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When a user wants to initiate a safe, simply hold down the C key on the phone fo r a couple of seconds, which

encrypted logs. The phone will return to non-secure mode when you end the protected communication. While the user interface is very simple, the technology involved is really sophisticated. At the start of the se cure session, the software encrypting text and voice speaking through a double-l ayer mathematical formulation that creates a 1024-bit asymmetric key based on RS A algorithm and a dynamic session key 256-bit encryption changes each second. Th e key exchange is secured with 4096-bit Diffie Hellman. The phone Sigillu insura nce is the ideal solution for politicians, lawyers, security forces, government agencies, executives, and anyone who appreciates the need to prevent confidentia l information ending up in the wrong hands. The encryption algorithm used is so sure that the software was licensed by the Ministry of Defense of Israel. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new generation of secure phones Sig illu, with improved audio quality, lower latency, and compatible with most moder n mobile phones Nokia. If someone managed to illegally intercept your cellular communication, its conte nt is protected by military grade encryption even against the most advanced inte rception devices. The Best Solution for Secure Encrypted Communications.