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Clay's Official Problem Description; The Hodge Conjecture by P. Deligne

Clay's Official Problem Description; The Hodge Conjecture by P. Deligne

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Published by: de_jack on Jul 07, 2010
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`i hiU@** |@| @ Tti_L UL4T*i t|hU|hi L? @  " 4@?uL*_ f Lu _4i?tL? 2 t
@ F4L_*i t|hU|hi L? |i |@?}i?| M?_*i Af  5U @ 4L_*i t|hU|hi ?_Uit @?
@U|L? Lu |i }hLT FW L? Af c | b 5 FW @U|?} M) 4*|T*U@|L? M) b ) |h@?tTLh| Lu
t|hU|hitc |i }hLT FW @U|t @*tL L? i@U i |ihLh TLih a Af c @t i** @t L? |i UL4T*i
_@* l? G' OL4Ea Af c F 6Lh R n ^ ' ?c @ ERc ^uLh4 t @ tiU|L? Lu l? L? U b 5 FW
7 3^ 
@U|t M) 4*|T*U@|L? M) b3R b
6hL4 ?L L?c i @tt4i f UL4T*i @?@*)|U  ERc ^uLh4 t |i? @ uLh4 Uc ?
*LU@* L*L4LhTU ULLh_?@|itc U@? Mi h||i? @t
@ ccR c ^ _5    _5R _7
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@?_ |i _iUL4TLt|L? l? ' lRc^ ?_Uit @ _iUL4TLt|L? _ ' _ n _ Lu |i i |ihLh
_gihi?|@*c | _ EhitT _  Lu _i}hii Ec f EhitT Efc 
Wu f t UL4T@U| @?_ @_4|t @ k@*ih 4i|hUc uLh ?t|@?Ui u f t @ ThLiU|i ?L?
t?}*@h @*}iMh@U @hi|)c |t @U|L? Lu F L? uLh4t ?_Uit @? @U|L? L? ULL4L*L})
Lhi ThiUti*)c M ? Efc F t |i tT@Ui Lu U*Lti_ ?uLh4t 4L_*L i @U| uLh4tc @?_ u i
_i€?i M Rc^ |L Mi |i tT@Ui Lu U*Lti_ ERc ^uLh4t 4L_*L |i _ _ Lu ER  c ^  uLh4tc
|i ?@|h@* 4@T    



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t @? tL4LhTt4 Wu i ULLti @ k@*ih t|hU|hi L? fc L?i U@? }i |i uL**L?} ?
|ihThi|@|L? |L |i _iUL4TLt|L? E Lu M ? Efc FG |i @U|L? Lu F L? uLh4t UL44|it 
| |i w@T*@Ui LTih@|Lhc i?Ui ?_Uit @? @U|L? Lu F L? |i tT@Ui
? Lu @h4L?U


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? $M ? Efc F @?_ M Rc^ _i?|€it | |i tT@Ui Lu @h4L?U ERc ^

`i? f 4Lit ? @ L*L4LhTU u@4*)c |i OL_}i €*|h@|L? 8 R G' M @c?3@ Lu
M ? Efc F t Mi||ih Mi@i_ |@? |i OL_}i _iUL4TLt|L? wLU@**) L? |i T@h@4i|ih
tT@Ui A c M ? Ef| c F t ?_iTi?_i?| Lu | 5 A @?_ |i OL_}i €*|h@|L? U@? Mi ii_ @t
@ @h@M*i €*|h@|L? 8 E| L? @ € i_ iU|Lh tT@Ui W| @hit L*L4LhTU@**) | |c @?_
LMi)t Bh|t |h@?tiht@*|)G @| €ht| Lh_ih @hL?_ |f 5 A c 8 R E| hi4@?t ? 8 R3 E|f 
5L u@hc i @i UL4T|i_ ULL4L*L}) t?}  " uLh4t `i UL*_ @t i** @i ti_
uLh4t | }i?ih@*3i_ u?U|L?t ULiUi?|tc |@| tc Uhhi?|t Ai hit*|?} }hLTt
M ? Efc F @?_ M Rc^ @hi |i t@4i Wu ~ t @ U*Lti_ @?@*)|U tMtT@Ui Lu fc Lu UL4T*i
UL_4i?tL? Rc ~ t @? ?|i}h@* U)U*i @?_c M) L?U@h‚i _@*|)c _i€?it @ U*@tt U*E~ ?
