Your machine w.

as an expensive piec,e of equipment 'to pcrchese f and if you take good care ·of itthete is 110 reason why it should not remain in perfect working condition for: all its life.

All maChine knitters should l::eable to ma.intain theicmachines without the .help of husbands or frie.nds~

New k,rlitt,e[s (and e.xperienced, knitt:e,rs ,also,) should spend t.ime out wha't their can do andm:Jt'e imp:)rtant ~ know how and. Why it does it.. This leaasto gteate'r understand.incJ and more int.elligent use ~ It then :follows why .it is soi.mpJrtant to keep y,Q-ur :machine clean and oiled with _periodic checks on all its parts, and a yearly 'spring clean/ •

Page 3 - General Maint-enance notes

Page 6 Spri:ng Cleaning'

page 15 - Special Notes

Page 17 - Cleaning the Ribber

Page 21- Paasap- Spec.ial Instrllctio:ns Page 24- Acce5aQI: ies' :Ma.intenance

Page 26 - 'The Misunders toad. Machi ne II

Page 34

I Dear AUfl.'tyPat'




A. knitting machine is a beaut.iful piece of machinery, evei.ry single minut.e

part, piece, screw,plasti.c and metal is preci5Lon~.bu.iltj oosiq.ned and assembled to give years an..d years of perfect use .•

It standsw reason th.en,that it rnustbe cared f'or, cleaned and· maintained wi tn an intelligent, knowledgeable and. positive approach.

A few· nurartee attenti.on dai.Iy after use, about 5 m.inutes weekly, and once yearly for a thot"'sp.dng c1eant is all you .need. to keep your friend in perfect wo.rking

NOt oolywill it war k. .bet ter, be less prone to minor (and. major} ImCichine .illnesses', .oo.t you will fool .better using it, and get I:!. g.reat. deal In()r6:

PA,S,S,AP and '':DlIOrA 181 ~: before going any further please readtbe notes at the end ·ofthi.$ sectIon and on pages 16 (Toyota 787) and 21 ~ 23 (Passap) .

for punchcard machines can 00 followed - bu;t electroni.c owner 5 must be especially aware that they· must keep thei.1::' machines dlJSt.-free~ Be es:pecially dil igen t in yout da.ily brush ing and keep ing· your machine

completely oovered when not in. use.

Af ter &11 y use, t.ake: a 1 it.Ue brush # tna t sbould always be kept hand.y I and run i·t along the top (ove.[the protection strip) to left and right. and then. brush towa.rds yoo and the fluf:f and dust w·il1 brushoff.

Repea·t . with the r ibbe.( ~

Cove.ryour maohine when not in. use (with a plastic COVEr or a clean cotton


T ~. ..·.0 . _ ...... lri~ - re'" t.idv

~ave :i ur w,-,,- !\, _ _.~ a _"" 'L.. ._ . .l •.


Brush :fl'Qm .!!weft to rigbt:.S!e'V'leral timeiEi.

Bring all needles out to D or E positi.on~ Lift a g.toup of them gElntly

area also. ing bal' o::lII\1?l,etely I( see your ·own manual (Oi[' details) wll ioll. :frees 'the needles slightly.. iNow,afle.rremov ing the p(ioitact ioostrip ~YOllmmeas.ily brusr; tile area beneatbt.he neeOlle,s. CleM tiLe protoction strip and

li>1i·ck··· .- rc ·"·t '", ~: fc"Jl- - I • rr·-t.-- -" s·.t,-·on

~·~a_ e su_e 1, IS 1D II:.l!~e 00. ec E'O_l 1m.

it is co(r€<ct1:y[X)sitianedfortheBooedles at each end - then it will be cor rect for thE) centre ones. r·t is not any 91000, trying; to g1et. the -centre

The Brother e1ectronic machines have a line at itlleend to show yau where it should 00 plaoed,.

If J110u nnath<;lJt the is inclined tornove, plaC'E! a tiny pLace of bllle tacko( ,oouble-sided sellotape uooer each end ~

Repla.ceth.e reta.i.n.if~t:31 100.1:' wh.en the cliLeaning is comp1et~ I( 13}1

wlipe the back metal r a Ll, (on wh Ich the cam box slides) withl::issu.e" Siever.:.1

tlliSI or you. 'will 'get ollyf.il1g:ers or work~

Wipe with clean tissue ·the front pa.rt of the ood, on which. the, front. part

of the cam ibex ruas, then wipewitb oily (.ag (again, sparingly) ~ R~;peitt wi til r ibOO.r: ~

'T\lrn it upside down, and. with your second (dirty) br'ush,' thoroug:hl'j' brush

out; all the, dus t and fluff ~

Press. the,pet.tterning buttons or knobs and where they OOV'9'" put 000 drop of

oil on the joint. wipe over the clean rag to ,remove any excess ,of oil,

then wipe wi th lightly oUed rag'.

Clean t:he IonS! oharm.el at the back thorougbly, then oil with oily rag.

"I'Ult:!E'.'n.;, ,E';~'.

The same lflStruc'tions, apply, except-your needles will not -li.ft I up to

brush oonea,'tiI ~ Take care to orushoot, all the channels into which the

yeu can brush your machine as above instructions, but 00 :NOl' OIL~ See the

notes on page 16 regarding: your machine, before you start ~

The cam :oox of the lace carriage ,LS treated in the same way as the cam. box

Sinker plerte ,_ remove one wbite brush at a time, clean beneath it as

wit.h main bed smker plate'.

Hold the sinker plate in one hand, and with your other hand slide the wool teed backwards and .fo.rwards,.On it you will see three grooved metal

.iCollers, one in front and two behird, Clean the rail on whicb these

.['oller,s run and lightly oil.

Now eXa'lI.LIle the thr'ee' metal rollers themselves. They do get very clogged

lJP with yarn and dirt and need regular attention. pick out; the yarn and dirt gently until it is all clean, and lightly oil ins idetJ'le grooves.

This is a most important task - for you can. see the grooves are only very

small, and if yarn and dirt are allowed to build up here , it will cause eventual distortion and Imi tting will l::eoomeimp::>ssible ~




Pinel. a f,ew hours atE:!. stretch, as it 1:S JIJIU.cbi oot.iter to 00 the jiob all in on€! go" than in shor t, bur st.s ~

You need to collect up all the itemsyQ'IlJi wililleoo :befoi.lbe you start I nothing is worse than b:alliling te run a[:~mnd for: things, and waStingi valuable ti.l1ne.,

Th,e first list is really for replalOemsWllt pil!rts that. yOU! nru:st dlac:t ~ ,SOO'ie yru will C'e(tainly need" others y;au may not ~

.All tnese instructions are 'g~neral~ .For specialootes an types o.f I plea.~ referoo,the ,ooibeson pages 15, 16 &: .21. ''lfMlD\ 7fJl, p]Lea~e: see notes .oofolJle you. ,start.~

,~ .LI8r 0Ir. rDIII) you may ,need fO,t' ,(eplao~nt Needle'OOct,io.l:l ,sitr ip ~ main .bed

~ ribber

Replacement ooedl€!s (you shouldal~ys k.eep ~are8 frQ'l'l the ench~ of the ,bad irrle.f in.i~elyl )1

