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MMEE Charter v1.5

MMEE Charter v1.5

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Published by Susanne Williams
Lightning Path - Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy.
We won't talk about it - We'll DO IT.
Expanded system designed by Glenn Morris, Jared Westcott and Susanne Williams
Lightning Path - Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy.
We won't talk about it - We'll DO IT.
Expanded system designed by Glenn Morris, Jared Westcott and Susanne Williams

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Published by: Susanne Williams on Jul 07, 2010
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Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy Prospectus 1.

Doc Morris had a vision of a democratization of the tools to bring about accelerated evolution in human beings.
He encoded that vision in the series of books he wrote, and enacted it in Hoshinroshi-ryu, KAP, and the earlier 2 level Meditation Mastery & Esoteric Energy series. Doc:” I want this to be experiential training where possible. I want our client to leave each level with at least three tools and six applications. I don’t want us identified as “great thinkers” that our clients don’t understand, I want us to be models of what they want and can achieve if they do the work.” This prospectus sets out the principles and operations of the current 7 level Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy system designed by Dr Glenn Morris, Jared Westcott, and Susanne Williams in the year of 2005. It refers to Hoshin and Hoshinroshiryu - the integrative martial arts school set up by Dr Morris. MMEE has links with but does not form a part of the Hoshin organization.

2. Vision
The vision for MM&EE is that the maximum number of people in the world are able to use proven tools and techniques to awaken and use their own energy and engage with the larger energies constituting their environment for the sake of their own evolution, and the benefit of all sentient beings. We want people who come to our courses to have a fun, safe, effective introduction to the potentials of their bodies and minds. The feeling should be irreverent, positive, engaging, informative, and most importantly: USEFUL! Whilst there are many ways to attaining the full potential of the human being, the key differentiator for the MM&EE approach is the breadth of the techniques that have been explored and distilled, and the how our unique way of teaching them makes them work for anyone willing to make the effort. In our hearts the traditions, into your hands the tools; Respecting the traditions, applying the results - “No belief required!” Much of what was hidden has been revealed. This is the Lightning Path and not for the faint of heart. All comers are welcome, if your sights are set on the highest and you’re willing to have some fun. We will focus on energy cultivation, kundalini awakening, and practical applications in daily life to heal, defend and evolve.

3. Audience
The primary audience is all those who want to optimize their FULL human performance. Related interests: • Executive Leadership • Coaching • Martial arts • High performance sports • Yoga • Meditation – of various kinds • Shiatzu • Tai Chi

• • • • • • • • • • •

Modern Dance Tantra Kundalini Philosophy NLP Self-Help Human Potential Reiki Feng Shui Pagan or alternative spirituality Sports

We are able to tailor our delivery and have a slightly different flavor for business people, martial artists, healers, feng shui people, the generally interested, pagans, yoga practitioners, psychic-fair type people, students, body art people, sports people, NLP practitioners, Reiki people, etc. Doc: “It’s all about bringing it to the people”

MM&EE is not just about running seminars. A range of services are available.

Certified MM&EE instructors will deliver courses according to the 7 level syllabus to a variety of audiences.

Instructor Education
A structured process for becoming an instructor in MM&EE is available for those who successfully completed level 1-4 of the syllabus. We encourage cross-certification in massage, healing, martial arts.

MM&EE instructors may individually coach interested students, taking particular care not to exceed the boundaries of the syllabus. If it is desired to extend the coaching to areas that are not within the scope of the syllabus, it will be made clear by the MM&EE instructor that he or she is now stepping outside the boundary and guarantee afforded by the MM&EE lineage.

The MM&EE organization has and will continue to develop and present products to support the process. Audio CD, Manual and other materials are available.

Hoshin Belt syllabus
The Hoshin Belt syllabus outlines specific esoteric & meditative skills and knowledge that must be present at each belt level. The MM&EE organization provides advice on these topics as well as training for both practitioners and instructors.

The MM&EE curriculum will be continually updated in accord with the ongoing researches of those within its lineage, instructors and students alike.

During the course of the establishment of the MM&EE organization clear interfaces and agreements will be defined with:

• • • Hoshinroshiryu - Soke Hoshin Council Heads of Hoshin Schools

• • • • Hoshin JuTaiJutsu Hoshin Healing Belt level syllabus KAP as taught by Santiago Dobles

6. Courses
The MM&EE syllabus comprises 7 levels, each building upon the last and each designed to be attended multiple times to unfold the finer details of the practice.
MiniMMEE: Basics Level 1: Cultivating your own energy Level 2: Engaging other people's energy Level 3: Entering the Void Level 4: Working in the Void Level 5: Integration - a series of experiential workshops working with the different elemental energies and primal emotions Level 6: Application/Infiltration - how to use all this in your work, home, etc Level 7: Creation – during which candidates bring a new energy modality and teach it to the attendees at the workshop

