Mother: Jackson! Jackson, please come back! Mommy loves you! I'll never buy baco n again, I promise!

So then the Jackson's gone. Enter this one scene, a dude with fancy clothes on. Old man: I've gone it, I've succesfully traveled 300 years in the future! I must share with the modern day scientists! (while he's talking, there's a train horn horning/honking/whatev) Train-to-man: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. (idiot didn't know he was standing on train tracks. anyway his various body part s go flying, his top hat flying way far away) Then there's this scene, of a bunch of trees and Jackson walking along. Jackson: (whistling) OMGWTF -> the top hat the man was wearing comes falling down and lands on Jackso n. Jackson seems not to notice. Then there's this town right? Jackson walks in. Various town people say various things like: Ah, what a cute pig! Is that a top hat he's wearing? That's so cool! I like that pig! Stupid lady: I know, I'll give him a cookie! Stupid lady tries to give Jackson a cookie. Jackson just bites her whole hand of f and walks away. Stupid lady then falls over while tons of blood comes flying o ut of her wrist. This one guy, after Jackson is gone: Hey, wait a minute... GET THAT PIG! Town people: ARRRRRRGHHHHHHGHGGHGHGHGH (and stuff). So Jackson's just lying down in the middle of a field, minding his own business, eating his hard earned hand. Jackson: nomnomnomonomnomonomnom Then this mean old wolf comes up. Jackson: nommmonomonomonomonommmmmnomnom Wolf: Hey you, fat pig! Jackson: nommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wolf: Hey, what's that you have? Jackson: nomnomnomnom Wolf: Is that... is that a hand? Jackson: NOMMMMMMMMM Wolf: You wouldn't mind if I had a bit, would you? Jackson: nomonomnomonom Wolf: Just a... small bite? Jackson: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR Wolf: Okay okay, fine. Wolf turns to leave. Jackson: nom. <- then he swallows the hand. Day turns to night and Jackson sleeps.

Night turns to day and Jackson wakes.

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