Roun.d brushes (,u:nders linker plate}

P fao:r:La years {under ainker plate) PJLash,c discs (K:nitimaSter, under sinter p.l.a.tJe) Screws f'O'r: r01JiOO, brushes

Tension wires

NyllLoll, eord

'mmlW. .r.rsr - i00mi5 'to be: 'g, fiortne Sp:dng Cleani~. Apron for you to wear

Ne:ws:pape[ or Ch.l£ t sooet 00 gQ,lJDj'jeI :ll!Iaohioo and, ,around ·~atrea you are working (you do not wa~t. oU .and di.rty .fltDIff on yourcarpet.J'




P le:nt.y o.t to!UettisSllJs

Whit€l~idt or slIJrg ical spir i it. ~see oo,tes on spir it I .page .IS 13cl~1 of .bot oo~ water

Bowl Q,fcliean hot water

Two receptacles f'c~,t soak iog the needles ~ 'one maE' kied ' .ins.ide ~ I( £o.rthe l1eool@sfram the cent.t@ par. t. oftne 000) and the other marked II outs.ide' II tfoir the ooed.tes f.rom the ends c,t: the ood)


!Larg,~ bag for rubbish

A needle with a broken."'"'oif latch

Sewing machine oil (in a prope.r can, not in.thG! H.ttle I:ott:les that came wi th your machine I that should have been. used up years ag,o~ See notes 00 oil, )?iigie 15

Vasel:tne (Kni:timsoor onlyJI

2 small ,c1€lanlng brusibes- 91000 quality paint brushes are ideal ~ ()nemarked

~ clean 'I .andthe other [nil[ ked I. dit:ty II

Vacuwnc:leMer with nou; 1e a,ttachment (it' .a;.Jailahle) Pas i -d)r i VEl! scre;'o«1r i vier

Ordinary ocrer",rlrive.r



P Liars (Passap)

Your own instruct-ion

aru:i, JIlIOst IDm.f?O[ tan't of all ~


1. WOrk on main tied :f if st

Cover ribber 'lJP completely - you do not want, extra d.ust, etc" drowing' on it.

CO!l?letely rEllOC'iVe the-retaining bar (see your instructiOl:i manual) RemoVE! .ALL THE .NEEDLES

(DOnS t forget ~ latch closed to remove needlLe' and la open to return i t) Put. app.['ox.imately'8,O needles frOID, the inoothe spirit-filled ceatamer marked ~ inside iandthe rest frameither end the one marked *outslde~. 00 not thrOW' them in all h.i991edy--p.iggledy - if they are all put in the same way round ~ it is eas i.ert.o .[e:EJl(l!!ile them la.ter ~

Take a 10()k at earn needle as you. remove Lt.,

If .it Iooks .sligbtl.y rent or I more likely" i,f the latcb .is stif,f, too loose or bent" throw .it, r ight away ~ Do not try'and repair it, this usually causes all sorts ,of problems and is false econ.omy~

:2. RellfiOve Mdthrow away, unless it is nearly new, your needle protecb,oo strip~

3 ~Pu t into the soapy wate.[' ~ alll,,'ll,ashable plastic a.coessories I 1. e.the t[ ans f{:l [ tools, rulers I yarnsepa,[' ators " ,punch cerd cl ips t uy Ion cord r in. fact iIll,yth ing the t is loose m:ul washable. 001' " please "the entire cam 00:( I sinker plate ,poin t cams, etc.

oon'l t forget the lid and clean it .both inside and outside~

4~ With the brush marked ~cleant,. thorO'tJ.ghly brush thea.rea where the ~eOOles we.(e.

If you have a vacuum, cleaner with at tachioon t, now is th.e time to get as much fluff ·out. from tni.aarea as you can.

5 ~ With ple.n:t;y .of tOilet tissue f wipE! the metal runner at the ,back of tbe bed I th.oroughly, again and again, until the tissues are no longer getting' dirty ~ .Also, with rags, rub allover the metalpa,tt of the bed" until it is really clean..


Now, look frem one end ,of yourmacbineto the other th.toughthe long channel where you took out the retaining bar.

It is best 'bel look towards the end. Were the brigh.test light, is.

It is doubtful if you can see straight through, and, thisbloc.kage is caused. by dirty 1 oily fluff reinguappe::1 there 0;

Take your needle with the broken latch., and ,put it through the gaps of the channels on the top of the bed, and hoo.k out, piece by piecer all ,this jammed-in fluff +

This job can tak.e a long 'tiXllile.r and you mus t 90 on" until you. can see daylight through this long channel, ana, no s,igne of fluff a,t all. Somet,imes, the fluff Ls so tightly' packed in, you havebO lever it out, by bit,. I have known, of machines, where ,this preseed-In dirt was so bad, we could IlO't even remove the needles from the bed.

When you are quite happy tha,t it is completey cleen and only then" is this jOi) done- no half measures now - perseverance is needed",

Evety nOW' and aga,in,Wb.ils.t~ working, give the needles ill the containers a good shake, this hel,ps to dIslodge the eli rt ~

~ i tn a hot soapy r a9 , clean all the plastic parts of the bed. If you are a . s.m.:> ~ the pl.astic goes a bi.tyellow - give i;t an extra bard .rub. Rll'lSe w'ith wet rag, dry and. buff up ~

Dcln' t forget to clean the row counter.

Rinse and dry the tools soaking in the soapy wa'ter '.

With an o.i1y ,rag, wipe the metal oor at the ba,ck of the bed, also wipe,wltil olly ,tag 'the flat bed on wh.ich the runners of the cam, box go~

'PE!PASE .tIlJ.'E,: I did···aayw'ith an any rag _, and NJT ,by t.ipping the oil fI'atl the can, stra.ightooto "the· machine 0,

..... '




,All makes and models of the Japanese machines have di,ffe1:ent brushes, gears etc for t.heir' sinker plates ~ Instructions here are gener'al ~



Examine your S ink'et" plat:.e and. see the types of brushes I gear s ,etc, needed for your make '.

spin the round brushes around, and they should rota~ .freely and easily. LOOk at the tl:l.ickness and even-ness of th,eir br:isties+

LOOk to see what type of screws are in these brushes and gears.,

If brushes do not :spin freely' i.t probably means there is yarn or fluff w"lde.r them ~

Look again to8ee what type of screw is holding the brush, and. use the ,approp:( ialte SCI ew dr Iver ~

If you have removed these brushes f['equ.entl.y (as you should have done), you wi 11 have no problems, butUthey have never been IeJJ'DO'Vec), befa,re, they can 00 ve.ry stiff.

Always work on one brush, one sideata t.ime, being ve.(y careful to keep the order of the 'washers I etc ~ correct I and. to return 'the bruSh the oorrece way up. TO rema,ve screws" rest :the s.inkie.c pla:te on. a firm. flat sur face, e . 9 ~ theoo,[,ller:of ,a s tro:ng table" and with the dti vet: " loosen wi thaflon clicking t pr'essing down act.ton,

If disa:ste( occm;sand you gnarl up the scress, don r·t panic, new ones can alway,s be obtained, and 'that is why i.t 15 a good plan to g:el't these spares before you start the cleaning~

One o,f the reasons 'these screws ,become so difficult to remove, is that bi:1:s of yarn and fluff accumulate beneath the screw, causing pressure and i:t becomes more aoomore difficult to, undo tb.em. It La amazing the amount of yarn and fluff tba.t ge'tstrapped beneaeh these brushes ~ Regular ren:\Oving and cihecking is essential.

oamagec1 brushes f gears and discs cause I:rIal1Y pr oblems with looping at the side of the .knitting and causing dropped stitohes,split wool, etG~

Examine the round br usnes ,and if bits of br is tle stick ouc, it .:m~Slbt be posstbre '00 trim them with sharp scassors , If the br1stle is bent or


coming out, .replacewith a new brush and do not tr,Y flrsi't, tt's not

wortb it~ Neve"t:: pull the br.istles,.

