7th grade Primary

Name: ____________________________________ Date: _____________________________________ 1. Find: B A X S X A B R A H U T T E R F E W B U D B R A Y D Ñ A O R S O E Q C U C G L B K A Y P B X Q W D Ñ E T E T E C H N B U A U L B O T D O G C 2 junk food ______________________ ______________________ 2 animals ______________________ ______________________ 2 music styles ______________________ ______________________ L F R C T A W O A G Y Q P I Z Z A P S Q C Ñ A C P X A C R W

2. Read about these 3 friends. Fill in the box with their personal information.

Hi! My name is Tomas Riquelme. I am sixteen years old. I like going to the beach. I don’t like going to the movies.

Hello! I am Anita Torres. I am twelve years old. I really like dancing and singing. I don’t like going to the mall!

Hello my friends! My name is Francis Lopez. I am fourteen years old. I don’t like studying for school. I really like playing Play Station 2 with my friends! I DON’T LIKE 


AGE (Number)


3. Anita (A) and Francis (F) are talking. Complete what they are saying. A: Hello Francis! F: _______ Anita! A: Francis, _______ you A: And… do _______ like ____________ football? F: ______, ______ do!!! A: And… _______ ______ like __________?

like ______________? F: ______, I do!! F: No!! ______ ______!!! A: JAJAJA, Thank you Francis!! BYE!

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