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B2B - IWC Results 2008

B2B - IWC Results 2008

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Published by: NaturalBornKnitter on Jun 16, 2008
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International Back

2008 Results
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 2006

to Back Wool Challenge
P.O. Box 34 Birregurra Victoria 3242 Australia

Annual Challenge Promoting Wool World Wide & Fund Raising for Cancer Research

Ph: + (03) 5233 6241 Fax: + (03) 5233 6338 Email: backtoback@iprimus.com.au TEAM 2008 Time Previous Best Time

Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Including a 5 minute penalty. Spinning Knitwits (Newcastle)¸Patterson, NSW, Australia Bairnsdale Woolies. Victoria, Aust.ralia Kurrajong Handspun Crafts, NSW, Australia Hitsujikouboh Masako, Chibaken, Japan Gumeracha Gumknutters, Lobethal, South Australia Team 1, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic Team 2, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic Wonder Woollies, Carleton Place, Ont, Canada Ashford Girls, Ashburton, New Zealand W F Friends, Stirling, Ontario, Canada Gospereau Valley Team, Nova Scotia, Canada Thunder Bay Weavers& Spinners, Ontario, Canada Hitsujikouboh Orange Group, Chibaken, Japan Poly Wester’s, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

5hr 55min 50sec 6hr 00min 18sec 2007 6hr 8min 26sec 5hr 43min 26sec 2004

6hr 23min 58sec 6hr 10min 08sec 2007 6hr 50min 00sec 6hr 34min 19sec 2007 7hr 39min 49sec 5hr 33min 46sec 2006 7hrs 59mins 40sec 7hr 55min 48sec 2007 8hr 48min 29sec New Team 9hr 43min 42sec New Team 10hr 00min 00sec Unfinished 10hr 38min 07sec New Team 13hr 26min 15sec Unfinished 2007 13hr 47min 00sec 11hr 15min 00sec 2007 17hr 46min 20sec Unfinished 2007 Unfinished 8hr 14min 37sec 2005 Unfinished 11hr 45min 00sec Unfinished New Team New Team

Rhodes Runners, Kurrajong,NSW Australia Unfinished No Name, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada Unfinished The Masters Apprentices, Patterson, NSW, Australia Unfinished

Guinness WORLD RECORD Pembroke Merriwa Jumbucks, NSW, Australia
2008 Awards:Scottish Wool Centre - The winning team world wide.

4hr 51min 14sec ~


Toronto Spiders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5hr 55min 50sec
City of Geelong Winning Australian team.

Spinning Knitwits (Newcastle)¸ Patterson, NSW, Australia 6hr 8min 26sec
Shipway Trophy For the winning New South Wales, Australia, team.

Spinning Knitwits (Newcastle)¸ Patterson, NSW, Australia
Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers Ltd Trophy for the winning Canadian team.

Toronto Spiders, Greenwood, Ontario, Canada
Brigadoon Trophy- The team with the greatest donation to charity.

Leading team:- Kurrajong Handspun Crafts $7,510.00

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