When t.he brush is off, clean away all the wool and 9OOge.r and clean the

area under the b:.cushthorougblYf and wipe with ci.Iy [',ag,.

Again" to repeat, when retnrntnq the brushes, do be careful they are the

00;[' reet way up I one way is concave and. one is convex I and do remeffib;er i'

always., one side at a tIme, then, you cannot get. into a muddle and replace

the washers, etc in the wrong order,

, -

~itmast~;~ .... discs should be replaced at- least yearly"mo,ceoften if 'the machine is used a great deal. They should! always be flat and smooth - not, curled at the edges and tor:n~

The 'gears are round plas.tic ,an,d have little teeth~

If any of these are

broken, replace with .:I, new gear4

weaving brushes - these may also be removed to check for wool, etc",icllat

may have become caugbt beneath them~ SUpp:::Irt the brusn by putt,ing your fingers beneath the brush, with your thumb on top of the sinker plate as you undo 'the sct:'ew~ Th-ey are quite, fiddlyto [ep.lace~

FOr Jones weavin.g brushes" be careful., SCIll."le modiels have a tiny washer that

is easily Iost', Clean thoroughly .beneaththe brush and replace t being

car'e,fulto replace the brush the correct way up,

There are various other brushes in the sinker plate, that. ra:['ely need

rep1acl.J19., It is not ad.visable to remove these~ as you need. special bools

and special knowledge. Just clean them thorou.ghly.

Should 'they need repla.clng.~ then take the complete sinker plate to your

deale rfor advice. .

n.b.When ordering round. brushes, plastic gears, etc, ,always quote the make

of jI'OU( machine and its ;lliIOdel numbe,r I e,.g. Jones .8,81,; Kni'tmas,ber 100 etc~

Make sure you clean the sinker pla:te, allover.

Also check tha;t there is no I roughness i at: the edge o:f the sinke.r pIa be 1

L,e , the eclge tha.t goes along in front o,f the sinks:!: posbs, This can cause


all sorts of problems with loops, catdl.ingthe, yarn, damaging it ,etc. If l't does feel rough, ,[,ub with the finest eme.ry cloth you can. get,.

7. (M..IJ)X

Take your ' dir'ty I brush, ana in a good 1 ight, br usn all over the underside" brushing off and extracting all par-ticles of dust. ,andfl uff ~

Knitmaster 321 u!Mards: you 4 'cogs" .2 ,on each side ~ These must also sp.m freely~ If they do not., it usually :means. th,ey are caught up by' pieces of yarn or evena. fine hair ~ Look at the actual cogs in strong Liqht., and you will see the offending hair or yarn~

It must be extracted carefully and slowly 'to prevent damaging 'the cogs,~ Take the tweezers and gently f gently I millime,tre' by millimetre j remove the o:ffen.der ~ If the 0095 still do not spfn freely, and you ,are sure that. there i.s nothing obstruc,tingthem, you must take the cam box to a knitting machine mechanic, and let him fix it for you - else you wi.ll noti be ahle to 00 the pat'terning, and probably make the pt:',oblE!111 war,se.

an SOOl.e cam, boxes, if you li.ft the handle, part of the cam box lifts up, and. you can ,get a thin bruSh inside and ,clean off the, fluff and dLlst~

LOOk at the underside of the cam box ag,ain, and by pre.ssingthe buttons and levers on. the top. side, you can note which metal parts move" and whersthe f joints I are ~ These ,are the parts bha.t need oiling o.

usa one drop of . oil on. each movable part, then wipe the whole of the oott,om of the cam.oox wi tha. clean I:: 6081 ,; wiping off any excess ~ Please fiobe I ttl is is the Sl:n1Y time you are permitted to oil st.raight from the can, at. all othe[ times t it must bai· cone wi th.a. o·ily .tag ~

a ~ lllICK "1'0 '.I1IE tmmIjp.S:

RemOve each needle from the spirit-filled containers; and individually wipe each needle with a clean rag.

Youmus"t not bet,empted. to do clumps of nesa.les toge ther t they I'l'IIlS teach have your attention.




We ,hav,e used o,[dinat:'y' wbite spirit ,00 machinesfo,( many years, ,and withou:t any pfoblems. scme peopl,e prefer to 'Use surgical spirit, and, PasBap reiOOJll1lelld nine parts sut:'gical ,and one par,t 'oil for cleaning their maon.ines.



Any Sl!}!l]NJ MaUNE OIL .is satisfacto,ry., w&w not advise the use of ,any other type nor do we reoamnend the 'fspray' oils a't all~

Baby oil Is SOIlle'times used, but we 00 not use i.tourselves.

Grease should never be used.


on the back of 'the machine ,abo'vethe rail, is the ' car-d rotating' trip ~ Look at .it and press i't up.,

Look at, the cam ooxat the back. and ,Dote the metal part, wbich movestllis trip.

Put a lit'tl.e vaseline on the'~t of the t[ip tl.iat: OJmeS, into .contactwi'th the metal ,per't of 'the cam 00][.

Knitmasber 323 ,and machines manufactured after thisrnmiber; At, either end of your main bed, is a 'I rubber' end·.

ibe'SE! are used in conjl.lnCtion with the pat,terning oogs~

If they haVe beoome d.istal'ted or damaged, they must be I'eplaOEi!d, QI' you will get. Inoor reet ~

321 and sane· ear'ly 323 JIOdels, have 'metal ends' instead of ones and these must be n~placed, if necessary, by almi.tting mach.ine mechani.a.


,JDmS, .~ IlIIlIIfER FW1~ car,a machines

NQite tile belt at: 'me back: tila.t sl,id'es. ba.akwal'ds ,aM farwar,ds, when you ate pa.teerning (using the change knob an .iKe) A

Ta~e a singletr,ansfi~.r tool and insert one ,of tb..eobJong tlOle1S" and bring 'we 001 iii:. 1IDo.r'Wi:ll.t:d ,aoout ,00,9 and a half Inehes ,

Takea,small p.Lece (yf clean rag, wr'a)? it. around the, belt; and gen.tly pull 'till;:)' bel tooth€! [igihl,t, and it will s,l~oo through the cllLotb ~

Do this ,ge:ntlypul1ingtt&.e :001 t., genUy I all the way round.

fmpeat ~J:ltH clean.

Repeat, wi t!ll an ,oily [ag.

REml~( - 00' gentle, wi th th.e belt.


TilE!' oos,ic ill$Uuct ions for c:iean,in.g your Tinael::lim, L .e ~ ,th~ .needles j cue tile fluff fran under 'the' retaining OO.r" c:1eaning aU the plastic parts. applyw your machine ~ but ,me instructi:on for fue oiling ro'NOf APPL.Y ~ ~ad .y,oIJJIIWOUJal 00ld ,car,eful1yfo,1]owth.e inst[uctio.ns".

