.not withoutgrea.t benefit, though without order)cotflmitte"J to Wtiting. .

And Other occafions there wero,for lIttc:ringothm (for., fo wife: a man fpake n~hing ratb,lyor ulJka.("olJa~ it but, for this Proverb! n(IW in hind, what hiJl~ was ~v~p • towbatitw.asanallt'Wcr. upon what occafion it ,was- pr~-

pound~) iSt\ot fQ evid'~llf:_~r r= $I~- 't;~

S4Crileg~· ". Snllrt~'


C:;"rater on the L:JiIJ, mucbldfe(whicbi5asinfJlmOu~) on

the Clergy. None more boaotlfull then Hee, towards H"l tl~illllS nonefarther from vfliellllling. Whence then, or what had He to do with SI#rilegi4ll1 ptrfolll, or r.-/makers ~'hom this Vcrfe points at e Was there any ins-lomb,,; nme, of focurfed a ftomach, that Clnjt"4tiJThillgs mun . be his Morfels ! Any,in that.~e)fuch an enemy to Hlly 7'hingJ, as to DevOIITethem 1 Of rQJl7eS, as to breake them" So it fhouldfeeme ~ ,And indeed to this p:rlk it ~. that 11't~prtters .. ~of no fmall acro~f with mee, are of ~pini. 0[1 It was fo ; and that there were fome ruch in thofe dayes of w~m there ;tl!e~afew, noW •. And that this pio~ and WIfe anfwer, was given by that .Wife and Pious Prince l!cl thof¢. C#tmfi~/, who laboured to perfwade him; thae Itbofe thIngs, which were given and de1igDed by His F4Ih", 1bl' SlIMland SMlllNl, and i'etcived 'in the Threafory for th; J~lIilding of ~e T#IIple, I]lig~t beAliell4UJ7 .. ,~.fpMt lmAn '~jtm1 V~tJt$. . .. . ' '~'.' -r'7


11"4 iJidMee ,t~i4 A liille higher.

To D4Vid (whom .~h~ Holy Scriptures cad a'Y4/1 A{ur

~ 5.1m. 7," I';jl(/I htl'l) au gave ruch;t minO;~ 1>eing :1 man to HiI· mind that he judge9it.unfeetnly~ . the Rormof War bet" 1lO~ blown over, that.He himfelfe 'ffiould dweHin cJ1. and !h: Ar~" GO D lodg berween CtWttlitiu. Afuhroly it

. Is~unJutldemand<?~ certairiemm. that theChM-tb1hou1a

-'r' 4. l~ 10 no bettet coildltlon, DO~ fI()i:Jrilhingwith ~eace,.t~en !to. . for,merly ftJe ,!as, when gt'C)arun8 under the Croffe; never ~!j'OIfnJ_, . ever.l~ N ttJ. The 'Tt1II/le mull: have its Ihare in J"liti'lty; fothougbt !,4'UiJ. fo with DdViJ.aJJtheSalDts. Idtt~t' War~a 41ftratlioDS tbeCmw'hmuR:tie con-

tl~lt with Goat-sklDs;!n Peac~and retied tim.e&,Qte :"!Cluiieth. « ... lrVei works andCth, ~o tbistherefOre DNI wholly g~ves .

gives and applyes Himfdfe ; and. betides much formerly 1 Chr:-~t.· dedicated and flored up to this purpofe, by SAul, Ablltr, S4- ~7· ~ • mutt, and by Him p.ioufly and faithfully conferved, he be-

llowed further at his own charge, both CttiJ,. and, tM ""Ie.

PttciOIH fbmes and Melllls: And that not fplringly or grudgingly, and. with an evill eye: For he expended 3000 ,·dra. a60·· Talems of G04l, .7000 of Silver. And.befides not content 4.

with that, partly by his example, . partly by his pt1'iwafion,

he wrought fo far upon his Nobles, that ~h~y likewife in.:.

gaged tbemfelves in the like vow and promife: By whore I c1i:00l9_ ' bounty there was an acceffion, of 5000 T4imtl of !l,/d: 7.

10000 'Talents of Silver, of Brafe l~ooo.Talmt!,and

100000 'Talents of ITo»;fo-great an acceffion,fay l,thlt, wllich

hapned inour memory in the.taking from theChl6Gh, aid

then in the addition to it, there was need of a ColITt of ANg.;. mentations, over which, the ChroniGlfiteftifie, one .:jtliltl' dsu-ca; .

efiJ ~.

was Pre (I~nt.· .:

. Thi~ fa great weight of Gold and Silver, when Dwidj at·thepoint of his death) delivered to Soilm(Jn his Sonne,

for the building of the Tem/le, it being as y~t in the Thr~Afo"

ry, and notbrougbt into the Temp18; thatthere were Cell-

t:tin.e COilrt-J.!,4Iu( haply :jerlhoa", and othersofth.eume

llamp, )wno would perf wade the King, as they in the Prophet, Th41 tIJe Boufe of GO D needed", fieling; as He·P,Hag,r,4 in the Gofpell~ '1h41 C B R 1 S '1' Shed ",;gbl 6e JrItllelUugh Sr. Mark . .,.,ithlJllt Otntmmt; To r»hllJ plWpofe uthi4-wif1..et Thatthere- ,I ... 4. fore Hefhould apply it to, his Thrt4{NrJ. for which it was

much fitter then the Tffl~fle; and that they, to this.eDL\ were.ready to make iogwtllion into Saull and.AbJlers Y_n,

and ( whiC;h isdtly done) pick OUt fome holes. ~ >oat fometrick~,'to make thof(: r01lll1 IIMIl """ iwvMiJ., Tbefc' Counfellers were not dfeauall withChe True- hearted King,

bUt fuch CounfeUcrs these were; and'it {«mes. plOblable'

A"3 ~ CO,


to mee, that this was the occafionof this V erfe, and tbar

the a4b6iu were not much out in, their conjeCture. That there Counfellers were not effetln:tU, this Verfe declares. which, with SoU.,n and the like godly PrinCfJ, will fo; ever ftop the mouths of fuch Petitions. And alfo, why • they were not. For, it would bea cerraioe Sn4"~ to HimtHte, and the RNin of his Kiggdl9me, if he fhoutd permit K' great a wkkedndfe. It is indeed a hair. fufficiently intieing, but wrapt about with a Sn4rt not to be avoyded.

You Iee- whether the Words tend (and arthe firft veiw <i:liver themfelves) Yiz. to the confervation of the Sacred PMriJII(JflJ, to the repelling of SmHegioN4 hands from iit. aDd ftupifying or deading their Tttth who do De'fJ6f#,e lit.. Which~ woul~ to G.o D- this our Age could be perJr,laded of; 10 whIch a wIcked· cuftome, hath prevailed, lmdgrowes.dayly. mort; and more, of Lilying /'_i tiP'" H 0 L r Thlllgs; In which, there are no improvements to tb~'~~, (wou1d~erea1~O there are ~uent: iml)3tnngs ; . Hay. frequent ltDpainngs; and I willi it might OIiilyliefaid,thereare; andthatdlere might never becaufe (;~ u~ th¢ FIIIIW, t.p. But, I fhall fpeak freely~ what J;or that 'UnIJtU, ~'! 4f!WGoliJ. there ~ n~i~ efteemedl J~ a L r ; aacl the re{httltlOn of H'11 Tlm'S.lIS tlie peeeence Mat SAC~ILBGE.

Addet~this.humour of the prefent Age, another ErfOUl'; That rhoft' Worthks~not tobefla~ w~thQut all bonorab1c Rfpett.' whore help' G 61) made ufe of fol" the 1l.e(1r1IJIIi,1fIIof I!thgi,,, • were.,ery folIicitous fOr the Refdr,WlJltJlJrl.o€ Dlihlllt, butteffean:eflded t;"eC!m,,,hts-''P4triiii • .,; md ~faid) whal!tne- Bipto£Soti;m did,to .Ahr~' h •• , thougb In another flmfe, GW~ f#the- SomIS, 4m1 t4kJ

,~r"reJi,..r~ ~as mey,wbo thought~'1bould fi'rld' d.: Jl~ IQ. JCi118S Courfs',' 10 they,t. think they

, fhall

{ha1l6nd vi B R-A J1:4}.( tbrre, are both deceived.