M 2R Efc ] Ai ?|i}h@|L? Uhhi?| L? ~ t @ U*Lti_ ERc RuLh4 | }i?ih@*3i_ u?U|L?
ULiUi?|tc hiThiti?|?} |i 4@}i Lu U*E~ ? M 2R Efc F Ai U*@tt U*E~ ? M 2R Efc ] 
t i?Ui Lu |)Ti ERc Rc ? |i ti?ti |@| |t 4@}i ? M 2R Efc F t +@|L?@* ERc RU*@ttit
@hi U@**i_ OL_}i U*@ttit Ai) uLh4 |i }hLT
M 2R Efc T _ M RcR Ef ' M 2R Efc T _ 8 R  M 2R Efc F
W? dSoc OL_}i TLti_ |i
Krgjh frqmhfwxuh ? @ ThLiU|i ?L? t?}*@h @*}iMh@U @hi|) Lih Fc @?) OL_}i
U*@tt t @ h@|L?@* *?i@h UL4M?@|L? Lu U*@ttit U*E~ Lu @*}iMh@U U)U*it
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E ) L<t |iLhi4c L? @ UL4T*i ThLiU|i @hi|)c @*}iMh@U U)U*it @hi |i t@4i @t
U*Lti_ @?@*)|U tMtT@Uit
E ? @ ThLiU|i ?L? t?}*@h @hi|) f Lih Fc |i }hLT Lu ?|i}h@* *?i@h UL4
M?@|L?t Lu U*@ttit U*E~ Lu @*}iMh@U U)U*it UL?U_it | |i }hLT Lu ?|i}h@* *?i@h
UL4M?@|L?t Lu ThL_U|t Lu ih? U*@ttit Lu @*}iMh@U Ei^@*i?|*) M) BBG @?@*)|U 
iU|Lh M?_*it AL i Thitt U*E~ ? |ih4t Lu ih? U*@ttitc L?i hitL*it |i t|hU|h@*
ti@u ~ M) @ €?|i UL4T*i Lu iU|Lh M?_*it A@| ih? U*@ttit @hi @*}iMh@U U)U*it 
L*_tc M@tU@**)c MiU@ti iU|Lh M?_*it @i T*i?|) Lu 4ihL4LhTU tiU|L?t
E  T@h|U*@h U@ti Lu E t |@| |i ?|i}h@* *?i@h UL4M?@|L?t Lu U*@ttit Lu _tLht
E' UL_4i?tL? L?i U)U*it @hi t4T*) |i €ht| ih? U*@ttit Lu *?i M?_*it Wu ~ n  ~ 3 
t |i _tLh Lu @ 4ihL4LhTU tiU|L? Lu c S E ' U*E~ n   U*E~ 3  At t |i t|@h|?}
TL?| Lu |i ThLLu }i? M) kL_@h@ @?_ 5Ti?Uih d.o Lu |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi uLh M 2 G @ U*@tt

S 5 M 2 Efc ] Lu |)Ti Ec  @t 4@}i f ? |i ^L|i?| M fc2 ' M 2 Efc  Lu M 2 Efc Fc
@?_ |i *L?} i @U| Lu ULL4L*L}) _i€?i_ M) |i i TL?i?|@* i @U| ti^i?Ui
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f $ ] $  $ W $ f
tLt |@| S t |i €ht| ih? U*@tt Lu @ *?i M?_*i
E Ai hi*@|L? Mi|ii? @*}iMh@U U)U*it @?_ @*}iMh@U iU|Lh M?_*it t @*tL |i M@tt
Lu |)@ @?_ Oh3iMhU |iLhi4 d2o |@| |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi U@??L| L*_ ?|i}h@**)
