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I. State what kind of Multiple intelligences do you think these people have?

1. Iván Zamorano __________________________

2. Shakira ________________________________
3. Albert Einstein __________________________
4. Shakespeare ____________________________
5. Don Francisco __________________________
6. Picasso ________________________________
7. psychologists ___________________________
8. Sales people ____________________________
9. People self-aware ________________________
10. Photographers ___________________________

II. Read the text and answer the following questions :

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposes that people use at least seven relatively
autonomous intellectual capacities - to approach problems and create products. These include
linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and
intrapersonal intelligences.

He suggests that "although they are not necessarily dependent on each other, these intelligences
seldom operate in isolation. Every normal individual possesses varying degrees of each of these
intelligences, but the ways in which intelligences combine and blend are as varied as the faces
and the personalities of individuals."

1. ¿Cuántas inteligencias múltiples dice Gardner que existen?

2. ¿Según Gardner para qué usa la gente estas inteligencias¿
3. ¿Qué tipos de inteligencias menciona?
4. ¿Qué dice respecto a cómo operan estas inteligencias, en conjunto, aisladas, etc?
5. ¿Según el autor, las personas normales poseen una, varias o distintos grados de las
inteligencias nombradas?
6. ¿Qué dice sobre la forma cómo se combinan estas inteligencias?

III. Read the following text and list the verbs , stating their tense. (simple past, simple
present, present continuous or infinitive)

Remember that the most effective way of finding out how well your efforts are
working is to simply ask, "On a scale of 0-10, how much do you feel respected by
me?" If you have created a safe environment, you are likely to get an honest
answer. Then if it is lower than 10, you can ask, "What would help you feel more
respected?" Then you have the specific information you need to improve your
'rating.' I have found that most people are more than willing to express themselves
when asked such a question. And the answers are typically articulate, and often