Oregon Ducks (10-3, 1st Pac-10) As much as this preview hurts me to write I have to get through it and try my best

to not be bias in the process. Oregon started their 2009 season with a tough road game at Boise State, in what honestly shocked me, they were dominated on the Blue 19-8. You might think it was a close game based on the score, but let s look at a few of the stats from the game. Oregon had only 6 first downs and was 1-10 on 3rd down. They only had 152 yards of total offense with 31 rushing yards. Lastly their time-ofpossession was 17:28 compared to 42:32 for BSU. Why am I am making this a point their season started off on a very low point and Chip Kelly looked to already be on the hot-seat. But Oregon finally got their wings flapping and took to flight and didn t look back. They got a close win against Purdue at home and eventual Pac-12 foe Utah before they took to flight. The Ducks soared past a 6th ranked Cal team 42-3, then the coug pups 52-6 (which 6 pts was as stretch for Wulff), defeated UCLA on the road and then traveled to the hostile confines of Husky Stadium. In what started to be a great day, Loeber, Kid, David and Keefe all witnessed the Great Wall of China, some crazy tailgating including a roasted duck, and some beer pong. Things were looking great for Husky fan! You couldn t ask for better weather by the lake .for the Ducks to take flight. The Ducks ran all over the Dawgs out-rushing them 259-129 and the Dawgs had 3 turnovers in the loss 43-19. I ll admit this was the first Husky game I have ever wanted to leave in the 3rd Quarter. Oregon continued their flight against USC with a 27-point victory. Stanford had a different plan the next week. In what was the best match-up of the Pac-10 Stanford upset the Ducks 51-42. Going into the final stretch of the Pac-10 season the Ducks needed to win-out to go to the Rose Bowl. They had an easy win against ASU and a very close win against Arizona to go into the Civil War with the Rose Bowl on the line. In what was honestly one of the greatest Civil War s in recent history the Ducks prevailed and took to the sky for Pasadena. I won t go into what happened in the Rose Bowl other than, the Ducks are still looking for their 1st Rose Bowl Win since their 1917 shutout against Pennsylvania. The 2010 season is looking to be one of the best in recent history for the Ducks however recent issues with the law, Masolli, LaMichael James just to name a couple, and troubles with Academics with two WR being dismissed from the team, the Ducks are asking themselves why? Of the field troubles aside, the Ducks have to take care of business on the field. They open up at home against New Mexico which should be a good tune-up game for their trip to Tennessee. The Ducks will go east to Neyland Stadium on 9-11 and I feel they might want to call 911 to get out of there faster. The Ducks won t be ready for the SEC atmosphere, especially with an unproved QB at the helm. They will have a recovery game against Portland State at home before they start Pac-10 play. The Ducks have a great schedule in that they don t have and two games on the road in a row. They should easily get past Arizona State and Stanford. The WSU game will be a great chance for the team to rest the starters after the first play and give the young guns some playing time. They ll get past UCLA and USC before facing bitter rival Washington. I do think the Ducks will win at home, but it will be a closer game than most people will expect or like in Duck Nation. They will finish the season with wins at Cal and Arizona before the Civil War. Keefe s Pac-10 Game of the Year: The Ducks will go into Corvallis riding high looking ahead to

Pasadena, but leave with a 10-point loss to the Beavers. But because of USC having probation and a bowl-ban, the Ducks will still reach the Rose Bowl, looking for their first win since 1917.