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Kempo Jujitsu (What is Self defense)

Kempo Jujitsu (What is Self defense)

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Published by Thor Sheil
This is an old manual that introduced Kempo. It is called Jujitsu in the book, and today is known as kempo or kenpo karate. The book's techniques look like a blend of karate and Japanese jujitsu. The book was first pritned before WWII. It was reprinted in the 1970s. Thoughte material is dated, it will be of interest to martial arts historians, self defense buffs and kempo / kenpo ptractitioners.
This is an old manual that introduced Kempo. It is called Jujitsu in the book, and today is known as kempo or kenpo karate. The book's techniques look like a blend of karate and Japanese jujitsu. The book was first pritned before WWII. It was reprinted in the 1970s. Thoughte material is dated, it will be of interest to martial arts historians, self defense buffs and kempo / kenpo ptractitioners.

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Published by: Thor Sheil on Jul 08, 2010
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f!:ot 'q~iot~:f JQ 'fi~t iJ!!=l~tiorn by ~;":i!ll1r'>;) fl~t 9Qck •. lIsing ;£!I~' punch.

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(41' rmmedi{J~I!i!:; :-ilI·Et.~f ·1i:iJ::'k.jI""lj). drop ~'';''''n ~i:! }~" I~" k~i;l" ~~ =h~ ~I"'e: 'tin-~ punch l!loJj!':d 'r'(iJli'I '~-qrf .·dghl hooo~ iJ.lf!i;!.;;.kl~ rJ.~. il.]ut.ili\l!>'eJ,. R~j;i~l:lr ~J\tii:.a.

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I.h.l(1~l1ing .!l,n' i~r.i!:;;i,~g nCr~Y!l CeM~rs:_ are ~ry dar!~erous .!i_O hit -,sngh:tly;' G)lly in'<,q1S-e" Q,f lite, find dMltn .\~! -' ,~,Ui y~c fo·r<:e. 8-~e.rnembe.r tllbt' 'R~~ ~~C~$ ,liP"'" ~ ~he fn~L_ ~'F~f

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:AU'QIc'kirig ,nerwei .bi!nfets~ stime1timl<'s;': rilltd~r '10(j'~' QPp~rlM~ ut:iC~:;riis;::iousl'!e~s ~r,C:Q;I;!!~e:s_ de<Jl~'h. ~e:r:nennhe'r:"tho_u!lJ11 he. ~ ~- Wly( 'e!)&fr'rY ·or" <11 CfLm.f~QI. h,e wo<s. cre<;!l·te9~ by ';Gn9 ",n~ one· must res,pel;t t~OIt Jt'vlrilty, :~o'.if ~$ilbl!l' IVy rlQii·Ci ujse.d:ehQ!~r~i,!I~ hnc,b,_ I,n case y.oul.~h.6u·h:'!

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~l:Jj !IF'IliITiedio.M~ o.flw oOp~~t. J;lrcm ~..:;,v' "';-:~i~r, : ~Jng .,.our EOI(...o'rni. up·oN<J;r$ -500, In. WiilNl'r>, l!~'i!"l~ aflxiw. ~·tn~·~~h .uric· tit 1;.e $(Ii'"Ib(o: + i ri';,e: !it r i'ke -oj r'tiJ !:I i'"(! [;I }fiI~: dbaw Jt-'i nt.

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IN;O .. 8. ICOU NlI!ER.liN!~1 .14. .r:B:.ONT W rUn:GRAB Wfl'H :ST:RfI!MG,nol

~1[);e;F:I!II5'E "!lI'llQk .Elli;;.w .J(i wI iIlnd ~l.Il!ith <N;e;r~ C!llll~rl


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(.d~ W-i!m. i®r 'Qif'ror=riITTl !>trike k~ -eIW .... ' Jc.i!1~·. Clit 1~ i!O!7'ri!!! ti"'i'rl!, :&ol'f'J1I !i"! 'BIith ~l:IlH I!!'h' fOOt roc. 'tI . e :rrOLif'~~!fikl~ ~e fan:rl'. Rj'~h;' nr>r:rd· pNdy [D ituRch t,empl~ Oil' 00;' !!lEIt'~'E: .:;!i)t)t~,~

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"ESSOiN V ~ ;~StAf'E DEFE:~.SEs.


t.xo. '9 C'OU t4'i!!~R.·nNlG A TWO HAN [ti' :F'i:{.ONT· WIR:~SiU" GiR:AIS ~DliJ(:~>s~~ A!r.Il'I' Br.i;;:;:kl

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~~). ~.e-n1; ~;rob!r ywr ..... r·t~t wl'!h ·t'.!.u he n 4;;, $J?I~9 .,...i"l~ ri!)h~ :~ i6:r~(1 >;;;:(lcl i~'H ,fl:;llfll:l:

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kl, ~rlr..g 'r"?L:lr' ·crm~ "-~' IiY ~Wrf.iiillf.i9 1,l..J»'kl1l"(l);] uW!.fl ~i!Jh[ ·';'ii'll e'ltww ~~fG"f;{l~F;. wlth ,V~ U:IJt!. 'of' ~6f'!" :!\{!f"II;;!.. ~'·t'i"r'!emi(]~ijl;~. (J~'i~r :,<ffl!!r. fI~!I'Ji3h:tit~ :[:.Wli!.iht oi!p\\'!:!rds.~ grab' hJ<~ 'fi;i{'ecrmi, a~ e!Sa ..... j0int· · ..... il~i:I .,.00; i~Ft mar,;a I~r..;l. has[ _,i~t wi,tiri yllil~' ~igh!' !TIan~, a'r~tli~· .~jJll1C" ~1!!Y:>(i ,~t,~p' ,ifi ""itho

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MO'. lli'O OOU !'1~~~I~~GI,:4 W"R,IST' :tH)I.D ~}()Ii. '2'1\~,; .. IP'oJ,U! 'a:~,(I, T!h!l"9W~





(~l- Qi;~e;o\'t g!~~ 'yi),;j' rfgk\ "a~~"; 'iN ~~: hl;s;" r:~'i!" ·t;.atJd. ~9iyi:""iI ~Mfm .~>;XI~ ,d'.lht ":,l~~ ,f-;:fr- "'''OZI~I;jL "Y.~ .. ;w l~t~ h.Q['J{!j "r~!:Idy f<)f < tb~ m!!Kl'

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'''''; ,. ~ ,..:;.. .• -....:.r. " .' ',.~i., ~-. , ~~_::r'.~ -, I..lL i!I-I'.);,'..! (!Il. 'I~~ .. ~I)!~ :Ull'!~ );I.!I'-:!i!.ol. nKi .. ~~.J:;~! ~ITJI'I

yo:!l:t ~~q'. 'hi:;~ 'o:!rl;:J! ,9[,00: hl"-'... ..... I';:.:t wllh y@l.lf' 'ight i:1qnd li~ IJ. ~d~:joof.k!l uq.:rnr,~;r. '

fd pm:~1~1'" ~W~ ~~bi~'"{I:'~. a~ 'i'(i'~' '!i'*If. t~ 'M:;ws<, Iii'0L1 il~is··,r;irm. o;k.-.,.,.rwrorrd~ IQ tl:!i! . b;l]Iuric .~if"H'( ;:rnc '~~~j)~'ll:1g ~ooC'k ·.:mth y,:.'I.!It "r'i;;jjl;..", ,FOOt .d$op '~}~ !il,,~~M_ an;h:f{l~~ ~~'ht I-;;niee ih~"1I:l,%,' o~ill':£I h'11i'r;' t1 bit jli!o ~d (j,r t~ gfflllfl.!i, AfF1'~ :m_TII!'~J:.l"ih o!J!c~ icl:irl:J!.·~iI'tI$~l.ro


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~~~ QP.iX'n~n~ ~ak~s i1-.a!')<ll~ ""'ith. WU dr vis.:! '>'!:r~;.:]. S'1'!IllId WIth ')'OL!lf ~ht i!XIt' 'roh.uffi 1;1,,<3 yi;"J~ I..,ft holifi:li i"W(iy 'fi1'( t"'Q i:"i~~ rn.;:.~"El,

~b~ irr~i[]l'oe~y ILJ.iiOn ~~kiil1Q hand w,iti1 0:;1> ~~', ,~vri~ hl~ Mind '~i'\'I~ ¢'~ 'I~ ~';'rY.i~ ~,jme !il ,\;)h ~'Ii:!;. ""'1511 ...,iib- )'(1m I~fll' '!-,.;:.l1Id,

~c) 'SwOi"i{I 1'a· ,-aUf' ~' wlr.h ~!Jr I~ft ioo:' i!"l ~e ... ~i-ci I~!e- b1 ~i"~-,,!'if!o;) ~fI Inl} boll ~if ~iJf fiilil"lt iool' 'IU 1ii"6!l tit-rlI illll.!!.'I'riilb~rl puuiJIQ w.ur. I~~~' 1001' !b~!w'~r;, IilloS I~~. At ~t..e ~ml:: rirne; ~'!\'i"'!>1 ~'i~ ~i' ~ffI1I .CI~~ Qil 'to YOl,:lf ~1"!l~' s'muld~,... Wi\l~iIOl!!t ~~If!J:i:::i~ "'NL!.r h<)]d_" [j}'l.!1! dD"K.n agl;!lim,j' hi~ clba...... ~rut, :fil'11;l~r jt;.int~ (iNti iiUi~r.,

(iii} O~r;tt s'hii~~ ~r1d 'WJ~h ')'00 or v I~_.-' .. ~~a" Slcoo' 'lI'iit'h ~UF' rj'~Ji1,;" fOO'l' 'f<'~'W(lRi 'cifldl ,!!,oX"t !@lft Il!{Ifl"IQ r,~oo~ 'f.o.r t't-.t: =t 1iOO~"

~b~ Ilmmedi(JI~I'f '-"POili iShqkl<lg hJ~ rond, oorTP.tl' !his; om'! oy[wQfds (J 1<1 l!p ..... crds ~!1od' '.lHI~> his

~r1Xr"'" jol!.nt Oil" 'I!J~el !po1jij' of ~~ ori'l~ 'Wi!h YQl,lr' II(lft ~r.d", "

~f) imn~iQ"t<)l,y ~\iI\Ir.;} txldk wi;h yi;oI!J ri'gh~' ,foot j}i'.'(Jl.rl{! em 1!h.ta bolll ,o'F )!Cur 1\l:'Ft 'root, pul] hid;, lI:-:!dy ro' the 'IiIr0.<.Jr.'!.!ii !ly pylm_il:19 hl~ Irlght. c;r,m with btrlh 0' ~I.lr' ho!"!di> <l!riKl, ,dr;O!PPi;1jQ" !O ';.'(iYf ri'gl:-.~' kr.~i)", wi~h I'd~' hmrud pr,~~'1i'~ €!jj1iliin§.ij his ~11;Iow jQhn~. All thc~' r:nt:I'!,'CflT>l::l"it~ are dooe simuUoJ'ioe{lu!-,Iy..

<d) R'QJCi;1l5.~}'OOlI" ri'ght, b;ind 'offKI j)\!i"Mh '0F!]r' ilQ;I'!o'~ center 0' lI;,js ~, or I~d_


NO. '13, iSCAPllil<l.l);3, ,A fRONiIi 1iWO, 'H.A!M:D' WRI:ST' HO'LD'

m~fuIllS~'~ :HbllilK- i'!;Il1cn 10 5IooI'il1Q~:;' a;o;di IEiSf~,!!,~~

.. ...

(,;)0 (:i~_fiI't I"JOObSi ..... D'IJIr i!U!;iht 'A"li~t n-ilth rot,!;. of hi~ Ihql"1.;1~;.< ,5<lat"l:;l "";n,h yi:ii)f j\i!)ht fOOt· !'Q~;.J. 1..!Ilf.~ hol'lJ ~"w !:);t f~ n~li:t 1ir'J(J,~.

'Ii» :1~'>Miot,~ty 'Jft~!" ~rfle-~:li' gro:fi~~ '~L!r wrist. 's~~ in wi~n yojur ~~~,,, 'Fooj: b~~~n his 'I~~ ~r.Pd' b€ilnl1l 'YClU( .;1100 ....... ~._;qw .... hot\\ioN"i1I hiS .;::, .... ~ .fir ~he U1!,!~ iii"!l1!l shi!<~ '"i~ ~~::;.;'r'tii~'" drid 'i' Nib ')'Qur riltl.!h.f 3i!it ">I"ilh \!"Our left hiJr;dl.

kl n!'ii!"f.t."cJie!il~ry (If'iollr ~).I;li:4:"il"!g. y:~u ~i!\l'ht fist, 'pull YOLllr ,v!;l'htt 'l!ir,m wi~h ~r: left, I-.and '~rd y,;Jl;I( I;.:!.;I~ (ir.:il '(!I!' th~' Wil'Il>!:I ~il"i:"i~ ~t""j) oot~,\'!'ard~ ""';ith i(I!.-!r' teh' fOO~. Tt;~~, .,..:wI. OI!~,,~ Gppal'1~~' 1>:1 r,dl~lJs~ hi~ 1:1~lld .

NO. 14 COUINtrERi MiG AN ~lJ:P-,WF.U~T HCtl;i)' WITH 'fW,O HA:!"U)S

~Dcl'<~t'ise~ 1E1~[J."'" J'i!llJd'!i~



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Gol Q$PI"o1;e<roii' ~.rob~ '~Q.l!:j' i'l'i!)IiI,j' ..... rl:;t i'1lh ootn 'D'f hi~ tmr..:i'~. _

~b} l,n,)rn;xllaieiv ,oft~,.. he !jjli'.;lOS yO!.!f "i~'i, ~ii"(ilil \/Qi,!f fignt 'fl$t wl~k }'D"J_r l~f~' ha~. .

~f') Slii!:'4:< 'i!"! .... ith f01_!r i1{Jru '~oot. 'tit ~hC' ~amC' ti.~ pull ~';)\J~ "hl .;jOWj~~($ o!'1f.1o;i 1;:;. 'I'h!: ~~jl' ;:of 'f'=Iur- OOOV ~ i'II .... ~tr~ted. Il);tio:l!Oi Qi"i"Il ~r .... , j'OwQr.,jl your chest' 1\i;.e.r,~b!{ CGwin!;l liiiln 'iD fJl~~O~ b!",~ciI.

