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Brussels, 7 July 2010

Green Paper on Pensions

The European Commission raises good questions but will Member

States provide the right answers to rebuild citizens’ confidence in
the pensions systems?
AGE Platform Europe welcomes the huge debate that the European Commission is
launching today with its Green Paper on Pensions. In today’s context of budget
consolidation, Member States are speeding up with the introduction of important reforms
of their pensions systems to make these less costly for the public purse. But is this
sudden rush not going to increase the feeling of insecurity and create reluctance to the
proposed reforms?

“To build public support for these changes, policy makers will need to demonstrate that they are
fully aware of the social impact of the reforms they propose and that they take the necessary
measures to guarantee that everyone will enjoy an adequate pension in the future, including the
most vulnerable”, observed Anne-Sophie Parent, Director of AGE.

“Making pensions systems financially sustainable is necessary but not enough. The reformed
systems must also be socially sustainable and adequate for the long-term. This is why we
welcome the focus that the Belgian Presidency is putting on the adequacy of pensions systems
and we hope that this key objective will be shared by all Member States” concluded Ms Parent.

Link to Green Paper launched on 7 July 2010:

Link to AGE contribution to the EPSCO Informal Council:

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