Which Ereeur, rhougu a {mall one (and a fmall one indeed it is. if we compare it with thol'c: great Ind famous acts performed by them) yet, wemaY1ulUy fesre, if not jl:a[onably\~thaood. will lie heavy upon fue«edtng~: in which nue-bearted bondl roM (from.th:ttof s,II""II. Pr(J. 14- 4. Wbm npQ;(tfJ Al'e~ the cTihil at4M) prefage Par .. harilmc, erfemewhar WOlfe. which I will DC)!: fpeakeof; faUly-perch3flCf',311m I pray GoD it proee fo, but: not ra&~ Iy, hm fllre,notwithout c:mfe. $odlal:).in"l~ry truth,tUfIoo k{fe we would have the Univujitits to be broken up, the clt'g1l~ be tmmpled on. and .sll tblt is c~ited NO L r cometo ruin, there Iyes a tlfceflity upon us to plead _ the cbwrlm 1'41';"",,,: That. which is lefi:ot it, let 111 a' neilasd reb over with this bitter juice.~ let us fuewthem the Stipe in which~y take paioesro tI'Sp'd'¢mktvCl'; and, that it 1$ not :Ia:w6d1 f~r tbenHQ oo"Nbat.~ dtef attet»pt. l1IJleffidt be lawfull forthem Ii) bIotttus ' VetCe

OJJtofthe HQIy Scrj!'1IT~J. , ,

Ai\d indeed to conftff'e the truth, thisbrur upon ...

Age. ttat}foIJThi.ngs aretO Devoured, much trouWes9nt!.a (th()ugl~ there were; them were indeed, inS~ ,it III. flJch, Whofe teeth itChed to be at them. ) Jkt this troUbles me 'more, that we Divine, fee thefe things, and are tullewar_t _y Client; that "l'e tilt lip 2nd~, '.tI#fe De- 1JPllriJlgf';fbat (wbich.tb!CAp'Jik~ot; '2.' CWo JJ. :'0. ) 'We folftrif .. m ... tlwtJllre_; if.a,tMfI b'illl '. inl(Jheggn,. Buttbismofi ofall,thatllle our{dVN,(fo1tis) ~~ eXfQfe ,., /thmto beeaeand ~~UP. asl mar.fo fay, by theft Dev~tlrm of the Clu$1.TJHs" bot, the war~ bcl~.l1l4t9«ti& what 'm dd'tre. 'Tistb::w~{)( Rttny. and mine among tbel.'Cft. tbatw.e mayRa'luz.&:"neJ'.an~ a 'fINhiIlt_CiIf$I: GrtDtjtLWJ 11-SU:3, ~it Ipctdl-

'.' , ',: ,.' . If,

. C'_" _j


ly , It is a Holy and a wh'l[omt WIth: 'But, if wee fuffer the ·chllrchu Me41Jt~ to ~ thus g~aw' d and fhav d, eaten, 3Md devoured, a Vdlne wifb. This was one peke of phara,hs madneffe, He would have them facrifice to the: Lord· but ~~Sheepeor Oxe to be: allowed. Exod. ro, 24. -And .this IS our £"ollr, our MItln1fe rather. Commanders of -A.rmys are a great deal-wiler :'firit, they take care for .rlllUIIls, th.en for SOIlld!ers. But "!fl day ly liil: many {lrong, good SOllldlers; we bnng them 10 no Provi{ton nay wee futfer that they have to be taken from them. And' (-which I . I?av~ not f~ldome wondre~ at in thefe men) wee are ever talking of "'&re411g the Ltght, fddom or never ofaU(Jft1iTlg oJle. But we muG ~reach for OM, as wellas the other, the ~~Jltaswel1astheLtght. We muft often and vehemently .~:all upon menta remember the rrhre.fo,,·'fa·o:Jj.· Wee lt1uft.Jabou.rto bring them to that·paffe s,_. br~ht his t.IQeftmneIC~~OfR~/igiOn, notto touch anything fe; 4rpm fit' Religllll; to taft, rather then make their meaJes lIpon Holy. Things: to give themfelves f0rchoaJced end ltraosth!' if~hey fhould,' even unwittingly, fwaJIow down t. at w ch IS Hoi, : This if accomplilhed, Ifhall hope ~~ dayes as good as SaLoM oN S. If not-But I

. wl~l not pref:lge any thinggreivous. I goe on to my pur4 ,'OlC.

-. . TheVerfeIihalldivi~e, asit divides it {~into 2.' I arts. The One, concern.mg Hlly Thiflgs not "he Dev81W'tl. 2 •. I'~OtherJ concemmgPO'A1es not anxiou1Jy to:bein-

'}1Ity' J 11111. .

. The FicG, for my moredifiinCl: progrdfe, J Ihall

.part IntO 3. Members. '.. , .' .: .

I. WilatThings thofe are which solQMlli dUsHOL 1'.0 2. Whotheyarethat DevDtWtthem.' .":

1:Jl~C"Th~, that do,iogagethemCelVCS,in A "Nt JII, catch '. QyeslllaSII4Tt. 1.0£

I.O·F the 6 rltBy Solfil'»Oll in this Chapter ;that part of our

(ubftancB is called Holy, wherewith (chap. 3. ver, 9.) Bee told us, G~d ought tj he honol/red. For not eAllgtljllll alone bath power to t4xthe world, Godhath aJfo His power of 7'axing; and that out of His full right over our Goods. Of which to take away all obfcurity or doubt from any; V nder the Law He commanded two diverfe CO/lieu! mllity. ~ . One ftamped with the sword, tWa scepttr of the Prince. 2. The other with the Pot, 4J'Jd Rod of Aaroll. Bytpeolleal • lotting to the Prince his Tribute, forI1is Proteltion of us ; by his SCtpter, againft,l njuJlice and Contention; by his S,,!,d, againil: HoRilit). By the Other allowing the Prit!l hIS dues by whofe lab?ur it is oods pleafure of dry Tr~ to make us live and flourdh ; and, living to Fttd VswltbHeavenly Manna to ECemaU life. God the Father commanded both ; Godthe Son paid both: Doves to the Templt, TriIJlttttothe Prjn~t. That Firil: is the [atredTrjhHtl.

Of which to take a little more exaCl:knowlcdge -. Four Wl1 things there are, which/in HoI, Seripture ar~t~led H,li. .. thi::. an

I •. Amongthem that is thelirft sad :prlO~lpalllor which "lIed the other are fanCl:ified: I meane, the jiifl Fruits of the spi- Holy . ri: ; namely Holineffi it felfe, with which they muft: bee adorned, who locke to enter into that hlly.il1ld heavm/y Hierufllem. - It is the ENcomium given to God.by the H,1y An-

gells (fo by them, foby 114~) P, 'Efay 6. 3. HDly,lIo/.y_,HolJ.:

So hath oDd commanded us undertheL4JI1. Be jee h'/Y,J;, Levit.ao.7 1 am h,ly. Sormder thtGofpell, I The1f.4.3. 'Thuisthe

'IIIiU of Godeve~ 1ourhol'intj[e: This;sthewj/JofG~J,o~ht

to be ONrs. Since a God the Father hath chofen hIS Chaireh tEp'"I.4. (which we are) hefore the world. b God the Son Redmrled bEph.S.16 fiom the world: and c God the Spirn."II()iflltJin,hervwld. q Stlo&"

¥oubave the £dl, our tiAl1flij&lItil1l. l. ZO.

~:. But



2. B~t,_for the begetting of H~/incle, lirll:, and then in-

cf,!afillg It, In US1 Heehnh fanctified a fecond fott ~f Holy d S J h tmNJ,s. To Wit, FO:Jre M!AI'JU: 1 The irora. ~ 'Prayer. '7. \7: .; S.s.r,t>nmts. 4 Cenfores. 'The Wurd, principllly ; 4 Salltli".Tlal,,/!e them /;y thy Trflth~ thy W{)rdis Tr~th. • To which PrAyer s· is coupled. e SafJtiijied /;J the W(}rd of GOD 411d Prayer.