,wi imm~1't11'r.' "ftQ~ ~ ~@.;;~ hls ~ grdb ",;rod pul] his ri'Sl~'iII ..... rist ..... i'! il YQ'.;r rill~i oond ~n.;! ~tl'i~ !hi~ j)llim- ,(Xr ~ide ,of :h'i~ f(j~e ..... th (!: tl.:Jl'ht ",100w pundl;..



NCt ~'5O C'OUH'f1!R:liN:'G A ,GUB OR SUM!:" FROM 'iH E if~,ON'T ~1r;I~~",,!~~ ;r;:'hQ\P' 'N)[:~f!:~




! bi.!US1'RA:iriIDM

fQ) ~MI' ~l~i~,~ t<> .grtlti ~r .... ~mp, ~l.II 'l'rit'h

~lii$ hi! 00 , Stand in K~l'IpO rno:Jnnu jth Ic;Ft

~'froot iorwi!ird o!Ii!1d h:;mtft: da~ CiS '~f1 lpr<)'!!'or..

ifu) O~ri~n! ~b~p~ ~!)r!ll'ii!rd wilVli rigb~ 'Iloot tr}liD<! to $'~ yo!!!, ::;');(-Ing y.:Jl,Jr I¢t 'FOqt ~~ :In q' 'sq1i~i-Ol~GltI ",1M::>iii!'>;) ,0:111 iheo llXill <>f ':,<Qur li!Olh~ {~: ~'tI, p-;>.3i!1dn iillmtrdt~cl. tit, the' !Oolilmie fi~ _$I~~~ €ppo:Jncf1~'~ ~ir Cif' I;IQ.;~ ;;.f hood """I~h ~~I' hQ;Xi. "{Qi;il f!gh! h;::!"d r"1J!s.ed r~lJth' iJi) '!<'lI\ilil,~~

NI7'1~ To h 1,J6E>dI !lJfil~ ...... n~'ij y<li.J~ ~,iX'j:'J'~ri~ i~ ~~r:fUi !ilr:'!rJ d;:.lfllll~roLl~


~t!.f';:i'i~e~ Rib F.'UlIL1:'h, olll!l,j Kid.)


(,o)~ O~!'>eni' ;:lrob~ I"Ql)r lopel. ~l'(Jnd lin ~enpo !ibt:!cn;:.e ..... Jeh }'I::<ilI ight iklr.~r ct!~ri<1~

:;OUt Il)ft 'fl~t. -

ib) S't~D ~~iI'I:lrBI!1~ bcock.~":Irrds 'l'rith y;)I.J~ ed~' 10M. (j.; I"'ol' OOf"lloEl '!'Im. gffib1;olng h4 s.!~C:'.;c or i:lrm wi~h yOO ~h IhPiimd i;)"ld ~\cllli.lfi ooe-d. Sii1l1I,iIW"O:;:;U:lily puoch his r.ioo, \\lith 100r right 'fi~t..

r_cl. K i c r.: 'IffI'O i1>t:n'r' ~ ~ ~ I' 1~!;1 ~r.'~' een b~ n' 'w. i ~~. the 00'" (I" io,(>oJr' Idrl 'ro.;, t,


~D.~fC,,"5C-~' (liIoll,"" Il]:f,;:gJ.;:t.

'a} OP,f'Oncnt gn:it:..s, YOl,Jr !Q.P'f'!. .s~~nd "r~pmr.ed with iKer.po ~'rni1'il', .'-r.:~!~ left hone to'l.',ewngJ yaur right fii>I',

(1M ~p;:;-n~F1~' ~h.ro'Nli [] Id!' pUI'1!:h Q~' 'lo'::H:1. SMp bo:v.:k ml:h :.n:'lJr I~ft"ao~', I;Ij' t.h~' :5(Ji'11!l !ii;n~ ~~wk.e t;a,~ I~t km;:(iirlm Wi IIJ, '!o';XO~ fi'!l h !' 'Orot1r-m and goob nif" ..... rlst 'i'lo"th 'J!(Iur' !~ft moo.

~g .Iru.;"",OOioJlt~L1.',;:: fi:.er I~ft Iil"-Jnch co .... er, 91r$ hls i;I;lII;,-t lii'<Ii~'I \<iIifli ~ur ~nEt hcndi an-:jl 1Io!'j~!) !;zy,jh !i-,.:Jnd~ pul] hi,s, 'body t!D'iOo'l:lrd~ 'I'{lI.1 1'(1 r'r.i;l ~, him, ,1;Ze- b:h bal>:lflCC'.

(d) IJirufiIilQIQt,eliy ~'12P i -, ""'if- 'J;'{tYr' left, "00 ' in l\rant of hal> 11g:t '[w'!', ~' ... 1i~ Illio bring hili C'M"J ~~.,..,o~d M ill\J~ilNri-eri\. Strilk.e his elbow ... .iqlnt \\!i;th jIOllf ,leH 'f(lr~rIi'1'1.



~1[}.[;f~nSi!!' E:1i'¢k 'Thro\!' oIIlnd A.!rm Lo~~,'Io;)

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liI;;]Ii ~~ ,~h$ .~~~ Jo,N'J. ,;)0;,::1 .;I~;'~os ~(I, ~!-.cQ"'" a ri.!;)h~ r,.l;iflch. :SltlriJ 'Ill ,a IKer:ijl(l 1fF;;jfi_r'j~l:' wi~h y.ilI;.Jr left 'f(ryj' ~ai'WiJr.d a!"K5 left nand pl)'~~!i~ YOL!lr ,ritlht 'fi:;t.

~ k ~~,OOM!'!~ _ ~h~~ his ifi!lht P.URo:~ ~tri!lo;eo 'th-!: upj)i!1' port a~ hi~ ,OrfO"i, wl;~ }'ooif !'!:In -r~r.rt1 ,andl q,ui:d{'Iy' 'JOO~ h_'~ ri!;lht '~"d~r;. At Itle ~.;;rnC' ti~; ;:l (<lb, 'h'I;,e upp;!l( N-r~' ai~lhj~ he.-jt r.-lrl'n !."i~ll Y"L!lr right l;(JOO gr.;jI IJ..UII dl)!o!ffi;/q!):i, tp ri'[!(!!.:~ I-llm I~, his OO~n~~. ~~'~,),mmedie.~~I~ (1ft!), ~lirr.:l Ihi~ IXibAc-.;: .off. sbllp iill wiln yOI,!! Id1' iOO;';' in. tl:ffl: ~dl: o.~ hi~ l\eli 'foo't~ pulll lililS, I~k (lml~ 49\\'i'"J wi~h "..;:;u~ ~ig'ht h&r;;::j ti.-.cl push hii Miht ~~utcl'o!'! ...... tt'h 'Y'='IJr' ~'~ ~,};-!m ,'1>2' the ~~

{d~ _ _Aft~r 1imr.;)~r~ hi"" 1'0;1 th~' 'I;lrilll.!ridl d~~ ~Q y:X!~ O'ig'ht 'kr..ee_ Wllt'haut a;.eIl~r.-l~iflj yoo:r 'ri);j~'i!I Mid. d!J.., yo:.ur rnor,d t<;; his, 'Pfds~ elLa t~i~~ os 11I1IJ!Stra(ed. Wi~\iT. ~"(;I,;.!~ IQ~'t Mm!!; ~t;(.~ his e_nm !by t~ oliib¢w (lg.;;lri~t bi~ l>:aO:oeo (t'i<';j "'.'!f;lpl'j! P~s..w r>!O! b!;> ~n_~ ~iJeo o} l1i.;:;, IbOOt 'With ')'0I!!1 ~~f-t J.:;~:_ I

1t--..'\:;t~liF. ')'Our (lpjX-r:"iofj·t:j' does. a;'1l)t '!II~ lL!I;P. ~~Iot.;)w :p;our I~{it :1'!¢Tld ani! ~t!ih his ~i1J,;; '"",j'~~ 'l"Llt _dif ..,11;q·w pL!lr.or...


"NO" l' cou NiiiE R ~INGI A til ECK: ,CIHO,[{IE (Dcic~~': Wfi'l~' 'ii'h>tlw' ollfdl IICier.:)


,£.D~ ~,it.r.t cr..okc~ y.Jl,Jr r't!:Id~, willi both hriin(k, "{O!JI :5~'and in 1i<,.,1iI;l:l.:i ,i't1\11,i~:ii,i€'r., i@'H hDr..:!' ~'(I,;,eIing YO' r rf9.ht fa~L

jb) l'ml'iloJd~l0!0I'i' .;J,fllCr ~ Ploc.t!~ ii~ ;hPi:Jllld crt"'J"{l YOlJr ~iO!ck.. grc'b his I'd:' 1'iflI"1~1 'Qi'!dl f'{lJ;'Mr,iIii wi~~ oo~1i O'f ~~ hon&;.;l d :00"'9 ~Iol: ';ritl'! ~'ilIiJ~ ~'"t foot. .

(e) U~hilt~rr Iilf'f'er :s"'epplng w~1<; ..... ~th yOur. I'cf~' foo~. 1'10':11>1' hi;!l !(!"ft .. !!1m Qutvf.llir. <!it ~ !1l:!11T:'1e' ~'ime- ~1!!1J' in ..... Ith ·,.wr li!ih' ,foot. iJlD.~' 05J"d'e hi~ l~fI -(WI" cOOl ~I;}' pf.lJ:l;aJ~ by ,J}'lotil!1~ Il:!oHi ,(:1~ ~ur thl,:l,~'b .0::'111 !he' oo.:~, of nl:;, dlJimd 1!1~"",e' cel!1~e.r an.;! t.,,;,.;I~t h~ c ..... ri;~!.

(dI, Throw him ;'0' ;t'le 9rowoo ~thoY~' rel~5ing y=-r ,I-,Qldl ClOO Kid:. mrs. 500m0l1.::n ~r"',", ~FltSt w,tn i~ ~II "d yl;tIf lef.! foo'!'.

, 54

'llJUl5. IrV\'r.!~'"

f{!) C\;Ipan~Ii1~' ~ I\!ib~ '~I)"~r ~1 ~i'id ,n'r:::.rr\wt:s Ol troS-s em"!) 'fh.'::&e (jvdQ 'f,,~km~. Standi in .... K..!liJI(l' m(t.~!1oJ;r.liiift:l .. your' [Idt fM'l' j'Orw,o)r4 o!'"td I~ft :I-.!Jnd ~ri~ ri!il~~ t.!:;.

Dl!\l' Irmrr.ei5tli:.ely ,o.~t~i' QP'r,?Oi":J.Cnt blrdb:!o '~L:lr loiIp~~ ~Mj:1 I:xt,(:k ..... llk ';'=Iur lel~' Foo~, ,iJl' ~he' ~"'l)1ol1 ti'~ ~tt1,4 hi5 r.iialrl' 't!);re~f!'l !Dr inSi(te ~I;-:i\\' joint' wiln 'Iw' lel~' fQl'"JNfffiI amtl 'l!;"~th yoot righ~' :OOmd grob hi;; l¢f cllxlw ,joint..

!/!;~ ~rilkir.g hi'S ,~L:;:;.ow join.' ..... 11 ~.§~ him to ~ie'(J~ I;i~ il""ld. Irnru~dla~ c-ly aher he !I\Il1';r:.,$St]~ his h<J{.;:!I, :s:wlnfl bm:k jl'i ~l1ii'·..:i~d~ with YQ;..;r' Idlt ioo;' Elv pi'roti'lI>g (Iii ~~. !:>ol! oJ' yooor rriMfu j~ ~o ~!.iitil)rjj ,!h~~~~oKI o!I~' lme- S(!~ tirne ~''oiIb f;i~ !~f1' ".'rfl~t wilh '\!Our Idt Ii~rnd of'"l(3 t ...... I;t. ,o;o(51;W(lcq,. Yrith .,our lright ';{1M ~fO'b his. ;;;1100-0';' jDint. Ap,pil' I'reSSJ"l"'i> ,Oil hi,s elbow j{;;;int (; d

i!l!;oi;ildei 1b'!M'E: wl~n )'Our wight ~1:oD1'I". .

~d~ Ii! '~Ie-,~' i~ i)."iOW~~.~ o;m!il.'~N~ rOOt give- 1I>'I'l". ~j,il<,!!, ihi~ ">aMpl.;: 'Dr ~r ncr.~ cenb~~' ""';ith ~tr.B ,10m:!! f.'.;:, .;:1.g ~ ,o-F 1l'D<lJ ifi g h t, h-.lT.d ,1»1 (iI'l.

, 55


~a) W~n D,PPO.llI!::l"It grab:;. yqur 'wri~r Or P;}rea.rm ·frtm behiM', ~tep-' '~,o/{j«l w-i~h 'yOLir left foot. ~I;i)' Immri(i1<JIh::I.,. Ol~E'r" ~~e~~in!;! ·fw..,":iI,.,:I. pivot af.Ql;li1Id: ·CO") Ih~' 'MI~ 1:<f yb!!Jr kd a~ .;!~. U· .. iJ, ;i-;)fi'l~ ~imf!' :5'l'I'i !;I 'vour rlight nllil'il{i !;)I,.ii .... o,,j Q!'>'J ~ro. !ilrob'll-:i~ hls -....w~ ~th 'f(Il!r' reEl' Moo aoo light .l'J{IIlIr;I 0;)6 il~i,.rS-l~X1~~L

{Q' :!mi"i'lEidit:!tely (Jf'i-02r gr-o~b:ir1:F his; arm, :;- .... 1"'9 ~ i:!rf-' do.."nv.".-d'S and outwar:di.. g~' ~he :rome !ime dropping to yO"JI lel't !o:"'e-(! <)r.!cl (iil.:illirijil 1:1j'~ crm ovl'!.\-"Oro',,_ Qw,!,! li"l;;iiYIl 'J!'(I' • .!r' I:>;)d.". .• {d) lRc-l~o~ ~-w~ ifO;)M' J;(,rid ;tine wi~n, ywr ,left :l-.!!flQ .~1.11 I'I{!~J;~ f.,i$ ..... lri~'t stri:ke .hiz klTllplc,. WI ill!'fye- e·e -~'~r or ~dt Il'ir!::rYC CCIil'N;f wi~E1. !he- I::.rii'fe oOOgoeo o~· ':f!:'ur h!:!:n.:I.