What is MiniMMEE?
MiniMMEE is a subset of the techniques from level 1 that can be taught in an afternoon or evening, either as a short seminar or in a series of shorter sessions. Techniques included: • Baby/Zen Breathing • Brain Scrub • Secret Smile • Microcosmic orbit • 5 Gates • Basic DaMo’s cave

What is Level One?
Level One is basic, easy to learn exercises that have immediate effect. They should be beneficial in effect. The client should feel good afterward. Level One exercises are fundamental and over the long term may be practice enough. Without Level One, Level Two will not work. The results from doing Level One practices should be testable. After Level One the participant will: Breathe slowly from the nose and belly; will be able to see and feel energy in themselves and read others at a minimal level—width, brightness, color; will have a sense of reduced fear and anxiety; will want to perfect their meditative practice; will find it easier to think positively about themselves and others; will be able to orbit their energy and know how to avoid common negative Kundalini effects.

Level One Exercises/Content/Product
Introductions and Explanations (Caveats); Energy Perspectives/Traditions: Taoist, Yogic, Zen, Christian, Magick, Therapeutic Touch, etc. ; Core Principles vs. Local Color; Meditation 101; Styles of Breathing; Kamae and Postures; Secret Smile.

Opening the Chakra: Earth Attitude, walking. Water attitude, little birds moving/shaking meditation. Fire attitude, integrating mbs with will power and problem solving; Heart attitude, healing others. Void attitude, seeing and feeling auras; seeing inside your body. Energy Work (and homework): Upper Tantra, Microcosmic Orbit, Five Point Breathing, with Secret Smile Warnings and How to Survive, Networking, Advanced Opportunities, etc.

What is Level Two?
Level Two introduces androgyny, is gay friendly, relatively gender free. Taking the male to greater sensitivity, the female to greater toughness, or goal-directedness. Level Two deals with sexual energy and practice. After Level Two the participant will: Have greater understanding of sexual energy and how to use it as a tool for ecstasy and Enlightenment; will be able to merge their energy with a partner of either sex; will be able to develop greater stamina, increase sensing and feeling; will be able to attach energetically to a partner through any chakra.

Level Two Exercises/Content/Product
Introductions and Explanations (Caveats); Upper vs. Lower Tantra; Advanced Breathing Mechanics: Testicular and Ovarian Breathing; Tummo vs. Wisdom Breath, Male vs. Female, Advanced Secret Smile; Palette Exploration; Bone and muscle pumps, Ben Wa balls, Merged Deer Exercises, White Tiger swallows Jade Dragon. Opening the Chakra: Secret Sword Visualization Energy Work: Combining Orbits and Chakra Breathing; Meridian Massage; Energy Exchange Clasp; Yab Yum Warnings and How to Survive, Networking, Advanced Opportunities, etc.

What is Level Three?
Level Three opens the participant to experiencing the spirit world. Participant may join a lineage or egregore if they have enough juice. Level Three participants have to complete One and Two and practice for at least 4 months. After Level Three the participant will:

Be able to see non-physical phenomena in his or her third eye; will be able to sense the spirit or kami of a place; understand archetypes.

Level Three Exercises/Content/Product
Introductions and Explanations (Caveats); Mind, Body, Spirit, Life and Death; Spirit vs. Ego Immortal Soul/Spirit vs. Immortal Body; Demigods; Egregores; Lineages; Spirits; Ghosts; Hungry ghosts. Opening the third eye; Energy building for connection; Entering the dark side. Opening the Void Chakra: DaMo’s Cave, Shadow work, Warrior Guide Energy Work: Solar and Lunar Breathing; Lucid Dreaming; Vision Quest

7. Principles
The guiding principles of all the activities and operations of the MM&EE organisation: Safety The primary concern for MM&EE shall be the safety of our students. Working with the energies of body and cosmos is inherently risky, and the instructors will take personal responsibility to make the journey as safe as possible, detailing risks and possible troublespots and including safety techniques in the syllabus at all levels. Effectiveness If it don’t work we won’t use it. If it does work we will research it, compare it and test it on ourselves and senior students. If it works and we’ve tested it and it does something better than something we already have, then we’ll include it. Simplicity MM&EE is about access. We will keep our language and our concepts simple and our tongues up! Boundaries We will establish boundaries at the beginning of each course or seminar. Working with interpersonal energies can be intimate and intimidating. We shall put the privacy and dignity of our student before our need to teach. Instructors Instructors shall be living examples of what can happen if the MM&EE process is done well. In and outside the classroom they shall behave impeccably.