; T!letl ehe Hbly Sarr4mellls. I Of Bapti(me, Ephet.;.

r c 2 Of the EflrhvijJ, Hebr. I, ... LImy Cenr"res. Thefe

s. Mltth. f·h;/1. _11" h fa' L ' 'J'

7.6.' ':'. r1j~ C;Uj\;[. nOS}, QOC to fIG' raft t, dl1gs; Sanctified by

h~mfelfc. both to retain us in, and recall us to Our duty l'his thc;:Second. HolJ M~a/les. . •

'!': Fllrther,fot the ex:rcifiog of there ~~4'm ,and applying t,:Km to that u~e to which he hath ordained them, Hee hath J.J/'.~aJjieda third fort of Hoi, things: Which is threefold.

I, Of the H"t;~, whtre. ~ Of the Time, when. 3 'Of the Per.

Pili!) hw~O!""they ought to be adminifire.d.

. I. Of the P/"'t; Which He therefure cal1erh Holf) and

th~1 Sanafl4ry, S. Match. 24, I;. "

2. Of the Tittle.; Whidt. He callc:th the Ho1] daj of the

1,ord.J?Efay 58. toj.,. .

3· Of the Per {on; Whom Hether:forecaUethhisHoiy OIIJe, Degr. 33. 8. You have the Third. -

4· B~ to ~heCe Per[om thus imploy'd in Divine Offices, il~:l makmg little~ccount .. of their own in refpe~ of Holy ~~mgJ, .,afc)urthlundc. 'lJ1f:.. o£:Hb/y Tri/;Nte was appoihred &lChro. 3i. ~~. their m4ll11lllfJUe fJIIJ 'iv~'hHtl.Ez.tchi41, the IItjlof 4· li.I,~g~, hath ver~ wcllco~ed thewhole buftneffe,appOlOtIDg a fite~/"'Hothe Priejl.f& Levitti,tnar they might

I1lOr~ cour~lQuay attentithe (tudy of the- LInv.' Which P9!'1~'" that IttOOUJd ~dcemod~k~.tbel~·wasaneKpte1fe C()I~ by GOD Hlmfe1fe:. BothQt\der the LIW;where

Detlt. 16. the People was taughtto fay; Ul4W{,nillgfJt 'dlVtt!ffleh"lttJtJI,~, e,llhmgsOUlof myhQflfo~ wbidlWlS,fe-QtId!owledgetltat

, which

Sllcrilege "S~mlye.·

--~---- - ---.- .... _----

which was payd to the Levite as a H,ly TTi~fltt .' ... and alfo under the GOfpell; where, I:ot only. rhofe thmgs we are ex-

ercifed in, but, thole alfo which we live upon, are termed by • Cor, 9-

S.sintPau~the Holythings.1/ the Temple. , . '3-

So you have a foure~)ld fort of HOly things, flOC iffuiog from another. and appoirzed for the confervatlOll each of other. J Hoty M4I'IIIcrs. 2. Holy Neanes. 3 Hoty Perfons. 4 HOly Revenues .Our bufines is about rhisfourth.Por D? man gapes after, or faftens h!s teeth upon th?fethree: ThlS taft, this, this it is, upon which they fet their teeth.and fu>mac~. Though indeed, as I Ihall fhew anon, there IS but one bit, one draught of all, Tmly, they are ty'd Ina clofe and {hong knot together, Hilly Revenues, H(}ly ,Per [oilS, Holy Meanes,Holy Manners. Nodhall we be ever able to kee~:up Holy Mdnners without due Meants; nor due MealUs with .. out fit Perfons; nor fit Perfons wiohout ample RWlIIIHs_

comings in. .• .s'.

This therefore which Solomol1 calleth Holy, IS the'I'Tlhute

Df the Sanaudry. But what is that~ orhow foc~lleci <: I ~aU tell you that, too. The Holy scrtpture IS plent,full.about It; but it may be reduced to two heads •. J Of oblatt#1. a Of

d'n' • a Vow,

In Mlon.. limply.

I. Of Oblation; either by Yow, or FTuw_ill; t~at the Ilt~ vi.', Gen, brews call= Neder this b Zfedabah. Thefe will fall Into.the fe- 18.20. . cond member, I ~vill not profecute it •. Only this I fay; The 6X~~~~~:1 ch,lrch had a P,lfent granted her; by vertuewhereof every vid Lcv,r.

One had leave to alienate and[et Apart what he would of hIS 7·,6. own to holy ufes, and that either by way of FTUwiHojfering, ~.ut •• 6. or by Yow; whether it were Ptrfon; or Bt41, Cleane orun- joyncd deane, of the Flock, or of the Herd; whetherEl_bflfts~r ';;j~~h. f.,andsofinheritance orpurchafe, The fame gr:.lCIOUS Li- Levit. l7 cence 't~Mained under-the C(}(pell. for any to lay downe ,

what how much bee would, of hisown, at thev:f~

) :B 2 flies

Sacrilege ~ Smlre:


Mts.H;· j1lt's feet, that is, to give, beftow, dedicate. contecrare his

Goods to God.

t. I come to the lndi{/ion. that which is fet and determined. And fure there was a neceffity for this, left, if thofe hmpi/J offtrillgslhoul~t.ome in coldly,and the Threaflhyof the church fhould be, as It 16 often, empty for want-of a con. {lam fhowre of M.'lInA, the Priell:s fhould well nigh ftarv~. 1: am to treat of a hard point, and (that, which grieves mee mofl) but briefly. Ids certain that in every ORes eflat, there is a (ifCred part~ This is moreobfcure, what that is, or hOrt!

Geo.I4·lC much. Abr4ham the/ather of the Faithfolt (wholly to-bee imitated by his Children for thef/ace and Ntafore of their donation) layd uponhimfelfe theTith,theLtvitic.:1l LtflT! being not then written. How fo, who declared to him the meafore of the Divine portifJlI! no doubt but the Hoi, Spirit to fa holy a,.4II. That fame Spirit. who before had taeite1y dicratedit to Abrllha111,did afterward by an expreife Law t~keorder for that a~d no other portion; to ?ee paydto Per·

Numb. IS. lOlls con{ecratetlby Hun. Indeed to fome this feemes wholly ~I. memonial, as all things doe now a dayes that rouohrhe PlI!'fo· . Ochers will not allo:n any portion-robe by NatNrAt 1tlgh!. nor [0 great by PojitlVf. That Go J) was indeed as carefull for our fuftenance, as He was for the Leuits, ~rhat there was . nothing then referved to the PoJitivt LAfI, nor therefore now .' and to this purpofe they urge that in the '1~. of St. Mat/h. reoughl not to leave theother undone. I came hither to Preach,not to difpute :- and therefore betJk~ my felf to the more received opinion, that Tithls have tl1C!lr- force from the Im,,/ition oftheChU1'ch; . For the fume power which the C hllrch had of old to make 9rdinll1Jm and

n, 'Nelle: to charg. i:t felf with a Shtkel'<lrthe thirdparc of ashe";lfor 10. J 1· tl~ Str"tlIU olthe, HONfi ~f GodTemain~th ll:ill the fame under ~~~:.I;;~;~leCoJie/) in whi~hyou-lhallmeet with. "1G'~,anC JMT.4~.

. DecrteS'


Sacrilege a Smr«.