N..'~'h:;;-{:,trl~.~ ... ~,;v,;:. o;;:.erii·~~:!: (In ' ~ w I'lcck i~, ~.'I€I~"Ou!; .;"x!: ;;;1'IOy!d IT.)'I· be used ~ith fQr..;:E:, ~1Xi(I1!'o:'l~. ~i;{;<Jrd' anl'f be ~trud<. Ilght.ly.



mcl.~I'IS"'~ ·Rib. f~l!itii;'I'


!:ell !D.?'FD.fileITit '!;ir,;:,!J.s }'D!IlI ~rom b~hin:d.

i1ii .I"flll(l;;;o:;IiQ~~ly Q~~ii'r ·i;'f.~E".'liI· ~(~ YQI,l f";:;:rm behind, st~p ="Ol"'!'!'~rd ~tt'1 yonr I~h ·f,;:;.ol· o!Iiilo;I 'br1!19 ~->:Iur IIQht ,arM, I!Y;J a~ IlIllJiOtn:itcd,. I>!!~"" ~'"' ·~1"ik@.

~c'~ ~M~.J('.Ii<::l\, ~0I1i"IilI .1)(~lfid 1;;1 pl~->:I!l~ 'ta :.rour ~""" oil • ..d dl't-pping b(;O trn ogro;)o;Ji'ld en 'jI(I~!r !t:f.~ ~. ~tri ki"19 hl~ :rlght 01'; I bo..-.' ~~nt '!o\'i~h Ih~ i.\;ni'f-e ,~~;i! (Ii :,«I!.:u 'rigl1i' '1)IIilI)riYi, -;::.:(;(1 punomlrt;! 1{hc ... i!al p.!! rt Gf 1ihe ~i:d~ o~· hh b¢..:.I'f_ .MI 'i1iijjse mffi'~~i1I'i:s . .riflj: .;jbnr. :slmL!ilil:in;;;«Jlllv ..

iNobe--H '!o';)Iu~ o.u:-oi*!~t ii~ dQt'!-:;ii9r{Ii!I~, '~'!Jrifo::1]' ;:,r grdb hl~ cre1>:h gMm~~~d'r'.

NO. 2;3; (IOU NTIEIR~itll.'G A G~AG A,'lltOUiNlP AIlM !"ROM. IEUl:i1 I N D' [I;ME~'n!lli. lEib~'!i!I' i'l,\!it~ii~




(,;::,1 O,~IlI1' grabs. yowr 'bocly 'Wi~ihI roth ai' hi~ arms.

(b~ 1'r.im~Ji..;j;~I,;, -;:;Ir'h~r h;:; !)robli, 'jiQl,Jr ~ ,QI't}i.JfiQ :;IJlilf a;r,w;, ~r.;$ 1'iJ',j;, b:J~s, ..... 111i1. 'f!=iL!lr riight fw,i1I;.'i ';1:JIfI ,;;Ic~ :f!=!L!lr' left 'fi~t.

kl r:!J~ (II ~~ ~~~p :siJ'~w.;Ji4 !CI ';'IJl,Jr It.:.1h1, r.1;J11I~ I:1r~ ha.n.;I~ wllt'h rOOf lrlght, ~r.d' ,tir.id =i1l'19 f'ZIur ",:ft, 'Qrm UP"'i'"'ZI rdi i:a~I' 'IQ\\'!Jrc yil<llr liiiitlii' ~~ij-)(l!Jider O;:J~in!:i him ~I) m~i]Q!-e fi'i~ ~!d" A!II 1~~ r:itCf~~~t~i'S ¢j\~ J9M' ~i'muil~Q~~ly.

'W) $trllkil' hi~ ~!DJrll:,cl;; n~e' 't~n~e\r ~jth a I~ft ci~ punt'li ~iii'! Qi>Ilt'! 1~<1.,;1, ~!!'"Il 1,(1'" NO~e----H ij~ ¥H~ iffijXIrlQfl~ '~hl)l: y{l~1 ,~I.;:.r:.Oh )"'Il,Jr Idt h.=d' [1lJtQ 'Fist, i'or i'l' ~;,..~:S' ~~~, $t""B9~h. o!]n.;! speed. When minging am"riI d;Am'. O~n yQiJr M~.d. i'<!1'fJ t~ ThiJS. w!11 r.oo!o:~)'Ql,Jf ,ei~ ~1I .. uj·~h !f!"lore' ,~H~ti:....~,

NO. 24 tOU NTie~I~NX; A SliDE'S RA;.'S

U)d~m!ili, E!ID~"'" :f\u!l1~h)

~~ Opp-bm~m~ ~,rob~ Y~' 'ai'Ourucll y~1t (nm 'Q!'I(j boxIiJo" 'sEJ'~lo\Iil,)!:S.

(to) Gir".,'lO ~,~ 'Qrm ..,.,.1,taJ, 'Y.C"'.J'r Idt ,l-.iJoo olInd qI~r:1th yo:Jur ri,,"ht haoo i'lII.~tI, olII ifii~l'_

(d 11iI1r=:di<;~~iy ,!il~P in looek of OPJi(lfIi!nt'~, ~~H root with 'j!(iyr ~!!i!ht 'fwt" 'iJl' 11:1120 OO~ ~;Iliij: ~W;iM '!.J.p 'l!.!'i~k!:;, 'y.;.IJ[[ r,;",IiI,j' nj;~' 11:i yCOl,ilr ~ill' sl-.iJul'd~r,.

~d~ 'S~.,;ikle, i".i~ ~tfi:n'tii& l~r'ore 'e~Iii~@\r wiLIJi ,~ r!!Il~~' ,elbow !p~!1... WhJlt10 ~ii!;i!"iSi ~!1;;Gw. p~ ~ s!.!!r~ ~o '~INI! 'YQ",r' :Mild ",rid f~l!"i9 :.-aUf' 'p!!~I1'!' '1lP-


'~'--"!I .~._J.- __ .........._~._._ "--

~nJ..llimA T1Qt.J

C"l OU'O''E",.j Ot~~rr..p~s 1'=! dK'k.;;: ~Celll i'I~GIo: !"'~'" behind.

·lIz,·) ~m;,~dil:it~lf (!'ft~r h~ ,pll)..~~ hii1. tuH,.d~ I:Irool'1d }'D'~' i'lQ~Ik, ;;j '(It:. [;.;)Ih ...... F Ihi~ '1«:1~t 'll;\1~n '!:;oIl; of your' ~r'>ds ';:;"0 ~!~p il)r\'Nl d .... ~th your rignr ~OOr..

tel lonmedil:lteDy. efrer 9. rqJr.l;.i"!lI his. _i!>I.~., h.l!rlTl orouoo eif"" 'f«~ ~,:::\.!~. O.~lTJent b';' r--.l....-o.tiil'l" IlY.ft Ci!1 !h,;, boll~ Q~ yO'U'" left o!Il'1d ,right "001, .@'t 1 loI(! !-(l"ll~ ti~ !lIN i.mg ili>!Jl 'p'Qur ~I~ht h<)oo tlVOI!'r ~wr ht!odi anm his Icl't aYn ".Ii'Id~f ni~ right ·crm (md oppl:f ~ ttl !!)r'I hi~ .right ,elDo'w <I!:galn:;t hls I~t fOf.QQ!"ffl..

{{I) ~n !h~ e .... ~r.t 'llj;Ipoo~'l' .;lol]" fl{'oi' <] i~ I,!p. Mfk h cro~ch or I~ n(:1'\i\[l (l9.!"!b!i!r' wi'ih f,roLlr' ·f«lt.


NO,. U CO'U Nll~Ri N{i, ,AN ,AR~ CII-10 KIE: F'ROM '!;I:IH'II:IIND ~D@f.0!1j4; pl,l!ll DQi>o\~, ~!,!.;!i 5. !,!",i i.: 0' N!1ji;;'~j



,1 _

:...._------ -- - ---- ----------

~Ij) OI-',iXJn~nt ;:me;.-r;,i"'13 lo cheke '(Ou wi 1(1;. hi~ ~or~arm From behind,

~b) Imm,;;:.::!'I::It.~ly ,crftCI m j;l1",~ hi~ klr~"ff1l1 ~,roi,if>d ':K!l,If I'!>IX;k, 't¢kG_< ~l !;oi:) '!i.~1j"f.' '~f.(! wlik ~"¢m' ~i;.;~' (>:)(II', grab hls sbculder wil;iJ. ''jOLlr I~ft handl and his '!:lrm~ "'" :!Iee~ ..... i:I(I;. ,!!,oo;; rj'~h' ruM .:Jfi(:l pull n;M fi;l,.....l)r'o.

Id' J\.1i hirn ic ..... ard~ 'trn ground] by 'I urnin.g dr0u:r..d CI'llIrh ~~~-11 !Jooi .[I~::;.p, en ~"Cur r~IlV!' j:;;rii!~ .... ,itoou~, ,r;;:I,*;;Ir.lg yalj[ ho:k:'t.

tdJ) 1R~~~o.~e ~'i)l.II;" .:ij;liii' Mid ,tloo ~'iriFo.~, hil- i:t::l;(:k 1'1~.t,k lI'i;!'r~~ 00~r'lt~~ ..... ith ~id~ of fli~1_




Lock and break tricks used should be applied with caution. Too much pressure ooplted wi II dislocate Or break the joint and couse injurv. Before applying dangerous tricks, be sure to ask gently to give up at least three times. T r! 10 explo in orid make him understand you, that you do not wish to quarrel with him.

Remember to report to the proper authorities in case of injury.



r()d'~"$~~ ,AI1ITIo i8l~~alk'I'

1 _


~ai o,';:;~ri~r;~ ,~ t!i.W,I! '1:;1, ih,ow Q .it:)!:"il p~II~<;h, :;;:'~<!.!1:d i", (J i(~_".::o ""'J~"~'; ..... i~;, ¥OLl'r k Ft ~-O(:~, ,r~ .... ;,t!;-J ,0 d !~'rr IXI.~:::1 ~O:O"::l'lj,"9 ~O<JI r":;{ll'

fis;i', ...

~b~ A~ <)"'j)(: .... ~ .... i :::t<)p!i. 'ill 'l'oJ thr'c<.... oJ ri'tl'it1' j:.lJnch, ~'I~ b!:l~k. \'!'i'lih yO..,!' .left 'fwi'. <;:i' ~bJl: ~Oi'Y.I~ time 9i"iJb ni~ wri~t ,,.,,ilh. y;)lL!. ~ii!;i!:il' htl!"ll.ll. "10 .... ' i~fi' ht;ii'"l1l lr",~ 'fuJI lli1~ 1!1~.Nl' 'rl'1=.

k) !'!,lIn~dimel~ O~i';-( -:Jl~bil!1g Di:JP«1>N"./I-~ Wi!\isl', !Olcp il'1 ""ith yl)L;I' i@fi' f~i QI~ hiS right ~.;.:.t <)';, Illu~'I'r'l!l'rod. AiJphr p.r'e~'L"~~ Or'! lXleik. '(;If f.,~l- righi' h .. ~ by ~i"'Jd,,;;,g ';"Jur le''ft r.;neeil oJ!' 'l't:.z: same time ~""i~1 ni,~, ¢HiiI (In.;! 8rob hl~ f>:i~1fIm with YOlJr left i-t;;; r..cl. APP'i1' 'Pf~~1i)11l ;;lgl)ir)$'i hiS ",I~ lain!' 'DOO sholl'1~r :b'I~.

N:'O.:l COU'!'4,T!;:RJ~G A R.!GHT PIJINj::1H

(Dcl\~~SE;;, 'ErbQ''''' B;~MIj.;; ~r AIm IL.o.;~i\:~




(,,1' O~i1!!)r.;t .;;!I1t<::lTI1pts 'i'(], :1'111;-.:; ... .:; fi!.1F.1t ~ifi,n 10. ri;\'1.nT -i'a,l!". 'Sit'ifid In fI IK"'~ 1TI1.;i!"F1Cr, 'Y9Uf' I~ft ~OOI f(lr~rd elmd. ~,!!h hand ~ri~ :.rt'ur ri~I' 'fi~L

(bl A!O ~,!~_m' ~t,cp~ II!1o iJridI inrow.s: o!!< r~hl' punch. ~~~ bock ~th ~ur Id~' 100'1' al'1~ 'a~' th~' !<;j~~ ti!li'i1.! ~r"Ol, ~,i~ ,ri~h~ 'W,"!!!' '"",,ilh 'j!(:~" ri!Olhi' i;Oofld, MEl ~i),!1:1, ~iP hi!llh, y(liJ~ !8'ft fi::;t ::!!;!9I,l!.;! b~, 1I'I;;00:f f>:lr t:h.!: lfifZ!id move,

~~) ,!~'i'!i:!di",r~l;y Q~ije( o;Jr~tbi~ hi~ 'W~i~t;r ! .... ,~i' .;;t)(3 ~I~I d~rd hl~ o[!mrm, 'lJit th~ ~\!ITF!;! '![m~' step il!1< wi1t. 'Iwr ~~I' ~oo~, 'ba po:.!i.ition mus"ro~~ Sl'ri[i.:~ hi'~ d~ i(;;irit (II" i)~t tlr!'f! ne~~ ~""'.1'Elr ..... iih :"'",;( tleft k~ m'YI,

~d~ 'ti7 yOOl liTiiilr !P'U1' hi~ arm 'ur:der 'ftIL'!r' ,arm drKi (I~1 m:;-]\Il~$!J!I\~ (ir),", .... ~i$i.'!' 'i)<il hi~ ~,,'@~r JoJf!t", 1".:;0 rt;IIr.;.h ~~,?.!\I'(! ~t.:II,Jld no.t IbcQ' a ppl led ~hl1;:':: it will d'isb:atl!" 'hi~ joint,

(l;I!orli'~JJ--Wh2n protticir;.;:r il~I.!"'ua~iion ~cl~ ~ ~I'!f 1t,;l!'~~(.!L

NO.:3 COIJ.I ~"'!i'!Ht,!!NI1S cA iFW(:h.lFi ST'tID A,n A,CK:

'I D'~f,~m5<~: Pulill Tii<m ... ~l'id E!!~~",.. !;:~'II!kl



f><l) Opj}o;)l"!~l"!~ is o:!oout '10 tnro"" '1:1 r;[:i, p.ir"l~h ;;j~ '~~'_ .$!andi iii'll 'i:I ~':'i1ipi:I "'J.;)"r"'~~ .,...i~h y.llI.Jr r%ht 'I\;;:<jt f'DIY'OZIre ,rlliint I-K!oi'II;i Gi:I"vO"i!'l;j ~'(:\H' r~~~' 'I:i~t.

