The Importance of Communication for Managers Prof.

Rosany ª Fonseca READING OF REALITY Human beings see the real through its internal filter. Your reference is always himself. To look, judge. The Manager must have the look of the survey, the technical view. It is necessar y to collect the individuality and opt for a methodological approach. Never reduce the miniature world of ordinary human consciousness. Manager to rea d the world is a working tool. HOW TO BE HELD READING THE WORLD The whole process of reading occurs at three levels: LEVEL SENSORY: 05 uses the senses. emotional level, the book somehow the lure. EL BACKGROUND: one uses the intellect. LEV

We work with objects that trigger these readings in their dimensions and we prio ritize or deny some aspects during our reading. So the manager has to pay attention to the differences between seeing and lookin g ... DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LOOK AND SEE SEE: attitude involuntary imposition of things on the subject, spontaneous recor d the visible surface, the subject sits

VIEW: intentional behavior as a result of that research, the subject thinks The look is what interests us The look is not the place of spontaneity and creativity by the rule of reason is to establish a relationship deliberate The manager must therefore develop an ethical, scientific and political, surpass ing the contemplation of anesthetized SEE, but also centering in our sole and ex clusive truths. "The recipe for perpetual ignorance is to remain satisfied with your opinions an d content with their knowledge s." Elbert Hubbard