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Re: VF300 Info Friday, February 08, 2008 8:15:25 PM

(b) (6) Will discuss at VF mtg in Tucson on Wednesday. Please have El Paso rep bring it up.
Thanks, (b) (6)

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(b) (6) you answer (b) (6) Can

question regarding the fence design in El Paso Sector?

(b) (6) Can you help (b) with the pocket card question? (6) Thanks to all. (b) (6) ----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To (b) (6) Sent: Fri Feb 08 18:46:33 2008 Subject: VF300 Info (b) (6)
I know your very busy and in the middle of multiple issues, but I need more info about the VF300 projects. When you have a chance can you check with the SBI folks about the cattle proof modifications El Paso Sector recommended for the Normandy Style vehicle barriers? When will the modifications be officially approved and incorporated into the project? The El Paso Sector would like to advise the concerned citizens and ranchers that their comments and concerns were considered and ultimately vetted / approved.

Also, can you point me in the right direction and tell me who I need to talk to about printing pocket cards (hard plastic like the SBI cards) for the El Paso Sector. I tried to reach (b) (6) for assistance, but he seems to be unavailable. Can you help? Any assistance or guidance will be appreciated.


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Supervisory Border Patrol Agent El Paso Sector SBInet Office

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