W? |i |)@Oh3iMhU tTiU|h@* ti^i?Ui uhL4 ULL4L*L}) |L |LTL*L}U@* g|iLh)G
.2R^ ' M R Efc g ^ E |  ', g Rn^ Efc
|i hit*|?} €*|h@|L? Lu g ? Ef t M) |i
8 R g ? Ef ' kihEg ? Ef $ g ? EER  t!i*i|L?c ? @?) |h@?}*@|L?
,^@*i?|*)c @ U*@tt S t ? 8 R u uLh tL4i |LTL*L}U@* tMtT@Ui t Lu UL_4i?tL? Rc S t
|i 4@}i Lu @ U*@tt S | tTTLh| ? t  Wu ~ t @? @*}iMh@U U)U*i Lu UL_4i?tL? Rc @
hitL*|L? Lu ~ _i€?it @ g|iLh) U*@tt | tTTLh| ? ~G S~ 5 g f Efc f  ~ W|t 
4@}i ? 8 R g f Ef @}hiit | |i U*@tt Lu ~ ? M 2R Efc ] Ai *@|ih i?Ui t ? |i
!ih?i* Lu |i tUUitti _gihi?|@*t _o Lu |i tTiU|h@* ti^i?Ui 
L U)U*i ? M 2R Efc ]c !**i_ M) @** _o @?_ Lu |)Ti ERc Rc t !?L? ?L| |L Mi @? ?|i}h@*
*?i@h UL4M?@|L? Lu U*@tt U*E~ ?i @t ?L _i@ Lu U U*@ttit tL*_ Mi igiU|ic
|@| tc Lu |i uLh4 U*E~c h@|ih |@? @ _gihi?Ui Lu tU 
? @ 5|i? 4@?uL*_ fc @?) |LTL*L}U@* UL4T*i iU|Lh M?_*i U@? Mi }i? @? L*L
4LhTU t|hU|hi @?_c @| *i@t| uLh f Lu |i L4L|LT) |)Ti Lu @ €?|i ` UL4T*i c |
uL**Lt |@| @?) U*@tt ? M 2R Efc ] ? |i !ih?i* Lu @** _o t @ ]*?i@h UL4M?@|L? Lu
U*@ttit Lu @?@*)|U U)U*it
E Ai @tt4T|L? ? |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi |@| f Mi @*}iMh@U U@??L| Mi i@!i?i_ |L
f Mi?} 4ihi*) k@*ih 5ii ~U!ih<t @TTi?_ |L do uLh UL?|ihi @4T*it ihi f t @
UL4T*i |Lht
E `i? OL_}i uLh4*@|i_ t UL?iU|hic i @_ ?L| hi@*3i_ | UL*_ L*_ L?*) h@
|L?@**) Oi @*tL ThLTLti_ @ uh|ih UL?iU|hic U@h@U|ih3?} |i tMtT@Ui Lu M ? Efc ]
tT@??i_ M) |i 4@}it Lu ULL4L*L}) U*@ttit | tTTLh| ? @ t|@M*i U*Lti_ @?@*)|U
tMtT@Ui Lu UL4T*i UL_4i?tL? & BhL|i?_iU! LMtihi_ |@| |t uh|ih UL?iU|hi 
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Ai ULL4L*L}) U*@tt Lu @? @*}iMh@U U)U*i ~ Lu UL_4i?tL? R @t @ ?@|h@* *u|
|L @ }hLT aR Efc i |i?tL? Lu |i }hLT Lu U*@ttit Lu |)Ti ERc R ? M 2R Efc ] M) |i 
?|ih4i_@|i @ULM@?