(!!-l A5- .;:;pp¢r"I~"'~ ~f!p)' .. ·s, !:I le'i't ~ncn. srr, k,"" ,Mf.!':'i hi,~ f\:);:I(o:)rm wi'lit:. your fi~\h.i' ~">::;"\fr:'!.

Cd A~ o,~~n't ~tcp.~ i j"!j ia i,'i:fQw ;;) ,,,~'hl' punch, swii!19 back ~D. .. I ri!>!f!~ fOOl' OZIkl'1.gs~ hls Pody, Vlili'b "j!QLIr !""~~ i:.;) 00 , grab his rlghi i:lfrnpii', wi!h ~Q!.'r right h~.nd, Qra1!o ni,-;, ..... r"i~ t!!'Id ~M, his '!:!rm a~y irom Y"!!.J Ail i'I"tI)!B '~'''~'1~~ ,~re dw..z: ~1r;r1l.i1'h:J'~"·c,,)sf~,

(e:! liIT"irn~dl';;~I)"J~' .;.hlt",r !',F..::bbing hi~ arm., tWI<st i:li""f:1, pi,ill i~i~ ;;j''-rfI ..r".."n OZInd <DIiJ~ .... u((l, t'i~' 1he OO"f'~ ~~m~ dr<:;-p ~ ... '~ol:.lr ~ci:l: :kJi1~ i:lnd !1Iit1~ j<Q..,r !~rl' 'Nmd &rwn to '~J:o:o~I right !,!<:~;-cl_

Hol'.j hl~ \ii(oi1i~i' .... itf'l ~!.,!r i'~H i-;;]l!1cl ",;r.d str~M: ihri~ ~'Ioow- jQi'l1.i' "'!"iiI; ),OOl f'igh~' ~'='re.:lr:n1l,


(m.Ci'CMC-~: IPtJl'I~1i; ,gill.:! Ned.: 'Iihf~;;;rJ



l:q,l OppemC'll7 ,I~ ebc;u~, ~ 1t..row Ci ~ht punch. Staooi III 'Ci Kct1p.!) 11l~~i"',ILcr w-lii'n "),"':<;11 I.;;Ft f~' 'r(lr''I'!iO~cl 'QllId, lli~".'! i!(of! hOi'>;.1 (Q~)~"'ir"l~ yW~ r.itjcl'I' "o;t.

~b) AI!. ~el'tl' ~bep.s, in lo 'I\!:.row' G ~nt PL<r.:dJ." =iil'"'9 '1D"~ r rigl1l' ioo~' b1!;::k.'g,'=Ird~ in ~CI'TTI]. <:;ir.dQ' by " .... 0.'1':"1 ~ 'thi;: !}.:III .:;f ", .. ,.;1 I<{:i!' 'm.:.t, 'lilt 'iiJ!wt, ~,;.~~o. tiM';: toIf.(Ib ~,~ 8'100""" l(ii.IIi' Qr ~;pj)Qr oZI'Nn wi~h l't'L!lr I~ft 'tm ",d , 'l'i'iith yerL!'r ,right, rn. nd r"Ndy for the next move,

l~ IlIlrn~d:",~ ... 11" ~tcp' dn wfrth y.:;L:lr I"i>!lnt 'root b~hi,n,d' aRP:m~i'"it'~ rlgnt 'fq.;;;I', (It ~n(t :Wffii: ~~MIl!!l"'!l~l;;i~ a .... "D'f his oil mi wilh' y::iI.Jr r~h iiorxl. i:l'Il!'1ch his jrj'l'l' (in an ~p~r-ou:l' f.[]5hitln~ wi~1ii. ~wr light fi~t Q~ ~llu!~€q~'cd,.

w) U \i(lu 'l'!'is.ii ~~ lilO~ ~t,u0"'" hi!'!! liit p~!~~il~ 'f(I~!r ~:i~i ¢I\f!ll o)!'¢<.!,!d hls ~~k .;)J.cl I~f~ ~1""IjIJ~i,


N.'O, 5 OCH,J NT! ~,INGI .it :R'~GIH'l PI). i'4;CH [1}_d,z,H"e,~ ,AIJI,1tII Ihll~~ ,a,noil T,he..... ....i){~, IK'~I.:~


C_ _ _____:.--

iUl!'S'r:RA li ,I (:,."'<.1

la) ~panent i~ 00;:'L!l1' ~o I'hmw (,I ',i!>lhr iJ!.>I~'''- Storxl in a K~jI'1pO rroanne~ with yo.ur rt-!.1h.i '1\001 'f;:;, .... €I",j ,~"'..J. jd'~i i\dnd ~ri'r>g wur righi' ~i<5t.

i'~.) A~ '!lPV-in~l'1:' 1Iiu'Qw~ a right 1Y"t.'lcn. ~ili1l> ;i1! .... i!h ~(:>I.'( ~~H fOOi', .;ll 1~'~ ~al"1e' lime gt>:lb his a~H ..... 1'1) },otor i'oI)h l">;:iiCi.;l i),!!l! \ .. ,,·i~; '"",i I'''' 'jI(I!.'!r right Ih,and.

kJ St~p in -fr<>nl 'I)'f ';;pponenl·s, I'"j;;'hi' ~oot wl1h y.:;ur I""ft f":iOt, "'~ ~1i11J" ;;.:::""~ i'ip~ i,!,!,i~~ I+i~~ .:;, m and push dD"tO"i.'k. ,i'\,"lpl'l! Pi'll"S!ii.Jf.E! ili1l '~..,kl~!, .iQir"!~

ftll TI,;;;)..... II;) ~h~ ~ :(lwiJ b"!I pL;lshinl;l ;:ip.PO~nt dbv,'1:1 with yo:;ur ~dl' n.;.nJ,. <11' 1~..e s.:). ...... ~ I'ir'!~ ~oinl;' d~1!i1l1 an }"ZIur ild't kncn, H 'oppefi~;:"j~' ~~ r"l<Ji' !)i v. ~ .... ,::.'. s.1;ij'~ ~0 r'i!i/ht f;;n~~, 'ii Nib his 'WI i sot, 'Will--. ~'{f~lf ooth Mil;.:b, l'wiSt dr'ld puli, 'iiil' t~ ,sam~ lime kk~ hi~ ~b \\i1 th 'your I(!"ft :~I,

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mcl>';::I"1I"'~, EI!;qw !"Q~1I. !l!o:ldl Thro' .... ]

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II;.) A~ Og.;Q~rlt steps len with I~i~ I'ight loot ;0 1iAro ...... i:i right p""iI,h, ~tei!' b;.; .. :k~rd with 'YO r [le,I' foot 1'0 ~il'i",iI. iilu~'I'r(;ll'eo.. al 'tho!: Zlm.;;: A~rn~' '!)~o:f.:. ,oM i ..... i~t ~.;~ i\-";:rell rm ar 'h!ri~t wl~~ '!o'''''''~ righ! 1'I(!r"od "..i:h yoo;r lc"t 00""" jiI.)ih {ilia:! tWi3t up'!!'{aro a~ 1m;' h ~ ..,Ilx!w i~i'f"i..

(e) Sl~J!' fu;, froni of "PP');"'~!\I' ..... ith '(our Ie-ft root. <lit 'thi ~or ... e Ii':"!i~ p~~h elbow d01li'Jlii';'(lui, ".'XiI iflp ihaJs, 'OflYl, 'l>W!r' 'jI(Iwr ii:arearm C\!1a;1 .;a~~)' e1oo'l'!' I<:;.a:r~ d~ il'''Js-'rol~'_

fd) 1(1. 1" row o,pPOM:I'I't Ie. Eh~ .;;i"'<lWl<J. drt>j) db..,\IiI ....., yaur I Ft kr"lea? ¢s iI!u~l!I'Ql~ erad D,ilpl'y pressure ,a;>!]:Orili!it tl!OOw_

Lf5S(H .... 'V I - [L.,O!:~. 11R:IEAlK AN D 'T1H R.OW [OE:FENSE:5


NO"., cou NTE ~ liNG .A ~ ~G,H T PU NCH

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(:)) Stooo in G :Kel7l,ll'O rncnner wi'!h ~r !eH 1'001 ,f(lr' __ -or"d ami! left hand! ~r11R!:J 'rI'Al€ righ~ 'f'i~j'. (bl A~ '~[".>!!'r11l<1~' ~1~ iii -;.Iilh his Iril;lnt 'foot ~-a ~nrow g It~F1! PI.J['I(,J;, ~~~niO! your I;:;ft '001' side. ';o"iiJ:f~ 'j;;> pO~'i!iOn iIIL!l_s!ro~!~:t .:1m' m~ :><!f"I1Iijj j'ir"iio£' sl~'.:Jb (ippi>n~m~J.~ _i~t w,ith 'YOL!lr light h1jlOOl Qi'"!4 strilke Ihl~ ;elbo-..' [oi"1' ..... iit. :;'(I!..!r left lOre;:]rm..

(c) ,:;;~ in ...... i~h ~"()ur rdw'lTrt foot In th~ l;.oc"- !Ii el>.il€Jn~nr'~, rio;!. " :leg" ,ct ~h~ scme [Im~ gP-Jllly' arm, 10.:.'1<.. 1!!9QII!l$t .:;b~t (lr"" 'fore"! hi~ ~ b;;o::'k.'i ... crd,

{d~ Thle .... ~(I ;I~ grOL1l".,:j by lJushi~ eppai'"ler1~ bo~io. ..... -:)I\" o!'>i!l d(:'· ... m'!!'ard and f.wcing 't'!1Jr. faf'~-

olIlm and ;c!bow ag~ ni~' ni~, I~C~(:,: r"I~~"'~ eJ!il\1-!!'r. -



NO.:e: CO IlJ INlT~RI NG A, itiGHT pUN:CH CID'ehme; E'Qr """P '~tnr.:,.;;)



(-. IAlJ o.~em' is <ilb,."J'I' 10 thrD"'o' [] righ~ !;lunch, s..'!~ rCio;! i." a leo r'I po roo f11~ cr. .... t h yo.';_{ 1 ~t 'roc. t I'orwcr,d oilrK! "",-Ir ha 'li:b ~!:)'!iped (Is. in ~r.::.'!"'~r'_

U~ A~ ~~oJliU ~1'(l1Y. 11'1 wl1h his; light fuat to thrDOf [] rr'iih punch, ~t~p t<~ek,w'Q!IiJs, ..... i'!~ ~~",f mof1 f,oot. ;0 poslticn m~!striJt,ed, <ii1I' the SI!,/T'!C time .01',00 'OJ)j)y''r'! nl·~ ...... i~1' or fDJ'10;0rm ..... itl~ 'f!=Iur I~t haoo, Your 'ight ii:lOO sbeuld be reil:dv 'fOr ~he rl~:.:t iO'Yoi,~,

k) !"'~~'>I)diatd~ afie<r o;)robbing .;>.piX'ri~r.'li·'~ wrist,; 11'!'1l1 ,I)r:o::i p ... 11 hi~ 'l!i;rl;;;t ..... th 't"ur rdl' h<;I~ ;;aus"j~ him ~o IO!J!' fJis, oo.lo;)r'I~ "md .m the s;}~ne l;M~' stri k.., hb E:olI!f w.i1" 1'1-oe. ,tl.!,j) d ".;n:1 j"j¢\t hJ:md lOKIi,',;, U Y'I"..tJ w.l~. '(Qu '1'TTP:I'f thr(;ie;' hi,,) ~a 'the groundl by. j:'1l!]!iioig ~",~ilI~"S. heed cl'(lw~,;xj~ (!Illd dr'~pif1g to yOur ~",d'~' kl'>l;:;;:_

;;::", .. 110:011- io, ~~ ~l!S(o,;j: <11<"11,,), 11'1 cas_e; <Of lii'e or de€!~h,


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The~.e ~~id:;~ r.e;:j,I!J~r,e ~~tia~ lightniniiJ IIp!$Q, ~ '~Q!. thii'!~i~' orid qui'dk jLJ!!\:I~rm;: ,;;r;r.~ rie!:~~ry_ PbK~~ ~lil~ td';k:; Q¥E:r ,o!'!J (I~"E:f. ~4lj ~"(>u rncsrer lIM: <!!Irt' ~ru:.l'!;lI:Jgh!jI. 11h.9 b~k't 'WIll "7l~..e til,]~"(j:"J¢'I'i~oll~ !CI ~>;)ur. lTTiiimll,

:Ii!~rn"brir tf1Qt 1;;;e!!'iPi! ff~m [Plfl1dill ,crid striike, If ''f!=iur 'D~~'5, {ire fol.~liY" dfl~M:;U~~ ,iSo, riOt ILJ~ e-A)i tridks,. iIW;t :~1\rlr.:oJ" Q(. kid.: iI1oEl~'e '~~!fI!e-ri' irn~illlbek!o' .. iI' 'i~ eo:J~lc,. 'f,;;;!I'~r" .:;!;nd MD.!'!".' Il'ff.Q'~'.""O]", ~'I' i!:m~~ ':lO~r €I~JTjt,~ Imtoy ;no:;t h~ 'I!"Iur r~1 ~~i7I1!P', Or iii' @Qy. [J~ Ilil!fli ;s6iri~erie im1j'~LJITde;r~;oot:I )>:II,J i:lnQ 110111 ~\ry to, {!1il\i:;(ik. yOU, !1'1' ,~iil~r 6:1~~ tr.;' I'1Dt ro 1If&~' q'a~n;''lli; t.rl~r.:~"



NO,. '] COl!! NiiiE ~.rINJGi .A :DAGGIER A,'f'f AC I<.

tl:k:l'CiI1~, Twi<S't WiIY!i.t~!14 Klelk; lI"IefY~ Cerrt!!r 'IJ;J' if!gcl!, ''i!i''~w~




(.;:;,] Of'P.=-,z;n,t i~ ,I:ibo L;! I' '10 ot!",,-k ~"ll1,J .... 'ith ~I m!;l!;!er _ St-o.-;d in K,..:rr"oo ~tiJ~ wi~h :iO!.'!r !eH [Qq~ ;"orwl!'Idi .;irid !"""rild~ o:;!lo-spcd as, in i-""\;l~t;

(!:;r} J>.,;;; ~e " ~1..:;J::r~ of';;f :t"',iir ~tOiIT"F1lch or b!:idy. 'ilti"l }or;.. r bc.dr por.ll,"~'i ~r) hi~ by P!~~'fif1J1 '0JIi lm~ rt;.;)l! ",I.' yaur 1~~1t foot. 'the right ,rO<)'j' ~lb'iul~'!ZIne<:iLl!sly P(:rf"'rc.rli.~ <11 :s..:,mi-cirde ~o r:irniye 0;]1 1b:: !POsitio1ll iilw.i~~{Ji~_ \;,.ohll'(I pcri-ornning I, ss m,;rYr]'Nr!:i'"rt., $J'olIb- r::r,~r>t)ri{a ;-;!lIM \\!Ti~t wiilih ~r l~{1i: hr:Jnd. YOLJJ light M!iid :;!Ilor;i..,lr:;1 ~ r~d:r ~rjr- ~~ ,!'>£!;:t Fr1£l¥rl'.