'lUllS, IS KST ~ as .bensa.tb .yoilli[' main. bed, ar,e many, many patte,rnin:g plates ~ If you. allowed 1 to. dr ip ootothese , the pla.oos I:JeoCJJne stuck together and tbepa.t:te.ming will malfunct;,icm and. you are in ;troOOiLe .•


Lay them on a cle'anrag or tissue (keeping the inside and outside cnes sr=parate) •

'llben take an oily rag, and again~ individually, wipe each needle, from butt ,and down the stem to the oottom end (not the latch end).

Return them to tne machine pu tti.ngtbe ~ Ins ide! needles to the outs ides of the machine and. the ! outadde ~ needlesta the ceo tre • Leave in D or E poslt.ioo, then. gently press the bu:tt oomwards and, bad<wa:cds to return to .'Apositlon.



Clean metal pa.ct" then wipe with oily rag~ .Return it into the machine.

This is very easy to do, and it goes over the needles.

sometimes it is necessary to hold OO\llil1, w'itl:l you.r hand as the bar slioos, over them,.


These should all De standing in army st:raigbt line fashion. If you note one leans over a bit i't must be straightened.

wrap the sinkecpost around with a piece 'Of ragt,o protect it, and. with the pliers, gently straighten it.

11. 'BIE Bal'

This should 00 absolutely Hat.

sometimes it can became d.ented t by drawing sQlIIeth ing on it, or for cing the can:iage across when Jammed •.

If it is badly dented.. it should really .00 I'~paired by a knit,tin9 machine mecnanfc .. but it Ls p:!ss.ible for you to improve the situa.tion if it is not too bad.

Gently .raise the dented part with a rag cO'versa screw driver and try and straighten out the dent. This must be done with extreme care.

Then, wit.h very .Une eme~ypa,rper ,g'enHy s.m::H)th rut any edges.

BOO. d~n.ts r~sual1y mean ca:relelss .and rough use c,f tll.~€: - lde:rrts can 00 avcdded,

12. ~ ARMJ~JllMY

RelT!c>ve, ckean with spirit [agtil1e metal parts •.

took arOIDJC1 the nTOvablet.ensiondiiscs and see if they are ,coroplebely free of dust, fluff, bits of yarn and buHt:""lup wax that oocomesstuck. 00 the disc~ or: the '~iS:H;.e side.

Extract gently if My y,a,(n is tJl];e,e~ twee21e:I;sare ,best for this and then rub away .any built-t)p wax~

If your dli.scs have metal surfaces .tubbing on ,olther ~ ~pa[i,ngly wipe with. oilyr ag . Not. of eour se wnerethe yarn goestlu:ougn.

13. 'l1I6lCB .~

Tnese· 00 neear ~pla.c ittg af te-t' awhi l~, and if your rnachin,g is a. fll:\!l )'l'iilaI5 olCl,they do need changing.

Jones, '1'I0!yota and Rassap ate eas.y· •

. Knibi\aSoor has a tiny ~c[ew that has to> be :["~voo and repLaJa~a~


OOfl!tforg~l't to give ·them a clean, and then wipe: spa.ringly with an. oily {agl.

15. Nob:!: m ~t:ma_s,te[ ,aH:1! Jones RlEC'l1O{[C ~ ,tJruly 198:5)1

The elect.r-ioal part.s for these are ooneath the plast.ic C(1sing at the back of the IiIil'ach Ines, On no' accooot should you .~.ttempt to open. th is, or t.t:·y €illy electdcal "repai.r s" yourself .. ·

ftler,e are no €:.t~ctr ileal pa[ts beneeth the front part.ollEthe machine· .!1ear the The Janes 910 does hav,e .9" long, strip 0'[ foam going (rrurn on.@@lIld to the other beneaeh the lOed.


All the instructions fOI the maiLn bed apply for the cleaning o,f the ril:ter.

COver up your now lovely clean, main bed,

RemOve 'the retaining bar of the .ribbe:r and, con.,tinue In exactly the same' way as for the main .bed.

Give y~rself abou't a quarter of the ti~ neededf'or the :main bed~

Wtl~lst e'xamining the· wool feed l ribber , plate) look beneath. it and check 'to mak:e sure there are no rougb edges or ' .burrs I' on, the metal edges~


These can cause dro:r;tt:?ed sts at the beginning 0,11: a. [OW, and, also

-"- .-

Take a. very fine rubbing down paper or emery board, and,very gently" file


When this job is done j now is the time to look ;a,ttbe adjustment of your

ribber.Ilm sure you will a_ppreciate it is iDp:>ssible to list the individual


instructions for each make and JOOdel machine, so the! ins:tructi,o:ns here are


general •

"lheMeel:!!!!J of _the .Sinke'r Posts

Put your half pitch lever (P and H) onto P.

Look at the sInker pests of theIDain ,bed and the r iibber • They should be direc:!'l;ly oppOsite one another ~

Yoo could put 'the H.P. lever' to IHI ,then the sinker posts should be evenly

alte:r:nating ~

If these posts meet on 'P·o.r alterna.teevooly on IH' your ribber adjustment is eorrect., but if it is slightly ir.regular, adjustment .is

Release the side camsorreinfo.rcing arms.


Release the two screws (00,[, .ribber to main :bed) sligbtly~Nowl hOlding the ['ibl:erwitb both hands att:he bot,tom, slightly movei:he ribber 'to get the sinker posts correccly lined up, at the same time, :press the

ribber in towards the lIliain bed .•


Tighten up the SCE'elriS gradually (Le. tighten. the left sli.ghtly, then the


right, corne back to the left and tighten" then the light)~,

Replaa:: the side~up cam or Ieinfo.rci.l1g arm.. Check again. If not hapPY', repeat t.he process ~

This is ,nearly alway.s all that, is necessa.rY' to be done~ oocasicmal1¥,the: ribber can be ,80 ou.t of ,aligrJllel1t,tna:t a. li,ttlellllOre ,adjustment is.

necessary., Should this be so, you ate really bes't advised to cantact your nearest knitting machine mechanic who speoialiSes -in your make of ma.chine~

This is important, to give correct ribbing, and, in par:ticula[.~ tuck rib~

Again, mo:iel is slig:btly differ,ent,and these instructions are general.

,Bring about 1Q needLes at left. side of main bed out to holding positlon..

Bring Iibbe,[' bed up~

Insert, a punch card beneath, the needles and ooV'e the card from side to


and ,ribber sinker pos,ts an, your punch eard,

Ie f .•. ' .. ' ,::i, ' .. t' fee.l th '6.1 n"e.s'''''·[''' ~ ·the, "'nl--1;..''''''9· ~n L S too ide

'. _ you uO 110 -ee 1, 1;"'" ;;;0,.,,,,, I __ <;iL_ 'I.d!~"" . ~ I,. _ W,,_ .'

If 'the punch card cannot move easily between needles and sinker p:.ists" then

the gap is too narrow.