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At i Thittit |@| |i U*@tt U@? Mi }i? @? ?|i}h@* _itUhT|L? E? t?}*@h ULL4L*L})c
@t i** @t @? @?@*)|U L?ic @t @ U*Lti_ ERc R Uhhi?|c }?} @ )TihULL4L*L}) U*@tt ? K2R
Lu |i tMUL4T*i 8 R lWL* G' Ef $    $ f $ lRL* $     Lu |i L*L4LhTU _i +@4
UL4T*i c | @? ?_iht|@?_?} @| |i ULU)U*i *ii* Lu ) |i |L @}hii ? M 2R Efc F
W?_ii_c aR Ef t |i )TihULL4L*L}) K2R Lu |i L4L|LT) !ih?i* Lu |i _gihi?Ui 4@T
] 8 R lWL* $ lW 
W? }i?ih@*c t?} |@| @** @*}iMh@U U)U*it L? f €| ? @ _i?4ih@M*i ?4Mih Lu @*}iMh@U
u@4*itc L?i UiU!t |@| |i tM}hLT R Ef Lu aR Ef }i?ih@|i_ M) @*}iMh@U U)U*it t
|i i |i?tL? Lu @ _i?4ih@M*i }hLT M) |t UL??iU|i_ UL4TL?i?| fR Efc @?_ |@| uLh
tL4i tMOL_}i t|hU|hi M@*} Lu |)Ti iER  c Rc ERc R  j Lu M 2R3 Efc fR Ef t
M@*} q M X *8 R  R5MOL_}i t|hU|hi 4i@?tG tM}hLT Lu |i ?|i}h@* *@||Uic |
UL4T*i €U@|L? t4 Lu |t ?|ihtiU|L?t | |i M @cK  Ai OL_}i UL?iU|hi E@TT*i_
|L |i ThL_U| Lu f @?_ @ t|@M*i @Mi*@? @hi|) Thi_U|t |@| M t |i M}}it|
tMOL_}i t|hU|hi Lu M R3 Ef Lu |)Ti iER  c RERc R  j 
L UL?iU|hi t @@*@M*i |L Thi_U| @| tM}hLT Lu aR Ef |i }hLT R Ef t @tit
@hi !?L? ihi R Ef*R Ef t Lu ?€?|i h@?! 5ii uLh ?t|@?Ui |i hiUi?| T@Tih dbo @?_
|i hiuihi?Uit | UL?|@?t At @t 4@_i }i?ih@**) ?@TT*U@M*i |i 4i|L_t ?|hL_Ui_
M) Bh|t Etiic uLh ?t|@?Uic ~U!ih do |L ThLi |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi M) ?_U|L?
L? |i _4i?tL? Lu fc t?} @ wiutUi|3 Ti?U* Lu )TihT*@?i tiU|L?t Lu f W?_ii_c |i
4i|L_ hi^hit ?L| t| |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi uLh |i )TihT*@?i tiU|L?t Mc M| |@|
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wi| Efr rM7 Mi @? @*}iMh@U u@4*) Lu ThLiU|i ?L? t?}*@h @*}iMh@U @hi|itG |i
€Miht Lu @ ThLiU|i @?_ t4LL| 4@T s G f $ 7 `i @tt4i | t _i€?i_ Lih |i
7 Lu T ? F L @*}Lh|4 t !?L? |L _iU_i i|ih @ }i? ?|i}h@*
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ULL4L*L}) U*@tt Lu @ |)TU@* €Mih ff t tL4iihi L? 7 Lu |)Ti ERc R Ai OL_}i

UL?iU|hi 4T*it |@| |i *LUt ihi |t @TTi?t t @ _i?4ih@M*i ?L? Lu @*}iMh@U
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tM@hi|it Lu 7 E!?L?G tii deoc @?_ t _i€?i_ Lih T