DrcretJ and ordinances; and thofe, not only, as St. PaM MtUf. teflifieth. for e.A lmrs to the Poore, but alfo, for offe,ings. 17. When rherefore the Primitive Church would take order for

a(et Allowance for fllch.a attendrd the Divine SCM/ice, tur-

ning her felte onall fides, .and ca~ing up her tho~ghts, fue found out no equaler Portton which {he could ordaine, then

that known old one and appointed by the Law, rt«, the

Tith of the yeerlycomit~gsjn; the moll: equalIrrrefpect ?f

G 0 I> and Man. In ref peCl: of GOD, CO St. A tlg'Nm"e' m

the perfon of GOD. 'ThOle art mine, 0. man; tliis Earth,

which tho" tilltH, is mine; theft seeds, which thoH fiJweff, are

mine; th~fe Bea/};, whichthouimplorfl, mine ~ tht Raine m:d Showers mine- the Sun atJdheat, mille; "II, mme \ thDu which lendefl o~ly thy' hand. deferveft. only the Tith ; btlt:}_ gr_an,

Nine tf) thee; give me tiM Tzth. Could a more rea[onable

fpeech poffibiy be made i" .' •

In refpecr oiMlln ,that mull needs be moll: equlll., wtilch is not too Ibore for one, teo flrll;t for another. By thu, there is a moll: exacr equality: the Rich are not [pared~ the POOt't are not opprefl . which is the common complamt of the Edifis ofPrinccs;the Cror9, there, better then the Dove.

This Portio/1 therefore the Church hath hallowed, and given that honorto God the author of this Impofition. ~o beleive that He ben knew' the Mellfore o[ HIS own TrIbute; and that no Councils ofth! Church, n<;> Affe1llblie~ of the Kingt19me could fettle that affaire more wifely. then It was of old provided for by the ~a~f'e~ Law; then t~e LlfM'ytr himfllf;

( fo abfolute thatlJlffmzlln'lSno body to him) had prodal. med many ~es finee: BI)t t~e~,you'l. fay, She who impofed it, may, when She wtll,f()rb,.d It-! think not. but, . however, would not perf wadehel.' to It; and that upon this grou~d; both, becaufe a dangerous. cuflome might th~nce arile, .. tchold for samd what we .liLl,. howmuch weliftl as long ..


•.. -



Sacrile~e ~ Snare.

~s yve lift, if we grant that: and aIfo, becaufe the r(~htJ 'f mllertlaNces ought to be lIIof/ holy: and God calleth His Co. 'i.1maNts, C(}'lJtI1ants of fall, therefore not to be made and unmade, incr?3ch'd upon, exchang'd, or repealed at OU1' plea{!Jre: Agame, becaufe an ancient Law ought not to be 4ntiqu,fled, 'faving for its (c·~." or rJ.'~tlo.if) weafmeJ[e or un,. !"fitableniffe. Heer's neither, For I fee its jfrength from the Allthor, Conjtnt, Cuilome,Milltittlae;. and not the mule or [t/ent, but th~ expnjfe and ,le4r itpprulJati8H of all ages. And us,uft, as manife~ly: for it hath a long time ~n imployed, wf~hout. complamt of any, to tha~ ufo to which it was app~mted: and, unldfe the finewes ot it had been cut by cee(,I&ne l~!ro!" Pro!ridaries, it had been better imploy .. fld~~ neither would the chlirch have ever complained in thal POlillt.. And then, laftly, becaufe, where by cratty ceunfell the Tlth hath beene chang'd into a ftipend, they wlfh it rutdone::. thence many emirS, dece;pts, difficulties, cump/dints ha'~e ~ifen. There was a complaint of the Church of Scflti..nd eJdulnttdtothe PArli4metJt at Eai,wllrgh, A. D. M D L X P when I read the eighth Leafe of it. it pities me for them ~ Jfay no more, but wbattbeBoys ufetoftng, Felixqllem flt.t:lum, &c. Happy they, whom other mens harms make to

beware, . .

.~ this ctt}f,.me th~n :ftand inviolable; and fo I ihut up tlu) nrn pan, with telling you. that whatfoever IS either de.dJ'c,ued /'y Yow, or i1»fofed6y Law is Holy; and (in the Ian. gw~eof the Twelve. T ajt~eJ) .$!.Yciep(erit repfirttflf ,SacrilegMS tj'fo '. whofoever dlmlDlihethordevoureth it, is guilty of

~ SilCrI!ege.

:~~~'~~r~ ,You ~now no'!"'what are li(Jly ,ehil1gs.What itistoaevollYe

Holy 1l(J,~ tbm:;s, which 1 promifed tofhew inrhe fecondplace,

rhings. QI~W leamc:7 he Pro'Phet.Maiach'Y for the old Te/Jdment calls it

·PJ;hl,~.8 a . b S ' ) j'"

.p,Jp _to ro ; atilt Ltlke, for.the N tri1, ~ "_"qI,'t"iIu to "cftalld, - Aas·"·3. or

Sacrilege a Snare.

or Jivtrt. In which point Solomon Ieernes to mee to have ufed a mofl fit word, when he called that devoured, which was moil properly to be Iaid to be alienated.

I. For, when we eate of our oivne, we eate, as mannerly people doe, by morfells, well chewed and ground: if it be Anothers,we Inatch at it, and, left the trueowner of ir fhould come upon us ant' take the bit out of our mouthes, we fwal,,: low it down fuddenly and all together. In that refpett,firft, properly faid to devoure, becaule not Otlr o1lm;

z Secondly in this, becallfeGreedily. Look me. upon

Seneca's Mafiiffe, or rather the P. EfaJs DO$' g~pmg at P.Ifll, ,,6' the table, never ftirring his o/e<;, but .wag~lOg his rayle, »,

and fawning upon you, while yon fhng him fomew~at.

And then fhew me one of our clergy-Devofders firetchlOg

his chops and foul upon the Church, Meanes,gap~og, a~ his

teeth itching to be at them, ever and anoo upwlth,Gwl me

tho(e grounds give me tllM foperfluous (",me, ,hat d(CaJM

Church. I pr~y what difference -: In that refped, fecondly, becaule Gretdilyiaken..

3 Againe, mark that Dog well, yo~ ihall fee him ~ only Greedy,. but one tht.!t ca~not be fot/~fied,. never ~'wl11g enough. If a bone be flung to him, 'ns down l~an mftant, and he's gaping azaine no leffe then afore. In like manner, . you may obferv~ there to be ever ~raving, fid( 'f a ar'PJie;

their thirR: increaleth with their drmk ; you may know them pro .1°, rf to be a kin to the Horfeleach, whofe daughters are ever Ji'I Ji'I

crying, * Give, GiVe. _ . • .

4 Laftly, what ufually. falls out to fucb devourlllg and ravenous creatures, 3$ Kites, Wolves, Loculls, due

they are ever flllrvtillgs, none of them growesthe fllltt!~ _

or in l1etter cafo ~ even fo to there. luft as PharaDhs k4llt 1c1tH Gen, 41' + ; eat up the fat ones, and yet were i1~ favoured as before;. fo .

there· are ever fnatching, and ever in want, G 0 f,) .bloWlng


S~tri/ege" Snare.

upon their goods thus gotten, that-we may even wonder what is become of that maffe of treafure which. not many yeares fince, went into the jlomAch if the Common·well/th. Let this tell us what iris to Dwollre: Namely, "Greedilyts j'wIIUowdowlI, 1 WhatisnotoHrs but Gods, 3 With which tve fba// 1I0t he nOuriJbed, 4 nor fatisfi~d. I have done with the ThiNg: now breifly of the Perfom.

~\'~o the . There is a twofold fort of men. r Such as have liD t~t °D~. Right at all. ~ Such as indeed have a Right, butihamefully

vourc, lind wickedly abufe it.

K Such as I. Such as have no Righi: Their fin is.a hundred rimes ~ti~I,,:l) more hcinou.s, though both's be he.ino~s. '.Forifheefin-

~leth,who flingethaway that which IS hIS 9Wne; how great ;L· 1i~ner is hee, who taketh away that which is ,,"others, to ~hlchhe hath nO.Right,nonor any CApacity of Right (as they

Rom .. 1M 1:ay) ~n:J that with injury to ~od; and that not to ",?y God,b~t Nwnb.IE~h~ll:VlIIgGId. Bvtryonth,sowfJt" fo :1ufllcewIUs: ThlS SI. Ma:t!J;' IS theIr pWlle· but fo ntirs that 6rft Gods: and thefe men ~J. lin, firfi, againll Heaven, :hen ~gainh rs: for His primary

'Right God referveth to Himfelfi. If every onts ownt'to the tru« 6fI1NW, then, what is Gods, to God. But thefeare Gods, if we will believe GId. G"ds, twice, indeed. Firll, by His

o . Crellt;on; fo that wee mufl: aU necelfarily fly with DAvid.

