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SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

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Published by Adrian Gardner
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows

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Published by: Adrian Gardner on Jul 08, 2010
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Spectrum Menu > Noise Criterion Mode

This command puts SmaartLive into an operating mode designed specially for making
Noise Criterion (NC) measurements. NC Mode is a type of RTA display with octave
band resolution plotted as a line trace or “fever chart,” rather of the familiar bar graph
with standard Noise Criterion (NC) curves superimposed on the plot. When running in
NC Mode, the Noise Criterion Ratings for each displayed trace, both live and reference
traces, are shown in the upper right corner of the plot and updated in real time.

Noise Criterion Mode is a toggle command. Repeat the command to return to the
standard RTA display. This command is available only in Spectrum mode.

Chapter 4: SmaartLive Commands

SIA SmaartLive Version 5 User Guide

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NC measurements are valid only when SmaartLive is calibrated to SPL. Also note
that the NC curves themselves are all in the range of +8 to +80 dB and so are normally
visible when the analyzer is calibrated to SPL.

You can also overlay NC curves on the standard RTA display plot (without invoking the
full Noise Criterion Mode feature) by selecting Show Noise Criterion Curves on the
Graph tab of the Options dialog box.

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