,i? u ? }i?ih@* | t _U*| |L _i|iU| OL_}i U*@ttitc |ihi @hi U@tit Lu ?|i}h@* U)U*it 
U @hi U*i@h*) ERc Rc @?_ uLh U |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi t T@h|U*@h*) |@?|@*3?}
, @4T*i  6Lh f Lu UL4T*i _4i?tL? c |i _@}L?@* { Lu f  f t @? @*}iMh@U
U)U*i Lu UL_4i?tL?  Ai OL_}i _iUL4TLt|L? Mi?} UL4T@|M*i | k 
??i|c |i
??i| UL4TL?i?|t U*E{@cK 5 M @ Ef M K Ef  M  Ef  f E@ n K ' 2 Lu U*E{
@hi OL_}i U*@ttit

, @4T*i 2 Wu # 5 M Efc ] t |i ULL4L*L}) U*@tt Lu @? )TihT*@?i tiU|L? Lu fc
|i |ih@|i_ UT ThL_U| # R G M  3R Efc F $ M  R Efc F t @? tL4LhTt4 E@h_ wiu
tUi|3 |iLhi4c ThLi_ M) OL_}i 5ii dfo WVS wi| \ 5 M  3R Efc F M  3R Efc F 
M  3 R Ef f Mi |i U*@tt tU |@| |i ?ihti tL4LhTt4 E# R 3 t S :$ Th E\^ThW S
Ai U*@tt \ t OL_}i







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*}iMh@U @hi|it @_4| @ T@?LT*) Lu ULL4L*L}) |iLhitc hi*@|i_ Lih F M) UL4T@h
tL? tL4LhTt4t +it*|?} t|hU|hit L? M W Efc ] tL*_ Mi ii_ @t @?@*L}Lt |L |i
OL_}i t|hU|hi , @4T*itG u f t _i€?i_ Lih @ tM€i*_ g Lu Fc | @*}iMh@U U*Lthi
7 ? Fc B@*Eg*g
@U|t L? M W Efc ] ] @?_ M W Efc F ' M W Efc ] F @t @ ?@|h@*
gt|hU|hi M#+ Ef Lih gc UL4T@|M*i | |i OL_}i €*|h@|L? ALti ULL4L*L})
|iLhit }i hti |L UL?iU|hit T@h@**i* |L |i OL_}i UL?iU|hic _i|ih4??} |i *?i@h
tT@? Lu U*@ttit Lu @*}iMh@U U)U*it , @4T*iG |i A@|i UL?iU|hi dHo ALti UL?iU|hit
@hi LTi? ii? uLh M 2 
BhL|i?_iU!<t |iLh) Lu 4L|it @4t @| ?_iht|@?_?} |i T@h@**i*t4 Mi|ii? |Lti
ULL4L*L}) |iLhit hL}hitt t M*LU!i_ M) @ *@U! Lu 4i|L_t |L UL?t|hU| ?|ihit|?}
@*}iMh@U U)U*it Wu |i U)U*it Lu i @4T*it  @?_ 2 Lu {e ihi @*}iMh@Uc BhL|i?_iU!<t
4L|it Lih F L*_ uLh4 @ ti4t4T*i @Mi*@? U@|i}Lh) | @ |i?tLh ThL_U|c @?_ Mi
|i U@|i}Lh) Lu hiThiti?|@|L?t Lu tL4i ThLhi_U|i }hLTtUi4i Wu |i @*}iMh@U|) Lu
|Lti U)U*it t @tt4i_c |i u** OL_}i UL?iU|hi t i^@*i?| |L @ ?@|h@* u?U|Lh uhL4
|i U@|i}Lh) Lu 4L|it |L |i U@|i}Lh) Lu OL_}i t|hU|hit Mi?} u**) u@|u*


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W? _itT@hc igLh|t @i Mii? 4@_i |L €?_ tMt|||it uLh |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi ?