~t, lro~91 ~rhtfl·~hings which ,.e~giVtA~e,,/l thintownt: wegi'1Jethie but Ihme,ow~. ByNts Crellt.lOn, fira ; by Ollr Dtd;ctllion,fe. condly, Which·Go« by aficond"'1..Rig lit hach made over to rs! as mo~ jull that 1~e, who are conflituted formen in the ~:h11lgs which appertain to God, Ihonld .be confiituted for ~7oJ in thore things which appertain to Mell; that We, who I'e~ch to 1;1en the trungs which are Gods, Ihould receive, the t:hlngs which are Gods .fiom Men. ·G 0 D hath made: over to

.. us this Right, and t~at Io firiCl:ly, that it is lawfull, not only ;I,tvit. S. 4101: to take any, tblDg away, no. not by IgIfWJl1ICt; But (\1,J.jch

(which' is lawfull in Civil matters) not to fell; I fay nbt, p.l!U.4a. not aO, but not A p4rt. Not to J?1l! notto. buy r much lelf~ 14.

then to devoure. And rrulyrbis is nothisfault alonewho

extorts it, but the Ma;g-ijlrates too who permits it: Where- . llpon that good Prince Nehemiah protefteth, not only that fIe H.Nehe.,> did not take aw"y the HOly things, but.tbat He was abfenr »,

from the Cit"whent1Tey were taken away. And that if he

had beene prefenr, rarher rhanhavefuffered it, hee would

(with .tIrtaxerxt's) have bellowed Iornewhatfrom his own Exchequer,or(with ph"rtloh)from hIS own Tab/e. 1 fay ther-

fore, that they, who cue the Levits Ihorr of what they

ought to receive, offend againll G01, whet~er they do i~ by

fom or by fraud" whether theY.lmploy It to pay Souldltrss

or bllild Hou{es ; whether they do It forprojl, or pltAf'!"t; whether they invert lilt, or but a part. :By Forct wicked~-

thalia breaking into theHotlfi.o[God,.:lQd t~in! ~w~y ~1l

that was therein: by Fraud WIcked Achall-prlvily dlggmg In

his Tenf. added the saered J}oylts to his own 'houfeholdfiu~et

10as pretended to provide for the Ptlblique (;~orl; for.'Ylth

the Threaflilrie of the Hou{e of God He procured condirions

of Peace but a flippery Peace ~ for He'DevoNrtd th, Holy

things 1erohoIUtJ feemed to intend the Publiqut HOllar; for

He b~ilt Shechtm. and phenfJt!; but in blood; for it was

with the fpoile of ~he Tetf!ple, and the alien~tingof the T;thes: Toii,cs furnifhed hllnfelfe a chamber in die porch

,{ God for his Profit and Clnveniellct: Billiazar for Hu pi,,,·

fore dr~nk out of the YeJfels oftht Sanilflary:all of them were Sacrilegiom.FinallY.Dot only that EPIMANES who ranfackt

All. but 1m/AS a1[0, who was fo bold as to thruft his S6ti'~

ltgi;m fuigers into Chrif!s hag. though content with a' p,~

was guilty of the fame crime: as was likewife that 'S~:.

kgiolH Couplt who durltinvade the Churrh Thrtll{ur.'iarid

deteln bu~ ;part()f~hat~hkhh~tO\1~~'~ ~hef~~-.o;,;,;!

~ 1'.fIlts. Everyone of there was guilty (jf. S4&ritrge.

Such:s 2. Now we mull: fpeak concerningthefecondSolt. have right, A kind of men there is indeed, who have a Right but ~t abute they wickedly abufe that Ri_ght. You think, perhaps, i will

~:o far hence to feek~; I ll:tr not a foote, I move not hence; . We are the Men; and even among A: us, there are many too too many, who Devoure Hoi, thillgs. For (whkb, it i~ to be-reared, fome of ys do) by Iloth and Idlendfe, to tarry ~ere like Dronts, to fllOg away our precioushoures, to flow 1~1 Luxury, to be .at leafure for feafts,and playes, and vanities, to do there thmgs, and yet to fatfen our felves with thole trungs which are confecrated to HIl, ufes, this is in our-

S. Luk. 'f. S 4viours jl!_dgment, to DIWNre, and AUld Our FathersgoodS

J.h inriorous Living.

I will come nearer yet. A great part of that former IN:-,,,,,,illg came from our [elves: and therefore are Holy JJ.llngJ DtvDlR'tti by (Jlllers, becaufe they are DeVOtlrM by ,ollr fllvtS: And iru:Ieed as lawfuU (think fome ) for them, ~ogathertheHoIJTtths, and to negleCl.:the Holy·Dlllies, as ,O{ Us; And truly (t?.tell you my feares ) they who now' Iheere the fleece. will one day pull off skin and fleece together , they who are now gnawing at chllT&h Mt4ne.s will c(lnf~e the1llat lall with open·mouth.unldIC GOD ~hang <6I<rr mlndsand manners. For fure there is no throatfo mly, ~h~t It can be lawfull for it·to COll( fllWtk things #Jilt Ilf~HIIyr. ~t IS lawn~1l to tat, to fled upm IiIem ': but to DMJlIJI't ,IN. IS, not only unlawfull, but. a high wickednes, net only

:t.l:hI;on. for thofe Lo&Jljk, bute\fetl for us too. May there-be heapcs, )104.6, h1:apcsofprovifion, butforthOllHhat MlkHIIJrllAfjifts

lcttbem that PAr!ak~of the Aflt",1Hit .u tk Altt#-. r Cwo :~,c I~. Butte him that partakes and waits not, that fpcnds I&I:tt Mcana. and. atreods not the wor., to him it is liff:

't l~JlOt _tbatthtpcp~maytauio.int~( Pwms) wages:

·SAc!_Zlege ;, S~.·


wages: they may no more take from the S"e",1 of CAiphds

an evill Pr~fl, then from thetrilJNle of TihtrilU a wicked s, Matlb. Prime; to both they mull give their due... though tiley do not ~~;:; j'7 performe their"t] > ~oth of them are tneM!"if!ers of Gotl,

and lland or fall to Ht1f~. Both take that, which belongs to

God, if they take it with SacrilegiolH hands. and mua give

an account to GOD. I fpeak it to this end. as wi1hing Both

ina better mind, Lait'l and Clergy. Thtt,I, that, for the

future, they would be qllitt and. forbear to DWMt Hoi,

things, by unjuii'detention and "liellAtion ;'Thefo, that, fo~ the

future, thry wOU.ld ~aboJlr a~d forbear eo DW(JID'I HoI] thlllgS,

by idlelltJl e., Arid mijiPJ!,uY11Jg.

What it is, who they are that DevlNrI Holy things,is now

clear, I would it were nor fQ clear.. .

Him, that fhall, what is like to befall, (wh1ch was my Th' third Propofall,) now hearken: It is A [nAre. That fome pun~a;. fuch there fhould be, whowoulddoit,Solo""nferefawq:;ent w~ and future ages have prov'd too true. In truth there is fuch tVOIlfC. a cllrfed holyhllngi!' that there will be'Iht/t, there ~ill bee Sacrilege, there WIll be a totAll orverthr()JV of all that IS called

Holy, unleffe God Himfelfe take order, to the contrary, by immediate command, countermand, nay by thunder and lightning. and fo provide thattheybeuntouch'?: 'TisCo

[!Viet A bit, fo pleafant to the P "tat. fo full of dtllghu, that

you may rend their chops, and breake their jawes, yer you fhallger it from them .. This.isoot 2Sit~ouldbe; ~,!o-

1mI' therefore adds, Let them. eat and drink HOly things,

if they . like them fo well: perhaps ~he lllu, may pleafc_, 6~t

under the b.cit there 'Iyes a hook, which they fwallow With It.