In ei.the.r case, the :rlbber hsigbt needs adjustment.


booklet I aac.lear and. illustrated ins:tructions are on B2B2 .of .!!oiarywea:rier I 5

.t.ook called I'l'.he Ribbing A ttachm::n t t Part II!' and. are veI"fl easy to follow. Mary :weaver has k.1ndly gi ven me perm.issl.on to bell you of these instruct.1orlS, and I cannot let. qpportunity pass without thanking her

for the excellence .of her books on the ribber ~ I.f you. 00 not '0\\Im. them I would heart.i1y rec.owmnend, them. They are the IBible~ of the ritiler knitter ~



KnibDaster SRP50

BefOI'e you start, make sure

a) t;h,e (blue,) pile levers are up

b} the ,main bad is sit,ting correctly in the ribber clamps. These clamps

can .become displaced in use, and rnus,t be fully bac,k~

c) if adjustment is needed, you need. a 7 n:m spanner

d) make' sure the' close knit bar is not in the machine.

Look at, the rever'se side, oftlle r i.bber: from. the back (you, have to get. [' i.ght d'own on the floor t under the machine) '.

WO.I': k oncne end at a, time ~

You will see 'biro nuts, one above the other on 'the arm btacket. LOOsen, off the lower nut slightly.

By the side, o,t these nuts is an adjusting lever.

This lev'elCgoos,upto heighten the, ribber I aJlfj, low!' to ~r the ribber ~ Adjust ,as required~

Tighten up the nut (do not over- tighten I 0,[' you will • str ip t them). Check height. ag,ain with the card, to ensure the adjustmen:t is corceet , Repeat the process 00 the other ,end of the, ibl:lel' bed,

As enother check, hold the swing .handile, and. l:'IDVe ther Iboer I:la.ckwards and. forwards a. few t.imes to make sure the rU:ber is not-now too

If it is I the :needles out in D position will hit the sinker posts of the .r: ibber • If thi.s is happening, r'e-adj ust.

Jones IR 830& .6 850

Again these instructions, are general ~

The ~maeting of the sinker posts I instnlC,tions are 'the ~ as for the ,Kni tmaste(.. .

Height of Rfr.beJ:' Bed, - .IR 830

This is t to giv'e CO, recc ribbing 1 and. in par ticular fO,t' the tuck rU:.IS,~ Again, each m::xlel is slightly different ~ and these instr'uctions are general.


BE: i,ng a001l t 10 noodl,es at. ei th~.r side of main ted '01:l.too J;.'iOSit.ton. I'nserttfie oopdl Orr a r ihber claw-typE:!: wight h~[ beneath them. aillId mn<v>e' it :tErc.m. sidew side. yrQU sbotlild feel ,91 ];,ghit 'prie5SU[r!3 I ,of the ilJ!llders.Lde of the main bed needles and Ii~r sin.KE![ pos'ts ,00 tI:l.e claw-type we.ight.

If you do not :ffi~l tn,is p.t:'E!ssu.l'rE! t 'th€!nt!b.e gap is boo wide.

If the claw .... type Wlgih:t cannot ~ooveeasil "i between and si~Q[ pos,ts" t.he'n the g:t1lIP Is bOO .narrow~

Eith~( waJy .is, incor,!::'eC:t " ana, tt1,e, heig~t. ~s ad:j u&tmmlt.~ Make'sur.E'!we It::!ed i.ssit. t.ingoQ.rrectly in its c:lmnps ~ Let, ~. :t:!h.e[~I one ,s:tep~

LOOk, down. between the beds, at the oock oftfJe rLbber" and bridle sioo ,of a Ii t:tle bar oalled the I ~,ig:h:t adj tlistor'" is a nut.

LOOs~n t!he nuts slightly, with tiie ,Jones spanner, supplied: with the ri~I. ru t ~ :the r it:.lber ~

Byooving up or down the height;,OOijustors, you ,can giet the ,oo.r[ec~

Let d~ the; one smp,. Tighten the nuts~ r.U:t the ribt:.1er IIp

again., and ctleckthe adj,us~t+ If incorrect, adjust again~


!The instroct.ionsfo:rtfle adjustment oftn€) height istfue same as fo[' the KR830, rexcept. use tfJ.edeptb, of .?. ciaw-typeweights, ~

'llh:ese ribber adj us tme:nt ins t.r uctionsshou:ld be suff Ic ioot to give you accurate .k:nii'tting. ~~er j if f'u(theroota.ilOOI ins'tructions a!f,e requirOO.~ they may 00 ootai[led from. rJ,()nes,+~['ot:heI::'~.



TheprCloCOOure for thi,swk: is simiLa.r to the iootruct.ionsalt'eady given, for~e ,Japanese machines,.

~['e a~~ s:pecial precrru t.ions you mustta~e in connect.ton with, 'the removal (,f tlIeneedJes.

ftle it:.em:sstar red in the gener 011 list, are not needed. for yOll ~

Exa,a ib!!E, .~;Strong pl,ie,rs;

Passap ~l,es and pusners;

BLac:k~ pinlk. or 'Qrange stri~[5 and blade's might be ne~oo; paseS{? ,oil or sewing .maChine oil.

work on one bed at a time, cover i.ngl up the 000' you are rl.()tcleaning. ~ve tine 2: or 4 oo,lour changer fr(iiJJl!tl1:e ,ba;ciJ:i;;,(::OO ~

MOst oolour changer,s have little whiite· cardboard ~ spacers II be'tweeo them ~ the machine, whichhav,e been placed. to ensure t::he oon:ectfllthng., 00 .be' 'v!If!ry ,careful tna t you I1etu rn these, La tel' n;OO.Iel ,coliLour ,C'hangersha~,e adheai:ve ,backing' to th.ese spGce.r.s, so this prooliLem o.f losing: them. dOes not



.... '

T!lElfroot colour changer rail DElOO not be removOO~ Rero.oVi! reta,ining OOJt' COfL'\P'leitely~

When you. come to r:ema:!iling the neediILes, you. moot. 00 \Im¥:, WRY' careful • Examine each need1ebefoi[,e you. .rleillOl\l'e it.

If the, hOOk. or .lat.dh are OO!rnagisd in any wa.y, thetnp (head) of the needle nwst .00 chopped off f .be:.fIQice attempting to remove it fr'Cintfue 00d .•'lestne ts $li'gh tly bent. ". s.cmeti.Jliles it can be, bent so tliIat it OOt 1:5 right l1lrld~r the book .•

1.f, :when you examine:tb.e head of the needle, you carmot .feelthe hook: at




.all, then all is well. If you fee-lUte boo.k, tha·t means the is ,damaged, and the needle head. mLl~t be I'eroov.ed .•

TO· remove the bead of a. needle, take the strong pliers, and. snap' a,ffthe head firmly. Be careful the snapped off piece does not fly in yOUl" eye., or .fall into the machine. Seenobes IlHOw ~O[Efn(Jve and replace", p~2l;.

When all the· needles are removed,yoo can .now· the channels a good brush out., uSing the· v'acuWlil cl€aner attacl:)ment., and your clean brush,

This dust, flLlff., etc has to go somewhere if it is not. cleaned .and brushed away regula,rly,and the maln place .iLtgoes, .is into the coile(} .spring ment toned above ~ The:r:efore you. can see why it i8S0 'very :imp::>.rtantfat you. to brush these channels always afte[· ever.Y use.

,. ux::BS

.FO'l' the ~spring~clean.1 taJIc.e real, care to get into all ·the crevices and do not skimp~ Then take an o.ily rag ,and wipe the loclall ovel'., mis. sounds easy,· but to do the job proped.y, it tim.:!~

Remove them ,all., and trea.tas needles .•

l?1Jstlerssh.ould not be over-oUed, but. they' t not beoome dry ~

Please remember, pI.lsoors are supposed to 00 1 bent' - do not try and straighten them.