(0;;: l Mo \i'e I d t Ifi u ", b r).,P tq. f.1 Cif"o/ e c.en'l'e r i'fii i:>~ k, "I' ha nod. [pi ODe - ,*"i Ii't(! rr-d f h UlIT:'r'b be s i'd'~ f~ i@H 1i1!wu",*", ,r;.~ ~ l:loo",~. t.,...i~t (I;:-;d ~wlng Ihri~ >IlIrm upwoi'd Qfr(iI bock ...... ml'd. 'Dt 11iie ~Qcm~ tlllT"il;: pllC!:1til1!;1 an i:l;i! kil! of :;aur- I.eFt. too!. ~',.r'i'I!'''' \'Oi)f r{,ghil' 'f.oo-t III f1\d r.,i(,k, trii~ ... lirJl spot,

t& H ~PCf.1Cfl~' d~s nm gi;"~ i)P. plQr;c raur' ilfrll' r.oot i.ill I;.;:to!:k 0" -~ i~i' i..-g, 'M-II 1'011 lStii'~

'thrD'r'r' :oo~\'rIl:lrds M !he 'l];!'Our:d

N.O", 2. ,COUNTiERI NG A" PA'GGE:R, .A n,AC K (~~,~~i'r!¢~, lNi~k el!.~p~


~0~ ..... ~~d~l!;;oM is a'b-;)!.!; 'ItI, ~1:1~lj!e;t ,c ..r.;]~er i11'II 'Y"'ur ~1oMa~h, ~'I>:Ind m a, lK~po i'"I'iiql:"ifiCf. wirth Y_i'li!I~ !';!;ih 10011 j'QfW<:);,J (!I"!~ ht!N~ dti!.po!cl .;:;,~

in 1J~>:I~r. &

11;.) A~ nttnzker ~t~~ in ~!:I ~hr"-l~t ikJ;iiFe- 'ct. '(Ou, 5'WinQ yaJ_, II!iiht foot ~1.;I~\\,-"yS by P~~'?t'II"":JI QI'! ~,i>!' ool~ of ..... I)\l-r ~d~' fool IQ p)MIO.rfl il~us~ro~~\- omt tIM: ,s.aMI!: 'tiFl'Le ~ rob hi~ kni~", h{!r..:;t 'wfi~r w,i~n ,!/-oo~ !~f,!, hQn.;:ii (If1d ~!d l"Oi;ir i'!;i!:lI' hl:ilr,d' up [=dy ~o ~1\ril:o;~_

k) l!" ,!,!,i'!i! 'oliJ pul] his MiF~ honJ {Iut'l'!'O~rli "i'(i~h 'ID1J'J" Ue,i't m_andl and stnik.e hi~ ned:. .n~rv<!: ~[~tQ" ....,;rh ~'{lI,[f f.i.;l?"j h:).l1id, i',ilI ,I) '~j;li','19 mnnner wi'1h 'I'm F.ni'l~ ~d!;'~,.;)'f 'I1A"r t1di..cl.


NO.:3 cou N'iE ~ I'INJG, A D'A.G~,E R: ,A TT ,A:CIK

[l1iId"'H:liC': t::r~ib, 'ClKI!d;)


(.;:i! ,i\t~e.d,,~r ls ,t(OOL!t ~!) .;:;'I'I>ild-. yool ~th a knik. Stcoo, in a Kicnp;:J fT"I.!IlM.:-,r· wltt!h. :;aLif I.dt ~\:ei' k,i"VlCl(,o;I {lr.;,Q h(!IIx1s ('iGl!-l)l)d 0~ iii ,p~~r_

~l A~Cltr'Q~lu;r bfi:'~~ I-..l1;,il3' <k!¥!.... {ir"l IIQi_.i ~'I'e,p in .,.,.,ith y(;#!Jf righl' f'OOt pW!),I'in{;! on the 0011 'D'F "(our I~Ft foot 10 ~1't1D.il ,1I~usliiM1~ or l~fI!j ,;.::;.: ..... ~ ~i!"e·. ~,rji; hrs k_"tii!~ h,;;,KI: ~(;'Marl1l1l or wr~s~' ....-ith yaJ~ Fdl;lht ,MlIld coo pull nij"j) 'f.!!~ffi ia Il(j.,;,k.) hi";' ICl1>4 lI1;is. b€i1'::;r"lGI3', Your II~ H ~'-':Il"!d :!il,{:uiJ I:'!l '"~00y !"-;). ~i'ri~~ Or' grdb..

k) !('l<.'I'!~il)~~ty ~hli!",f j,tlk.ir'!:ll hi~ l:<!1;;l!,,!~~ o!'f, drtrJl' 'Ia :,rOLJr leh' !;I;n~~ end ~ rob Or' !;1',ri!J;~ lilis,

cror,ch. -

(.;.",H~",-lJ~~ ~'I'!<:!(1:i~ Cll .:::(·i)'i~'h (ifil,y wli;~ }"Ou ar'E; in [;e;:J1 d~ng~\r.


N,O'" 4 'COUNTERI NG AN 'O,¥'Ul:'H EA.D DAGGER A iT ACIK tllJ'!I;:~cil'i:OC:! 1H~:k Th""",,,,, r[J nti! IE'.II;I(I .... 1!l,1J>:I1k)




(i"l ..... I'to:;.:::iu:f I~ obout '10 ~~t!t.. yw wi1k ¢ ,oogg~r from O"i.'e~d_ SI :)_,rorj i,', ¢ K~r'lj)O' rncnner. Ycur leit joo~ f~!" .... ('Jrct "rod your helMS t~~p.~ <ll!l i "I f."«l';'<lr,

C[,! A~ -illl't<:!>::k.er 5tep~ i" e,) "',ii,~ L ,til" d:w.1'l an }'OO. "5I!e~' 'Sid':! .;) ... ·iin ;,oolJlr right "00:' ~O

pc!!iitiOn i 1!"-'~I',tOIt~dl '!lit Ene- scrne 'tirr~ 'IiIr~ <) (>{i I .... rl~ 'hi~ righl rist Or ~<)<:t'Q",,,, our .... o;or.;! ar..1

o::k>wr'lw.:or,,1 wi~h .".:our I~r.~ I-v.:;o:d Y(lur- r,iQnt II-oand r~ad:.' 1(>1 ehQ next f'ITlo:Il'~.

id 'St~p i ~Io:. c..- cpJXIni:!n~'~ ri'gh-' l~g wi'l i\ roue right Foot. cd' tht! ~:).(rI'" ~;;l1il!JS trl k,.;;: hi .. ~hrQ.(!Jt ",'I~h yeur ri'gh~ j,.;:;lcl O~ illo,i~'tr'l:I't<l:>,:t

~d~ ill,ro ..... hir'll jco thr. '91\C'1.Jrn:! ~ ,;j'.u""pj!'>;;l 10 ,.,:ol.:ir ,right knee. r!ljt~, hi~ elbo .... lcoi"~ over YOlllr ~,i;jlh,!, 1hlgh 'ON, '!:',l..'Ply f}le-;'~ir wIth ~"ur 1~'I·t MOO,

HO.,,~ (O'U N'n::,!!l;;!llNG, .A DAG(GIER A TI A.Ct<:

~t:i~iI\o!'!~. Ann IB,~eglk 'O¥~r !i\;~, )'h~!!i!.,go~l

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(.::!.,l i\~!€I~k,.~r. i~ 61x!~!t '0 ~bD'iJ. ')'DLII wl:lh ,iJ <kgg~r_ 5'1'ZIlI'1d in a Ker;,;IO i"OOnflCf 'wl1h ~Ol!'r Id~ i'oo.l' ~o.i'Wor<il <!>:1<! non.;:r.~ ';::!d!J";)~d a~ in IVf>;lIi'\~~_

!h:! As <>!.!'';x' k.e I' (;.'1"1 riWi, k;r.; i I ~ dmm !:i.l1i ~""a LI" ~\'!'ing ytlLllr right, ii:le;';' in :s[o!'!=,:;,:!!, by' pllil:lti.i"I<.l' on t'1-.!: 'bo'li a~: ';'QI,JI I ... f~ 'fwi t<;. liXJ!-itiOri i 1-' JI.Js~O(IiEXI. oi' ~,~ '!Iarr.i~ rime, grab his Iknil~e' h.o:Jnd wri st ~.ith yo:Jur left nCiM, Yaur rignr. !t-.and ~hD,'J~ b;: rcod~ for in~ "l>i:!=<,i ,,~,

k) !r'!!!'T>e",;lIil!l~I'II (lIFter grob'bIi'l..;Ji kmfQ" noiXI,. S"~ep ,~>:!rw:iJrd '!io'.I~11 ~l,Jr ri~n~ .joo~ ':r€lll"l ij}O~~tafl .!Ii)iII<"';)leJ I'!~ U"I dna ~\'I'I",g his arm on

'\'O;f ,Iright ~shoo!J~r., ,C:=~b ,. ~.ri~t n w,li~1!i. ,~l.'f 00 ,hi h.!!lIKI~ Cir.::!l Cip;.;C~ IV- ""~$!.!. ~ Q .. f..1, oI!. ~ iCii.,~ I),. p~_iiJi'!!:! his ".,.ri~t oown.

NO,,, 6, 'COUI':4:TERI NG A. K.NllfE .A'TTAC. K

'[It)o ~t-ni!lL;; !( I~ik S h'll'i or CR! ~~ ~ ~


c'o~ '~"5;i'I't ~ ,o'OOut ·to illash ..,.00.1' 'f\{!~ Qr tirl-l!'St 'Wi~h q: ~",H\!:I, Stonnd Ii'll 'Ill 'Kerij:Q rmtnfirer' ...nt'hi y,oor lie"I' ifo.;:;~. fOrti.,,1'd "md h1:!.1ld~ diJ~7.t!d O~. ir,. P""'-~Il'l,

4b) ,~ CPPllI'1ef1~' bmi~,~. io;r'MtJ dq.w1l Dn ifC'1lI; gm(Jb hi~ :r1i·F,e hmoo: WT~5,' ..... illt. '/,€Jilr t.afl 100 ri:I ,[] mil p!.!!,r.. .;lW(! Y ~ mlb1 ya u, A C' ltt.e ;~o:J me 'ti.u.", ..... I!Ih y.nur r,iJdl;;-I' 1Ii..:lr.1tt1~ s~luk.e '1lI111d 'Slr,ob hi~ l;!ih '5-~Id.i:f·r w[.1{h, 'f=!ur rright -fOOl' ~i'ck, hls; shin,

Cd Ir !<.id: it.;.' '!ihtlil r:s. il:reiib:ti'O'e' Or Ir>'iisSEX!~ kk~ m~. tl'o~~h i"r~:r!'.WIQt~ty· .,.,.Jtl-i \!'Our 1\1 gh I' r.rf>l;!~.

"''k!~~m! ~hlWi: mO'!.lem_~r.1~. OJ\Il· &ii!~~1CiI,J" 000 .~1I1d !be r..J~ qnlv r:n cc~c: 0·' lif'e' O~ d!l(!th.