Lee them: take heed (if thehAit. there isantt Mtfar oIf:

let them. not meddle with the Fitltl. it is ~ Ache""""", a

pelJof bloUd .: Let them not take away thegiftsoftheT"".

pie, rorthe, arewrapt ""{)I'~t with the AfIII"~ tf eeM/tII, a

C a curfe

curfe for the·{poylers.· By which word Solomon very aptly, and elegantly compareth the whole matter whereof h~ treateth, to Fo~ting, wherein S4Ilfn the great h'rmter' of flulti) (for fo H'l?1<tlld,Pfalm 91:. 3' fo Saint P"ul'calls him, z Tim. 2.' 26.) "wli"g for his pTty, layeth oue~J?>r hH "/tit elmr,h .l,~nds and R~mfles, ~ut covered OVer with the crime 'f S4"ci,tltge, as with a gill' orfo4Te. There -yLi.! m.'y fee our C:lergy-wers, who (as Phar40hthoughr, when he oppreft the

IX9d.I.tO, C ,,!,rch, C~me leI us (/elite wifely) take rhemfelves to be very Wife, hAvl1l_$ ,,!lIde ,againe of holy things, haflen toth! foar4 ,,'hh th~{iP'lifo binis, (Ptov. 7.Z 3') not knowing-that it is for their life : Fly tI4 [oone tl4tht,· fit the !n" to take bur 4r8lakm~ and dwo~";lIg the p_rey, arernade hM prey. wh~ goes about, daya!1d nt&ht,_ feeEing whom he mAy Jevo.re. It is a mo~ true faYlng, that In-every ftn there !s a ""it and a {nare, a, "alt pretend~~, ". {ture which lyeth bid. The "Ait, fome IttlleJr'.ftt of IruqWty, or rome [maU trifling ple4{ilYeof fin ~ the fiJareJthe jill. with its fling, 'Viz. the [eare(uUtur[e oft h, L4W. I ,will not go fat hence;chap. 5.-v 3 .4Jn'wandring LuJt ~ the ""It, the tlls offhe· Harlotj· difiHling nothing but bony. the [nare, the reliqNts of fin morebitt-cr rhan WfJT1tl'R1()oti mor~ {harp then a ~ word. Chap. 2- 3. v. 3 t. 3l.In luxury and dr;nkm,!es; the "alt, the eotOf#' of the Wine in the Glaffe the taJJ in.ehe p;alat; the {narl,,the.biting as of the serpe';' or BajiIlSk, wh.lch with its fting brings certaine death.

. In ~hIS very chap. v.er. 17. let jll4llh; the ~, Brf4t/ if tk. "ttpt, fio!le~ got WIthout [weAl; the fo#ejjin filling the ~1Outh With gr_avell, whence necdfarily followeth the· 1I1lfb. ~& fh.th~ee~~. Ev~ry /in; I fay> hath its-bolit, and its 1nare :

. IS If» OJ. Samltge, more- andQbove allotIter. The

~4rt;~ take forgrant~d.~ the (nare Hhalllhew,1f youpleafe, eve~ ID Prwphane limes. eAitJ,yfls who rifled the:Te",,,/e of

1I~1J11fr. .11:,,_.. r. .. ".I • dcn.-;.n:~- I

I' r: -,_"'.IOwuw Jt .u"",,,otohiIMftlfo.: Bre~

_. who'

SiJerilege II' Snare:

\Vi1O robbed the Dtlphick, found it deflrudive to hii»filfe and his. crajfils who did as much to the rempttat Hitrufaltlll, was forced to [wallow downe melted Gold with the fame chaps, which he had before devoured the Holy things wirh. Had you rather have Sacred flories ~ I follow your defires in

that too. I!athilll~' who had but a mind to dwollre Holy ~~b.I' things, was himlelfe devoured of the Earthv o..A cha.n, whs H.lor.7.~' was the firft that adventured to add the Sacred Wed&eof

Gold to his owne houfholdfluffe, was devoured of a heap of

fl:ones in the Valley of Achor. BaltaZAr, when he held theP• Dan'f~ Jacted Vdfells betwixt his fingers, faw,;over againfthim Qft 1". "50 a Wall, fingers, which proved fatall to his life and KingdOlll.

Alhalill) Ilaine with a [word within t!'~ clofe of the Timp!e, ~ ~Inr. . of that very T.emple, whore rhrea[ure, It 15 not.iongfincc:, . ~

rooke away.:· Bllt be~au{e 'tis aneafiemattcr ta.lind·'the;iu1l: vengeance upon sdcrllege!) under the 1iaJV,candlt'he ~rc(btcl'

the old,']'eFlameNtis in this point fufpected,I had cather {hew

it from die Ntw.There, Iudd4 who firA: filch'" frot!lhis

Mliflers baggs, afterwards betrayed hisiMlljtrhimfelfe, and,

as a joA: puniflnnentof'b.is former fins, ,caught riSbybis mi~

ferable example, that there is ali hAIti,.; a flJArt, which lyeth

hid in there Holy t{,ifJgs. This befell him who theiv'd from

. drift. But they,whofirftdaredtomakean'inrQdeuponAa'1"JO~' the churGh fl60k, (though it beaU one) Hay.ndtbJtab it a'.1 way,being,given, but'onlytodeteinit, before ·itwaSgiv~

(the GII[pt~it (elk ~aklrtg no plea,· Dar interc~dingror ~e

faCl) were choaked WIth 11 fuddenand !'loft horrid ~eath,u~: .• ~

on-a word of t!neApllftlt. Vpon which place lwill ftahdli ,

little lIlore-;:· ,FQ.t it is, as ehe fail:clt ;.£cuhe:moft,appotited(i;

full in this point. - , ,';, '.

Firft, then, it is evident ttaat thingj t1UJ ~e ""fimlldID .

HlJI, ufo, even under the (li'/pel.. "

SeQOndly, .That,[,eu'g!Mllnftmlletl, 1ho.)' are no1!nger.t.

fI#tS.' .'. C 3 _ . Thirdly, : ,


~-.-:~~~--~--~------------------'" Thir,dly, that, fince rhey are not 8UI'I, they cannot be de.

reined without great .fin, not taken awAJ without greater.

_, Fourthly, That whofoever doth one or t'other, dothit . therefore, becaufe Sat41l hath fiUed hu hedl't. (Sacrilegi,1IS l'erfo".s, then, are filled withS"'tUI.)

Fifthly. That this kind of men is to be punhhed with d("th,. not only withctnfures.

SIXthly, And that dtath rudden, that there iliould be 1IG fpace for the txpiA!in! of ~ great 4 fin. And,

. Seventhly. w~thdeat;;immediateJy from Heavtn. wherby 1.0,1 declared, as It' were from Heaven, that he himfeJfe was the AVt"ger 'i fo great 4wickednejfe.

. There exampl~. Fath~s and ~ttbrlll, are from the G#{. pd. The.GonellS no mdderagamft thefe menrhen is the !-,IIIIP.And even the ,G,rptlitfelf~,theMinifter of life. hath ns l!U':I~ .fo.,of tIut'JJ; for that man for that Coofcience Which makes 110 Cllffiim&1 DfRtUgirm ~f t4"V',lrillg what bI:!

longs to ldigilll. _' _' _

•• c 'Yes, tiDtho"maftY'$,"rileg~lIilwr",s-'hath no weh

~lU!8 bcfalleat For. ieIs not uruaU .or"perpettlall which is !'l~cied on A;gt'#fIi"g -~: Neither dOth StJUmon fa K .u: ;. that they !hall be taken in the: """,411. But what tre biltb, IS 11[,.,1, ~ther do exampleSfai~ US; for ,thOug~ they lDal' eCcape thdlght ~nd UJ for a While, they thaI notcfcapc (0;, $'_"1 (1WI willtakethembythdeele.Forthe!fom h~~ {pe:t~ of, IS th~ SIIIIT,,/ II FlJI1kr; jn whicb perhapstbe i111~, that !StakeD, ~ notp~cfently 1t~leid, but tangled by ~f J: or lINk, ~(m~ lIdl the e~in.g, an<f.<>fiimeslonger,

at 'btetpm ofthc I",t".. ·Manytimtsthedeftruaioo.is

OIW, utever Cure. . ,

, I beJeive you .have obferyed. rbu tbeHDlySmptflrtS t-ak not of the pNnijbment of_ideR ",en a1~ mer the

aa~:1UU1Cr.1hcWratbDf GfdisfcPetim'es~aft".",e , fl.\ddenly

Sacrilege a Snare:

fuddenly rufhing down all. before .it ~ fornetlrnes as a NtHt.IoC.Sl: taking for the prefent, and after a while flaying. In P .E[.sJ, 13- (ch6p. S I. v. 8.). it is an A::e fuddenly cutting down : and .