Look at the channels on' side wnerethe :needle goes In, and you. will probably see tha.t there is congealed dirt on allot t:hem~ Take a spdr it~soak!ed r ag I at:' pipe cleaner , and rub until ·the dirt. is removed ~




See instructions for Kni tmaswc radar.

'The'se can. ceccae rough and even have a nick out of the mov"able 'blade'. It

is sometimes p:J5sible to smooth 'these dom with fine .glass paper: I but

'~laoe if very bad,

tt1e black .strippers can have their removable blades [apIa,cad if neoes.s:ar~l.

'llhe instructions on. page 3 apply to you. - followtn.em. carefully.

It Ls absolutely essential that ,after every use, you. brush the beds to

results in the coiled 8pl"lng' ~letely jMmed up' with this dirt, and before long" your machine will be in tlro:uible.


Passap have kindly g:1 ven :pe,t'lA'Iiss ion for us to repr int from their Newsletter

No.4 this excelLent article below, for which 'we thank them.

!]!he Passap .DUOmat.ic has a long sp:t:'ing trunning the length of' each. bed, to

retain the needles in ,position while you are kni t,ting ~ It is hidden under

the maio rail (the upper rail} whi:ch can only be, removed after you have

loosed a ser lea of nuts unde,( the ,I:::w::d. The spring normally becomes dmnag:ed

only if you .faU to follow the manufactu.rer j ,5 mscructaona forE:KCHAN3iING


~, (from sarial NbS. 634001 onwards - for earlier ,rno.ials consul tyour s toc,}

You will need the following tools and, pat'ts:- 1 Brake ,SP,[ ing 0925212

1 Special Box (o.r SOCket) spanner - 5~5 iI1Tl for Dt.:lOma;tic: 80 (green ,and 'white lock} o.r 6.0 D'm for Dl.lOmatic 5 (pink and g.rey lock)

1 pai.r of pliers ~

1. Remove the masts" t.ension arms, tension wi.res, orothet'

atta.chments sooh as farm Complter, etc.

2 ~ RemoveileCO and Goloorc:t:tange.[ extens,ion. pIa ties ~ J.. Remo,vE! the ,ed,g,e sp.r ings and. both locks (carr iag'es)

4 ~Turn that; acking, hanOileto tr anspor t positlon (. 'th,is is when bOth beds are liued up)

5 ~ Remove 'the rackin.g handle

6. Remove the needle .rail (sometimes called retaining bar)

RemOve the G cla:q:;s uOOe.r the bed. and r,emove thema.chine .fran its stand. TUrn the .machine upsioo down and plaee it. on table, bench or a couple, of cnafrs ~ YOU 00 ablato see the nuts securing-the main rail (the upper rail as you look at 'the .bed notmally) through a line of large holes CUlt in.'to a. plate on 'the urndersideo,f each bee] ~ There are 9 holes with a nut. visible thro~, eam ~ Thesear:e the ones you will have to loosen before you, can slide oUthe main ,rail Bill' there are 2 m::)(enu.ts, one each loca.ted in line wi.ththe others but on the side pla:tes, you "must also loosen ~ I f you have a. four colour changer fit. ted, the nut wi 11 have been .replaced by a rouoothreadoo barrel. This .basto be remc>voo aM,Hyou should fim a small nut under the barrel you should also remove this and. DISCMD IT~

.NOW, loosen all the nuts previously referred to, using -the: long h.and.lOO .!:ox SParlJlE![", .by aneta one .and a half turns _, Bl1l' .00 NOT .REMOVE 'mEM, .ENTIRELY.

'You can now turn the .l!!'Ilachine :right. way up and slide off the main' .ra,il, revealing the damaged spring lying in its channel. Removetne damagea ~dng ,and discard Lt., Clean out any di.rt in the empty channel.

.... '

YOU will see that one, end of the has a, small eyelet. Put this end into the slot in the recess on the right hand sid.e pla'te as you look at the bed and ,hold it in place whil'E! youbl:Y more o.f the spring into 'the channe1.. Still. holding the eyelet, start. to slide on the main unt.i.l it has just covered the eye-l'et end by about In ~ You will see some dark: metal lLl9s at mtervala (these are the s,tuds on. which you have already loosened the nu,ts under the bed.) ,and you may have to ease them towards you so tha't 'they slot into the rna.:i.n r ailwbile you co:ntin'lllE!' 'to push the main rail right alcng: 'the bed. You will almost certainly find. that this slightly stretcllesthe spring but you can eas.ily cut off '!:he surplus (with the pliers) but first make sure' that there are a, few coils of the spring in the reroai.rdng channel in the sidiS plate.

In. order to mak,e sure 'that t:helll'lain rail has been slid exactly into posd.t.icn you can use the 4 colour changer ex:tensi.on pla,tes as a guide., Pllsh 'the app.(op.r .late plate, ,depending on whether you are e,xchanging a spring on the back bed or the' front bed, so that it butts up to .the machine, and then pu,sh the main rail al,ong until it fits closely to the extension plate. Now ,you can re-t.ighten all the nuts on the bed, remembering to repl.ace the round barrel for the colour changer fitting.. The barrel has a screw ,slot at one end. Tighten the oarrel, with a screwdrive.r. Replace the needle rail (retaining bar). :Replace on, tile stand and refix the damps •

..... '


.!.he .Ileoolesare v>e:ry ,easy 00 change ontlle Pass~ Duomati:c bJ.t you. mJ!Jst ~olJll:ow 't~e corr~C't preeedure er you ,may damage yom: brakJe spI'ing, inr'!i101Vlng yoorself .in some qu.ite unnecessary work~

The needle's are kept in. !?Os itiCin. b¥ .tl!i is long coiled ,sp,ring, as oeser ibed ,abov,e ~ P[ act.1call,y tile only way tJ::I1S SE;lt' ingcan, be dmmagied is if either the needle latch or 'the hook.ed @ooo, of a broken needle is allowed to snag In it: ~ and this can only h.a~nwhen a neooJILe is ,being I'em.ovOOor r'ep.laaed .. However". if the latch is poInting away from the ,spring wh~n ,['efiOC)vOOor r~placec1, U"~e .. 1atcn cl.osed for removingaIld la.bchopen for l:, the orak,esp,ring will be undamagea.~

1. If 'the needle is 'damag,ed it is al:ways safer tfJi brea!k off the latch end well below the latch i 1:s€!1 f '. If 1:11.e needle is undamaged make sure the latc~ isClCSED :90 that it .pQ,ints away ftom tlle br::ake Sp~ifi9 as you wi 1:tirA.r caw the needle from the bed. •

.3 ~ Slide outtlle needle tedl (I1etaining bar),until it is past; the ~e to 00 repla.cOO bu.t you ~ not witM.ra.w i.t complet;ely'~

4\ • B:em.ove the needl.e j by U.ftin9 the butt end and 81 iding it towards you ~


5. Insert the .new needl~wi ththe latah. OPEN f t:;ha.t:. is" poi:n~in.g away f:rCITI the brake spring,. Pu.t the needle first. into the channel and slide it upi!lQrds ~