@Mi*@? @hi|itc OL_}i U*@ttit @| *i@t| t@hi 4@?) ThLTih|it Lu ULL4L*L}) U*@ttit Lu
@*}iMh@U U)U*itG |i) @hi R@MtL*|i*) OL_}i Ed oc ii? R4L|@|i_ Edo At tUit
uLh tL4i @TT*U@|L?t uLh ?t|@?Ui |i ThLLu Lu @*}iMh@U hi*@|L?t @4L?} TihL_t @?_
^@t TihL_t Lu @Mi*@? @hi|it Thi_U|i_ M) |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi Ed oc M| _Lit ?L|
@**L uLh hi_U|L? 4L_*L R Ai uL**L?} ULhL**@h) Lu |i OL_}i UL?iU|hi L*_
Mi T@h|U*@h*) ?|ihit|?} wi|  Mi @? @Mi*@? @hi|) Lih |i @*}iMh@U U*Lthi I Lu
@ €?|i €i*_ I^  wu|  ? |L _gihi?| @)t |L U@h@U|iht|U fc |L UL4T*i @Mi*@?
7 U! OL_}i U*@ttit \ @?_ \2 L?  @?_ 2 c Lu 
@hi|it  @?_ 2 _i€?i_ Lih T
UL4T*i4i?|@h) _4i?tL? W?|ihThi|?} \ @?_ \2 @t @_U ULL4L*L}) U*@ttitc L?i U@?
_i€?i |i ?|ihtiU|L? ?4Mih V Lu |i hi_U|L? Lu \ @?_ \2 Lih I Wt V @ h@|L?@*
?4Mihq Wu \ @?_ \2 ihi U*E~  @?_ U*E~2 c ~ @?_ ~2 UL*_ Mi ULti? |L Mi _i€?i_
7 @?_ V L*_ Mi |i ?|ihtiU|L? ?4Mih Lu |i hi_U|L?t Lu ~ @?_ ~2 
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do v ?_h‚ic Lh ?i |‚iLhi ?UL?_|L??i**i _it 4L|utc M* @| WO,5 H EbbS
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d2o  6 |)@ @?_ 6 Oh3iMhUc ?@*)|U U)U*it L? UL4T*i 4@?uL*_tc ALTL*L}) 
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d o  #i*}?i Eh‚i_}‚i T@h a w h)*?t!c )U*it _i OL_}i @MtL* i| T‚ihL_it _it 
?|‚i}h@*it _it @h‚i|‚it @M‚i*i??itc ‚i4Lhit 56 2 EbHf T 2 
deo  #i*}?ic , @||@? @?_  k@T*@?c ? |i *LUt Lu OL_}i U*@ttitc a5 H 2
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dDo  BhL|i?_iU!c OL_}i<t }i?ih@* UL?iU|hi t u@*ti uLh |h@* hi@tL?tc ALTL*L}) H
EbSb T 2bb f 
dSo ` V # OL_}ic Ai |LTL*L}U@* ?@h@?|t Lu @*}iMh@U @hi|itc hLU W bDfc
T H b2
d.o k kL_@h@ @?_ #  5Ti?Uihc #tLh U*@ttit L? @*}iMh@U @hi|itc hLU @| U@_
5U b EbD  T H.2 H..
dHo a A@|ic *}iMh@U U)U*it @?_ TL*it Lu 3i|@ u?U|L?tc h|4i|U *}iMh@U BiL4i|h)c
O@hTih @?_ +Lc i vLh! bSDc T b f
dbo  VLt?c Ai Bh|t }hLT Lu @ Bi?ih@* @*@Mv@ |hiiuL*_ t ?L| €?|i*) }i?
ih@|i_c #!i @| a f2 c T D HS
dfo  `i*c W?|hL_U|L? @
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U| 5U i| W?_ 2S.c Oih4@??c @ht bDH
do 5 ~U!ihc Ai OL_}i L?iU|hi uLh UMU uLhuL*_tc L4T @| e 2 Eb.. T
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