ids a MlJth confummg by peicemeale. In P. Hofia,( Chap~ 5 e '

o, 1 Z. ) He faith; he will be: a Lyon to {orne, to others rotten-

nej{t and a Moth ~ a L)9n, which teareth in a moment; a M,th,

which weareth out infenfibly and by degrees. The: Apo-'

pltxie killeth one way, the }ftctik - another, but both kill. A

Ship perifheth one-while by neglcaing the Pllmp;' another

while by the ovcrjf9IVing of the BiUowuj but both \'tIayes '

it perHheth.. That Thlmderholt of St. Peter effeCted the bufindfe fooner ; this Snare of Sp/ol»(m, - flower : but

both this antkhat bring the fame bufineffe about, have the

fameiffue. .

This is the fruit of Sacrilege. Men fly upon the "~it, nay into the nettoo, but being wholly intent and fet upon the pry, they taR: its fwCttnes, but take no heedtorhe d4,.g~, wieh which th~ lntangle end fnare both ~oul and ~onfc .... ence. Not fa indeed, that they comcfuddenlyto nnn, but, feaR upon this·Wmne, while' they have devoured alh -hm , when they would get loofe, they fblI1l6nd tbat they arehe14 with tbe cords of fln, l7vJ. S. u. wit.htbe [""rts of dtadr~ Pftl. 118. and thatthe jtldgment,.whlch,·perohance~ rufheth not fuddenly upon them, but waireth at the doore, IS noO~o be made fliaht of. Thattbe Fowler will come at Jail, will certainly c~me, and the StJllk{o infoarer/ lha!l be _ ftj, prey 5

aprey, 1 fay, totheDtvil~ CGO DandwhatbelongstoCi~ ~

baving been formerly hi4 prey-) by th:tt mo~ juftf~ce,

p,.,:;w .30• 16. 'Ihe, ,II", ddv,"I'e thet /b4Ubt-Ji.r;DIIfflf.· .. '

I havefhewed you the Snare. And that IS lard for. "I:MN &,.7 Ul("",Boch Himt}tat.fo!J, and otwsforhisfaJ(e. r'Or fucJ1

is the nature of this jin, that it reacheth alt rhe Ca'!lP' o~,

that innak~the whoJ~ ~~",..,tb· 8wlllyof Mk"'·


Touching the Sacri/egioll4.Perfon himfdfe;w~ have told you that he provides very il for hM own private fortuNe,into which hebringeth this curfld gain, as a pledg-er ('arnell: .of miffor.

I'.IIagl, 6 rune. Thefe Holy things, will eat out the bottom of his baas in which they are crowded.and WIll makerhem full of hole; and: rents. This ftiltJ will blafrand burn up all his other (eilds: 7ibis fluffe will bring a.confumption upon all the refl; the

~ • 16,17' punifhmene, this. denounced byrheP. Haggai. Worfe, then Aft; S. 3' Co, betides their Souts, which they fill with Satan, who catcheththem in an inexplicable Snare~ and referveth· them to that Judgment which isinfufferable.

I will Ipeake breifiy, both of-the CDmfIIln·wealth, and oft:hechltT,&h.

When this fin is once admitted, G 0 l) fendetb a Dett'ou.rer upon the State, for the Dev,uring of hil llDly things. Eitlhcr the CatttrpiUer., P. MalllGhy 3. II. or Mtn worfe then the Catterp_iUer",The Kings·,r Ifratl, when they once plundred H,I, things, had no peace, -but much trouble and ve~:ation,going out or c-omming in; what they took from the TU"lle, they were forc'd to fling away uponehe sOIl/diers, tbe: Cilmp.Locllfls. InS. AfJllljlin's time, when the Prejident I{ t~e PrD'tJin;es rifl«i'the ~l?lI6Yfes, tha~ people was not inached by It. What they tooke from the Tt1IIple, they were fore' d to fling away upon the Lawytrs, fhe BAr.Loculls. Becaliue DWHion to Goil decreafed, the commings in tQ the $x,rhe'1l1tr. increafed, ONe titvOlfftT follows IInlther, either

a Brigade of SlUidi8rs, or afwarm of LAwyers. There will be a SlUTe for certain; ora Snare of LAII',or a SlIare·of 'TAxes, onSl14reof War: doubtle{fe. cod willrainedown SnareS

. upon fiich a Nation.

Now breifly, touching the clmrth. But, there,when !he ,Holy Pmion is ~vollr'd.alI that is Holy isdtvDNret/ with ~t~ _. For by we~W.B the baods of the. prefentC/erg1,.' and

-- -_ - - ~matiJJg

. -


alienating the minds of others for the future,' either

there will be no PYlphet at all, or he, that Ihall be, will P. HoC. hirnfelfe be a Snare in the lJMies of !frllil. The People' 8,9, will become the prey of the DrAgon: of that Dragon R. 1. who ftandeth before the l~oman now red, to bring forth, eve l~,~

that, when {he hath brought forth, he may .Devum

it. For certainely a greater fin then Stfcrilege lyes un-

der this; an d (what I admonifbed atthe firft) rhefe

men are, not only SacrilcgiulI4) but ~ to be taken fQr Enemies to ail that is called Hoty.

For whereas there foure kinds of H,lys cleave, and are, as it were, bound up together, I Hoi, Manners. :l Meanes. 3 Perfons. 4 Reventles. There is but one hit of all , and, it cannot be but, he, that fhall fwallowone., mull: needs fwallow 4/1 the reft, at the fame draught I Let there be no Revcl1Ift, there wil be no Levite,H.Nehe.1 3. 10. Do youfeeal this great Alfembly ~ Everyone of them will betake himIelfero the Country, and give overtheHJm{e of God, unleffe order be taken for their fufficient man': renance. ~ Let there be no Prophet, there will be no Prophecy, no LaID. If thofe be but once gone, there will be no learned Preift, to teach the people. The Holy Spirit Joynes thefe two together. 2 chro. 15,3. Without 1 a Tellchmg PreiFl.and withom the ~ Law. 3 Let there be no Prophefy, and there (hall be no Peopl", K. Solomons word for it. Provo 29. 18. The jlfue of :111 is; thofe men, who .Devollre Holy things, Devoure

alto the Prophets, as they did their :judges. But they,;' Hor.1. who dtvollr4 the PrDphetJ> dtvollre soales, They,rhac • devourer,:, .. Its, ekVOIJN the People of GOD as it were

bread. Whofoever then fwallow down HlI" tNml,s,Pfal. 11."

1) are

are the gulfs not only of ReVffllles and Manlt1JAnu' b,ut al[o of the PJ'ophm,. ofStrmrms, of SouieS', of }; f1tgdoms .Let no man deceive you with cunninz wordsas. (alvation is not without the Word, nor the Werd w~thout a Prophet ; fo, moll; certain it is, that, there will be neither Prophets nor Schooles for the PRO:. PH E T S, long) without liberal! mantenance.

Say I thefe things after the manner of men!

Say not the Holy Scriptum the fame alio? What all Htathen~rirers inculcate, that, HQntJflr i5 the Nllrp ~~tht -:1rts, the fame-doth Sf. Palll,thrke in a verle,

, Cor. 9 .1 rme to 'be the Nnrfe of Divinity. That we mull

10. plow, {owe, rhrefh, in Hope : that without this Hope

,., ~f, c_arnaJ, thl1lgs, we may bid adieu to the, harvefl of

I ro, 14,4 .... pmtllat. K. S O. L OM 0 N '{aid, Ivhcre ·theCribu emf.

