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SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

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Published by Adrian Gardner
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows

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Published by: Adrian Gardner on Jul 08, 2010
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The cursor readout above the plot area in SmaartLive give you a numeric coordinate
values for the location of the mouse tracking cursor in amplitude/magnitude, frequency
or time, phase shift, etc., depending on the current display type and options selected.
For example, when the Locked Cursor (see page 67) is present, three sets of cursor
values appear in this readout, the locked cursor position, the mouse tracking cursor
position and the difference (delta) between the two cursors (locked and movable).

Chapter 1: Getting Started

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SIA SmaartLive Version 5 User Guide

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