NO. 7 CO U NT1EiIR:II!N.'G. A DAGGER A;lTAC K m~IlrS~'~ A!I!I'I B~Ik. ,a"o::I :S!,;Ii;~ 'H;::''''1!:l (Illn~r~

i!..L.IIJs..TR ..... l!"!ON

[a) A;tlll!~:ker is ,C,'OC;LiI't ID .:Itiad.: ~ wlih I:i Iki'll f~_ Stl:il'fZl In iJ Ker(il'Q mlmli1~r wi!1:1 }"il<.Jr re~~ 'f~t f<OfW€!rcl (!(!fI ho:lriili. ·e!d~~: !J~ H iii !J}11ii~r_

1b~ ~ ';:11'I\Z!d;,~r ~bep~ LI>I 1Q Iluii"i9 ktnfc- d~ DJ10 \o"=Iu. ~tejJ il!b sidewoy~ .,.,.j~h y6:u:r -right rOOI bv r. .... O'!'lfI.;l! l:ir! i'ltj) ,~t! ·;:;;f '!i:)o,j" i~~! !'OO!, ... 'i' 'i~~ ~~!ri~ l'ir.i1>i:'. '!)~Q1; bi·~ ~fli:r~ Mii1d [D.n~iJrlTl1l !:Or' wris,j' ...... ith 'VOlJr lei't 0000. '(Our right MOO r=dy 'to:!' -;.rclJ".

kl (':'.i:-!1b ~~ ¢~.i':'i I~i~~ It:.!:olow hi·~. 'sl1<:<..!r.;:.'Br ..... ith ~QI.'I li!)n~ f'o¢Po;:I. 1'~)IY.i~o;Ii.:;~·",ly .:Il·~'!:r gn:;'b:1Jirog, 'hi~ j.;!1'jF~ Ih.:!nd.. ~.wir'9 I1i.:Jd:: ~th ~l:'l!Ir righ:' I~ ;rl'rop.pi~ H .. th2 iiI·too.:!ndi '(};il' '1<01.'1 ~r'ie-e Q~ IIlusi~i'OOl <J"€! ·di~loX<J'ito 11ii~ ~~ldkre>1 i'f hi! .~. ~ !)i~ Lip,

(d)' Will!. ~hc- :fi1.1iife· oo·:;Ie· DF YOl!!r righ~' htrnd, .s.trii=::c- i-';~ 'er;.;<o'l'l' jOi;;; io di~!w:>I~ Of broJoi!:,




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uo, I!jI ,COU INTE:R,i ~G A, BACK HlAND K:N I F~ ATT'ACK: rj}-~foJl~~o; Sl!!"~!.ilj ~~!I' H'~,,"",c (:ljon~>i'F~



t.;.f J\jjQcli:e-;r I~ Cioout ~" ¢'i't<!~ k 'I!<f~i .... ;j'j, ~ k.r:M..:-. 'Stell..,) in Ke-.o:p¢. ':;!:ir .... ~r wilh yOur ic,l'l· '~ool' 'f-.:Jr",an:l 'Dr..:! hand'.:S ,da~' a~ In 'Pr%,~I'_

!hi A~ .;]'I·I .... ~~e-r ~(5h at H-,e sidc· oi' }'t"JI Ibody. ~wii!19 bock.. in ~~i-dr.d.:;: \\!lith yoz!ur U:1hi j'Q<i1 b1 ~vC'i'ir"19 (IN d·leo ix~i Qj' ';'(I~!r t~h' ,rool' ~b pCl:si I'i(m ilrmtr-.:Jt~d .... 1' 'I{h,e ~al1l'1C- ~'jmc' grab hls knll'.!:: h;:;oo, oelbi:oPi 'Dr uPJ~r IX! rt "r h~ QffI1 wi~h ~~~'f 'lqH f.:tln.;j (lnd! pl!ili ~Or\,!,(;1~ II) !"r<o~~ him ~ his, bnlcnec, your ri;:lht lOOnd sno.ild ,Ix: r=d" '1'0 ~tflk.(:.

!.d l:m!"1~dia:~ll' al1~r ~akil'1i;1 O'I'F hi~ 11x;1 0 11IOl::. S-1i1il':c- hi~ nerve '~Jb'I~1' bc1""...,~n Iiik, ~"!;.;-.; Cii'tld 'lP:I!oE: if, '" ~p;-O,~ i¥I"'--"'~1 waH"! H~ k;r-"f~' Eld.;j~ ,.;;;f j'(Iur 'right hnrsd,

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INO. 1 [0 C:'O'U N'f'Ii1IR[~NG .A S·LAcSfll NG K.N i'FIE .A'TT AC'K

mdolimi;;; Pi,l!~hl T~l1'Iip~c· ... ~ CiNIi~!1~




(<:l\l AttiJtker ls ¢bo! I' '10' ~_sh y;Xi i',.:) f!)acl!;: hcm-:ied n>Onr'1e~. $i'fl .... d In, a i(!YoPQ or>;.; .. ,~( wl~h

00'1 fi.:J 'Id~ up as Ii: i", ,r:;.~<J.';'t::r.

(bl' As. o11ae .,eJ' ¢'1"t,clii1pt~ "to ~11J~' 'I'J~ ~ de DF 'jI:I!.lr b(;j , ~","r.g ~'oJur If'ight foo~ ~,I!o:-Iolli roml. t!rele W ,!)ll'OtinQ (of! i~ I)o!III of '(.':Iur r~h ~!XIr tD po:sil'j[M, ilrh.J~I .. ~e-d, ol"'J.d CIt th.e ::;orr~ li~r'1il. '!:I'''!' hi~ kni1'o!l f;.;:;,~" "rm ... ith ',;'(JJ..!f Il)if1' 1'J.!!;'Id and P1!!li I~i~ ~. ii:lrward 'by 'I:I~ (lrl"rl to ~'ke him h'!JEI hls bdhJrtOe

(d Wi'-, yi;l!!li' right m'iddjl!' i:ir~~r klilllJc r~ .• st ri1-:e ih~ 11z..:1!:1;i; 0; rhi$ !!.:ir r'tF,lI'VC cr!"ITlrer .. kll Gl'!!b or ~~rik.t! his. crotch by ·cl~pir:19 00--_, r:;rn 'fOI,:I' r~ knee, t"'!Jti'Oil--A<'1'oJC~~ ·r)'f w;rt.;;!"! Is d.!! g!! o!.!~> :so u~ ani}' im. ':;.;i~ o~ lif-Ii: or de.J~h ..




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f(ll QpiY-'..n~.,~ i~ ,;:;.~t.lt !o nttock y01..~ ..... Itl<'. €I s· .. 'O,d. S~lJr.c i G K~F1Pi1' IrnUIl1~r ..... 1 th yo"'JI fA:('j' foot ~orwcr;il. and :hai'1d~ ,tq..;~ <l§. !n pr!:l}'~r.

Ifc» A'S. 1).;..'P(>;~f)'t ~ ..... ir11l'5 S\\<oo:I, st~p lfl ... ;rl .. ~.=X! •. r""h'l ~'0¢1' in oo~1<: of his right J~g. a~' ihll' ~me time 9.r~'lJ. .tibr,: UPf~f !Xl' I' ~)r his !j.·,....,rd c rrn w11' Y;:1J' left Inan. ClIYi pt .• $h i.J1)'w<) d <)i:.;j ..w!'!,!

Ot.:tf figh~ 1"!<I,>d: ~~ -k (;iI 1; rC!'J h~~. cr.·ot~h,

t .. lbil]'-.~ >01' ~ito~k o!:1'01>: Wiles.;;; ~'Cru ';:'('$ irl, fE'(l! .d::t.:'!,j

LThis t,ric: =n tol) l.:iii4 '>0'1 "Iy '((lr !l-.....ord attad<~ but ot~r w~apo.ns. a~ ..... dl.)

NO. 'l,2 Clem NiliE ~,IN~, SWORD O~ 'Clf.i,H::U~P~:N~ K;N I F,E A'TT'AC I(

H);c!e,n:ilc, .AMii l!'f~ilIkll

ft;)). il,'i 1'.;)(4..,1 i~ 4t:-o",!' 10. 'ClI r<x~ '.!.;o;"! wIU'"i. Q ~wtio:rdl. S1\:md i!;1l .;] ii(er;pO m!:m~r l'I'i~n ~W! l~t 'root iDrW-lllrd coo hl:ir;d~ ,~mbo:d,iI~mg H-io:ll" '!i-Oil.! (i,~ !'iQt (,(ii'J'!.I;Iii!) ",ff~ w~po<lI.

~i!J A~ c1"1\ZI'~~~r ~tejJ~ ir:i ~>:! ~wing SII!!:Ir,Q dQw,rr; q_fi 'Y';'l~'§."";;~ ~~_ ii'"l :iOi'"ll:if'i,r.;:I.., ..• tt-. YD!:I~' ngh~' fo-;:;.'l by 1'1" .. (1,1 r:.;_;j <),n I.!~ btlll {I~ ..... :):L!~ k:ft foot ~D po:sill~U1 iltLMtr>:lt.td and aI' l~ 'wme ~ ii1iiG", "!.1 i<Jb- 'Glibd r~1I ,j1;'OOt....-.;;l1", :hl~ knld~' 'Drm wi1irn )lOur Io!'h l'til'1ld.. YCm' r~~~' !!(Ir'!-d read),' i',:,r Ehc- tr.e;.;,1' IIT"P:I~.

Cd Wi~h6l.!i' rli!i!~t!!>i""-'l wur I~h i:.or>d, !;!.--ob hl~ =r:d hand! wrist wi'l1h your rii~h-t h[]rud~. T ..... isl' QI'IJ "5< .... ;"1:), hiS (!ffi'I al,i~ .... or·d ,Cii'"ld .... ,i~h ~-"Qur teit ~I~, o.~~' pre--;~,~ <li:l, ~!i~ ~1:,(II.-!i.:l ,..1 I;oICi& tscqJ!i!lll:il n~c- oenter and ",1!J:1 o.PPtr pr~S6lo.!'~ 0." ~lt;.;. ..... i~nr,

~€'--U ~11iIi\1' .,;I~ i'"IQ!' gl'o\~ IIfP or r,cIc-a~ knije, ,.-.:iu r.iO!l' brsuk lii~ cUr,ili! by ~'I r;~Il:"ig hiS .;-.100:<0' iicirlt wi,th yo"U1f I~Ft i'or,earm arr YWI' f.!1o()'f ;,_,Soij leh 13"llx!w j;l1,Hl(:h Q<1J '~II:"i¥ par~: oll~: 1vte ~ .;>:I' :hi~ t.e;ld.. (1l!i~, ~,ri~r.;. ((in bl31 u~~ ~ "roly far ~""'an::l ~tl)[!,d; ... ~1" i"or ~liitk, h;lm''-~r", ei~,)



L- ~ ~~


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ILLiJS TI'l,/. ilON

Co!I'! Attotk.er is cbcu t"" att::.:;1!. ¥.:ll,.l ""il'i, 0 club, S.1'and in C !,(liIilj;>O i"J'li;jr'In~r' .... ith "!/'ilur liiiii'~' i'c>!!.3 iarwar-:;j <,r'ld ~':'1.", !1'Il",:b ~yr;l1b-"~ i~.in{ll th~'I' YDP.t <"l0'(l fl<">i' '::;:}~'ryinr.! anI" ~'l3~pon.

(t:.) A]. a~~atF.~1" SWI "'9~ ,d'!lb do"li1I ~ ... ~'r..t'. (~'(:~.~ ~>:)ur r.and~. l,d~ !),!'!r1d a" ;';'.;;0 <;.'i' ri!;iht h1::o.'1£I f'wming o!I "If" and ~rriJ.:~ IIlp .... erd,

kl In:'n"'eclid~~!:f aj~'er olippanei'l~'~ ·",rllll i~ {;¢!.:yh~ j ... I'.I-oe "V"·, ~wii'lQ bad:,-;i'I 'S~r'I;·<:i~de with ';>::1ur [right 100,' .'( !p-i¥Di'ir'l!:j! .(:.n :i ~ oo~! (); ~'(:ur le·l't looi to !X">i'ti", i! lu~'II'~'led, al tl-i.c ~Qmc tir.Y1Jlil ![if';'b. <wd ,.,..,i~; his ..... ris.l· wi~n YOI.Jr i"t'!Jhi' Mr'I,j, (lr'nj P~I~' his b-lId:f ,dall'n .... ,lth :r"')l,.ir ie lr r..dnc '!N1! his ~hoooJ!d'er,

td~ P,l:Ir 'r'Ol,.If rj£ih~ arm I.mmr the d,Jb .:w.;l hi:; <) Y,"'" 'I)(,d O~ Y e~oow leek, wl~k '''':'i.I~ ngG", haed plce,cd oyc,r ',"Our loft hCil'~ <;~:.cl c.Pl'iy prc~~re' as i IlIIJi:5t.rat.ed,

1'-11,0,.. 114· 'COlJlN.'lE:rU NG A. IP IS.'TCH" A.IT AC:K

41D'CF'liljj~{::~ SInK," 'TihKlilit 'Uln,:;! 'Iliiruib, Cr.~dd



(ell AUQ~ki:l( t1>!!M~ rru up with a l!l'i~lljj_ Stand i ¢ r.k'~ iI'i'K).'lt1Q:>1 with )'Our I~Ft ·f,;;;,ot ~~~!d' and: 'hand~ c'i!:lI-Ped o.~ iii P~QyQ~,

(bl 1:!t1mol'drql·.;:ly ~wil1,g yoiIIJr. right ·fool· bi;,.;:;k'i'i(l,rj~ in Q ~J]f'J1Ji-ci rclc by ~'~fing <r.;;, the klll ol ~~ur ,I~·i~t ·t;)Ot 'i~ ii'O~;tio!rl iI5LJS_~Ji'Qtie(l', at thl;: .~me: ~ime' grab _!is. lp-is.iQI QrM w th ~"!Iur re;~' nand! or'ld j)i_Jin .;b\v!1 >!lOO away from roo.. i<~~p y~r i"i.::;ht h:jlOO' rai~.d 'coo reody f.or ~ '1~! ~ •. [d Strike his 'i;lirOOt .... itl~ th~ IknH.~ Il'cl_Glc· of rool 1-ti:i • ..:J in -0 ~~lIQp..,k>:ll mcnner.

W) Oroii' .@awn ,on 'r-'Qur ieft k~ and !J r~b 'i)-i' '!i.ftrlfo:Q· In.k oro~ck ..... idi .~L!.!' ~!)'IlIt 1'J.il~.

