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Model Lease By Area Lonie A / C Mrs. Sonia Reinol Dear Madam, "?????

" is a digital short fil m university lasting eight minutes. Nonprofits. A proposed academic discipline i n pursuit of extra-class activities for students of Cinema of Estacio de Sa Univ ersity. Your final result will be entered, shown and compete in festivals and fi lm festivals nationally and internationally. The film will also be aired on TV c hannels and academics. The film is a production of the University Estacio de Sa, and your team comprises students from various time travel movies (Campus Rebouà §as). Because it is an academic who has no financial resources, seek support and sponsorship of companies or business partners who have, among others, focus, en couragement to art and culture in general, as it is under the pledge of Directio ns ( General Arts and Production) uptake of other resources necessary for making the movie (rentals, costumes, food, props and cast), since we have only the res ources and equipment of the plant's technical university. Our Proposal: Get SUPP ORTING CULTURAL this respected company in the form of barter, the assignment of the physical space of the house in order to be rotated the film. We have the dat e set for the filming on July xx, 2007, from 12 to 23 hours. This date can be ch anged according to the agenda of space. Contraindications Matches: Insertion of brand name and / or product in the movie credits. The highlight of the brand wil l have variations according to the negotiation and the extent of support and may even participate in history in the form of merchandising. The return to this sp ecific support, would be the insertion of the name of the person in the credits of thanks, as well as the company logo in windows rotating the closure of the fi lm, detached and set to Support Cultural and conveying it in any printed adverti sing materials. We take this opportunity to renew assurances of true respect and consideration, putting them available for further information in emails or tels below. Already our Thanks! Model Lease Sincerely, Edmund Albrecht. '. Senior Director of Production UNESA Registration: 2005.01.09069-2 Nextel (55 21) 7826-8325 / 32 19 528 * New Tel - (55 21) 8109-9139 producao.edmundo @ m Gabriela Rodriguez Production Director UNESA Registration: 2007.01.15826-6 Tel: (21) 9295-0903 gaby