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Published by: Immortal Infidel on Jul 07, 2010
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On Windows hosts, a kernel mode device driver provides USB proxy support. It imple-
ments both a USB monitor, which allows VirtualBox to capture devices when they are
plugged in, and a USB device driver to claim USB devices for a particular virtual ma-
chine. As opposed to VirtualBox versions before 1.4.0, system reboots are no longer
necessary after installing the driver. Also, you no longer need to replug devices for
VirtualBox to claim them.
On newer Linux hosts, VirtualBox accesses USB devices through special files in the
file system. When VirtualBox is installed, these are made available to all users in the
vboxusers system group. In order to be able to access USB from guest systems, make
sure that you are a member of this group.
On older Linux hosts, USB devices are accessed using the usbfs file system. There-
fore, the user executing VirtualBox needs read and write permission to the USB file
system. Most distributions provide a group (e.g. usbusers) which the VirtualBox
user needs to be added to. Also, VirtualBox can only proxy to virtual machines USB
devices which are not claimed by a Linux host USB driver. The Driver= entry in
/proc/bus/usb/devices will show you which devices are currently claimed. Please
refer to chapter 12.6.7, USB not working, page 206 also for details about usbfs.

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