'CG'!!liu,",-Attock'inl;1 ·of e<roi~h ~I'>!:ll,jld t;.~ !U!j;cd oniy i:rn ~ <.:.f Nfl?, or (I'.;,Qlh.


t·:H). 15 C01!J:INlTiER! ~G cA IP IST-(!H." A TlACK

[DDi~'n~iI:; 5tri'koz, lii':UQ'ilt ~nd' Tlll'9"" ·.,.,..ii'h II{i~l';)

~----~-~- .. ~._


I LLl)$.TR ..... T!ON

(~l At~atkr mld~ ~Ol:l Lip .... ,i·h (J ~i~'I(lL S~aNll ir.. a ~eliiJ'O mann~r wi,l'h yaur ~~i~' 1:00iI' {>:Ir> "''aM olMd ho,~. ~ ia!-p~d' (;13 ill1l pr't.y~r:

~b) 1r!l!"!", • .,;l'i,",I~I", ~""'l~ YDu,r ~lh..i' k...;.t ood-; .... ~.:I;]'.., iii 0 :;-':'IO,i ·6fd~ by ~Y01'inl;l 0ro Ih~ b-uili ·(:of yrur leH -[001' ,0 p.Qiit~Qn lili!.JI~!~~ed. at th~ scrne tim~ grob a~~>:Id(cf~ pi~t,~ <I!lrn.l wiih. '(Qur

~Ql'i' h~)r'lj. YQ!.!' r~in~' ha~ ~oo....r:dI b~ =.;It 'h, '!'~ fI~X~ ,'ilq."o. .

Cd Cr'~J. :t;,i~ plsro] Clrm ..... th ~'¢~", ri!;ih! h;:;,,-..d. pldd~1 ,!!,oo;r 1;r ..... rnb on 'Ilk !load::, Ol~ iiHi~ herod: oi1 ... rv~ (e.I1rI't!'. ooiri~ :!i ke"'!'i~ wi~~ '!<>:Iur t~i~' ita,xil. <;:It tl~ Wi"IlI(: tllft"!:: ~""ir.:.1l Y"...ur. right -['Q-!;'t 'fQ;l"....-ar'd in G ~mi.drdo!;: b-:f ph"!:iiil1{! '1'.<[- r,n~' OOI! (>f :to!.>!r !d+ ~OOt I;;) '(l(I~tiOI"! i! !u~1,ro'iO!:'d. T'\\'i~t his pl~1o.l hl)l1i(j !:.Q i'I'!{J~ Ih~ ,pi~'lol i~ iJirr~ a! his c'hcs.l' or t!m:-:JL

~cl~ Ii ')'OLI. wish iD 11hrow h.lm, ~i~ iil1l ""ii~, :,<O!.'f righi fOOl' in 'i'''''' !:x!~k. {If t!tr,t!~k,~,'~ ,"i!:l!'!r ~oot. at the S*i'i~ i'ir'l1;(l .... ,ith yWi' ~~~, -hand ~~ti II liKilding "'itl>i!d;,~r"~ 'rnfld, striik-!: his t'hi\OO!' lrith 'IOUii' ~i{j:'i"1 1i00oo and! push him biJ~k"""i1lr$.


NO. 1I!;6 COlllINl'nJ'NG ,A PI,$,f'OtL, ,A'TTACII:{ FROM "lEtn'NO

l(J.I>.,E~emle; Ar.rn, S~!k ,~no;!! ubcli .... :p",Lt.~_E~l

fa~ 'iJ.p.ponent p.{lirnlos. ~i'~t~ 'Q.t, your ba~"'.

tb) s.~ 6l;'n .... qrdi wi·h }"OOr le·fj- foo-i. briTIl!!]: hqr.1d,l. i~, (]I praying ~-;'!r.1ri"J", ~1,JF'i'1 ~rd'~,'t,s. ~

lOOte the pil<:!ii~ir;n €If' 'I~~ "'!~~"'

<kfl !rflrt.1~dlat,*, mngl ;z]wundi 'j{> ~ -iI!' d'J~' II!Ilth 'fCiur ~OO;" in oil! ~w, ... ,-,I'I'!;!':: !by. P.i....:.=L~1 On tf;~ oo~1 c'; 'YOtl't ri!:ihi lOQ~ 10 ~Iorn ilh!!5t~'a!~d, <II i~Le ;il)mc tr~. 91'!1b hi:!l ,j}iS:i'QI' ~"n .... 'Iln boooh h::!r.1d~ ycur right MOO ~ro;:;t;br'l!Oi ~i~ w~-, 'crnd. '!f':'ur 'Ie'f'i' ~'(l!'l'; !Oi!"Q"b'blng his IIII'PCr ,Qr!'fr"i_ !Il'r,_t!1 d:J ..... n ,cr;p;j, pu!t! ~\\!Qy. lrom 'tlIu his, pi!i'lfil: .;j~\f!'!",

~r;I. ~~ im ..wth '~t !~ft lO!Jt, <;!it t~, ;~me lim~ j'wi~t and ',,"Wli""r91 hl5 ~~erl <I f<!i"I , (lp[}I'I pr~$. ~llIfo1l (:'Ii I;i~ e!~ ,rnt and ~tK;f;Jld@<t U:xfI3'.

NO. 17' CO:Il.H"'TlEiIR.~ N,G A P'I:$1' 0 11., .A:'fT:AC K FR'O',M P,!,;H! N,D md'enlSe'~ G r>ll!:; Cr~~~~J

L----.-.--- -.-----------,


I L'Ut;JST.RAT,!m,l

~a~ .'Oppo:.h~rit p.;::-i'1~is ~!li1)1 .;:iii' \1'O!.-!r l;-;:l~k

~b) ~re,r farwar,d with your .left 'Foot o:Jf.1d bri~ your I-.ands uP In o:J pri:I!Jfr.-g rncnner, 'Tv.r,r., yaur neC-d '~~I!(.;l~ ~I) I'Ob~ the ,jXI~'itiOri (If !he pi~t~,

(0;) S'wif.ljjl ,a~:.md ~;:; 'l'>:Iur ri~h~' willi. yto"'.rr I~lt iOO'l' in ~lini',ci~d~, b"!.o' tp'ivOtimg on 1f~ bnl] o~' ~"¢I.!r' rigf'li' 'foot ~I) jXI~ltion '!!"",,,~fot@d, ,,,'I' ~~ '~alliio]" ~ili'1~ ~,~, hl~ pl~'I\ZII, ,IlrM wl~h ~-=_r ~~li1: h;;r>nd end pu~ d'own and [fI,\'oZl}' j'rom yDl.II. ¥(;ur righ! 'j,.;;r.;d r'~t!~ 'fOr' ii~ I'i~~ ,~.,

(d) ,!j:)~iQt~!V d~'.:.;o -dQWf! Qfi ~"'J r right 'kJ'1~ .z!li'1d g,rab or ~trik-;: oI:rD't9h,


~ yo a~ ;;::Orn~<oM Qt <)1·~~k.odI by o,;z.cx.r..er.rt, d& flol' <G;{<t '(iA-cI;c,:I' 00'1' try I:(;- bt! ~(;Ilm.

Fast Ihi!l1>-\;~ $10 qulck iud~ment ii~ n~e~'!iWr'f. Tolk '!j~ntl'i" aoo !ry ~€1 l}o)lm 'fOur "PliK'r:.errt. ;..~~ SIt1C1rt io put him cff hi'~ !OiIJQr>(1, USIC ';'Our :SCii1~ and i!¥ 1Q <]¢ ~ wifm(Ji 1I,iI!!'1!!j {li'"!Y trkk~. I! i~';!i!:;IQ' 'to 'ro!k your~I~' {;<iJ~' ;;)'i' ~'(lo;_, .. 'pr'~dlcalTl1e;n,t. then ~l~ ih~ ~' :S~ fi.de~m,e' fQr' "i,IIo!)t."I1.!O:i1I o!l:Ild i;liril~ ¥riUt'h is L,<) !>lfflb, ill,Ji'1~h or ~idk ()pj}€lrier'!~'s., .;:;rD't$ Iri'IITTMlI:!Ii!:lbeiy.

R(l~mbcr' K,enpO- J'c'ie{!ri~ i'">Ol' nand! ~lricl<: Ii ke ,j.,,xk., J.I;iJ-.Jlll~u etr W'Ii~5~ling <ii, r,hrO'!!.<,ln!li. lockinlil al'1'li Chl~ikiin.:J1.




~tJGi~O'1!C:~ S~',rih '~I!I~ N~f~-' ('~i'!i~r~




~(J) Op(X'i'"iCi"lC' ~ Nibs '~!.:!t 'i!)ht ..... 1'1sl' wi~n Icili~ riQht htlrJ_

~b) l!ff~i.;.t,~I.y. i:li~~r O,i;PQ i1ii:I fit' glii:lb~ ..... Oo!Jr "",rist" ~wi~ yo>;c~ right ,[!jrr.i~ ur:J"i'!"oil,"d or.Q· I;\p • ...u) rJ lUlOin€l cl~\\' '~1''''f'>!.1~1h.. your Idl ~:.(J!'!d r!:Ji~,d r~oo:;ly ~D s,.,;il<le h~!. o?foow 1~1nt.

(cl' :S~f.iik;:: end ~ rob ~';i~ 'QI't;qw [olnt or LlW~;r lpall'!" o~ I;i~ {jIm ..... ith ..... oo;r I~l~' ~[-..::!~ ,CIt 1~ ~lTI1c, time '~,~ ir"l Wi1ih YOll!r Ile~·~ ':oot,. p.I,IIU I;i~ (if.i'"l1J dO"lOl'illi ~,i:lU!-ij1"!:>i1 q>j;IOfIC\ll~. ~'CI Ilieoo I'!i~ bo:::dy '~lrJ ..... t;h 'fC'ur righ~ he.!'!J ,rni"t.;lI.:: ii.~N knoc'k.ole·, '~;~ik;~ 1~ ~k. O'f hi:~, wr ,;;,ervlZ: ;(l~fI~c,r,



'rNiO.:2 CCH.iI NTI;,F.!;'UIN:G, A ONIE HA Nil) WRI'ST' ORAlE,

I.Dd~e-n!lll' :P\un~1J $t(i~elh !!I!'idl s«=ll' '':focl


~LbiJ:;j,RA T!ON!

lal A~ qJp;i.ne!'l1 grol1s. ~I,!f .... :)b'l' wrl~t wllh 50 right !-.and. ~fDndI in f<~ .p<) ~DriDe ~~h yW'

Iright ~CoQf 'fcN(!Jro.

UiJ,j Us.i'.g 1~!1:)qw ~tllJ\."'9En .:100 speed, pull ~'Q!.Jr itir~arm IIJP'I!"llIrd. 'I~I I~ fi' t.;lflr:!! ro:l~ ~(:l ~!fi~

i~ <;l11:;H:.w p3nt.

td 'S~~p' in wi1h I'QI,U :Ic,ft foot coo o! the :scr1i!.e' liii"lL~ :§JI,iik", IIi~ «I~ JOI;'I[ t,qul1 wl'n 'Your I",Ft I'P!I n.;l , Yo!!fJr ri~ht h:rmil @.;oyld hI) ~Y' for ~t,.:: ne:;.;t IiW,i"e_

edl Gi"~b (lnd j;l1,l~ Ih]~ crm [] ..... I!;~. from ~"o;)Ij" 11ff!! .. !'>tldiQtQt~1 pillno;h ioltlS ~1'olTl1cth r.er'>'!': c'en!9 wi;n wiitali yWI liillilli' ~i~" ,!)~ ~i' ~ho:t ~1TI1~ !liJ1'1~ ~Icp' <i:o:own Mrd {In i>ii~ I ... ~t foot or Iw .... ,"h 'p'Ql,lf I~~" f'!~el.

N-i)~e;--U O~'I~)lIj' li~ pa;!{'~r~:!:J1 c .d dlW,g!S(l!..!~ :si<i~~ ,1).1 '!lIr-~ Ihl~ !1;rol'.;h,



'11X:~~n!l~: Wris~' BI'oMIlk, ,gllld IKidd


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fa) 0 l;:€n~iI'1i 'tIrob~ y.:;ur rii;lnt wns! I"ith his I ~rt j'lcmdc

ib} IfI"~~'~.~i("Jr,~Ii! ~ft~, ~pra:'lOr"lE gffib~ 'p':IL.ir w!i ~;,' ~""i""':) ~D.,! r;ghi t'iffil ~"~""'I;),"d (lr"l<J ~,~..-.;), .. r, a~' 11h~ ~~;n~ 'l'1~ gr>:lb 1:1i;~ "",,i~l' ..... ith 'iO!.Jr I~ft m r..d, :p1!Xing y(:l~j" I~ft ~humb or:. the b,,:k DF hi~ MIII.;I.

Cd S,W!.:>:x k ...... ii'l'! ~'O .... r' ~oj~ f(I¢Jl, Ewi~r. hiS ...... i$i' ..... irin ~')' lefr 1'I(;"ld wi"" ,~~" r<:,~u1:"r'I ~iu~ Dijair.:st his 100mb ~i:lu:;in;:; him '10 fd~~2 hi~ 001d. 'm;r;~J~ild", a~ter ID;:!~'f1CF1l' rel~~~ IiYs, 1"1(11<:1, wi'!t!. I~ft 1'1<1".;1 s,;\ill ·twi~tl"g hl~ Wf,,,;t. pl= yaur '.;.:::M thLi.m'ho Ofi ~i'!(:" 1!!(j~1i: "f l1i$ ~"'4 willi;, both nanl1ls i:!rijr"i'i,l ~~j)""i'(I"cl 110 (JPl"ly 1j}N)~~!.!II'~.

I'd) iK.~~. 'l'a, iacc- or ol!lt\i' .... i~>:I1 Il'afl' of hi~ r~ wi:h '(Owr left lO'~_

Not~-'j:hi~ r,ri¢k fe{j .... i'u\~~ ,~@'o<!1 IL'!]n.lr"1i:i'lo[! :~p~~ ,,;.i1o:'l ~;i~ef"l.!l:l1l1, I f ~P"Ii'"i~fi~' is f.<!",,~..rI!.,1 'Dr;,:! dDr;g.yQU~, 00 oot u~ 'It.i~ 'I'rk!:i;_ Re!:l'.;(;q-, is t!-tu'I' thi~ !tiitk nidI' r;;::~' ...,-(Ir!'.;_ R.,~!"'~"!i~r tl~I' ~Efil<.ifij (li'"i(;i klcli:ililg '~fD'l4'I ;~ i"~1\Z:( "rR'l, morc' .:-Ff.e>:.1·il'!?