~1, the ose» flrle .. He faid it for us : who in vaine expeCt well manag'd Oxen, unlelfe we flore up Pro" ~vender for rhem.: A wifer then K, SfJtom9J1 faid, though

"r Mlt h ~.ot of th15 matter, yet not betide it, unlefle there ~.:1.8. t • -oea C"r~al there will be no 'Eagles~ He fa.d it to Il;, who rnvaine expect Eagles, if we take away the (,arcaf· The, jNdy of Divinity mull: have its in. cOl1r~e~ents, For C H R [ STand His College were bot ~gghmg Fryerr, as fame have determined. No,

ut ~' ~d a bag, 'and that fo Jarg" that He-could S.Jvh r j , buy w~h It not only what was needfull, but-alio give '9. unto t e Poore. And SI., P.A U L will's' that there 1 .:oryS. ~e· a~ Ab,!ndance, ,not, o,nly in Aim, es, but much more 10: • 111 OjJ'tNngs..; (for we muLl: underfiand hi f k

1 cor- ,,6 of both a I f I . rm to pea

n. . ! s', or mer y acquainted you.) holl1Jtifoliy'

.' il.0t 1141'111.gty, not only {tlpplying w4nl, but a1fo Ilbfln~

I TltIIop. , 41n.,Btfid.es, .he that will have a Bifbo! to. be given


to H-ofFitality , as well as Ilptto teach (and indeed if there be any prejudice againf] it ,he purs, in the filft place. given to HofFitillil)) would have him to be not only well furnifhed from his study, for Doilrillt;, but alfo

from his CheJl,fcr. Hoffitalily. And, Iaflly, he is of Philip.~. opinion that they wither in the Failh, who are fo 10. tenacious, fuch holdfafls, And that, if at any time

wdr Faithincreafe, our conriilioYJ and fortune will

be mended. The condition of the Clergy ought to

be, fuch as.fhould be, nearer Envy, then Mercy.

Look upon the old Canon. One part of conflcration was tArmointing; another, Filling of "Jthana ; and, where the 1aft failes, the fidl: is alfo wanting. So under H. Mofes i DathaIJenvyed at it. The Levits mull:

have. Afuppim, their gatherings, and,Parb.,r, their I <hr~'lr. flore, So under K. David. There mufibeheApes, great lr· 1 . beapes, enough to fate, plenty, great fiore. So underK. schron ' Hezechiah. 'Nor was there ever a merrier world, then 3',10 . under rhofe Kings, who have beenboHnlifol1 totheLe- - suits, Nor ever a-moredifmallfaceoftheState, then

under thole KiNgs, who look'd with a Malignant.envi-

.ous eye upon the Levits. _

Look upon that eAnarchy of the :JuJgu; See IuJg.J1. the Levits wandring up and downe: the Rea{on : 7.8,10 why, their wages were 'Ten Shekels. Look on S,III1's

time; the Ark was not fought to in rhofe dayes: .

the Rea(on: why, their fortune was to how them- 'i~~Ill· ~ felves (or a piece- of fit'vtr, and a bit of brtad. Doeg I Sam,H.? was in more efleem then was Ahimtlech. Look on f!eroboam's.Whofoeverwould was confecrated Preifl,

even of the loweHDf the people .. the' Reafo~ : ~hy" 1 Killg$i~ the '"weft are fit enough for the '~weftcOl1tJlt1H1. ~n(l, 31.

, D z with


S'cfrrilege "Snare;,

Sacrilege aSn4re~ -

with Us> ( F_Mhers IIIJ(/ Brethren )jf we would fling away aUf, pa1ne~ at fa low /I prke, 35 fome, now they have bras d thell foreheads, fticke not to fay. any that can but w'lIre II longGowM, and prattb] tkh()Ure~ !)iIjfe > alia hlJtiJle Oftt TlllKh, no matUr what to the purpoft or beJm, tball bee a ht PRO P H E T forvs.

What remaineth, I thall give you in a word. Confider w~ how GOD, in the Prophet Zachary, Chap. If. V. 12 •• when hee had thoushrs of forfakina [(r1U1 f<'lrf~ke th~ upon this ve~y point > becl~fe they requited HIs pames with too cold andb~aerly a ri'Ward. poe you heare <: quoth He s if y~~ think ;~:>od, glVe rnee my. price: and, if not, forbear. ,W~en' ~hey had we!ph:d hi~ fame money, 'Viz. ,n~JrtJ' PMces, He, in mdlgnatlon, fiyes our into thefe word~s Curdy, a glorious Reward, a goodly price th:tt I am prifed at of you. And he broke the Staff of the P a[frI,-4ft Olfice~ and made voyd whatfoeveroood-he had purpofed to ~h4t people. This example wascnot given in ~al.":. Believe me, this happens dayt)' to Excellene Spirirs, and full of GOD, (unldfethere be perchance one or two, an EtdMl or Medad ) who fometimes 1!3ve thefe thoug~ts, and tacitly Ipeake thus rothem{elves: Alas. this of its owne nature is 4 "'t~hty ~'-:rth!"; but, by the PhlWif"j(~U laying on of - load, (which yet they touch not: with the little nml'er) • 1I~\V made inftllitt; the place is flippery, and full of elm and TrouIJlts: Will there be any Rtrf'ard" Wh t~lty fee that men are cold in that point, that they mu';t tlke,I4ins at ~ low pttee, that m}fllitt la6ou, is required , and 'Thmy pitre I Ihall be payd for all; many


who otherwife iodine to the fiudy of Di'Vinity, break their Staves, betake themlelves to othe.r Studies, and fall off from their purpofe ot confecraring rhenfelves to thefe Studies, and to this J4cred work.

Which that it may not come to patle, ( Fathers and :Erethre») that there may be nomor~ bre~~ing of thefe

(fa'lJes, apply early remedies to this dl1~afe:. Free) _ the chlJrchtrom that tatl.e.of prbphets, whlch is other- !~If31' 9· wife likely to happen; free the CommOlJ-wtalth from - .

thefe foam of troubles; fre~ you~ felv~ from the 'e' - bloud of Io manv Ioules, which daily perifh by S A- ;8 ~zo'" CR I LEG E. Often u!:ge this Text, and others . •

like it. _

I take it for granted? - and confeffed by all, that a Learned Clergy would be an excellent an? moll: defired thine fo we might fee grounds how It may be ef· feeted. cWhich that it may be, it feemes to me to be the better courfe to inculcate ,h/J point in our Ser-

mons, then (what we have long done wit~lamentat>le . fucceffe) to bite and teare one another, while at length Gal, f.J~~

we be confirmed one of another. _

Vnleffe this be done, truly the f!'~{fs and rums ?f the Cburcb are manifeft : bur the bllilcfings or matertals of the building a1' eare not. 1 fee the decaies, lind dlIApidatiom but ~ow they Ihould be repaired or made up, 1 fee no't. I cannot hope that things will be belln' then they are: that they will be worfe then they are.l can

fme. thi k • h

I have treated of a Subject, as I often t In Wit my

[elfe) neceffary co b_e tr~ated of and thought upon. My , judgement concerning It, and myfelfe too, I, a Pro·

P'm oJ: the fame order, though not of the fame Wlrlk. CubmltJ

- 1ubmit to you who are the Proph(tJ'. anti Fatllm of tbe :Englt(b Prophets.

The true Light of the world inlighten our minds with his light, that we may not only fee the -vices and corruptions of the prefenr times, and fearch out the caufes of them; but alfo that we may diflodg them OUt of thofe things which are ofgreatefi: momenr

and apply OUr [elves with all our might to reo ' move them. Let us, what. lyeth in us, make

the Ch,m·htotlouriih. and keep it [0

being made. Finally,lec us reflect

upon HitmJ4km,. as the cheif

of all our joyes, through IESUSCHRIST

pur LORD.



S(Jme I;eleivetl the things which Wtre {joke», 411r1fome be/eived fIOt. ACts. 28. 24

PI :J( IS.

oll,,,, the 2.;9th.I-6 46. :;"'pri11l1ll111' 10 H-NDovVN AM S,

{lliC_._.-, ~.\t..


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