Field Study of In-use Information Security within Medical Practices

Organization of notes within a child care facility

Aubrey A. Baker - Michigan Tech Tom DeHart - Virginia Tech Advisors: Laurian Vega, Steve Harrison

Patient files stored in a well traveled area

Improve Healthcare By:

Medical Practice Interviews Child Care Observations

Observation Process
•Recruit small medical practices in New River Valley area by
personally visiting their locations and following up via phone calls. reception area.

•Organizing information in a usable
electronic format.

•Observe participants for 3 hours, generally in the main office/
Medical Practice Observations

•Saving money by reducing duplications,
reducing erros, avoiding fraud and better coordinating care.1 information and authorizing access.

Child Care Interviews

•Conduct several 30 - 40 minute interviews as a result of many
practices being reluctant to participate in observations.

•Improving security by centralizing

•Transcribe handwritten notes from observations and
recorded audio from interviews.

Preliminary Findings
•Staff spend a significant amount of time finding, sorting and •Numerous security risks due to non-employee access to
rooms used for file storage. distributing paper files using the current paper based systems.

What’s Next?
•Code notes using NVivo and find

•Write a paper detailing our findings
for CHI 2011.

•Patients are required to fill out new paperwork every visit. •Lack of collaboration between medical practices.

•Prototype an electronic

medical record system that eliminates common problems.

A form for patients to fill out before being moved to the new electronic medical record system

A new patient information form

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