Tip. Wind. a. .rubber ban!:1laroilm:d1 ane end of the neeeU!Je rail (retaird,ng bar>

00 that. you halVe oomething to'glrip next ti:me~

When r,ernovIDg th.e m:edleoor (retaining bar) for the first time, y,cu will .Mv\E!W push. ·the sgum:ed eOOwith th.etip .of a tool until enough shows. g,t ·theotller end 0000 a!l:>1e to 'gif,asp .ill. t. B'lJ.lit tQ do this YOi1U!ma~ have first t.o removet:l\e ,appropr ia.te ,ex,t'ICflS ionplat;.e at;, :the colour change.r end- hence ()1!X tipaooutt therui:ber .I::tand ~

lIben replacing the, oolo1!lJr changer eXbension plate ~ ,cb be careful that if ~ spacers Iltt@ve~n used, [leplaoEd in, the SaJN:i! plaCle.



xnitmaster Radar and Passap Fonna

Do not all the radal:' pa:pe:r :I:lolding wheel f as that would cause the pa,pe,[ to

-slip' •

Jones + Brother Kni'tleade£ 113, &: 116

Beneath the actual knitleade;[, you will see tbe sc['ewtha,t holds the arm that trips the sheet. This basta be checked regular 1 y , as i't does COOle loose in wear , which then csuse the arm to ceasetr ipping .

Transt:er can:iages~ cas't:-o£f linkers and in.tat'sia carriages

TO use these it is most. i.nJrp;)rtan:t 'to check ontne' main bed. that: _,

L no needles are damag'eO.,. If th.ey are, change then and do not do fi.rst aid on them;"

2. ,9 PJS ts ate cor recti y 1I.lp.t:' igbt and ll.mdamaged f 3~ needle protection strip is flat and undamaged.,;

and fur the 'transfer car.r:iag'9~ also check that. the ri~:t is correctly adjusted,.

All these accessor ies must .be f,reeof dust and di.rt and occasionally ci.Ied, The cast-off lin~rs t and.l'fi1.i tmaste:( transfer car: t' iage rnu$,t not have damaged needles.

When y'o.u 'take possession of these accessories" they' will be in perfect condi t.ion •

The needlesbeca:nes darnaged because you have oo't 6be~ the instructions exactl y or rushed ahead, using difficult. yarns before learning how to use it on. the easy ones first.

ihesell€eQ!les can 00 r epl a osd w,t i.t lea job best. for a machine mechanic.

COlour changers

There i.s Ii-tHe to do 00 these', except; to ensure they keep free of dirt.



Any place where metal moves on metal, then a little drop of oil oc~asional1y is necessary.


W.ire5 for cast on o::mbs

'lhese'poo:r things do ge,t bad 1 '1 mutt latect • Once ' l:e:nt, they are diff icult to use I and ,replacemEmt saves t,ime and OOrnpe.r ~ !

Knit:masbg weaving; attacbment

These" like the sinker plate' main carr i,age I must be kept, free, of dlrt,and checked. regularly~

The four rouod plastic geii:rs beneath this, plate do need removing as yarn soon gets entwined aroundthem~

Treat the brushes and gears the same as those on the main sinker: plate, '(see ,page 9, n'l.llltier 6).

The actualweav ing brusoes aredi.U iClJlt to :1:'eID.ov:e ~ It, is ties,t:", one ata. time ,to unscrew them, and with a fine hook. ortwee~ers, hook out the yarn, etc, that has become trapped beneatbthern. Re-dghten when the ,job is complete .'

LaCE!; carriages

The channels need cleaning, and. metal parts wifJed over wH::h an oily rag. See II Spr ing Cleaning'lI for s-_pecial notes",

bitmaster 260/360 it 270/370

These machines have an add.itionaI sinker plat,e - treat it as the main one ~


iJtle table

Don i ,t .forgettlds neecls atilorough dust ,and clean.

It is quite a good. idea to turn your table around" and :t1lt your machine on the other side at this time.,


I want you to come with me, upon a. of fancy, .into a fairy sto.(y, and pretend with me, that I am going' to become a knitting machine ..

My ,sto.t:'y beg ins in a country, far acr oss the sea and I 1 ve j 1i.lBt. been born, OJ: should I say,; manufactu.r,ed. Put together with, the finest of· ma:terials - with precision t t~sted ~ and I I'm, a gleamingn.ew knitting machine,

Then II.m crated up and ,off on a long, lon.g journey '-eventually, after many ,stops and starts t I ,ar rive in a house ,- adlCh:ess - ,An,yhouse (your house?} _, AnytoWt),. r: 'm earrLed In, put onto a. table, and my bigliOC:llllellt come,s- my lid is r,emoved and I catch a fi.rst glimpse ,of my new owner. She looks .nice ~ she and bectu.tO[ unpacks1! my bi.ts and pieces and. they sit down, thread me up r and away we go.

My new ~r ~ Mrs. Quick - was a. bit, clumsy at .but she 500n got

used to me and we got on very well.

brushed or: cleaned me ,after 'we had. finished a day' So session, nor did she cover me up when :r was not in use. I used to watch with anxiety those little bits of dust COlTl'E': drifting down, landing 00 my carriage, but neve:r mind, she new, so was I,· and perhaps the bator would rem.ind her about thi.s~

She did, the next, time she came, and for a, little wbile, Mrs. Quick cleaned and fed me wi th love! y oil each 'time she used me I and brushed under my cam OOll[ quite of ten.

IT DID Nor LAS,T'!.! l

The day-s and 'w@eks and .. months w~nt by. I worked very hard, I used fancy yarns, fluffy yams, mohairs (ugh" how they tickled,) , lots of



snetla:nds ~ backward.s and fqrwat'ds f to .and f,rQ ~ 1 oo,gan to get. st iff I ,00

she came along wi:th tn.El: ci.L can ,- splooge " splOOg9 - she pc>ured it on.

Across I wen t, oil mixing up with dus t , dir't and fluEf ~ Ugh,wat a mess!

She got the barr id. black dirty oil on her f ingers,then on. her

k ., t- ~. . __ .lI ,"I-. ~b b' ~ ... ~-'l!" T .•. ~. '1' ........ ...; ; ...... "" ~ .... __ ; .... ·~ ~.-i ~. o:_ if all """isfll.llC.. k. 1-'

.01 I .cU,IU, u..len ~ne _l.i:.QIl~ me. 'I'M WI UJ.I;;: "-"'-"'!!l.' '" '-" U!

got stiff ag,ain '. ilheo, out woold come the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ guess 'what? uNO, no, It I wanted to scream, nnet 1 ike that. P lease CLEAN! ME FIRST ~ ft splodge, splodge wi tbthe 0.11. AS for :1lQY poo.r old cam box. ~ •

But no, I was

I'OC);l:'tified. All the aocWlUlated :fluff and dust was beg.iru1ing t~o irri.tate

me. I pushe(J it. into all the little er ev lOElsasbest as I could" just to keep .me going ~

Then- horrors of horrors, Mrs. QuiCK. decided to 00 same patt.eI.neQ, knitting'., H.elp! I thought r all the fluff had been j~oo into In.f memory

box, so the cogs could not p.ress down. and .it would be .impossible for me t-O,

select the COI',rect needles to knit In two colours ~

MrS,. Quick began to get Cf'OSS - she ,swore at me, !!,stupid macbine,t ene

said !! It can 1t even pat t.ern properly - the fa.i r isle t s all over bhe place ~ ~ '!Stupid ~oor8elf", I would love ,to have ·.SW' back, uCf.El.I.N .ME!! ~ Well, I I d teach her ~ I I d not pa'l"Ji at all. Tha.t fo,xed her ~ 80, I was put in a corner ~ Then my lid went 00. and I was put under a bed -and the'.re I stayed. I pined to. get I::ackbowQ[k~ I ~m only young ~ If only I could talk.


