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€€€€ €€€Microwave chocolate fondant €€€€€ €€€Ingredients: €€€€€€400 gr. sugar €€€€€€250 gr. butter, €€€€€€300 gr.

black chocolate, €€€€€€8 eggs €€€€€€100 gr. flour. €€€Method: 1) Grease a heat-resistant pan or oven, which fits €€€in the microwave. €€€2) Place the chopped chocolate and butter in a bowl and put it €€€microwave at medium power until melted (about 3 minutes) €€€watching every minute. Remover. €€€March) In a large bowl, whisk eggs and sugar until a €€€mixed pale and fluffy (you can do with an electric mixer). €€€4) Add the sifted flour gradually, stirring with a whisk, and €€€Lastly, add the melted chocolate with the butter. Mix €€€background. €€€5) Put the mixture in the microwave source and introduce the full power €€€for 10 minutes. Cool and put in the fridge for 2 hours. €€€Serve very cold. €€€NOTE: As with all new recipes that experiment, I made the dessert €€€half of the ingredients and has been getting rich. €€€TIPS: add to preparing a teaspoon of €€€vanilla or a dash of rum or brandy, or some chopped nuts (this €€€We'll then get a "brownie" giant. €€€You can serve a very light custard or whipped cream very cold. €€€For those addicted to chocolate, chocolate sauce accompanied by warm ( €€€a pinch of cinnamon and a "coup" of black pepper), the height of pleasure!