Was born on September 19, 1887 (one year before Fernando Pessoa), Porto, was a l ittle lower and stronger

than Alberto Caeiro and his skin was approximately more no, was educated in a Jesuit college, was a doctor; In 1919 relocate to Brazil, to be monarchical; Person says Ricardo Reis wrote better than himself. Follow your destiny, is sweet to live alone. But serenely watering your plants, it is always great and noble Olympus Imitates Love your roses. Live simply. In y our heart. The rest is the shadow Let the pain aras The gods are gods From beyon d the trees. As an ex-voto to the gods. Why not think. Reality Check by far the life. It is always or never to interrogate. It is nothing less Than we can tell you. The answer we want. It is beyond the gods. Only when we are the Same oursel ves. We use the didactics, written in 1916 by Ricardo Reis, "Follow your destiny" is an incitement to the happiness of life and a renunciation of Knowledge, for not believing in the possibility of attaining it; The poem portrays the daily situat ion in which being human raised questions about the meaning of life and its dayto-day; this is an awareness of the poetic subject in which there is a destiny s uperior to man which makes him a being manipulated by the gods; Ricardo Reis use s in the poem, the superior condition of the Gods in relation to the human being to explain why their claims addressed to the reader. whereas in the poem seems to teach a life lesson; Poem of five stanzas; All stanzas have five lines each; Rima White - No Rhyme, M eter Irregular Note: Presence of Alberto Caeiro in "plants, roses and trees." The reality is always more or less the things we want. Only when we are the Same ourselves. Seeing life from afar. Never interrogate. She can tell you nothing. The answer i s beyond the gods. But quietly Olympus Imitates In your heart. Because the gods are gods not think. "The gods are gods / why not think" is a phrase conceived and clearly illustrate s the fact that we think of why all of us to reach a growing restlessness and fr ustration, as there is no answer to such a response. Thus, the status of gods an d assigned out naturally and not because they are thought of it. It is an illusi ve metaphor for human beings and their happiness. Figures of speech Alliteration Verses 9:10 - Alliteration in Verse 24 S - S Alliteration Metaphor Verses 00:25 Presence of colloquial tone - The poet addresses a "you"