Questions of faith Watching as the ruler of all protects a land of emptiness. Barren, fallow ground.

Once hallowed, now raped. Battling no one in an open field full of shameful lies. He, unchallenged devours lives. Shamelessly stealing his own life in ignorance. Filling the air with blood, sweat and tears. Striving to destroy all he has worked for all these years. The decaying flesh once pink with life. Flower petals open and wither. Reaching for the sun with their last breath of life. Just like an inmate eating his final meal. Only to be strapped down to die....Why? A little joy, that taste of death. The rattle and a sigh. Such a waste. We dine each day, decaying inside. Never knowing when it will slip away. Each day, every hour, minutes go by. Seconds tick. The planet spins. Live free or serve a God? Be enslaved to injustice. Life is solitude and we all leave alone. Make a choice. On crippled legs we kneel. We crawl alone. Reflections of our inhibitions thrust upon us. Parental control. Or insanity? Our youth is traded cheaply to pay for appearances and greed. We must have more than we need. Much more than we deserve. Bloated on self serving pride. We look down on another race... As they look down on us as well.... Each of us make our own hell. Karma.... We all deserve what we receive in our world. This state of decay in which we betray. One another and ourselves. The starving children help feed the masses.

Rip out your eyes to afford new glasses. Can you find truth in this mist of hypocrisy? The lovely lies, we do love our lies.... Death , cold death . We love to die...... Choose your path now, take a side. Lay to rest your weary bones. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Release your pain, just let it all go.... Hide those fears , don't allow them to show. No one must know, the real you. Break your own bones and scar your face. Look away so that you can hide from what you believe is not within me. Empty prayers uttered to a faceless God. Makes me seek, Satan's dark form. For deep within me anger is born. Resentment.. Why do I not see your hand on me? Do you lie to hide your shame? Point a finger at your own blame. If we deny our God , we burn in hell. Our worthless existence is for sale so cheap. Pain, fear is all you know. The tears that fall , you never show. Hide your love from us. Kill your plans for us. Deny us. As you lost faith in your most lovely angel. Turn your back and walk away. If we don't show what you wish to see. All these questions of faith we seek. Our minds bleed with the effort to fathom. You murdered your own son to pay a debt for the masses. The beggars and cheap whores. Why did you have to forgive them anyway? None of them asked to be born. Sins of the fathers we are left to repay. What if I don't buy a ticket to judgment day? Aren't all the seats filled? Standing room only.

Still here we are. All of us lonely. Questions remain.. Penned in collaboration. Written by Ian Prins with Phil G. Inman Sr.