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The Lawmakers of the Society

The Congress of the Philippines consists of the Senate and the House of the
Representatives. The number of the members of the Senate is twenty four while the
congress has two hundred fifty members. The congress organization is bicameral and
electoral. The Senate should elect their president or often called as “Senate President.”
And the House of the Representatives should elect their Speaker of the House. The
function of the congress is to guide and check the performance of the President of the
country. They have the power to approve or disapprove the appointment of the President
of the leaders of the committee and other political actions.

The Congress under the 1987 Constitution had an outstanding performance based
on its achievements. They were also very strict of approving the appointed secretary of
some committee. For example, Fidel V. Ramos’ appointment of the secretary of the
Department of Finance was disapproved two times.

With members of the Congress who are majority of them are landlords, you can’t
expect laws from them that may affect their properties. If they do the same things,
obviously, we will be the one who will be affected by their selfish acts. We will be the
one to suffer while they are enjoying their benefits. And I think, non-corrupt officials are
outnumbered by corrupt based on our economic progress.