Shaktipat Shaktipat – (direct energy transfer) may be made available by arrangement with an individual instructor, explicitly not under the auspices of MM&EE. Shaktipat is a personal exchange able to be granted only by someone who has achieved the Greater Kan and Li. Cross cultural All our teachings and materials will be designed and presented for maximum crosscultural acceptance. Guarantee For level 1, the instructors will offer a money back guarantee. Respect for Sources & Intellectual Property It is in the nature of the MM&EE materials be a distillation and presentation of tools and techniques harvested from many sources. Indeed synthesis and distillation was the focus of Glenn’s work as it is of Jared & Susanne’s. This makes the issue of Intellectual Property quite simple. No assertion to the ownership of any given technique can be made, nor prevention of its dissemination attempted. Actual materials that have been created or will be created shall be the property of the authors. However, only the certified instructors of MM&EE shall be allowed to carry on teaching a program using that name. We took ingredients from many sources, including oral tradition, added to it from our own experience, and combined it all together in a recipe that is unique. Other people may know some or many of the techniques and could create their own recipe. But they can’t then call it MM&EE, because it is not. What makes it MM&EE is learning the technique in a setting that is controlled, by people who are guaranteed to know what they are doing, who have the oral tradition, and who support the process afterwards. It is a matter of lineage. The entire purpose is the democratization of technique, so we do want as many people as possible to be sharing the techniques. But showing someone how to do something is not teaching MM&EE. The Green belt is not the Sensei. It is for the Hoshinroshiryu leadership to decide whether it will endorse any similar or competing methods or programs.

8. Structure
Who is in it?
Head of Organisation: Soke of Hoshinroshiryu – Gord Hessie Co-Founders and Chief Instructors: Jared Westcott & Susanne Williams Instructors: • Jared Westcott (MMEE 1-7) • Susanne Williams (MMEE 1-7) • Dan Kahn (Mini MMEE & MMEE 1) • Jen Fletcher (Mini MMEE & MMEE 1) • Chris Bergstrom (Mini MMEE & MMEE 1) • Jess Thursen (Mini MMEE & MMEE 1) • Harry Whale (Mini MMEE & MMEE 1) • Others by invitation

Board – The board of advisors is made up of • Head of MM&EE • Chief Instructors • Senior Hoshin representatives All curriculum will be defined by the board and all instructors will be certified by the board.

How does it fit with Hoshin?
MM&EE was designed to serve Hoshin and Non-Hoshin audiences, as a manifestation of the personal life’s works of the Founders. Since the principles of MM&EE are fundamental to the unique nature of Hoshinroshiryu and the synthesis of the Martial and the Meditative are of compelling benefit to both aspects of the work, we suggest that MM&EE be a self-sufficient organization, closely allied with Hoshinroshiryu and tied to it via the Board structure. In return for the protection of the Ryu, and the use of its distinguishing marks, an agreed portion of the fees generated by the MM&EE courses will go to the Ryu In honour of the memory of Dr Glenn Morris, an agreed portion of the fees received by the MM&EE organization will go to his widow.

9. Instructor succession
According to the principle of democratization, we intend to create certified instructors whom we can be certain will teach the MM&EE way in accord with the principles sacred to its founders. Anyone who has passed Level 4 becomes eligible to take an examination and teach MiniMMEE. When at least 10 MiniMMEE sessions have been taught the individual make take an instructor's course and start to teach levels 1&2. Level 1&2 shall be repeated as teacher’s assistant with an eye to grasping how it is taught. After the instructor course, the candidate instructor organizes and teaches a course, with an existing instructor of Level 3&4 to observe. Certification is then available which confers the right to use the MM&EE materials, logo, and to teach students independently. Any member of the Board can veto the certification of any instructor and all appointments shall be ratified by at least one Board member. When Level 5 has been achieved, members become certified to teach levels 1-3. Anyone who has passed Level 5 can become certified to teach levels 4 – 7. Instructors periodically validate each other’s practice by attending MM&EE courses, and re-certification is required if no course has been taught for 18 months. Any instructor may be removed by consensus of the Board. Timeline to become an instructor: • Student at Level 1&2 • 4 months to practice Level 1&2 before admittance to Level 3 • Student at Level 3&4 • Take exam • Teach MiniMMEE 10x • Repeat Level 1&2 as assistant • Instructors course • Organise and teach Level 1&2 course (Observed) • Certification The minimum time investment would be well over 12 months in most cases. This gives sufficient opportunity for close observation of the candidate.

9. Operations
Need to be accounted for on an event basis, a spreadsheet has been developed with the enrollment list, expenses, payment status and percentage breakdown to partners for each event.

Example from MM&EE III&IV

P rice L ist
MMEE 1 &2 3&4 5 Earth 5 Water 5 Fire 5 Wind 5 Void 6 7

Marketing • Print ads and appearances and speaking at events to drive enrollment and/or free preview-evening attendance. • Free preview-evenings to give people a taste and close on enrollment. • Monthly or quarterly newsletter that people will pass on to other people. • A web site Q&A section will be developed to help people out. Newsletter will have brief teasers of articles and events with links back to the web site for full details. Click-throughs will be tracked to see what works. Promotion: Local promoters will get free attendance with 10 sign-ups

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