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SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual

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Published by Adrian Gardner
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows
SIA SmaartLive5 User Manual for Windows

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Published by: Adrian Gardner on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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View Menu > Frequency Scale

The Frequency Scale section of the View menu lists the available display options for
the horizontal (x-axis) scaling of the RTA plot and the y-axis scaling of the Spectrograph
display. Frequency scale display options can also be selected using the Scale spinner
(shown above), which appears to the right of the plot in Spectrum mode or by using the
following keyboard commands:

Narrowband Log – Keyboard Command = [5]

1/24-Octave – Keyboard Command = [6]

1/12-Octave – Keyboard Command = [7]

1/6-Octave – Keyboard Command = [8]

1/3-Octave – Keyboard Command = [9]

Octave – Keyboard Command = [0]

Note: The Narrowband Log (logarithmic scaling) and Narrowband Lin (linear scaling)
options are also available in Transfer Function mode but are available in Spectrum mode
only when the Allow Narrowband RTA option is selected on the Graph tab of the
Options dialog box.

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