Mon:thsand months went: by.. Then one ooy,. I was brought out and off came my Lad, Oh., that lovely fresh air! Then ~ oh help! oh .001

~1ooge I splodqe - the WCImaII1was drowning me in oil ag am ~ Viai t: EoI' it, I

thoug:h't I 'WSi.l tti 11 snetries to 1m it une ~ but she didn t t.

J!\nother lady came and looked at me. They talked., money' changed hands,


hOUSEl, onto a. table again, off wi ththe, lid - and I. sati:here I dejected" dirty, unloved and miS!,['stoo(L

believe it? Could it be true? What was she saying? IiNbat a. mess, what. a

Away she went arid. put on her ap.ron ana then. she got tovork, o.ft: came

my cam. box, Out came m¥ ,retaining bar ~ Out came all my :needles and into a

bowl of whi'te ~b:it theywent~ She removed and threw away .my filtQy, torn

needle protection ser ip, got oo,t her vacuum, cleaner andwitil the suO't.ion

atta.ahment ~ removed all ttl.€!: loose dirt and fluff she eeuld from. my needle

She then got. a :machine needle, broke of,ftne pi ck.ed ou.t,

pi,OOE! bypi:ece, all the fluf'f unde,[' whe.l::'e the rel::aining bar had bsen, ,From,

UnOOr my cam OO:X: I she ve.ry carefu11y pdeked out aU the aJ:ClJItILJl,ated hi ts of

woolt hai,rs and, clumps of di.r t, be ing' especially careful of my ft as Lle


eoqs; OUt came the tissues and :all the :f.i1thy black. oilw-as wi.ped away ~

ALI th€:tirne darling ]_~dy was rutting',. Then ~ joyofjoY8, she

f'ed me with 011,. and· not a sJ? in 5, but lovely 01100 a. r'ag,

wiping all my InEltal[?arts ~ just as I like i t ~ She then dr .led . and. oiled the

l"a!3,the metal part 0·:[ my' retain-i,rag bar ~ Back that went and she even gave

me a new needle protection. strip~

sbining and ready to 90 _, I was so happy I could have ,knit'tedall by

.~yself. I r d show my new owne:rwba.t I could do.,


llBeaut.iful ma-chine~ f she now was

So, nearly ends my story. Every time this dear lady uses me, ,she br usoes away all the fluff aDd, dust, she cleans me J:::Ef'oreshe sparingly oils me, and also she cleans my cam box regular 1 y ~ When I 1m :put to bed" I -m covered up with a nice cleanootton sheet.

Wha't m,re could any lnachine want?

I know l' 11 last for this dear lady" s life-time, and I willneve,( let her ,dowl.


lam. Eli wyota 787 wi tn rii:'.ter ~ 1 had a,l:eally :niC€l ownerwilo, used me carefully m:d brushed m out and wiped mewitn. sp,:br:it and iIlnooght .Uiat she was!Ii'!J.gaftJ~r me [~alIy well~ Aft.ef.a coupl,e: of years, ;she :sold JEbO her daugh:ter~,in~law and I received similar ttea,tm3nt fOlt anot±ter oouple of yoors~

My' new' '0Wtle'[ decided. t.ot[y pattern sti.tDbes and ~re we f'ell ,out I 1m afr,aid,. We have always had a 9000 but, ] had no way 'of the irIlpDrta:n.c:e of PIOper;: annual maintenance and. despit-e her ef.forts. 1 had oooOO!e p(Otgt"'essiv!e!ly 1OOr,9' stuffed with ,nast,y bladk.ball:s ,of fluff mld m~ pooirpatts'.['.ning rnemanism sWlply oO:l!l!ld not ,00 'ti\~ tast.s, ,asted o:f it .and i't j~ .501id.~

,Disitralugbt ray ,owner :eSi[efully re]1eased 'tllej,anmOOj needle ,and ,begging me t.o H'just.finish thts piece pl.easel!! sfl,epu,t. In a new ~le ,and knitted ve.(ycaut;i_,ously~ We mafla.gedoofinis~ the piece andl then Hue, as a r,eal friend should 00 t she ~an .. ~ •• ~

'I'omy eflO["IOOUS .relie.f out came all my nood!les .and I felt the sooohing blast 'Oi,[ coo'} air beg into, jl.ig,gle tile, fl~f'f arout ~ it was blowing ~ not sucking as I I d expected, her horror and amazement as the bits of :fl~f:f€:1xp:loo.ed out i~bo tile [corn were music 'bo iIfY ,eal'S ~ 'TIl en her tl1!J!SOOOO came·inw the t:'Om'I and he II'Lean over the machine again - look - yoo ·c:ansee tllefluff throllgh the needLe .[eta.inirlg bar tunnel. 1:1 S!I1e ,carefully ooveredthe needle grooves and lookoo.tllrough, "brilliant.1lI she said, and oogan ro care.fu.lly ease outitb;e fluffwit;ht.he II r ibbe[ hook-up tool II. She was eooJl.~ssly pati.en.'t aoosat :fOt hours until every last pi.,ece was gooo t and then s!lfle blew the grooves ouitag.ain and checked tlJe ituJm.e:l # picked ouit the, new bit.s that. had appeared. and k.ept-repeating this Pirooes,$ till my bed


Inth.e .rneantirne my needles were I Wl" .19911 ing and


After the seemingly endless blowing and hooldug then came iSI. lovely ,sooth.ingwash in Surgical Spi.rit and then all my little needles were scrubbed and. polished wi th lovely clean tissue and. carefully rep.1a.ced - my carriagesWE!re all scrubbed. with .spirit. and wi.ped clean and. . every accessory was cleaned. and oiled according to iLt1 S needs~· The instruc:tich .0001<. ·~as consul.ted and oil was spau~ingly and cor.rectly applied, even .. 11I'\Y lidw·as washed. out with cream cleane.1:' and everything was polished - even ~ table~ Finally the I"·oom I am. priv.ileged to liv·ein {on my own) was dusted .and polished and. hooveJ:ed,aoo there 1 was -restored -well almos·t~ I have to say that aut:' ing ti1ejad'lBlling one of .my pa.ttern S\!ll tches had snap:ped off and I did have togo and get. a new one but. after that was :fine ag.ain..

I'm happy to sal' that my bvmer now pessessee a copy of your: .bookoo maintenance (purchased. frOO1. the Chel teooham. C.o:nv;ention. inJllne) f and. is a confirmed Maintenance Buff, and is spreading· the wo.rd eo tile extent tha.t three members of her littlec:lub have ·sprlng~clean.edtheirs ana two others have offered to pay to have it done fortnem.

Needle5sbO .sayourrelationship is even better than it was and we areocntent.edly knitting away~


Love from one Toyota 787,

and one .newly o'JJ:l.v;erted maintenance fanatic

Mtst D Kelly




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