'NO" 4, 'COU MTlIHllNlGI AH Uf·W!R~ S,T' H:OLD iI'I)~~'~1i:;.'l;!~ WI~!' I!lr~li'!F.; ~iKI ,K!i~k~




~a~ ()p~l"F!:nt grab.. ~.-.:our ~hi' wrist wIlth hj~ fi.;]h; n..,!'I4,

4b) IJ'slf.i!Jj t:11xwo- ~!'Bil<Jih i:Kcl :;p",~d, 'puii 'j'I:)ur .righ!' ,tum il'1l'!'crd oZImd o!furwml"!l:rd~ YaJf ~~H 'h.:Jm:I r=d:,r l\jr It..e, ne,;.;~' rn;:t~c-.

'kl Stri',k,:: ,.;in.::! '!lIf . .;!'l) hi:; ~hi' wri~t .... iit!1 'p'(Io..!f ,!e·fi' har'!J.. y(l~ir ri'gt·!i 'l1(Jrtid Ii\i!OO~ f(l~' th~ 1rue;.;,1' j"(f(lf!,"~'.

r-zm Twisr hi~ riQht nand1 1,Jp.!io\~,tJ .;.p,j ;bo!Jd: ..... Qrd b'f pllii~ili1f! !:>0U:1 t~!)fi:"lM, (II') ih~' oo~1<; (If hts I-.r.Jnd, Ki~1o: ~fLi"ilIf'~ ri~hl I~g ner.~ t~~r wiil'm the ball oJ)"F ..... oor rigii1~' ,Foot.

~\jobe--H yimJr cppo:lFlem:' i~ paw~.rFl!iI! k:1~1o: hls ;;r'l!<'h;n Dr qfiY 1(O!lI ~~i'Y!!) O!:!i'"It~f. iDo ~' I;,I;;~ ~'1(;' h.:Ifiod trl.;!k:;, R~ i~ 'I'!'I{i; ~l<iir'll i~ f(J",j>er' arid! IffOOr~ ,~f!c<e;I'iye 'j'i'KiIfl, har.JI ~iI"id:;~,



N(:t ,5.: lEiSiCAP:IING.A [FRONT 'TWO HAN D W R: ~Sili' IH'O'lD'

'I DdcOllSlC! (I~~.,... P\t.Jlnd'i Iki St!l(IT1Jll~'" ~~dI E:s~~iP~~




(.;j~ '0>iX"<"!e"; 9~ '~"Cli,!lr light wrr!St with OO1h af hi~ MOOs. 'Forn;; a j'ij.l ""'i~n YOl.lf ~hl'

~"'i'"!d, ...

lb) Il7T'Ini~dit!t~!:Y tll~;!'r .;)N'"Qn~i"It 911"Qb~ r-oor i{nl~t. ~t~ :in wilt.. 'fOOlr I~f~ fool' iMll .... %rn hls i~ !Jr"ld bfilll9 'II"Iur dbow crown be~I'!'~1fI his nrrns, a~' 1\h,e; !4!'fie- ti'"''Ii:I, '~'i"iI;;Q' his ~jomO!:h .... r..d, ~rob ~""Our' 1iog1l11' i'i!it wilt! y.;)I..!r !~l,!, hc;:ld"

Ijd immNi-;:;'i;£!iy ,ofr.~,;- !)r.;ibfllrsg 'your light ihl', Iilull '(OUr' right t!m'l' ..... ilh y(liLi~ I';;:'ft Mnd !~ffl' y<!I,JF bed)' and olJf 'th~ !;o;J!"!iei ~[I:)'I~ ~l""p ~k...-.;),"d~ .... ith 'j!'ZIi,lf .I(!H 'Foot, Thi~ will ~:au~ t\lPSI'1~j'1l' 10 r~~~O~ hiS f-..dld,

HO. ,6 CO'U HT,!1'RI~IN)GI A. HA.NI!) SHAKIE ~tlt:f~[iI!.:; GjtQli! IE!~w ,J':'!!it ,g@iI '~A!ld:f "" Stri'~ H~rY'~' Cen,1>t;!)


[.;j) Opp-;lI'1~i1~' d~~oe;lT'I,~b;, 10 'f~ ')":'LII '1:0:1' ~t..:Ji:l:e hands.

iJ>l U5rnt.l iiiii~ ~t~~!'I>;!i'!1 ~r'..J ~ed; 1'L!11 yoor. right (J~m [rr .... '<ll I'd and I!Jpl'I'lJrd. l~Ft hooo: ,~~fls,e.dI IJnd r=dy' f>:lr 1t-...:: next MqyC"_

,[c!l S~Cj5 in '~ii~. 'ywr ~~:fi' '[Wi', 'ai' 'I~ iOr.i~ ti~ ~t>ri!l;~ o:Joo grab his cl"bow joil'1t wi~m. 'too;)" I.,:ft' nard. R!11]'h't :1:.:11"1.;1 f'l?!:Jdy ~D. ~!l1kl~ fi~~r.:. ~.::if, (i~ (ii'"!I" !,!~ ..... ~ ~li<iiii'r,

N~~H ap,p;:!n~nt' ~s, ~>:III IJnd IpaW~riI!l" d'1I'I:i,D (ll;l"iiI"iII D.ilI· ofqur rl~n!' khN >I!>I1<i!, :~tfi~ !j~ ~I'OO his ~~"Oilt!h. ~~ .,.,..I.l (J~e ;Ii 'rOO' r~o.! clo::!!~~rJ cl'o 001' ~!~f:.,~ h!Jr,d., !:"'J~' ~I~h'ly_


m~f,c~S~! Kr~1!: CrOt.;;l~)


to~ b.;!pell_eM '9r.:.'M, )'00; neck with !;;Q.!:I" hlM.;Ii (ifid .;)~~;!'f<'lpi'~ b;:;. d;;:Iko!; '~OU. $t-::;'Id i-Jlj ,0 i!-<,Eo,iipO ~i<:.,~~ wi~h },OOIl' !io;]h;- l'f.i;ir"!d el)~e,;i~ "Joo:r lei~' f.ilSt.

11\1 St~p lX:;t;k ..... :m:l~ ..... ith yOUi' ri>:l~~ r~t,; at t~ '~me- ~~me: ~1'1lkc' l).;J~n ,I).r!"'~ IiJp ..... l!li'ds wl~h ~~re~~h ,(',Ii'lId' _6P6W l!~~kinl;' ap,po.n~fit':& lot~-, (!"'~ 't!i.-!~r"il' him w rclci:l~ hr.-s. Ihokl"

,rd liI'i)rnijdiCi!!]J~ grdb ni,~ ~shooor.&:r ..... i1!) ';'(fur boi'h lio(J!'!lh 'ar:;:!: pull' Iilis, bc.;I~ ,*,~!'!"",artl. a!' th2 Kn'i1~ tim~ k.id-I: hl~ "fOt"h With :fOur riiCIm,l" kIrt~.

M:J~~li' 'Dppefi~i i_~, i<;~i dr,IioIJ' dawn (lfi yaur .I.:ft Io:fi~e _ o!'!1i! ~tri ke or '6lr-d'!!o hi~ I!<roleh ifi1~iQiI~!,;,. This trick. ~]I'I]':; ~~6.;l1 Ui~ht. rnD;l' ~~d. Think. f-!'!o;t ¢.ilti Ol:t .... lrid-d:f or 'fZIui!Y'F!l,;,~I~loije-_


M«)'. 8. ,COUN1iEIU NG A. TWO !-i,AN 0., W ~~iS,T HO'Il.D

~[D:e'fillis>2i. iEI!b!nO" i'g!"!~h g~dI Th,row)


(_<l~ q;,pon,N1:j' ,gr;:/l:;s ~'lK.Ir r;,; 1 '!'!'f'§~ , ... i!~ !hath a' Ihl~ ncm!ii;;, Stand ..... i~h y,OOI !e'it loot j'orward. Ib) Grab )':)o,Jr' I;i~t ..... i1h yo:JU~ I'e'; hnnd,

(~) ~iCjil' In .... ith ~-.;)!.Jr rijj:!rli r,;x:o'l' i .... tn~ bad. a~' his, r,ig~t 'Fool'. "'~' ~h~ ~t!!!ie !ill"l~' t:l(!I~ :f'i!1,,!r" lri~'1 D;)wn '1(1' y(loJli' I",ft sldc aii'ld upwcrd 10 'JI(lYf fi!ilh~ si'~ ~1i1g ~OI!f.l right clbO' .... ~trilngth. Thi5 wlhl cnuse YOOI to):i;'lO'''e!i~ i'!!- I 'Ica~ t,1~ helld.

Cd) (jC{]i;. (lppo:lro~nt'~ lI:iJ;lht wri$t e .... i 1'1, ~.~" le'ft h(!li'l{! :r;tfllkc hi,s I'le.::k ~r ... e center .... ieh ·Il righ elOOw punc:h_ Y{!(! ~Qi'I 1h.""O ..... Iholm i~' '{QIJI desri~ b~ l~hiri!il "i~ !e'ft ,i'1<:",d,,j'!I)f' ..... Ith Y'OO~ rig" f'o.::;£id, {It the ~Dli1e' ti~ p(!I~i~l!:! hi~ (i'.lhit .;irrn wliln, Y.OOf Id' hllor"d'. ,Afb~r Hir;>wi~r ~!X'Mr.·li oown, k~tk hn. f'{lee or ~tama(h ...... rh '(Our ~j_

."'.Qto;l'"-iI ... p,p;:on~ril i~ tx= ..... tirf;,;l. ~ ek 11il'm1~,dIDtelr 'hi~ crotch or ,~~, - eg r;er~ ;;;"",I'II\P)f.



N'O',. 9' 'COUN'TER! NG A" '1'1~OiNT [E;M:B-RA;CIE [D~hill'!i~': :ltill'i' T ... CJ glnd :j(~!ii!; C~~h;_I'




~b~ 6r.f!b (I:;.po!'!~!"!ri~. ih<)IIJt..d''''r~ ..... ith !»l!ho b:Jnrik. an!ilpJ..I11 nis, bod.,., ,do:Jwnwcrd.;: !;~ep drnm. horcl Q[~ hi~ Idt f~ .DJ' t;x:~ wl~h ~OO\r rl81n~' ~e'.

kl iu"!'!!r'!~dir.l!e1:.' bri.,Jo.a ,'i!Olhl' fwt I)[;! <1liid !i:i~'k" his ~lN1:d'1' with your r;j,;ht If>m~~.

l>&Jil?-U~~ Kid;.i~1 ai' ,z:l'i!iIdli ~~. wiit~

u"oo!l~ "'@(.KWIi"j!, -


LESSON 'VIII ~ WOM'6N At-.iID GllliRlLS IDlEfE;NS~$, H'P., 1 ill C(MLn',!lTiERI NO ,Ii;, IILA,Pln. G!R:AtB:

H)"r~lijt~: Tlire.w 0911;:1 lKi~f!: ~'a~~ N~,f!I\C' 'C~~~cfl


~a~ Au(!ei:,;~~ '!iI(Q'bo:; 'II"Il,lf ICiIX=I iJ~i 'I!Itt~mp!~ ~\:i 'throw 'iJ ,right j;lul'"ich. SI'<!!I!id 11'1 (!j 1Ki!:1'QD, 1i'i"f.!!11n~..,.. oolh I~i~' I-m;nd 'ob";;,eril"f,;! ~i,:(rJI' i!!!-1' _

Ih) A~ eppai'"lci'"it '~rur.:.v..~ a I'lIQ'ht II!-'-lnch" !-l\ril';~, upp~r. I!lart' di aU>:ltK~I1'~ '~rm ~~th ',-.:iur I~h f<:;;~,~'!'\, ,~i' i he :;c~""Yt~ 'tif'l'loE! ~i"(ib 4 i"IiYI ~'I.;II.:"ig ICipcl aM ~t<;:p 1m ... ilth ")'0I!f6 I_...,i~' I'OO't li'"i inll" I!JCi~1o!; .;];1: hls leFt I\OOt,; pull ms, I~h arm c!lo\'l'n dnti I"j! t~ 'Sa!'Oie ii~'r'!!iI b,.iisi' t'"~ boj.,. (!~ ~i'ri ~ l1i~ 'i!>!f)t ~Id~r wlih 'I;~ p.i7l'lrTIl' o!Id: 'roL!!r ~iit 'hal71d.

k) Throw him 1~ 1~ g~"'!;I,iJ wi~hool' !~I@"{i",ii'"l~ ~w' 1'Icl::II '1;\i1I nl~ hcmil,. twl~t Ihd~ Cirm Cii'ld pl.;l'~' his ,e.11!:low lail1i' Dill YOLU Idt, I~ (!,..d ap,ply Ill"'res.sLllr,e al;Kiim~' hi~ d:o.101!'! j{lilL'-..1'_

~dJ' Kiek €lp,il(lri~ri~r~ ,~Qf, '!"e!"t"iple" ~f Q"'Y l£i~", i"LLl'rv~' C!?B'I~f wilt!. 'j!'ZIur rill11M ihFf?cl KI";~'1'I:!li j~ l1O't l1JXl!:SZlry 1UlI'1!~Z D,pPO,~l'"it d'>:Ie~ mt ~iiy~ upc

'N¢~e-----U" ,~~,.1' <i!~i;:.i"i:"Ip'I':!i, 'N:!- "ho'k ... a( ai~a~~ 'frOJ'i"i th~' front. 'tm;: ~:m1£: th{:k. ,~uld DIl" llfSed, P;~r;I'ei:t oaiance' ,eool ~~ i:s, imp¢i:idnl' in '~i«!~l!til~ U'!i~ ~t,-,o.,.,., '! f OpJ>(lri~r:.t ij~ he(!~'r' <!M ~1'l'!;![:"Ij, thls ii1~k !"I'LIq;.t nal' 'iIo'oZJ~. !i'=I' !:!erlid' dm!1l1l a~ drop d~, on 'fOur kil1JeC quickJly and ,t.itbii~!k erotth. Reriiie'iiiL~r' (iilwl2!.'t ~iJrid'!iM (Ir ~'b!i!ki~ i.~ 11)§.<1'i'! tOOrn ';)'1i ot!~~r ~\L',i,r.:!io,

. . 9'9

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